Canon EOS-1D X will be announced tonight, now Nikon has the ball

Here are the specs for the upcoming Canon EOS-1D X camera:

  • Full Frame
  • 18.1MP
  • Dual DIGIC 5 – 17 Times The Processing Power of DIGIC 4
  • ISO 100-51200 Native
  • 100,000 Pixel RGB Metering Sensor
  • EOS iSA (Intelligent Subject Analysis)
  • 61 Point AF
  • 21 f/5.6 Cross Type Sensors
  • 20 f/4 Cross Type Sensors
  • 5 f/2.8 Cross Type Senors
  • EOS iTR AF (Intelligent Tracking & Recognition Auto Focus)
  • 12 Frames Per Second
  • 14 Frames Per Second JPG Only
  • 400,000 Shot Rated Shutter
  • Ethernet Connection
  • March Availability

Nikon should be next:

Nikon D3s: 14th October 2009
Canon 1D Mk IV: 19th October 2009

Nikon D3: 23rd August 2007
Canon 1D Mk III: 21st February 2007

Nikon D700: 1st July 2008
Canon 5D Mk II: 17th September 2008

October 17th: Nikon announces 65 million Nikkor lenses
October 18th: Canon announces 70 million EF lenses

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  • The camera in your hand is better than any camera on the store shelves which is better than any camera just announced.

    • Isn’t the 1dx a completely new lineup? I mean there are the 1ds and the 1d as well, right? Nikon might do the same thing. Or they go for interchangeable sensors.

      • Semajal

        Nope this is an amalgamation of the 1DS and 1D series. I am semi doubtful we will see a 1Ds unless it is a dramatic re-design. 5DIII may be more higher MP studio camera.

        • Not Surprised

          This camera is exactly what I wanted from Nikon!! =]

          Too bad Nikon is giving just us increased prices and less quality, artificially high lens prices, and fake discounts that only can be had by buying a camera at the same time, instead of just buying at market price.

          Sad move, Nikon. The 5D was never Nikon, Nikon. So why are you being so 5D now? Its not you. Come back home, Nikon. Youre drifting. V1? J1? 36MP with no extra ISO? What is this crap?

          • Markus

            Nikon is not 5D at all, Nikon camera’s can focus properly on all focus point instead of just the center one. This is besides the sturdy build and image quality.

            If this is exactly what you want from Nikon, than don’t look further and go to Canon.

            • PHB

              Oh certainly, don’t look if you are going to use Canon. Best keep both eyes tight shut as the back focus on those $2000 lenses is a total horror-show.

            • JRome

              “Best keep both eyes tight shut as the back focus on those $2000 lenses is a total horror-show.”

              Most complaints I hear about are actually front-focusing for Canon’s… but these complaints are only levied by people who are dumb and haven’t calibrated their lenses… you can change the focusing to whatever you want… and mine are all dead on!

          • jo


  • D7000 Fan

    Hey, consider this scenario:
    Nikon and Cannon are waiting for the other one to go first. Nikon accidently onpurpose gives some false specs to nikon rumours, cannon responds with the oposite camera, and nikon then . . . . .

    • MJr

      Responds ? You thing they made this in a few weeks do you ?

      • MJr


      • D7000 Fan

        Maybe you are right. Maybe they have made several versions and choose which one to release based on what canon do. Remember there is a conciderable delay between announcement and release.

        Nikon rumours need to hire some wikileaks hackers.

        • D7000 Fan


        • Hom Thogan

          Hardly as R&D and testing costs a whole lot of money, this camera project may have begun as far as before the 1Ds MKIII launch, as we speak Canon has been manufacturing this camera for quite sometime to get enough stock for next year’s launch.

    • Moth Flopwell



      • D7000 Fan

        woopsie. (the n key is right next to the n key you see)

        • preston

          lol. Everyone knew what you meant. But some people correct others to feel good about themselves.

          • Now that the system camera’s like the Olympus Pen etc are getting better, they had to step it up. I was told by a salesman that DSLRS were getting much better because of the great quality delivered by these small systems. I want this one though.

    • JRome

      While Canon does pay attention to Nikon, I highly doubt they would change their entire strategy just because of some words on NikonRumors…

      Canon is very aware of what technologies are marketable at what time… and while they don’t always break entirely new ground with every camera, they do break new ground every now and again (ie 5d mkII which changed the whole industry).

  • nau

    thats one sweet camera… hope D(whatever) will be even better… but looking at the history this time Canon actually might take the lead

    • I think it largely depends on what you use your camera for, and what specs you value the most. I’ll take megapixels over FPS any day. (Plus I don’t care for full “pro” body cameras like the D3 / 1D series.)

