Nikon’s Facebook response

This is Nikon's Facebook response to their statement from yesterday that "a photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses":

"We know some of you took offense to the last post, and we apologize, as it was not our aim to insult any of our friends. Our statement was meant to be interpreted that the right equipment can help you capture amazing images. We appreciate the passion you have for photography and your gear, and know that a great picture is possible anytime and anywhere."

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  • D-7

    It took them quite long to realise…

    • Andrew

      No, it did not. This is a marketing masterpiece. They made a statement that can be interpreted in many different ways. This got peoples attention. At the end of the day, the only thing that remains is “Nikon makes great gears!”

  • coco

    wish they do the same thing with the 1 system

    • Slon

      ahahaha 🙂

    • Lonnie Utah


  • Ole

    Too little too late…

    Give me a D800 instead!

    • The invisible man

      Next week

      • Ole

        @TiM: You’re the best! I love you!

  • plug

    I just love the sweet sound of grovelling!

  • Charlie

    Man, ya’ll really can’t get a clue and toke offense to the original posting by Nikon. I’m not the brightest light buld on this planet and I clearly understood Nikons statement and didn’t find it offensive.

    • plug

      I’m not at all offended, I’m just amused at the situation they have created for themselves by being careless.

  • Ren Kockwell #4

    Perhaps they worded it badly. But professional equipment does make a difference, does it not?

    Joe McNally could take good pictures with a point and shoot, sure. But if he used his D3s and 200 F2 and lights and so on, he could probably take better pictures.

    OR… let’s say you’re the world’s most amazing concert photographer. Would you prefer to go to a concert with your point and shoot and stand in the dark pit or your D3s and 70-200 2.8?

    Pro gear CAN be used unprofessionally. A 2 year old probably can’t effectively use the D3s… but maybe could effectively use a point and shoot. BUT pro gear certainly does help enable good, competent photographers to take even better photos than if they had used crappier equipment.

    Is this that complicated?

    • tony

      I think you’re confused. Read the first post carefully then you will see that your post is irreverent.

      • Ren Kockwell #4

        Oh okay sorry to be so confused your honor. Obviously I’m an idiot.

        But less sarcastically, my post is not irrelevant. Perhaps you can back up your statement rather than just jab me and then walk away like a tool.

        • LedFox

          I thought your points were very valid.

          But what ‘tony’ is saying is:

          You need to kneel & bow your head in reverence before posting on the interwebz.

        • Tony

          Nikon made a mistake saying “a photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses.” then they released a correct statement “Our statement was meant to be interpreted that the right equipment can help you capture amazing images.” So, there is nothing to talk about skill VS. equipment anymore.

          Actually what you said was right, but “Is this that complicated?”, it made me felt you take people here for an idiot. A comment below from Oly read “Only an idiot would state that camera gear doesn’t make any difference, but it also takes an idiot to say that “a photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses”.

          Well, who cares right? Nobody on the net is reverence anyway (including me). But I still want to think that we all are.

          • MJr


    • Anonographer

      Ofcourse, a better camera with better lens do make a world of difference. But how they put it, it’s like you can’t be a better photographer unless you upgrade your gear to the latest most expensive ones. That’s when they are insulting lots of photographers.

      Ofcourse a D3s with 70-200 is far better than point and shoots, but a well experienced photographer will know his ways to get better images even with cheaper gear. Most people can’t even afford a D3s, does that make them worse photographers? No. But how Nikon put it, it meant yes.

      • No, that’s not how they put it at all. You misunderstood it, like many others, but that doesn’t mean that’s how they put it. They said “great equipment”, not “expensive top of the line equipment”.

        Nikon did not “put” anything regarding to people using their top of the line products. They asked about Nikkor lenses, which are their products. Since it’s their page, it makes sense from a marketing perspective to focus on their stuff.

        They didn’t ask for people to share their thoughts on their top lenses, they asked people to share their thoughts on the lenses they used. Obviously any product Nikon makes, Nikon is going to claim is great. I’m sure they would have been thrilled to hear someone talk about a great shot they had with a point and shoot. That person instead decided to flip out and alter their (admittedly poor) wording into something to get upset over.

