What is Nikon planning for December 3-4, 2011?

Last weekend I mentioned that there is some kind of a Nikon event in Italy on December 2-4, 2011:

Note that the first 4 hours of the event is a presentation "Nikon depth technical news" by Nital (the official Nikon distributor for Italy).

Not convincing enough, right? Well, there is another Nikon event in the Los Angeles Convention Center scheduled for December 3-4, 2011:

Update: the event in LA is for the Nikon School.

And another event scheduled in a Canadian store for December 2-4, 2011:


There are similar events scheduled for December 2-4 at some stores in the UK as well.

It is not likely for Nikon to announce a new product on a weekend (December 3rd is a Saturday) but this could very well be the product introduction/demo events after the announcement (similar to the many Nikon 1 events).

First week of December is also the last chance for Nikon to announce a new product for 2011. Historically they have never announced a new product past the first week of December.

As of today, I do not have any information about a scheduled Nikon press conference in the next few weeks.

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  • Benjamin

    Hihi… what a great comment 😉

  • Ellis D. Cooker

    IT HAS B-

    Not. Another Coolpix perhaps?

    • Benjamin

      Maybe they bought Italy… and kept it secret till now.

      • Mimmo

        Maybe we (italians) we sold them Berlusconi…

        • offer him rather to canon, please 😉

          • Patrick

            good one xD

  • This must be the announcement we are all waiting for.
    Thanks admin.

    • spam

      How true, I’m always waiting for the next announcement.

  • Weeeeeee

    There will be no D800 this year. The sooner folks realize this, the easier this defeat will be to swallow..

  • Has anyone in LA received an invitation for that event? It seems that it is going to be open to the public:


    How big are the 400 series meeting rooms?

    • ZoetMB

      If it’s open to the public, I don’t think it’s going to be anything new. I think it’s going to be a Nikon 1 workshop or presentation or whatever.

      Even if they did announce something new, you wouldn’t see it until 2012. All retailers have already done all their holiday ordering.

      As for the meeting rooms, it depends upon the setup. In a theatrical setup (chairs, no tables), 403AB can hold 1000 people and 408AB can also hold 1000 people, but those two sets of rooms aren’t next to each other, so my guess is that only one set is being used. If it’s setup for classroom style (long tables), the capacity is 52o and if setup for a banquet (round tables), it brings the capacity down to 380 per set of rooms. There are lots of smaller rooms as well, so if this was a totally new marketing approach by Nikon to demo the whole product line, they could potentially have one of the smaller rooms dedicated to Coolpix, one for lenses, one for bodies, one for accessories, etc.

      For the record, I was originally disappointed by the Nikon 1 announcement, but when playing with the cameras at the recent New York PhotoPlus show, I have to admit that they were quite compelling. I didn’t bring back any images to see what they really look like, but I did have fun using the camera. I could see this as a viable travel camera, although I obviously don’t know how it stacks up in real testing against the Sony or other 4/3 cameras.

      Maybe I’d still bring the big guns with me on a trip, but when I didn’t feel like carrying the big stuff, like when going out to dinner or going hiking, I’d bring this pocketable camera. Although pricy due to the over-valued Yen and the weak U.S. dollar, this might wind up being a winner.

      • nz

        Nice review here:

        • KnightPhoto

          Yes, Rob Galbraith review is very informative. I learned several important handling features from this review, even though I already own the Nikon 1 V1 😉

          – Particularly the tip, when in continuous shooting mode just keep holding the shutter release down when firing a long burst and that way your vision through the EVF will NOT be interrupted by playback;
          – 45 frames depth of NEF shooting buffer (hmm just a little better than my D7K);
          – details on AF. If anyone knows AF it is Rob Galbraith (he was the guy who singlehandedly exposed the problem with the Canon 1D mkiii AF);
          – many other handling tips.

        • photdog

          I’ve reviewed the pics presented at 100% on a 24 inch screen. WOW! I have to revise my previous judgment about this system.
          Now, a “pro”-version of the V1 with some more direct access to certain functions and an integrated master-trigger for Nikon’s CLS flashes (like the SB 700 and 900 as slave without using the SB -5) would be it…
          I could imagine to use Nikon 1 where decency (no noise and an understatement approach) is of advantage

  • Hans

    Maybe a new CoolPix (avaialbe in some colors never avaiable before). There has been no new CoolPix for some time.

    • Coolpix cameras are updated in February and August.

