Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Nikon D800

Those are the first pictures of the upcoming Nikon D800 DSLR camera. The specs so far are exactly the same as reported previously (there are some new updates in this list):

  • Smaller and lighter than D700
  • Resolution: 7360x4912 (36MP)
  • CF+SD memory card slots
  • Slightly larger display
  • Excellent video quality, better than D3s
  • Video modes: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24
  • AF identical to D3/D700
  • I still do not have a date for the official announcement

Picture of the back of the Nikon D800 after the break:

In case the servers melt, go to

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  • tr

    Why two video buttons? One in same place than in D5100 and second in the same place than in D3100 & D7000.

    • The vertical shutter button at lower left in front shot seems to have not enough protection around it. Why would Nikon do that when the 700 has it and it makes sense to keep that detail? That makes the picture of the 800 suspicious to me.

  • fg

    Fake or real, I feel we are closer than ever to an official Nikon announcement… This time Nikon will make the decision on my behalf, whether I’ll stay with Nikon or I’ll switch to Canon for good.

    I’ve been a Nikon user for more than 15 years and I have a good deal of lenses and so. The long awaited camera will help me decide whether I make the leap or not.

    Remember folks, the effective lifespan of a Camera was 2 years and it risks to be shorter. So far, we can easily assume that Nikon is 2 years behind Canon (if we don’t count the very pricey D3X). It’s about time Nikon gives us the product we deserve.

    • Jerome

      2 years behind in what sense ? In terms of MPixels ? Is that all you want from a body ?

      Just the fact the Canon cameras have depth of field tester placed on the left is a big “No Go”. How can you test the depth of field with a heavy lens ??? They are ages away in terms of usability.

      But go, switch, you’ll see.

      • Raphael

        On Canon cameras the depth-of-field preview button is located on the front right. It is accessable while shooting using your right hands ring finger. The button on the left hand side releases your heavy lens 🙂

        • mj

          You haven’t shot a 5D MkII lately…

    • I am sorry but I very much don’t understand your 2 year statement. Canon and Nikon generally release cameras around the same time and each camera has certain things going for it. The 5dmk2 had a big sensor, but its AF system wasn’t very good in comparison to the D700. The 7D and the D300s are very similar in most ways for photography with Canon having a bigger sensor and the Nikon having better ISO ability. The release of the D7000 showed that Nikon could make a better camera than Canon, when they released the 60D.

      Ok there is a difference in video ability, so if want to shoot video, I would say Canon is better but also that it is compromised by its sensor, so even the much vaunted 5Dmk2 can only shoot video for a short time before it stops working properly.

      I have no problem with you dancing ship, but what are you going to jump ship too? The soon to be, out of date 5Dmk2 or the out of date 7D. Canon will be announcing new versions of these cameras soon but I am sure that will be around the same time Nikon announce their new cameras. Unless you are planning on ordering a 1DX which is great apart from it isn’t released until March, which I am sure will be around the same time as the D4.

      • Photographlee

        The Nikon D300 actually has the bigger sensor (crop factor 1.5X versus the Canon 7D’s 1.6X)

        • I meant in regard to MP, not physical sensor size.

    • Brooklyn

      Might be a good idea to pawn your Nikon glass then as you will be back shortly when you find canon is 10 years behind canon in focus. Doesn’t really matter about features if you are always back focused

    • sara

      if ur even considering switching u obviously dont understand the performance capabilities of a nikon over a canon. sorrryyyy but that remark above is very uneducated.

    • to

      This looks fake to me: except for the left dial, here is no single bottom that looks original. The meter markings are not very well done. It is hardly a step forward from d700 when pixel count is increased, iso range is reduced and price is increased.

    • Why 2 years? I’ve been using the Nikon D200 since it was released and only now do I fee the need to upgrade. (I continue to use it as a backup)


    • Joe Mamas

      I think you should switch. You will soon find out that Canon is way Inferior with their lenses and cameras. The 5D Mark II and 1D Mark 4 are a total joke with focusing problems.

  • Really?

    I’m already in line waiting to buy one on Black Friday!

  • MJr

    Fake as Jesus’s bottom 🙂

    Probably half prototype – half photoshop. The plasticy red material above the grip and the wheel pointing UPWARDS are a dead giveaway. Among other things.

    • Art K.

      what’s wrong with the wheel pointing upwards? makes sense ergonomically…

      for me it looks too much like a Canon design, too curvy, I like old style Nikons, especially the F6, not a blob like this one. Will probably NOT buy it, don’t need 36 Mpx at all. And a swiveling LCD screen is useful too.

