A possible scenario for the “other three products” expected to be announced with the Nikon D800

Here is a possible scenario for the other three products that are expected to be announced alongside the D800, probably on October 26th.

  • Nikon SB-910 speedlight, the replacement of the SB-900 (see this and this related posts)
  • DX lens - probably a consumer lens. One tipster actually mentioned a new wide angle DX lens, which would be great for all DX users. Another source mentioned just an update of an existing lens. The DX lens may be announced separately from the remaining products.
  • FX lens - no idea about the FX lens, most probably will be an update of an existing lens. My personal guess would be for a new 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6, 300mm f/4 or a 70-200mm f/4 (just my guess people, don't quote me on that)

I would rate the above rumors at 60% probability.

Also, I received a confirmation that the D800 will have a SD and CF card slots (as it was mentioned in the initial set of specs).

On Friday Sept. 30 Nikon reportedly shot a commercial in Toronto, Canada, not clear for what product. Anyone knows anything about that?

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  • CamaMan

    why the change to 910 speedlight?
    Whats wrong with this one…?

    • Max

      It overheats very quickly and stops working

      • update the firmware or bring it to Nikon for warranty repair.

        • The new SpeedLight will also feature a TTL radio trigger.

          • nofunben

            they will add a video light

            • Franco DMD

              Plus I think it shoots lasers at the bad guys!

            • Blue984

              The 910 also accidently shoots good guys. A firmware update in February and the new 920, due out 3Q 2012, will fix this issue.

      • Overheating

        Overheating is definitely the issue.

        I think Nikon is going to find that people MUCH prefer the SB-700’s style of slowing down to cool off, rather than shutting down (or breaking warranty if shutting that feature off).

        Quite frankly, I see a place for each, but ultimately, no one wants to fry their equipment. So SB-700 style is the clear winner.

        Furthermore, Nikon might have an advance on cooling — it seems that they were experimenting with these features (they patented a fan system, oddly enough for the flash) — and they might add additional cooling features or spread out the heat generating parts better.

        One thing that I wish it had was a rubber lift-away patch that is water-tight when in place, but when lifted had air holes for circulating air inside the product. I think that would be helpful.

        • Pat

          I actually drilled two holes on the side of my sb900 where the diffuser locks in. I use a baby nasal aspirator to cool it off faster. I did that before the firmware update and could cool down a flash to operational range in about 30-60 seconds.

    • Kwartjuh

      Most probably an update to do something about the overheating with heavy use and adding the buttons on the flash-head for TTL/M/GN and flash profile (like the sb-700)

      • Patrick hall

        How about the most obvious? Make it smaller like the 800! They don’t even fit in most pelican cases with that dumb diffuser attached to the case

        • Yes, please!

          The D800 was a great size. I think Nikon started suffering from little man complex and had to go and stuff it up by making the 900 even BIGGER than the 580EX. Not to mention they copied the horrendous scroll wheel dial.

          Nikon — be your own man. Keep a good thing when you got it.

          • arizonaSteve

            I don’t care for the scroll wheel on the sb-900, but I do LOVE the scroll wheel on the back of the Canon DSLRs.

            • Until you want to change a focus point quickly and accurately. Oh, wait—Canon shooters don’t really seem to do that very often. I wonder why?

          • Obviously I meant SB-800, not D800. Oops! 🙂

      • MB

        Nikon filed a patent for a flash with fan cooling some time ago.

    • Acutia

      The D800 appears too good to be true.

      • Don

        To good to be, yes, but not to good to cost $4000.

        • Bip

          For people who are sick and tired of the long queue and can truly afford one, a price of $3.5-4.5k for this camera should be the welcome strategy.

          For people who want something cheaper, Canon and SONY are just around the corner.

    • The invisible man

      Yes, why spend time and energy to replace products that are already perfect ?
      Give us a 300mm f/4VR II instead !

      • Prajyot


  • I like Ket

    So excited! especially for the SB-910 ’cause I’m planning to buy my first and dedicated speedlight. Nikon don’t disappoint me! 🙂

    • the visible man

      if it your first, you sure as shizzle dont need an 910, a 900, or even the sb 800. sb 700 is fine, i use em for weddings… i think its better than the 800….

      • Drew Hoover

        Uh, dude, get a LP160. SB900 – ttl doodads – $325 = LP160. http://mpex.com/lumopro-lp160-manual-flash.html

        • brody

          i would assume by him saying first “dedicated” that he understands the ttl doodads and probably needs them for something.

        • It’s true that if you are shooting entirely manually, the LP160 is freaking awesome.

          But now with high-speed sync via radio… I’m going to be going towards TTL again.

      • Does the SB-700 have an optical slave (SU-whatever mode) like the SB-800? I think it’s a must have.

        • MB

          SB-700 has slave and master.

          • I know that but the SB-800 also had SU-4 mode where it would fire whenever it saw any other flash. Does the SB-700 have this?