    • Cool WHip

      Yes! They should have a new Coolpix every week. Please Nikon more Coolpix. Make one that’s rainbow for us who can’t decide on a color.

      • Paul

        Top notch trolling!

  • Kurgan

    I’m not holding my breath. I’m guessing it’s more Nikon 1 promo’s so if there’s anything new announced it’ll probably be some 1 series objectives. Don’t expect anything like D400, D800 or D4 for at least 4 more months.

    • Hans

      4 months?
      Don’t expect this kind of things before 2014!

    • R R

      Agree , I am not holding my breath either, I just used my savings I had for a D4 or a D800 (which ever came out first) and bought my self a nice Jeep, screw Nikon.

  • JY

    As much as i would like to see the FF announcement, part of me is imagining the outcry in this blog if again it is not the time. I think we all need to be very cautious with our own expectations.

    • Hans

      I have already given up any expectations concerning Nikon anouncements.

      • JY

        I am not that pesimistic though, 2012 is 99.99% a sure thing (prior to olympic)

      • Oh, good Hans. For a minute there we all thought you had unrealistic expectations and unbalanced emotions on the matter.

      • Troy Edige

        I remember two years ago, around November again, that everyone had got very hopeful for an announcement. Good old times. I think Nikon has made all of us a bit less enthusiastic about it all. I’m one of those people who had to make the switch to Canon as I had to work on some video projects. I’m a die hard Nikon fan and I wasn’t even too happy when I walked into the store to buy the 5D. It’s been OK, and it has certainly fulfilled my needs, but I’d be a much happier man if I were holding a Nikon in my hands every day. That being said, I’m probably going to try to get rid of my 5D and get the D800 if it ever gets announced. But that seems to be at least a few months from now and who knows what might happen until then.

  • broxibear

    There’s also a Grays of Westminster Christmas event on these dates. It’s over 2 days at the Institute of Directors (IoD) at 116 Pall Mall, London, inc a talk by royal photographer, Julian Calder on day 2…bit expensive “Cost of the evening: £155 per ticket or £95 if you are a subscriber to Nikon Owner magazine”

  • Phil

    All those who constantly complain about the lack of a new FF body or bodies are obviously not photographers. They’re just gear sluts, who wouldn’t know how to make art if you gave them a 36 MP Nikon and any lens they desired.

    • Most? Certainly.

      All? I dunno about that.

      I’d like an inexpensive FF with more than 12mp and the same or better focusing system as my D700. And maybe video.

      Then again, I don’t complain all the time. And most of what I do these days is to pay bills not make art. So maybe you’re right. But maybe not 100%.


      But you’re here commenting too, no? ; )

      • DavidB

        As I’ve remarked in other discussions, I wish Nikon would follow their old model traditions and make a FF equivalent of an FE/FM/FA — semi-pro, robust, but stripped of all the crap they keep piling on the camera. I have no need or want of video, but I do need full frame. I do not however need 36MP which is in my opinion only so much more bragging rights than practical in any reasonable way.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Umm, you just described the D700. So go buy one.

        • MattC

          I love fm3a, I’d buy a digital FF version!

      • JeffP

        We will be lucky if the D400 is less than 2k.

    • …and a brain and a sense of taste.

    • david distefano

      yes, i could just hear ansel and edward writing to each other wondering when that new auto focus lens was coming out or that new view camera was coming out. its not the camera, its the photographer! paul strand with his old equipment made images that are better than most of the stuff being produced today. galen rowell with his nikon f4 and film made images that take your breath away. arizona highway one of the very best photographic magazines in the country will only except 4×5 film or larger. i read an interesting statistic on the web a few weeks ago. with all the digital cameras out in the world only 1% of the images are printed to what people consider fine art, and most of that comes from the medium format digital domain. so what about the other 99%, family friends and junk. yes phil you are right. it would be like giving me a set of $5,000 golf clubs, i would still suck.

      • Troy Edige

        I fully agree. I took some of my favourite photos with my FE2 and D70s. Now I have a kit worth a few thousand. Doesn’t make my photos any better from a creative standpoint.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Sounds like someone lifted a Ken Rockwell rant…

        • david distefano

          no, i am quite a bit older and have shot large format up to 8×20 and backpacked it all in a large northface backpack before he was born. i still backpack with 4×5 and 6×9, hasselblad, and its roll film backs, cfv-16 and nikon f5. k.r. is into himself. anybody who says 35mm cameras is only for am’s insulted galen rowell, henri cartier-bresson, etc. and i would tell him so. i wouldn’t mock somebody under a hood of anonymity.

