You can already see the new Nikon pricing policy in action at B&H

Amazon price: $2,159.96

B&H price: $2,399.95

Since B&H will be closed till the weekend, it seems that they already updated their prices according to the new Nikon policy. You can get a feeling of the new prices on their website. Here are few examples:

Amazon and Adorama still have the old prices but this will all change on October 16th. If you have planned to buy a lens, now would be a good time to pull the trigger and save few $.

Just a reminder that there will be a new Nikon instant rebate program starting on the 16th (you will need to purchase a Nikon body in order to qualify and the D700 and D3s will probably be out of stock).

The 10% off coupons for BestBuy now excludes Nikon DSLRs, lenses and flashes - many readers have used this coupon in the past to purchase the D7000 camera when it came out:

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  • henry

    That’s good for all sellers involved.
    Sell sell sell!!!

    • Banned

      You bet it’s good for you Henry Posner from B&H, you get to make a shit load more and you didn’t even have to lift a finger. MFing Nikon did all the work for you. Now that people won’t be shopping around anymore it’s easier than ever for resellers to make a buck. And all that in the midst of a major depression. THANK YOU NIKON!!!

      • +1!! Just in time for the D800, and whatever lenses and etc they have coming this month. -_-

      • Yagion

        Behave now. Be professional.

      • Dandydon

        I disagree. I think this is really bad for the big online dealers. If their price is now the same as my local guy, why would I buy from them?
        I already don’t like buying something that expensive remotely and I already like the idea of helping my local economy. I live in NY so I pay the tax either way. Plus NY and other state are now trying to enforce you to pay the tax if bought online from another state. Plus, some states don’t have much sales tax. I think it will help the local guy cut deeply the online big guy.


        • Calibrator

          “and I already like the idea of helping my local economy. ”

          With this tactic you will be the prey in the globalized economy we live in. As long as you will feel well…

        • bob

          Why not just cut to the chase and make a direct donation to all your “local guys” instead if it makes you feel better?

          • Mock Kenwell

            Such ignorance. Why wouldn’t he want to give his
            local shop more business? That means more of his tax dollars go local, where he can most benefit from them. In the future, less shipping distance will drive a lot of consumer decisions.

            • Victor Hassleblood


              ” I already don’t like buying something that expensive remotely”

              IMO this is another very good reason. I have a Nikkor in my bag with a strangely behaving VR (lens is rocking madly whenever the camera is turned on). Unluckily the lens is bought online and out of warranty. Sending it somewhere just doesn’t provide the same satisfaction as slamming it on the desk of a local, who sold it.

      • Calibrator


    • Andrew

      I don’t see how this new policy benefits sellers. Most people buy at the big sellers – Amazon, B&H, BestBuy, etc. Most shoppers are more comfortable buying from the big sellers anyway. The perception of big savings usually results in more purchases. I think this would hurt Nikon. Take BestBuy for example, they printout massive distribution of weekly Ads that regularly show specials on Nikon cameras. This is free advertising for Nikon. Once those specials are gone, there will be no incentive for consumers to “act now!”. And worse, Nikon products may not be advertised as often; and the result – “out of sight, out of mind.” But I am certain that Nikon will watch very carefully the impact of their current action on revenue. They are a business, and if the new policy affects them adversely, the will renege and back down.

      • Andrew

        correction… they will renege and back down.

      • Roy

        The Best Buy promos you’ve been seeing have been Nikon promos. You’ll still see them. Additionally, Nikon gives co-op advertising dollars to it’s dealers to put their name out there.

        • Alex

          Ditto to what Roy said. When you see ads for products in a retailer’s flyer the manufacturer is most likely funding at least part of the cost of that advertising – co-op like Roy said.

  • Does the plan include governmental and student discounts? I know quite a few people who take advantage of BHs programs like these..


    • Well, it must because there are now only two lenses that have the “EDU Advantage” on them, and it’s the 28-300 VRII, and 70-200 VRII. The 70-200 is the same price as without it, the 28-300 is $10 more expensive than Amazon, and $10 cheaper than Adorama.


      • Even the SB-900 is listed s “EDU special” and is still the same price as everywhere else. And all three of the listed items are also apparently out of stock..


    • Ritz employee

      Ritz camera employees can no longer receive employee discounts …not sure of other discounts

      • Best Buy Employee

        Same for Best Buy. No more employee discount on Nikon (not like there was much of one before anyway — even with the discount, B&H was cheaper), but we still have whatever employee accommodations Nikon decides to offer. Accommodations are basically mail ordered through our Nikon rep, which is kind of a pain to deal with.

  • reading nikon rumors multiple times a day saved me from the price increase on the 14-24 🙂

    • NoFunBen


    • Roy

      If you need a camera, it will have a big savings next week. But you’ll have to purchase it with a camera body.

      • here’s to hoping that rebate gets extended to the new D800 series too!

  • What buy a new nikkor lens at full retail after the 16th? ummm…. sigma

    • I wonder if they’re going to raise their prices now as well. I doubt it, because they’re still selling lenses for other brand cameras as well, but its entirely possible that they could bump their prices on their lenses for Nikon cameras as well. Purely because they can afford to now.


