iamcomings.com is now live

Finally a teaser from Nikon - the website iamcomings.com is now live:

The domain iamcomings.com is registered to the The New Media Edge, a marketing/PR company in SE Asia. Nikon is not on the list of their clients.

Several Nikon websites were down in the past few hours - an updated is definitely on the way for their mirrorless camera introduction.

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  • Dave Konitz

    How about a d4.

    • In your dreams… and so is my D800 !

      • Ren Kockwell

        Waiting for the money shot…

    • Banned

      To be quite honest I would have expected a porn website at this address…

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          K so that was kinda gross (esp the dog doing what he did) but it made me LOL.

      • No porn here.

        My disappointment is the sensor is smaller than micro 4/3. I suppose it is too much to go with a standard rather than make people buy lenses in a proprietary mount.

        • Ren Kockwell

          If Ron says it’s not porn, well that’s good enough for me!

        • I’m hoping at least one model with compact zoom is underwater capable and for that – with a fairly low pixel count – one of these would rock (for us folks what haz to travel to dive). And if I could really have my way, it’d be the camera – and zoom :-0 – that’s waterproof, not a bulky housing to put it in.

  • Ric

    any Nycon will do.

    • enesunkie

      What about a Kneecon>

      • stillvideos

        kneecones are better

  • scurvy hesh

    Woah Nikon. Get a room.

    • Ludvig

      Hehe +1

      • LGO

        This shows that one should not underestimate Nikon when it comes to marketing. I would not put it beyond Nikon and its promoters to have intentionally and consciously chosen this as a way of getting a lot of publicity mileage … and give its fans a chuckle or two with its double entendre.

        The succeeding postings will show just how successful Kneecon will be in this marketing play. 🙂

        • LGO

          Come to think of it, this could be Nikon’s response to this site’s frequently posted remark “It has began!”.

          Well, this will hopefully go some distance in ameliorating Nikon’s failure to announce the D700-replacement and D3s-replacement. ROFLOL 🙂

        • Yes, I saw several major websites already picked up on that banner/website which menas that the marketing campaign worked. The jokes however will be ongoing for few more months at least 🙂

  • Fubar

    it better be not. (the 2,7 crop crap)

  • Rahul

    iamcoming.com should have been more appropriate. Why the extra ‘s’?

    • DO

      Someone else probably owns the domain

      • Jeremy

        Whoever owns it is hiding behind Moniker Privacy Services, and they’ve had it since 2002.

    • Wondering the same. wtf is the s for? guess they couldn’t afford the singular domain?

      • carl

        the s is for lolcats

    • Ronan

      iamcomings.com belongs to a Thailand-based com agency (newmedia-plus.com)

      That juste seems weird to me, the extra S plus the not-so-logical location… don’t know what to think of that.

      • broxibear

        Hi Ronan,
        I looked it up earlier too and it doesn’t sound legit to me, that advertising company has a list of clients on it’s website and Nikon isn’t amongst them.
        The domain was only registered a few days ago ?

    • Michael Barkowski

      Well, “iamcomings” is an anagram of “Go Mini-cams!”…

      • binary_eye

        Or, “Go, Mac Minis!” Maybe Nikon is teaming up with Apple.

      • MJr

        wow, it really is …

    • Scott

      D700s? D7000s? D3100s? That’s what the “s” usually means.

    • Iris Chrome

      you speak engrish not?

  • Rich Ratner

    This is the most hilarious campaign slogan.

    • gt

      umm there’s a total innuendo going on there….

    • Im Coming Too

      Which ad agency came up with this terrible slogan? I am coming? seriously? Sounds like a line in a porno! I would be embarrassed to be Nikon or the ad agency who came up with that p.o.s. tag line!

    • iamlucky13

      I don’t know. I bet the folks over in the Canon marketing department are still laughing about the saboteur they planted at Nikon who convinced them to hire Ashton Kutcher.

      Maybe this the work of the same saboteur.

    • Up $#!t’s creek

      Nikon – the gear pro’s choose for their money shot…

      • Bondi Beach


    • R!


      • Bobbybrownblack

        I think Nikon should hire “R!” as their communications staff. More LOLZ!

  • Jesus_sti

    It’s sound like a “PRON” site !

    • sta222


  • Derek

    Clearly the extra “s” stands for “SLR”, or it just means Nikon’s marketing team needs some serious help..