        TL/DR: That is not at all how Nikon put it, that’s just how you all interpreted it.

        Look at the Hiptser Holga photos. People were using those as an example to show that it doesn’t have to be expensive. It still has to be “great” for the purpose though. You will take “great” Holga style shots with the Holga, and you won’t with a D3 unless you get some post effects going. For that type of Photographer, the Holga is “great equipment”. Without that equipment, you can’t take that type of photo.

        I guess people are happier being outraged over nothing, though.

        • jacob

          You are being outraged by people outraging about nothing, following your definitions.

    • Eric

      Sir, you’re right on all counts.
      Also, lens certainly is the most critical gear part in order to get great pictures.

  • broxibear

    You almost feel sorry for the poor guy who had to take the earbashing phonecall from Nikon Japan lol.

    • tuoni

      He was immediately dismissed and ordered to commit seppuku.

      • Stone

        A better punishment would be for him to be sent to join a photo competition armed only with a Coolpix. 🙂

        • tuoni

          Or better yet, sent to a nighttime sports event with a Coolpix and nosebleed section tickets.

      • Jabs

        @tuoni and broxibear

        OR he/she was promoted and given a bigger Office and a staff of helpers to do more VIRAL Marketing.

        You reacted didn’t you = their success – lost on you!

        Wacko Consumers – lol

        Fickle and switch sides like mad persons.


        • Bip

          Why would “their success” is “lost on you!”? What are we “losing”?

          Care to back that up?

          • Jabs

            Nikon attempted to create Viral Marketing to stimulate interest in their new Nikon 1 camera system.

            It went viral, even though many here criticize it and even hate it = their success.

            You reacted = what they wanted.

            HOW you react now is a different matter – lol

            Hence called Viral Marketing as it spreads like a virus, plague or wildfire.

            It is all over the Internet means they were successful at getting their name out there. Now, whether that translates to increased sales is now to be seen, but it went viral, so they succeeded.

            In Marketing – there is NO such thing as bad Publicity, as the point is always to get noticed or talked about even in infamy, publicity is PUBLICITY indeed.

            Read the posts here and all over the Internet, as someone else here said = the proof of their success, like it or not.

            Negative or positive publicity is still PUBLICITY!

            Ask Lady Gaga that – Diva to the max!

            • paf

              Following that theory, I’d say then need to fire Ashton and hire Charlie Sheen….

            • Jabs


              Ashton replaced Charlie on Two and a half Men – remember.

              What then would be the gain?

              Charlie Sheen retracted his rants, got paid millions in a basic severance package and his close friends thought that he was out of control due to either drug or alcohol usage, so they were trying to save his life.

              HOW is that an improvement or even a worthy successor to Ashton?

              It seems that many of you are either jealous of Ashton or want someone more like yourself plus maybe a common beer guzzling person like the late Jackass star who ran off the road in that exotic Porsche and killed himself.

              WOW – you really don’t get advertising do you?

              WHO is the ‘babe magnet’?

              Ashton or Charlie?

              1. Who was on That 70’s Show?

              2. Who fits the craved demographic age group?

              Ashton or Charlie?

              I am happy that you were not in charge of choosing Nikon’s spokesperson and even with his reported new problems, people love Ashton.

              It’s just Brand Marketing and not that serious, but Charlie – LOL!

              Would you buy a camera from Charlie or Ashton?

              Be honest!

            • Jabs


              Also – you forgot that Lady Gaga is an ACT.

              Charlie Sheen’s ‘meltdown’ was perhaps not an act.

              Lady Gaga has her ‘monsters’ and she runs them wild in her outrageous costumes but she recently took off her makeup plus wigs and showed everyone how she really looks – surprising!

              The reference to Lady Gaga was about her being the number one person on I think Facebook, as in more ‘friends’ or ‘Likes’ than anyone else worldwide.

              Look here as I just looked this up to show you:


        • tuoni

          I’d never want to work in a place where they give out promotions for blatant gaffes and cases of foot-in-mouth.

          • Jabs


            The you probably will never have a job in Creative Pursuits, as you are maybe too stuck in the mud to understand HOW viral marketing works.

