Nikon V1 and J1: the new mirrorless cameras from Nikon

The two models of the Nikon mirrorless camera will be called Nikon V1 and Nikon J1*. The mockups I posted online I believe are of the V1 model. Both bodies will be identical, except that one will have a self timer LED on the top right and different colors for the lens release button (one will be black, the other will be silver). Nikon V1 will have a built-in high resolution EVF and will come in black and white. The Nikon J1 will not have an EVF and will come in 5 colors: red, pink, grey, white and black. The rest of the specs:

  • Update: I missed that one - the camera will have both phase and contrast AF detection
  • 10.1MP
  • ISO range: 100-3200 (with H1-6400)
  • CCD sensor (not sure about that) - the whole mirrorless line will be called CX, similar to DX and FX
  • Both cameras will have 2.7x crop factor
  • 3 in. LCD screen
  • The J1 model will have a built-in flash
  • The V1 will not have a built-in flash but it will have a multi-accessory port which will support external flash and a GPS device
  • There will be no traditional flash hot shoe on both models
  • There will be a F-mount adapter
  • Both cameras will probably be made of plastic
  • Full HD movie with many additional features
  • EXPEED 3 processor with 600 megapixels per second processing power
  • The four mirrorless lenses are (most with choice of colors, except the 10-100mm):
    • 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens
    • 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens (very short and portable)
    • 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 VR
    • 30-110mm VR

Some of the above specs could be wrong or lost in the translation.

I was told again that Nikon's mirrorless camera will have some innovations not yet seen in any other cameras. I don't know what those innovations are but let's don't judge it before it comes out.

* -A note on the camera names - I got some conflicting info here, the model names could also be 1V and 1J. Those could also be just the temporary codes and not the final model names. I believe the internal Nikon code for the new camera is Q630, but I could be wrong. The initial mount leak mentioned X810 as a camera code/project name which makes me think that V1 and J1 are the final marketing names.

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  • paf

    These cameras are an epic fail. They won’t appeal to the prosumer market nor make a big splash in the amateur market either. With 10 mps the amateur market will not even consider them unless they are highly competitive in pricing. And down the tubes goes Nikon….

    btw, I’d call this line the “neo pronea” – probably destined to be of similar success.

    • DFive

      I think they are crap….. yes without seeing them but still !!!!

      I’ll stick to my D3S, M9-P and X100 Combo 😉

      • enero

        show off!

      • Brian

        Don’t like people that show off.

        • no-nikon-no

          showcase, not showoff. any photographer i would go to, id rather know their equipment rather than not. would you shoot your wedding with a nikon d3100 or a d3s? of course it factors into the price, but you can also get an idea of the value u will get. would calling the d3s showing off be appropriate for wedding shopping?

          • Remedy

            I call Leica M9-P a show off.

            • Metapartikel

              Then you never had shoot with a Leica!

          • Souelle

            put a D3100 in the hand of an amazing photographer and he will take better pictures then most of us with a D3s… And honestly, we do care about gear, but the people getting married don’t know anything at all about camera… Sure you get better picture in low light, but once again, it’s not just about image quality, but composition and so many more things… And 20 years ago, there was some amazing picture in low light taken on 1600 – 3200 ASA mega grainy films… Same about lens, some people think if there’s no golden ring (pro), it’s no good, but… Galen Rowell was using cheap camera and lightweight lense most of the time and he did better then so many other with pro SLR medium and large format camera with crazy expensive lense…

            I’m sure that even dead, you put the D3100 in the hand of Helmut Newton and he do take better picture of most of us. And if someone disagree and say they are as great at any of us, then ask yourself why you keep doing wedding and not the front Cover or Vogue or Geo magazine…

            Camera is a in instrument, brain is the real tool 😉 … Stop showing off, client don’t know anything about camera and if you ask them 20% more because you have a D3s, that’s a bit stupid in a way… If you ask 20% more because you are much greater than other one and the demand is so high that you refuse lot of job, then maybe you should ask another 10% more… Nothing to do with Camera…

            One last thing, if you think the Camera you use make you a better photographer, then maybe you should reconsider is you really have talent or not… 😉

            • Roddy

              True… the brain and skill are the real tools, but using the latest instruments can help you stretch your creative vision. It is a choice each photographer must make. I have not yet seen a “professional” wedding photographer using a P&S as their main camera. It is because they need the flexibility, low-light capability, and durability of a larger instrument.

            • no-nikon-no

              Brian <— "Anyone who has more than I = showoff"

              if an amazing photographer is amazing with an amateur camera, then logic is he will be amazing x10 with top of line camera. right or wrong? any front cover magazine shooters who say using medium format is showoff and would only oblige to bottom of the line equipment?

              aside from skill, there only limits u can go without special lenses and lighting. so a summicron lens is exactly the same as a $20 old ebay lense??? which is back to point number 1: if an amazing photographer is amazing with an amateur equipment, then logic is he will be amazing x10 with top of line equipment. why be average?

            • Carole

              Hear Hear!
              It’s the brain that “pushes” the equipment. The equipment is merely along for the ride.

        • no-nikon-no

          all the homeless people thinks ur a showoff.

      • femulox

        nah, as a beginner, DFive just gave me a nice idea of equipment combo. I don’t mind the show off.

        • no-nikon-no

          anyone who owns a d3s or a leica m9 put duct tape all over it to conceal it? if not then they show off???