    • NoFunBen

      if sigma or some one would make a 24-70 2.8 with VR (OS) i would buy it

      • Robert Daniels

        Totally agree with you! for now I’m making due with a 16-35/f4 and 50mm/1.4 mixing these up with the D300 and D700. I work it like this.

        When shooting event photography of people, group shots etc.. I use the D300 combo along with the 16-35/f4 which gives an effective focal length of 24-52mm/f4…although it does not have the reach or the extra stop of light the 24-70mm/2.8 on the D700, I make it work for me by adding a pop of indirect light from the SB900. The 16-35/f4 of course had VR thus I can hand hold reduce the shutter speed to also let more ambient light. Because the light from flash is firing straight up and spread it adds to the ambient light…THE pictures are outstanding and the images are TACK sharp because the 16-35mm is one of NIKON’s sharpest lens…especially since the D300 is using the centre of the lens. If I really need that extra reach I pop on the 50mm/1.4 on D300 to give me effective focal length of 75mm. What do I do with my 70-200mm/2.8… Well that will stay on D700 for most events. I will switch bodies however, when I need that 300mm reach. That is I put the 70-200mm on the D300 body giving a effect focal ength of 100-300mm/2.8. Now don’t get me wong my ideal event combo would be 24-70mm on D700. Long story short I dropped my 24-70mm overboard. It is a reef now 🙁 So now I wait patiently for 24-70mm VR version.

  • Not Nikon

    Sucks to be Nikon. Expensive just got more… expensive.

    • HowwasNikonhurting

      I don’t get it — how was Nikon being hurt?

      Some whiners must have been whining to some Japanese guys they knew. And those guys ‘for good relationship’ did typical East Asian way of twisting everybody elses arm into submission while saying “for the good of all.”

      But that’s a lie — this is good for no one. Far less reason to shop online.

      And now that California is going to charge sales tax to Amazon and others like BH and Adorama — it means the online sites are going to start dying off.

      End of an era. We’re going to return to the “good ol days” of no one buying DSLRS because they are too damn expensive ($4K for a D700 replacement — bullcrap Nikon, bullcrap).

  • Chris

    Looks like I’ll have to start using Tamron, Tokina, and Sigma lenses now. I love photography, but don’t make money off of it. I can’t afford Nikon’s prices at all, and the fact that third parties seem to be getting better at making lenses as time goes on just makes the choice easier.

    It’s a shame too because if Nikon’s lens prices were slightly lower, they’d have a lot my money already.

    • John Richardson

      Speaking of Tokina, they have been very quiet since March….

    • Professional

      Great – more equipment for the non-plebs!

      And remember: Coolpix is always an alternative!


      • Bill Mathews

        But I got my P7000 frm Amazon for U.S. $399. I’d like a P7100, but to me it’s not a $499 camera, and I won’t buy at that price, especially with the Fuji X10 at only $100 more MSRP.

  • The invisible man

    Thank you Peter, I just ordered the 24-70mm for $1699 at Adorama (they close at 12PM tonight, better hurry guys !)

    • Tony5787

      I was going to buy the 24-70mm but I just couldn’t do it I wimped out and bought the 24-120mm instead. It looks like a nice lens though hopefully I’ll enjoy it.

      • Joshua McLaughlin

        The 24-120 is a great lens. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I too was on the fence with the 24-70 and thought the slightly lighter 24-120 would allow me to lift my arms at the end of the day. The 24-70 is heavy.

      • B Manther


        I think you’ll be fine with your choice. I had the 24-70 but found it too short at 70mm. I got the new 24-120 f/4 and am in mid range heaven. It is super sharp on my D700 and just the right focal range for most of what I shoot. I do not miss the 24-70 one bit.

        • Tony5787

          Thanks for the input I can’t wait to get my hands on it later today. It’s probably at my house as we speak. Class and work can’t end soon enough today! One more thing though. I use the 70-200mm 2.8 VR I. Is the small focus ring hard to get used to after using lenses like that or is it comfortable? That was really my only concern. Things like distortion and CA really don’t bother me since they can be fixed easily in Lightroom.

      • The invisible man

        Yes the 24-120mm is a great lens but I need f/2.8 and I already have the 105mm micro f/2.8 to cover the potrait range.

  • Chris

    Stop the madness.
    Nikon lenses are overpriced already.
    Stop buying them and they will stop jacking up prices.
    See what happened to Netflix.

    Also amazon is compliant with MAP policy because price is not shown.
    Amazon will continue to sell at same price.

    • No, I think this “trick” will no longer be allowed after the 16th. B&H had it as well and it’s gone now.

      • Worminator

        The up side is people buying from local stores won’t feel like it’s an act of charity anymore as the price differential will not be more than the sales tax.

        The down side is competition is all but dead… though I have a feeling that Amazon etc will find ways of getting around it, perhaps by offering free extras to got with the purchase, etc.

        • broxibear

          Hi Worminator,
          “I have a feeling that Amazon etc will find ways of getting around it, perhaps by offering free extras to got with the purchase”
          That’s exactly what they’ll do.
          The other thing retailers like Amazon could do is to stop promoting Nikon products like they do, and instead promote rivals like Canon/Sony etc. If Nikon no longer see their logo on the main page but see Canon and Fuji far more prominently displayed maybe they’ll reconsider the policy.

