The state of the Nikon D800

Since there were no significant leaks up till now, I would say that the Nikon D800 will not be announced this week. Pretty much all the information I have been receiving in the past few days says the same thing - the D800 announcement is postponed (including digicame-inf0 who first mentioned the October 26th announcement date). If something changes in the next two days, you will be the first to know.

I just want to remind you that I never received any reliable information (see also this post) for the October 26th release, except maybe the rumored product presentation in Marrakech. If you have read my previous comments here on [NR], my estimation was always "announcement in 30-60 days". We will never know if there was really a Nikon D800 event scheduled for the 26th and then postponed because of the flood in Thailand.

I still believe that the Nikon D800 and the specs described before are real. I do not have any other updates for now.

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  • rhlpetrus

    Too bad …

    • yes it looks sad.
      even “the noob” said the delivery is postponed

    • Acutia

      The D800 specs are too good to be true.

      Get it?

      • Kon_head

        …….Get it?

        Silly you..
        No, you can’t ‘get it’, it is not even announced yet 🙂 🙂

        • Obtusa

          You don’t get it!

      • nikonlover

        which of the rumored specs are too good to be true in particular?

        • Sub-Rumour

          Probably the one where the sensor MPs exceeds what has yet been mass-produced

          • I hear you. If people think that a camera with more megapixels than the last will ever be released, they’ve got their head in the clouds. Sheesh. 😉

    • jo1


      that’s why I switched three years ago – no bashing simply a grown up decision

      • I shoot Nikon

        Yet you are still here…

        Regret much?

        • jo1

          simply to see how long it takes – some friends still use Nikon gear and hope and listen and trust rumor that never seem to come true – I still have great sympathy for the quality and usability – yet it’s not the same resolution level I am using now.

          • willie

            Obviously not the same resolution.
            Must be at least 3mp lower.

            Oh that’s right – you don’t use the D3x do you?

            If it is respect for the quality and usability, you would be using that camera, not the one you are currently using.

            You come here because some of your friends still use nikon?

            Good grief.

            Go get a life, go outside and use that marvellous camera you so obviously love. Same goes with any fanboy of any brand – stop crapping on and use the bloody thing.

            • silmasan

              take it easy… maybe he switched to one of those 80MP MFDBs 🙂

  • Gus

    C´mon, don´t play whit my dreams!

  • The invisible man

    Thank you for the update.

    • Levi H

      Yes, thanks for the update admin. My wife won’t talk to me about the D800 or Nikon anymore! You people are all I have!

      • Jason

        Same, plus like 4 friends, they “shhhhh” me as soon as the word Nikon or D800 comes out of my lips 🙁

      • You two are hilarious 🙂

  • Ole

    Bummer. Was looking forward to the announcement, but please keep us updated. I will still check this website several times every day…we may be lucky on Wednesday…

  • Greg


  • Lamesauce

    Lame. Sauce.

  • Too bad.

  • Viktor

    mother nature is playing very unfair game with my nerves…. :/

    • Iris Chrome

      Consider the game it’s playing with the people of Thailand then…

      • mark

        blahhh blahhh blahhh every time there is a disaster and we report about the shortage of goods somebody chimes in like this. You might as well be the lady screaming “won’t somebody think of the children!”

        Yes our hearts go out to those affected but honestly waiting for an announcement from Nikon is not about disaster relief.

        • Iris Chrome

          @mark not really but some decorum might be in order. This is an international website on the world wide web with audiences from countries all over. Would it kill you and others to show some sensitivity?

          • Andrew

            Iris, you really did not get what mark was talking about. You are moralizing about people not showing sensitivity and yet you are taking everything out of context. You are reading too much into a one line statement…

            • Iris Chrome


              My initial reply was a one line response to a one line comment.

              Maybe I did not get what mark was talking about and if so I still don’t get it (and I’ll just leave it at that lest I want to get accused of being Mother Teresa).

            • tifkat

              What’s wrong with Mother Teresa? Why wouldn’t you want to be accused of being like her? Just being facetious. 😀

        • Some guy


          We all feel bad for countries where natural disasters happen, however that is a seperate issue from Nikon’s corperate responsability not to be overly dependant on one facility in one location for production. They have again dropped the ball for having a ‘backup plan’ for production. Not havnig a production contingency plan is irresponsible on a global level.

          • Richmonster

            I think Thailand was the back up plan!

          • Iris Chrome

            @Some guy

            The issue here isn’t Nikon or their production plans. My initial comment was in response to Viktor who said that “mother nature” was playing an unfair “game” with him. Now whether Viktor meant it or it was simply a bad choice of words is not clear but I’m sure that you and every sensible person here would agree that natural disasters are no game and specially to those affected.

            • Mark

              I don’t go to Nikon Rumors to talk about disasters around the world, I read the NY Times for that.

              Stop being Mr. Sensitivity Police, if you really cared you’d stop complaining about people who are eagerly awaiting cameras and make some Red Cross donations.