      What WOULD sway my buying decision is PRICE and image quality.

      • rem

        i dunno
        that 100-51200 native iso sounds pretty dang delicious
        although i agree on not being terribly fond of the “pro” shape cameras

      • Alex

        true… but with your needs you are not the target market for that camera and never were – you got 5dII to play with

        I like my ISO to be sky high and cant care mush about megapixels 16-20 is a lot….

      • Hhom Togan

        If you take a high megapixel count then I am sorely sorry for you, the problem is that as it is now, most high end cameras are outresolving even the new lenses that have been just launched, also the problem is diffraction too, if you want absolute image quality there’s only a way: conservative pixel pitch size with new gapless lens technology.

        Besides unless you are doing high end campaigns (a la Demarchelier, Leibovitz, Chase Jarvis, etc.) you are better served with a medium format camera with a sensor big enough to mantain a decent pixel pitch size and a huge megapixel count.

        So your logic is flawed, you may go hide under a rock we will call you back when you have given some thought to what you said.

    • Sahaja

      Amongst other things, this is obviously Canon’s camera camera for the 2012 Olympics. Should keep their sports shooters from switching to Nikon.

  • Oh good, something to please the Nikon users who griped about the D800 specs. Looks like it’s time to start checking Craigslist for lens deals again. πŸ˜‰

  • Valadice

    Any chance D800 having similar sensor like Sigma Fovean thing. Always confusing with their 40MP which is a 14MP at the end of the day.

    • Art

      I”ve always thought that it would be really cool if Sigma were to release a true full frame Fovean sensor. Lots of MP. The thing is these sensors while pretty cool really suck for low light photography so I”m sure Nikon and Cannon wouldn’t use these sensors even if they had the opportunity.

    • Sahaja

      No chance.

  • FrenchFlies

    18 mp… D4 will be around there too…… the 36mp D800?

  • Simon

    On CR it says the 18MP RAW image is so clean that upsizing it would be no problem.

    • Hom Thogan

      For much of the stuff you see you don’t need a high megapixel count body:

      Magazines are perfectly fine with 12 megapixels and 18 would do a nice double spread without problem.

      Newspapers print at ridiculously low PPI so 4-6 megapixels is an overkill.

      Billboards are printed at a laughable PPI so you can do with 3-4 megapixels.

      Content for tablets (Ipad, Android) won’t use the full 18 megapixel count on the images.

      Most people don’t need a huge print unless you are a high end shooter doing display material for a brand, something that will be inspected up close and for those requirements you can rent medium format gear.

      Many people buy the newer 16-18 megapixel cameras but they don’t even print their photos, so what’s the real need for all those “megapickles”?

      Meh to people like you… :/

      • Rednaxela


        • st r

          Yes, cropping. A pro who can frame perfectly on the fly and has the right lens for the job may not need cropping. On the other hand, amateurs like me need some safety margin to correct afterwards.

        • Hhom Togan

          As st r said: unlike amateurs pros know how to compose in camera so they don’t have to crop their shots, they are paid to deliver maximum image quality with no hassles, this camera is aimed to professionals not amateurs.

          Besides 3 megapixels is a ridiculously small difference in file size, I would invite you to do 2 documents in photoshop: 1 with the size of the EOS 1Dx files with filled with black color and 1 with the size of the 5D MKII size filled with white color, copy the one corresponding to the 1Dx and paste it on the 5D MKII file and you will see that the difference is so small you will eat your words.

      • Toe Hogan

        Canon is doing it RIGHT! Damn, Nikon is missing out….

        35MP… what a joke. 21MP would be perfect with creamy ISOs…. =]

        But now they are raising prices, and MPs, for no good reason at all. =[

        • 2much

          You must have missed the $6,800 price tag on this thing, didn’t you?

      • Cam

        You need megapixels to crop. Its important. however 18 megs is great.

        • Hhom Togan

          Whoever taught you that needs to be impaled and burned because it is stupid, you need megapixels to PRINT, if you need it to crop then I will give you a tip to save money in your next camera purchase: learn how to compose.

          • Benk

            You must not shoot sports I’m guessin, which by the way, is what this camera is primarily aimed at. I would love to know how you would shoot say a baseball game or cricket game if you’re in Europe from a fixed position with a fixed focal length lens (i.e. 400mm f/2.8) and get perfect composition on every shot. It’s not a matter of putting the subject where you want them in the frame, it’s a matter of simply not being able to be at the perfect distance from the subject on every shot.

            • Sahaja

              Newspapers don’t need high megapixels – 6mp is probably overkill for a full page photo at the dpi they print at – so 18mp still leaves plenty of room to crop.