        • bob

          “…will not be more than the sales tax.”

          I’m not sure where you are from but here we pay about 8% sales tax which means: 24-70mm = $1889.95 * 8% = $151!!!

          I’ll be buying online thank you.

          • BornOptimist

            Well, I have to pay 25% VAT. Online (domestic or abroad) or local shop – doesn’t matter – Everything is added 25% VAT, so stop complaining.

            • agreed

              Agreed, you Americans need to stop complaining, after all it was your lax property market that got us all in this fine mess… (but there are other factors)

      • Molesworth

        That’s correct. Unilateral pricing does away with the “see price in cart” tactic.

    • Mark J.

      You can’t really compare netflix to Nikon in any meaningful way.

      Netflix= entertainment service. e.g., people aren’t making money from it by subscribing/buying.

      Nikon= maker of gear that millions of working professional need to keep making their income that lets them get things like Netflix.

      It’s pretty unheard of(i can’t recall a single instance) of a company that produces products for working professionals being successfully boycotted before. Where as Netflix, Viacom, Warner, BOA etc are open to that type of protest because one can easily go elsewhere. Where with the Camera industry, you only have a few choices, and the change brands can amount to tens of thousands of dollars in added expenses for the photographer. I did the math last year when i contemplated a switch ti Canon, and i would be out about $4,500-$5,500 if i did it after selling off gear, and rebuying it all new again from Canon.

  • Jacob


  • Dave

    Too late to sell all my Nikon gear and buy Canon? 🙂

    • NoFunBen

      wait till after the 16, as the new price goes up so will the used price.
      all you lenses will be worth more!

  • Anon

    Thanks NR, you saved me some cash again.

    • so so

      Just yesterday ordered a 70-200 f2.8 at $2180. After few hours price got up to $2400

  • Bend Over

    Wow, can Nikon jam this up our backsides any higher? Nikon quality is not that good that their prices should be higher. For those prices I want Nikon to use MORE METAL and LESS PLASTIC.

  • Nicolò

    There is a deep recession coming, so the raise in price is just in time to kill the last bit of demand.

    • Vandyu

      Agree. People are already cutting back on non-essentials. So, if you have a good camera and lens, might be worth riding this economic mess out for a while. If you truly are making your living as a photographer and can classify your Nikon equipment as business expenses, then it’s not quite such a leap. But, for hobbyists, it does take more money to keep up. If you’re not getting a bonus or raise, then something has to give with everything going up, especially healthcare.

    • Rich

      I agree as well. A few houndred dollars is the difference from me eating and not these days. I’m ready to pack in the gear and go back to school. the only problem is I can’t afford to go back to college because they have raised their prices as well. I’ve been loyal to Nikon and this is the thanks I get. Fu Nikon!!

    • Banned

      What rock were you living under? There has been a deep recession for the past 3-4 years already.

  • Bryan

    Good to know that if I ever want to sell the 24-70 I bought new for $1450 a few years ago, I can get more for it used.

  • Chris

    Now there is no rush to buy D800 online. Support the local guys!

    • Not Nikon

      pfft.. yeah right, when they’re usually much more expensive than online?
      Online every time.

    • The invisible man

      7% taxes on a $4000 camera is still alot of money.

      • Anonymous

        WI do I have to pay full tax on my online purchases? Other people do not? That hardly seems fair. Taxes should be paid, online or not. I bought my D7000 through Amazon and paid 8% sales tax in NY. Between that and the lenses I bought, the taxes added up enough to buy a SB700! I bought through Amazon rather than the local dealer thinking that I would save a couple a hundred in taxes, but that wasn’t the case! I paid taxes in full. Screwy tax laws. We should a be paying taxes, no matter where we buy our equipment. If you are not, then you have a competitive edge over me…

    • Bob

      If you want to support the local guys.. Just donate to them DIRECTLY! if you feel so bad for them!

      • Banned

        To me supporting the “local guys” means supporting some arrogant rude fuck from a national chain also known as Ritz Camera. Not sure why I would want to do that.

  • BenA

    Any Maryland based photo retailers? This kind of thing used to be illegal under Federal law. Hopefully it will be again soon.

    • I’m in Maryland. Hopefully that passes!


  • I owe someone at Nikon Rumors a cup of coffee! I ordered the 14-24mm when NR announced the MAP policy for $1799 on Saturday from B&H.

  • Mark J.

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Yes, it’s a shame that we will no longer be able to snag gear online at a good 10% less than local retail. On top of no sales tax. But at the end of the day, this was not a sustainable market.

    Take Seattle for instance where i live. Were down about 50% on real camera shops over the last decade due to places like BH and Adorama undercutting them. Meanwhile those shops still had to deal with customers questions, and window shopping before they went online and bought it from someone else. We need to help the economy any way we can, and our Nikon overlords actually did something right with this as it will encourage more local sales, create more jobs, and keep more businesses IN business.

    Besides, were only looking at a like 10% increase in cost here folks. It’s not like this is Milk and Eggs, it’s a luxury item for those buying it that aren’t making money as photographers, and for those making money doing it, 10% is not all that much to shell out extra.