      • Doug

        I’ll second that swiveling LCD screen. A coworker recently bought a Canon T3i. While I don’t care much for the camera, the one feature I do like is the swiveling screen. I’m hoping Nikon picks this one feature up as a go forward standard.

  • FX DX

    How do you guys know that IQ is worse than iPhone over 1600 ISO? Did admin posts the pictures somewhere that I missed? I am really excited about D800. If they were fake, admin wouldn’t post them here. I hope it is big enough to provide right balance with FX lenses. I don’t mind a smaller camera, but I feel that my D90 is actually too small for my FX lenses.

    • csman

      A person trying to compare an iphone camera with any of these legendary full frame cameras is simply an ignorant fanboy.

  • Visualiza

    You can tell where people’s priorities lie when all they care to yap about is how fake the picture is. Let the photographers talk about the future possibilities and applications of such a camera, while the disgruntled keyboard jockies are endlessly yammering on and on about how fake these leaks are…on a rumors site :/ This place really needs separate comment sections.

    Anyway, I think the body looks good and the specs sound even better. D7000 pixel pitch, brand new sensor and EXPEED 3? Sign me up. If this camera can, and I wouldn’t be surprised for a second if it did, match or exceed D700 ISO performance at 36mp then it will quite possibly be the last DSLR I ever buy. I can’t wait for samples, reviews, testimonials, videos, the works. I’m all ears; this next generation of cameras is poised to set the photography world ablaze and I have every intention of coming along for the ride. I hope these bitter misfits carry on with their tirades until they’re blue in the face. The rest of us will be too busy enjoying what’s on the horizon.

    • Finally someone who is interested in the possibilities! I’m right with you.

  • Thomas

    Hmm, they exchanged the [+] and [-] zoom buttons!?
    It must be FAKE 😉

  • Hyperphokal

    I think it is fake, the more I look to the picture the more I can find fake things, look for example to the line of the flash, where it should to be opened, it disapear in some points, the front whell seems it is not in the right angle, rubber caps for remote or flash are now all in round shape, a pro level camera with no “number of focus points” switch? there is also no room for model number, why cover the FX label if we already know D800 is fullframe? I can continue with many more, but I think enought to think of a fake picture.

  • Commenting comments

    At moments like these I always question the purpose of comments on newsposts. Nothing commented here is gonna effect Nikon’s way of producing a camera.
    It’s like complaining about the weather. And I don’t mean complaining about a long period of rain, I mean: old folks on a summer holiday to Cuba complaining about the sun being to hot for them.

    In this segment every camera Nikon produces will be able to take superb pictures in the right circumstances. Noise is an issue for bad photographers.

    • Hope

      Indeed, and we should also consider the previous models. When they actually came out and was being sold, how many did NOT like the D200, D2x, D300, D700, D3, D3x, D3s?

      Nikon knows what they’re doing. Just wait for the launch and be prepared for something new, possibly better than anything you wanted.

      • Jonas (from SWEDEN)

        I did even like the D70! 🙂

    • goldaccess

      It’s a win-win. We want to express out thinkings and NR draws visits.

    • I don’t expect Nikon to suddenly change their mind after reading forums, as they have been planning this camera for a long time and if it is the road they want to go down so be it. I can’t see any problem with people being negative or worried about what they read though. Everyone here has different opinions and different experiences. Certain photographers will love the 36mp spec because of the kind of photography they shoot. Others will worry because they shoot in different situations and worry that the ISO ability will be dramatically effected. This may or may not be the case, I don’t think there is any problem saying this kind of forum because it is what the forum is for. In the end everything is just speculation.

      My annoyance is when people say things like Canon are ahead or that because Nikon haven’t announce the D800, they are switching to Canon, when reality doesn’t back up the reasoning behind their comment.

      As for your noise comment, I often shoot performers in low light situations, where flash isn’t able to be used and I can’t shoot at to slow a shutter speed. Good ISO performance and noise control is extremely important in those kind of situations.

      • I agree wtih Michael, as a predominantly sport shooter where high ISO performance and shooting speed is more important to me than high pixel count, I’d rather have D3S ISO performance at 18MP than D300 performance at 36MP. I want to be able to crank up the ISO to 1600 or 3200 without worrying about noise. Shifting 36MP fo data (say 54MP in RAW+JPG) at 7 or 8 fps or more is going to take dual parallel processing engines and mega fast (read expensive) CF cards.

