Poll #2: Are you going to buy the new Nikon 1 mirrorless camera?

Few weeks ago I posted a poll to see what percentage of [NR] readers were planning to buy the Nikon mirrorless camera. Those were the results:

Today I would like to see if some of you have changed their mind after the Nikon 1 is already official:

(Poll direct link)

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  • Roeder


    Not that it’s a bad camera, but I already have a DSLR. If I had nothing but a point and shoot, I *might* consider it.

  • No because is not small as a compact and do not have a APS-C sensor like nex o fuji x100.

    To change lenses better go for a d3100 with cheap plastic nikkor zoom lenses.


  • R!

    they forgot one category:f…..no!!!!.

  • Davis

    Reminds me of the Pronea.

    • paf

      That’s what I said all along. Neo Pronea!

  • Nicole

    I’ll need to handle one first, but after having read the specifications, and seen photographs of the final product, I may well purchase one to replace my P7000.

    I use the P7000 as a handy camera to use when my D3s would not be convenient. But the V1 being able to use my Nikkors would make it an even more convenient choice, and it would probably get far more use than my P7000 does at present.

  • nmoney

    NO, unless it magically looks and f unctions like the Fujifilm X10 (which too is overpriced, unfortunately).

  • D

    not buying.

  • palefire

    If I won the lottery or married a rich widow I get one.

  • Zim

    NO! I think I’ve been pretty clear Nikon. I want a D400. My wife’s D5100 is taking better pictures than my D300s!! It is time Nikon. Lets get some cameras out there.

    • looks like your wife’s a better photographer…

    • Banned

      Then how about you use your wife’s camera and you stop whining about your newb D300? D300, D400, what difference? DX is for lamers.

  • Thom Hogan had a funny remark about this:

    “Complaining about the product just confirms that Nikon didn’t accidentally hit innocent bystanders while aiming at their target.”


    • Banned

      I suppose Hogan and I have a different sense of humor!

    • Phil

      I am also not the target market for Ferrari but I do like them, so I guess Ferrari has failed.

      Releasing a product that disappoints so many people is a failure, even if they are not the ones you were hoping to buy it. And especially if they are the ones most loyal to your brand, and could’ve provided you with free word of mouth marketing.

      I have a lot of respect for Thom, but this was not his best comment.

  • paul

    def interested in a nikon mirrorless, but something on par with x100 w/ fmount

  • I voted no, but then again, I’m not the kind of clientele this system is made for.

    I suspect this goes for a lot of people round here.

  • If one of ’em and the underwater housing supports flash (ideally 2), I’ll get it as soon as everything’s available. Images are bound to be considerably better than my Canon S90 point-n-shoot and it’s gotta be way smaller and lighter than the D90, Ikelite housing and lights I bought, which I toasted just because it was just too big for extended travel (for me, especially on multi-month trips with all my other camera gear, diving gear and more). This one seems almost perfect for me.

    • Raff

      I like your photos!

      • Ooooooo :-). Why, thank you, Raff! Strokes always gladly accepted :-)!

  • Levi H

    Test video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN7rDOmjLqo

    There is a Nikon 1 car in the picture, so I assume it’s legit.
    You can’t really tell much from it though.

  • PM

    Yes! Only if i can get it at 99% off discount.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    If helicopters get a little cheaper I can imagine buying one for Aerial Photography. Other than that, it seems an awkward middle sister.

  • SZRimaging

    No, at the price point, I can get an Olympus E-PM1 for less money. That means I’ll be able to get the next lens sooner. And yes, tracking and speed seem to be better with this, but the sensor seems to be much worse. And the E-PM1 is almost the same size. Really, not seeing enough positives to the Nikons to get them over Olympus. And I was so ready to add one of the Nikons…..

  • I’d rather invest in pro lenses than a new system (i.e. reduced sensor) from Nikon. But ultimately still waiting for the D800/D4 release when I consider a new body.

  • Peter

    Will be interesting to see how some features will filter to coming DSLRs.

    Voted no, but primarily because while Im interested in a smaller camera, a Nex+pancake is small enough.

  • Max Dobie

    Not for me, I like thousands of others am waiting for the D700 replacement. Come on Nikon get your finger out or we will all be selling our Nikons and purchasing the Canon EOS 5D Mk III. This inevitably will arrive before Nikons rather late offering.
    How about a poll on who would purchase a D800 or is it a no brainer?