            • It does not hurt anything to mention or remind people of the greater context of the effect these unfortunate situations are having on the people involved, by that in Thailand or elsewhere. The Admin doesn’t just post these updates about flooding for a dry, impersonal recitation of facts. He cares about the people being affected, quite clearly.

              It does hurt things to be dismissive of such topics just because someone wants a new camera. And when comments go too far in a negative direction Admin starts deleting posts, which is appropriate to do.

              As a practical matter if the people in Thailand or elsewhere have facilities destroyed then there are no new cameras either. It’s worth keeping that in mind as well. Both aspects are important and worth discussing.

            • Iris Chrome

              @Mark (2nd one… not sure if you’re the same as the first mark)

              Godspeed and hope your D800 will be all you want it to be.

          • Drunkcaballo

            Wont someone think of the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            (and my D800)

            • I shoot Nikon

              @Iris Chrome

              This is a consumer electronics blog and this is what we talk about here. If you don’t like it- gtfo. We don’t care for your holier-than-thou attitude and constant finger-pointing at our insensitivity. What the hell are you doing here in the first place??? Instead of wasting your valuable time on this site, you could be spending it productively: praying for the flood’s victims as well as thinking of the children…

            • Iris Chrome

              @I shoot Nikon

              No one here is “holier than thou” and certainly not me. If that’s what you feel then it’s on you not me. There is also no need for profanity here. It is so easy for me to reply in kind and drag this conversation down.

              By your same logic, I could ask you to leave and not comment if you don’t like what I said. But, last time I checked, I live a free man in a free country and reading/writing comments in an open forum. I assume the same of you too.

              “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

            • I shoot Nikon

              @Iris Chrome

              Of course you are not going to use profanity or tell me to leave as I told you, because you are better than me and better than most people here. You are more sensitive, caring and loving. You are our conscience and our benevolent guide, who will patiently show us how to be better in ways we have yet to comprehend. You will gently lead by example, while those who fall out of line will not be punished, but awarded with your undivided attention and taken under your wing, until their hearts have warmed up enough to melt away their chains of pain, hatred and despair.

              As I said earlier: gtfo.

            • Iris Chrome

              @I shoot Nikon

              Unresolved childhood issues much? Glad to know you can express your feelings in so many original ways. You do make me laugh though… 😀

            • Tetrasol

              @I shoot Nikon

              Not going to lie, but this is some of the funniest off-the-cuff prose I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a comments section for a while. All rounded off nicely with a dollop of “gtfo”.

      • AnoNemo

        One can argue about the corruption and bad flood planning and management in Thailand that will cause without any doubt that many of these companies will Thailand forever.

        • AnoNemo

          I meant many of these companies will not wait months to see what they can salvage but they will leave Thailand and build their factories somewhere else.

      • Andrew


        I have watched/read your measured response to all of the feedback, and I must say I am impressed by how you have responded with dignity. I can see from your response that you sincerely care about the victims in Thailand. I love the gentleness you have displayed; maybe you have something to teach after all – “character”. Thanks.

        • Iris Chrome


          These are very kind words, thank you very much. It wasn’t my attempt to teach anything here though. It’s just that I’ve been through a few disasters (natural and manmade) in my short lifetime. And while nothing like the floods in Thailand or the tsunami in Japan, I know the kind of cumulative effects they can have. I apologize if I came off as too preachy though.

    • twoomy

      While the “selfish consumer who can’t wait” vs. the “concerned humanitarian” argument always comes up, yes, while sensitivity is in order, also consider that Nikon and its Thai employees are also in dire need to get their operations running again. So after you feel bad for the immediate survival of the population, you then have to worry about their economic survival in the long term.

      What would help Nikon and the Thai economy survive? Making cameras and selling them to us greedy selfish consumers. So the sooner they recover, the sooner everybody is happy.

      • AnoNemo


        I agree with you. On the other hand it turns out there are absolutely no proper plans in place to facilitate that.

      • Ren Kockwell


  • Maddog

    Bummer…Nikon certainly has had it’s share of bad luck lately…

  • More time to update my technique using my D300S. Last year I won an award on an image shot on my D70. It’s not always about the gear but new gear does provide more features to leverage (with the right technique) to get better shots.

    Sometimes, we can actually get improved results in post processing!

    • zen-tao

      I can’t realize who gave NR that Nikon D800 hot tip. It happen to be a bluff. ·6 mpx are a lot of pixel much more than a DSLR camera, even a F Frame, can stand. Nikon has suffered a couple of disasters (sendai and now Thailand) But they have more factories and capabilities to overcome them as well. Regardless all those misfortunes they could make an annuncement of any new camera model they are plannig to deliver. Competence is close and It’s no time to remain quiet. unless the rumor were that, a simple and irresponsible rumor.
      Rumor are cheap. I have one: taking advantage of Thailand flooding Nikon is going to reedit the Nikonos cámera with a lot of digital features… It’s no funny, but It’s another rumor…. were there’s smoke there is a smoker no more.