          • i do duct tape all cams and lenses

            • no-nikon-no

              thank you humble man. i hate show offs. 🙂

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              I duct tape all my gear. Not to avoid being a show off. I have my 3″ heels for that :-*
              And not to fool burglars, muggers, robbers or pirates.
              I sim

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              Grrr… I did not press ‘post’ 🙁

              Anyhew, I simply tape so that if me or my camera ever show up as a reflection in a shoot it makes the retouching a little easier and often unnecessary. Same reason I wear black on all my shoots.
              And I look good in black (^^

    • MCM

      Apparently there will be nothing on Nikon´s new mirrorless camera that is in the Sony NEX 7, or on any other minimally interesting camera, it will be more like a disposable mirrorless camera you could buy at a gas station. It’s almost like an insult:
      Sony NEX 7 24 Megapixels, Nikon 10.1,
      Sony NEX 7 100 16,600 ISO Range, Nikon 100-6400
      Sony NEX 7 APS sensor, Nikon 2.7x (are you kidding)
      Sony NEX 7 magnesium alloy, Nikon Plastic.
      But wait…. Sony NEX 7 $1,200, Nikon $9.99 (That is Nine coma Ninety Nine.) I am almost shure of that price (what else could they charge for that little piece of retro tech figurine)
      Congratulations to Nikon´s upcoming and long awaited cracked mirrorless, NEXless sub Coolpix new piece of ingenuity less. It’s really a depression era magic solution to poverty. But seriously…. were we really expecting something better from Nikon?… They use Sony parts. Do they own Sony´s stock? I see. Really SAD… At least Apple gives nice thrilling toys every year worth making a line for to distract us from Nikon´s sad situation. Forget about Nikon… iPhone 5 should be out in a few days.

      • MCM

        Sorry for those comments… I really did not realize that Nikon is moving the launch of this machine to the 1st of April of next year… As you know, this is a special day in celebration of the kind of people Nikon is targeting this invention.

      • Anonymous

        What did you expect, a NEX clone? Is that what you call innovation? Here I see something totally different, which we shouldn’t judge ( actually smash to pieces) before it comes out. Specs are deceiving. How many people are thrilled with their G12’s? Quite a many few! These should best the G12’s IQ and movie function easily. 2/3 sensor + 10.1 megapixel + EXPEED3 = awesome movies, awesome portable IQ. There is synergy here that is lost on most, or the math skills are lacking : ) BTW, if you own a D3s, a M9-p and a X100 plus all the glass and ass they come with – stop complaining and go buy a Red. Unbelievable. It makes me wonder if Nikon’s competition has come here to freely bash their new wares as some sort of reverse advertising campaign. That’s how bad the whiners are here. Out of this world. I say Good Luck Nikon with your new line.
        Here’s to those that are hoping V1’s smoke has covered a D800 or D4 announcement. I have to think they are coming soon, though I’m no longer concerned/ anxious as before. Lesson learned!

    • Vandyu

      The design seems to lack the ergonomics that Nikon is noted for. I’m just not feeling the love.

      • BornOptimist

        According to the review of the P300 on DPReview, they say this in the section In your hand: “The P300 feels great in the hand.”
        Further they comment “The P300 is a small camera, but very comfortable to use.”

  • lox

    Hmmm. Expeed 3 does indeed sound interesting. Let’s see if that one makes it into the new pro DSLR lineup D4 / D400. Video is getting serious now and I’m glad Nikon jumped on that train so eagerly.

    • venancio

      maybe to end this much ado about a rumor is to just say that Nikon will release a mirrorless FX camera, using Expeed 3…

  • AtlDave

    V must be for video.

    I have seen some conflicting opinions on how MSRP in Japan correlates to street price in the US so I am not going to get hung up on the price until it is official. I am not expecting any big surprise that gives this camera a big advantage over the competition but that is why they are called surprises.

    Depending on what lens is being offered the price might not be as high as it seems. The Panasonic GH2 is usually sold with a 14-140 zoom for around $1500. If the $1300 price is for the V version and includes the 10-100 it is not out of line. The update says the camera will be capable of phase detection autofocus so the camera could continuously focus while shooting video. I rarely shoot video but those that do seem to value this ability a great deal.

    The $900 price seems too high if it is for the J model with the 10-30mm lens. If it includes both the 10-30 and the 30-100 the price would be more in line with the competition. If it is for the upscale V version with just the 10-30 it would be in the range of the Olympus EP3 with a kit lens. The J model with the 10-30 and 30-110 sounds like it could very well be the replacement for my Canon S95 I have been hoping for. With 3 times the sensor area it should have noticeably better image quality and will hopefully still be small enough to carry in a large pocket with the smaller lens attached. It will be worth the extra bulk and weight if it has better IQ and being able to switch to the longer zoom for the when I want more reach would be a big plus.

    The 3 zooms make sense for initial lens choices but the lone prime has me puzzled. People want primes for this type of camera so they will be small, fast or both. If the 10-30 is as small as the description makes it sound there is not much point in a 10mm pancake. And the 10-30 will only be .5 stop slower than the 10mm which does not have VR. The 10mm really should have been f1.x.

    • Worminator

      V is for viewfinder.

    • Mario Crespi

      What a devilish disappointment. It is not a pleasure any more to own Nikon products. First they made us wait an eternity for the replacement of the D700 but they came up with the D7000… Don´t get me wrong, the D7000 it’s an excellent camera, I own one (with a Tokina lens), but soon after Sony came out with the Translucent cameras, still there is no D800, Nikon uses Sony´s sensors and who knows what else…. Now Nikon has been making us wait for and EVIL which should have been an angel, but evil Nikon is. What is this mirrorless, fun less, useless, retro tech toy Nikon is expecting us to wait for when Sony has already the next best NEX-7…. There is such a long and getting longer list for the NEX-7 that I now spend much more time with the competition,, reading every day more exciting comments, that on now boring ( but please, let me very clearly note that I mean boring because of Nikon and not because of the good people at this excellent nikonians source; who has a Nikon and does not know about ?, what good movie can the best director create with a once well know but now almost defunct repetitive actor? )… will be next. There is no reason to care anymore for Nikon; yes I have an APT Holman pre amp and a Nakamichi tape recorder and a Mark Levinson CD player and Stax´s, but heck…. for the past 10 years I have only been listening to my Ipod (It came out in October 2001). Even Ken is a Leica man now. Hey…. I had a Nikon too, I will be saying soon while carrying in my neck a NEX. What should I do with my ThinkTank now?