    • Dave

      No Phil some people like me need to upgrade. I just finished photography school, I’m shooting with a D90 and a D5000. I would love to buy a fx camera but need it to shot video as well. the D700 =no video for 2,600… no thanks at not in late 2011. so call me a gear slut I’m just trying make the most out of my 3,000+

      • youdidntlearn

        uh. what’s wrong with the d90 and d5000? I shot around 10 weddings with a d90 and a d70 and a couple fast primes. Never had a problem.

        with that money i bought two d700 and upgraded the primes to the new g ones.


      • “…would love…”

        Translation: Want. Not need.

        Why not put your money into a D7k? It’s a great camera, has a lot of advantages over the ones you’re shooting with, and will certainly get you by until the Dwhatever comes out with a new FX sensor and video. It is just a step or two lower than the D700 in noise performance, and the image quality rivals that of the D700 in some areas, though it falls short in others. All in all, it’s a great camera, and certainly one that can get you by in the mid-term.

        FX is a luxury, not a necessity, especially for a kid just out of photography school. How do I know? I am one. (for full disclosure, my most recent cameras have been the D2x, D3s, D700, D300, and D7k. I currently operate just fine with only the D7k. If I need better low light performance, I rent the D700 or D3s. The work more than justifies the increased rental fees.)

      • VJ

        If you think you need an upgrade… I’m still using a D100… 🙂

    • photdog

      From a plain application standpoint there is something to it. From the investment-standpoint though, the “complainers” may make a point. If looking for an upgrade from DX to FX, like many posters mentioned, it may play a role if waiting for a newer model has an end an when.
      The market is fast to adjust. Given that 36 MP became the new FF standard, of course the market would rather decide for the same image in 36mp than the one in 12MP, right? And who likes to do the same thing over again?
      The better camera sure doesn’t change anything about the capabilities of the photographer but it can change the desires of the market.

  • a-ha!
    • i hope someone can translate that. might be a leak or fake. thanks.

    • That’s just an old fake. They just took the d3 viewfinder (no flash), put it on a d700 body and shopped the d800. Though I must admit that I would love the d800 to be with no built in flash, kind of like a digital f6/f100.

      • a-ha!

        About the image, yes: It’s an old falke.
        But the site has a long history and a good reputation.

        • so what? everybody in the business knows a d700 replacement is coming soon, so it could just be a placeholder image etc. And trust me, if the sellers knew about this camera we would have tons of rumors floating around and maybe even images.

      • EvanK

        I disagree, the pop up flash is great when you need a commander in a pinch.

  • Mimmo

    Do you think what i’m thinking right now…. D800…D4…another date…D800….date….D4….36mp….yes….another date…. money….D4…

  • korvorosso

    It’s a meeting of Nikon community in Italy to celebrate 150 anniversary Unification of Italy (1861) and 10 years from birth of Nikonclub the italian nikon community. Just this!

  • This has been the most elongated saga of all time.

  • Steve Starr

    The word “technical” rather than “product” is puzzling. Software maybe?

    Maybe some new 64-bit software like Capture NX3 for the new 1’s and all the Coolpixs expected to sell at Xmas? They need some movie editing software for the recent cameras too. Their 32-bit software needs to be retired with Windows 8 on the horizon too.

    Hope it’s not some Cloud “Slow to access” software and worse to upload some 90MB TIFF file and work on. Picturetown will take forever to upload some huge file. Even AT&T won’t allow a 20MB image file to go through their email and tie it up.

  • Bullsnot

    Why do so many people mention they would prefer a D800 with no flash? It’s CLS control for free! If you don’t like it, just don’t use it… it’s not like the camera is going to be 100’s of dollars cheaper if they don’t put a flash on it.

    For me that would be a big advantage if I were cross shopping it with the 5D MkII. Not to mention the built in flash is handy for fill sometimes.

    • WoutK89

      the lack of built-in flash would make more room for a bigger viewfinder (brighter and/or better magnification and even 100% view)

    • It is not about price. If I had to choose between a camera with a big, bright and 100% covering viewfinder or a camera with a built in flash but a less bright and only 95% covering viewfinder, I would always take the first.
      But you are right with Canon, since their approach with the 5d mkII finder is kind of lame since it lacks a flash and a 100% viewfinder.