  • As a long time Nikon user I switched to Canon 3 years ago,due to the big file size available on the 5Dmk11. However results I’ve seen from togs I’ve worked with using D3s has made me see that a big file is not always better. I habitually use the 5D at ISO 1600 and a 3 stop increase in sensitivity is well worth having for a smaller (but presumably cleaner) file

  • .am

    A fair few number of comments about the D800s 36MP being a bit of a joke – is there any chance that Nikon may have gone the same route as Fuji with the S/R type pixels and we may in fact be looking at two 18MP sensors with increased DR?

    • Hom Thogan

      As we speak Nikon is dropping tons of acid to their R&D and marketing department teams and offering them as sacrifices to the almighty camera maker god for their sins.

      • Bjrichus

        Oh my!

        Now I could just see THAT happening…


  • Eduardnic

    Wow! My head is spinning! I’ve been switching back and forth between Canon and Nikon for the last two years… Now I’m lost!!

    • Buy Holga. Save money.

      • dave

        brilliant fuckin comment.

        • Zenndott

          Guess the first poster in this tread got “toasted”, eh?

      • bought some lomo cameras, bought a mamiya 67 @ebay.
        Suppose the next step would be to replace my digital gear with a lightmeter πŸ˜‰

        • st r

          Digital cameras are excellent light meters!

          • exactly. But a lot more heavy and bulky πŸ˜‰

            • Hamuga

              If you have a smartphone you might already have a light meter.
              I can’t comment on Android or Windows phones but I have a free app on my iPhone called “light meter”.
              You just input your shutter speed, aperture and ISo, and away you go.
              It seems to work really nice too.
              You can also take a picture in the app that has all the info and gps tagged in it.
              Good times.

      • Double Tax

        Disregard camera companies, acquire images.

    • Matias

      Or.. Stick the gear you have and learn how to take photographs : )

    • Hom Thogan

      Buy a disposable camera and save money!

      • garrie

        Yeah, a disposal camera is full frame anyway.

    • Hoss Cartwright

      And have you shot pictures others than boring scenes of the suburban neighbourhood, or the furniture inside your livingroom in that time? There is nothing more stupid than switching the brand every two months, your pictures will definitely not improve doing this.

      I agree buy a HOLGA, or a disposable camera instead πŸ˜‰ Or buy the cheapest DSLR you find and relax.

    • As long as you keep all the glass, you should be ok…

  • FatAsianGuy
    • Cdemowork

      If the video link is real? then “Listen” The guys says they have 6 months to work on it. As in it’s not done they may be trying to get there horse before the cart!

      Does Nikon really have a camera for us next week? Is Canon just scared that Nikon can deliver or will Nikon need “six months to work on the new camera as well?

      I Hope that Nikon Does have a Set of new Pro DLSR about to be released.

    • Nawaf

      Who uses a 3GS to record video anyway? 4S is the way to go πŸ˜›
      Anything with an “X” makes me go x_x… I need this now!

  • Claude

    I am pleased to see that the 1D X is only 18 megapixels. I hope that Nikon take a lesson from that. Canon have been the main pushers of Megapixels and I think 18 is more than enough- I even think 12 is enough on the D3 S.

    • Well

      24MP is the end. 36+ should be reserved specialty market. I swear to god, Nikon made a huge mistake. They overshot the market.

      Canon for the win on this one — and I am a Nikon (reluctantly these days with the price-fixing going on and weird decisions).

      Nikon better put out a damn D800S, or its going to be a walk of shame with that 36MP monstrosity.

      • No

        No worries, the D4 will have around 18MP, too. And later there will be a real D700 successor. In the meantime the D800 makes a stand against the 5D MkIII! πŸ™‚

        • Joe


        • koneydoong


          Isn’t that screamingly obvious that the D800 is to compete with high MP bodies?

          There will be a smaller 18mp FF later, and only after the D4 sales slow down.. calm yourselves children.

        • John Richardson

          What D800?

          No announcement, no specs, no camera … right not it is just vaporware, UNTIL NIKON says officially.

      • MJr

        Nah man D800 with have 3 layers of 12MP each with monstrous dynamic range. Obviously marketed as 36MP grand total πŸ˜‰

    • Carsten

      I am glad that Canon finally stopped the MP-race, for most application 18MP are enough. Perhaps the 5dMkIII will have more, but this is aimed at different photographers for whose speed is a lesser issue (studio/landscape).

      I reckon that we see here the sibling of the D4. Both Canon and Nikon listen to their professional users (= actual sales) – less than to fanboy sites (= drooling about features of the next model)

  • NicolΓ²

    And with 50mm f/1.2!