            • Sylvesterii


  • I’m really hoping the rumors are true about a second, or s version. I would love to have the low-light of the D3s in a smaller body. I’d pay $4000 for that.

    • Levi H

      Yup! Here’s hoping to a different version of the D800!

      • phos

        Me too. I probably only have two lenses that can actually deal with 36mp resolution and why would I want that anyway?

      • another anonymous

        +1 hm

    • scurvy hesh

      Dont expect it. but it would be nice. Considering that it will most likely be at least as good as the d7000 that makes is still a very viable camera and a smarter investment than than the Leica M9.

  • Can a brother get a 50 1.2??????????????????

    • +1

      • Ben Hipple

        the 50 1.2 comes out with the d4 not the d800

    • and 85 1.2… pls

    • Might happen, the patent for possible new version is known for some time as far as I remember, but not a priority I think – I’d vote for cheap 24/2 DX for amateurs/semi-pros

      • the sheen machine


      • …I’d love to see a Nikon 20/2. I’m still amazed that Nikon doesn’t have something simultaneously wider than 24mm and faster than 2.8. My Sigma 20/1.8 is great, but I’d really like something weather sealed.

      • +1

        A cheap 24 for DX would fill the most important gap in the DX lineup.

        • Johan

          A 16 mm f2 is what we really need, i.e. sth similar to 24 FX. 24 DX is to close to the 35 for me to buy it.

          • Ke

            That’s the point, a lot of people want a 35mm equivalent lens.

    • jmacd27

      My vote goes to the AFS 50mm f/1.2 as well. The D800 and a fast 50 would be a great match.

      • PHB

        F/.2 woulbe a showoff lens and probably cost three grand or more.

        They need an AFS 80-400 far far more.

        • silmasan

          F/.2 will be ENORMOUS (even if it’s possible to make one). Unless that’s a typo 😛

          • Maybe he mentioned something alike Carl Zeiss N-Mirotar (which is 210 mm f/5.6, but with electronical enhancer becomes a jaw-dropping f/0.03!)? But unlikely. 😀

            • fred

              Physically the f-stop cannot be smaller than 0.5

            • Right. But this does apply to air. In liquid materials things are different. You can easily find a microscope with aperture faster than f/0.5, the same goes to some types of telescopes.

            • Oh, sorry, I mean not liquid, but gas. Mis-spelling. My bad.

            • dino B

              or maybe if you remove lense from the camera and shoot trough a magnifying glass u get a macro lense at f/ 0 ¿

        • Naw, it’d be under $2k.

        • Cyrano76

          ??? I’ve never seen anything more than a .95…but can I get this magical rainbows and unicorns lens that you allude to?

          • silmasan

            I read somewhere (pretty sure it was nature photographer Bjorn Rorslett) about a TV-Heligon f/.75 lens by Rodenstock, you might see some magical image samples on his website… (not “sharp” just magical)

            Also a (Russian?) f/0.7 lens was retrofitted to cinema camera for candle-lit scenes in Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon (no doubt Mr. Kubrick would luurve a D3s).

            • Not Russian, German. Carl Zeiss, actually.

            • silmasan

              Oh you’re right, it’s Zeiss. Zeissian!

    • BornMaddPhoto

      When I was a Canon shooter (I know, I know) I owned the 50 1.2. Amazing lens and colors like no other when you nailed the shot, but it was so slow!

    • http://www.adorama.com/NK5012U.html
      “Nikon 50mm f/1.2 Nikkor Ai-S Manual Focus Lens, with 5 Year U.S.A. Warranty”

      • the visible man

        yes, but its mf. dont get me wrong, i love it to death, but its more of a play time lens than for work.

        • Tiger1050-rider

          I’ve used the Canon 50/1.2 (I was curious…). The guy who lent me his kit said that he used it on mf most of the time. I can certainly confirm that it is IMHO much more flexible when used as in MF mode. You have total control of your depth of field and point of focus.
          If I were into portraits then I might be interested in the MF lens as well.

          • silmasan

            I never have a 50/1.2, but someone gave me a tip to use magnifying eyepiece to manually focus with an f/1.2 lens (the longer the focal length the more important as the DoF gets much thinner) otherwise it would be very difficult to focus (depends on the acuity of the shooter’s eye though). Or nowadays we can use LiveView. Shame I don’t have a 58/1.2 NOCT to confirm this… :/

        • Get a F6 J type screen or canon EC-S screen from focusing screens.com and you re set. the 50 1.2 is one of my main lenses (use it 30-40% of the time) and the rendition at 1.2 is simply amazing!

    • Rygel Bufonidae

      I believe there is such a thing but it is MF only. An AF-S would be very nice for low light video.

    • Adam

      No offense, but I prefer a better 50 f/1.4, the current 50 f/1.4 is kinda short specced compared to the 24,35 and 85 f/1.4.