      • FM2Fan

        please explain: why do you have all this and don’t use it? That is your decision – not the manufacturers fault.

    • jason

      J for joke

  • Eaksoy

    I may be a tad bit drunk right noe but even i know tht these really do not have much appeal to anyone

  • Mark

    I hate the blur caused by mirror slap on hand held shots in low or indoor light.

    If this camera can take a good shot in dim light without shake, that means it will most likely take very sharp images. I’ll buy it.

    • SN

      Yeh mirror slap causes the shake. Lol good one

    • vinman

      Must be one dang big mirror in your camera! Maybe you need a Xanax?

    • Mock Kenwell

      Yeah, at f/5.6 I’m sure everything will be sharp. You’ll have to carry a tripod with you after 6pm though, thus negating any potential size advantage.

    • Sky

      Get Sony SLT – no mirrorshake 😉
      It’s one of few things they did well with SLT design

  • Stephen Kern

    I usually love what nikon makes, but if you put this up against the NEX-7, it doesn’t have a prayer.

    • Vandyu

      The Nex-7 looks like what the Nikon should be. Nothing like trying to hold steady a rectangular block with a front heavy lens by a small strip of plastic they call a grip.

      • MJr

        with a sensor this size, and apertures this slow, the lenses may actually be small (and light) fyi

      • Anonymous

        Why is everyone, EVERYONE, comparing this to NEX7? they are totally different cameras! One is big, ugly and not unlike a fish out of water while the other is small, innovative and elegant which hopefully, hopefully has decent usable IQ and makes making movies easy and fun. Oh yeah.!

  • Ryan

    Well it seems as though Nikon is going for the true compact mirror-less solution here, I am having a hard time trying to figure out who would buy this. After having spent 4 months selling cameras, from point and shoots to full frame DSLR’s, I have learned one thing. The average consumer is going to read the specs and say “Oh its only like ten megapixels… My old point and shoot does that!” And then immediately move on to a Sony NEX-5n or an entry level DSLR for the same price. I just cant see this model being successful compared to what is already on the market. As a salesman and a Nikon fan I always spent a majority of time explaining that there is more to image quality than just resolution. In the end though, consumers just don’t get it.

    Good Luck Nikon, and please take as long as you want with the new full frame. I want something that will last me a good 5 years.

    • I agree with wanting my next Nikon to last 5 years. That’s getting much closer to film camera life if 5 years is a starting point. Hopefully (dreaming here 🙂 )Nikon will also make the D4 / D400 / D800 mirrorless, that would be fantastic. Mirror flap is one of the problems with DSLRs that I’d love to see solved without sacrificing image quality.

      • SN

        How about mirror lockup? I do not find mirror slap to be a problem unless I have to do a long exposure. Then it is on a tripod ( or other solid base) and I use mirror lockup etc.

        I’d rather actually see what I’m looking at rather than look at a tiny LCD image… But that might be just me…

        • Makes sense. For tripod work you’re absolutely right. I’m talking more about handheld photography, especially in quieter settings.

          I was at Montreux Jazz Festival a few years ago and was able to photograph concerts with my KonicaMinolta A2, which had an EVF, without disturbing even the person in the seat right next to me, even during the quietest parts of the performance.

          It was quite a shock how loud my D200 was when I moved to Nikon DSLRs. Same for my D300 and even my D7000, even in “Quiet” mode. No comparison. The image quality is better but that A2 had several incredible features that I really miss:

          – whisper-quiet shutter
          – WYSIWYG LCD (I could adjust the aperture and shutter speed and see the LCD get brighter and darker and nail exposures using just the LCD – very neat!)
          – adjustable-angle LCD
          – adjustable-angle viewfinder (it swiveled 90 degrees so you could look down through the viewfinder when you shot at ground level)

          • SN

            Fair enough. Personally I find my D7000 to be very quiet, even not in Q mode. Compared to my D3s that is.

        • Nicolás

          I took this handheld. I would say the problem is on your side.

          As for the noise, well, man up and take the photo anyway.

    • SN

      Good post and a valid point.

    • paf

      Exactly my point.

    • AtlDave

      Have you never sold a Canon G12, S95, Panasonic LX5, Nikon P7000 or Olympus ZX1?

      If nobody realizes there is more to IQ than megapixels there would not be so much competition in the 10MP high end compact market. If the J model is small enough it is going to compete very well against the cameras I just mentioned.

    • Geoff

      I believe you. The first thing my non camera friends ask me is how many MP is that camera.

  • Kostas

    10mp means good IQ
    love it!

    • Sky

      CCD? On compact sensor? I wouldn’t bet for that. But at least it wont be terrible.

      • BornOptimist

        Are you awear of this is actually only 15% different than the new sensor in NEX7/a77.
        Each sensel on that sensor has a theoretical maximum size of 3.9um, while this 2.7x sensor has a maximum theoretical size of 3.4um.
        I say theoretical, because traditionally CCD sensors had higher fill-rate than CMOS. Each sensel in a CCD filled up the pitch distanse with more sensing area than CMOS, which has more space wasted for transistors since you can address each pixel.

  • vinman

    Um, k?
    Even though the announcement has had numerous prior leaks, this still has an “outta left field” feel to it. I’ll stop short of calling it a “fail”, “silly”, etc – but I’m not terribly optimistic. Glad I have a good DSLR and glass so I can watch this unfold with only passing interest…

    Now, where’s the freakin’ D800?!


  • NG42

    Way too expensive for a camera with a sensor that small. This camera has F-A-I-L written all over it. Not trolling, just being realistic. They want to charge a premium for a small camera with an inferior sensor- just buy one of the cheap micro four thirds cameras for $500.