  • Not be announced? I’m pretty sure you said 99% sure it would be…

    But seriously, it seemed a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? A camera with 50% more pixels than the flagship, much higher ISO, just as much speed, all in a body for a third the price. It would kill all sales of the D3s, D3x, D300s, D700.

    What we WILL see announced next is a D3Xs, followed by a D4 next year, then the D400 and the D800 sometime after that…

  • IQ

    This has always been a hoax and here it shows.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Yeah, and the flood is a massive hoax as well. They’re all partying and celebrating how dumb we all are for believing it.

      • IQ

        This has nothing to do with a flood in Thailand.

        This camera has never been there and until then its non existant.
        Yes I do think this is a hoax. Those specs are too good to be true.

        • I also think that the D800 is produced in Japan, but maybe a major part for it is made in Thailand. Or maybe it’s the Sony sensor? Sony’s factories are also under water.

          • Dean

            Since we are talking about an announcement and not a release, couldn’t they simply push out the release date and keep the announcement on schedule? It seems like Canon does not have an issue with such an advanced announcement. I’m guessing damage assessments have been made and internal forecasts issued so they should have some idea of how the floods have impacted a D800 release.

          • andhika

            Admin, I don’t think Sony would produce their sensors in Thailand would they? Or was there any sign of the Thailand plant producing CMOS sensors?

    • not hoax. I have seen pics from the camera.
      i am as angry as you are but admin did a good job.” The noob” believed to be only one to know and one week later NR posted info.
      I love him and want to have admin’ babies. Except that i am male so he would have tough job

      • John Webster

        Sure I have seen pictures of Bin Laden, there were taken with a pre release model of the D800 too….

      • You’ve seen pictures form the camera? I assume you cannot share them with us?

        • aside from the copyright issue and such, yes i cannot. But D800 and D700s is real.

          • silmasan

            Hmm. Am I mistaken to assume that D700s would not be released before D4, because it has D3s technology?

          • lolly

            I don’t mind if it’s not real because I’m not waiting for D700s/D800 but I hope they’re real for your sake … the people on Nikon rumors can be quite … verbose 😉

  • Daf

    Damn. 🙁

    Any idea if the 800 would have had CF or SD slots ?
    Thinking of getting a big huge CF card for covering a wedding abroad in Nov, but would be wasteful if it moves to SD cards.

    • Bokma

      Also included in the D800 was and a TV screen, a washdryer, cellular phone and a pocket sized polaroid printer…..

      Sigh… D800 was too good to be true anyway.

    • Adam

      Probably 1 CF and 1SD if it’s dual slot

    • I think it will have both CF and SD card slots.

      • Anyone know how the SD and CF slots would work? I’m assuming they wouldn’t work together like on some other cams with two slots. For example, you can set up a cam with dual slots to write to both at the same time for higher data safety. I’m assuming that wouldn’t work well with different formats because of write speed differences.

        Is the goal here to just give people the option to use one or another? Seems to be an odd choice.

        • like in D300s DOH’

          even D700 have same CF port, except the SD card is blended

          • Huh?

            • D300s have both cards. So have D700s. D800 i dont know, i hope two CFs.
              if you look at new D700 (purchased in last 5 monhts or so) you will see it have also SD card slot, but blended. It uses same plastic piece as D300s

          • silmasan

            hmm, yes, look’s like there’s a smaller slot that is covered with a door that is screwed. Is that what you mean?

      • Bokma

        Will it still come with the plasma TV, washdryer and built in polaroid printer?

      • BartyL

        Be nice to see it with CF type II. That way, those of us who don’t need super-fast write speeds can use dual SD cards, one in an adapter.

  • matty b

    So what’s coming this week, NX3?

    • Ric


      Come to papa

  • suissenikon

    Here’s an idea, Nikon move your plants OUT of south east asia and Japan, how stupid are you? Plenty of tame weather in many parts of the US and Europe with good infrastructure and skilled workers, the higher cost of doing business there would be out-weighed by avoiding the disastrous factory issues you’ve been having, wake up.

    • And there are no natural disasters in the States, right?

      How stupid are you?

    • twoomy

      Yes, U.S. is much much safer than any other part of the country. Only hurricanes in the south east (and up the east coast), tornadoes in the bread basket, earthquakes on the west coast, and floods and record rains in the midwest, and record droughts in Texas. Oh and through in an earthquake in D.C. and a hurricane that devastated upstate New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Yes, no weather ever happens in the U.S.

      • Anonymous

        Wildfires. You forgot to mention those. And the flooding in the Mississippi Valley. And there is always the danger that the republicans will gain control of the three branches of government, outlaw science, do away with all those pesky ‘regulatoons’ that the civilized world recognizes as laws, creating massive bubbles and then, and then the total collapse of the financial systems (again). It’s not just mother nature you have to worry about!

        • Anonymous

          Oh, no, I trolled! Oops! Sorry! Retract that last statement!

          • BartyL

            Well, you only said what most of the rest of the world thinks.

