The 50/50 Nikon D800 poll

The results of the poll for whether the D800 pictures are real or not is split 50/50. I don't remember ever seeing this before here on [NR]. I will definitely come back to this poll once the D800 is announced.

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  • knocker

    so it’s a…..FIRST!

    • xunsinn

      the only sensible comment on this

      • i talked to the dude who have D800 and D700s. He said that D800 is definitely bigger then D700. So there is some fakery going around for sure.
        But he looked at the pics on NR and said it is not far from real, which i understood as that they are real.
        D700s is same as D700.

        • vinman

          Harold, how ’bout having the “…dude who have the D800 and D700s.” come on and chime in – anonymously, of course.


    • matgay

      OK i dont get the math here at all…

      99% rumor is true that this pic is the D800 pic, but….
      37% only believe the pic
      37% dont buy it based on analysis…
      so how can this be 99.999% certainty???

      • Back in the day:

        99% rumor (a person in the know) is true that the world is round, but…
        37% truly believe the world is round (due to some new evidence)
        37% believe the world is flat (I mean, I am standing on a flat surface)
        25% don’t care as long as they can keep on living.

        • lynnn

          but they aren’t talking about the earth.

          they are talking about contours, functionality, light sources, lighting angles, hyperfocals inconsistencies seen in the picture….

          • yepyep

            Sounds the same to me…

            • matgay

              your right.
              99% nikon d800 pictures real.
              99% nikon d800 pictures not real; then it’d sound the same 🙂

  • Nat

    Hold-on, this is the hard time, the best part will be after the announcement 😉

  • I just hope that the announcement will be soon, the suspense is killing.

    • broxibear

      If the rep events around the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of Dec turn out to be right I’d say the date you’re waiting for is Wednesday 7th of December…if it doesn’t happen then it’ll be Jan 2012.

      • broxibear

        P.S. Digitalrev posted today that their sources are saying it’ll be 16MP as opposed to the 36MP reported here ?—the-best-goes-to-those-who-wait-6474-article.html
        I’ve got no information on MP size for the D800, although I think the D4 will be 18MP.

        • Gaga

          I so badly hope DR are right and NR is wrong.

          BTW you read that article wrong, they USED to think it would be 16Mp back in 2010, but Nikon brought out the D7000 instead. Now they think the d800 will be 18MP.

          • broxibear

            oops, sorry I meant 18mp.

        • Loz

          Answers all in the spec… split pixel control

          “I suspect it means combining two or more “hardware” pixels to form a single image pixel, similar to what Fuji did with the S3 and S5 sensors.

          One pixel looks after highlights, the other at lowlight, therefore increasing DR.

          If two pixels are combined (assuming a 36mp sensor) the effective resolution becomes 18 mp”

          A comment on DPR forum.

          Also there was a comment on yesterday from someone explaining exactly what it was, but that comment seems to have disappeared…..

  • I probably won’t be able to afford it, nor I’m not sure I would want to get it… you’ll need a super computer to process those images… in any case… i like the look of that new dial…

    • sirin

      a super-computer? seriously?
      pretty much any non-trash new computer for around $1k can handle it just fine.
      and if you can’t afford to spend anything on your equipment, what are you doing on Nikon forum?

      • G

        I am with Robert on this one. From the rumored specifications i really do not see much improvement over d700. So from my point of view makes no sense to pay double price just for the extra megapixel. But this is just me.

        • amien

          not true at all.

          I do process 800MB tiff files (medium format scans) on a 3 year old computer. It’s a bit slower for each layer added, but I guess 36MP will produce much lighter images.

          • buy 3Ware RAID card, two SSDs and even 32bit photoshop works.
            I have on 80Mpix files 12 layers when “really” working or 100 12Mpix files open.

            I have 24GB of RAM but photoshop CS3 uses only 3GB

        • As a D700 user, I absolutely understand the desire for more MP. But there are many caveats:

          a) I know what to do with lots of MP

          b) I shoot professionally and there’s no technical reason I need more MP for my work. However, it impresses clients, and it’s easier to have the newest gear than it is to train clients or change their (ill conceived) expectations.

          c) I have a top shelf , homemade workstation to handle more MP/volume than I already do. I’ve got room to grow too. I built my system with processing 4×5 scans in mind. The average Joe (or Josie) doesn’t have the storage or workflow to deal with lots of 36mp files. However, if the average user is shooting jpegs, they’ll benefit by shooting lower res when they do volume and higher res when they need it.

          d) I have a stable of primes that stands up to this type of resolution, even wide open. The average user doesn’t.

          e) I expect this to list for around $3k and be selling for current D700 prices inside a year.

          f) The D700/D3/D3x af system or better is EXACTLY what’s needed, and even the average user will get better performance out of this with say a Tamron 28-75/2.8 than a D7000 with a 17-55 Nikkor. The AF system in the D700 is excellent and will only wow more in front of a higher res sensor.

          g) the D700 sensor is almost 6 years old at this point. It is conceivable that Nikon can have developed (with or without Sony) a sensor with double the pixel pitch and the same or better SNR in that time. If it’s even just the same, we have a D700 killer for everything but frame rate. We won’t know until we start seeing files.

          h) higher MP = cropping options. Good primes with higher mp could trump lower mp with even a good zoom in many cases.