      Besides, the price diff from f/1.4 to f/1.2 is just too big for what you get. Just stick it to f/1.4 and improve lens performance wide open 😀

      • silmasan

        I agree with you, 50/1.4 is currently ‘only’ excellent from f/2.8 to f/8, and even in those range it’s not up there with the wonderful 85/1.4 AFS. Improve sharpness wide open (esp. center) and overall performance including AFS speed and we don’t really need 50/1.2. (Unless Nikon ‘can only do’ all that with a $1900 50/1.2… :/)

        • Nathan

          Are you serious? What do you do, pixel peep every picture for sharpness? The 50 f/1.4 wide open is fine. I have pictures in my flickr page that shows that it’s fine. In fact the 24 f/1.4 that I own seems to be similar to the 50mm when wide open.

          I swear, go out and take pictures and quit worrying that you can’t see a bee buzzing around a flower that’s 35 feet away when shooting wide open.

          • silmasan

            Yes, Nathan. 🙂

            With a sensor (used to be film) as small as 35mm the quality of optics does matter a lot. Less so with larger formats (and generally pretty good optics) where it’s easier to get sharp wall-sized picture (in which case, you will have to pixel-peep anyway). Yes, I had the 50/1.4 AF-D too and I shot it often in f/1.4 and for prints up to 8×10 I had no complaints. Web should be easy 🙂 Wide open we wouldn’t need border/corner sharpness as much as center hence what I said. It will help magnify the transition between sharp and soft *when* you need it.

            Mind you I don’t mind good blurry pictures that means something. Better performance, however, wouldn’t hurt *your* performance, just gives you more option.

            At f/1.4 the bee buzzing around the flower would most certainly be far out of focus anyway (unless that bee is what you’re trying to shoot from 35 feet away, that is… in which case I’d advice you to get closer) 😀


            • silmasan

              sorry, i meant i had the 50/1.4D which is even less sharp than your 50/1.4 AFS, that is 🙂

      • Nikon’s logic appears to be “if we’re going to do a pro 50mm… we’ll just do 1.2”

    • word up!

    • T.I.M

      Did you ever use a 50mm f/1.2 at f/1.2 ?
      I’ll stay with my f/1.8.

  • Erik Cartman

    My guess for the FX lens is a fast, top of the line, $1,600, 50mm to go with the 24 and 35.

  • Rhyan

    DX lens does not sound like anything thrilling, but 70-200/4 VR – definitely I’m buying it for Christmas. In my opinion this is the most anticipated Nikon lens ever. Canon has 2 versions of it (IS and Non-IS) and also have 3 70-200/2.8 lenses all non-IS, Old IS, and New IS, and we can choose only between 70-200/2.8 VR2 or third party lenses with questionable performance/compatibility…

    • RevKrev123

      I don’t see the need for the 70-200mm f/4.

      I mean, what is wrong with the Nikon AF Zoom-Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D IF-ED? Or if you want something with AF-S, the Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D IF-ED

      But a new 80-400mm? COUNT ME IN! Maybe they can work magic and squeeze 10mm making a 70-400mm.

      • The 80-200 is discontinued isn’t it?

        Also used prices for the 80-200 AF-S are not that far off the VR1 70-200, not to mention there are more VR1s about so it’s easier to source.

        The canon f4 IS is about half the price of the f2.8 IS on new prices, a massive difference. So a f4 VR would be well received as it brings it under that magic £1000 (or about the same as a used VR1 2.8).

        • Possibly a mistake to say IF-ED. That one is indeed discontinued. The 80-200 2.8 AF-D is still in production and as is marvelous as ever.

          • +1

            Excellent lens and built like a tank too with a proper tripod collar. Only thing missing is VR probably but for me I need the f/2.8 more…

        • …the price of the Canon is what it is because it was introduced a while back. A new lens will be introduced at a new lens price, read: not what most the people whining for f4 lenses are looking to pay. I would guess 75-80% of the price and size of the existing lenses. Which is such an insignificant difference that it’s silly. But it will still probably happen eventually.

      • silmasan

        Not just about price–a 70-200/4 will be a much lighter tele zoom than a 70-200/2.8 (about half the weight). This is something that not only the average consumer would want but also certain pros/enthusiasts who prefer to go light (e.g. mountaineer/climber, PJ).

        Beating Canon’s 70-200/4 L IS is a tall order for any lens maker, but I really hope Nikon is doing all their best to make this zoom deliver terrific performance right from wide open.

        • PHB

          Or just stay with the DX format a few more years and use a f/2.8 that is 66% of the desired focal.

          If you want the advantage of FX you have to be willing to buy worthy glass. Otherwise you will probably do better with the Nikon 1 if size matters.

          Dx is going to fade over time. I expect that CX will eat most of that space at the bottom end and FX at the top. But an f/4 isnt going to make much sense until there is a consumer body to match. I would expect to see that launch with the D9000 not the D800.