  • John Deer

    What we will see beginning next year is a D4 that is close to the just announced Canon 1Dx

  • AnoNemo

    The only thing I say that Nikon is no different than Olympus. Same type of people. No wonder that there is no need to release a new FX camera. They (Sony, Nikon, and Canon) split the market and decided not to release anything before March 2012.

    So, Nikon does not give a shit about those who actually want to plan their next year expenses/investments in new equipment.

    NR Admin, one thing for sure nothing new will come from Thailand. That’s the factory that literally has leaks. 🙂

  • jasio

    I do not care any more I am buying new canon 1Dx ‘cos nikon si slow and miles behind canon with technology.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Illiterate troll. You sound like a Harry Potter character.

      • jasio


        • Mock Kenwell

          Yeah I did. Go ask mommy if you can stay up late.

    • Greg

      OK, bye…………………….. are you still here?

  • AnoNemo

    Ok, let’s get back to square one. Let’s wait another month as usual when it comes to Nikon. 🙂

  • Jonny Ray

    Admin, thanks for the update.

    Not sure why people are taking the “it doesn’t exist” approach now, unless that’s just a defense mechanism. The admin clearly states that he has strong information to back up the fact that the specs and camera are real, and that an upcoming announcement is likely. The time frame was never solid, and due to unforeseen circumstances appears to be getting pushed back. Does that mean that Nikon will throw the camera out the window and start over? That would make zero sense from a business perspective. As for the specs, this site has rarely been wrong about something with a 99% probability.

    If the announced specs are to be believed and the Admin’s sources are accurate, then everyone’s just going to have to be a little more patient. Here’s hoping for positive news on this site very soon.

  • Bundasz

    I Bet: it´s 99% sure that it is not because of the weatherdisaster in Thailand..
    99% wait, I think I´ve read shortly somthing about 99%…

  • That almost has me decided then. I’ve been patiently waiting many months in hope of a D800, but if there is no news this week I think it is going to have to be an F100 after all.

  • simpleguy

    maybe they are rethinking their specs , so IMO its a good thing 🙂

    • Doe es normaal man

      Sure to rethink of something that is more believable and not being a whishlist.

    • I feel like it’s a little late in the game to be making any significant changes.

  • Been there guy

    I would think this delayed product launch would actually do for a lot of us here a favor.
    I, for one, cannot come up with $4,000 for the D800 right away, I don’t make money with photography. I am sure a few of you out there feel the same way.
    This delay would give me a chance to save up. I simply put D800 into my next year’s Christmas wish list.
    I am buying a Fuji X100 to have some fun with for now until march of 2012. Fuji X100 is extremely popular right now, I should have no trouble selling it in March or June whenever the D800 come out.

    • make sure to buy it from place with good return policy cause they screwed the most important thing on rangefinder-like camera : Manual focusing. And with AF bad as well, you are better with NEX

  • AM

    How about the non-pro DX lens to be announced separately? Any news on that?

  • Sad

    Nikonguy said to be 99%, sure
    He could have better said that D800 would be a 99% whishlist from a well know source.

    Even some well known international sites have published his ‘99% sure’ as a 100% fact. Those sites should be ashamed of publishing such nonexisting nonsense!

  • Been there guy

    Last time I checked this is rumor site.

    Much like wikipedia, you cannot believe or quote this site, havn’t you missed that class in highschool?

    This site and or wilipedia is strickly for having a good time during coffe break, or wet your dreams or whatever… but, not to quote it, or based on it to plan your purchase.

    • I don’t want to repeat myself – read my other comments in this thread. I don’t see how it’s NR’s fault that Nikon will not announce the D800.

  • RN

    Given what the rumored specs for the D800 are (no ISO change, 36 MP, lower frame rate), and the recent Canon EOS 1D X announcement and specs that look a lot more like where we were expecting the D800 or D4 to go (18 MP, 12 FPS, ISO up to 204,800 (51,200 standard max), 1080p at 30 fps), I’d be happy if they delayed things a bit for whatever reason to get the rumored ISO up, frame-rate up, MP down, and cleaner IQ.

    But, that’s just my personal preference, because I have more use for those than huge 36 MP images. In the end, though, we get what we get, threaten to go to Canon (or Kodak, or Hasselblad, or Fuji, or Holga, or whatever), make suggestions to the Nikon web-site, and buy what suits us best. In the meantime, my D700 does a pretty spiffy job.

    • Landscape Photo

      D700-iso is good enough for me. It gives the freedom of shooting at iso 1600 which was not the case with D300. How often a photographer need extreme high iso values like 25K?

      Anyway I was expecting a 24mp camera, 36mp is a bonus, especially for DX lenses 😉

      • Richard

        There are a surprising number of instances where ISO 6,400 is quite useful which leads people to want more.

  • amien

    What is almost certain,

    is that the D800 will be THE BEST SELLER CAMERA from the second act of digital age.
    It will be my precious for 10 years before I’ll get another copy for 1/4 of the price.

    • broxibear

      What ?

      • Ren Kockwell

        So awesomely random.