          • D800 is 3800Eur.

          • MG

            ”even the average user will get better performance out of this with say a Tamron 28-75/2.8 than a D7000 with a 17-55 Nikkor”


            • MG

              AF wise at least.

            • I own both a D700 and a D7000, and there are many circumstances where I can fool the 7000, but not the 700. The cam3500 is the most accurate and speediest AF system of any camera I’ve used, even next to the Canon 1D series. (I find I get more keepers with than when I’ve used the 1D series cams, although I haven’t used the mkiv and it could have to do with the glass I’ve used–which was all top shelf btw. Also, I find the cam3500 tracks/runs a little faster on the FX cameras than the D300/s, even with the MB-D10 and an ENEL4).

              I only wish the D7000’s AF was as smart. I’m still not sure why it prefers backgrounds to subjects in all-points mode. The D700 is the opposite. I would think the doubled color precision on the D7000 would make it smarter, but it doesn’t.

        • R!

          You need to upgrade all your gear to be on point:screen ,computer, camera ,cards , card reader,this are pro tools not toys!!!!!

          • matgay

            you mean a decent $3,000 camera actually cost $30,00?

  • ISP

    Maybe it will be announce in December… first week of December is the last chance this year….
    Can’t wait to see the price of this new baby….

  • Something of a first here too. I find myself looking forward to the new camera, more than ever, and almost sure I won’t buy it because of the specs and aspected pricing. I’m still going for a D700.

    • EXPECTED pricing… 🙁

      • Ken

        Nobody knows the expected/anticipated price – anyone quoting is just offering their opinion so i dont see how you can you’ll get one or not based on somebody elses nonsense price guesstimate…? I won’t buy one because i just got a D7000 after selling a D700 a year ago….maybe when they come down in price i might have saved enough to look at one and at least by then it will be tested/upgraded and useable…they should offer out a few to the general photographic public for beta-testing first, as we all know what happens when you buy a D800-01 model! you’ll inevitably find a stable version at D800-05 or 06 🙂

  • Yes, very strange to see this kind of split. I personally think this is a real shot. Now, whether this is a prototype or pre-production model or is actually the real D800 I don’t know. I’m more interested in seeing some images samples taken with it.

    The body looks slightly unfinished, hence why I feel it’s a prototype. I’m sure the sensor is the real-deal 36mp FX though, since this won’t change from different prototype bodies. The more I look at this body, the more it’s growing on me.

    Things I don’t like:

    1. Red swoosh – Nikon should stick to tradition
    2. Function buttons on right side look too close together, I prefer the D700/D3s style.
    3. I don’t want a smaller/lighter D800. I prefer the weight and size of the D700 for balance and comfort.
    4. No more AF drive switch on back of the body? I prefer the D700/D3 switch over my D7000’s drive mode switch on the front(under lens release switch).

    • ISP

      + 1

    • Yes, never seen this before and there were over 17k votes, it’s hard to get such an even split with so many votes.

      • As of today, the majority voted for fake (100 votes margin).

        • Moth Flopwell

          I will ask you this….NR…what do you think you have there? Real or Fake? and please make that educated guess…when do u think Nikon will say this is real? Dec 6th? thanks for all your hard is fun coming to NR.

          • I believe it is real based on the fact that I cannot publish the samples taken with the D800. If it was fake, why would the source ask me not to publish those images?

            • T.I.M

              Could you “blank” part of the image in a way that your source won’t get in troubles ?

            • Mimmo

              Please admin… publish the samples (only one, so we can watch the exif data!!)… we never tell this fact to your source… shhhhh

            • tdot

              admin, ok so you can’t post the samples, but, can you comment on them? Would love to know if there were any ISO 3200 or 6400 samples included, and if so, whether they showed noise levels anywhere near as decent as the D700….

              I am thinking because of the pixel density being as high as the D7000, then the noise levels (ISO / lowlight perf) of this camera will be nowhere near as good as the D700, and that will make Nikon call this something other than the D800… perhaps the D8… but something that points out it isn’t in the same bracket as the D700.

              But what I hope, is that the D800 has 36MP and somehow as good lowlight perf as the D700 😀 please, please let it be so

            • matgay

              what do the sample photos and exif info have anything to do with what the camera exterior looks like???