          Btw, of course the DX lens will be a wide. Making a tele lens DX does not add very much to the cost so the only DX teles to date have been kit lensesor superzooms (which became kit)

          • silmasan

            No, PHB. Again it’s not a matter of price. If you’re a climber, or ever backpacking for a hike you’ll want to get efficient. You’ll want to have 70-200/2.8 VRII *performance* (or better) from f/4 and beyond *without* half its extra weight (1.4kg vs ~700g). Anyone who ever learned from Galen Rowell would acknowledge this. It’s more important to be able to get “at the right place at the right time”, than to stick with your big guns and compromise your flexibility.

            It’d be great to have 200/2 VR or even 300/2.8 VR and all the pristine primes when you’re up there in the peak, or when you take a rest while you’re thousand feets above the surface, but how are you going to get those big guns up there? That’s something to think about.

            Btw the 70-200/4 would be no less than FX for many reasons, though obviously with a D7000/D5100 it would make an even lighter and more popular combo with backpackers. (Come to think of it, Nikon should also release a lighter FX body.. at least in the size of a D70/F80…)

            I’m really sorry to say that the Nikon 1 format is just too much of a compromise for a serious nature shooter.

            Cheers 🙂

          • Sports

            If you already own some DX lenses, then you don’t want to move to FX. If you WERE willing to start all over, then you could just as well move to Sony or Canon.
            (And that’s exactly what people don’t want: they’ll stay with Nikon, if not for other reasons, then because of their old glass.)

        • Pickerel


          If Nikon released a 70-200/f4 VR I would seriously consider it for backpacking. If it included macro features like the patent I remember seeing for it, it would be a sure bet to trade out my 70-200/f2.8 VR and 100mm macro for that one lens!

          • silmasan

            Pickerel, where did you see those “macro features” in the patent that you said? (that would be killer if true)

    • Rhyan

      Hmm..interesting comments 🙂 There are several things that really make me eager about an 70-200 f4 lens and the reasons are.

      1. 80-200 2.8 af-d is not available worldwide, actually I have seen it listed only on B&H store in USA. This definitely does not work for me. 70-200 vr1 is also not available in Europe, where most retailers prefer to stick up to 70-200 vr2. So, if you want a new lens, and I definitely prefer new lens with full warranty, especially when the lens costs a sack of money, I have to stick up to what the retailers offer – that is the more expensive 70-200 vr2.

      2. 80-200 is an af-d lens, which means a slower, noisier and a bit more inaccurate in focusing and following moving subjects lens. So I prefer an af-s lens and would always do as I would like to have a really reliable lens. In addition with af-s you can refocus manually if needed without switching any buttons back and forth…

      3.f4 lens is half the size, half the weight and half the price of a f2.8 lens of the same focal range. I can live with the 1 stop difference, as most cameras nowadays can compensate with ISO on the price of little to none sacrifice in quality.

      After evaluating my options I definitely will love to see an f4 70-200 lens presented, and let’s hope it delivers good quality from wide open.

  • pabs

    14 days, but whose counting?!!

    • T.I.M

      You !

      • paul

        mea culpa!!

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin,

    3rd time asking you. Have you heard anything about whether the D800 will have built-in flash?

    • Do you think if I know something I will hold it for myself and not share it on the blog?

      • +1

      • Andrew

        Cute answer, but correct.

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin,

        Just because I asked you again you do not have to bite my head off. 😉

        I think we should list the specs we do not know.

        • JM

          You were the one saying “third time asking”!

          • AnoNemo

            Yes, and I asked at least 3-4 times very politely. Even there were discussions about flash vs LED lights.

            The point is that this “little” detail is important for many and I thought it would be useful to address it in an organized manner.

            I understand that NR Admin may not have info about it but this could have been addressed by simply saying “I was not told or I am trying to verify such specs.”

            Now let me explain why this is important. Let’s assume that since the D800 will have 100% viewfinder then it will not have built-in flash. In that case we can expect something really awesome flash that possible have LEDs to support video. Or we can expect two lines…flash and lights. See…

            • juicebox81


              The tone of Admin’s response was entirely justifiable. It was in response to your “third time asking” remark. You could’ve put your question in a manner that makes you seem way less entitled if you wanted to.

            • Landscape Photo

              Don’t be anxious. Tech-wise, it is possible to have both 100% vf & built-in flash at the same time, but I’m not certain if they won’t end up with a bigger hump than the prism of D700, or solve it with some clever way.

        • AnoNemo, this answer was not only directed to you but to all other readers who are asking me questions that I do not the answer. Did not mean to bite your head off 🙂 The rule is if it is not on the blog, I do not know about it. I think that the D800 will have a built-in flash, but this is just my opinion.

        • Paul

          I think it’s time for you to shut up!
          NR admin does not have time for your stupid and demanding questions!

          • AnoNemo


            Just tell to yourself the first sentence of your own post. And repeat it again and again. 🙂

      • lolz

      • Paul

        Haha, nice.

      • T.I.M

        By the way, any idea if the D800 will have a pop-up flash ?