    • RR

      Great Comment, Agree 100%

  • sflxn

    Nikon has made a statement about their capabilities outside of DSLRs. The rumor is that they spent 4-5 years on this camera. Imagine 4-5 years to think up, design, and produce these! It took Sony less time to produce the Nex-7. I still love their DSLRs, but I’ve lost faith in their abilities outside of DSLRs.

    • Kon_head

      Nikon has always been a 1 horse (SLR/DSLR) company, just hope that they keep on feeding this good horse and forget about raising mules & donkeys.

      • The Neo-Colonialist

        the marketing suggested spanking monkeys.

      • lolly

        The mules & donkeys may very well be Nikon’s future cash cows.

  • HalloHalloPasswort

    How many of you actually had either of those cameras in their hands? I’m getting tired of this bashing. The J1 might be one of the most enjoyable cameras I’ve ever shot with. Just give it a try. : )

    • Flash

      What do you do when you change the lens and the sensor gets dirty? As there is no self clean of the sensor. The V1 and all digital interchangeable lens cameras that I am aware of have some sort of self cleaning sensor. Feature wise the V1 is a much better deal.

      • HalloHalloPasswort

        Have it cleaned might solve that problem, what do you think? : )

        Could it be that you never actually tried the J1? Just judging from spec sheets? Do you take pictures of spec sheets as well? ; )

  • Eric Calabros

    If you guys (cant see a girl yet) have enough money to buy d800/d4 as soon as it shipped (that would be pricier than current d700/d3s at that moment), how you cant/wont afford paying $650 for a backup that support your expensive pro lenses and just $200 higher than those most cheered G12?

  • Randy

    I am very intrigued by the mirrorless concept. I do believe there is a future for this type of product that blends video and stills into a small versatile package. I however am very disappointed that it lacks manual control features. One of the greatest things about the Fuji X100 is not the retro look but the fact that they put the aperture ring back on the lens where it belongs. I was really hoping that his camera would return to the basic function of a camera and allow the aperture to be control with the left hand and the shutter to be controlled with the right thumb. I want a camera that lets me be a photographer not a Photoshop tech.

  • NikoBlowMe

    No dials, no manual controls, tiny sensor and way over priced I’ll take 2 please!!!!!!

  • Ze da Couve

    i Will buy a Canon!

  • Chris P

    After buying a Canon 20D without really trying its handling, having loved using my Eos 3 and thought the 20D would be similar, I will never again buy a camera until I have throughly handled it. Having said that, the V1 does appeal as a much handier second string to my D700, but only if it, to me, handles well.

    • Don

      If you handle it thoroughly, it will come!

      • Chris P

        Given that level of humour I take it that you will be buying one by saving up your pocket money.

  • Jabs

    I did not vote the last time as did not know what it really was, so why bother!

    Now, I say YES.

    I like to see the boundaries of possibilities breached and changed, as this System represents to me a new way of thinking and thus not a DSLR or a P&S nor a Micro 4/3rds wanna-be but something else new and unique.

    This plus an AW100 are perfect for me, as a DSLR is often too huge to fit into some places that I use my gear in or too huge to not scare the people. Have you ever tried crawling into a small hole with a huge camera to take pictures inside a piece of equipment? Outside of the equipment in the Building, the DSLR is fine, but inside the equipment I need something barely bigger than an L22 and also one that shoots really fast plus gives fantastic video!

    I shoot Business equipment currently with an L22 that just works really well as not trying to publish anything but use for Presentations and such, so this works out really great for me. I have to thus wait and see what it really does and then what quirks it has before I purchase one, as not scared of the future but I often openly embrace it myself.

    To me, it’s an additional camera to both a P&S, a D4 FF camera and the new AW100 which would go in the dusty and damp environments that I often work in.

    Different tools for different purposes or environments is my personal motto and not one shoe fits or works for everything = flexible and job driven plus realistic.

    I would like mine in blue or black, though and probably the expensive one too with the metal body underneath.