    • Johnny

      This reminds me of the 1-800-MATTRES commercials.

      The missing “S” is for Savings!

  • Marketing FAIL

    • RR

      Agree, cheap and very bad taste. And I am very open to sexual matters.. But this seems like something you see in Walmart, not on a technology based corporation.

  • Eaksoy

    wow the jokes with this one are endless, from the literary high-brow (e.e. cummings anyone?) to the lewd and raunchy

  • Claustral

    Made you look!

  • Ryan

    Soooo….. what about professional again?

  • Reck Konwell

    And wait for the next campaign …

    I AM CLEANING ! (my kleenex)

    It’s going to be LEGEN … wait for it …

    • R!

      I am cleaning my Nikon’s bags almost sure , not yet but like first quarter of 2012 MPX 12 MPX FOR 7 YRS WHAT DE F…….

  • Ric

    Mandatory cigarette after each shot.

    • Ashley

      ha! +1

  • J

    Yeah, sure. I am coming too all the time but I don’t make a website about it.

  • ukj

    That’s what see said.

    • ukj

      sorry , that’s what she said lol

  • I thought for sure this was the Gears of War 3 countdown timer… 😉

  • Here’s my version of Nikon’s new campaign:


    • Oopps

      It Seems you’ve been waiting so long you may have lost track of how many hours there are in a day, I can relate

      • Phos

        It used to be 24

    • Cock Ronwell

      hey alain, you waited since you got it? go out and shot that bloody good camera you own! same for the d800 geeks. you are really wasting time ;D

  • binary_eye

    I Am Jumped the Shark. C’mon Nikon. How about something different for a completely new product?

  • Andy31

    I would immediately be coming if a D400 with features like Sony’s A77 was emerging ^^

  • alex

    announce it already!! hate the waiting

  • Iris Chrome

    Nikon’s newest product will apparently be very…. mm… er… pleasurable ;D

  • Jonny Ray

    Perhaps the “s” at the end is because they intend to use this same http://www.iamcomings.com site for future announcements? And so it is referring to multiple announcements in the future that this site will be used to countdown? Who knows.

  • Nikon’s new ad campaign:


    • Banned

      Come on now dude GET A LIFE!

    • John

      I for one think its hilarious

  • IanZ28

    Looks like Nikon failed to run this by any native English speakers before approval. From the extra and gramatically/alphabetically/phonetically incorrect “s” to the very sexual innuendo this is by far one of the most poorly executed online marketing blunders I’ve seen.

    I hope Nikon realizes the mistake they have made and take the site down.

    for previous announcements didn’t Nikon run the teaser campaigns on their own websites? Why not just use the domain http://www.iamnikon.com ?

    I’m actually beginning to wonder if this is a legitimate campaign.

  • Pappa Kalaaho

    Hi everybody,
    I was wondering few days ago, when my friend (filming with Canon) said that the Nikon is going to announce a new SLR that is superb making videos. I was amazed how can my Canon mate know something about the Nikons. I tried to ask that will it be follower of D90 or D300s, but he couldn´t tell me more about it, because he doesn´t know so well Nikon models.

    He said that he had heard about this from his friend working in Nikon Finland.
    I am not sure can I believe this eather. We´ll see…

    Pappa from Finland

    ps. Sorry for my bad english.

    • yep seems like no info is in the US in europe yet plenty.

      one promi jerk photographer here around runs with new nikon making lot of fluff and chest beating and hiding what it is. it is D700 sized full frame for sure

  • InfraRed

    I am not interested.com

  • Phos

    In October we will have iamcomings2.com
    Probably a tele lens to stick on the mirrorless.
    That will be like nirvana.

    • Anonymous

      Instead of VR, it will have V-EX which stands for vibrations extra.

    • RR

      Hahahahaha Nirvan man… By far the funniest post yet lol

  • scurvy hesh

    Its what you guys will do when the D800 is out.

  • Dean Forbes

    Nikon’s mirrorless is DOA so far as I am concerned.

    • RR

      I couldnt agree more

  • Is it an advert for tissues. No, not that. More likely for Nikon enthusiasts to cry into when Nikon announces the mirrorless camera system that no one is interested in.

    • R!

