Chasseur d’Images: two big major Nikon announcements expected in the coming weeks have been postponed

A reader just sent me this note from the French Chasseur d'Images (Google translation) suggesting that two major Nikon announcements have been postponed as a result of the flooding in Thailand:

"Two big major launches, expected in the coming weeks, have been cancelled / postponed. Some recently announced cameras are delayed due to lack of some material."

Original text in French:

"D'ores et déjà, deux lancements de produits majeurs, qui étaient programmés pour les semaines à venir, sont reportés sans délai; des produits récemment annoncés connaîtront des retards conséquents et la production de nombreux équipements a cessé."

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  • Daf

    Shame but understandable.
    Mind you – they could still announce it and just have a later release date.

    • FrenchFlies

      when they say lack of material……they are saying the sensors are submerged by the flood….now they are soggy…..OOO…its ok…I wait.

      • Geez, someone send them a case of SHAM WOW!!!

        • jason


    • Whatever!

      I love this from Nikon!!! They keep pulling this crap on us. Yes, very sad to here about the flood in Thailand, but they can still announce the product and available a few months or even a few years from now. At this point, I don’t even think they have a product to announce! hahaha…

      • jeriko

        shut up dude.

      • A Thought


    • Been there guy

      If everything we talked about here is true. Nikon should see this set back as an opportunity to re-design the camera body.
      They should contracted it out to Apple to re-do their camera body design!

  • Lio

    Well the translation is not accurate. The second sentence: “des produits récemment annoncés connaîtront des retards conséquents et la production de nombreux équipements a cessé” should read: some products newly announced (the 40mm macro) will have some delays and the production of many products have been canceled.

    • Fred

      “production of many products has been *stopped*” rather, for clarity’s sake

    • Worminator

      In bullet form,

      1. upcoming launches postponed
      2. recently announced products delayed
      3. shipping products in short supply

  • Bad luck for Nikon, but yah, understandable given what’s happened.

    I am SO glad I finally quit waiting for the 80-400 replacement and just picked up a used 300mm 2.8. I’ve had the lens over a year now vs no new AF-S 80-400 and/or 300 f/4 VR lens(es).

  • Isnt he plant in Thailand the factory that builds the entry level cameras? How could the flooding here affect the D800? It doesnt make any sense..

    • it’s all rumor and speculation until something is announced.

      • Markus

        Ron, I always think the same when some one is referring to the bible.

        • NyconNeoColonialist

          Same with Al Gore

      • Jerry

        Thank you for stating the obvious Ron. This is a site that thrives on rumours so therefore you will see people speculating etc…

    • KT

      I think they are referring to the new Nikon 1 mirror-less that are supposed to be produced in Thailand. I don’t think the flooding in Thailand would have anything to do with the D800 that would be produced in Sendai, unless that factory is still in the dark from the tsunami effect.

  • Francois Rivard

    Very bad translation. Here is my own:

    “Already two major products, which were du in the coming weeks, are postponed immediately; recently announced products will show important delays and the production of multiple equipments has ceased.”

    the thing about “lack of some material” is not present in the original french version.

  • SJC

    If I read the French correctly this states that the pending accouncements have not been postponed but recently announced products will be delayed (J1/V1?)

    • this is the translation I got from a reader, is it wrong?

      • Trent

        When I understand it right, the upcoming announcements are not delayed, while the recently announced products will experience substantial delays and production of many facilities has ceased.

        • Eduardo B.

          I speak french and I understood the same.

      • luis

        françois (above) has the correct translation. the confusion is that “sans délai” literally means without delay, but in this context means immediately. before that it says réportes (deferred/delayed) and not “rapportes” (reported). short answer: delayed immediately.

        • rhlpetrus

          You are correct, I had missed that.

      • lnoseda

        Yes, SJC’s translation is correct, it says that there will be no delay in the announcement, just for recently announced products

      • Helge Skogh

        The text says that major announcements planned for the coming weeks will not be delayed, only those already announced.

        • nuno santacana


      • The invisible man

        The “sans delai” mean that they don’t know when they will be able to open the factory.
        “sans delai” have two meanings, but in that case it means “without any date”
        And I’m 200% sure about my translation.

        • if you say so, I believe you 🙂

          • Petia

            Yes, this is the correct translation: two major products launches are reported. Nikon cannot commit to any new date at the moment.
            That’s what it means.
            The guys saying the contrary are just pretending to be understanding French, but make a major mistake.