        I think this is totally fake due to lack of AF mode dial on the rear and the already mentioned +/- zoom button faux pas. I also don’t like the slopey shoulder and the viewfinder design is horrendous compared with the D3 series.

  • Jonas (from SWEDEN)

    To bad they changed batterie-laws in japan. (as mentioned in earlier NR post)
    Upgrading and keeping the old D700 as backup camera means two chargers an to sets of spare batteries … 🙁
    Why not two CF slots?! 🙁

    Otherwise I am glad the advent of the new Nikon-FX is close! 🙂

    • Jesus_sti

      Remember thatééé Mb-D10 have a inner support for batteries… jsut to change this part… I gess it’s less expensive than an other battery pack

  • NGA

    What? It doesn’t do 120p? That’s it – I’m switching to Canon.

  • PB PM

    Looks like a D700 and D7000 photoshoped together with some slight modifications. Is it just me or does the mirror box look too small from the front?

    • EnPassant

      Take a look at the original Canon EOS-1 pro camera for film. Or the leica R9. Would you say their mirrorboxes are too small as well? It’s called “raised shoulders”.

      Or maybe you have some kind of magic X-ray vision making you able to see the actual mirror-box INSIDE the camera, even from a photo of the OUTSIDE of the camera?

    • Bento

      Yes, it looks photoshop product to me, too.

  • Faked Photoshop

    What a fake!,

    Look at the way the battery pack is attached to the body, clearly two different images that have been blended into 1. Second Picture is also heavily photoshopped on the top right side.

    Why does this Nikon Rumours guy so solely believe in the D800, while it is very clear that this is a photoshop fake?

    Nope, this ain’t the D800.

  • Lee

    I’m no expert but why would there be a battery grip on a new product that yet to be announced? Also look at the back of the camera and the battery grip and the camera are shot on different light, also the blacks are a different contrast and the resolution is different. its obviously done in PS. The focal points are all over the place! This is such a poor fake im really beginning to question admin here.

  • Listen up, everybody who has been insulting those who dislike higher megapixels:

    1.) If great high ISO performance has absolutley zero in common with megapixel count, then why did Canon make the 1DX?

    I mean I’m willing to believe you, maybe Canon went from 21 to 18 simply cause they couldn’t pull off the throughput speed for the 1DX’s FPS.

    However, I just don’t see how megapixels are completely irrelevant. For one thing, the D3, D3s, and D3X sensors wouldn’t compare the way they do at high ISO’s, if megapixels were irrelevant.

    2.) HOWEVER, the bottom line, for me, is not high ISO performance. If it is on par with the D3s, I’m happy. Actually, the bottom line is this: I shoot professionally on 12 megapixel cameras, and switching to 36 megapixel cameras would TRIPLE my storage needs, both in memory and in hard drive / DVD space. I already consume just over 3 TB of storage every year, with a local wedding photography studio. And Nikon is asking me to just jump to 10+ TB per year, simply because they want to win the megapixel race, the race they intentionally avoided for so long? I don’t buy it. Literally. I’d buy a 5DX over this camera, if it (the 5D mk2 replacement) were to add Canon’s “old” 45-point flagship AF.

    3.) Indeed, this whole problem could be solved with sRAW modes. However we have yet to see one from Nikon, even with the 24 megapixel D3X and the 16 megapixel D7000. And having personally edited tens of thousands of Canon sRAW files, I must say I’m just not 100% on board with the idea. The 5D mk2 has some weird banding issues, and in my opinion a lesser per-pixel detail acuity compared to the native resolution.

    4.) So then, is that the end of it? Should we all switch to Canon? Heavens no. But why do I still have faith? One simple fact- Nikon still needs a new sports flagship sensor. The D4 will NOT be 36 megapixels, it will be 16-18 just like the Canon 1DX. Currently, that’s the best resolution at which they can maintain ~10 FPS.

    So therefore, I take heart in knowing that some sort of “affordable version of the D4” is still coming. D8ooH? D900? Who knows. But it will almost certainly be “just” 16-18 megapixels, and it will probably have the AF improvements that Nikon has been R&D’ing in their compact SLR system. The improvements that still photographers REALLY need, to incline them to upgrade from the already near-perfect D700.


