The state of the Nikon D800

Since there were no significant leaks up till now, I would say that the Nikon D800 will not be announced this week. Pretty much all the information I have been receiving in the past few days says the same thing - the D800 announcement is postponed (including digicame-inf0 who first mentioned the October 26th announcement date). If something changes in the next two days, you will be the first to know.

I just want to remind you that I never received any reliable information (see also this post) for the October 26th release, except maybe the rumored product presentation in Marrakech. If you have read my previous comments here on [NR], my estimation was always "announcement in 30-60 days". We will never know if there was really a Nikon D800 event scheduled for the 26th and then postponed because of the flood in Thailand.

I still believe that the Nikon D800 and the specs described before are real. I do not have any other updates for now.

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  • Joop

    If not an 800, why not a 400 in the short term;
    Big stores in the Netherlands do not have the 300s anymore in stock, in case of a body only there is even a “op=op” notification. (If sold out, there will be no new stock)

    • Vandyu

      Here’s a good visual overview of what Nikon and other companies are up against, to say nothing of the people living in Thailand.

    • bert van wijk

      Pay today, and delivery is tomorrow. Haven’t tried it…..wating for the D400

    • Moth Flopwell

      You know..everyone…the D300s was replaced with D7000!!! That out performs the ever old D300s. Ok….do we really need a new DX? I thought so…continue on Nikonions …lol

      • peterw

        D300s outperforms D7000 in AF and built quality.
        Two very important factors
        D7000 has better IQ.

      • Anon but not Canon

        D7000 was the successor of D90! D300s still awaits to be renewed. D400 will possibly have the 24mp Sony DX sensor.

    • Things are pretty bad in Thailand. It seems that the entire country is paralyzed. There will be permanent damage because some companies will relocate. WD Green 2 TB drives that sold for $80 a week ago are now $120 as a result of the flood.

      IMO, a D400 is unlikely because so many pro’s have moved to FX and the D7000 is a very competent camera.

      I bet the stores run out of Nikon DX bodies soon.

      • silmasan

        Ahahaha, hard drives… so true, it’s rising fast! I bought two 1.5 TB greens yesterday for ~$162 (already raised somewhat from last week). Some predict harddrive prices would be doubled or even tripled in a month…

        For others: If you’re going to need extra hard drive storage in the next 6-9 months it’s a good idea to look hard for reasonable deals now. Always compare cost per TB for each model (if you have some budget to spare, I suggest looking at larger capacity models because stocks tend not to move as fast as lower capacity models but YMMV–if you’re lucky you might be able to get old stock at usual price but you must HURRY).

        I usually go to for storage news and recommendations.

        Get it? Emergency list:
        1) HARD. DRIVES.
        2) DX bodies & any lens produced in Thai plant

    • 120-300 os

      To Joop op=op smile lachen man lang niet meer gelezen hier in colombia geen nikon officieëe
      le zaak dus volgende keer Naar nederland of states canada voor de volgende camera.

  • KnightPhoto

    I hope Nikon pursues a strategy similar to Canon about “announcing their announcements”. For example given the extraordinary circumstances in Thailand, and assuming once that factory gets up and running again, they probably should just jump straight into producing the new models (D400, D7100, SB-910) if that is what they were preparing to do anyways. This is going to be a very difficult time for Nikon, no doubt, to restart their production but they can help themselves by being more proactive than they would normally with the announcements so that people do not jump to other manufacturers in the time being.

    • Richard

      I suspect that Nikon have “circled the wagons” and are waiting for the bad news to settle in before they can come up with a contingency plan.

      Right now the poor people who were evacuated to Bangkok are have to be evacuated from there due to flooding. I doubt that anyone knows when the flooding will end and people can return to begin the cleanup of their homes and businesses.

      I certainly agree that Nikon should forget about returning to production of models due to be replaced. With the delays, which are unknown at this point, it seems like a waste of time, money and effort because it appears that whatever is left at the flooded facilities is a write-off. The only fly in the ointment of doing this is just how much of what parts and equipment was evacuated prior to the flood waters arriving. I am sure that Nikon would be reluctant to just forget about those things if they are of any substantial value. Who knows whether there is enough there to actually assemble a complete lens or body in any useful quantity, especially if the cost of setting up new equipment to do so had to be factored in.

      I am sure that the Board at Nikon are simply reeling from the enormity of the situation in which the company finds itself. How do you say “It’s been a bad year and the next one will probably be worse.” in Japanese?

    • TaoTeJared

      I don’t see that happening at all. In Nikon’s annual report they discuss how leaks (tech, announcements, etc) can hurt their business and to the extent they are worried about it. If they are telling shareholders that, you can bet anything we really hear is the stuff Nikon want’s or is willing for us and the industry to hear.

  • Laury

    After all I wished Nikon had given us an intermediate model, a D3x boiled down into a D700 Body – little bit modernized maybe. They did it with the D300 giving us a D300s.

    By now I’ve heard all the arguments against a D700x version like killing the D3x sales etc. But looking back I’m sure Nikon had made even more money.
    Probably a whole bunch of guys have hold back their FX investment, thinking they’d lost money when the new model appeared short after they had bought a D700. Maybe some of them decided for a 5DmkII.
    However, now it looks like as if we have at least to wait to next summer if not a whole year before “street-prices” apply for a D800. Had I 4000 bucks to spent on a D800 I’d rather wait for the D4 cause if I go bankrupt on a camera I want to do it right.

    • Andrew

      After the stunning price of the D7000 at $1,200, I cannot imagine Nikon not coming out with a 24MP FX camera (maybe the D900) at around $2,500.

      • Barf Simpson

        You do realise that the yen is significantly stronger than when the D700 was first released? There is ZERO chance of a $2500 D800. Currency rates have moved too much and all Japanese manufacturers have had to raise prices.

        • Richard

          Yes, Barf,

          That is precisely the rationale of earlier discussions about moving production intended for the U.S. market over here. Especially now that Nikon appears to be in a startup from nothing scenario, I would hope that Nikon’s senior executives will explore this option. It could be very good for their bottom line.

          • Worminator

            It doesn’t matter where the camera is manufactured, it matters that Nikon is a Japanese company and profits must be repatriated at the rate of exchange.

            • Richard

              The cost of goods sold matters.

            • Not Surprised

              Exactly — but unfortunately (or fortunately??) the D800 and D4 will be made in Japan.

              Horrible thought: D800 was being made in Thailand in order to save on costs…! Wonderful thought: Hopefully they reduce it to 24MP and higher ISOs now that they have to start over.