    • Carsten

      Is this the kit-lens?

  • IanZ28

    Holy crap it’s real!

    • IanZ28

      I just read through all the details on the dpreview announcement and wow! this is one serious chunk of camera! I won’t be jumping ship (can’t afford it) but the specs on that camera are ideal! Assuming the actual performance measures up to what should be expected; Canon will have a big winner on their hands.

      And, these are precisely the kind D4 specs we should expect. The big bonus! A more realistic sensor on the D800! (Not the crazy 36 mp as rumored.)

      • Not Surprised

        Canon got it RIGHT. How? By making the D800 that was supposed to be!!


        *shakes fist at Nikon*

        • PHB

          This camera is twice the price of the D800, so hardly a substitute.

          If you can’t afford a flagship camera you are going to have to put up with twice the number of pixels and needing to use two candles to take pictures by instead of one.

  • nik

    hopefully nikon D4 will have iso 819200

    • IanZ28

      No 1,000,000 iso?

      That would be so disappointing!

      • Not Surprised

        Remember when contrast ratios on TVs were reasonable?

        Now they are all like 1 jillion : 1 contrast ratio!

        As opposed to 1 gazillion : 1??? =P

  • FM2 lover

    β€’March Availability ?

  • Hold-on a bit!
    Wider aperture must have more Cross Type Sensors, but here is not! Am I missing something?

    21 f/5.6 Cross Type Sensors
    20 f/4 Cross Type Sensors
    5 f/2.8 Cross Type Senors

    What do you think?

    • mape2k

      Same thought, I think its switched around? Isn’t it like this:

      5 f/5.6 Cross Type Sensors
      20 f/4 Cross Type Sensors
      21 f/2.8 Cross Type Senors


      • Not Surprised

        Never rely on Canon AF system… even their specs won’t get it right on. lol….

      • denz

        nope, the specs are right, it has 21 cross type at f/5.6 plus 20 cross type at f/4 plus 5 double cross type at f/2.8

        • Oh I see. .So, it has in total:
          21 Cross type at F5.6
          41 Cross type at F4
          36 Cross type plus 5 double Cross type (Diagonal) at F2.8.

      • denz

        “The 21 focusing points in the central area are standard precision cross-type and effective with maximum apertures as small as f/5.6, depending on the lens in use. The center five points are also high-precision diagonal cross-type points for maximum apertures as small as f/2.8. All 61 points are sensitive to horizontal contrast with maximum apertures as small as f/5.6 and 20 of the outer focusing points function as cross-type points with maximum apertures as small as f/4.0. the 20 other is not cross type a total of 61 AF points.”
        21 points where in 5 of them is diagonally sensitive at f/2.8 (all of the 21 points are cross type and sensitive as small as f/5.6) 20 points are cross type and sensitive as small as f/4.0, meaning using f/2.8 or wider you got 41 cross type sensors and 5 of them are diagonally sensitive.

  • EdFrances

    Sincerely I like the idea of this camera a whole lot and I hope Nikon follows suit, because I much prefer a camera with a normal pixel pitch (no problems with diffraction and outresolving lenses) and great IQ (noise, micro detail capture, etc).

  • kOBA

    is this nikon camera.. ? or its my mistake
    i have to search for nikon news site πŸ˜›

  • Don’t worry. March availability means no more than this blog`s fantasies.
    We here can introduce Nikon D3sxx with 10005000 megapixels/AF/ISO/fps with availability 1st april 2112. This will be equal.
    Canon’s nerves break first… is nervous and really fail. Ha-Ha! Introducing 1/2 year ahead!

    • denz

      just take note that canon also noted that they can change the specs without prior notice. any development in 6 months can be included when it is release.

  • Anand

    Perhaps its just me…but I do not think there is anything special about this camera (except for 14 fps!).

    I mean, everything else seems to be pretty standard these days. I mean..18mpix??? really??? No big deal.

    61 focus point? Ok….so my D300s has 51!

    And what’s with the cross types at different f/stops??? My d300s has more cross types and at every f/stop!

    Its got USB2…why not USB3???? Ethernet connection? ok…fine, but that is for such a limited # of daily pros.

    Come on…Canon I think messed up with their flagship here. After all this time, they should have come out with something better!

    Now, if the ISO is killer at 50K….welll…that’s would be worth it in everyway then!

    • It has the ingredients of becoming an awesome sports photographer camera .

      • Yes, it seems to have a good balance between nice features. Will be very popular with the sports shooters. Let’s see what the D4 has to offer, the D3s suddenly got beaten on it’s own game (high iso perf.)

