Happy Thanks-ThinkTank-Giving

The giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to all US readers! Since I will have limited Internet connectivity in the next few days, here is a quick giveaway - my way of saying thank you for being a [NR] reader:

What can I win?

In this giveaway you can win the brand new Modular Component Set V2.0 ($142.75) from ThinkTank Photo that is not even released for sale yet. The set consists of:

  • Lens Changer 50 V2.0
  • LC 75 Pop Down V2.0
  • Strobe Stuff
  • Speed Changer V2.0
  • Large Travel Pouch

To complete the set, I will also include the Pro Speed Belt V2.0 ($39.75, size: L-XL) and the Keep It Up Shoulder Strap ($29.75).

How do I win?

The rules are simple: like this post on Facebook, retweet it or +1 it and leave a comment to this blog post.

One comment per person please. Don’t forget to add your email address in the email field (it will not be visible to the public and it will only be used to notify you in case you are the winner). I will close all comments in one week and will randomly pick the winner.

The best part?

This giveaway is open to anyone and is not restricted to US residents only, everyone is welcomed to participate. Special thanks to ThinkTank Photo for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck!

Disclaimer & disclosure: This contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. The price cannot be shipped to countries embargoed by the United States. ThinkTank Photo is a sponsor of NikonRumors.com.

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  • Kent

    Happy Thanks-ThinkTank-Giving

  • Ahmad Zairi Mohd Zai

    Happy Thanks-ThinkTank-Giving

  • rob brand

    wow, great. happy thanks-thinktank-giving!

  • TJ Fowler

    Sweet giveaway!! I hope I win!!!


  • Rey Lopez

    Great set! Thanks NR!

  • Pop Qvarnström

    Awesome! Really sweet giveaway.

  • Thanksgiving indeed!

  • Teresa Arthur

    Great giveaway!

  • Ray Low

    Great giveaway and love your website………..

  • Thanks for doing another giveaway!

  • I really need that so please…..

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  • Jayce

    If I don’t win this I’m applying to Krazy Klow Kollege.

  • Db


  • David


  • Just something I’m looking for, modular set!

  • Marcus Wong

    Excellent giveaway from an excellent website, and just when i was thinking of moving to a modular belt-based system too!

  • Bruce Lai

    Excellent prize from an excellent site.
    Good luck to whoever wins this prize!
    (fingers crossed… XD)

  • Bernard Macababat

    Happy Late Thanksgiving 😀

  • Loooooooooove these thanks-give-aways!

    Fingers crossed…….

    Kind regards,
    Gino Talamini

  • Al dudorino

    ******* TT bag for my FF cam ********

  • Marcin Czapla

    I like it, I want it, I need it

  • Tom Darling

    I would love this. I already own a Think Tank Speed Racer and a Airport Airstream.

  • Arash Marzban

    in for one!? hopefully…

  • how lucky I am?

  • milz

    think of tank? think of luck…

  • Smiert

    Very cool — thanks for running this!

  • k star

    Nice – thanks!

  • mike stenerson

    I visit this site all the time. sweet giveaway!

  • I love the site. Hopefully I win, nice giveaway.

  • WAlfaro

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
    Hope to get this one!

  • I’d LOVE to have the ThinkTank Modular Component Set V2.0 for Thanisgiving!

  • Great K9

    +1, Keep up the good work. You are the source for Nikon and Fuji info

  • Matt

    It would make my christmas to win this set! please!

  • Germán Zecchi

    I wanna win this giveaway!!!!

  • Kinsley

    Yay Thanks NR!

  • Matt

    Happy Thanks-ThinkTank-Giving

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    hey, I need this!!!

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    If I win it will be a first

  • Einstein Espinal

    A two step process, definitely seems worth it

  • ted Chan

    Can the prize meet me ?

  • Edgar Ng

    Munchkins! let me win <3!

  • John

    Great and timely giveaway from a site that provides useful information and resources.

  • luca iani

    Good Luck to all.

    Thank Happy Thanksgiving

  • Dockett


  • Awesome! I would enjoy this nice set!

  • I’d like to win this

  • Alex Sharifi

    Oh I can make use of this 🙂

  • Mika

    I´d really love to win this bundle! Fantastic stuff. Thanks to NR for that prize.

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