            Some are photographers

            Some are creative or ape the creative person

            Some follow trends while others make trends

            Some are the butt of jokes

            Some tell jokes while others are jokes themselves.

            Logics has nothing to do with Marketing, as it is all about Sales and numbers generated.

            Creative genius is hard to pin down, but in hindsight you usually get it, but then the person has moved on to something else while you are now stuck admiring their last project or even gaffe.

            Ask Apple’s Creative genius Steve that.

    • AnoNemo

      Do you really think that the apology was genuine. No way. Otherwise it would not have gone that viral.

      This is a brand disaster for Nikon.

      • TCD

        How is a facebook post a brand disaster?? This thing has completely been blown out of proportion.

        People need to settle down a bit.

        It’s cool to have criticisms of a product, but have some useful criticisms rather than all the hate.

        They make damn good products for all different people. Eventually they will make a product that will make you happy.

        Got a little off topic, but all those damn give me a D800 posts annoy the hell out of me too 🙂

        Flame on

        • iamlucky13

          I think, although maybe I’m just speaking for myself, that most people are more amused by this than genuinely outraged.

          It was a stupid statement, and it will reinforce some people’s partially correct notion that Nikon doesn’t understand their customers, but mostly I’m enjoying having fun with it at Nikon’s expense. It’s not going to affect my next choice of a camera.

        • Jabs


          Me too.

          Tired of the same claims and repeats. Absolutely nothing new or even with a point.

      • scurvy hesh

        When are you going to buy your A77 NEMO?

        • AnoNemo

          I am thinking about getting an NEX-7. With a nice small lens it will be an ideal small companion while I am on business trips and cannot carry the big rig.

          • Jabs

            What small lens are you thinking about for the Nex7?

            • AnoNemo

              Since there is only one genuine pancake sony … that’s a cheap 16mm F2.8. I think it will be fun to take some cool b&w.

              I had an FM2 and love it with 50mm or 24mm. Most of the time I had b&w film in it.

              There are rumors that early next year Zeiss will release some small nex lenses.

  • Temple

    so now they wont give us a Better Camera D800

  • Words are never empty of meaning!

    Marketers and whoever runs the Nikon Facebook page need to more carefully craft their sentences. I do feel sorry for that fellow who had to deal with the phone call from Nikon Japan.

    • Happy

      Not as sorry as said fellow who’s now preparing for ritual disembowelment.

  • hi_im_paul

    But better equipment does allow you to take better pictures. Problem?

    • jacob

      You are missing the point. The camera (and lenses) are tools, they lack any creative impulse. Crappy photographers make crappy photos even with the best tools because they lack creativity, or because they do not understand the light and how to capture it.
      The unfortunate Nikon post was linking “better gear”=”great photos”, and that’s untrue because it does not cover all variables involved.
      If you talk about snapshots taken with cameras on fully “auto” position than you are right, but most photographers don’t fall in this category…lol

      • Jabs

        Creativity without the prerequisite tools renders you a mere dreamer.

        Having the prerequisite tools and not the know-how to replicate a scene or get great results from them makes you a ‘geek’ with gear.

        Tools and ability are intertwined or there would not be any human progress.

        Progress often comes from people seeking to do something that was not possible yesterday or very difficult to do and thus we have the term – Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

        Artists often falsely claim that it is them alone or their innate ability that is what makes their creative result occur, but they are WRONG.

        The artist does get inspired by many external things and among them is their tool.

        Too many people arrogantly like to claim that they alone are responsible for their craft but in reality, the tool and the artist is ONE.

        Better tools do NOT guarantee better results but having NO tool whatsoever makes all your ideas now reside solely in your head = reality.

        I am an artist and have been that since my youth, but too many are now smug and act like a better tool does not inspire them – yeah keep dreaming, I say to them.

        Have you seen the impact of the D90 on photography plus video-cinematography?

        Most here seem to forget that is was Nikon who started this Revolution with their D90 and also got laughed at about it too.

        I can’t photograph with my fingers now, can I?

        Give me a better tool and it will enhance my creativity IF I am willing to embrace its’ capabilities in order to magnify my creative thrusts – is how I basically see it.

        New and better features allow me to express new avenues of MY own creativity.