    New wishes thus now look like this:

    1. AW100
    2. Nikon 1
    3. D4 as I don’t like DX, but prefer FX

  • Essenobi

    I’m buying one at the first price drop … so hopefully November/December

    • Iris Chrome

      2nd that

  • The invisible man

    Nikon is crazy,
    All we need is a compact camera with a 28-75mm f/3.5 (constant) to take with us when we don’t fell like carring the 30lbs backpack.
    But Nikon don’t listen to photographer, they listen to banks and market shares.

    • Alex

      The lenses announced for the mirrorless is a bit disappointing compared to what m4/3 have to offer right now, but the system is still in its infancy.

      For example, the consumer DX line (think D50>D40>D40X>D60, circa 2005) didn’t even get their first awesome lens, the 35/1.8 until 2009, just months before the second generation (D3000) hits the announcement.

      As for m4/3, with the introduction of G1 and GH1, m4/3 shooters didn’t even get their hands on the 20/1.7 until roughly a year later. Even Sony’s NEX system was only announced with a 18-55 and a 16/2.8 pancake. So what’s with all the negativity towards Nikon’s system?

      Truth is, it is probably inevitable that new systems will only be rocking a standard kit zoom (something like the 18-55) as hold over until newer and better stuff gets developed.

      Give it some time and let it grow, the Nikon 1 system have a lot of potential.

  • They would have to cut the price drastically before I would even consider it. As it sits, it’s a firm no, and I’ll go back to looking at the Oly PENs for an additional pocket toy.

  • Hmm more than the same poll (which however has a root cause) probably the best questions might have been:
    – I’m MORE interested in it than previous week
    – I’m LESS interested in it than the previous week.

    I think that “Not sure yet” is misleading and prone to be interpreted in a negative sense. A “Why not?” is much different than “I don’t think so” but they both express something more meaningful in the middle of a clear “yes” or “no”

  • No, because I never buy the first (nor second, usually) generation of a gadget, especially not one that I don’t need.

  • amien

    – crappy dynamic range
    – crappy details & noise above 400 Iso
    – crappy havy for the tiny sensor
    – slow lenses
    – bad 2.7 1.4 to an equivalent wide open F3.5, sweet spot being F10
    -highly priced
    -what else ???

    Are we consumer monkeys ? ARE WE ???

  • dino B

    i thing their new mirrorless should be included with D800 and up as a free gift with ur slr as they are making us wait… nikon realy came all over us lol

    • The Neo-Colonialist

      This Nycon is not for me. Looks like fun and has great potential for it’s intended audience Which isn’t you bunch of whiners.

      Is that a NEX sticking out of your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

  • Greg Schmidt

    I want to be able to control the camera rather than have it control me. I have no desire to buy this camera. Not if I get one for free, that would be a different story.

    • jk

      The very fact that you are weak enough to allow a camera to control you explains why you are hear. lol

      I am totally kidding…honestly….

  • Don

    If the X10 shot NEF Raw, I’d buy it, but I hate converting my Raw files. I like to keep them raw with NX2.

  • D700guy

    So, unless there’s a pending round of Coolpix on the horizon, there can be nothing left to announce except the DSLR line, right?

  • twoomy

    It’s early in the results, but it looks like the only change is that many of the “not sures” turned into “NO”.

    • Phil

      The funny thing is that even people who voted “yes” the first time are now voting “no”. So Nikon didn’t even manage to meet the very low expectations.

  • C_QQ_C

    Not sure..
    Just read a little update on a competing Forum from a guy who has handled the Nikon 1 , and took some test pictures home.. (he stil needs processing them). This guy had some remarks about it that have left me less positive about it, so I first need to see some serious reviews because those are not realy cheap cam’s…

  • A little shadowing on the yellow question font would help next time…

    These N1 models definitely have some pros, but some cons as well. I’m undecided, but its possible I may buy the next iteration of them…?

  • EnPassant

    I couldn’t give an answer for this poll. Sure I know I will never buy this (V1 would be the alternative having a viewfinder.) camera at introduction, nor for its asking price or even the later expected street price. But if it a year or two later from now was selling out for half price I might be tempted. Its seemingly easy use of video looks interesting as I in that field is a novice and closer to the targetgroup of the camera. As a photgraphic tool it is lacking in the traditional cameracontrols I prefer. It is mostly the ability to try some Nikon lenses, like the 35 DX, 50/1.4 and 60 Micro I already have that would be interesting to see how useful it could be with them. Also streetphotography with the 10 mm (27 eq.) could be worth exploring. But for now I am saving for a NEX-7 to have a digital body I can use for all my old legacy lenses until Sony (or someone else) makes a “NEX-9” for FX!