      • BartyL

        What about a camera with a nice bright 100% viewfinder … and a built-in flash? Can’t see why they’re mutually exclusive.

  • Davix

    This is an Italian Nikon Club meeting..nothing to be expected. No D400/D800/D4 for while….a year may be.

  • Q

    Don’t think it is a new product. Only marketing activity’s for the mirrorless toys.

  • Pete

    Wait for a D800?! You are so last month! If you are real forum users, just wait and do not shoot the crappy existing state-of-the-art relics until you have the possibility to place an order for the D900 so you can continue rating that as obsolete and look forward to the Dxyz.

    Seriously: not everybody wants a hypothetic 36MPxD800; you can make excellent large prints from D700 files today. If you need even larger files, use your existing F80, F6 or FM for 18MPx bliss.

  • I’m not getting my hopes up for a D800 announcement. Too many times it was speculated and every time it didn’t happen. I will buy the camera when it’s released, but I’m not going to be giving it much more though at this point. The rumored specs look great, it will be my next camera. In the meantime, I’m going to go shoot with some new glass I just picked up (24-70) and enjoy my hobby.

    PS: I’m NOT switching to Canon, even if I have to wait another year for the D800.

    • Thanks, Mike. I think you’ve perfectly shown what a rational response is in this type of situation. We’re all waiting on pins and needles for the next camera, but some folks here seem to think that bluffing will get them their camera faster. Hogwash. It’s just childish and annoying.

      Glad to see you equally articulate your disappointment and expectations in the same comment. Doing it with class just adds points.

  • Brock Kentwell

    I can’t tell you what Nikon is planning for those days, but I can tell you what they’re not planning.

  • Torino (Turin), Italy is the city where I was born and raised. My birthday is in these first days in December.
    Thank you Nikon for making my birthday so special… A D700 with video would make a great birthday present 😉
    BTW, Nital is the official Nikon distributor in Italy, and it’s based in Turin, Italy.
    Admin if you get info in Italian I can translate (should you need).

    • Just like LGPhotoArt, I am a Turin-born Italian expat (and I spent some time in Atlanta and in Singapore like him … eerie coincidences!). I’ll be in Turin in December, but I guess korvorosso is right: it will probably be an event to close the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification.

      Now, why would Nikon LA celebrate that, I don’t know…

      • Ah, coincidences 🙂
        I enjoyed browsing your website Claudio. Good job!

  • Ole

    Sick and tired of waiting for the D800 announcement. I have a d70 now, and want to go full frame asap.

    • spam

      You already have two to choose from.

      • Three.

      • Ole

        I know – I am probably going to end up with a used D700 – which is fine. I just want to see the specs and price of the D800

  • Vertigo

    Novelty is exciting, and we like to spend our hard-earned money.
    I admit it has not much to do with photography, and even less with art.
    But it’s fun, usually. Now with all this waiting, this game is becoming boring.

  • spam

    I’m waiting for the 64bit version of PictureProject

    • BartyL

      You just mad a bit of coffee come out of my nose!

      • spam

        It really moved the definition of bad software.

  • Funduro

    Hope all that are awaiting for a new FF and DX get their year end joyous news. The release dates might have been pushed back by circumstances beyond Nikons control. Yes they might not be on the store shelfs in 2011, but maybe soon after. I have thought about going FF but decided not too, I’m not a pro nor sell my images so I can’t justify the added cost. Plus with DX, I get “free” reach for wildlife photography. Look at it this way, Nikon is a conservative small company that markets many types of cameras so you can’t expect new product cycles like Apple, that only has a hand full of products. So to all who are anxious for the new Nikon pro DSLR’s the wait is very short now. (if I’m wrong at least I’m wrong been positive)

    • Andrew

      I think you are right that “for the new Nikon pro DSLRs the wait is very short now”. Everyone knows that Nikon’s schedule has been affected by two major events this year that were completely outside of their control. Nikon takes photography very seriously; they will not come out with a new product before it is ready. If anyone can wait, this is the best time to do so. I believe their new DSLRs will exceed everyone’s expectations. If someone needs a new camera, the D7000 is very inexpensive and is an awesome camera. I own a D80 and I am willing to wait till next summer. If I need a camera today I will buy the D7000. But I can wait to see what new DSLRs Nikon comes out with. I believe one of the new cameras will cost only a few hundred dollars more than the D7000, but I cannot speculate what the model number will be. They will have to do that because of the market conditions. But the fact that many professionals are still buying the D700, a camera that was released about 3 years ago, tells you that purchasing Nikon cameras is a good investment. They will still perform well years from now and that professionals will be willing to purchase them instead of newer products from competitors. So I am willing to wait.