    • JED

      The hardware in the Nikon 1 series cameras shows that the Expeed 3 hardware and sensor electronics are capable of 25fps at 24MP. 10fps is at the low end of what Nikon are technically capable of at this moment. Obviously the mirror imposes some physical limits…

      • Erational

        Sensor electronics ? If you mean autofocus, I thought the Nikon 1 had AF on-sensor. But, the Expeed 3 is definitely capable of a great deal more computational power than the previous generation of processors.

    • Ralph

      “If it is on par with the D3s, I’m happy.”

      Well theres a camera already there for you, isnt there?

      If you dont want higher MP, dont buy it. I just dont get it, the D3s exists, the D700 exists. Go buy them. What more do you want – to shoot in total darkness?

      I’m a landscape photographer and I waited an eternity to get a high MP camera, the D3x is just so expensive. I bought the Pentax 645D after the last missed release date. I would have loved a camera like the D800 speced here.

      • The D3s would indeed be the camera for me, if it cost $1900 used like my D700 did.

        Indeed, I’ll be buying a 2nd D700 and eventually maybe even a D3s when I can afford one. That is, if we don’t see “an affordable version of the D4” within a year or two. But if the D800 is what we’re getting soon, the next “affordable” pro DSLR could be 3+ years away. THAT is what angers me.

        The whole reason I’m angry at the supposed D800 specs is, because there’s almost ZERO improvement other than the megapixels and video. Dual card slots are indeed GREAT, but the addition of dedicated video buttons in crucial places is a show-stopper for me. Also, they’re not updating the AF system yet, as Canon will be doing very soon with the 1DX. I know Nikon is cooking up something, and I’m disappointed that they’re apparently waiting for the D4 to release it. That means we could go another 1-3 years before seeing any serious improvement for still photographers in the sub-$3K market. Aside from megapixels.

        I just find that hard to get on board with. I’ll be happy with a pair of D700’s, sure, and I’ll save up for a D3s. But I’d still be kinda tempted by a $3K 5DX, for example, if Canon decided to add their 45-point flagship AF to the 5D mk2 replacement that will probably contain the 1DX sensor…

  • Rob

    Wonder where the focus mode selector went? I hope they didn’t move that to a menu. Changing from Single to Dynamic should be quick and easy.

    • Corey

      Agreed, I don’t see it anywhere.

    • JED

      Its in the same place as it is for a D7000.

    • Silver Chen

      On the top left side the usual three buttons has been changed to four buttons. The right one of them is the focus mode.

      • Silver Chen

        May be NOT, it looks like the “BKT”……

        • Rob

          Yeah, thats what I see on top too.. QUAL WB ISO BKT

          It looks like the D7000 has a control button on the AF focus mode dial on the front. That very well could be the same.

  • Congratulations, good work.
    One is mine.

  • Bill

    The megapixel morons will dump their D700’s for the D800 and those of us interested in affordable image quality will benefit. Everybody wins.

    • jB

      You are just as much a megapixel moron for making a comment like this. I agree with you there are morons out there who think its all about mega pixels, but there are plenty of folks, not just landscapers, who would love some more megapixels. at the same quality or better at faster speeds. Why are there so many idiots here who think the camera they want is the be all and end all of cameras?

      As someone mention a few comments below, if you are happy with your camera, great, keep it, nobody is forcing you to upgrade, and on that point why are you reading and even more to the point, commenting on something you think is for morons? Anyway, if you have ever rezed up a file, then more mega pixels are of use, not because you think it will make a better image but because you dont want to lose quality when you upscale your image.

      you just sound like Lord Kelvin who at the start of the 20th century said, all that was to be accomplished in physics had already been achieved, and he said it on the eve of the quantum revolution.

      the people taking bad shots on the d700 will continue to take bad shots on the d800….d900 etc etc however the people pushing the d700/D3x/s to its limits will be able to push the new camera that little further, and so on and so on.

      heres to progress!

      • Worminator

        If I wanted (or needed) a pixel count in the order of 40 MP I would get a 645D.

        36 MP FX will be good, but not 3x better than 12 MP FX. Its runing into the limit of sensor area.

        • JED

          What limit would that be?

          • Anon


  • Peter

    It´s probably a fake. The resolution and sharpness differs between the tha camera and the batterygrip must be 2 different photos

  • MWNN

    Anyone having doubt regarding potential the size of the prism for the OVF ?

    Seems sooooo low compared to the D700.