    • zeroanalogue

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Mark

    Sounds perfect. Finally some sanity in the whole MP craziness. A quality 10 MP sensor in a tiny little body with an EVF = a perfect, casual, walk-about camera. Sign me up.

    • James

      “Finally some sanity in the whole MP craziness. A quality 10 MP sensor in a tiny little body…”

      10.1MP on this tiny sensor is that same as 24.3MP on the Sony NEX 7 sensor or 56MP on a Nikon D3 sensor.

      • nobody

        Actually it’s about the same as 30mp on a DX sensor, or 73 on FX.

        OTOH, that’s much better than e.g. the P7000 whose pixel density equals more than 200 on FX.

    • Peter

      Exactly! 10MP is plenty for majority of uses, and if scaled up correctly will produce large prints with more than enough detail. It would not replace my D700/D700o and range of lenses but it MAY be perfect as a carry anywhere, good quality, relatively low light usable camera. I don’t think they should be viewed as replacements for our Dslrs but as something to compliment them. However we still need to see what the real specifications are.

  • n7a

    first, there 99 dollars HP Touchpad

    In the future, there will be 9.99 dollas this crap

    fu nikon

    • EvanK

      So if I bought it, both my mirrorless and my tablet would be bricks? Well, my mirrorless would be a mini brick.

  • jk

    I would just be happy if variable aperture lenses dissipated.

  • KnightPhoto

    I’m intrigued by the video, particular what this specification might mean in terms of capability “EXPEED 3 processor with 600 megapixels per second processing power”.

    Maybe it will have 1080p/60fps? 120fps?

    I have come to realize (since the A77 announcement), that I would love to have full-time PDAF during video filming.

    I’m getting a little intrigued.

    I’d much rather see some fast f1.4 lenses though.

  • Manolito

    What a waste of time. They have already an almost perfect camera: the P7100! All they had to do is put an LCD into the viewfinder and turn it into an EVF, remove the zoom and put a lens mount and fit a bigger sensor. That’s all. It has almost everything: hot-shoe, flash, tilt-LCD, lots of controls, stereo mics, rugged feel… Yet they are coming with another underfeatured plastic PukePix with no IBIS no flash no hot-shoe? Oh, but it comes in colors!

    This is what I feared: Nikon does well with DSLRs because of five decades of work, tons of legacy lenses and other stuff and a huge user base… but with a completely new format no one is attached to… it seems all they have to fight Samsung, Panasonic or Sony is their name. Big fail.

  • 10MP

    It is going to be the first camera that shoots full high-def 1080p H-D-R video…. Who knows maybe even 1080 – 60fps HDR video – in camera???? Whoop-dee-doo…. Unfortunately, I would imagine that, regardless of the capabilities, it will be passed up because of the 10mp sensor. I would even venture to say that most people who have owned a camera in the last 5 years, had a model that had at least a 10mp sensor….and so, with all these other cameras offering 12, 16, 18, 20, and 24 megapixels – there is no way in heck they are going to spring $900-$1300 for something that doesn’t have a bigger sensor…..I am also making the assumption that the intended audience for this camera is the p&s crowd, and those who think they want to step up to another level…..???? I know 10mp is good enough for most folks, but most folks do not understand sensor tech, they just assume the mantra “bigger is better.” I think this is a grave mistake on Nikon’s part…I hope I am wrong, I truly do…. However, it may be time for new leaders in the industry – Sony…Panasonic…Samsung – I know Samsung is extremely aggressive in becoming the “800 pound gorilla” in all consumer tech categories…. And by the looks of things, they have all the technical/financial know how to do so…

  • sirin

    why so much rage?
    the camera is:
    1. super compact. pancake tele, people!
    2. takes old lenses. Nikon is so about compatibility, i bet the DSLR lenses would focus just as fast, or faster, given the processor.
    3. at 10mp images should be crystal-clear
    4. that processor is wow. if it could do super slow motion many people would buy it just for that.

    • James

      Regarding points 2 & 3:
      2. At 2.6x crop those old lenses are useless.
      3. At 10.1MP it has the same pixel density as the Sony NEX 7 with 24.3MP or a Nikon D3 with 56MP. Crystal-clear???

      • MJr

        pixel density … blah blah blah

      • Mock Kenwell

        Jesus Christ. Give the NEX comparisons a rest. This is not trying to be a better NEX cam. It’s trying to be smaller. NEX bodies are small and elegant, but then you have to attach a honking lens on them. WTF is the point? Gorgeous body design, flawed strategy.

        Once you understand that, there is still plenty to be worried about with Nikon’s effort. SLOOOOW lenses. One pancake. And from what I can tell, still not all that compact. So unless there’s some magic under the hood that hasn’t been revealed yet, I’m concerned. I’m waiting to see the images and price at this point. You should be too.

  • Worminator

    2.7x crop is what size sensor? 2/3″ or 1″

    Slightly odd choice for the lenses, unless the 10-100 is much more expensive that the 30-110.

    Basically equivalent to the DX 18-55, 55-200, and 18-200, with a 28/f2.8mm (slow) pancake thrown in for funsies. I would have preferred to see a fast normal, like the Pentax Q has.

    Right now, if I was in the market for something like this, I would probably get the Fuji X10…

    • James

      The V1 sensor is slightly larger than a 1″ sensor which is 12.8mm x 9.6mm and a lot larger than a 2/3″ sensor which is 8.8mm x 6.6mm. The nikon V1 sensor will be approx. 13.8mm x 10.4mm. Much smaller than a Micro 4:3 sensor which is 17.3mm x 13mm and significantly smaller than the Sony NEX sensor which is 23.7mm x 15.6mm.