        • silmasan

          wanna bet? 🙂

      • Paul

        Hi NR Admin,

        Thank you for having a great site like this.
        There are many of us who are quiet but we really
        appreciate all your hard work. Please ignore the annoying
        questions from some of the idiot jerks here.
        I’m sure most of us are very appreciative of you!

      • D3S Guy


    • T.I.M

      I never used the one on my D700, I prefer a large bright 100% viewfinder.

      • AnoNemo


        I think these pop-up flashes are useless. I would prefer also a 100% viewfinder and buy a separate flash / LED light unit. Besides, with some lenses the pop-up flash just creates havoc.

  • What’s wrong with SB900?

    • the sheen machine

      the thing is a total monstrosity. no flash needs to be as large as my size 13 shoe.

      • T.I.M

        @the sheen machine
        It’s a flash for real men.

  • Something in the tele range would suit me most. I keep lusting after a Canon 300 f4 IS or 100-400L and an update to either Nikon equivalent would have me sold. Both of these are at least 9 years old now so it would make sense to update these to G spec with VR2

  • SD for EyeFi, great

  • Thom’s comments on his site has left me heartbroken… 🙁

    • HighEnd

      I wouldn’t worry too much, Thom Hogan is wrong more often than he’s right.

  • MB

    I agree with the SB-910. The SB-900 is bigger than it’s predecessor yet has less power, and is superseded in technology by it’s little brother the SB-700. Plus, whether you agree the overheating is an issue or not, it is affecting its image. Not what you would expect from the flagship speedlight, I went with the SB-700 .

    Any chance they’ll surprise us with Capture NX3? 🙂

    • Neil

      NX3, lol. I think it’ll replace Duke Nukem Forever as the next unicorn.

  • Jaron

    Here’s my out in left-field guess: Nikon’s releasing the SB-910 with the D800 to feature a radio-controlled CLS/AWS (in addition to IR). The 910 will also improve the over-heating issue with the 900.

    One can dream, right?

    • S Jones

      I guess it will have an LED light in it for basic video illumination as well.

  • nuno

    I want better ISO performance and less MPx.
    Am I the only one who is never going to do a print the size of a two story building?

    • The extra resolution should help the image, overall. Even if you don’t do a print the size of a building, you’ll be able to crop that photo that is the size of a building to be the size of a billboard or an SUV, and still get great image quality. Great for when you’re running about with your 70-200 instead of your 500/4.

      • nuno

        I understand that, but Mpx come at a price: we loose high-ISO performance, which is very important for many of us.

        • It’s important to me as well. You never know what Nikon has up it’s sleeve, though. I doubt they will only release one model if the 36MP DOES take away from the ISO performance. They will likely unleash another model, the rumored D800s with 24MP, and better ISO than the D700. I don’t think they would take a step back with no step sideways, per se. I’ve never heard of someone complaining about the D700’s ISO performance. If the D800 at 36MP matches that, it’s going to be a beast. If the D800s surpasses that, it will be a masterpiece. It could happen both ways. You just never know what Nikon will come up with.

          • PlusOneGuy



          • Dreamer

            D7000 and this rumored D800 at $4000 leaves a big price gap…I am sure there will be some other models to fill this place. …am hoping it will be a FX camera at around $2K with ISO as good as D700 or 1 stop better! …if it happens I will be all over it…won’t even care if it is only 12MP!

            • silmasan

              I don’t know about where you live, but the D700 is currently sold at $2200 (official) in my area, looks like it will work for you if you can find one at similar price or less (I’m thinking hard on it too but will wait til the end of the month…) 🙂

  • michele

    Agree with you for the fx lenses. Waiting so longtime….

  • I’m semi-excited for an SB-910, but it’ll prove to run about $550-625, and that’s just not acceptable to me.

    I am also semi-excited for a 70-200/4VRII, but that would likely fetch a price new that the VRI does used. So, I’d pass on that as well and go with the proven F/2.8. I understand many people want this because of the size difference, but I’d go with an extra pound or two and extra light stop, over the loss of light and weight any day.

    I’d be extremely interested in an 80-400VRII AF-S. Now, if they made THAT an F/4, I’d be SUPER excited, and may just have to spring for it. If they made it a 100-400 F/3.5, I’d be even more excited, and definitely go for it. But I HIGHLY doubt that will happen.

    As for the DX lens, even though I shoot with a D300s, unless it’s something groundbreaking, I’m really not all that interested. If it’s an update to the 17-55, I may be, though. I think that would be very welcomed, if they came down on the price a bit. Or offered something in it that would justify the price, or increase in price. The Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS HSM is looking better and better every day.

    Just my $.02.

    • Neil

      If they made the 80-400 f/4 you might as well get the 200-400 f/4.

      • Good point. It would be a beast of a lens, though. And a price to match. lol

  • I’m anxiously awaiting the D800. Not interested in the SB-910 or pop-up flash. Never had much luck with TTL flash especially with a bride’s white dress or guy’s black tux. Throws them off and don’t get consistent flash. I have an SB-800 and never use it.