            • Petia

              Sh*t I meant “two major product launches are delayed”.

              Joys of frenglish.

        • arizonaSteve

          I don’t speak French. I used to work translating English/Spanish texts, and did some interpreting. I just think it is great that a few French sentences can be translated so differently. That is why computers will have a tough time replacing people. So many nuances.

          Here’s to a Nikon D800! Whooot!

        • Carsten

          “reporter sans delai” means “postpone immediately” or better “came immediately to a full stop”

      • Sahaja

        Give me enough of their fine wine, and even I may be able to understand French.

    • InfiniteBlue

      …deux lancements de produits majeurs, qui étaient programmés pour les semaines à venir, sont reportés sans délai;

      Two launches for major products to be announced in the weeks to come will not be delayed.

      “des produits récemment annoncés connaîtront des retards conséquents et la production de nombreux équipements a cessé.”

      Recently announced products will be delayed as production for various parts has been stopped.

      So I think the announcement is still going on. Mind, it’s been a while since I’ve had to read in French, but I believe I got the gist of it here.

  • kyoshinikon

    Canon created the flood to make up for their crappy products

    • I was about to say how much of an idiot you are (because a few other morons here have made similar comments about Nikon). Then I re-read the first word in your comment. 😉

    • silmasan

      OMG that is some serious accusation 😀

    • kyoshinikon

      Hey I can have a little fun can’t I? 😛

      • Ren Kockwell

        Yes you can.

    • Been there guy

      I think it’s the other way around. After read the blog here, Nikon realized they screwed up on 36MP. So, they flood the floor to buy more time to correct it.

  • I was worried about this when I heard there is flooding in Thailand . … arrg !! its reality now 🙁

  • Jeth

    I think it’s the opposite – the translation seems wrong – ‘sans délai’ is no delay – which means they will be launched anyway – the rest is correct, except there’s no lack of some material.

  • nuno santacana

    It says that the two major announcements for next weeks are without delay and an then says that the products already announced will have delays.

    So that’s good news, mostly.

  • The invisible man

    I know Chasseur d’Images, a very serious monthly photo news.
    GMC (if he still work there) won’t announce anything if he is not 100% positive about it

    They say that few products annoucement will be delay. (it could be only for low end DSLR, so far pro cameras are made in Japan, well, maybe the D800 is also made in Thailand).

    But give me a break ! It take MONTHS bettween the production and the day the camera hit the US shelves !

    Do you really think that Nikon would keep thouthands D800 in the wearhouse just because the production have stop ?

    That would be millions dollars waiting until the water goes away ?

    I don’t think so…

    • silmasan

      That’s it. I’m switching to F5.

      Or D700. See you guys next year!

      • silmasan

        sorry, wrong place.

      • lolly

        I’m already dusting off my F5 😉 … CES 2012 is better to look forward to than a rumor … see you at CES !

        • Scurvy hesh

          Shot a wedding last weekend. F5 with 85 1.8, f4 with 50 1.4 and a FA with a 24 2.8. All shot on porta 160. The skin tones were glorious. Its funny because I was aching to get a ff slr this past year, but the delays forced me to go back almost all film and i dont regret it. I highly reccomend those waiting to do the same. If you havent shot film in a while then now is as good time to pick up an F5 on the cheap.

          • Sahaja

            I agree, shooting film which takes more skill, is probably a good way to distinguish oneself.

            Why not have two sets of rates, one for digital and a higher one for film? – I bet a lot of clients would go for it. Film is perceived of as more romantic.

            Time to dust off the old Hasselblad as well as the F5.

  • JFD

    Hi, I’m french speaking, and it says : “the launch of two major products, that were planned for release in one or two weeks are postponed without any idea for how long.”

    • So the original translation is correct?

      • T.I.M

        yes it’s right they don’t know how long the delay is.

      • luis

        yes, the original translation is correct. people are getting confused by the literal translation of “sans délai” (no delay), which actually means immediately. before that it says deferred/postponed (“reportés”).

      • Jonny Ray

        That phrasing makes it sound more like delayed launch rather than delayed announcement, implying something that has already been announced, as some others have said.

        I don’t speak french but my wife does — curious to have her translate this for me as well.

        • NyconNeoColonialsit

          Nikon 1?

        • T.I.M

          @Jonnt Ray
          Your wife speak French ? Can I call her ?

      • PHB

        It would surprise me greatly if Nikon was to launch a new camera that was not ready for immediate delivery without knowing when the already-promised Nikon-1 was due to be delivered.