      • BornOptimist

        James, it will surprice me if the sensor is not a 3:2 aspect ratio. Given 2.7x crop, this mean a 16mm diagonal, and that = 13.3 x 8.9mm.
        If it’s a 4:3 aspect ratio it will be 12.8 x 9.6mm

  • Halogenic

    Anybody know if adaptor to use 35mm lenses will be AF compatible? that would be amazing, imagine 300mm f2.8 on that camera, you will get a 810mm f2.8 with VR or a 1620mm f5.6 with a 2x multiplier. If quality is good enough I’ll buy one of them.

  • Abaham Collins

    The new innovative features will be 4G/wifi and Android OS installed on the camera.

  • A glorified P&S.

    • LOL

      Still good for taking pics of girls on the street right?!

  • Jake

    The camera seems about what I expected: massively underwhelming.
    However, and this is a BIG however, expeed three sounds, f***ing INSANE.
    600Mpx/s??? Here’s what that could translate to:
    D3X at full resolution: 24-25fps
    D3S at full res: 50fps
    D7000 at full res: 37-38 fps
    Our new mirrorless: 60 fps
    Hypothetical 45Mpx D4X at full res: 13 fps
    Movie recording at 1080p: 289 fps
    And finally, movie recording at 720p: a WHOPPING 650 fps!

    The Expeed 3 processor is ridiculous. THIS will put Nikon DSLRs at the top of the game.

    • Paul

      The problem with fps like those are mechanical, not electronic.

    • Zaph

      Theoretical maximum throughput does not equal throughput.

  • Moth Flopwell

    NR…Are you sure? R u sure this Brick of a 10mp mirrorless camera from Flopkon…is worth 699-1,300???? R you talking about the same camera. For 1,300 i can get a 24mp Sony Camera…that makes sense!!! This does not. WOW.

    Nikon…Tell me…What are we all missing here? I am amazed. I am truly wondering…HOW Nikon can sell this coolpix camera for that amount with so little MP?

    I have scratch my head so much on this…I am NOW bald!!! Truly someone please help me understand this Massive….what it looks like to me…a giant step back in time!!! 10MP!!! Nikon…My thoughts earlier…I bet the new D800 will only be 14mp or less…..THEY lost it!!!

    • Less MP — less diffraction. Did you stop your lens to f/22?

      • ShaoLynx

        Can someone please explain the relation between sensor resolution and diffraction?
        Isn’t that a physical property just related to the aperture?
        Thanks in advance.

    • The price range of the mirrorless did not come from me but from Reuters. I personally believe the price will be lower.

      • paf

        no doubt that the price will be way lower — but if the 10 mp spec is true no matter how low the price this will be a very hard sell against the competitors — and that’s not considering other poor specs (excluding the image processor). Thanks for the rumors – definitely fun read!

    • PeterT

      to me it seems quite reasonable to make it “only” 10 MP. Nikon will go for the best image quality given the Sensor Size. They made the decision to develop a new sensor that is Small enough for small cameras and big enough for good image quality – clearly better than the best p&s. Future Sensor developments will certainly lead us to exeptional IQ Even at these sensor sizes. They have a lineup from 1/2,3″ up to FX and the mirrorless fits perfectly Inside this lineup. The Overall Package including Video capabilities will make it a Star or a fail.


      • Sky

        With NEX7 pixel size and CCD sensor instead of NEX CMOS? I doubt we’ll see any “exeptional IQ”. It might match some of m4/3 cameras at low iso, but that’s as far as it goes.

  • Jake

    True. The point is that the expeed 3 is a monster. With a proper sensor, the camera could leave the shutter open and continuously scan the frame. Extremely high video frame rates are very possible. 1080p at 1/10th speed (240 fps) would look stunning coming off a full-frame sensor.

    • Sky

      And where to save all this data? You know that no SD card can match it and small body won’t fit any big buffer with all the other electronics.

      • BornOptimist

        Ask JVC where they store the data when they read 3840 x 2160 @ 60fps
        ok, it’s for 130 frames only, but still….
        Nikon could also do it for 130 frames only.

  • EvanK

    Wait, does that mean if I buy one, everything but the mount will be a cartoon and it will be covered with red arrows?

  • James

    The Nikon V1 and J1 has a sensor area of approximately 150mm based on a 17.3mm diagonal sensor size. Micro 4:3 has a sensor area of 225mm and Sony NEX 370mm. Based on the pixel density of the Nikon V1 and J1 this is how many megapixels each camera would have:

    Nikon V1&J1 – 10.1MP
    Micro 4:3 – 15.2MP
    Sony NEX – 25MP

    The Nikon V1 and J1 has the same pixel density as the Sony NEX 7. Those wanting a low pixel density compact camera would be advised to buy a Sony NEX 5N with 16.1MP. At that pixel density the Nikon V1 and J1 would only have 6.5MP.

    With a rumoured price of between $900-1300, why would anyone buy the Nikon over the Sony? Unless these Nikon cameras are extremely compact.

    • EvanK

      That’s what I think that Nikon may have up their sleeves, it’ll be extremely compact.

      • Sky

        Buy PentaxQ – it’s already VERY compact, got a body with very good ergonomics (unlike Nikon coolpix mirrorless) and already have first lenses set in stock, so next one will come sooner than Nikon alternative.

        • nobody

          But the Pentax Q has a sensor size just one quarter the size of the Nikon mirrorless sensor. And it comes with optics that Pentax themselves call “toy lenses”. Doesn’t that say it all?

        • BornOptimist

          Sky, why don’t you do your homework before writing gibberish.
          Read reviews of the P300 and ergonomics. It’s praised as very good. Since this obviously is based on the same body, there should not be much difference.
          And the thing that Pentax is small, what has that got to do with this camera. It’s another product for customers to choose from, and that can only be good for the customers.
          Also since this is a system camera, not all has to come immediately. They will build the system over time.
          Since most people wants zoom lenses, and this camera obviously is very focused on video I find it natural that there are most zoom lenses announced during the introduction.