        Creativity lives in the brain and your five senses PLUS your environment and even how you feel that day, so give me some inspiration and then something to bring this to fruition and I am now happy plus more creative.

        Beautiful places often inspire great photographs and great gear allows us to better produce or reproduce our artistic vision of that place or scene.

        Beautiful women often inspire the passion and creativity in us men just like great gear does too. How many oil paintings of women are there compared to paintings of men?

        Creativity does not live in some vacuum of ability alone!!!

        • jacob

          Are you drunk?
          Who said creativity is all you need? Of course you need a freaking camera to take a photo, I know you can’t take it with bare hands…duh!
          Is Ansel Adams photography crappy because he did not have a D3s? No.
          Yes, the D90 helped stimulate the birth of many videographers, but not every owner of a DSLR that takes video is now a great film director.
          The Nikon statement said that “a photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses“, and that is WRONG and they know it and they fixed it. All the other stuff you write is quite obvious or irrelevant.

          • Jabs

            Those who worship and adore past Masters will always impede their own creative pursuits, as they are too busy looking backwards to now grow creatively themselves.

            You nor I are not Ansel Adams also, so remember that – please.


            Ansel Adams stopped using his Large Format cameras mostly later on and switched to Hasselblads, so he knew the lesson of equipment and technique change called growth.

            What do you think he would be using today if he was still alive = what is lost on most of you here.

            Timeless traditions mean that you are stuck in the past, perhaps.

            I really don’t think that most of you understand today’s marketing thrusts nor the position of the new Nikon 1 system, as most here are fixated on a replacement for your current gear while Nikon is clearly going after new customers and a totally new Market. Just wait for your new replacement gear and then now share the spotlight with something new and different – OK.

            You thus are perhaps angry at Nikon and then resent new directions, as perhaps you see yourself as being left behind without any new gear or no longer the star pupil of the dedicated teacher or craftsman named Nikon. Time to share your sandbox or playpen with the new ‘baby in the family’ named Nikon 1, instead of being a little spoiled brat, eh?

            The most difficult people to deal with as a salesman, are often the ones who think that there is no need for change or improvement. They call them the ‘hard sell’ and they usually die with their Businesses or their ideas die with them.

            No continuity from generation to generation as they never wanted to ever change.

            Mess up or not, it did indeed go viral – so I don’t care.

  • Bob

    If camera gear doesn’t make a difference, I sure did waste a lot of money buying expensive equipment. I could have done all of my pictures with my iPhone.
    I suck! But I least I didn’t waste all the money that McNally wasted.

  • A great picture is possible anytime anywhere and with ANY camera! And that is coming from someone who has a shed load of Nikon gear. Get real 🙂

    • Curt

      Get real yourself. A great picture is possible anytime, but not under every condition without the right equipment. The tools can be as important as the skills, or lack there of.

      My kit lens isn’t going to get me a great picture of a bird sitting in a tree, nor is it going to give me enough sharpness for a great close up of a honeybee’s eye.

  • Oly

    Only an idiot would state that camera gear doesn’t make any difference, but it also takes an idiot to say that “a photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses”

    It’s a combination of understanding the limits of your gear, how it can be manipulated best for your use, creativity, and talent.

    There’s not ONE thing that makes a photographer great, it’s a combination of several things.

    • TCD

      +1 to that

    • Jabs


      You said – There’s not ONE thing that makes a photographer great, it’s a combination of several things.

      YUP – exactly, exactamundo – over and out – yessiree buddy – LOL.

      True too.

  • Roddy

    Put an inexperienced driver in a race car and he will surely crash. Give an experienced driver a poorly engineered car and he will never reach his full potential. Both are just as important. It would be in Nikon’s best interest to keep the experienced shooters in their camp.

    • lolly

      Poor analogy … when you’re being creative, where is the finish line ?

      • Jabs

        The finish line of creativity is your death.

  • marco

    a “patch” of a bad comment … a good photographic equipment helps, but it’s the photographer that makes the difference …. ALWAYS!

  • “We know some of you took offense to the last Nikon 1 V1 / J1 mirror less camera release, and we apologize, as it was not our aim to insult any of our professional and “prosumer” photographer friends. Our statement was meant to be interpreted that the right equipment is not that important to help you capture amazing images. We appreciate the passion you have for photography and your gear, and know that a great picture is possible anytime and anywhere… and even with a crappy 2.7x crop sensor mirror less camera!”