            • Charly

              We need a new poll to vote… if we believe Admin has D800´s samples or not 😛

            • Andrew

              Oh no, they are field testing the cameras already? Me thinks they are in production as we speak. Once the announcement is made on December 4 or 5, they will ship by year end (December 31).

        • T.I.M

          You mean only 37% people who voted think the picture is true….

          • Mike

            Politicians can get elected with 37% of the popular vote.

            • Andrew

              And dictators with 0% votes.

          • lolly

            Another way to read the result is that more than 60% do not believe in the authenticity and reliability of the photos … it’s rather shocking when you read it that way, given the fact that so many people are anxiously waiting for Nikon’s next pro body.

            • Hendog

              I think a lot of people (including myself) voted fake as a protest against what we see and hear the d800 to be. I think the rumored specs/pricing/body layout are a disappointment to many people.

      • Mike

        Problem is Admin, that it’s not scientific. I voted twice… On my phone and on desktop (both in gavor of it being the real deal). I’m sure I’m not the only one. but that would only add to overall votes and not necessarily mess up the statistical split.

      • Francis

        Well, statistics say the contrary, the bigger the number of votes, the most probably they would go even. Like you know, trow 1k times a coin into the air and you’ll score exactly 50/50.

    • greywoody

      For those who feel the D 800 is too lightweight there will be – at a moderate surcharge – a lead brick insert replacing the standard battery. As for myself I like my cameras to take pictures – and I switch to weights when I feel like working out.

      • I’m reffering to weight of the body as it pertains to balance with large telephoto lenses. Balance is very important. Also, size matters for those of us with large hands. The D700 is actually slightly too small without the grip. With the grip, it’s perfect for my hands. The D3s/D3x is a perfect body for size and weight.

        • R!

          I have medium hands size It will be perfect for me I guess!….and for the average people ,specially in Asia where people are not that big.

    • Andrew

      Ah you professionals are so picky. I did not like the original Nikon red stripe, but now it has grown on me. I think the new stripe will grow on you too. In fact, Nikon has been changing its red stripe gradually over the years… if you have noticed. I think the thing about the size – except if you have big hands – is that to me, it would be perfect if it is the same as the Nikon D7000 and no bigger. I believe that professionals like big cameras because it makes the cameras look “professional” and “expensive”. Now this is not an entirely bad thing, since it makes a big “marketing” statement to a prospective client. Every time I see a big camera, I am impressed. But equally impressive is a big bag full of gears (with all types of lenses and equipment)!

      • kevin

        The D700 with the grip is so balance, i usually hold the D700 with the 24-70 or the 70-200 with one or 2 finger… no joke!
        Their so balance, compare to my friend d7000 or all my canon people with their mk2 and 1ds.

        I dont mind the size, i always tell people stop being lazy! carry the gear to make the images, dont resort to compact cus ur lazy!

  • alex

    I think it’s a part composite, and shot on large format by someone not very skilled… that would also explain some of the focus weirdness..

  • R R

    people here and there have made it clear that it is not the size of a D7000 (thank god) so it seems like the perfect camera for me except for one little thing, that little banana shaped red swoosh is plain ugly

    please Nikon bring back the normal swoosh

    but besides this , I am honestly very happy, cant wait to try and buy one. (its gonna be backordered to oblivion I guess..)

    • Andrey


    • R!

      think the red swoosh comes out a little maybe It’s a new improovement to keep your finger on the trigger,also notice It seems like there is a lock position after the “off” position It would be an awesome feature not seen since the legendary F5!!!!
      sounds real nice to me ,colors or shape of swoosh is nothing.

      • R!

        never mind Its a light symbol to bad!!!!!!

  • Paul

    I think best case scenario for the new generation is that this is a picture of the D400. And 36 megapixels refers to a 3-layer RGB sensor so it’s really 12mp and has no AA filter. The D700 replacement would be a DXX pattern and that way the Nikon numbering system would be completely logical with the D4 the best, then the D10 say, followed by the D400, D7000, D5100, D3100.

    Wishful thinking.

  • Dave

    I’m impressed that there have been 18,000 votes. It says that a great blog (NR is actually a blog) is the way to go for lots of things these days. And the number of hits can only enhance advertising revenues. Way to go NR!

  • bp

    I think the poll is photoshopped.. I could tell by the pixels…
    one of the blue bars are misaligned.. hmm let me see…

    • BartyL

      No, you don’t understand. The poll wasn’t Photoshopped, it has simply been photographed using a large aperture with the focal plane slightly tilted with respect to the results. Thus the ‘Not Sure’ results appear slightly blurred WRT the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ figures. The ‘misaligned blue bar’ is simply chromatic aberration.

      • lolly

        LOL !

      • OsoSolitario

        Clap, Clap, Clap!!! (Applause)
        I’m agree! Crazy if any (real) aficionado only notices about these minor details!!