          • KT

            There is zero chance Nikon would even consider moving production to the US, if you need some proof look at Apple computer. 10 years ago, Apple used to manufacture their computers (electronic products at the same level of sophistication as the D3x/s/D700). Now they don’t even make a single item here even though the US remain their largest market. A combination of labor costs, health care, regulations etc.. have killed that prospect. Mind you, Apple sells far more computers, iPhones and iPads here than Nikon will ever dream of selling.

          • Jabs

            Good sentiments but flawed logic, perhaps.

            Nikon is not an island onto itself and thus needs specific suppliers nearby or an Infrastructure of Manufacturers and Suppliers nearby to actually manufacture any product.

            Moving a modern Factory production is not hard as it is computerized , but moving the Supply Infrastructure to another global location takes planning by too many people for that to be practical or even feasible for a quick Production relocation.

            Remember, the Japanese Auto Industry had to have real Suppliers in place first before they could manufacture anything in America or use Suppliers to the existing American Auto Industry now trained or approved by them.

            Apply that.

        • Bip

          Stricting from an foreign exchange perspective, the Japanese manufacturer does NOT need to raise the price. They can keep the price constant or reduce it a bit.

          The price increase is because the appreciation of Japanese Yen means more US$ to buy the same amount of JPY.

          A few years ago (the good old days), US$ is trading at about US$1 per JPY100. Today, it is about US$1 per JPY76. This means now you need US$1.315 to buy the same JPY100. An increase of 31.5%!

  • Jabs

    Off Topic, but maybe a little humor here while we pine away for a Nikon release:

    Our favorite personae that perhaps remind me of some of our heroic and ‘Industrious complainers’ here too:

    And great news for Photographers in printing from Canon, too:
    12 ink Pro Printer – nice

    Now, back to reading about your useless complaints and whining – LOL

  • aetas

    I picked up the d700 in late dec i think. I waited about 6 months before that for the d800 to arrive so that I did not have buyers remorse. Im glad I did even though lots said to wait because a replacement “was right around the corner”.

    I feel like I can say it now without being a hypocrite, “buy what you need when you need it”. If your waiting for the d800 and your business does not need it it sucks I know but it will get here some day. If you don’t really need it there are other choices. I hope to get enough business to support the cost of the 800 when it comes out so my second shooter can use the 700.

    It really demoes feel like nikon has turned away from their pro line though. I agree that the d3s and d3x are some of if not the top of their respective fields but that does not mean that as a consumer that we expected nikon to sit around after them.

    • aetas

      I hate “when I quote something and dont stop the quote(“) lol. Hope everyone has a great day. Im off to find waterfalls.

      • Iris Chrome

        I think the problem is that people often buy what they want when they want it 😉

        • silmasan

          hobby demands and business demands, I don’t know which is tougher…

    • silmasan

      Heartily agreed.

      Well I’ve just picked a up a brand new D700 yesterday for about USD2200 converted. Was expecting D800 to come at the equivalence of $3500 here in a few months and honestly I haven’t budgeted that much for a body. So be it, D800 next year. And what does my business need? Hmm, maybe it needs my breakthrough, not Nikon’s.

      (…but my hobby needs a D800 just so I can unbox vid it, proudly change my sig at every forum I frequent, give ‘experienced recommendations’ to my photo club pals, brag “my D800 was great last night…” at Dammit Nikon!) 😉

      • Calibrator

        ” Hmm, maybe it needs my breakthrough, not Nikon’s.”

        How dare you?

        It’s universally known that only experts post here who are being hindered in their creative abilities by nasty no-gooder Nikon!

        The future of art itself depends on them lousy & incompetent buggers!

        It’s totally clear that anybody posting here is better versed in economics and management than those amateurs who are producing SLRs for only about fifty years!


        • Jabs

          Yeah – lol

          Back seat drivers too.

    • Christian

      I completely agree with you…
      I also bought the d700 about 6-7 months ago. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous in shelling out so much money for it, with the prospect of a d800 possibly being released around the corner. And almost went with a much cheaper body to replace my ageing d70 for my growing business and saving up until the 800 came out.

      Instead i weighed the pros and cons about everything. And decided that you know. Maybe the d800 come out in a month or two. It doesn’t matter, Why? Because the D700 is an amazing beast which i will use for many many years even after the D800 comes out. And with that said.. Is where i disagree with one thing you say about Nikon..

      I believe they are doing even more for Professionals. Because the Pro cameras they have been releasing are rock solid. And I don’t really see many actual professional photographers complaining about their 700/3s/3x 😉

      So keep on trucking Nikon. And I hope your business recovers from all the pain you’ve been dealt. And that you continue providing good work and training for all of those workers that are affected as much and if not more then your business.

      Stay the course.

  • Just got a tip about a new Nikon press event on November 3rd in the EU (will not mention the country). Waiting to get a confirmation from at least another country before publishing online.

    • Jabs


      Thanks for the updates and all the hectic work, while people here basically call you a liar and a fraud.

      So glad that you can take that mess from ungrateful people here, as I would have just told them to go take a flying leap off somewhere – lol.

      I also figured that Nikon was taking a little time to reassess all this damage and problems plus now, what to do.

      Good for them now.

      Enjoy your day, as work calls.

      • Andrew

        Jabs, this is not how to compliment someone by shooting arrows at others.

        • Jabs

          Yes, Mom, I’ll be a good boy – MORON!

          You happy now!

          It is not a compliment but merely a statement of observation.

          The grammar police and now the manners police here – lol.

          Idiots without a clue or much reality then.

          Get real, as one is free to state things as they wish and then the Administrator is free to respond or NOT.

          Not some two year old thin skinned little baby here – MALE and not making any excuses for the pathetic and ungrateful people here.

          Grow up!

          • Andrew


            You could not have said it any better; not only do you act like a “child”, you do not belong among “grownups”. As for your insults, you have advertised on Nikon Rumors who you really are for the whole world to see – not that it really matters to you.

            • Jabs


              It was satire directed at you!

              Stop trying to act like you are anyone’s mother here as it does not work for me, as NOT a little child.

              You missed it by a mile too.

          • lolly

            Everybody’s got their opinion. If you have to defend your point-of-view then try to be cool and objective. There will be direct and indirect attacks on you, me and anyone else commenting on Nikon rumors. We have to be cool and respond appropriately and objectively.

            Do remember that the people who are commenting on Nikon rumors have varying sensitivities. I know that you’re already aware of this from your polite comments to others, as well as not so polite.