    *Once again, where the f*?k is my D800 ?*

    • What’s wrong with your D700?

      • Anonymous

        Great question… I think the answer is, “Nothing. Just can’t make good images and think that the D800 will make it.”

  • Jabs

    People on Social Networking sites apparently have no life.


    At least Nikon responded.

    Spend some of that pent up energy to accomplish something in life, will ya’

    • Onlyasgoodasmynikon

      ^^ SO MUCH THIS ^^

    • Jabber

      This coming from a guy that posts more than just about anyone on a camera website.

      • Jabs


        I probably work more than 100 hours a week and also own my own Business, so you figure it our Sherlock or is that SherMock?

        Lollll – back at you.

        How did you guess that I am a guy?

        Your intuition told you so?

        Yeah, I am male and what are you?

        Starscream that Decepticon or Megatron the magalomaniac boss of this ‘complainicon’?

        Maybe Pinky or D Brain? Which one of these dim light bulbs or psychopaths do you ape or mimic?

        Sir Beavis or Sir Butthead maybe describes you?

        See, two can play that silly game – LOL.

        Sarcasm sucks!

        Right Inspector Gadget or was that Maxwell Smart – Agent 86?

        Where’s 99?

        LOL – let me stop!

  • D700guy

    WTF does Nikon care what we shoot with? As long as it’s a crappy P&S or an idiotic mirrorless, they’re happy as clams in a bucket of shit!

  • ElPadre

    a company is only as good as its customer relations. oy vey, nikon.

  • Mighty Charlou

    Nice philosophical stunt 🙂
    Consumers : Release the D800 or I’ll switch to Canon.
    Nikon : *thinking*
    one month later..
    Consumers : I’m serious now, release the D800 or I’ll switch to Canon.
    Nikon : A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses…
    Consumers : This is not true… you can’t say that! Look what I did with my P&S!
    Nikon : heh!

    • Anonymous


      Ha ha… a great angle.

    • iamlucky13

      Hilarious, but I wouldn’t credit Nikon with that much cleverness.

      And it would be dangerous for them to credit most of their customers with that much sensibility.

    • Jabs

      @Mighty Charlou

      LOL@your post.

      Just maybe add.

      Nikon – We cover ’em from small to large in egos as well as in camera size and price.



  • I totally understood what Nikon was trying to say in their original post. I wasn’t offended in the least. It wasn’t the most crafted sentence ever, but I understood what they were trying to say. Equipment does matter, but it’s not the sole factor in being a good photographer.

    • Maddog

      Indeed, he/she probably was not a native english speaker. Interesting to watch how worked up people get over this, even though it was most likely accidental. But the anonymity of the internet (Read that, “I can say anything I want because I am at home in front of my computer rather than talking to someone face to face”) gives people the ability to vent at will over any percieved slight…

    • Jabs


      I’m with you on that one as good analysis.

      Too many people seem to get inflamed by Facebook posts and then they become victims of their own passions, as some ‘barker’ drives ’em wild and then things go viral.

      Send in Da Clowns to stir up the crowd.

      Got it!

  • Let’s all not forget that this is a camera company saying this that sells camera equipment. Why is everyone making a big deal out of it?

    It’s like a car salesmen telling a middle aged man that a convertible will make him cool. Well, this equipment will make you a better photographer, now buy it! LOL

    Get over it people!

  • Wj

    Its not about whether the statement is right or wrong. It just not the type of statement suitable for broadcasting to public

  • gpereir4

    Why don’t we all STFU and go take some pictures!

    • D700guy

      Comments like yours crack me up.
      Hey genius, in case you haven’t noticed, this is a equipment rumors site.
      We come here because we’re interested in what’s new. Some of us actually either need something new or something in existence that satisfies our current requirements.
      Me, I’m not about to spring for a D3x when there’s something on the horizon that will make me regret the purchase. But, for someone to say; “STFU and take some pictures” is arrogant and ignorant at the same time. I mean, if that’s what you truly believe then why aren’t you taking pictures? Because you’re too busy trolling a forum for people interested in new gear?