  • Photodoggy

    I thought these pics and spec were the real deal and confirmed??

    • matgay

      1% not

  • Moth Flopwell

    I have an announcement from Nikon….”We here at Nikon, cannot please you all.”

    The picture of the Nikon D800 was a prototype…and I also noticed that there is an extra button where the turn on button is at on top…what is that button for? to the left….

    My Nikon D300 served me well…and now it is time for me to grow up and get a Full Frame…I don’t think it is going to be the Nikon D800…I might wait for Nikon’s D4.

    I will have to see all the pro’s and con’s.

    • JorPet

      Are you asking about the “record” button up there with the red dot?

  • Thomas

    Hehe this poll is not photoshopped but otherwise questionable: I was able to vote many times – so my votes skewed the results.
    But why do I think that others did this too? 😉

    • lolly

      It doesn’t matter … the poll was running a 40/60 (40% think photos are real) split from early on. That’s less than 5% shift.

  • I don’t care if its real or not….i just reallly really want a full frame 60fps with adjustable apeture in live mode as well as live mode metering…because if nikon can’t give it to me with the d800, canon can with the 5dmk2…and nobody wants to go that road.

    • Mike

      What you described has nothing to do with still photography. Yet you’re going to switch brands because of it. My Subaru doesn’t float on water but I’m going to stick with it.

      • BartyL

        You should switch to the HydraSpyder1M.

  • NemoSum

    “I will definitely come back to this poll once the D800 is announced.”

    You tell them, admin 🙂

    • T.I.M

      Well, even if the D800 is announced today, what can we do ?
      Nikon can’t supply Pro lenses or any cameras other than D3100/D5100 !
      This is bad, really bad…..

      • Thom wHO?

        Maybe they’re saving everything for December.
        They do not have stock enough and D800 announcement will attract more buyers.
        Maybe, they’ll prefer to be conservatives.

    • This can work either way – the photo could be fake, but I will still come back to it.

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin, one information is still missing from your list. What is the viewfinder coverage? Is it 100%?

  • Ola

    It’s kind of weird, the split. NR admin, I urge you to check for traces of manipulation.

    It did NOT have this kind of split on the first day.

    As always, you could question the question. What do people interpret it to mean?

    “Is this a genuine photo (no manipulation at all)?”
    “Is this a real image (i.e. not a composite)?”
    “Does this picture show the design of the D800?”

    You all could probably find more possible interpretations.

    • Yes, the poll was flawed to begin with.
      If the picture would have been just of the camera body without the vertical grip then I am sure there would have been more “Yes” answers.

      The picture is clearly a composite and a bad one at that.
      Does that make the picture fake? Yes, in some regards.

      Is this probably the real design of the d800? Likely yes.
      Even though it is a composite, are these real photos. Yes.

    • nofunben

      nikon had their employees all vote fake on the camera

  • Andrew Macpherson

    There is something really odd about the focus shift on those mock ups, they appear to be made up as a patchwork of different images of differing sharpness, especially the rear view shot, look at the control knob on the users left side of the pentaprism, and the fall off to the strap clips, same for the sharpness of the buttons on under the screen on the back and the softness of the motor drive unit right below them.

  • vinman

    The obvious selection was missing in the poll – Doesn’t Really Matter

    I think there’s a good chance they’re real, but in the end it doesn’t mean a thing just on its own merits. They’re images of a camera we are all expecting (real or not). As more tangible rumors begin to appear along with a likely announcement date, then product images will have more relevance. I’m just happy to see some things (hopefully) start to leak out…

  • photoSmart42

    People who think it’s fake probably don’t like the specs and want to believe it’ll be different.

  • lorne

    It is a nice D800 fake. No way can that camera have 100% viwefinder and a flash with a D300 size mirror box. A D400 would sound correct for the mirror box size.

    • BartyL

      Yes that’s correct, lorne. It is impossible to have a 100% coverage in a viewfinder when a pop-up flash is present. The D7000 appears to have a 100% viewfinder and a pop-up flash. The D300s appears to have a 100% viewfinder and a pop-up flash. The D300 appeared to have a 100% viewfinder with a pop-up flash, but as you so rightly point out there is “no way” that can be the case, therefore they don’t / didn’t, and it can never be the case.

      • Rob

        100% FX is much bigger than 100% DX. I think you don’t understand this.

        • BartyL

          Well, I hadn’t accounted for it in my reply. But I don’t see that even on FX a 100% viewfinder with a pop-up flash is an engineering impossibility. The comparison photos on Ron Adair’s blog would seem to indicate the pentaprism housing is larger on the D800 than the D700, which would suggest the viewfinder coverage on the former will be larger.

          • Lorne

            The D700 does not have 100% because of the pop up flash reducing the size of the prism. The D3 D3x D3s have 100% coverage but no pop up flash to take up room in the mirror box.