  • Johnnyblues

    I AM | buying a NEX-7

  • amien

    Hey admin, what’s the problem ? why did you cancel my post ???

    So I resume :


    Nikon comes out, like 5 years ago with a tiny 10MP sensor.
    They apparently need to reproduce the same marketing (maybe it works?)

    – BAD Tiny sensor
    – Heavy camera & lenses regarding the sensor size
    – poor pictures & heavy noise above 400 iso
    – poor controls
    – 1 second “slow motion” full rez 60Frames (will eat up memory & harddrives in a few clics)
    – BAD tiny sensor (did I already say that ?)
    – Ugly colors

    What Else ???

    • Moth Flopwell

      And when I was reading about Nikon’s 1..on DP…This guy was happy about the fact that Nikon was NOT using any Sony Censors….Masahiro Suzuki, General Manager, R&D Department. That the Nikon 1 with 10MP is all Nikon.

    • I have not cancel anything, something the posts show up online few minutes later.

  • amien

    please disregard…sorry, I saw it above.

  • BetaHal

    Not a Ren Kockwell comment today? LOL!

    As it seems we’ll have to take on the real thing: lads and lasses, welcome to this review on the Nikon 1 system from one of the most controversial photographers known to the world:


    • I am sorry, I think I will have to delete this link. I just think that “reviews” of unreleased cameras are spam/scam.

      • BetaHal

        That would be plain censorship, admin. I think that maybe you (nikon?) want to shut down the link because you can’t stand a negative review of the new cameras. And I found Ken’s point of view interesting, specially when he compares nikon’s 1 system to the 110 and APS film formats.

        Reviews are about opinion, and that opinion can be had taking a simple look at the specs. Ken may or may not have had access to the cameras, but that doesn’t disqualify him to voice his thoughts on the design of the system.

        • Iris Chrome

          Seriously? How can you expect a fair and just review just from looking at the specs? I doubt performance can really be measured that way. Besides, what a lot of people seem to be ignoring is the brand new Expeed 3 processer used in the J1 and V1. Now that’s one think that can’t be measured by specs alone.

        • If you know a little bit about me and NikonRumors, you will know that I hate censorship. This was one of the main reasons why I started this blog on the first place. Calling an opinion based on the specs a review counts as a scam in my books. You cannot review a camera that you have never touched. You can give your opinion on the specs and called it what it is – an opinion. With this I would like to end this discussion, because it is going to get ugly very quickly.

          • Keep going, I love you NikonRumors guy.

          • Censored

            If you hate censorship, why do you delete posts on ban users who really don’t deserve it? Because you don’t like what they say? Because you can?

            • Not sure what you are talking about. If you use foul language or spam this blog, you will be banned.

        • Alex

          Watch him eat his words back after handling the cameras. He’s going to rave about the Motion Snapshot feature. And then how small and portable it is.

      • venancio

        actually, this was good, and mighty quick of ken rockwell to correlate J1/V1 to Pronea and APS… the quick background info made me say “really? a blast from the past?”…

      • gaga

        That didn’t stop everyone from “trying to” bash the Sony Alpha 77 and Nex 7 systems…

  • Pissed

    I already answered this question… So if No, isn’t enought.. How’s Fuk No?

    Get it…

  • Martin

    not just no, HELL NO!
    What the eff were they thinking… what a turd.
    I’ve already preordered my NEX-7

  • HuHa

    All that fuss about a Nikon mirrorless camera, and now – what a disappointment. Come on, a 2.7 crop factor – and image quality nothing to write home about. WTF?!

  • Lonnie Utah

    77% no. Wow. Epic Fail.

    • lolly

      The Nikon 1 will be Nikon’s future … not FX or even DX. Give the Nikon 1 some time to mature and not be too hasty to judge.

      I voted “No” because it’s basically a video cam that shoots stills … at high speed.

      The people who want the Nikon 1 in its current form, will not use it mainly as a camera that shoots stills. For now Nikon has differentiated the 1 system from the Coolpix and entry-level DSlrs … but for how long ? Nikon, please do not delay the inevitable or else you lose market share to Sony`s NEX.

      R u listening, Nikon

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