    • Bigus Dickus

      you mean limited # of pros which coincidentally are 100% of people buying 1d series?

    • hm

      Thats right — it is supposed to be standard. 18MP and super high ISO!

      So why isn’t Nikon going to do it, instead of a 36MP monstrosity?

      • monstrosity????? why would you even say that? are you serious? that’s like complaining that the new ferrari goes 235mph…. how dare they make a car that goes so fast, I want slow speed handling! such a monstrosity!!!

  • Tonny

    Just recently, when I click on any topic in nikonrumors to see the comments I always have to refresh that page to really see the latest comment otherwise it shows the non-update which I visit last hour.

    e.g. it shows 184 comments on the main page but when I click to see it shows only 160 comment from my previous visit last hour. Is it my firefox wrong or this site?

  • Looks pretty awesome to me. Anything that pushes the boundaries of what cameras are capable of capturing, cleanly and usable is fabulous. I wouldn’t care less if it was Holga, Pentax, Canon or whoever. If the technology is moving on, the usable bits will all filter down to whatever system you use. being a Nikon kinda guy, I’m sure they have this sort of spec well covered for the D4 whilst covering the options of the studio shooter with some crazy Mp D800. Splitting the line-up makes loads of sense. I’ll have to buy two different bodies to do different tasks. Marketing sense! Can’t wait for either! As for postponing the release of info due flooding in Thailand, whilst natural disasters are terrible things, I’m sure the specs of the camera could be still released Nikon. Just extend your delivery date! Give us chance to save up our hard earned cash!

  • goldaccess

    Interesting how many here are out of the sudden impressed by the specs and wish Nikon would do the same…

    The very same people would give Nikon a hard talk ’cause of announcing vaporware (March 2012 – are you kidding?) and the massive price tag. Also they would scream about “where is my high pixel count FX camera?”.

  • simpleguy

    i really hope that now that they have the ball they would reconsider their MP monster and exchange it with some really mind blowing specs

    like better than ISO 100-51200 Native which is usable ofcourse
    better than 12 Frames Per Second , and much better video specs, like for example 1080p with 24fps until 120fps with a much better dynamic range , and a better and different compression in video

    because i think canon is not stupid it is giving them the ball to see what nikon will be coming up with , so they can counter respond with their 5d mk iii or some other invented camera lineup , and they will , but better than those specs i mentioned i doubt they can even match
    but matching a 36mp which has nothing else with it camera , they can do in seconds IMO

    • goldaccess

      Of course they are not stupid. They have clever engineers.

      What makes me think: announcing something 5 month ahead of time. Why do they do that? Being afraid of Nikon announcing a compelling D4?

    • “i really hope that now that they have the ball they would reconsider their MP monster and exchange it with some really mind blowing specs”

      reconsider? they probably have thousands of D800’s produced already…

  • Erik Cartman

    Wow — The specs on the new Canon are very compelling. Pardon me if I skimmed the release too quickly and get any of this wrong but:
    Wireless tethering option;
    New mircrolens structure;
    Giant densely packed photosensors;
    Near instant multi-exposure in-camera combined HDR images;
    Upgraded video.
    IMO this camera is going to be hot-sh!z. With great low light images and perfected focusing I think one would have to a joker or mad-dog Nikon fanboy to badmouth this camera with a straight face.
    And since so many here love to proclaim they don’t care about megapixels, I own two 44″ carriage printers. So I care, and would still love to see a Nikon MF offering.

    • .am

      Ethernet β‰  Wireless.

      • Eduardnic

        + 1 !!!

      • Eduardnic

        + 1 !

      • IanZ28

        no but ethernet may be intended to provide high speed video output to external storage devices (reliability and bandwidth?)

        Not to mention the ability to sell the “optional” wireless adapter that will cost an additional $500 or so.

        • VJ

          A cheaper option would be to get a ethernet bridge… Only drawback is that those things are not battery powered.

      • Erik Cartman

        I take it you did not read the Canon press release I mentioned or are just ignorant about this sort of shooting. I specifically said “OPTION” in my post. I’m not talking about the wired ethernet. I’m talking about the wireless WFT-E6A option which Rob Galbraith is reporting will have all previous WFT operating modes — “FTP Transfer, EOS Utility and WFT Server modes and more”. This includes wireless remote Live View shooting. But now at faster 802.11n speeds for, what I believe, is the first time for Canon. It seems a little pathetic for people to go out of their way to attempt a “gotcha” in the comments section when they don’t know what they’re talking about.

        • Erik Cartman

          I should have noted above that I was responding to .am and Eduard’s comments.