            Please be responsible with your free speech.


            • Jabs

              @ Both of you.

              When one tells people that they do not care what anyone buys, then they also usually don’t care what you think of them.

              Some people see this as a mere Rumors Web site and a great one too, but to now elevate this to something overtly important, especially in light of the ongoing human crises and Business problems going on now in Thailand and Japan, means that we see differently or have differing priorities and sensibilities.

              Last time I checked, I was NOT important and thus who cares what I say or my harshness or even directness here.

              People get what they give out often and thus don’t care.

              This is not my life nor the world to me.

              I also do not tell people here what to think but sometimes I offer a contrasting opinion, some real facts or just have some fun here – not that deep.

              You tell a person a thing and then it is up to them to correct themselves or NOT.

              Adulthood does not involve being politically correct always, but sometimes it means being candid and honest in your reaction or thrusts and not concerned with what others think.

              Maybe both of you see this as something special, while I see it as a place to interact and then people go weird on you here and you just leave them alone. The Administrator is who I addressed that to and NOT either of you, so leave it alone please as I was honestly stating HOW I feel.

              Now, if you want to fault me for being honest, then I also don’t care. If you want or recommend that I be more tactful, then perhaps IF the situation merits it to me.

              Male here and also don’t care.

    • Jonny Ray

      I like the sound of that. Looking forward to hearing more!

    • 🙂 Let’s hope this is what we’ve all been waiting for!

    • Actually this event may have to do something with the Nikon Film Festival and not a new product. Still investigating.

      • billy goat

        You mean “still Google-ing” right?

    • Nuken d7K

      they will publicly ask sorry and explain the delay. not giving any clues on new dates and whishing us all merry xmas and happy new year. in the meanwhile feel free to get the latest compact.

  • D700guy

    Gee, ya coulda knocked me down with a feather after I read this post

  • mark

    The D300s replacement The D700 replacement The D3s Are WAY overdue I am actually thinking of looking elsewhere at this point The d300 and 700 are far from state of the art at this point U are asleep at the wheel NIKON

    • silmasan

      I think my own art is far from state of the art at this point… dunno about you though

  • Benjo

    I won’t shower Nikon with grief about their products and releases, but the 5Dii’s combination of good video with an otherwise good generalist camera has sold many units that Nikon has missed out on.

    I advise certain institutions on equipment purchases (photo & video), and it’s pretty rare I advise Nikon despite preferring their system myself. Unless their budget is small or they need many cameras (ie students will be signing out equipment from the pool), the 5Dii is what they almost all buy. Usually with grips although I’m not sure why. Cover press events? Sure. High quality files for magazines? Sure. Fast enough for sports events? Sure. Video of events without investment in a video camera/lenses? Sure. Accepted as a real video device by film students etc? Sure.

    If their photogs/employees etc don’t care about full frame the D7000 or even D5100 models also work great, but if they employ full time photographers they all want full frame. Nikon’s better ISO and faster operation for sports advantages just don’t work in the face of “wait, canon costs the same or less and will take care of all my video needs with the same lenses?”

    Some institutions already have lenses or investments in video equipment, requiring compatibility, but those who did not already are now bought into Canon for quite a while, and spend they will.

    All Nikon needed was a slight update to the D700 with 1080 video and they’d be in fine shape to compete. I suppose Canon’s experience with video really helped them jump ahead on that account.

    • Christian

      ? Didn’t Nikon show hire gains then in the past years. (well before the disasters)

      The 5dmkii may it be a great camera. Doesn’t compare with a d700. I shoot the d700 and have my biases towards it. But I also use the 5dmkii when we shoot music videos.

      And if i’m going to a rugged out back, where it’s wet and mucky and icky and gross.. I bring the d700 hands down. I’ve put that thing through terror.. and it always comes out with a smile.

      That.. I can’t say the same for the 5dmkii

      Then again.. Two totally different beasts.

      And it brings up a point I had said when the 5dmkii and D700 came out.

      “it looks like Canon is moving towards the future of having amazing video dslr.. with average photo capabilities.. And Nikon moving towards the future of amazing still dslr.. with average video capabilities.”

    • paf

      And that sums up pretty much the entire Nikon/Canon situation. I think there is nothing more to add or to remove from your statement.

      Couldn’t agree with you more — I held off on purchasing the D700 thinking that a video update was just ahead….

  • Samuel

    honestly, i don’t belief in a 800-release before the new d4. why should they change something, that is since years the same? why should they release a 800 before the flagship??? who would buy then a new d4, if 5 months before the d800 came out?? just my humble opinion…

    • JED

      There is no ‘pattern’ for the release of the D800. The D700 was the first such camera and therefore the release cycle has no pattern.

  • david shepherd

    i read today that the factory in Thailand was the only factory nikon use for their aps-c sized dslr’s, might mean less of an impact for the D800 although a problem of that size is going to have a knock on effect I’d guess. Think I saw that on The Register but can’t be sure now.


  • Simon

    Nikon is finish. It will be sold to one of its rivals in the next 12 months.

    • Recent Convert

      Is that just your gut feeling, or can you actually substantiate it?

      • Christian

        I think he just finished watching the movie “Margin call” and fancies himself as John Tuld… ” I do one thing and one thing only.. I say when to sell and when to buy and i know when to do it and not to do it” something along those lines.

        By the way.. no harm and foul intended with my post. Just a little bit of canadian dry humour

    • Steve Starr


      Nikon will buy the old Olympus Camera Manufacturing facilities now that their CEO has plundered Olympus to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and their stock has crashed. Nikon might get it really cheap too, along with their workers.

      • Jabs

        LOL – Now buy a headache to add to your own headaches.

        Nikon has two broken legs – Sendai and now Thailand

        Olympus is now broken, not maybe as much – don’t know, but it seems like a problem child for sure.

        You propose to buy a problem to add to your own injuries.

        Two legs and now one broken arm to add to the mix – OK.

        Emotional decision killed the Company and then everyone is out of a job and Products too.

        Disaster on top of evolving disaster – no thanks!

        What does Olympus make that would benefit Nikon or did you not know about or perhaps forgot what happened to both Ford and GM when they went on their European buying ‘spree’ a while back?

        They both bought up most of the European Auto Manufacturers too.

        Know the results?

    • vinman

      Says a troll pube…

    • silmasan

      No, Nikon isn’t Finnish.

      • Christian

        lol Silmasan. Good read 😉

      • paf


        Me like it!

    • Hamuga

      Does Nikon even have a processing plant in Finland?