      • TCD

        -1 🙂

      • JeffStop

        Get over yourself “D700Guy,” I think the comment was meant to be light-hearted. Unlike your rant.

  • Troll Boy

    It doesn’t matter who is behind the camera, it’s the subject and lens that make the photo great.

  • Kon_head

    I am pretty sure this FB statement is only a ‘RUMOUR’ and not a real ‘POST’, otherwise it won’t make it to a ‘RUMOUR’ site, right???

  • peter

    I know that I am a great photographer because I only use Leica gear. The rest of you are just posers.

    • Jabs


      Be very careful now or you might now get flamed with – WHERE’S the M10, Leica sucks and on and on.


      Silly ole me???

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    nikon should release the D800 as a peace offering

  • The problem with their statement is that it perpetuates the notion that you have to have the best gear to take the best photos. When you’re getting your start in photography it’s easy to fall into the thinking that “if only I had a better camera I would be so much better” when the reason your photos aren’t great yet is that you haven’t had the time to put in the practice required. Then when they get the new equipment and they are still not satisfied so they have to buy more.

    As a community we should be enforcing the idea that every piece of gear is just a tool and although some tools make your job easier they are not necessarily required to get the job done.

  • human tripod

    What’s Facebook?

  • Juha

    My Canon user friends agreed with Nikon´s statement: I´ll never succeed taking better photos unless I switch to Canon.

  • Ironic

    What’s really ironic is that Nikon’s statement about equipment making the photographer annoyed many people here.

    Yet all you here in the comments on this site is equipment worship.

    “Look at that TINY SENSOR!”
    “Those lenses are so SLOW”
    “Where the hell is the D4/D800??!?!?!?!”

    • Roakaka

      Nikon said that equipment is the limiting factor in photography. You read it all wrong dude.

      The Irony is that Nikon say equipment is so important, when they just released a camera with such a tiny sensor.

      • Ironic

        No I read it all right. I understand that Nikon said equipment is the limiting factor. Then people got butt hurt because they were like “I can take great photos with ANYTHING because I’m a great PHOTOGRAPHER. It’s about the artistry, not the equipment.”

        Yet all you hear on this site is gear worship. Kind of hypocritical.

  • broxibear
  • BigEater

    Social media giveth and social media taketh away. This is the problem with social media as practiced by big corporations. They probably had an intern or entry-level person writing those posts who knew nothing about the sensitivities of photographers. It’s Nikon Hates Babies all over again.

    • scurvy hesh

      Fact: Photographers are sensitive babies.

  • Calibrator

    What’s the problem?
    Facebook is for Canon buyers anyway.


  • FAO

    “Fact: Photographers are sensitive babies.”
    You mean” photographers wanna be…”

    • scurvy hesh

      Yes. They want to be sensitive babies.

  • R!

    …don’t care bout pologize , GIVE US THE FULL FRAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muchachito Ehehe

    Nikon: “A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses.“
    Pseudo photographer: “I am offended. By the way where is my D400, D800, D4.”

    • Yagion

      LOL. What an irony.

  • j

    Yet all you people ask about the lowest noise, sharpest lenses etc…

    Also what is a great image?

    You cannot take a great landscape shot with a cell phone. The only type of images that can be taken with any camera are flukes, rare moments in history etc… where
    IQ does not matter.

    as far as I am concerned.

  • Curt

    Bwahaha! I don’t know what’s worse – that people are so thin skinned or that they can’t admit their gear really is that important.

  • Steve

    Anyone here who works in business or marketing knows this was a huge oversight on Nikon’s part, regardless of whether they were “offended” or agree with the post. A company is only as good as it’s reputation and this clearly didn’t help them in that respect.

    • Muchachito Ehehe

      Companies’ reputation is based on the products they deliver, not what marketing/sales people say. It’s kind of like when you are shopping for a new car. You know that the car sales man will say a lot of BS, but if you are clear what you need and what you want, you’ll simply ignore him. Because at the end of the day, what really matters is the product you are buying.

  • Really good photographers will tell you the gear does not matter that much. None the less the general public loves to waste their time in forums discussing the merits of A vs B.