    I’d say it is much closer to a DX prism than a FX one 🙂

  • Don

    For all those who claim they don’t want more megapixels than 12. That is fine. No one says you have to buy something you don’t need. If what you have is sufficient keep using it and don’t replace it. If you don’t yet have an FX body and don’t want a 36 megapixel D800 that’s also fine. I would expect many D3, D3x, D700 and some D3s owners will sell theirs and get a D800 (or D4 when available) to have the increased megapixels and other new features it certainly will have. Thus, the price of a used D3, D3x, D700 and perhaps even a D3s will drop and you can get one of them. Maybe a glut of old FX bodies (especially after the D4 arrives) will produce a used D700 for less than $2,000 and a D3 for less than $2,500. That would be nice.

    This reminds me of Ferrari. When asked why they don’t produce a lower priced entry level Ferrari they replied: we don’t have to, a used Ferrari is the entry level Ferrari. Because a Ferrari is so impractical you can find plenty of them used with low mileage.

    While some D3s will be worn and abused there still should be many capable of many more years of service. So maybe the entry level Nikon FX will be a used D3 based camera and not a D800.

    • There are very few that I have read who want to keep to 12mp, in some work it is limiting, I acknowledge that and there is a very good case for asking Nikon camera with a higher MP count but does it have to be 36mp? If Nikon can build a 36mp camera which at least matches the D700 for shooting speed and ISO ability, I think everyone will be happy. The worry is that the D800 will be sacrificing these abilities for a huge MP count, which isn’t going to be a huge amount of use for most of the people who will want to buy one. Nikon rumours has posted already that the shooting speed is going to be slower than the D700.

      I don’t think anyone who is has complained wants the camera to be bad and we don’t want the D700, what we do ideally want is a D800 which is has better ISO, better shooting speed and a better MP rate, where the camera is not going to be compromised and if Nikon can do a better job of that by bring the MP count down to 24mp, or even 30, I can’t see what even the people who want to shoot high mp would complain about.

  • I’m already in line waiting to buy one !!!

  • markdphoto2000

    Why SD and CF card slots?
    I thought Nikon had a big advantage over Canon for just that feature of identical slots.

  • Im withholding judgement till I see the camera. There are times when 36mp would be nice. Landscapes come to mind. Also when I need to strongly crop. “please avoid the good photographers don’t have to crop line” if you never crop your either just that amazing, in which case great job. There are times when I do and the added mp would be nice to crop into.

    I can always buy storage. Hard drives are getting cheaper and I can always buy more. Sure the raw files or tiff if you prefer may be huge but think of all that information it holds.

    Plus a solid dx mp count would be nice for getting a little more “reach” in some lenses. Or I can just crop.

    • A crop is a Crop, when need it..just crop 😉

  • Visualiza

    I used to think I was the biggest high ISO nut around…until reading some of the comments here. It’s this simple, those of you idiots parroting this tired nonsense about megapixels being meaningless sound just as ignorant as a megapixel nut who says the same about high ISO performance.

    Guess what folks, NOBODY IS STOPPING you from getting that D3s you covet. It’s here, been here for a long time, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The difference between the two paradigms? Resolution is nowhere near it’s peak yet, but ISO performance on the other hand, probably is…the industry quite frankly has exponentially more room to push megapixels than it does sensitivity. Don’t expect to see cameras besting the D3s by a country mile anytime within the next two generations even, because if you ask me we’re very close to hitting the performance wall. The bloody thing can practically see in the dark for crying out loud, so what more do you really want?

    I get it if you simply don’t like the D800 based on specs, body shape, weight, price, WHATEVER. Gotcha; to each their own; different strokes for different folks; completely understood! But to chastise Nikon for moving in an as yet untapped direction is just silly. The problem with you people is that you acknowledge that what you want is already here and perfect for you(D3s performance with ample resolution), yet you shun anything new to the point where it seems like you just don’t want another camera to exist. What would you prefer Nikon do, re-release the D3s in pink and white and call it a day? I’d bet a dime to a dollar that 90% of you nutjobs haven’t taken but a handful of photos, but you sure as Hell stay diligent policing these internet forums, don’t you?

    Enough with this neurotic obsession over high ISO. There’s plenty of room for cameras geared towards different applications in today’s market, and the D800 is just another piece of the pie. I sincerely hope that this beast bests the D700 by a full stop or more, if for nothing else but to shut these nitwits up.