    • Nathan

      Wouldn’t the inconsistency be the case regardless of make or model?

      • Mike L.

        Yes, I use totally manual strobe

  • 300mm f/4 VR II AF-S for $1.100,00 will be a good surprise! With the AF-S 1.7 TCE II on my D7000 HUGE!!!

  • Dr Motmot

    300mm f4 VR or 85mm f1.8 G would be nice!

  • GM

    So is it 100% that the D800 is part of the announcement. Seems like that’s the way this is being worded, but I am wondering how much this is still rumor.

    • well this is a rumour site so until its released its a rumour lol

      i hope both new camera and speedlite have radio triggers built in! infered is a old technology noted for it poor connection abilities, time to bring it into 21st century i think, even bluetooth would be better than IR

    • Not sure if the D800 will be announced on the 26th, but I am confident that it will be announced in the next 30-60 days.

  • Todd

    Well let’s really really hope it’s the updated 80-400mm. Really…

    • PHB

      That is easily the most important hole in the Nkon lineup.

      The only reason for not launching a replacement would be not having a replacement to launch yet.

  • Kevin

    How wide are we talking?

  • i hope both new camera and speedlite have radio triggers built in! infered is a old technology noted for it poor connection abilities, time to bring it into 21st century i think, even bluetooth would be better than IR

    • MB

      You obviously never user Nikon CLS.

      • I think I’ve seen this thread before but here we go again…

        I use CLS whenever I can because I don’t have radio triggers but it definitely has it’s limitations. If you are out under the bright sun it’s inconsistent at best and it only works if you have line of site (with the rare exception). Most of the time I find the SU-4 mode delivers more consistent results.

        But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a more impartial opinion: http://strobist.blogspot.com/2006/09/pocket-wizard-vs-nikon-cls-which-is.html

        • MB

          I am well aware that speedlights can not replace strobes outdoors (to be honest they can’t replace strobes indoors as well). But CLS is very well suited and reliable for the tasks it is designed for and it is easier to setup and carry. CLS is actually 21st century technology.
          I doubt bluetooth would be as good indoors or outdoors.

          • I won’t argue that fact that CLS is very reliable if your setup allows for it’s constraints but a more rubust signal would make it more reliable in all situations.

            That being said I must agree that I don’t think Bluetooth is the answer either as I don’t think it is very robust either as far as the electromagnetic spectrum goes. Also, if you use Bluetooth or WiFi (as someone suggested) you have to worry about the overhead of the protocol. These protocols were designed for reliable communication over a noisy, vulnerable frequency bandwidth and not for speed.

            Now as far as strobes outshining speedlights (especially outside), that’s true but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your speedlights under the hot sun.

  • art-man

    I think it will be 14-300 f/1.4 VR II, 85% rumors probability!

    • Bisul


    • Your expectations are too low. How about AF-S 10-800 f/0.95 G IF-ED VRIII N?

      • silmasan

        That N must be for “nanotechnology”. Shrinks to a beermat size when not in use. 😀

      • art-man

        Ok so AF-S 10-800 f/0.95 G IF-ED VRIII N + D800 with integrated laser flash, microwave AF and National Geografic mode button would be fine for now.

      • Bip

        That sounds good, but not good enough. I want more……

        5mm – 1500mm f/0.95 Super-VRIII with micro and tilt shift capability and weighs in 525grams and recommended retail price of US$499.

        Anything better than this welcome, else is not.

  • It is too good to be true 🙂
    Nikon SB-910 would be great addition to D800 if we ever see it 🙂
    I am so tired of waiting!

  • broxibear

    As far as the FX lenses goes I’m still leaning towards a AF-S 85mm f/1.8 G and AF-S 24mm f/2.8 G.
    The AF-S 70-200mm f/4G is interesting in that how much cheaper than the f/2.8G would it be ?.
    If Nikon replace the SB-900 they’re pretty much admitting it has a design fault because there’s no other reason to replace it so soon…They should give the SB-900 owners their money back. (If I’m being honest I’ve never had any issues with my SB-900…but I don’t tend to use it at max and then machine gun it as I’ve seen some do).

    • preston

      I don’t think they’ll update any f/2.8 primes until they have an FX body that is sub-$2k brand new. Otherwise they’ll assume that if you’ve got $3k to cough up on a body then you’ve at least got money to buy f/4 zooms. And this won’t be much use for DX because your VR kit lens is less than a stop slower, as good optically as they would make a 24 f/2.8 (their 18-55VR is BETTER optically at 24mm than the 24 f/2.8 D), and will cost less. They were popular in the film days because they were sharper than zoom lenses, but this isn’t the case anymore.

  • Can on

    Right, time to buy a 5d mk2 + 24-105 f/4 for 2300€ !

    • Go and dance your can-can, Canonisto!

    • 5d Mk 2 excellent apart from 30d pedestrian AF – The 5d Mk III rumoured to be coming out with FF version of 7d Focus, 30mp+ and probably in same price ball park as D800.