  • Ralph

    It would appear that Nikon is in desperate need of a disaster recovery plan.

  • billy goat

    I say with 100% probability there will be no D800 announcement today the 24th of October, 2011.

    This is too phukin’ easy!

    • Bip

      Help me out with English usage here…..

      we say 50% chance probable……….
      we say 75% chance probable……….
      we say 99% chance probable……….
      we say 99.9999999999999999999999999% chance probable…………

      When it’s 100%, it’s still “probable”?

      • lolly

        It’s already the 25th in Japan … hindsight is 100%

        • Psycho McCrazy

          45 minutes more and it will be 26th here in Japan! I don’t see no camera coming 🙁

      • Jabs


        100% = it has already occurred or is certain – as in maybe they saw it and know for sure that it is a product already released.

        Less than 100% means that they are maybe sure but not 100% positive of that, hence 99%, so that you cannot say you were sure when they ask you what happened – lol.

        English is weird or people learn how to give themselves a way out of rumors or guesses, even if they have great facts or information to back up what they say or post.

        Rumor = probability and thus less than 100%, as in 99.99%
        Fact = 100%

  • Dweeb

    And back in January I was going to predict there would be no new Nikons this year. That was before the Thailand floods.

  • Martijn

    good luck to all the thai people! we “rich” people can wait a little longer. if the d800 is your only worry, your life isn’t so bad.

  • Anon but not Canon

    Come baby come D800…

  • Meanwhile, I’m using Nikon’s current lineup of great DSLR cameras and lenses and not worrying too much about upcoming bodies. The D4 and D800 will happen soon, do not fret.

    • +1

    • Gary

      And while we’re all waiting for an announcement, ….

      Will those of you who talk of leaving Nikon please let us know what you want to achieve with your photography that you’re unable to with you current kit.

      Just wondering.

      • Iris Chrome

        Bragging rights 😉

        • Don’t get me wrong. I’m patiently awaiting the delivery of a D4! 🙂 I’m just trying to remain calm and stay focused on my projects, using the current gear I have access to. Nikon still makes the best glass, flashguns and bodies, even though some of it is due for an update. If we cannot make great images with the equipment Nikon currently makes, the problem is us – not Nikon.

          Be well! Much love!

          • Iris Chrome

            Agree with you there… I’m actually 110% content with my D7k here and don’t plan to upgrade anytime soon 😀

      • Jabs

        They probably don’t photograph or own anything.

        They might just want us all to leave Nikon in droves.

        • AnoNemo

          I am not sure about that. I can imagine that many would be happy if they had a little clue about what’s coming and they are willing to wait. Many people and companies are trying to plan/budget for next year. The lack of information does not allow that. I think that is why Canon introduced so early the 1DX

          • Jabs


            As a person who has been involved in new product roll-outs, most of the Manufacturers do just that. They inform their important customers and don’t tell the public much until launch day. Nikon’s NPS high end members, remember???

            To their important customers, they get a prior ‘heads up’ for purchasing decisions. Who do you think often tests upcoming Nikon gear and then gives Nikon professional feedback before launch?

            To their average customers and competitors, they tell little for strategic reasons.

            Maybe you are out of the loop, because you are not big enough or important enough.

            Clear enough!

            I see Canon as being desperate and afraid of Nikon’s new expanding prowess while you complain because you are left out of the loop. If you understood the significance of the Nikon 1 System, then you too would have done as Canon did – hence they are not stupid, as they reacted with reason and for a real purpose. Nikon scared them!

            A preemptive strike from Canon to not lose customers just like what Sony did with their A77 as both knew about the Nikon1 System.

            When you have a revolutionary product you usually shield it from the public and not overexpose it.

            Remember – under-promise and over-deliver = real Business sense.

            You expect Nikon to bare its’ soul to appease you and I say – get real and realize your own position relative to a huge Corporation.

            That’s why I am in Business and you obviously are a worker.

            We are on different sides of the fence and thus have differing perspectives.

            I am at the Trade Show while you are in the audience.

            Nothing wrong with Nikon’s approach except a little more Web site redo and some Television commercials or web exposure to bring them up to date. Telling us all what they are doing means that they are now also desperate.

            How many Nikon’s do you buy per month or per year – determines your importance.

            Not love, flirtation or romance, but cold hard Business data.

            Learn this – if Nikon tells you their plans in the Professional arena, then nobody will buy a D3X, a D3s or a D700 today, hence Canon basically killed their own camera lineup just like Sony did with their pre-announcements and teasers mainly because they have NOTHING of value currently per them. You are basically telling people – HEY, I have nothing much currently, so look to a future promise and don’t buy the current gear, as one that joins the two lines is coming in several months, thus killing themselves. The FF people panic and the DX people feel betrayed. Mk3 and 5D Mk2 = FF and MK4 = DX or there about.

            Sony killed their A900 and A850 FX sensor camera sales with promises from a DX sensor camera plus mirrorless cameras and then we wonder why they are catching flak – lol. The public goes – wow – new 24meg camera and then they discover worse performance compared to their older FX lineup, as they did not know that one is FX and the other DX, so now they are dead in the water. Great strategy then (ear to ear grin too)!

            Canon also did the same and then you now expect Nikon to do this – cubicle workers are dangerous indeed, so maybe you learn from Apple or others like them.

            • AnoNemo


              “That’s why I am in Business and you obviously are a worker.” You would be really surprised if you knew what I do for living (but not going to tell you) 🙂

              Using your analogy how come new cars are introduced way ahead of availability almost every year?

              Again let me use your analogy, if the “big ones” already know the details how come we do not have any leaks?

              Look, I think maybe only a handful of people know about the new Nikon product(s).

              Nikon FF people I think generally speaking are not panicking. I think at the FF level people have some idea what they want to buy. On the other hand, Nikon is way too slow when it comes to giving information. To sum up, what I was saying is that many people and company (who do not know the new stuff in advance) would like to plan/budget for next year. From that point of view, I think Canon did a great job of announcing their new flagship. Those who have Canon gear have the opportunity of avoiding guesses about the costs, features, and benefits the new Canon gear can provide (March 2012).

              It is a completely different story how revolutionary the Nikon 1 system. This will be tested by the market and we’ll see whether it will be successful or not.

            • Jabs


              First of all, thanks for your reply as it is better than us fussing at each other.
              I am in the Industrial Arena where prices for equipment and supplies often cost more than any camera on the market often, so hence different sensibilities perhaps. Sometimes, I work on equipment at times costing millions of dollars and thus if I mess up, I am toast or history. I work on exacting processes with little or no tolerance for errors, hence quiet and stern. Wrong and maybe dead is my routine often.