            If this is a legitimate photo (I think it might be) then it is probably of a D400 with a APS-C sensor.

            • This is not true. The reason the d700 is not full frame coverage is from the added anti-dust mechanism introduced in the mirror box. SInce the D700 was the first FF to have anti-dust the kinks (space) was not worked out yet, this has been fixed in the D3s.

              Also my F3 with standard finder (non HP) is very small and it is a 100% frame coverage. The pop-up flash is not the issue.

              It is not helpful to spread around false information. That is not good for anyone.

            • Lorne

              The mirror box is too squat, it’s like that of a D200,300,90 not a D700,3,3s,3x.
              I am sorry if I offend any one with this observation but just look at the size of that box.
              I am having too hard a time believing that they have done some optical wizardry (not saying that they cant) on the prism to get a full field of view, with a flash, anti dust, and a black out mechanism on the viewfinder. Look at the picture of the back.

  • Thom wHO?

    I hope that we will come back to this poll in 2 weeks xD

  • NorwegianWood

    About those pictures, I think they are real.
    If you open them in PS and raise saturation to maximum, then you are able to see different colors in the light. I don’t think you can fake the light fall off if this was shopped together from different sources. Try it yourself.

    Hope we see Admins test images very soon now…..can’t wait any longer!!!!!!!!

  • T.I.M

    What’s weird is that Ken Rockwell did not say anyting about that D800 “announcement”, no even a single word.

    I searched online for the past 3 days, nothing about that D800 except your true/false pictures.

    Here is what I have so far and what was supposed to be announced on the 11/18th:
    – 36mp (3 RGB layers sensor)
    – full HD video with 60fps (maybe 120fps at 720p)
    – 100% viewfinder
    – Dual CF+SD cards slots (I hate SD cards)
    – USB 3.0 connextion
    – larger LCD
    – $3750 retail US price
    (camera’s name could be D900)

    • ISP

      Ken does not comment anymore unless it is officially announced by Nikon !
      He is not into speculations…. he is interested in facts…. But he will comment here for time to time….

    • cpm5280

      “…constrained supplies. In other news today, it has finally been confirmed that at least one person cares what Ken Rockwell thinks…”

  • This is a rumors site, so rumors are what we expect to get. There certainly have been a lot of rumors lately. It would be nice to see a D700 replacement as it is now the oldest body in the Nikon DSLR line.

    I believe it is very much in Nikon’s interest to have a sub $3000 FX body as this increases demand for pro glass.

    With some luck, we will get that body. Remember the old story, with all this horse manure, there must be a pony around here somewhere. Certainly, Nikon has received its ration of bad luck in 2011 with double disasters.

    • broxibear

      “Nikon has received its ration of bad luck in 2011 with double disasters.”
      True, but don’t those usually come in threes ?. We’ve had an earthquake and floods…what’s next…fire ?

      • T.I.M

        Nikon 2 cameras !

        • broxibear

          Hi T.I.M,
          I know you like your dates, try Wed 7th Dec ?

  • I think the photo might be real but either way the blacked out square at the bottom right of camera would make it an FX body, no DX cameras have any signage down there.

  • Dweeb

    So close you must be counting the hanging chads.

  • Bord81

    Hi everyone!
    In connection with a possible coming D800 announcement, what are the chances of releasing new optics?
    I’m especially interested in a 135 mm prime update.

  • souvik

    @ Admin, I think the poll is basically a reflection of American paranoia. Just look at how many Americans think that 9/11 was an inside job. So as an American, I completely understand why the poll is 50/50. This is just who we are, just read Hofstadter.

  • JLM

    I don’t really care if the photo is real or not, I just want to know if it’s coming and what it’s equipped with.

    • vinman

      “…a reflection of American paranoia.” “…many Americans think that 9/11 was an inside job.”

      Maybe you’re one of “those Americans”, but I’m not. Seriously, the number who believe 9/11 was sort of conspiracy in no way reflect even a small percentage of the American populous. The ones who DO believe are quite vocal and prolific in their ratings, but the number is very, very small.

      Americans – not paranoid, but quite irritated at the moment :-p
      Now if we could only agree on WHAT we’re irritated about, we could get some things done!

      • souvik

        @Vinman. You have completely missed my point. I was talking about American psyche. Go read Hofstadter, then maybe you will know what I am talking about. And just for the records, I am don’t believe in any conspiracy theory either.

        I do think the picture of D800 is really.

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/amin,
    Did the person who sent you the D800 image say “here’s a photograph of the D800”, or “this is what the D800 will look like”…maybe you received the image without any further information ?
    If I take a photograph of a D800 prototype, manipulate it in photoshop to make it look like the final D800 does that make it a fake or real image ? me that’s no longer a real image, it’s a digital mock up.