    • Banksie

      oops, sorry Scubadriver. Your post beat me to it……

    • broxibear

      Hi Ron,
      Watched this film the other day, reminded me of some of the images you take

    • Curt

      Really good photographers often have the gear they need already, so often their opinion of themselves inflated beyond reality.

  • Banksie

    It’s kind of ironic that some people are jumping all over Nikon’s original post when those same people are always on the internet arguing about what’s the ‘best’ equipment, etc.. And now all of a sudden you have these same fanbois saying ‘the equipment really doesn’t matter.’ Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Nikon was just playing the same “my lens is better than your lens” game that their own fanbois and all the other equipment geeks have always been playing.

  • One more act of stupidity from Nikon team. As I see public relations, they have to be a sort of thematic dialogue between consumer and manufacturer. Consumer asks for FF cameras, manufacturer keeps dead silence or shares to post uninformative messages without any gleam of sign to hear consumer’s prayer. For example, you enter the doors of grocery and ask for bread, butter, meat and candies, but shop assistant keeps total ignorance against you. Would you wait for him till the time he’ll show a sign of presence in this Universe or will go to another grocery? Definitely you will choose the second way. If someone denies to keep the dialogue, he is a bad person despite all other well known qualities. And now imagine how many people all over the world are begging for D4/D800/D400 release. If company can’t release something here and now, then it must care to share some words of reassurement. We’ll wait for that day in harmony with each other, without yearning to insult marketing and PR heads of this particular company. What’s the problem to share approximate date of release? What’s the point to be ignorant? What’s good in ‘dead silence against all of you’ behaviour? Talk to us, Nikon!

    • * I meant ‘ignore’ instead of ‘ignorance’. Sorry for mistakes.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        That analogy doesn’t quite work here…
        Imagine this:
        You: Yo! Nikon! When is the D4 out?
        Nikon: er… November 12th, 9am.
        You: Sweet, thanks!
        Canon: hehehe… We’ll launch ours on November 26th then so we steal their thunder. Thanks for the help, SlowGin 🙂
        Nikon: cry…..
        You: WTF Canon followed Nikon I’m just 2 weeks?! I’m switching to Canon!

        • That’s funny. 🙂

          To be serious, I switched from C to N already. And to be frank, competition between these two was always tough. Differences between dates of release were always close, so if I were a follower 0f c0nspiracy theory, I’d definitely explain this from that point of view. But I am not a follower of this theory, so could only wonder. Again, big two do not care about Sony releases. Sony is a serious competitor.

        • Jabs

          @TheinconvenientRuth – nice play on words in your name too.

          Yeah on the 28th Sony releases an update to the A900 and then they switch to Sony now. WOW – FF is so cool dude!

          Two weeks later all their shiny new equipment arrives and the ‘smart’ delivery man leaves it at their door and someone ‘borrows’ or steals all their new gear.

          Well back to my old 2 meg Fuji!

          I had it all and lost it all in so short a time (Was that my gear or my mind that I lost?) – LOL

          Hmmm – Maybe that new iPhone 5 does not look so bad even with a 70-200 attached via that ‘clever adapter’ – and then they switch to Apple.

          From the sublime to the absurd!

  • Awww, how apologetic!
    There was no need for excuses. What they said is pure truth!


  • scurvy hesh

    I myself like my 105 2.5

    Whaddabout youz guize?

    • Jabs

      Yep, that and a 180 F2.8 AIS too.

  • Only the best have the balls to come out publicly and say “Sorry, I was wrong”.
    Good for you Nikon.

  • Ken Kockwell

    Nikon making excuses again.

    WHERE THE HELL IS MY D800! Rumours say it won’t be out until April next year!

    Mirrorless toys that have been destroyed by DXO.

    Get it together Nikon!

  • Matt

    I don’t know who Nikon’s PR agency of record is, but a terrible job is being done. Their brand management is dismal and their communications leave much to be desired. Maybe this flies in Asian markets, but they need a US/EU agency to clean up their mess.

  • Jeff

    What a dumb thing to say on Nikon’s part… clearly a case of foot in mouth disease.

    Just look at all the amazing photos that have been created with a shoebox and a pinhole.

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