        The flooding could force Nikon to shift production of certain components to their other facilities. It is also possible that their Sendai plant depends on parts from Thailand. They will certainly depend on staff.

        So expect the announcement to be delayed until they understand when they can get their production line restarted.

    • Helge skogh

      Yes, your translation is right. I made a mistake, sorry. I hope they do not mean the much awaited for D800.

  • whatever ,think about the people who are suffering from floods in Thailand and other places :|.

    • arizonaSteve

      Nobody here is happy about the death and destruction caused by the flooding in Thailand. However, this is a site that talks about Nikon cameras, and everyone who comes here is interested in Nikon cameras. We all want to know about Nikon cameras (like the D800).
      I have followed the tragedy on a variety of web sites. There are millions of sites that focus on that aspect of the flooding. This is one of a (relatively) few sites devoted 100% to Nikon cameras. Here we want to know how this news affects Nikon cameras.

  • Rx4Photo

    Not that I’m waiting for a new D800 but damn, this whole saga is one hell of a rollercoaster ride!!!

  • T.I.M

    I think next year there will be a movie about it !
    “the D800 never ending story !”

  • Theo

    The rumor about the new canon says: announcement this week, availability in march, if that’s true, I don’t think the flooding made any difference. So there must be a different reason for the cancellation .

  • Chris

    Japan and now this, can Nikon ever get a break?

  • Chris2

    Given how the UK government appears to have surrendered the pound as if they were french men fighting a war, it’ll soon be worth Nikon’s while to move production here. No earthquakes, no (real) floods, no volcanos – Just the miserable public to contend with.

  • I’m so confused………….

    • Stone

      I am … confused.

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        Rosebud is a sled.

      • Confused… I am. (Yoda version)

  • Tony

    So if the D800 is one of the “major announcements” that has been postponed, what is the other one?

  • cruser2469

    Nikon, move your factories to higher ground!!!! Thank you

    • Booo

      Agreed… At least a higher building and locate the critical manufacturing on the upper floors ….

    • MB

      Good advice for Japan nuclear plants too …

      • Booo

        Clearly this is in the context of the flooding issues in Thailand. I’m not a nuclear power plant expert but think if a nuclear plant blew up next door… there would be NOTHING you could do…

        But thanks for your comments… let me know what your Paypal account is so I can send you your two cents…

    • Then we’d have volcano issues. Flooding is easier to fix, IMO.

  • AnoNemo

    Ok, let’s just start saying that the Nikon stock is falling big time and we’ll see the Nikon press machine giving an update. 🙂 Ot let’s do what happened the last time, NR Admin announces a new Nikon product and Bloomberg picks it up as a news. Then Nikon will come out and say we did not announce anything. 🙂

    Nikon’s communication sucks. I mean if one of my largest factories would be under water I would come out on daily basis and explain to my shareholders what products are affected.

    My guess is that the dslrs and lenses made in Thailand and perhaps the system 1. But again, we do not know what other parts are coming from this area since these Global supply chains are so connected.

  • The invisible man

    KODAK is thinking about coming back in the photo business and opening a DSLR factory in the Nevada desert.

    • Been there guy

      With their luck, the flash flood would wipe out the desert next year….global warming…sea level would rise…

    • PHB

      That would surprise me greatly.

    • Sahaja

      Given all the bomb tests that went on there, the Nevada desert is probably still more radioactive than Fukashima.

  • nobody

    Maybe someone could ask Chasseur d’Images to publish their statement in English 🙂

    • The invisible man

      No way, they are too busy getting the snails out of the shells !

  • Enk Wellrock

    or a more English version….

    Two major product launches that were planned for the coming weeks, are deferred. In addition – recently announced products will experience substantial delays as production at many facilities has ceased.

  • Peter

    I may actually WIN the lottery in time for their next launch… Truth is I am better off without any new gear right now. Been learning more about quickly jumping in and out of manual mode as well as manual focus. It certainly gets much easier with practice. If I could only remember to put it back to auto everything when I stick it back in the bag… Hey, maybe that could be a new feature! Another setting that throws everything back to a preprogrammed default when it goes into a timeout mode after a time I specify , like 20 minutes or an hour, better yet, 5 hours.

    • KnightPhoto

      @Peter – “Another setting that throws everything back to a preprogrammed default when it goes into a timeout mode after a time I specify , like 20 minutes or an hour, better yet, 5 hours.”

      – you just described the U1/U2 feature of the D7000. Hope we get U3/U4 on the big cams!