    • the message was clear: this is the D800

      • Joe

        As far as I remember, Nikon asked the forum that leaked the Nikon 1 sensor to remove the picture.

        I wonder if there’s any reason Nikon wouldn’t do the same thing to this D800 picture if it’s real?

      • Mimmo

        Admin, for now it is only a dream

      • so so

        why not D400? smaller than D700, same AF as D700/D3, CF+SD, only bigger resolution. this sound more like a D300s successor. higher resolution it’s a response to A77 (DX 24Mp).
        named D800 or D400 I think it’s D300s successor and Thailand flooding delayed announcement

        • Hom Thogan

          Because it would be stupid having to deal with diffraction at those levels

  • Visualiza

    There’s gonna be a lot of silence when the press release breaks and it looks identical to this photo.

    All the babbling in the last two threads makes me think that most people commenting don’t even want a new camera to hit the shelves. Everyone is more interested in their silly Photoshop conspiracy theories than the possibilities that this new camera will open up. I cant wait for official specs, samples, hands-on previews, and everything in between.

    With that said, the poll results, much like the sentiment of all the armchair photoshop experts, doesn’t mean a bloody thing. The D800 is coming sooner or later, and I’d bet a dime to a dollar that what we’ve seen here in the last few days is representative of the final product.

    • R!

      It could be both D400 & D800 with same battery gripp,the nbr of pxls is exactly 1,5 x the A77 pxls density that make sens to me,specially if you remember that before the A77 came out a report stated an increase in full frame sensors in Sony factorys.

  • ronald

    any information on when the D800 wiil be announced?

  • I hope to God that’s a sign that this NOT the real camera. I still am in shock that I appear to be almost the ONLY person, out of THOUSANDS who have seen this post, who is so disturbed by their placement of that red “REC” button on the top of the camera.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. UNLESS the camera has some SERIOUS customization to prevent “video function disaster” from happening to 100% still photographers, …Nikon is taking a freaking bazooka to their own foot on this one. I understand that at least SOME cameras need to embrace a “hybrid” shooting, and maybe this is the camera that Nikon developed in a panic when the D700 got PWNED by the 5D mk2 in video function. However as a 100% still photographer, I simply will NOT buy this camera, or any other future Nikon camera, if it has such an extensive intrusion of video function.

    If this exact D800 comes true, I’ll be spending the next ~5 years with a used D3s and/or a pair of D700’s.


    • What’s your problem with the rec button?
      It propably only works when you are in video live view mode, so don’t worry about that.

    • The Manatee

      Take a Xanax, for everyone’s sake.

      • EiTaro


    • paf

      I totally second you on the rec button placement. I’d place one right by the traditional AE-L/AF-L button, but that’s just my silly preference….

      • That’s what I’m thinking. Even on the cameras that have already “embraced” video functionality, such as the D7000 and 7D, the REC button is on the back. Also, the 1DX’s new “video button” is on the back.

        If Nikon is going to try and embrace video shooting in their semi-pro and pro lineup, I’m pretty sure they’ll simply allow the AF-ON button to become dual-purpose.

        Nikon is smart enough to realize that one of their main advantages is control layout and functionality. All I’m saying is, this D800 doesn’t look nearly as functional as Nikon’s usual standards.

  • Anand

    I couldn’t vote yesterday since the voting thing didn’t work well on my system. I would have voted for “Fake”! So I am sure there are people that had tech issues and couldn’t vote. 🙂

  • Visualiza

    I’d like to issue a challenge to all of the naysayers.

    If it’s a fake image that was completely done from the ground up, why don’t you show us how it’s done? If it’s such a poorly done job, surely it can’t be too difficult for you expert analysts to replicate, right?

    If, on the other hand, it’s a fake composite, then please provide the original cameras from which all of the pieces were extracted so us fools can have a look.

    It goes without saying that the original image has been through photoshop in some capacity. Thats as much a no-brainer as breathing. Every forum dwelling shmuck with a P&S PP’s their images, do you honestly believe a tester with a D800 prototype WOULDN’T?

    I have yet to read a coherent argument stating why it’s a complete fake or a composite fake. As rough as the image looks, I would absolutely tip my hat to whoever could create a rendering such as this from scratch. For the sake of only duping a bunch of (obviously) disgruntled rumor mongers, the effort wouldn’t be worth the reward at all.

    • broxibear

      Hi Visualiza,
      Is it not possible that this is a real photograph of a D800 prototype, which has then been manipulated in photoshop to end up with the image that was posted ?
      As you posted earlier it could well be “representative of the final product”, but it wouldn’t be an actual image of the camera…in the same way as you’d get an artist’s representation of a building that has not yet been built ?