    • Mark,

      You’re making very thoughtful points. Keeping local businesses in business is important. I know of one camera store in a city where it’s now pretty much the only game in town. The others have closed their doors. And most of the accessories they sell (or at least what they display on their shelves) seems to be 3rd party brands, not genuine articles from the manufacturer. A little local competition is a good thing. But the stores have to stay open in order to compete.

      • Worminator

        Local, small stores make no sense in the internet age. If I want advice, getting into a car to driving out to a store to ask someone is the last thing that would come to mind! Likewise, “Shopping around” just doesn’t mean the same thing anymore: instead, check websites A, B and C. Click “buy” and it’s all done in 5 minutes without ever leaving the comfort of home!

        • Scott M

          Sometimes I need to compare the ergonomics of two products, and until someone makes an affordable 3D printer, you basically have to go to a store to do that. I guess you could get an online retailer to mail you 2 products and then send 1 back, but that seems like more of a hassle to me at present.

        • Mark J.

          So you just blind buy lenses? Camera Bags? Lighting equipment? Decide on camera bodies? Tripods? Ballheads? etc etc etc? And you pay shipping on the huge items that cost more to ship than local sales tax would be?

          Take for instance the Profoto gear i picked up last year. There is no way i would of just bought $8,500 in lighting gear without first talking to the local shop(Glazers) that sells, it rents, it, teaches classes on it, and uses it themselves. No online review, or phone conversation with a guy from NYC is going to help me as well as they(Glazers) does… Not only that, i was able to rent it, use it for a weekend, then come back and get a discount on the purchase because i rented it from them the day before. Show me where BH does that?

          And what about other rentals? Sure those online lens rental companies offer good deals. But when i get an assignment on short notice that requires something i don’t keep in my kit, they sure as heck aren’t going to be able to cover my needs. Last month i got assigned the Elwha Dam removal ceremony by National Geographic. Had nowhere near the gear needed as i normally don’t do press events. I got the call at 2pm on a Friday, and had to be on a ferry by 5am the next morning fully geared and ready to go. And the only localized rental places are brick and mortar camera retailers that were going under left and right. A purely rental shop at the local level isn’t sustainable in a most cities(aka anything but NYC,LA, maybe SF). So the need for local camera retailers is pretty darn essential in my mind.

          So while i do partly agree with your statement, i don’t think you fully grasp(or have a need for) all the things a true professional camera store being within short driving distance can do for you.

          • Good for you. I buy everything online… usually shipping is free and if you don’t like, send it back for free! Although, I’m 3 hours away from any camera dealer, so I suppose I’m biased. To each his own!

        • The invisible man

          I hope we will be soon able to buy cars online like we do for cameras because car dealers are F*****G liars.

          • Roddy

            Off topic, but we will be able to purchase cars online. I just ordered and received a custom German car and the dealer was rude and obnoxious. He drilled holes in the bumper after I had the order specifically written to not do so. I may be picky, but when I purchase the most expensive car on your entire lot, I expect to get what I ordered. If I could pick my own options and have the car delivered to my home, I would.

            IT IS COMING!

            • Banned

              That’s what you get for buying some snob german car, the dealers are just like the buyers: arrogant and entitled brats.

        • Alex

          Some items just make more sense to buy locally, such as rolls of background paper. In Birmingham, Alabama I know of 1 camera shop left where I can go and buy something like that. Then there are accessory items such as bags, tripods, tripod heads that I really like to try out first and sure don’t want to go through the hassle of returning to some online store. For me the price difference on those goods isn’t so great that I’d go online instead of local.

      • Sly larive

        Good points. We do have to support our local economy better as a whole but I prefer to see this responsibility to fall on cuatomers, not come from the corporate level.

        This will only hurt big, reputable US retail stores. People looking for a bargain, and there are a lot of us out there, will turn to Ebay or international sellers. This will probably mean more grey market products in the US. While the US can continue to operate with “protetectionist” mentality, fact is Asia and Europe cannot. Unless Nikon US is going to enforce a strict no warranty policy on imported products, they will find their own sales going down substantially in the coming years.

        I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing. Simply put, with the success of Ebay and rhe likes, it proves one thing. Customers are not afraid to take risks when yhey are offered a bargain.

        • Sly Larive

          Oops, I meant that it will hurt ONLINE US retail stores. Like B&H, Adorama and Amazon.

          • Roy

            Actually, it will probably help BIG online retailers.

            The biggest competition isn’t the local stores, it’s each other. The game is to sell the items at or near cost, and make money on extras, like warranties, etc. If they can now all make an extra 1% (after throwing in some “free” goods), with their turnover, that’s real money! Not everyone has a local store, and many will still buy online to avoid sales taxes. They know this.

      • Mark Shifter

        I used to work for Ritz, they laid off over 20 of us in town and now there are just 2 stores in Orlando. There are 2 more guys on UNEMPLOYMENT, sucking money from taxpayers. And worse allot of us have families with kids. Not a great christmas now. I also have to say as you save paying the local sales taxes, think of my 8 year old daugher as her elementry schol was closed due to lack of funds. ALL you had to do was keep local buisness alive and a bunch of us would NOT me taking public assistance!!!!

    • Yagion

      +1. I guess there are unselfish people after all.

    • NoFunBen

      by the time i am off work all the real camera stores are closed. I dont know how any one with a normal job can buy this stuff anywhere but online.

      maybe you live somewhere with 24 hr stores but here everything is closed by 6pm.