    • nobody

      Your figures are a bit off because a 2.7crop sensor has a diagonal sensor size of only 16mm, so pixel density is actually as high as 31mp on a DX sensor.

  • My D5000 totally failed last night shooting at the night club. Where is my D800?

  • Dustin

    FAIL!!! I hope for Nikon’s sake that this isn’t really what they are planning. Sony’s NEX system is going to mop the floor with them. Especially if the price point turns out to be true. This sucks for all of us. Bad consumer sales means less dollars for professional innovation. Well I don’t know if that last part is true, but it can’t be good.

  • Dornveek

    Epic failure in the making. High prices. Tiny fiddly bodies. Tiny sensors. Slow zooms. Even the prime is only f2.8… How much DOF control are you going to have with any of those optics on a 2.7x sensor? I’d much rather have an NEX.

  • MCM

    Now I understand why in the movies people put black tape over the name of their Nikons cameras. I´m sure that is why Nikon is trying to make this camera as tiny as possible.
    What happened with the pride of owning a Nikon?
    Why Nikon has forgotten about bringing exciting equipment to their clients? Have they become so greedy that its now only money to them?
    Aren’t they aware that Sony makes cameras? And beating the …. out of them? Do they think the sensors the buy from Sony is something Sony developed for cell phones? Hey… it’s for the cameras that are destroying your sales and reputation….
    Sony is making the most interesting cameras now… HEY Nikon,,,, Sony makes cameras!!! Wake UP. Look at the NEX 7 so you could learn something good to offer us, your past loyal clients.

  • Q

    I do really hope that come in many different colours. Camouflage and red option seems to be the most important ones. And they might even have colour options on the lenses! A yellow pancake would suite any kid.

    • paf

      “….A yellow pancake would suite any kid…”

      well, it suits my kid every morning!

      but I totally agree with you on the color choices… unless in comes in nail polish red, I will not even think of buying one… Black cameras are so… 90’s…


  • com

    i like the idea behind the nikon mirrorless (smaller sensor, compact body/lenses, not too much megapixels), but it’s too expensive and these lenses suck. i want a prime lens with 28-50mm equivalent focal length and at least f/1.8! :-/

  • From a consumer perspective, this is a good offering. It has the potential to be smaller and either (unlikely) cheaper or (more likely) more priftable than the other MSCs due to the smaller sensor, while providing IQ similar tot he current micro 4:3 cameras (which are a couple of years behind in sensor technology). Consumers won’t know about, care about or notice the IQ difference between this and a Sony NEX. Of course for enthusiasts it’s a yawn, especially if none of the lenses are faster than f/2.8. Yawn. But probably profitable for Nikon.

    • nobody

      The problem may become, consumers do know 16mp or 24mp is more than 10mp. And therefore will rather buy a NEX. I don’t think making it 10mp was a good choice on Nikon’s part.

  • Robert Falconer

    Sorry to have to say it: White elephant.

  • FM2Fan

    Just some simple math – 10 MPXL sensor means probably 2.5 MB JPG images. If the processor can mange 600 MB/S throughput, then it might translate into: 24 fps sustained input directly converted into HD, 2K, 4K moving images.

    Only trouble: writing the stream to memory card(s). The cache size of the cam must be sufficiently large to buffer the incoming and outgoing data (from a processor perspective)

    Some people call it video … if it is the RED pocket cam by Nikon, then I’ll get it.
    Using a 24mm 1.4 resulting in a 50mm experience and hit the record button.

    Now: if Nikon is clever, then we can mount two of these small cams to get FULLY operational 3D

    • LOL

      You can do 3D with any two video cameras. You just need to line them up right.

    • BornOptimist

      It’s not 600 MByte/sec, it’s 600 MEGAPIXELS/sec. That is 7.2GB/sec if 12 bit sensor.

      • BornOptimist

        uuups…. not 7.2Gbyte, but 7.2 Gbit/sec

        • FM2Fan

          OK back to 600 MPixel/s … the key is: it allows high fps (no mirror!) for video as well as will have sufficient support of a proper best-shot selector at full resolution.

          I wonder, how long the batteries last and how they control the heat-dissipation of the components. I hope the video is NOT limited to few minutes, but also allows much more.

          Interfaces have not been described yet. Any info about interfaces to wireline/wireless?

    • RichST

      Probably one of the advantages of a 1″ sensor would be that it would not have as many heat issues as larger sensors. Sony debuted a 1/1.7″ sensor back in late ’06/early ’07 that did a full sensor scan at up to 60fps without heating issues (and I believe that was before BSI), so I don’t think that nearly 5 years later a high speed 1″ sensor would be unreasonable. The advantages of being able to do full sensor scans at video speeds should not be dismissed as a novelty; not only would it provide for incredible video (more like blu-ray quality 1080p not the low-res junk other camera makers are marketing as FullHD) it would also allow for obscenely fast burst modes that would be limited only to the size of the buffer as well as a better HDR mode since multiple shots could be taken much more quickly.

      To me the most questionable spec for all this is the part about a CCD sensor; except for Kodak every other company that I know of has only been making high speed CMOS sensors

  • TheThing

    Are you sure it’s not a Nikon phone with an integrated camera?

  • tifkat

    Let’s imagine that like the D7000 sensor at release, the ISO performance vs pixel density ration has dramatically improved, say by using a backlit CMOS. The arguments about hig pixel density and high iso performance would be crap. This could be yet another great tech release from Nikon.

    Then, what if they’ve worked out global shutter on CMOS, a feature of the new gen Expeed engine? They make a smaller sensor with the technology and release it in the mirrorless body. Finally they release larger sensors using the same technology for DX and FX modies later in the year / new year?

    How many MP would a DX or FX sensor have with the same density? If they make a 24MP DX and a 24, 36 or 48MP FX sensor with the same capability and related hi-speed continuous shooting, and more, wouldn’t that steal the game?