      + 10000000000000000 WHO CARES ABOUT THIS STUPID CAMERA THAT WILL GO TRASH THE PLANET IN ONE YEAR ; REMEMBER THE LOSS OF THE APS FILM CAMERA 10 YRS AGO YOU CAN’T EVEN FIND ONE USED TODAY !!!!!!! I think Nikon need to change all theyr policy or they will loose all the market of DSLR in 5 yrs!!!!!!!!

      • broxibear
        • R!

          OK AND THE FILM????NIKON IS RETARDED I am an advanced shooter I use evry brand not waiting on eventuality of company to make me hapy I take pictures not beating my meat with some :my brand is better than yours na na na shhtt ,my pictures are better because of that.

          • A Thought

            Look at your blood pressure…

      • scurvy hesh

        Is that R for Retard.

        • R!

          It ‘s R for Leica R because I think people are buying M9 to look good I m waiting for a R10!!!!! but Leica is like Nikon they make people think they re all that but they re not? that’s why I shoot Nikon Canon Panasonic and Leicas and I f…k yall with your b…..t fanboyism that is ridiculous.Most of you never go outside your country to take pictures and you all want tropicalized DSLR to feel like you the man ,but you’re not.

          • A Thought

            Uau!!… you’re the man…

      • Bobbybrownblack

        Leica R10 > Nikon D800. You retards don’t know what you’re talking about coz you’re not the mans! You’re not even comings because of that so just switch to Canon and wrap it in your pink panties. You don’t need tropicalization for that coz youre dry and NOT HOT!!1!

  • Mandrake

    Someone at Nikon US has failed to tell the Nikon Japan marketing group what that is slag for in some of their biggest markets.

    • Mandrake

      slag lol….slang

    • Ric

      correction, it’s Nycon USA.

  • Mario

    a new Coolpix!?

  • From what i heard last year, during a nikon event, from a guest speaker
    who is working with Red cameras and said that Nikon was working together
    with Red. So maybe we are having 4k movie soon in our top range Nikon.s

  • I hope when D4 and D800 replacement a “It’s has begun” in honor to NR 😀

  • paf

    Oooh, Nikon you big boy, give to me straight just like this… oh baby….

    sorry, couldn’t resist…

    at least something is coming… let ‘s see how many will be satisfied…

  • Derek

    I am coming… So we can assume: it DOESN’T have vibration reduction… It has a long lens… and the tagline will be “Don’t F stop!”

    • Ric

      ~high5~ Best one yet!

    • paf

      Awesome! Well put!

    • paf

      ….and it will leave you feeling screwed!

    • sirin

      a win is you

    • Iris Chrome


    • aetas

      Ok we def have a winner!!!

    • Kevin


    • jdsl

      LOL!! 🙂 Definitely, a winner! ^^

  • TaoTeJared

    No D4

    No D800

    No D400

    I’m flaccid

  • 出口

    I’m so excited! My mouth is opening in anticipation of this coming release. Give to me Nikon! Give it to me now.

    Sorry my “bad” engrish.

    • scurvy hesh

      Dont worry. we know exactly what you mean.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Me too, I’m sure this’ll be a jaw dropper. LOL

  • Paul

    …that’s what she said.

    • Kingyo


  • scurvy hesh

    This is seriously the best campaign ever.

  • sirin

    Canon should now make a rival shewasfaking.com website. )

  • Iris Chrome

    Nikon’s latest camera will apparently incorporate a vibration function.

    • Iris Chrome

      It makes sense now as the new feature that will be introduced with the new mirrorless.

  • Chris

    Nikon: about to bust a nut on the MFT market.

    • Anonymous

      OMG! I can’t believe all this crap! This is too, too much. Way to go Nikon.

  • Kiwi

    One shot and it takes another 20 minutes for the battery to recharge

    • Phos

      Even Canonites will be waiting to get a glimpse of the first shot.
      But they will have a promo on the new Vigara NV-100 battery at B&H. 3 for 2 plus a pack of cigarettes.

  • Daf
    • Jeremy

      I lol’d so much I peed a little.

  • D

    The D400 or D800 or D4. anything else is boring.

  • Nikon, Nikon!

    This is tooo much, but oh soooo funny. I have laughed til I cried!
    Look at what they have done for us. Yesterday, I was just crying.

  • Dandydon

    And what do we get from this site other than just a countdown timer?

    • Probably it will redirect to the local Nikon website, I don’t think they will keep that on alive.

  • Dandydon

    Nikon must be female… otherwise they would have waited until about 3 seconds before to scream this site.

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