      • Mark J.

        They aren’t open on weekends in your area? i highly doubt it. Sunday’s maybe, but i’ve never seen a pro level camera store that was only open 5 days a week and only until 6pm. Wouldn’t be able to make any money that way.

    • Woo Young Sim

      I wish it was Milk and Egg money as you said. After I found out about the policy change I purchased the 14-24mm for $1799, total after shitting was $1800.45. Shipping was $1.45 for UPS three day. Had I purchased this lens locally, it would of costed me $1999+10% CA sales tax, that is $2199. As much as I would love to support my local store I can’t ignore a price difference of $400. That’s not Milk and Egg money to me for a single item purchase.

      Don’t get me wrong I do shop at my local camera stores but when the difference is substantial I simply can not ignore it. I also don’t feel obliged to support local camera store store just because their local. Any business, camera store or what not, must earn my business through superior service, price or something else that distinguishes them from their competitor.

      • Jeremy

        I haven’t laughed so hard at a comment in my life. Thank you.

        • Alex

          And the “t” key is just how many keys over from the “p”? lol

    • Banned

      If it wasn’t sustainable you can be pretty darn sure they would not have done it.

  • spamdie

    Yes as mentioned this is against Federal Law forcing retailers to not go below a price.
    Minimum Advertised price is allowed. But that’s not the same as saying you are not allowed to sell it for less.

    I’m sure after Christmas if the retailers see a sales drop because of it. They’ll say screw it and go back to the old way. Nikon can’t exactly find new distributors overnight.

    • Mark J.

      Sadly it’s not. The Post Bush appointment era supreme court ruled in 2007 that this is perfectly legal to do. Anything to do with regulations on businesses has been gutted the last decade 🙁

      • Neil

        MAPs have been done for years, long before 2007. The problem would be if Canon, Nikon, and Sony agreed to a MAP for their products. Individual companies have always had more leeway.

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        Bush’s fault.

        No photography for oil!

        Bush lied, Brick and Mortar Died.

        • Banned

          Buck Fush.

  • IanZ28

    I currently own 12 lenses. 9 of those 12 were purchased used.

    Buying used is a practice I will continue far into the future – especially with Nikon pulling crap like this.

    One just has to be smart about the purchases….. hands on is generally best.

    Fleabay is a dumping ground for troubled lenses (decentering, failing motors, sticky apertures, or otherwise broken/malfunctioning in some way) and the local Craig is a dumping ground for stolen goods.

    Of course this does very little to soften the blow for camera bodies and I for one don’t much like the idea of buying camera bodies used.

    • silmasan

      I’m starting from zero this year, but that’s generally been my practice for anything that goes with trend.

      Agree 100% about hands-on buying. I use online boards to find good stuff I want from local non-pros (hobbyists, amateurs, enthusiasts, collectors…) in my area. Not only this way I can be sure about the item I’m buying (I seek no less than “mint”), but also *the seller*. I can know the seller’s general characters from just having maybe a 15 mins convo, whether he’s a user, someone who actually loves taking pictures, a careful and thoughtful person etc (trust me, the item’s condition will reflect it).

      And because I have had one of my lenses serviced at the NPS, I will make sure that my Nikon stuff come with national official warranty (even if it’s expired–because without official warranty, services and costs are doubled–and local NPS here has such a great service I don’t want to service my Nikon gears anywhere else).

      Actually I prefer saving on secondhand bodies than secondhand lenses, because value with digital stuff deteriorates quite fast, unlike classic lenses. Though I surely hope I will pass this ‘starving artist’ phase ASAP 😀

      • Worminator

        I get cameras and lenses used from a reputable camera store. It costs a little bit more, but unlike ebay it doesn’t waste my time, and I have right of return in the very rare case there’s a problem that wasn’t spotted by the store before they put it up.

        However, since used prices are calculated as a fraction of new prices, at least for modern lenses, a price increase (in all but name) affects just about everyone.

  • Then, in Switzerland, Nikon prices are still decreasing…

  • broxibear

    I don’t think Nikon’s new pricing policy is going to save local camera businesses, they’ve got bigger issues than simply having the same price as an online retailer.
    Amazon might be forced to have the same price as your local shop, but they may have bought them from Nikon at a far cheaper price in the first place because they bought so much stock…which means they’ll make more profit on the same item.
    The other thing an online retailer like Amazon could do is bundle special offers…for example buy a D3s body and get a Manfrotto tripod for half price, Manfrotto aren’t introducing a min price ?
    I’m in the UK so this policy doesn’t affect me, even after these price increases prices in the U.S. are still far cheaper than almost anywhere in the world.
    Taking a step back from the photographic world, the globe is in financial meltdown… everything is going to be more expensive and I fear it’s going to last many years.

    • Joe

      Unfortunately, I agree w/Broxibear – this policy by Nikon will not save the local camera business…Are the other major retailers all doing this? There are many more items manufactured by other companies that are sold at a variety of prices… Usually, one can find items on-line much cheaper and not pay sales tax on almost anything.

      Furthermore, my impression is that this policy is nothing more than an attempt to sure up supply amongst retailers. Perhaps this may help Nikon address supply and demand issues on their end but in the long run I’m not sure how a price increase will increase demand.