              Sorry if I also assume you are a worker, as you to me exude ‘worker mentality’. If you are the owner or such, then you need more Research then perhaps, as Engineering is my background and not Marketing .

              Let me see if I can answer your valid points from my understanding of course – lol.

              Automobiles are transportation objects while cameras are tools – no equality in analogy. Tools are a necessity while automobiles can be replaced by cabs-taxis, limousines or even trains and airplanes. A camera has no stand-in, basically.

              No leaks = NDA’s or Nikon now uses Computer based CRM systems (I posted a link a while back here about Nikon moving to Microsoft CRM) to announce its’ plans to those who NEED to know, hence many are now out of the loop from that. The disaster in Japan also cut many out of the loop as some died maybe and the now destroyed Factories/Suppliers are no longer leaks, as someone always sees a Product before being introduced as it is not made in a vacuum – lol.

              FF people are the Nikon loyalists and serious users mainly spending the big bucks and lead in portraying Nikon’s esteemed reputation. To cheapen it means that Nikon has betrayed them. Canon needs to learn that AGAIN!

              Nikon has basically split into two diverging groups with two diverging ways – to me that is. Engineering and Marketing!

              Nikon 1 = new consumer thrusts, new ads, new television thrusts and perhaps aping Apple and their acknowledged consumer thrust and name brand image, not to mention the billions of gear that they sell to enthused consumers.

              The Nikon 1 is already successful, as it now apes the way consumers actually use a camera. NOT necessarily how you or I might, but how they do.
              I am a long time slide shooter and technical shooter of equipment plus audio and video specialist, so not the target market obviously, but I also look with an open mind at the merits of thing and see this System as revolutionary in the scope of the original Nikon F, as to what it did to the rangefinder market versus then Leica. I see the Micro 4/3rds market as the reemergence of ‘Leica thought’ and Nikon countering with a real system just like the old F system, hence my thoughts.

              More open plans perhaps with the Nikon 1 and closed plans with the Pro DSLR’s, maybe.
              Also – why would I tip off the general public at the high end? Makes no sense except to people who love rumors like here.

              Tip your hand often and then bury yourself = being a foolish braggart who now gets outpointed by your very own competitor.

            • AnoNemo


              You have valid points here and looking from your engineering background they make sense. On the other hand, I think Nikon has a serious issue when it comes to communication and I think that is the root cause of their problems. Basically Nikon sees only one customer when it promotes their equipments and they are unable to understand that there is a big difference in expectation between those who buy the Nikon 1 and those who are waiting for the next FF.

              The other day broxibear posted a link to a new Nikon ad on youtube. In this add you had all Nikon cameras present. No wonder that people are pissed…

              Thom Hogan also made a valid point a while back that Nikon should separate the pro lines from the consumer products. That is because their needs are so different and require different service. Remember, you cannot serve everyone the same way and this is where Nikon is making the mistake.

              I still think that Nikon is simply blind and does not understand why Canon announced this new flagship. Personally, I think Canon’s move was smart because the target market now has the option to decide what to buy and/or wait till March 2012. At that level where you shell out thousands for cameras and lenses you want to plan ahead. I wish Nikon would understand that. 😉

            • Jabs

              Thanks again for the response.

              1. Nikon is and has always been an Engineering Company and never really a great consumer Company.
              2. To me, the Nikon 1 represents Nikon finally doing what they should have done years ago, but probably could not as not maybe large enough plus it takes time to change, hence 4 year development cycle for the Nikon1 System. You cannot go in two directions at once or you miss focus and kill yourself by trying to be two dissimilar things at once. Nikon gets it to me, but cannot do it = their current problem in a nut shell.
              3. We can back seat drive this all we want but in the consumer end which Canon excels at, you can pre-release all you want and do whatever you want, but it usually bites you in the back end eventually in the Pro ranks.

              I work with both low end (as in not as expensive stuff) and the high end (as in more critical and really more expensive) – and thus see both sides of that coin.
              In the lower end, I can tell people what to do and in the higher end they tell me what they want done and if I can meet those specs or requirements, as they already know what they need.

              Apply that to consumers and professionals!

              You are asking Nikon to commit suicide by doing what Canon did, while I am telling you that probably all of the people who count, already know of Nikon’s upcoming plans, even if not all the details. That is how it works behind the scenes usually.

              Canon has aging bodies much worse and older than Nikon’s, so Nikon has nothing to gain from tipping their hand to those who can’t buy 100 D4X’s at say $9,000 to $10,000 a pop!

              Canon has lost most of the major high spending Companies due to their real problems with their previous FF bodies and the 5DMK2 is a stop gap release to stem this hemorrhage from getting worse. The only thing helping Canon stay relevant is their acumen in video plus their video infrastructure already known about from their previous EOS lensed video cameras that are popular. They have now killed their own video system and have no new Pro bodies released for eons, compared to Nikon and thus panic.

              Nikon does need to increase their Communication with the consumers and public in general about the Nikon 1, but on the Pro DSLR’s, they already got that covered. Nikon had Pro Services and Pro branches all over the world before any other Manufacturer including Canon! Where are Sony’s?

              Even been to the old Nikon House in NYC? Ever been to the old Sony Center in Manhattan and then see all of their Equipment there including their ultra expensive Broadcast gear? Why did they both close these places? Did Canon ever have one in the midst of one of the most important Pro markets in the world?

              The Internet is probably the new Nikon House, maybe but if you look at Nikon’s web sites lately, they are finally getting up to speed while both Canon and Sony have been doing this for way longer.

      • G Davidson

        I’d kind of like a modern full frame camera with at least 18mp resolution for large prints and cropping and high quality 1080p video, all in one. Too much to ask? It’ll be a biggish investment for me, so I’d like something ticking all these boxes to use over the next 3-4 years. Something like a full-frame D7000.

        I suspect I’m not alone and Nikon is losing a lot of serious sales to the 5D MkII.

        • silmasan

          No that’s not too much to ask for in 2012, I suppose. Neither is a Nikon that is starting to get serious with digital filmmaking. “At the heart of the image”–no matter if it’s still or motion.

    • silmasan

      I will keep fretting (my guitar that is).

  • D700guy

    I have been thinking the same thing

  • ericnl

    @Harold Ellis:
    you are the second person on NR that I’ve heard saying something definite (as in: having seen it with his own eyes), about a dual update: a D800 and a D700s.

    we’ve already seen the rumoured specs for the D800, care to give us some hints about the D700s? mp, iso, fps, video?