  • bernardl

    Try to imagine the reaction if the D800 had been rumored to be 18Mp…

    – Nikon lost it, hey can’t even release a cheap FF body with the resolution of a 3 years old 5D MkII,
    – Nikon lost it, by the time Canon releases the 5D MkIII they will be 6 years behind,
    – Nikon lost it, the body is way too heavy for most users,
    – Nikon lost it, all cameras have enough DR, why focus on large pixels when it is clear that a D7000 has as much DR as a Phaseone P45+ back,
    – Nikon lost it, very few people need better than D7000 low light capability, we want more RESOLUTION…

    And more…

    So it seems fairly clear that many of the negative posts here are not about this camera’s specs, they are about Nikon as a brand. I just don’t get why some folks feel it makes sense to waste time writing such things. Unless they work for some Canon/Sony hired FUD agency of course.


  • Don

    If the D800 doesn’t have the right “mix” of features for you be patient. Soon there will be a D400 (24 mp?) and a D4 (18 mp?) to choose from, not to mention two versions of the D800 (one with and one without an anti-aliasing filter). And later a D4s and D4x? There should be plenty of choices for everyone. I look forward to seeing all the tests demonstrating the image quality differences and all the reviews explaining all the different features. 2012 should be a busy and fun year.

  • I can not wait for the D800 to be released. Mainly because I have been shooting D300 for the past 4 years and have been hoping to finally upgrade (other than to the D700).

    Seeing the D700 doing such a fine job and the D3s an even better one not only in regards to ISO performance I had put high hopes on the D800 being a D3s for semi-pro users with improved video capabilities.

    Well .. its pretty save to say this ship has sailed and that we will receive a 36MP with equal ISO performance like the D700 instead. Good in one perspective as we will be able to shoot in higher dynamic range and image quality comparing our images in the future to these taken with Hasselblads and Co. 🙂 I’m also not a sports shooter so I don’t mind the count of FPS.

    But here is the thing – what ever they gonna release on the 24th of November – she has to be pretty!

    I’m agreeing with all of you that posted that this is a fake. I cant actually believe you guys that think the camera looks great. There are so many faults in this Photoshopped picture that it reminds me on a Canon D50/60 (well at least the integrated flash). I can only hope that his is nothing close to the final result.

    … and what is that ugly white nob underneath the flash exposure button?

  • Bernardl

    As much as I find the looks of a J1 like social camera to be important, I couldn’t care less about the styling of the D800.

    Image quality, rugedeness, usability, battery life,… all are an order of magnitude more important than the looks. In other words I would pick a Pentax 645d without any hesitation over a Leica S2 even at the same price point. But that is just me I guess.

    Do I like the styling shown on these images? Not particularily. Is it going to influene my buying decision? Not the least bit. A camera like this one ONLY lives through the images it produces. The rest is misplaced ego. In my humble opinion that is.


  • Don

    Let’s give this new lady a chance to get her make-up on before we call her ugly. The D800 may look much better in the official release photos.

  • marco

    36 mpx on d800 and 18 on canon 1dx … canon and nikon know problems about high iso ,so nikon simply degrede /step down the past d700 ..and put on market a camera very far from d4.. the age of similarities d700/d3 is end.

  • Adam

    It is possible that this could be the D800 but there’s a few things I’m curious of
    1. The red triangle rubber which is suppose to be a historic symbol for Nikon, why does it look like a red line in the pic? Could it be they photoshopped it out or the DoF blurred it away?
    2. I just realize that Nikon removed the Single Point AF, Multi Point AF, 3D Track AF switch away to replace with a Photo/Video LV switch. Why??? I’m pretty sure many photographers switch their AF point type depending on their usage, so why would Nikon remove it? Worse still is I don’t see any replacement buttons for them.

    • JED

      Its in the same place as it is for the D7000. A push button in the middle of the focus mode selection switch by the lens mount.

      • Adam

        Alright, just checked D7000 push in the middle button thing, looks not bad just takes time to get used to it I guess.

        Now the big question would be, what’s the price of this thing and if the D800 is like D700 and D3, guess we know roughly how D4 will look.

        I’m even more curious with what megapixel will the D4x have then? 64mp? 50mp?

    • Gio

      I think it’s the same “red swish” style as the one found on the D5100? 🙂

  • Kendrick frm S’pore

    Hmm, I brightened it in photoshop and though I’m not saying its fake, but looks photoshopped here?…

  • Interesting to see if Nikon will further make amendments to the specs based on the EOS-1D X 😀

    • bernardl

      It is simply not possible to amend the specs of a product so late in its design cycle.

      Besides, the D800 and 1DX are targeting very different markets and, even if Nikon were able to change the specs of the D800, I don’t believe that they would want to.