  • broxibear

    “The Canon EOS-1D X will be available in Japan from late March 2012”
    This is a Canon leak to create some buzz and take some of the wind out of Nikon’s sails, March is a long way away.
    I don’t think there will be much difference between this spec and those on the D4. I’ve always thought the D4 would be 18mp and maybe a stop better than the D3s.
    As far as stills are concerned, with a 35mm sized ff sensor and dslr body, I think they’ve squeezed as much out as they can…since the D3 we’re talking tiny steps in stills.
    This 1D X is just Canon catching up and adding a few peripheral features…The D800 and 5D Mark III will be the video cameras.
    I wonder if Canon will announce a mirrorless in time for Christmas?…they’re going to lose a lot of sales and ground if they don’t.

  • rob

    not a bad camera! Seriously the first Canon ever to tempt me. 18mp is about right, I’m glad their new flagship has a reduced mp count, maybe stemming the mp war? Will have to see how it performs at 51,200 ISO, but again thats just a numbers game, if it can perform well at 6400 that should be enough. My Canon peers always moan about autofocus, the cross-type layout may help here, but I never knew they were dependent on lens aperture (Nikon does not have this restriction does it?), but the 20 outer cross types @f/4 will be useful in my field (catwalk), and the 12fps in RAW is fantastic.
    So come on Nikon, lets see your response ;0

  • Jimmy
  • Roakaka

    Daaaaaaaaamn :-O Daaaaaaamn

    Gonna be very exciting to see what the D4 will bring to the table now…

  • Gordon

    One thing I did miss before is the in-camera HDR from 9 exposures. I am interested to see how this works.

    Oh well, at least Pro Nikon’s have circular eyefinders, that must account for something? πŸ˜€

  • Eduardnic

    Worry not about Canon as Nikon will release D800 Monster!!
    * Name: Nikon D800
    * 36MP sensor
    * 36 Fps
    * 360% viewfinder coverage
    * 360 points AF point
    * USB 3.6
    * ISO range: 36– 36000
    * 3.6 inches 360 deg. swivel LCD
    * Expeed 3.6v processor

    • broxibear

      You forgot about the Β£36,000 price.

      • Psycho McCrazy


  • Mourie

    If i ever win the lottery….

    Top and latest FF Model + selection of top Lenses

    for now it’s only ‘dreaming”


  • broxibear

    Canon Europe have released more information here
    Nice camera…am I switching?…don’t be silly lol.

    • Carsten

      Good that it isn’t coming out before March, otherwise this thread would be full of “I am disappointed from Nikon and switch to Canon” posts.

      Though only 0.05% of those how would write that have the $8k to actually get one…

  • Bigus Dickus

    so to sum it up what we know:

    canon released 1dx
    nikon to follow their strategy with high res semi pro D800 and D700s, eventually D4 which will be about 20Mpix with high iso.

    they learned that nobody buys D3x because it does too little on such small sensor and power of 135 is in documentary.

    good point is that it wont make D3s obsolete anytime soon as all updates will be likely minimal (to the effect) and mostly comfort-wise (ethernet, etc)

    bring it on.

  • SNRatio

    Seems very similar to the last major launches: Pro: Canon first, then Nikon (D3). Pro/Enthusiast: Nikon first, then Canon (5DII).

    Canon may have felt the need for this “pre-announcement” to avoid unnecessary defection. The 1DX clearly bypasses the D3s, but it will be interesting to see by just how much – these specs are, as many have noted, not very far from what might be expected for the D4.

    Maybe we will end up with quite similar offerings from Nikon and Canon this time, both for the high-ISO and high-res models?

    • Bigus Dickus

      exactly. point is that you dont need pro high res camera. pros have MF system for that. Noobs tend to need high res cameras even not selling any pics. So give them the option for cheap.
      We need mediocre MPs (rather nort of 12M) but awesome everything else.
      Anyway, first camera maker to feature Sony-like sun readable screen (or histogram at least) gets my moneys.

  • Joe

    Sorry, I don’t get my pants wet when I read the Canon specs. Just not my type of camera, 14 fps, absurd high ISO, improved AF to catch up with Nikon’s AF system: just useless for me. I’m looking forward to the D800, if it’s specs were true.

  • broxibear

    Nikon UK Say The Megapixel Race Ended Years Ago…
    “Its not a megapixel race anymore but instead a development of quality and the 10mp sensor in the Nikon 1 series has been specially selected to enable high speed. The Nikon D3s is the prime example of what you can do with a sensor and the 12mp Nikon D3s is still the market leader.”

    • IanZ28

      Takes a lot of guts to say that in the forums though.