  • another voice

    Bye Bye Nikon Thailand 😉

    So it’s time for selecting the place where Nikon will build a new factory producing DX SLR and lenses, and other low-cost range.

    So, for the year as someone turns down your own D800 already see the inscription Made in Japan, China, Europe, USA?

    Besides, it will surely come out for good, because Nikon will have to come down from the pedestal and offer more competitive prices because Canon will benefit from the situation. Nikon has no choice but to cut prices or lose market share, so I do not know which is worse for them.

  • Is it possible that we are chasing a ghost?? Maybe Nikon does not intend to release any D700 replacement. A D7000 for prosumer audience and then a D4 for the pros when it does come out.

    • They need a lower priced FF shooter, and the 4-year old D700 isn’t going to cut it when faced with competition from Canon.

      • Christian

        i bet you a new d700 that it would compete with the up and coming competition from canon..

        If Nikon decided you know.. d700 great camera.. Let’s give it some minor tweaks. nothing exciting. .. but to really rip the socks off people.. Let’s drop it’s price. And provide it for 1200 bucks.

        Now.. you tell me.. A photograper who doesn’t care about video nor about 24mp+
        will they go with a new 3000$ plus canon camera that does everything.

        Or will they go with that beast of a ff camera like the d700 that only costs 1200$ hmm let me not think on that and jump on the 700 right away before they sell out.

        • If Nikon offered a FF for $1200 then no question it would sell like crazy. I would buy one in a second. There is no chance of that happening because who would buy a D7000 when you can get this updated D700 for the same price?

          And you say “a photographer who doesn’t care about video or 24mp+”, unfortunately a lot do. People strictly into photography may not care, but that is a small slice of the market. A lot of the people who buy these cameras want the latest and greatest, they have more money than brains so they want 24mp, video, in-camera HDR, upload to facebook, etc.

          The D700 is an awesome camera but it needs an update to compete in today’s market.

  • henry

    This dead horse has been beaten with a stick one too many times.
    Let’s hear about something else until D800 actually shows up.

  • yo

    good because nobody wants a 36MP camera.

    • Gordon

      Speak for yourself! I would embrace a 36MP body with open arms, see how many other landscape, architecture and studio photographers would do like wise. Not every photography style benefits from high ISO/low MP cameras. Some of us actually want to shoot at ISO 50.

      • Christian

        I stitch most of my digital landscapes.. So….

        And iso 50 is cool.. But I’d rather have a higher dynamic range in digital cameras…

        Ense why for landscape I still use medium format film most of the time…

  • Richard

    Well, I have been waiting for this announcement for ages, as I am getting back into photography after many years and am looking to purchase new equipment. I was always a Nikon user, but this would be the last straw. I think that instead, I will buy a 7d (you can now buy one for about $1300) with quality glass with the view of upgrading to a canon FF when one is released.

    Nikon may deliver quality product, but they certainly are not picking up extra customers like myself. Just so sick of waiting. I am waiting to the 27th and then after that, I will commit to canon for the glass.

    Pity though, but I do not want to hold off anymore.

    • ericnl

      maybe you should get a D7000 instead of the 7D, so you can buy glass for both that one and the D800?
      seems a bit more logical to me.
      or wait a little bit more, or even, if you don’t need video, get a D90 🙂

    • Iris Chrome


      You do realize that D800 would be full frame and 7D is DX or crop? And if you’re going for 7D then not sure what it can offer that D7k or D300s can’t offer.

      • Richard

        @ Iris OK, that is a different Richard.

        This Richard has a D7k. It is not “perfect” because the buffer is smaller than I would like and it does not natively support the number of frames that the D300S does for auto-bracketing HDR, but there are work arounds for that. I do believe that the D7k is probably a better body on balance, unless used primarily for sports/action photography because of the sensor which I believe is better than the D300S’s.

        While the images I have seen from the Canon 7D are not bad I don’t think the compare well with those of the Nikon D7k as the ISO increases. I definitely do not see the Canon 7D as a compelling reason to move to that platform unless there are some specific lenses one simply feels are essential…the 17mm T/S, for example, is good on a crop body.

        @the other Richard

        Why don’t you get an SD card (I recommend the Sandisk 45 MB/s cards as they help clear the D7k buffer quickly) and go shoot some images at the store and see how you actually like the D7k vs. the 7D (1.5 vs. 1.6 crop factor) and then see what the images look like in Lightroom and/or Photoshop. Do some at base ISO and some at ISO 3,200 and above.

        Even when you get around to a FX body at some point in the future there are still some advantages to keeping a crop body in your kit, mostly when it comes to telephotos. A 70 – 200 f2.8 VR II becomes a 105 – 300 and with a 1.4x teleconverter becomes a 420 mm f 4. It is not the equal of the 300 mm f2.8 (which is simply remarkable), but it is pretty darn good.

        You can select FX lenses that will serve you well later although you will probably want a DX lens at the wide end.

        In any event, have fun. Digital capture really is game changing even though I have not completely given up on film.


        • leafster

          +1 for the DX crop advantage in using FX long lens. I still use 70-200 vrii with 2x teleconverter on my D90. It does have its cons but is manageable.

        • Richard

          Gr8 reply, and very helpful. Thank you!!!

  • Worminator

    Although Nikon are keeping it out of the public eye, things must be absolutely crazy inside the Japanese offices right now. Production being moved out of tsunami-stricken Sendai, getting the Chinese-made Nikon 1 system out to retailers, and now dealing with the whole Thailand operation going offline. Even if the D800 is done, final spec, and under production, there is no way Nikon people have time to coordinate a major release right now.

    Canon announcement, “leak” of full D800 specs, and on-again, off-again Oct 26 announcement all point to a planned release and emergency delay.

    Chances are good we’ll see the announcement by the end of November. Though with the specs known, all we are waiting for is the product photo and confirmation of the retail pricing…

    • Don’t know. We’ve been here many times and its getting tiring.

  • Been there guy

    I have never seen so much anger and disappointment on this site.

    As far as I am concerned, these should all been re-directed to NikonUSA, they would know what we are thinking.