      The difference of bulk and price alone would make the 1DX very unappealing for most D800 target buyers. They are simply very very different animals.


  • Erational

    The D800 and D4 reflect the sensors that Sony made available to Nikon. The coming Sony A99 will have the 36MPx sensor and the D4 will likely have the Sony 24MPx FullFrame sensor. Nikon doesn’t like to discuss where these sensors come from, but that is the source. Not Nikon, nor Pentax are ever asked how many megapixels they would like in their sensors from Sony. They take or leave what is on offer. The same Sony sensor in the Sony A580/A55 is in the Nikon D7000/D5100 and Pentax K-5. Please, correct me if I am mistaken. Nikon is able to squeeze more performance out of the Sony sensor for the D7000/D5100 than Sony itself. So, I am sure Nikon will be able to extract better performance out of the Sony sensor in the D800, than Sony itself can with the A99. We should not pre-judge the Nikon D800 based on MPx alone.

    • JED

      Um no..
      The D4 will have a Nikon sensor – just like the D3, D700, D3100 and D3s.
      Therefore your assertions about having to use what Sony give them is rubbish.

      The D800 would appear to use the Sony 36MP but the size of the sensor and expected performance levels would have been part of the agreed design. Nikon uses the best available source for its sensors.
      Sony for some, Aptina for some, and there own designs for some..

  • Bob

    Wow. It’s doesn’t even sort of look real if you take into account the image quality of the camera compared to the battery grip. The battery grip was re-sized from a smaller photo, hence the obvious blurring. Two separate photos, stitched together. It was taken with a different camera at a different iso, hence the noise.

  • phil

    gotta be fake – the nikon brand name, model, and fx badges are missing

  • Max

    DSLR technology is sooooo over men 😉

  • Confusedious

    I always thought that Nikons did better with autofocus and high ISO performance …..then why do we see so many more Canon tele-zooms in any sports event?

  • I must sat that the photo looks suspect. However beyond that, why do I need a 36 megapixel DSLR? I ‘m finding it very hard to justify such a purchase if the only meaningful feature I’m getting is a larger file size. Frankly, my next camera will most likely not be a DSLR. It will be either a mirrorless or rangefinder style aps-c sensor digicam.

  • TR_T-Rex

    Listen up guys I think I have found something very important!!

    First off:

    – D7K has a combination of video recording button/Live view lever

    – D5100 has a dedicated video recording button in addition to the Lv lever

    In any case you may record a video after two steps: First you need to switch to Lv, and then press on the record button, wherever it is placed. In this respect IMO the former implementation is better because you do not need to find out two separately placed switches.

    So how is this related to D800?

    There must be a reason why Nikon preferred the dedicated video recording button, the inferior option, in such a pro camera, and in my view this is related to a new implementation/technology that D800 brings. Let me explain.

    As you may see this time Live View selection is not made through a lever as in both D7K and D5100. It is a button as in D90 and D3s. But this time, unlike D90 or D3s, next to the button there is the unusual level with the signs of video and photo modes. This should mean that switching the lever does NOT automatically enable the Lv. You must press on the Lv button, and when you press on the button, the Lv of the respective mode already selected through the lever will be enabled.

    At this point you may ask why there would be 2 separate Lv modes as all Nikon HDSLRs’ live view have functioned both for photo and video. It is because by virtue of whichever technology Nikon has developed, D800 allows its users to use the viewfinder while video recording despite the mirror and without resorting to SLT, and in order to do this, Lv functionality had to be separated for video and photo, and hence the unusual selection of the video and photo modes with a lever. The only compromise in this scenario is that you may need to go through a third step for video recording, that is, if you forget to leave the lever on the photo mode, then you first need to change it to video, then press on the live view button, and lastly on the dedicated video recording button to start capturing video.

    As a side note, if you argue that SLT cameras such as Sony A77 are capable of recording video from the viewfinder and therefore D800 might be a SLT camera rather than a DSLR in which the technology I have talked about is employed, then I would say there would not be a need for separating the Lv functionality for the photo and video modes in a SLT camera. Besides if D800 were a SLT, the fps rate would be expected higher than 4fps even for a full-frame camera.

    Other than my above conspiracy theory-like-scenario, I cannot find any other reasoning as to why Nikon would choose the relatively inferior dedicated recording button implementation on a pro body and use a dedicated Lv button right next to a very extraordinary photo/video mode lever, a first time ever.