  • Marco Ro

    Korvorosso is right. I received the invitation for the Turin event. Nothing special. It’s 10 year anniversary of the nikon community website and 150th anniversary of the unifi ation of Italy, which happened in Turin. Turin is also the city of Nital, the “Nikon Italy”.
    Anyway, join all of us in a hour or so, when Berlusconi finally will finish to rule Italy…

    • Andrew

      This is a sign you do not have a dictatorship. Dictators never finish ruling.

  • FlyDog

    A blue nikon 1? I’d so buy that. NOT.

  • david distefano

    instead of speculating about when a ff is coming out , go out and shoot with what you have and become a better photographer. in a lot of ways digital holds most people back as a photographer. you shot, you don’t like it you delete and go to something else instead of looking at the scene that drew you to shoot in the first place. you should move around the scene to come up with the best composition. people who shoot with film do this all the time, that is why i believe they have a higher ratio of keepers. a higher mp camera is not going to improve your photography, do you think your images with a nikon d800 or nikon d4x will equal a michael fatali image from his 8×10 or his 4×5? i have digital but i also shot with a nikon f5, hasselblad 503, 6×9 and 4×5 which are all film. the digital is for wildlife and a modern version of ansel adams cutout card.

  • Dino B

    Must be the new nikon D2000 we shall see! 🙂

  • PeterO

    The Turin event will announce an “azzurro” Nikon 1, the Canadian event will show us a red and white maple leaf and the LA launch will feature a smoggy kind of colour 🙂

  • The invisible man

    November 18th Nikon announce the D400
    December 2nd Nikon announce the D800
    December 3rd Nikon announce the D4 and SB-950 (flash)

    The D400 will have the D7000 sensor with better video (no 36MP)
    The D4 and D800 have the same sensor (36MP) video will be full HD at 60 or even 120fps !

    Merry Christmas everyone !

    • Funduro

      You just gave hope for wonderful news from Nikon. If it does happen as you speculate, expect to receive lots of kudos and hip hip hoorays.

    • Thom wHO?

      I do not expect a D4 with 36mpx. D4 will bring 18 about. It’s a press & super-iso camera, 36 mpx is a nonsense.

      And, 3 cameras in 2 weeks? I don’t think so.

    • double E

      dream on playa

    • Moth Flopwell

      WOW that aint happening. Have a great day.

    • Ben Lockwell

      And what do you base this on?

  • well after almost three years of using D700s i bought D3s just to speed up announcement of D800 or D700s or D4 and they still sit on it.

  • Been there guy

    Don’t get your hopes up, they just want to sell some Nikon 1 system in Italy. The whole Italy is in financial crisis, what does Nikon hope to sell there? Let’s get real here!

  • The D800 announcement. Best thing to happen to Italy since Mussolini(‘s death).

    • Funduro

      Best news is Berlusconi has resigned. Now he can have bunga bunga’s in private.

      • T.I.M

        A president (prime ministre in Italy) does not make a country, Italian people must take care of the country.

        It’s the same problem in France, everybody expect Sarkozy (President) to do miracles but nobody want to move his own butt to make the country better.

        In USA, you don’t work then you die, in Europe you don’t work, don’t worry someone will work for you….

      • BartyL

        Hey Funduro, is there an English translation for the phrase “bunga bunga”?

        Here in Oz we have a television program called “The Hampster Wheel”, a satirical review of current affairs. Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was recently in Europe at the G20 Summit. The Hampster Wheel had footage of Berlusconi ogling our PM’s arse! Later they had footage of him saying something in Italian, and sub-titled it as follows: “Julia Gillard is a very fine woman. She is welcome at my bunga bunga parties any time.”

        Thanks to the never-ending parade of Berlusconi scandals, pretty much the whole world knows what bunga bunga involves, but I’m still interested in a translation.

        • Funduro

          http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-12325796 BBC article explains it. Basically it means sex party for the Italians, I never heard it till the Burlusconi’s under age prostitute problem made it news in the USA.

        • Andrew

          I never knew until I read your post. Maybe you should leave politics out of this site. I am sure many Italians will not approve of you disparaging their head of states like that. Not appreciated.