      • Visualiza

        It’s absolutely possible, but that would in fact mean that the photo that we have now is indeed the D800. To me, fake means completely fabricated and having nothing to do with a NEW Nikon design. A from scratch fake or composite of old models is what I would consider fake, but even an early prototype I would consider real.

        If it is a prototype, then it has to be indicative of what the final product will be in some way at the very least, which is why I think this picture is legit.

        I get what you’re saying with the concept rendering of a building, but this is slightly different. This is obviously a real photo of a real camera, and tweaked as it may be, it was still based on a the true, corporeal source. A concept or a rendering is completely different, and that would indeed be fake unless of course it was confirmed that it was the selected design from Nikon itself.

        In essence, all I’m saying is that if it originated from Nikon and it says D800, then it’s unquestionably real, be it concept, prototype, final release version or whatever it may be.

        If it was a doctored composite of existing cameras or something some shmuck conjured up from a blank page in photoshop or illustrator then it’s fake. A real photo of a real camera that’s been tinkered with in photoshop is still the real deal, blurry edges, replaced background and all.

        • GregS

          To me, fake means completely fabricated and having nothing to do with a NEW Nikon design.

          But your interpretation may not be shared by all of those who have voted. I happen to think the photo is of a real object, perhaps a prototype or a mockup, but may not be the final version. I voted “not sure.” Others who think the same might have voted fake meaning “not what the production model will look like.”

          • Visualiza

            A very solid point, and completely understandable.

            Whatever the case, I do believe that this is indicative of the final product. Time will tell.

    • I sure as heck don’t have the time to completely re-create this D800 from scratch, but I can find MANY parts that are in fact identical to other cameras.

      Personally, I think that the only possible way for the image to be “true” is if it’s only partly true. Meaning, someone must have taken a D800 prototype image, and altered it at least a little.

      First, here’s a list of things that don’t make sense:

      1.) Nikon would never put a “rec” button right there next to the mode button and shutter release. Even if you can be protected against accidentally recording video, it’s still a risk of accidentally pushing the button when you’re trying to change exposure modes.

      2.) Why switch the zoom buttons? That’s only going to serve to annoy the crap out of people, it just smells like someone changed it just for the sake of change.

      3.) The sunken design of the AF-ON and metering switch looks VERY hard to reach. I envision that design to make it much more difficult to reach those two functions, especially the metering switch. It is in fact a design that I’ve never seen before, so it’s either VERY carefully pieced together, or it’s real.

      4.) The whole cock-eyed angle of the top panel, and shutter release. What’s up with that? The whole thing looks like they’re trying to copy the Canon 1D series WAY too closely. Look at the rear of the 1Ds mk3, and compare the extreme angles on each side of the prism to the D800. They look oddly similar, for being designed by two different companies. I dunno, maybe someone who used to work at Canon came to work for Nikon? Personally, the more I stare at the images the more I think I see distortion points that indicate it’s a PS job. (The wobble on the contour line on the front, why would Nikon leave such an arbitrary line to wiggle like that?)

      5.) The info button is way too close to the V-grip joypad. Again, Nikon is a master of form and function, I just don’t think they would do this.

      Next, here’s a list of things that look strangely similar to other cameras:

      1.) The contour above the rear joypad looks like it’s from the D300s

      2.) The lower part of the rear thumb grip looks like it’s from the D90

      3.) The top panel looks like a delicate, off-angle blend of D700, D3, and maybe D7000. (from the front, look at the weird shadowing and shape contours, near the strap eyelet and also along the light/shadow edge near the red swoosh and the AF lamp)

      4.) The front view top of the hotshoe flash is in fact the ONLY thing I cannot find from another Nikon DSLR, although maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough. Look at the seam along the top, and you’ll notice that the joint is definitely a “V” instead of the usual cut-across design in every other Nikon. This could be a VERY delicate photoshop job however, since I do see faint signs of cloning along that top surface. Lastly, the BIGGEST flaw I see, is that there is zero pop-up flash seam on the front-right side of the prism. Look closely at the area between the two black squares, and you’ll see that there is nothing but blur, even though the other side, although also blurred, still displays the entire seam.

      By the way, a word on the blur. I know DOF when I see it, and I know PS blur. I’m almost positive that this blur is done in PS.

      Also, the lighting. If it’s such a snapshot that parts of it are blurry, how come it’s so perfectly lit like an official release product shot?

      All in all, this just doesn’t make sense. Not historically, considering Nikon’s attention to detail with form and function, and not visually, when considering the parts that look suspiciously like other cameras.

      I may be wrong, and that’s okay. But if I am wrong, I sure as heck won’t be buying this camera. Again, nothing wrong with that, I’m just letting my voice be heard… 🙂

  • mark

    What is the point of this poll? Do you think if more people vote that the pictures of the so called D800 are real that it will make it real? This is childish nonsense.