      Hope Nikon bundles the 24-120 AFS F/4 VR with D800 and not the donkey of the 24-120 AFS f3.5 – 5.6 like they did with the D700.

    • Anonymous

      TROLL ALERT!!!!!!

    • Greg


  • Hopefully since all the Coolpix, the Mirrorless stuff and now the D800 soon to be announced is out of the way, CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A D4 ANNOUNCEMENT ALREADY!!

    • KnightPhoto

      +1 on the D4 announcement. It’s going to make the D800 look tame by comparison isn’t it 😉

  • WB

    Any confirmation about “60fps HD Video” in that D800?!!!

  • AM

    Wish list:
    AF-S DX 17-60mm f/2.8G VR.
    AF-S 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VRII.

    • zeroanalogue


    • F/4-5.6 is totally doable, and would be just that tiny bit nicer. 😀


  • D700guy

    I’m finding it somewhat interesting that it was so widely assumed that Nikon would release the D4 and the D400 first, and the D800 would come so much later.
    Now the inverse seems to be the case.
    Truthfully, I can live without the D800, but when will we really see a D4?
    The current rumor seems to be February announcement, but who the hell knows for sure.
    So if this is all Nikin announces for another year, then I guess a D800 will do.

    • Thom wHO?

      No doubt about the release date of D4. February for sure. Believe me. You can search in other post that I was sure about D800 before the end of the year when everybody said 2012.

    • George

      February or March I think, for sure the D4 will come out before the summer Olympics like they did with the D3 in 2008.

  • iRSX

    So anyone have any idea when a D400 (or some kind of D300S replacement) might be revealed?

    • Thom wHO?

      I do not know about a profesional DX replacement. Nikon is not simply replace the current product line. It is posible that the future D400 will be a FX.

      • Anon

        No way ! D400 will be the update of D300s. D7000 was for D90.

        • The D800, at 36MP would be a KILLER D300s replacement, if they could get the price low enough. An 18MP DX camera with the ISO capabilities of, or beyond, the D700, with better AF, and, well, everything else, with the option of going FF, and 36MP AT THAT! It’s a killer replacement to any and all of their DX cameras. But not in a DX price point, size, or weight.

          Make compromises. 😉

          • iRSX

            D800 @ $1599? Baaahahaha, even I’m laughing at that.

        • Thom Hyorke

          Nope, D7000 does not replace D90 in the current lineup. It’s a step up model that’s positioned too close to the D300s at the moment.

          D7000 is already at the pinnacle of DX: small, light, tough, great sensor performance. I’m not saying there should be no more true pro-grade DX body, but how popular will it be, compared to Nikon’s back-to-its-true-form 35mm/FX/full-frame body (of the F801/F90/F100 lineage) at the same price class?

  • PhotoJoe

    Is there any chance at all of the D4 being announced instead of the D800?

  • Thom wHO?

    A new 24mm f.2.8 or f.2 for me 😀

  • PAG

    I’ll be buying both an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 replacement and a 300mm f/4 with VR when they come out.

    In the consumer level wildlife photography (DX cameras and lenses roughly $2,000 or less) Nikon has Canon beat on AF and ISO with the D7000 and D5100. If they can just deliver these two lenses and the new D400, they’d kick butt. C’mon, Nikon! You should be the leader in this market.

  • Landscape Photo

    A true COMPACT walkabout lens as a kit for the D800, e.g 28-135mm VR.

  • Possibly for the SB-900 replacement include a built in fan to reduce the heat inside the unit – Nikon patient one such unit a while ago.

    Hope the replacement for 300 F/4 and 80-400 comes out – look forward 2 (if it comes out) the 70-200 F/4 AFS VR – although not cheap probably in the Canon ball park of £1000

    • Kon_head

      I will sooooo buy both of the 300/4 VR and 80-400 VR redux. shweeeeet!

  • JustAnotherFollower

    So, to be clear, that means 1 slot for CF and 1 slot for SD?

    For some reason I was thinking both slots would accept both card types. That would be awesome.

    • Anon

      One slot is enough, better SD to save space. Before we all used single-slot bodies. Whe really don’t need double slots, it’s a waste.

      • JustAnotherFollower

        For most things yes. But I shoot a lot of pro events – I have a Pro Bass Fishing Event for the Outdoor Channel next month. Being out on in the field all day (on a boat in this case) carrying two cards in the camera body, as opposed to on in camera and one in a pocket, is a plus. I don’t mind the SD too much, but I prefer only having one type of card. I use dual slots for double storage capacity, not backup.

  • Landscape Photo

    My wishlist:

    * 16mm f/2.8 (rectilinear)
    * 135mm f/4 (standard, no defocus control)
    * 70-200mm f/4 (similar design to Canon’s but black)
    * 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR (compact walkabout kit lens for D800)

    I don’t care for the 80-400mm. Btw, what’s wrong with the current one? Anything tele than 200mm is a rare need for landscapes. I’d rather crop from a clean 200mm frame on a 36mp D800.