    • PeterO

      Hi Been there guy,

      You can redirect all you want to Nikon USA (Canada for me). It won’t matter a bit. They have no say what so ever, but only sit, hope and pray that Nikon Japan will throw them a bone, like us NR groupies. Yes, the tsunami and floods are terrible, once in a lifetime events, but even those will not change the mindset of the Japanese way of doing business. Lucky for them, they have a new product that they can flog on us. Those of us who are not interested in the 1 system AND who are in need of upgrading feel completely neglected by the company that we have put our trust/money into. Nikon Japan doesn’t care. They know they have most of us by the short and curlies and we’ll just have to wait. I don’t know much about corporate strategy, but it seems pretty short sighted to put all their DX stuff in the same basket. Same for the FX.

      • Come on guys. Give Nikon a break.

        After the tsunami and the nuclear meltdown that affected some of Nikon’s Japanese investments, they are reeling under floods in Thailand. Any one of these events would have taken any company down.

        We still have seen the J1 and the V1 and some new DSLRs and lenses being launched and being available on the shelves.

        Let us stop cribbing and stop Nikon-bashing and wait a bit longer for the ‘long awaited” upgrades that we all seem to be waiting for. One does not hope for a D800 announcement now and availability by June 2012 in the lines of Canon !

        • PeterO

          “Give Nikon a break.”
          Why? This is a business that operates to earn a profit for its shareholders. I think we all feel sorry for the people whose lives have been so dramatically altered by theses natural disasters, but that’s not the point here. It’s about Nikon’s business decisions, one of which is not to divulge anything that might give its customers an inkling of what is to come, so that they can plan their future business.
          There are two ways of doing this, either you control the spread of rumors (check out the Sony Rumors site) and keep your adherents hanging and waiting for the rumored products (2012 will have 3 FF Sonys) or do it Nikons way and keep your mouth totally shut. What are the results? Well, I don’t see much anger and vitriol over at the Sony site, but there sure is a lot of it over here at NR. Instead, the gearheads over at Sony are having a field day speculating about what will be coming in 2012 – in a positive way. Here at NR, we’re down to speculating about speculation and posters are getting mad at each other.
          Can you imagine the excitement at this site if Nikon sent out a little trinket like: D700 upgrade coming in the next few months that’ll knock your socks off. D400 and D4 to follow in time for the Olympics. They wouldn’t be giving away any secrets or details but it would sure make for a more positive approach from its customers.
          Oh, sorry. I was dreaming for a moment…..

    • @Been there guy – good to see you back 🙂

  • Ooops

    The anticipation is all a bit tiring now so I think I’ll take a break for a bit too, no point in shooting the messenger NR do well with what they can and my camera’s still work for the moment. As a cheer up though I did have to order the new gopro 2 to pass the time whilst waiting, great spec for less than a basic DX lens…..

  • Bubba

    In the last week I’ve seen the Ashton Kootie V1 Huge commercial 27 times.
    I think I understand what’s important and what isn’t.

  • Pity u guys who believe the so called D800 will have a 36mp sensor. Wake up! Its the D4 that will going to be release…Don’t believe me? just wait for the announcement…

    • Anon but not Canon


      D4 will be announced after D800, maybe next year.

  • Scoobysmak

    Well recently trying to catch a bald eagle I would appreciate the 36MP so you can still crop a good amount and still have a decent sized print if you wanted to. I have a DX camera for the crop factor but if I had 36MP the crop factor wouldn’t matter and I could carry less gear in the field. On some of my other adventures I wouldn’t have to carry more than one camera, the space and weight make a difference.

    I understand people that do not want 36MP but to say I am switching because Nikon has no clue what users want well…I would say Nikon just is not making what “you” want. If you fit that catagory, move to a location that has plenty of cheese around so you can enjoy all the whinning you do.

    I could see this being a D4 Vs the D800, for the same reason the D700 was released after the D3. How many people would have purchased a D3 if the D700 existed? If it is a D4 I could see the D4s and D4x getting the same release date. Obviously camera makers can only make so many people happy at one time. I really hope a D800 is released because all I can think is….the D4 will have to change the game completely. I just hope it doesn’t make all the glass I have aquired pretty much paper weights because it wouldn’t be able to show what the camera can really do.

    The natural disasters that have occured this year is like getting a beating then turn around and get kicked when your down. Would I like to see the press release for the D800 of course, but if some of the same people are making efforts to get Nikon producing equipment again Vs doing a press release. My choice is get Nikon rolling again, the press release will be just as welcome at a later date.

    I would say if all Nikons products have been damaged and inventory will have to be remade AND the people doing a press release wouldn’t be involved in getting Nikon back on its feet. Then if I were in charge (yeah you can stop laughing now, lol) I would go ahead with the press release so people knew we were working on this but give me a min to put humpty dumpty back together again. If these assumptions are not correct I agree with more of the business aproach, don’t show your hand until your ready.

    Of course as always, thanks admin for the rumors. My crystal ball broke years ago, I figure it was a global incident so I doubt anyone else has a crystal ball still working.

  • Meow Meow

    I am so glad that I waited for a D800 instead of buying a D700. The D800 is coming… isn’t it? I can’t take good pictures until I have the newest equipment… *crossing fingers*

    • Yhannoby

      Its not about the camera, its about skills. Its good to have a new camera due tech specs of it but if you don’t have good skills on taking pictures, pretty much its useless to have a new one.

      • Quietly_Possible

        It’s called sarcasm.

  • R R

    Man Im sick of all this waiting..

  • Yhannoby

    It is so frustrating that Nikon won’t even give any hint or a leak pertaining the release of the D800. Arghhhh!!!!!

  • Deepc

    Looks like Nikon is paying you for fooling us for a long time :). And you really were successful on fooling me at least ;).

  • G V

    I hope the flooding in Thailand subsides soon, those poor people going through such a tragedy. I think the camera announcements are not the priority at this moment. If you can’t wait, go out and buy the best Canon camera you can buy, and add some lenses too.

    In 6 months, you will be returning it all for half it’s value when the new Nikon’s are announced. That’s what happened to those who couldn’t wait until the the D3, d D700 and D300 series cameras where finally released. The best things are always worth waiting for.

    Personally, I switched to the Leica digital M series and haven’t looked back


    • Jabs

      LOL – I understand your points, but your esteemed solution does not allow you to look back, as you are at the back of the pack in IQ, so you have to look forward to see anything newly released basically.

      M8 and M9 = worse cameras than a cheap D5100 or D7000.

      Better built but generations behind in real performance, hence you are back there by yourself and most have moved past you!

  • hypo crite

    ^^of course, you looked back*. you’re doing it right now… posting on the nikon rumors site!

    *though i doubt you actually own an M8/M9.

  • Hochzeitsfotograf

    Damn. I need the D800!