      • BartyL

        Now I have an image of him(?) alone in a cave, cradling his camera and intoning, “The precious, the precious…”

        • silmasan

          you mean, “My precious…” (as the creature is stroking the precious) 😀

          @amien, don’t worry, you won’t have to wait 10 years until you can get it at 1/4 the price, assuming you accept a used one in a reasonably good condition. All you need is 6 years with new pro models coming out every 2-3 years. 😉 (see D2x prices now ) but seeing Nikon at this rate you maybe on to something 😀

  • q

    Not much else the can do. They need to be ready to manufacture. I guess a lot of equipment has been broken. It will take a long time to get it back. And I think there might be a resource collision with the D4 that really have to be ready for the london olympic games. Maybe Nikon is executing a backup plan and will do the D4 in japan with out any parts from thailand. Then there are hope for the D800… This looks more and more as the Roland 404!

  • Mario

    i hope good lenses come out.

  • David

    I agree, nothing will be announced. In fact, with the flood, expect the shortage of current Nikon DSLRs as it is, let alone new products. There will be plenty of useless 1 series cameras though. I expect the shortage of all Nikon DSLRs come Xmas time. I am glad I held on to my D700 and did not sell like i did before the previous September announcement that did not happen.

  • LoneBear

    Always the same story: Much ado about Nothing.
    That’s resume how industry goes nowadays: Just a shit!!!

  • chuck

    They should do like the white guys, vapor annoucment of something coming sometime in 2012. They can always change it as the real annoucment comes closer

  • broxibear

    I’m surprised Nikon marketing haven’t put out a teaser ad of some sort even if the launch is 5 months away like the new Canon. What harm would it do to leak an image or two, it would keep potential customers happy for a while and let them know something was on the horizon ?

    • David

      These Canon 1X samples are just amazing. But they are not full size so it is hard to say, but the noise is just not there. I’d love to have one if I have an extra $7K.

      • silmasan

        yes the published canon 1D X samples are so amazingly not full size.

    • Really

      This would be nice but I am beginning to doubt if Nikon even knows what they are doing marketing wise. Something is just . . . missing. Maybe this is how things are done over there? Maybe in their mind no news is good news? I really feel they are out of touch (with reality).

    • Ren Kockwell

      I am with you Broxi. It’s all about managing your customers’ expectations, and Nikon has never been very good at it.

      • PeterT

        I agree. So many pro´s have left the canon boat when D3 was announced. Why not the other way around. It seems to me that nikon rely on the patience of their customers and their loyality. When it all comes to down to the showdown (olympics 2012) then people will not order and buy in the last second.

        If there is no announcement from nikon in the next weeks it seems highly likely that many people will get nervous about the availability of the new nikon pro DSLR in summer and place orders for the new canon 1Dx. Also an order can be cancelled again this is not a good managing of customers expectations and I´m sure there will be some nikon guys that will jump off the boat even when it´s only because of their disappointment regarding nikons information policy.

        • silmasan

          I’m not a pro sports shooter, but am very curious at this: what makes a D3s not fit for the 2012 Olympics (or any Olympics for that matter)?

    • The whole concept of a “teaser campaign” is completely the opposite of what any profit-oriented business would do. Think about it. The minute Nikon says “hey, something totally awesome is coming really soon!” …their sales will drop through the floor on any and every camera model that consumers think MIGHT be close to replacement.

      So, the whole teaser campaign thing is only a “good idea” in the eyes of those who enjoy speculating about what is coming next. To Nikon, a teaser campaign would most likely be a shot in the foot every time.


      • Just a thought

        Nikon could do this teaser thing right now.

        And it wouldn’t harm them in any way at this moment in time
        Most of Nikons production line is on hold due to the flooding in Thailand.

        Nikon has only some stock left and this would allow them for an inventory cleaning up until they can start selling d800.

        As there is no production taking place at this moment Nikon could therefore do a paper announcement just like Canon did with the 1D X.

      • LoneBear

        Really? So, why car manufacturers unveil new models ONE YEAR BEFORE… and absolutely everyone accept that as “normal” (by news, car magazines or anything else) ?? If that work as you say, any car brand couldn’t sell any car during that time!!
        I don’t understand this kind of “fear” from photographic brands about to unveil new gear… Is a camera a “top secret” product?

        • The difference is, the ENTIRE automotive industry does this. The next year model comes out months before the “year” even gets here. That’s just the norm. For the photographic industry to transition to this, the ENTIRE industry would have to start posting “hype” campaigns, and releasing on a very similar cycle.

          Either way, my point is that it just isn’t going to happen, and the reasons are financial.


  • sirin

    bad, but not too bad.
    thanks for the update, Peter! doing great work there.

    • Ren Kockwell

      +1. I love people who blame NR for acts of God. It’s my favorite form of idiocy.

      • Just a thought

        Thats exactly how I would call Ken Rockwel…. Ren 🙂

  • Brock Kentwell

    I’ve had it!! I am leaving Nikon. Switching to pointillism.

    • Ren Kockwell

      LOL. With 36MP, pointillism would be pretty close!