    • Benjo

      Most folks complain of the very slow (and screw-driven) AF. It’s also not very sharp past 300mm, and therefore pretty huge for an 80-300. I don’t own one, but people tend to like them for versatile birding, hiking, nature, etc. The Sigma competitors, like the ‘bigma’ with OS are considered by many to be superior.

      • D700guy

        I used to own one.
        Total piece of shit.
        I dumped it on ebay.

    • g

      14mm f2.8 rectilinear, same quality as the 14-24mm f2.8 and more affordable.

  • Dweeb

    Uh, aren’t ALL DX lenses consumer lenses now? (No D2X to sell anymore)

    • JED

      Yeah sure… The Nikkor AF-S 40 f/2.8 DX Micro is exactly what every consumer wanted.

  • photdog

    If the present lens line up can measure up with 36 MP was an often discussed issue in the recent past. I personally believe more than few lenses will have problems to resolve 36 MP. Does anybody know if it would resolve the problem dialing from max. resolution (picture quality = fine) down to the next level?
    On my 12 MP cams I adjusted it once when I bought them and never bothered to change this adjustment. Thus I’m actually not really familiar with this feature.

    • The Man from Mandrem

      Out of curiousity is it really so hard for lenses to meet 36MP?

      I have D7000 w/ 16MP DX. I have 7 lenses and I’ve never noticed problem with getting the full sensor resolution (transitions occuring between adjacent pixels where there are sharp transitions in color or intensity). I do pixel peep. Of course none are at their BEST wide open but it’s the same for these lenses on high speed film. I would have thought same would be true for 36MP on FX meaning most of Nikon’s reasonably sharp lenses would be fine. Is that NOT the case?

      • silmasan

        Yes, generally that’s the case. It’s just perception, a “sharp” lens a decade ago is not going to be any less sharp just because a 36MP sensor came in.

        “Maximizing” or “outresolving” the new sensor is a different topic though, but if it turns out that only few of the “regarded-as-sharp” lenses become the “new sharp” so what? They will still be as sharp and as useful as they have ever been. No need to fuss over whether present lenses will be enough or not. Having space for improvement for years to come is a good thing. Or just pass.

  • Benjo

    I have little insight into a DX release, but for FX the suspects are:

    50 1.2
    200 Micro
    85 1.8
    35 F2
    300 F4
    135 F2

    70-200 f4
    ~17mm PC-E

    I’d rent and likely buy a PC-E, but that’s probably it. A 24-70 2.8 VR isn’t rumored but if reasonably priced would be tempting after experiencing the 16-35mm’s VR performance.

    • sade

      If nikon introduces 36MP sensor then VR is a must for 24-70mm. This is because camera shake is more pronounced on large resolution sensors and also because a 36MP sensor won’t perform good enough in high ISO.

  • DaveyJ

    I think the FX 80-400VR is the best candidate for an upcoming lens announcement. It will be, just like the 70-300VR, very usable on DX cameras.

  • Gerald

    What about Capture NX3? this is highly likely IMHO

    • NyconNeoColonialist

      You are a man after my own heart.

      Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      These next few months will determine if Ny-Con will continue with NX.

  • While I have better lenses (e.g. 70-200 VRII) for more serious photography, the 18-200 is currently a very popular lens for less serious occasions. My wife has it practically glued to her camera. When the patent for the 70-200 F4 was shown, there was also an 18-300 patent shown. I know I will get lots of negative blasts for this, but I do know of people who use the 28-300 on DX to get the longer reach, so an 18-300 could be interesting, giving a 27-450 “reach”.

    So, let the mud fly! 🙂

    • silmasan

      I wouldn’t start a flame war with you about 18-300 on DX (would be a lot of fun indeed), but using 70-200 VRII for “serious photography” … Are you serious? Hmm man you should use more “worthy glass” … 200/2 VR … 4×5… blah blah …

      just kidding… 😛

  • broxibear

    Lets hope the D800 is as pretty as the limited edition SD1 lol http://www.photographyblog.com/images/sized/images/uploads/SD1_WoodEdition_weiss-522×400.JPG

    • D700guy

      If something like that shows up on my door step, someone’s gonna have some ‘splaining to do.

    • Hahaha! *GAG*

  • pabs

    I believe that Nikon will release the new FX camera as the D710 and the new speedlight as the SB-1000. Their numbers are all converging like a zoom lens

  • David

    Pleeeease, a 24mm equivalent 2 or 2.8 DX lens!

  • Ralph

    I think there is a market for Nikons current f2.8 pro lens range to be built in f4. Lugging these f2.8 monsters around for landscape is a real pain in the back. I stop them down to f8 and its a very rare day that I shoot in f2.8, I suspect there are many like me.

    • silmasan

      huge market, really.
      Lesser f-stop wide open doesn’t necessarily mean lesser quality. How ’bout this lite landscape kit:

      24/3.5 PC
      40/2 Voigtlander Ultron SLII (only ~200g)

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