  • this_is_not_my_d800

    If the D800 turn out to be delayed [again], it might well be the camera delayed by most natural disasters, first the earthquake/tsunami/radiation, and now flood. I personally believed in the report that d800 would have been out in April prior to the quake.

    You really do wonder if this camera is one that would bring bad omen.

  • clemens

    How much has admin paid to the weathergod for the Thailand-flood? The product launch has postponed because of the flood? Hahaha. Sounds reliable, but if the cameras were to present next week they must have been ready since some weeks. When will they been released ? In carnival? We have had that several times this year – nothing came. Every time we read later that a date was not announced. The admin is kidding us. That’s all.

  • Moth Flopwell

    Mother Nature what are you doing to us all? Nikon your killing me here. What now?

  • Can´t wait anymore, switching to new Canon 1 D MK V and 24-70 HSM 2.8 II L !!!


    • Been there guy

      Nikon will have 30% off on all delayed D800 next Arpil….

      • MB

        April the 1st you mean 😉

  • fred

    Can’t wait for Nikon anymore! Switching to Holga with 55-180mm f/1.4.

  • george

    I speak some french but I just looked in two dictionaries to be sure. Reportes sans delai means CARRIED OVER WITHOUT DELAY.

    • MB

      “sont reportés sans délai” actually means “are deferred immediately”, or “postponed at this moment” if you prefer, and the rest means:
      recently announced products will experience substantial delays and production of many facilities has ceased.

      • George

        Thanks! I won’t be using those online dictionaries again.

  • Booo

    Mother Nature 2 : Nikon ZERO

  • Loran

    Hello, I am a French reader of this website. My understanding for this report from Chasseur d’images is the following

    “D’ores et déjà, deux lancements de produits majeurs, qui étaient programmés pour les semaines à venir, sont reportés sans délai; des produits récemment annoncés connaîtront des retards conséquents et la production de nombreux équipements a cessé.”

    As we’re speaking, 2 major products supposed to be launched in the upcoming weeks are postponed without any additional date; recently launched products will suffer major delays and various equipments are no longer produced.

    Hope it will help.

    • Thanks – I will update the post with your translation. Maybe only the DX lens and the SB-910 flash were delayed since the D800 is probably not produced in Thailand.

  • clemens

    Has anybody of you read about a 36 mp-chip somewhere else? The midrange Leica S2 has 38 mp, the Hasselblad more. Where is a 36 mp-chip ? In spring I have read here about a 31 mp-chip from Sony which never has com – maybe in the future.
    If Nikon would have intended to present new cameras next week this DSLRs would have been ready since months – independent from the Tsunami in Japan, a flood in Thailand or the landing of the martians somewhen. I think the admin is kidding us. The only thing sold is space for advertising here by our curiosity for new cameras.

    • Theo

      What does Leica and Hasselblad sensor got to do with Nikon 36mp?

      • PHB

        Well the Leica sensor would be the same size and so subject to the same manufacturing constraints that Nikon faces. But the ‘blad is medium format and so irrelevant as a measure. The top ‘blad is in the 80MP range in any case.

        I can’t see much point to 80MP. 10MP was a huge deal (35mm film equivalent) 50 MP will be a huge deal (Medium Format equivalent). But it doesn’t make much difference above that point until you hit the giga pixel range and that is only going to be possible with stitching anyway.

        • clemens

          Error. The Leica-Sensor is much bigger. It has 30 x 45 mm and 38 mp.
          What I meant is that I doubt Nikon would make such a big jump from 24 mp to 36 mp so fast. Why should a D800 get such a new chip first. Normally a professional D4 would have it years before a semiprofi-camera.

          • Sahaja

            Because Sony is planning to release a 36mp full frame camera early in the new year – and Sony and Nikon (i.e. Sony’s biggest customer for DSLR sensors) are rumored to have a gentleman’s agreement that Nikon would announce its camera with that sensor first.

            Besides that, Canon may also be getting ready to announce a new high mp full frame camera (5D mkIII ?) as well as the 1DX.

            The new high mp Nikon FX camera is Nikon’s response to the %D series. Canon’s 1DX is their response to the D3s.

            Nikon will also have their own successor to the D3s and Canon their own successor to the 5D mkII.

            Question is, where is Nikon’s direct successor to the low mp, high iso D700?

    • Clemens, this info is coming from a french website, I am just reporting it here. Let’s talk about the 36MP sensor again in few weeks, I hope you will stil be around 🙂

      • V Tran

        Thank you Admin for letting us know. You’re the man!