    How about a hybrid viewfinder? Here’s what I’m thinking: Getting more than 12fps including mirror bounce might be a physical impossibility or financialy impractical. What if they use a mirror up, electronic shutter and a ovf with an evf panel behind the prism so that when shooting in hi-speed continuous (>12fps) the mirror effectively locks up and the EVF lights up so you see the captured shots. Composing, single-frame and low speed continuous <12fps happen with purely OVF?

    How cool would that be?

    • FM2Fan

      for DX and FX the mirrors might remain – if NOT, then it will take two processors …

  • impatient man

    DO we know the exact dimensions of the body? Of the thing _with_ lenses?
    It all would make perfect sense if the complete thing comes out siginificantly smaller than, say µ4/3 or NEX-7. Those look small without lenses, but with the lenses it’s hard to fit them in your pockets or a small purse. If you have to carry them around all day, the average consumer wants smaller. If you have to carry it in your backpack or around your neck you might just as well get an entry level DSLR.

    So to me, the small sensor is a tribute to a small overall end result. Limiting it to 10 MB sounds like a very smart tribute to IQ and low-light performance.

    For the rich and ambitious P&S crowd it adds fexibility with changeable lenses and possibly stunning video specs.

    Let’s see how it turns out eventually, but I think Nikon may have found an empty slot in the market.

    • FM2Fan

      it should be a small as an FM-2 … I wonder if the display is a sensitive one i.e. touch and go – no more buttons or few ones as used by Leica for the S2 (great design)

  • So many folks fell scared. I’m not. We’re still not seen lenses.
    And Lenses are what about mirrorless is. Look at m4/3 monster. Even not look at giant Sony Nex lenses. It’s Nikon, baby and it will fit pocket and win.

    PS joke for advertising: take out money and put nikon V in same pocket.

  • broxibear

    I’ve had a bit of time to read the various comments here and other forums about the rumoured Nikon mirrorless and I feel a bit disappointed…the caveat being these are rumours and no one’s seen the actual camera yet.
    Going by what we’ve got I was expecting more from Nikon.
    Considering how long they’ve waited to enter this market, which meant they had time to look at what others were doing, to see what was working and what wasn’t…yet it looks as if they’ve just come out with a run of the mill coolpix with interchangable lenses.
    Lets be honest, Nikon make the best stills dslrs around, they make some of the best lenses around, but for some reason they don’t bring that quality and high standard to their compacts…and it doesn’t sound as if they’ve brought it to this mirrorless.
    I’m not a fanboy, I don’t follow brands for the sake of it, I use Nikon dslrs because they’re the best for me and the way I work. Whether the Nikon mirrorless is a success or failure has no real effect on me, but I’m very surprised Nikon seem to have come out with such a damp squib.
    It’ll be interesting to see how Canon react, if Canon’s mirrorless is just as uninspiring as Nikon’s we’ll know that both companies couldn’t care less about this particular market and are happy for Sony, Panasonic etc dominate it. But if Canon bring out a mirrorless that’s pretty good it could be very costly for Nikon.
    And just to add to Nikon’s woes the NEX7 has been getting very good reviews and that’s before the Sony marketing dept get’s into full swing.
    I think Nikon have made an error.

    • BornOptimist

      My interpretation of these rumors are quite opposite of yours. There are a few surprises, like CCD (if that’s true), the number crunshing capability of the Expeed3 engine and that Nikon limited the pixels to 10 MP (horray).
      Apart from this, this is actually pretty much what I have been expecting (and wanting).
      CCD (well I still don’t believe that) is a gutsy move. The only Nikon camera I have had which has dissapointed me on IQ was the D200, and that was a CCD. OTOH In the past CCD was supposed to have better fill rate, so they had larger active sensing area than CMOS, so who knows…
      I hoped for a 12MP sensor, feared that marketing got their whishes and used a 16MP, and ultimately wanted 8Mp. 10Mp is therefore a big surprise, and I welcome this as a sign that here we have a camera not made by marketing people but people concerned about what gives better pixel quality.
      The Expeed3 is just f…ing awsome if true. One question rises – how will this influence battery life?
      One other thing, nothing has been said about user interface, I hope they don’t rely on touchscreen, I got enough of that with the GF2.
      The rumored lenses are a bit slow, but this is a system, so everything does not have to be announced on day one. System are built over time. Fingers crossed for fast primes (I don’t need many, give me a 24, 35 or 40 and a macrolens around 60 to 100 and I’m settled).

      My gut feeling after thinking about this for a night, is absolutely positive, and if IQ does not differ much from normal Nikon standard, I think Nikon will have a tremendious competitor with this system.

      Where can I order one?

      • broxibear

        Hi BornOptimist,
        I don’t think the system part comes into it for most, this mirrorless section is split into two different types of user/buyer. You’ve got people who want something more than a compact and will never buy a lens apart from the kit lens supplied with it, these people are the majority, these are the mass buyers. Then you’ve got enthusiasts/professionals who want the features, the lenses, the viewfinder, these people are small in number by comparison.
        The most important things for the first group is price and the way it looks, this is why the NEX-C3 + 18-55mm for £410 is so desirable, it’s the same for the GF3 + 14mm for £429 and the Olympus E-PL3 + 14-42mm for £490.
        If the Nikon doesn’t have the price and desirability of these cameras the image quality, lens range, features etc become irrelevant because the mass market group won’t buy it.
        The smaller market, the enthusiast/professional, are looking for a different thing. If the rumoured price of the mirrorless with evf is correct then it’s got a seperate set of problems…£1000 is high.
        For that price this group of people will expect a lot and the competition is very good, very desirable and less expensive.
        All I see is another P7000…a camera that few liked, few wanted and even less bought.
        Lets see what happens ?