      • Ric


        Best punchline ever

        …so the witchdoctor says, “Death by Bunga Bungo”

  • Dweeb

    This looks like a big nothing. Besides, the longer you wait for a D800 the stiffer the competition will be which may force them to put a more advanced camera on the market. Then again it’s Nikon, when have they ever cared?

  • I’ve had a D200 for the past 5 years. I have been waiting for D400 for long enough.
    I have resisted the urge to go for the D7K so far, but this time if there is no announcement, I’ll just go for it and be done with it.

    • T.I.M

      I like the 7000, it has a BIG and BRIGHT 100% viewfinder.
      Love it.

      I did not keep it because I don’t need Ai-s or AF-D lenses compatibility (I only use AF-s) lenses, so I bought a cheaper D5100 and keept the extra cash for the D800.

      But I miss the D7000 viewfinder, D5100 viewfinder is just crap.

  • If the D800 or whatever it is costs $4k, I would rather blow that money on another dive trip to the Philippines. Sometimes you have to decide which hobby comes first.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Yeah, “dive trip.” Wink.

      • What kind of dives do you think I hang out in? This was legit wet stuff…

  • Peter

    Mark my words – I have it from VERY good authority that the D4 will be announced BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR!!!! Therefore I would say this is the date they have set for this. Not sure when it will ship but the announcement is 100% coming.

  • Dan Shelley

    Come on people. Can’t you see the obvious??????? 400 series rooms???…d400…DUH… HELLO!!!

  • Thom wHO?

    Italian and LA (and of course Canadian) events are public. ¿Are usually the official presentations of a new camera a public event?
    I though not.

  • MJr

    ‘This entry was posted in Nikon D800’ … hah, that’s funny 😉 no way we’ll get that lucky.

  • 120-300 os

    Sometimes it´s better to wait so cool down and wait and the best for last i am in for f2:8 lenses at this moment so just give it time

  • James

    $2500 = new 5dmk11 with vid (broadcast Qual) + spectacular IQ + light
    $2500 = d700 no vid + spectacular IQ + heavy
    Roumered D800 = $3,000 and amazing specs (still a bit perplexed by 36mp???)
    Really want FF this year. have been holding off since June.

    What to do? . . . . . . . WHAT TO DO?

    • John Picking

      I bought a D700 last week. Wanted FF and would rather use it than wait for D800. I like no video since I bought it for stills. Coming from film so able to use my Ai-S lenses. Love this camera. Pretend it’s three years ago and you can imagine my joy. Very glad I did this. Now I will wait for D4 and the D700 will be an unbelievable 2nd body. I’m glad I stopped waiting.

  • John The Digby

    Nikon forums are so bitter, full of upset people winging, bickering and attacking each other. Quite unpleasant really.

    Why are all Nikon forums like this? Are you all so disappointed in the brand choice you made?

    Spend a moment to peruse the Canon forums, or even the amateur Pentax/Olympus ect forums, none are as spiteful as the average Nikon forum.

    Think about it. Ask yourselves why. Seriously!

    • BartyL

      It’s because we’re bad people, John.

    • JY

      John, it was the same prior to the 1D-x announcement at cannon rumours
      You know kids only calmed down after you gave them the lollies 🙂

    • Mock Kenwell

      Frankly John, I blame you.

  • NyconNeoColonialist

    Keekon will announce the correct pronunciation of Nycon.

    Of course it will be different depending on where you are.

  • Moth Flopwell

    My friend who lives in Japan…told me the other day about the new conference in Los Angeles in Rm 400. They are announcing this. We at Nikon are proud to announce..Nothing.

  • derWalter

    As we are not going to see any new DSLRs from Nikon soon, i hope the went back to the construction table. They lost an other year now, so what the had in plan one year ago, maybe was a good shoot back then, but if they release it now, the will not hold up with Canon. When even Canon brings iso 51k native, what could we expect from Nikon then by NOW? They also have to care about the Videomarket. Canon did and if Nikon is not joining them, they will loose a lot of money. They dont only have to join, the have to catch up and take the lead. But how without any new and BLASTING Products Nikon, do you wanna do this?

  • John

    The Canadian event is at a retail store that hosts companies like Canon, Pentax, etc to showcase some of there current products. Representatives will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate products and accessories. LLozeau the store has two to three events like this each year. It would be highly unlikely that Nikon would announce a product in Montreal, a mostly French speaking town…. However should an event be scheduled in Toronto, something may be afoot.

  • Bill


    • BartyL

      Too much is barely enough.

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