  • Well I am sure Nikon will get their act together sometime as they after all have been hit pretty bad the last few months both as a company and not at least their workforce.
    Enjoy the products you have and keep supporting Nikon and in that way we can help them out of their troubled waters, we will be rewarded one day as we have in the past.

  • Wolfejiang

    Yes, think about this way, nikon is playing apple game. Only rumors are out there hang around, yes that is what they want their cust where to be now in their battlefield. Canon has announced their new weapon, it has gone, the people are always looking forward and there is only nikon can playing with that now, and nikon will handle it very well.

  • Banksie

    Um, a ‘rumor website’ is all about rumors and nothing else. How could this be a profitable website for the owner if it wasn’t filled, with, um, rumors.

    And the last time I checked the dictionary, a rumor is: “a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.” Uncertain or doubtful truth. This is a website of uncertain or doubtful truth about a corporation’s future products.

    But people tend to gravitate towards rumors at the expense of reality. Reality is a closed door; there’s no room for fantasy. And according to psychologists, rumors express and gratify “the emotional needs of the community.” People want to be able to dream and fantasize, and to voice their opinions through the rumor mechanism, or “the rumor mill.” Reality doesn’t allow for that.

  • Zen-Tao

    I can’t realize who gave NR that Nikon D800 hot tip. It happen to be a bluff.36 mpx are a lot of pixel much more than a DSLR camera, even a F Frame, can stand. Nikon has suffered a couple of disasters (sendai and now Thailand) But they have more factories and capabilities to overcome them as well. Regardless all those misfortunes they could make an annuncement of any new camera model they are plannig to deliver. Competence is close and It’s no time to remain quiet. unless the rumor were that, a simple and irresponsible rumor.
    Rumor are cheap. I have one: taking advantage of Thailand flooding Nikon is going to reedit the Nikonos cámera with a lot of digital features… It’s no funny, but It’s another rumor…. were there’s smoke there is a smoker no more.

    • If Canon and Nikon can cram 18 and 16 megapixels into a crop sensor, and resolve gorgeous corners on a $700 lens like the Tokina 11-16 2.8, then I’m pretty sure a $1700 lens like the Nikon 14-24 can resolve the same per-pixel resolution in full-frame. Just a thought.


      • Jim

        This extrapolation sounds pretty logic. But on the other hand it was said that even the dream-team (14-24, 24-70, 70-200) started hitting their ceiling on the D3x with 24 MP

        • silmasan

          24-70 maybe, 14-24 don’t be too sure.

    • What makes you say that? Sony has a 36MP sensor in the works, why is it more than a FF cam can stand? That makes no sense to me at all.

    • silmasan

      Scan a 35mm neg/slide at 5000dpi optical resolution and see what you come up with.

    • Mooboy

      Zen-Tao is right, it’s not like someone like Sony has just realeased a 24mp dx sensor. Oh right…

      Still, it’s not like Sony will be providing sensors for Nikon…

      Yeap, must be a bluff.

  • jackie cian

    Noooooooooooooooooo! Stop this countdown please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funny that we just had Canon announcing a new FF DSLR that will not be available before 6+ months, and Nikon delaying an announcement of a FF DSLR (whose parts are mostly produced in Japan) because of a damaged (DX)plan in Thailand…mmh.

    If the flood in Thailand has actually delayed an announcement, probably the announcement was not to announce the D800 but rather some of the products that would be impacted by the Thai plant shutdown (may be DX lenses?).
    If Capture NX3 is almost ready, I see Nikon pushing it out to make some quick revenue.

    The actual real announcement of the D800 may still be on schedule and unaffected much by the flood. This is all speculation, I don’t have any other info that is not already posted on this site.

    • paul

      I agree. As sad as the flood is, how would it have any impact on the announcement or release of the D800 if the D800 is made in Japan and the flood occured in Thailand? Either the D800 announcement remains imminent or Nikon is reconsidering the specs in ligt of Cannon’s announcement.

    • paul

      I would guess the other scenario is that the D800 was to use Sony’s sensor. Sony’s factory in Thailand is a bit wet also. Do we know for sure where the D800 sensor is being produced?

  • Mandrake

    I can understand production delay. Announcement delay? Not so much.

  • Jose

    Unfortunatelly, Nikon have to mayor problems this year, first the earthquake in Japan and the flood in thailand. I think they are waiting to know the conditions of the Thailand factory in order to have the levels of production capability to meet our requirements. Nikon did not do nothing if announce a new products today with a delivery date of six months.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Totally agree. It’s all those damn mayor problems. When’s he gonna get off his ass and do something about all that water?

  • Richmonster

    I just wish Nikon were less secretive about their plans sometimes. I suppose it’s all about trying to hold on to control for as long as possible, but still! Teaser ads would sustain the fans in these dismal times!

  • Kon_head

    My thoughts:

    After the Canon 1D X announcement, D800 is now back on the drawing board and needs a re-work… dial down to 18 mp may be?

    • Anon but not Canon

      I don’t think it was a surprise to Nikon.