    • Jimmy

      If you really need a new camera (I guess you are a wedding photographer and earn your living with photography) the D700 is still available on the market. Otherwise, try to get a second hand D3s. If you need a cam, you need a cam and you just have to settle with what’s available.

      I wanted a new camera (upgrade from a D80 for concert photography) and had a budget for a D700 last january (brand new, 1699,- EUR in NL). I Was in doubt if I should wait for a D800. Didn’t regret I went for the D700 and with a D80 I wouldn’t have made the concert pics I was able to make with the D700. I would have missed those moments if I would have been waiting for, what is it, 3/4 of a year now…

      • silmasan

        wow 1699 EUR for a brand new D700 is a bargain, now or then. Is that the norm in NL?

        Anyway, even if D800 did came out this year there’s no warranty that the new Sony sensor will perform as good as Nikon’s sensor in D3/D700 in high ISO. Chances are D700 will still be a better camera for shooting available light than D800.

        • Jimmy

          That was in January. Nowadays it’s around 1900 Eur.

  • Been there guy

    A lot of you there are giving excuses to Nikon for charging $4,000 on the phantom D800.

    Actually, Nikon has no reason to raise the price other than greedy.

    The lost in Japan and now in Thailand is and will be covered by business insurances. No business would operate without insurance.

    If anyone works in the finance field, you should know that the corporation has to convert the profit, they made in foreign market during the fiscal year, back into the home country’s currency using the spot exchange rate. This is the basic financial report requirement.

    On paper, the unfavorable exchange rate actually helps the corporation by lowering their corporate tax because they made less money.

    In reality, no corporation would actually convert the profit back to home country currency. If the exchange rate is unfavorable, they simply deposit the money in other currency in different country. Thus, they don’t loss a penny. This is corporate financial management basics.

    In operation, for example, they need to purchase some sensors from Sony for Thailand production, they just negotiate a deal with Sony by paying Sony using the money they parked in the US banks. Sony can use the US money to fund their operation in US as well. So, there is no exchange rate problem here at all.

    So, why is Nikon raising prices?

    • silmasan

      Actually, Nikon haven’t charged anyone $4000 for the phantom D800, have they? No delivery, no charge…

      • Iris Chrome

        @Been there guy

        AFAIK, the price was on the list of unconfirmed “specs” and it was in yen (¥300,000) not dollars. The $4000 price point speculation comes from directly converting that unconfirmed yen price into US currency which is about $3900 and some change.

        Whether Nikon decides to price the D800 at ¥300,000 is still not known and even if they do we can’t be certain that the US price would be a direct rate conversion. From my understanding, Nikons usually have a higher price in Japan than in the US. If you have the initial Japanese launch price for the D700 then we can draw a somewhat coarse comparison.

        What I think will happen though is that the US price will be higher than what the D700 was launched at but probably not as high as $4000. I said this before and I don’t like it but I think the next round of Nikon updates will all see price increases.

    • Barf Simpson

      Clearly you’re not from a finance background or you wouldn’t utter such nonsense. Companies report earnings in their local currency. This is the standard by which companies are judged. A weak dollar is great for U.S. multinationals because when they report earnings to investors, they’ve pulled in more revenue in dollars. They are required by U.S. generally accepted accounting practices to convert their foreign earnings to dollars which boosts their bottom line.

      Likewise, take a look at UBS. They’ve been hammered the last few quarters not only because of the European debt crisis but because the Swiss franc has been incredibly strong. So strong that that the Swiss National Bank had to intervene in the currency markets to effectively devalue the Swiss franc as its exporters (like Swatch) were being hurt by the strong franc.

      A lower tax burden because of a strong local currency is not nearly as important as strong bottom line earnings. THAT is what boosts a corporation’s share prices. So yes, the strong Yen hurts Nikon (and Canon and Sony) and justifies price adjustments because ultimately it’s all about the bottom line.

      • Been there guy

        Which college text book have you been reading?!

        Your reasoning is all about on the book. Yes, on the book, they show less profit (I stress, less profit only because of currency exchange rate).

        If Nikon made 100 million profit last fiscal year from U.S. market. Because of unfavorable spot exchange rate, they would not move the money back to Japan, they just let the profit sit in the US banks. What kind of loss does Nikon suffer? –NONE, because they have not exchange the money yet.

        Whatever the exchange rate was at the time, it only has to do with financial report. In reality, Nikon still got 100 million in the bank, not a penny less.

        Now, go back to read Charpter 3 in your book before you utter anything else!

        • Barf Simpson

          You are so dense it’s hilarious. I’ve been in the corporate finance industry for ten years. You, one the other hand have been watching CNBC for 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter if they don’t move the currency back to Japan, for the purposes of accounting they have to translate those earnings into their home currency you dimwit. This results in an accounting gain or loss. It doesn’t matter if you leave your foreign currency earnings in a foreign jurisdiction, International Financial Reporting Standards and U.S. GAAP require a translation of those earnings into your domestic currency. It may be a paper gain or loss, but the fact of the matter is, that’s what accounting standard require and that is what investors look at when evaluating earnings. Please STFU before you embarass yourself further.

  • Gordon

    I think it’s in Nikon’s best interests now to follow Canon’s lead and make an announcement, even if physical availability is still months away. We’ve had no announcements in the pro/pro-am line of cameras for donkeys years (Dec 09) and Nikon need to assure their customers that something is on the horizon.

  • steve

    Rubbish – just more speculation to cover up your previous hyped ‘leaks’.

    Pro-grade Nikons are manufactured in Japan and would not be affected by Thailand floods.

  • fiatlux

    I was last week in one of the main brick & mortar photo stores close to where I live. A Nikon specialists running a pretty popular online store too.

    The owner was on the phone when I arrived and he was telling his correspondant that they had been invited to a press conference on the 26th (in Paris) but that it had been cancelled. He was pretty pessimistic about the coming months 🙁

  • Actually

    Has anyone ask SIRI “when will Nikon d800 come out?” 🙂

  • i have the money saved now i have to wait again for a ff

  • Jimmy
  • Jimmy

    Engadget has a hands on video on the Canon 1D-X

  • Danny Bautista

    It seems that it will an expensive Nikon D800……YEN75 = US$1

  • gomzi

    Will be delayed again?

    I am getting is struggling.

    I think I’ll die waiting for the D800.

  • gomzi

    D4 is announced that D800 is a delay.

    Ha ha ha ha ha …

    Is absurd.

  • Any idea what happened to the ‘event’ in Morocco? That was scheduled for 24th-26th? Or was it just a local event to show current products to the masses of North Africa?

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