      Get blasted every which way to Sunday. Be lucky to leave the post with your pants on. MP are king after all…… didn’chya know?

  • I love the specs. I don’t like the price tag very much though. If the D4 is similar at the same price point, then I’ll just get the D3s which is almost as good with a lot lower price tag. I don’t have a necessity for 36 megapix but I’ll hold judgement till the thing is actually released and tested. It may turn out to be a gem of a camera.

    • broxibear

      Hi Nubz,
      If you are going to do that then you’ll have to be quick. The D3s stock levels are still very low and even when the D4 is announced the D3s will not come down in price, it’ll just go out of stock…the prices of the D3 actually went up as stock disappeared when the D3s was announced.

  • Dweeb

    Another 90’s style sports camera from Canon. I hope Nikon put out something different, not just re-live the past decade with incremental upgrades.

  • C

    Very funny.

    People in NR is saying that 1DX is their dream camera and plan to switch to Canon because:

    – High ISO is what I want

    – Megapixel is not necessary

    However, people in Canon forum is saying that IDX does not attract them and plan to switch to Nikon D800 because:

    – High ISO is not necessary

    – Megapixel is what I want

    Many years ago when D700 and 5D2 come out…

    Nikon people jealousy on 5D2:

    – High ISO is not necessary

    – Megapixel is what I want

    But when D800 rumor comes out Nikon guys just think 1DX is better

    Canon people jealousy on D700:

    – High ISO is what I want

    – Megapixel is not necessary

    But when 1DX is launched Canon guys say D800 is better

    Nikon and Canon are doing the right things to listen to the customers, but all customers seem always against to their brand, no matter what Nikon / Canon is doing.

    Ain’t they crazy?

    Isn’t it funny?

    • Kurt Low

      LOL !

    • Ant

      When will they invent the 36mp, 14 fps, 200k ISO camera that sells for $2000?

    • This is pretty much the best reply to the entire discussion. I couldn’t have put it better. It just proves that you can’t please everyone, and that is the REASON that multiple brands survive. If every single consumer wanted / needed the EXACT same camera, then we would very quickly end up with just one company selling one product, and I don’t even need to go into the huge problems that would create for both quality control and customer support.

      People need to suck it up and stick with the camera they’ve got. Sure, switching / upgrading is exciting, but I just don’t wanna hear people whine about the grass being greener. Personally I shoot equally on Nikon and Canon, heck I work on both Mac & PC, and I shoot both RAW, JPG, and even film. There is NO SINGLE SOLUTION to every problem out there.


    • Sahaja

      It may be good for both companies if they can get users to switch back and forth between brands every few years, each time buying a new set of lenses.

  • ericnl

    so with this we now know what the D4 specs will look like (more or less).
    and with the rumored D800 specs for next week, I can see a lot of people (like me) who are waiting for an ‘affordable’ low-light FF camera going to buy a D700 right after the D800 announcement.
    how long would it be before Nikon would announce that affordable FF lowlight camera?
    (either the D800S or a FF D400)

    if they wait long enough they will first sell a boatload of D700 cameras to FF switchers, who will then be outraged by (but will still also buy) the lowlight FF that comes a little later.
    good sales tactics πŸ˜‰

    • Bigus Dickus

      just wait. there will be high iso alternative to D800. Either D700s or D800s, but there will be.

      • goldaccess

        Would not bet on that.

        I think we might see less models instead of more. At least in the high end market.

        Canon makes the move and reduces lineup of about one model (merging 1Ds and 1D).

        Nikon might kill the D3x line and only have D4 and a D800.

        Rationale? Less costs.

        • ericnl

          if I were to run Nikon I’d have 4 FF cameras:

          1x big body (big price) high pixel count, high fps
          1x big body (big price) high iso value, high fps
          1x small body (lower price) high pixel count, low fps
          1x small body (lower price) high iso value, low fps

          • goldaccess

            A very good way to ruin yourself. FX cameras don’t sell in big numbers. More models = higher costs per unit.

  • Psycho McCrazy

    Any takers for my F5, AF-S 50/1.4, AF-D 20/2.8 and D70 (will throw in the basic 70-300/4-5.6D for free)

    On a serious note, yesterday I was talking to a friend who actually is a pro photographer (sole source of income is photography). He said something that made me give up all the thoughts about switching. He reminded me that as an hobbyist, my bread and butter does not depend on the kind of camera I have, and thus it is mindless to switch as I can never recoup the loss of a system change. (even if my system is just two lenses, a film body and a 7 year old DX body).

    The 1Dx specs sure are really really inviting, but to be real honest, the D3s is not too far behind, and by the time the 1Dx actually hits the market, the D4 is sure to be released / announced, perhaps effectively identical in specifications.