      What really concerns me is the last statement by broxibear regarding the global financial meltdown. I for one do not see prices coming down – on anything in the near future while at the same time I do not see any sign of economic improvement anywhere. With that slump the demand for things like professional camera gear and/or services like professional photography may likely take a hit as people will buy what they need over what they want.

      Hopefully I am wrong and this pricing policy by Nikon will somehow make it easier for me to afford the products I purchase that I use to provide a service to my clients…

    • One More Thought

      One slight correction: the worldwide economic slowdown should make for lower demand and put downward pressure on prices. Ironically, if the economy were booming, Nikon and its retailers could raise prices even higher.

      But there are other factors than just demand. One, there is supply, which for Nikon has been constrained due to a variety of factors, including some natural disasters beyond Nikon’s control.

      Two, I think in these economic times, that sales of higher end items have been less impacted, as the wealthy still have a lot of money and indeed still have done quite well, in general. I realize that not everyone who buys this equipment is wealthy, and that some wealthy people have been hurt financially, but the point is that there are still a lot of wealthy people out there wanting to buy high end stuff, and that will keep demand high for things like expensive Nikon lenses.

      • Joe

        I agree with you on your statements in you 1st paragraph. and although I don’t disagree with what you mention after that I do have a slightly different take on the remainder of your post.

        First off Nikon made an error with the D200 that I believe that they learned from and will never repeat. If you recall there was a period of time where you could buy a brand new D200 for $599.00 from various large retailers – BestBuy was one of them. That said, there haven’t been any similar “over supplies” of Nikon gear since – regardless of the situation be it a flood, a nuclear meltdown or an earthquake… So my perspective is that Nikon is not constrained – rather, I suspect that prior to the earthquake and tsunami they have been cautiously “restrained” on their own behalf and that we’ll see more of this limited supply situation. (Basic supply & demand) Again, that is my opinion – maybe I’m wrong, maybe not…

        And to address your other point about the wealthy having more money, perhaps you are correct however that point somewhat conflicts with the statement you made about a lower demand putting downward pressure on prices. Maybe I am being too black & white but my experience in business has been that people either have money – or they don’t and with that, now may not be the best time to raise prices. I don’t think rough economic times causes an increase in the number of wealthy persons. If it did – the economy would be booming as mentioned in your first paragraph – would it not?

        Perhaps I disagree with you all together and I am not trying to flame you. My point is that I don’t believe that during bad economic times demand for expensive Nikon lenses will remain high on their own… Now, if the supply was limited to begin with – then that is a different story and I suspect that Nikon has been doing this already – even before the earthquake.

  • Chick


    This will be the first and final nail in the Nikon 1 coffin then. With E-P2 and G2 bodies going right now for $299 what typical potential Nikon 1 customer is going to want to spend twice as much for the Nikon?

  • One More Thought

    One silver lining to this is that Nikon is bringing back it’s rebates. As some speculated this was the intention all along…to allow for similar pricing, maybe even better in some cases, but with the impression of getting a discount…of course it also is designed to spur purchases of cameras as well…

  • I believe this will be with us for a while with the Yen strong and Nikon’s production of pro gear interrupted by the earthquake. This may have been done to avoid an increase in retail prices. Prices the dealers pay are probably about to go up.

  • b manther

    I want to express my gratitude to Nikon for finally curing my previously severe case of NAS. Thank you Nikon, you did it! I’m cured.

    OTOH, Fuji just may become the second largest camera/lens manufacturer with the X100, X10 and the upcoming interchangeable lens X100 type. It seem their sensors are outperforming Nikon’s IQ in the non DSLR arena. (X100 vs P7100 and V1)

  • texajoe

    The Nikon 1 system isn’t a “DSLR”. Can you use the coupon on that?

    • Worminator

      ILCs are grouped with dSLRs rather than compacts when only those two categories are considered. That’s how it’s done pretty much across the board and I think its for the best.

      The meaning of “dSLR” has been re-written to be “dILC” and now includes M8 and M9, m43, NEX, Nikon 1, and even Pentax Q. Oh, and the Samsung system camera I have not yet laid eyes on.

  • Roddy

    Anyone know where I can get a used D800?

    • silmasan

      The question is not where, but when…

    • broxibear

      You’ll be able to get them a few weeks after the D800 is launched.
      That’s when people will start reading the various problems it has on all the forums and they’ll start sending them back to the retailers.
      Not sure what those problems will be but I’m guessing hot pixels, strange noises during video reording, not as good as the D700 would be a good start ?

      • jacob

        You mean like “noise when I film with my lens cap on” kinda complaints 🙂

  • Jabs


    Off Topic

    Can you please put a LINK to older content without the RSS feed below the various pages in the Comment section, as when you go back to an old posting and now read the comments there, you cannot go back to the Heading and continue going backwards to older posts, but now have to come back to the NikonRumors home page.

    Maybe it is me and my settings?

    • You know that you can still navigate to older post by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Maintaining those link manually will be painful.

      • Jabs


        I was speaking about after you post a comment in an old area/topic and then now you have to go back and look for the original topic you just posted on, so maybe a link even to the original topic at the bottom of the comments page would be helpful.

        Not on all pages, perhaps!