  • UGGGHHHH… @Loran, dude you just killed the last hope i have of the announcement next week.

  • pabs

    That does it! If there is no D800 announced within the next two weeks I’m switching to….oil painting!

    Actually, it will be a tremendous dissapointment, again.I fFeel bad for both the company and the consumer. I really want to upgrade my old D300 to the 800.

  • I’m really tired of waiting this d800 thing. I’m pretty damn sure the Canon have a really powerful weapon that controls weather and can be used to track down nikon’s major factories and strike them hard. Canon will soon rule the world.

    Maybe pinky and the brain are behind this. i hate it.

  • Mark

    It’s not just Nikon that’s being hit by this. Sony, which has a factory in the same area, has announced the NEX 7, A77, and A65 will be delayed, with no new date provided.

    As for the D800, I believe it’s being manufactured in Sendai (Japan). That’s where the D700 is made, so it stands to reason the D800 will also. Still, some of the D800 subcomponents might be made in Thailand. No confirmation on that, however.

    • Sahaja

      Do we actually know this 36mp FX camera is the D800 and not something new to compete with the 5D series?

  • Jeff

    I speak french

    It says new product launches are reported “sans delai”= without delay, but availability of recently announced products will be delayed because of production has temporarily ceased

    • nobody

      It seems you’re wrong because you’re mixing up reporté (postponed) and rapporté (reported).

    • Jeff

      I consulted with a french lawyer and I was wrong in my above comment; “reporter sans delais” means postponed indefinitely and is a weird turn of phrase even for French. “Reporter” is being used in the sense of carried over and “sans delais” without a specific later date in mind instead of my original understanding that it meant reported without delay. (which it also means but not when used in this way. French!)

      Let’s hope Chasseur got it wrong

  • Nikon Fangirl

    This can’t be happening!!!!!!!! T____T

  • broxibear

    The only products that were made in the Thailand factory were DX bodies, DX lenses and DX acccesories.
    I don’t see how it would affect any FX product announcements, there were rumours of some FX production being moved from Sendai but that was to Malaysia not Thailand.

  • Brian

    Dear admin, as a admin to this site I would highly consider u to visit Japan Sendai to give us indept situation there, such as building operation, if the building is in operation or shut down due to tsunami. You can also secretly talk to the employees or employee’s friends to find out what they are working on. Once you provided us with all this info you have become a better admin and leakers. We all would stop guessing where the d800 is made and better knowledge on the release date

  • Ren Kockwell

    Sounds to me like the flood has affected the V1 and J1 models, but not the pro line or potential D800 bodies. Based on what we’ve been hearing here on NR, that makes sense. So I’m still expecting some news on the D800 this year while also expecting delays on the V1 & J1.

  • The invisible man

    I wish JFK was still alive, he predicted the moon landing 10 years a head, but we’re not able to get a real annoucement date or find any pictures of the “D800” !
    What is the C.I.A doing ?

    • >”What is the C.I.A doing ?”

      Leaking Canon secrets before the announcement?

  • Velocity

    They design and product great optical products but can’t figure out how to build their production facilities on high ground?

  • I find it amazing that there are so many interpretations of the same paragraph of French. 🙂

    • The invisible man

      @David Teo
      French is a very difficult language, we have words with many different meanings.
      The only good thing about knowing French is that American women love it !

  • goose

    I AM teasing

  • AM

    Who cares? The end of the world is on Oct 21 anyway.

    • T.I.M

      Oct 21 2541 ?
      That’s fine.

  • cce

    sans délai = without delay

    According to my French, the announcement of two major products is HAS NOT been delayed.

    • The invisible man

      In that case “sans delai” mean without any date.
      I AM FRENCH ! OK ?

    • Martin

      the ‘sans délai’ qualifies the ‘reportés’; so it is the ‘reportés’ which is ‘sans délai’.

      ‘sans délai’ can indeed mean ‘without delay’ but only in the sense of ‘with immediate effect’, or ‘now already’ in American. ‘Délai’ on its own does not really translate as ‘delay’, more as ‘notice period’ or ‘lead time’

      ‘reporté’ means to ‘put back a date’, ‘postpone’, or even ‘delay’ (ha!)

      So the postponement is with immediate effect

      • Martin

        or could equally mean postponed without a lead time, hence as the invisible [french]man states, postponed without a new date in sight/indefinitely

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