    • broxibear

      It’s just a bit of fun that’s all…and it’s interesting to hear different views.

      • Hom Thogan

        It is NR admin playing with you guys to get more readers :), he could have already talked more about the camera but he’s simply trying to capitalize out of your geekery as much as he can ;).

        Be careful NR admin, if you continue to do so you may have some riots that won’t be good for the website 🙂

    • cpm5280

      What’s “childish nonsense” is responding to things in a dismissive, derogatory manner when you don’t actually know what you’re talking about and have apparently not done any work to try and address that problem.

      To fill you in: it has been observed in the past that previous polls on this site have had a reasonably good track record; thus the new poll. Not childish, not nonsense. Just a thing. Not even YOUR thing…someone else’s. So why not just go away, instead of flinging poo?

  • NikonAvenger

    Ahhh the waiting game is killing me. I already have D300s and can’t decide whether to dole out 2700 for D700 when the replacement is about to be released. If the price is 4k i will sell my D300s add my 2700 hiding inside my freezer together with my films. I will pre order the minute its available. So please Nikon announce it now.

  • Beotian

    I vote “nothing to do with stupid polls”

    Want a d888 with

    decent pixelcount (24M or more)

    100% viewfinder

    decent high ISO 6400, maybe 12800

    lightweight, no mandatory grip

    decent price

    That’s all folks (no video, no GPS, no stupid nultiformat card, no D3x price, no 29 fps, no somethingshoplike gadget, no gadget at all !!)

    • Jesus_sti

      Ok ………. maybe you don’t have the same needs of other … think about that We are 7 billion on this earth maybe your not alone … and stop all your “stupid” call ……..

  • One More Thought

    I believe most people are voting based on what they wish to be true and not on any analysis.
    There are those who want this to be true, so they vote that the pic is real.
    There are those who are already criticizing a camera that’s not been released yet, and so they vote that the pic is not real.

    The critics are the ones who amaze me…it’s just like with the N1 series…they pick apart a product they’ve never held, seen, or used…

    • notapsychic

      I believe you’re wrong

  • Soemantow

    I believe it is REAL….But the red swoosh is pretty ugly…I hope they change it in the final version…

    well is there any ‘data’ like when they goin to announce it since the first pic ‘leaked’? I hope they would announce it sooooonnnnnn…but please replace the red swoosh…

  • Jeff

    OMG! A 3-layer RGB sensor @ [12mp]
    Horrible thought!!! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed 36MP!!

  • The invisible man

    Here is the REAL D800
    You’re welcome.

    • T.I.M

      What ?
      At least it look better than Peter’s one, don’t you think so ?

      • T.I.M

        I love the new grip’s red logo design !

        • Thom wHO?

          It is like a Nikon lips lol

        • lolly

          Nike probably likes it too and may be knocking on Nikon’s door someday 😉

    • Nikonier

      this would be like a design dream come true. This design would be perfect. I dreamt exactly about this camera.

      – no built in flash(like the 5d mkII)
      – viewfinder of the D3 with 100% coverage
      – 36 mpix.

      cmon Nikon, make it happen 😉

  • Jabs

    From reading the various posts here on NR and just thinking things over, I think that we have two basic scenarios here.

    1. The original sender of these leaked images removed the background crudely because they were involved in shooting the camera or some Press shots. Those press shots were with the camera minus the motor drive and then that might have been added later on to give a composite view of what it looked like with the motor drive – maybe!

    2. Administrator might have removed or blacked out the three areas to protect his source also, thereby disguising the shot even more because he was told to not publish the images or pictures taken by the new camera.

    3. This then does not explain why the motor drive and the body align so well? The three areas blacked out then offers some significant information, so hence blacked out!

    Perhaps we wait and see what Nikon really releases and then be done with it. The two people most informed, the leaker and Administrator are not talking, so we are in the dark. The photograph from this new D800 is the key and since it cannot be shown, it therefore identifies the leaker as they probably shot the camera for Nikon or some publicity shots. Camera testers or Ad Agency Press shooters perhaps then trying to disguise their leak.

    Nikon gets free publicity and we go ‘ape’ over something while Canon and Sony fume. They went first and Nikon retaliates, so we have our present situation – LOL!

    About the Poll – of no use, as most here probably voted so many times that it is indeed something of little merit. We are being fed viral marketing too – remember?

  • wefef


  • Markus

    The result was close to the rumor I heard about this poll, lets hope it counts for the camera too 😉

  • R!

    I think hope It’s real!!!!

  • kevin

    Lets “OCCUPY” nikon head quarter and demand a D800! Lol

    • R R

      I´m with you! and lets behead who ever designed the new red swoosh thing!


  • alvix

    …there’s something I dont understand in the NR behavior in these days….

    • Markus

      Lets have a poll about that

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