        Yeah – don’t want to cause you more work and headaches – lol


        • oh, I see what you are saying – basically a “go to top” link at the bottom?

          • ok, I added a back to top link at the bottom of every single post

  • Jerry

    The Best Buy 10% off coupons that are included in the USPS change of address packet don’t exclude Nikon products and are valid from 10-1-2011 until 1/31/2012.

  • Sly Larive

    Lol, now that I’m thinking about it, this will have the exact OPPOSITE from the desired effect. I have a lot of European friends who buy their stuff from B&H. Now they’ll just buy from Ebay or other online stores. (Maybe Canada, Yay!)

    WTG Nikon US, you’ve just lost export sales to Canada and Europe (don’t know much about other regions but it’s probably the same as well)

    Even worse for Nikon is that this will make third party products more appealing.

  • Vladid

    It is time to go join the downtown protesters and demand lower prices.

  • Roddy

    This move will put the pro cameras back in pro hands. Everybody from hobbyists to pros were buying the D700, D300S, and D7000. With fixed-margin pricing, only many pros will spend the extra cash. I suspect many hobbyist will re-evaluate what they really need and downgrade their “wants.”

    Couple that with increasing pressure from the mobile phone market on the P&S market. Now add a flooded facility in Malaysia that has a limited supply of DSLR’s and Nikon may be headed for a perfect storm.

    The new iPhone 4S has an 8 Mpix camera, 1080p HD movies, in-camera editing and posting ability, and geolocation. Okay… your lighting and lens options are limited, but they are getting better at a much faster rate than major camera brands.

    So, the pros are unaffected and the P&S business is being cannibalized. What can Nikon do? Focus on the one segment where they can make a difference, the pro-sumer market. I hope they have a camera with low-light capability, fast frame rates for sports. The price needs to be acceptable to pro-sumers. I will gladly pay $2,200 for a great camera, but if I need $6,000 in pro-level lenses for basic flexibility, I now need to set some priorities.

    It seems to me that if lenses rarely change, cameras often change, and the pros are unaffected, wouldn’t it be best to charge more for the camera and less for lenses?

    • nau

      “It seems to me that if lenses rarely change, cameras often change, and the pros are unaffected, wouldn’t it be best to charge more for the camera and less for lenses?”

      so you charge more for lenses coz u sell them ones… you pretty much answered with your own statement….
      you hardly gone get more then 2 70-200 in your life (unless its broken etc)
      but you most defiantly fill go through 2+ bodies, repurchasing them from … wait for it …. from Nikon … because you already spend .000$ on optics : )

      if lenses were cheap you would switch between brands based on 1 camera model

      • Roddy

        Good insight: Increase the investment threshold for lenses to deter switching. I still think it is upside down. I am not going to buy an Android phone simply because it has better hardware specs and a lower price. I have loyalty to Apple because I trust they keep innovating and I am purchasing more than hardware from Apple. I am purchasing a system. Okay… my analogy is a bit of a stretch, but this is my point.

        Far more lenses are sold than cameras. The engineering investment is smaller and they should be less. Cameras are the innovation leaders and there will always be early adopters that must have the latest gear. They will happily pay for it. If Nikon needs extra revenue, this is the way to do it. I doubt few people would jump ship to another brand, just because Canon leap-frogs them one year with a camera that has more megapixels.

    • Andrew

      Wait for Nikon’s coupons for bundle camera and lens purchase. The discounts are pretty good. I really do not understand a lot of the complaints. The price on the D7000 is awesome. The price on the D800 which in reality is a D3x replacement is awesome. And Nikon’s rebates will give you great prices on lens.

  • David Pinkerton

    I’ve been planning on getting a 70-200mm VRII sometime in late November for Christmas but bought it a little early due to this news. Thanks NR!

  • NRC

    Argh! I was just about to use that Best Buy coupon (12% one, actually) today on a SB-700. I didn’t see the fine print.

  • AM

    Few hours ago a 70-200mm was selling for $2,169.99 and now it sells for $2,399.99 just for the heck of it. No supply shortage and no increase in demand to justify the price increase. So, this obviously breaks the very basic economic principle of supply and demand. Will this be sustainable by Nikon? I don’t think so. For me, it doesn’t make any sense to pay $230 more and not get anything in exchange.

  • tirmite

    Canon just got a whole lot more attractive. I don’t like being bullied. I stopped going to Cowboy’s games when a deal was made to only sell Pepsi soft drinks at the stadium years ago. Really bothers me when others make decisions for me or force me accept a plan that supposedly a “good deal” for me, but in reality only reduces competition. Is this America or Europe? The only advantage B&H and the like have now would be on large purchases where the shipping might still be less than local taxes would be. And when the politicians have their way and get taxes on internet sales I wonder if B&H will be the first to jump on the blog with such enthusiasm?

    • tomato

      That seems fairly overboard, don’t buy a drink then.

  • termite


    • Sly Larive

      You win a price hike! Congrats!