    All I want now is one of the many D3s that will come down to the 2nd hand shelves!

    • IanZ28

      As a pro photographer he should have also been able to explain that Camera equipment is a business expense. The price of these goods is divided by the number of expected years of service and used as a tax deduction.

  • broxibear

    Fear not Nikon fans, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am is your God; Nikon will strengthen you, Nikon will help you, Nikon will uphold you with it’s righteous right hand and today we introduce our new advert…

    • Ashton

      If the D800 comes in colors, it will totally rule, dude!

  • AJJA

    Nikon Killer.
    Game Over

  • I dunno about you guys, but the BIGGEST thing going through my mind right now is just how dirt-cheap I’ll be able to find a D3s now, thanks to all the sissies out there who switch brands every single time the other brand comes out on top. I might get crucified for saying this, but I doubt the D4 will top this and I’m actually okay with that because it will drive down the price of a D3s.

    Unless the D4 (16-18 MP) has an affordable sibling, (D800h/s) AND has newly re-designed AF, …then I’m 100% certain my next purchase will be a used D3s.


    • broxibear

      Hi Matt,
      Someone else mentioned the D3s dropping in price or suddenly becoming available on the used market but I don’t see this happening at all.
      When the D3 was replaced by the D3s prices didn’t come down, the D3 just became unavailable. The prices here in the UK of new D3 bodies went up not down. If anything you might see some a few more used D3 bodies because D3s bodies will be kept as back ups, as this what many did with their D3 bodies when they bought a D3s.

      • Here’s the way I see it… This new Canon is just about perfect in my eyes for the types of photography that I am interested in. I wouldn’t buy it though because I don’t have Canon lenses and I don’t care for Canon’s ergonomics. I do think that the D4 will be an even better camera than this one since this new Canon is only slightly better than the D3s (at least the specs). The thing that scares me is the nearly $7000 price tag that they are asking for this thing. It’s a $5500 camera at best as I see it. If Nikon follows suit with a 36 magapix D800 and a $7000 D4, the only real option would be a D3s. If that’s the case then the D3s would be in very high demand indeed along with a D700. Luckily for me I am very happy with my D300s and my Mamiya RB67 and am in no real rush to get my full frame Nikon. Lenses aren’t an issue since I never really bought any DX lenses anyway. If Nikon can release a D4 with better specs than the 1Dx and manage to keep the price <$6000, they will will make me a happy man. They still need an affordable full frame model though. I'll give them time. I believe they will deliver.

        • broxibear

          I loved using RB67s, best focusing system of any medium format camera I ever used.
          As I’ve posted before the D3s is a stop better after 3200 than a D3, I expect the D4 might be another stop better than the D3s, but apart from that from a stills point of view there will be no real difference.
          Unless there’s a physical problem with my D3 I won’t be upgrading any time soon.
          It amazes me just how expensive some cameras have become, even us working photographers have a budget…granted some have bigger budgets than others, but then some of us weren’t $10m in debt were we Annie lol ?

  • Ant

    I would guess that Nikon will take a similar approach to Canon. A “pro” camera with enough pixels, but ultra-fast and with amazing high-ISO capabilities – that’ll be the D4. In addition a “landscapes” camera with lots of pixels, but forfeiting the speed and high-ISO – D800. You can bet that Canon will revamp the 5D with higher resolution in the coming months too. They both appear to be plowing the same furrow.

  • Mark

    It is pretty clear Nikon will not announce a FF camera this year. The comparison between Nikon and Canon releases show two things – that in normal times, Nikon releases first, and secondly, there is a gap upwards of 6 months before Canon releases its product.

    Given the trouble Nikon have had over the past year, it is not unreasonable to think their FF schedule is off by at least one year.

  • It looks like an amazing camera. I don’t think there’s any argument there. I think everyone needs to calm down and wait to see what Nikon has up there sleeve however. All we have right now is rumors. Nothings is in stone, and Nikon is set to release both a successor to the D700 and D3S.

    So what if the “D800” is going to be a higher megapixel camera. Canon’s 5D mark III is potentially supposed to be the same thing. Nikon very well may release a D4 that is on par with this camera or better. If you think about it, this camera isn’t THAT much better than a D3S anyway

    It’s a good camera, and if I were still a Canon shooter I’d want one. The games are just beginning and I say everybody should relax, pour themselves a good stiff drink, and wait to see what Nikon has in store

    If Nikon releases a pro level V1 , THEN you have permission to panic πŸ˜‰

  • dbas

    Video features don’t look like much of an improvement. Thom Hogan says the next Nikon will have XLR inputs.

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