      Rival for 1Dx will be the D4 while D800 is the delayed answer to 5D mkII.

      Later, there will be a 18mp 5D mkIII, and D900 inheriting sensors from their bigger brothers.

  • Can we at least just have an 85 f/1.8 AFS-G by christmas? Pretty please, Nikon? And maybe a couple new affordable wide primes too, next year?


    • Jeremy


      I love my 85mm AF (non D)! I’d buy the AFS version in a heartbeat. The 1.4 ads is just too expensive right now for me, and while I do have a Sigma 28mm 1.8 and love it, I’m wary of it 85 1.4.

      • Actually I’ve tested the Sigma 85 f/1.4, and it’s an awesome lens. It’s not as snappy and accurate as the Nikon, but it’s at least FAR more snappier than say for example the Canon 85 1.2 L on a 5-series. That is like racing in a tugboat.

        All in all though, I’ve kinda just decided that I’m an f/1.8 kinda guy. I’d love to have the pro f/1.4 primes, but if you add up the price of say the 24 1.4, 35 1.4 and 85 1.4, it’s just ridiculous compared to something like the Sigma 24 1.8, Nikon 35 f/2, and 85 f/1.8. If you shop around you won’t even crack $1000 for the f/1.8’s, but the f/1.4’s are nearing what, $4-5K? Anyways, yeah I’m really hoping for an AFS-G 85 f/1.8 from Nikon, asap… 🙂

  • Hate to sound like the old geezer, but I’m just fine using a D3s and D700 until something with significantly better IQ comes out. I don’t do video and I don’t need 36 Megapixels, so even if the D800 does come to be, I imagine many of us wedding/portrait/event photographers won’t miss a beat with our current gear.

    Thanks for the update though, its ridiculous how upset some people are. If your business truly relies on needing more resolution, you should have come up with a better solution by now. The 5D Mark II has been on the market for quite a while now. If you really need those extra MP, you should have come up with a better solution by now. Sitting around waiting for Nikon to release something = you losing money. People who run businesses are concerned about the bottom line, not what brand of camera they have. For enthusiasts there is a certain romantic affair with brands, old lenses, memories, etc… But for those who truly need a camera like this for business reasons, they wouldn’t be sitting around sobbing and losing money.

    So it is hard for me to take anyone seriously here who says they “need” the D800 and they don’t want to switch systems because of the “investment they have in lenses” The truth is anyone with half a brain can resell their gear on eBay for almost what they bought it for. By now it should have paid for itself several times over, so it really isn’t a big deal. Again for the enthusiast who doesn’t run a business, this is a much tougher decision to make as the gear isn’t paying for itself.

    So is the D800 an enthusiast’s dream camera? Yes it seems that way, but working professionals will wait for the D4 and/or a true D700 replacement with overall better image quality and high ISO performance.

    • I’m with you. D700 / D3s / D3 is truly the ultimate kit for weddings, and Nikon will probably never make another FF sensor below 18 megapixels.

      One major reason I shoot Nikon for weddings instead of Canon is the fact that I can shoot native 12 megapixels, and 12-bit compressed NEF’s at that. 8-11 MB per image is AMAZING compared to what my friends with the 5D mk2 are racking up with their 14-bit lossless RAW files.

      Unless Nikon comes out with a GOOD sRAW mode, I won’t be upgrading past 16-18 megapixels for the workhorse cameras that I use every week. (And so far, I’m not very happy with Canon’s sRAW results btw. I fear that if a GOOD version of sRAW were possible, Nikon would have done so in the D3X…)

      • I just purchased a D700 a few months back and love it. If anything I need to focus on glass for the next 2 years. Assuming I had the rumored $4,000 that the D800 will cost, I’d still spend it on glass. Perhaps as a down payment on that lusty 200mm f/2G ED VR II.

        • Jeremy those would be much better investments IMO. The 200mm f/2 is a stellar lens. I have version 1 and it is incredible. I can only imagine that the VR2 model is even better, but not worth upgrading to (for me)

      • Matthew, well said. I am surprised Nikon hasn’t released their own sRAW format yet as well. There are times when I would like to shoot my D700/D3s at 5/6 MP as crazy as they may sound to some people.

        Yeah some of my colleagues shoot 5D Mark IIs as well and the files are huge, probably 3x as big as ours. While storage is cheap these days, I don’t see the point in having such huge files for many clients who will never enlarge past 4×6, 5×7, or 8×10. You can even get a good 16×20 from 6 or 8 MP.

        One of the bigger shooters I work with on occasion uses 5Ds on sRAW for this exact reason.

        • Richard

          @Mike Z

          I am an enthusiast as you say. Justifying expenditures for me is quite different than it is for a working professional who is generating revenue with the equipment he purchases.

          At present I am using a D7K and am upgrading some of my glass. I would eventually be a candidate for a Nikon FX body (D 700 replacement) at the price point of a Canon 5D MK II, but that is down the line.