    Perhaps (99.9999%) I have just made these up with my utter enthusiasm and after reading all the comments of the D800 announcement, spending several hours on them. It might be better that I sleep. But if my scenario is accurate, it would be revolutionary, especially if full-time phase-based AF would be available in both video and photo despite the mirror. Well, at the very least, there will be such AF while recording video through the viewfinder. This would alone be revolutionary. If it will also be on LiveView, that would be immensely revolutionary.

    • JED

      You do realise that the Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras already offer full time phase detect AF on the sensor? It seems reasonable to expect full time phase detect AF in the D4 but probably not the D800.

      • TR_T-Rex

        You do realize that is possible in Nikon 1 because it is a mirrorless design?

        Current DSLRs cannot use full-time phase-detect AF due to the mirror/prism. EVIL cameras such as Nikon 1 can use because they are mirrorless. SLT cameras can use because their mirror is semi-translucent.

  • Pikemann Urge

    why do I need a 36 megapixel DSLR?

    Well, that is much more useful than video for me (and most users I’d bet). Don’t get me wrong, I love video, but I’d only consider the feature if I did serious work with it. For me, video is about on par with a sketch pad. I’m not paying $3K for a sketch pad!

    Higher resolution is useful. It gives you room to crop. But for me, it means nothing if there is no bit depth. Digital backs are amazing not just because of their resolution but because of their 16bpc sensors. I guess I can put up with 14bpc… 😉

  • Lee

    When did this site rename itself Nikon Grasping at or I want the dream Get a life! If you cant make your business pay with what you have in your kitbag now I would walk away quietly and stop dreaming of what could be year after year. You honestly think more MP will make you a better photographer? I would love to do a poll on here and see how many actually are professional photographers or wannabie photographers. Seems its more the latter from my perspective. ”Professional” meaning you make your living by photography and not play now and then, its your job! The 800 shown is a fake, its plastered all over the web and the guy who did it cannot believe he has pulled the wool over Nikon Rumours.. but then he knows how desperate the gadget freaks are on here to see any new camera. FYI I am a professional photographer and my Nikon gear does me just fine, its the operator not the camera in 80% of the time.

    Discuss and lets see who mentions MP first??

    • Lee

      It’s idiots like you who bring down sites like this. If you dont have anything to say then dont say it. I mean, you cant even type without keeping your fat sausage fingers on the keys to long Steeevyo!

      Go on reply with saying absolutely nothing and prove me right. Sorry was that to many words for you? Want a picture book to make the connection?


  • It looks like a D7000 🙂
    so the formula fror D800 is : (D7K/10) + 100

  • Hans

    I would be really dissapointed if the screen is fixed.
    I need a flip-screen!!!
    I must say that this picture shows a ‘Canon-style’ body.

  • I’m waiting for the real announcement . i need a new apn to replace my dead d200

  • Weird…how can this big, heavy looking camera be lighter than the D700??? The extra batterygrip…looks even bigger than the ones on the D3-types…so fake photo? Wish there was a D800 coming soon, lighter than the D700. That’s all we need, when we’re not shooting in a studio.

  • Miro

    It’s certainly not right photo. Blurred, there is a bad display and smaller body set in this category of people does not want much. Technical specifications are but interesting. At the bazaar to buy de D3S for € 2300 +-which is to me an approximate price of the new D800, tests show what the image quality better D800 or D3S. D800 price rallies in any case all other second-hand Nikon phone down nicely:) happily shopping

  • Barrie

    36 mp?
    Other than high end studio shooting, who’s asking for this resolution?
    (pixel density on computer displays isn’t increasing…it currently doesn’t match even a 6 mp photo…and neither does even 4K video)
    And pro sports/journalist/nature photographers generally have no need for such resolution, and no desire to deal with files that massive.
    And why on a prosumer body instead of the Nikon flagshp models?
    If it’s true, it seems a quite strange product decision.

  • jim webb

    TBH i could not care if this is or is not a fake picture, My concerns are that IF nikon decided to release a 36mp body how is it going to work with the existing glass? I would think it will out resolve any glass that nikon currently make. I cannot figure why they would be so into noise control for so long and then whack 36MP into a camera that is not even the flagship. This puts the rumoured D800 in Medium format territory, speaking with a guy the other day telling me his hassleblad picks up faults in his lee filters made me wonder if the same will be said for this beast. Time will tell, i have waited this long and will wait until all is out there for the reckoning.

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