  • broxibear

    An update to the Thailand flooding.
    Channel 4 news here in the UK just reported from Bangkok and surrounding areas and they flew over the industrial estate that houses the Nikon plant. Not only was the estate under 15 feet of water but so was everything else in all directions as far as the eye could see.
    All resources are now going into protecting Bangkok from flood water, a city of over 12m people…the water is due to reach there within a couple of days.
    I don’t have any further information about the Nikon plant, or the extent of the damage, but judging by what’s being said about neighbouring plants like Honda I doubt you’ll see anything coming out of there this year…remember Thailand is not a wealthy country like Japan, 1/3 of the country is under water and logistics alone will be a nightmare.
    What does that mean as far as Nikon equipment is concerned?…If you’re thinking of buying a DX product that was produced in Thailand then get it now if you can, I don’t think anything on backorder will be filled anytime soon.

    • Jabs


      I wish that I had the time and the resources to go there and help – sigh.

      Let’s all rent or charter a plane (747 and above) and go make a trip to Thailand and bail out the Nikon Factory – lol.

      You got any waders or such?
      How about a boat or two?

      Yeah, trying to make light of a really terrible situation for both people and the Manufacturers!

  • The invisible man

    *** OFF TOPIC ****
    Where are the fire fighters ?

    Japan airport.

  • jerl

    Anyone know what impact this will have on import prices? Because if they don’t change, then there is a good chance Nikon USA will lose a lot more business than they expect with this. Previously, you could save 5-10% on an import item, but now it is more like 10-20%. True, you might not be able to get a first party to repair it, but there are plenty of 3rd party repair houses, and given the reliability of Nikon equipment, it’s unlikely you would spend more on repairs than you would save in the long run.

    • soap

      Nikon USA losing enough business to get their head out of their ass would be a good thing.

  • Ben

    Buy Local!!! What happens when you really need that filter, or you drop your SB-900 off the 4th floor balcony the day before you have to shoot that wedding and the local guys don’t have anything to help you because everyone buys everything online? Buy Local!!! It’s helping everyone out!

    • The invisible man

      That’s why I have 2 bodies and 2 flashes when I do weddings.

    • Roddy

      I live in a mid to large size city and my “local guys” carry very little pro equipment. That was the whole reason I found B&H in the first place. Since then, I have never turned back. I have also purchased from Adoramaa. Another great store.

  • still has the 24-70 @ 1699.00 (special price after adding it to cart). Just bought one… hopefully they will stay low.

  • The invisible man

    D800 pictures (Russian website)
    I hope it’s fake, I don’t like the rotating part.

    • The invisible man
      • Jabs

        @The invisible man – about the ‘Asian’ web site.

        If that is real, then I like it – especially the rotating grip that brings controls upright. What about dust or moisture sealing though?

        Do you think this is real of just a 3D rendering?

        Looks wide and squat just like I expect it to be.

        Nice though with new ideas but will people accept this departure for Nikon?

        The removable monitor and some aspects of this remind me of something else previously posted on Nikon Rumors here.

        Still nice though – well time to wait and see!

        Seems like a real still-video convergence camera – Oh to dream – lol!

        Mini RED!

    • broxibear

      That’s an old concept from earlier in the year

      Just switch the “7” on a D700 with an “8”, add a slightly larger rear lcd and that’ll pretty much be it for the outside…there won’t be any radical design changes to the body.

      • Jabs

        Never mind – that’s it – lol

        Back to work!

        • The invisible man

          Stop calling me please.

  • The invisible man

    The USA AF-s 200mm f/2.0 price did not change yet at B&H

  • David

    Okay, so isn’t this Minimum Advertized Pricing? Doesn’t that mean that retailers can simply change to that whole “add to cart to see actual price” act when they want to discount items? Or is that eliminated in this policy somehow?

  • Jimmy Lamont

    I’m sorry, but we see this pricing style all the time. Raise your prices just before a sale to give the illusion of lower prices…there are obviously discounts and promotions on the way.

    Also, my Tokina lenses do just swell, as do my older Nikon lenses. I’m glad this is just a hobby for me at this point in my life, I can tell you that much…so is my wallet.

  • broxibear

    Some more info on the Nikon plant in Thailand…
    “Nikon’s SLR (single-lens reflex) camera plant was flooded, but details are murky because personnel cannot get close to the facility. The company is believed to have about a month’s worth of stockpile of digital SLR cameras – if production equipment is underwater, the factory will be unable to resume operations quickly even after the water is pumped out.”

  • broxibear

    “I AM Nikon” Ad Campaign Wins Gold at Euro Effie Awards…
    “TOKYO – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that the “I AM Nikon” advertising campaign run by Nikon Europe B.V. (Takami Tsuchida, President), the center of sales, marketing and services for Nikon imaging operations in Europe, has been awarded the Gold Award at the Euro Effie Awards. The Euro Effie Awards are prestigious and authoritative awards in the marketing communications industry.
    The “I AM Nikon” ad campaign was launched in 2010 in order to achieve an ambitious goal of improving market positioning in the compact segment for Nikon, a brand often associated with professional photography and high performance cameras, as well as to attract a wider range of consumers. In order to convey a more accessible, more attractive image, instead of the brand talking about itself, this ad campaign was launched with the concept of Nikon camera customers speaking from their perspective. Through this campaign, brand awareness in 12 European countries increased dramatically with a 37% in Germany*.
    *According to Nikon Europe B.V. research.”

  • David

    Is anyone capable of setting up a voting situation to see who likes, dislikes the new Nikon pricing structure?
    I Think it would be a good idea!

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