          A friend who shoots a D3 and D700 professionally and I did a little shoot around swapping lenses back and forth which was both fun and enlightening. Great glass makes most anything a “better camera”.

          The difference in high ISO performance between my camera and the pro level Nikons is noticeable, not that I am complaining in view of the difference in price. The point, however, is simply that the D3, D3S, D700 all produce remarkable results at higher ISOs than most anything else I have seen. It also allows higher shutter speeds for available light/candid shots which, IMO, contributes more to sharpness of an image than a few extra MPs. Canon’s recent announcement seems to be proof of that, though I am not one to slam Canon. I have seen too many fine images captured with their kit to do that. I recently discussed the D1H (all 4 MPs of it) because I was surprised at a series of images taken with one prior to the D3 that looked just fine to me, although they were not enlarged to great sizes.

          I agree that a sRAW would be warmly received by just about everybody, amateur and pro alike. RAW simply provides such a greater range of post production options in Lightroom that you hate to use JPEGs although they are quite adequate in a great many circumstances.


    • I’m still shooting a D90 which is working well but I have been moving down the FF path for about a year now. I have three FF lenses and really need one more to have a working set (24-70). The plan has been to purchase the successor to the D700, which I have been following for ages now. I suppose I can go out and buy a D700, though with new tech ‘just around the corner’ it’s too tempting to wait and see what the replacement will be. I’m not in a rush, so for me waiting is worth it.

      • That seems like a pretty good plan. I know it is rough when something is just about to come out. I bought a D300 just before the D700 was announced and granted while they are in different price brackets, I would have waited for the D700 had I known about it. (I was not on NR at the time)

      • I just recently was able buy a Nikon 24-70mm. That lens is simply stunning, even on my daughter’s “cheap” D3000. Becareful, if you get that lens, you may find your “need” for FX is not so strong anymore 😉

        All kidding aside – IMHO – that lens will do more for your images’ IQ than any new body ever will.

        • I’m sure that is the case, but the focal range of a 24-70 is not ideal for a mid-range zoom on a DX body. Most reviews praise the lens, but a zoom starting at in the 16 to 18 range is better for DX.

          • @Mike

            Bah. Who’s to say what lens is ideal for what? Perhaps its not ideal for certain types of photography. But for how I shoot it is ideal – on DX that lens is equiv to 36-105mm which happens to be a great range for portraits and street – at least for me. Remember, at one time Nikon’s premier standard zoom was a 35-70mm AF-D on a full frame! Many still swear by it today. If 35-70mm on an FX is more than adequate, then the 24-70mm is adequate on DX since in equivalent FoV you only lose 1mm on the wide end, but gain 35mm on the tele.

            Ultimately, only the individual photographer can decide what is ideal – or not – for them.

            • silmasan

              That’s right, I wish there would be a 40-105mm/2.8 lens for FX portrait shooters. Though I still prefer the 85-135/1.4-2 AFS Portrait-Nikkor 😀

            • Yep, for general portraiture 24-70 is PERFECT on a crop sensor.

              For that matter, I’ve been using my crop-sensor Sigma 50-150 2.8 on my full-frame D700, (without DX crop mode enabled, that is) …and I just LOVE the focal range it gives me for stage / theater photography. I’m just lucky that stage / theater photography has pitch black corners 90% of the time anyways, LOL. But in the rest of my shooting, I REALLY wish I could get a 50-150 2.8 for full-frame. It would be so much more practical for close-quarters photojournalism. Couple that with a 16-35 f/4 VR, and I could get away with two zooms instead of three!


    • silmasan

      Hmm, I’m only starting to go pro (wish your help, seniors!) and the D700’s video non-capability was actually listed as a + for me, because it effectively disarms my curiosity to get into filmmaking/video for the time being and forces me to push all out on stills first. Wouldn’t mind the clean 6400ISO of the D3s’ sensor though but I have to start somewhere already and this is it.

      • The D700 is a phenomenal camera. Don’t feel like you’ve settled on something inferior. You haven’t. Besides, depending on what you shoot, 6400 ISO may be moot. If you’re doing on location portraiture you’ll want to use flash anyway, even it its only for fill. Therefore your ISO settings will be far below 6400. If you don’t have a speedlight already, I’d recommend getting one.

        Even at 6400 ISO, with a little tasteful noise reduction and you’ll have fantastic prints even up to 11 x 14. Depending on the subject, the noise can even be part of the artistic vision.

        • silmasan

          Yes, I plan on going strobist way. Currently i’m looking for old SBs or maybe i’ll get a pair of Lumopro LP160. Had SB-600 before but haven’t had much experience with off-camera lights so there’s much to learn.

          As for the D700 I’m already impressed with its reasonably clean ISO3200 using fast glasses (nothing fancy, just 50/1.8 and 105/2) shooting handheld in dim-lit scenes. I love shooting available light and candids and for those purposes it is already more than I expected. 🙂

  • me

    Phew, just stopped in to grab some more rolls of film for my F5. Gonna go back out shooting in a few.

    Have fun bitchin & moanin while you wait, people!

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