        • BornOptimist

          I don’t agree, but I do respect your opinion.
          If you look at the sale for NEX and m43 in Europe and US, there are no sale to talk about. In Asia this kind of cameras has become popular, but eg. the Japanese marked is well known for early adopters, and I’m willing to bet you that this Nikon system will succed in this marked.
          And talking about competition is good, no they are not in my opinion! The only competitor to this is the E-PM1 and in a way GF3. The others are competitors for entry-level DSLR. m43 (except GH2) is not, in my mind a good alternative for them. NEX otoh is a decent competitor for entry-level DSLR (I have no experience with NX so I can’t say anything about that system), with good to excellent IQ. The Nikon CX is not primarily targetted against DSLR replacement, because size has been so much in focus here (and video), this is more a high-end compact competitor, or a second (or third) camera for DSLR users. For the latter category price is not critical, because it’s not the D3100 users who looks for a second camera, it’s the D300/D700/D3 users, and they are willing to pay in excess of 1000 USD for this (X100). For the first category price is important.
          It’s a bit premature to make too firm statement about price since we don’t know the price. One rumor says 900-1300 USD, but on Chineese forums they still claims 3800 Yuan, and that is 600 USD (don’t know which model). For 600 USD it will compete well with high end P&S.

          I’m usually an early adopter myself, and I have bought and tried several m43, NEX and X100. None of them has been any different than my DSLR when it comes to the problem. They simply are too big, and end up being left at home. So I have sold them one-by-one. The only m43 I now would have wanted to try is the GF1, but I’m afraid that’s also too big. Which btw tells me something about the competition, since the introduction of m43, it’s the first camera that might be the best. From there it’s going down (again with GH2 as an exception). And regarding lenses, with each iteration of the same camera we get a new 14-42 kit lens. Did they even make a plan when they started developing?

          The thing that most will not buy a second lens, that is no different than entry-level DSLR. Still some do, and statistics from Nikon says 1.4 lenses pr sold DSLR if I’m not mistaken.
          I have had many cameras, but few lenses. I have all the lenses I need, and I don’t buy a new lens because I want it, I buy it when I need it (AFD35 f2, AFD 60 micro, AIS 105 f2.5, AIS 135 f2.8, AFS24-70 f2.8 and AFS 70-300 which I hardly use).

          I see this camera system a prosperous future.

          • Ernest Koe


  • Georg

    Hmm. I’m quite disappointed. Not because of the specs – they are still speculation – but of the reaction of the peeple here.

    10MP are Retro Tech? You’re kidding. 10MP are enough for quality pictures. Professional agencys claim 9MP as Minimum. So I think what pros need as minimum is more than enough for amateurs – and this camera is surely not designed for pros. I’d rather like to see less pixels but bigger ones for light sensitivity, and maybe special AF sensors between the pixels to get AF similar to the fast and precise phase detection. I give a sh.. about 24MP.

    I’m tired of small cameras which make no photographs but something like washed-out textile prints – with 16-24MP after all.

    You compare this camera with D3s? Thats a nice joke.. sure I’d buy a D3S which fits in a trouser pocket but unfortunately nobody don’t build this. 🙂

    You want a mirror? Well a mirror is just a work around. It gives you bigger size, more weight, huge vibrations, more dirt and wear. I hope they can substitute AF Phase detection and optical viewfinders with same quality electronic devices as fast as possible and get rid of the old reflex design.

    You critize the size and design? Well, all of this is speculation. Maybe it looks like that, maybe not.

    I think this cameras should replace high end compacts. So you have to compare them with Canon Powershot S95/G12, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, Nikon Coolpix P7100 rather with DSLRs.
    If you compare them with other EVILs we should consider size and weight – eg the Olympus PEN E-PM1 will be the level which has to be beaten clearly.

    Others claim that’s a phone with integrated camera – heck, if Nikon did this and was able to put a quality camera in a phone device which has all online connectivity we know from Iphone & Co this will be a revolution for reporters and all online people. But I’m afraid Nikon did not manage this.. 🙁

    Yu say you want fast primes for this camera but at the same time you say it is retro tech and has too low quality? Hmm. A lot of the poelpe for which this camera is designed for want super zooms and not primes. It seems we already get a 27mm f2.8 so its alright for the start. Lets see what happens, but zooms are much more important in this category.

    I wonder how people can tell somethin about the picture quality of this design. I’d like to have such super intelligent internet experts working for me, because I’d never have any problems with witches, crystal balls and other things.. 😉

    So, lets wait and see. If all of this negative speculations and bad things come true we still can flame Nikon – but until that we should be glad that we get a bigger choice of weapons. 🙂

  • rhlpetrus

    Most here are missing the main point: in a few years all cameras will be mirrorless. This is just Nikon developing the technology for that transition, using a growing market to test what they already have.

    I liked the idea of a relatively fast pancake and a very compact 10-30m, that could be one hell of a travel kit. I also liked the news that it’ll have PD AF as well, let’s see what Nikon has developed.

    Has anyone here held a NEX in their hands? Very unbalanced IMO, maybe the 7 is better. The Pens and the GF1 are very nice, so that’s an alternative, let’s see if the Nikon delivers. As for 10MP, will anyone using this print billboards?

    • Roddy

      Losing market share to a competitor like Sony is always difficult to recover. They would be much better off innovating more and spending less time on distractions.

    • Anonymously

      Finally a sensible comment…

  • “600 megapixels per second processing power” means D3X could theoretically do 25 fps on full res …

  • Roddy

    Not interested…

  • grumps

    Ahh… I see the innovation now, charge so much for a interchangeable COOLPIX camera, and think we are all suckers?

    REALLY. Optics, camera technology and photography for that matter have not changed. When the iPhone 3 does come out sometime next year or soon with it’s 8MP camera, it’ll still be bottle-necked by one thing and that is sensor size. This Nikon mirrorless is taking the consumer market as fools simple because it has the Nikon stamp on it. Look at every m43 camera compared to the Nex3 even, it just cannot keep up in image IQ and when you get to the Nex5N, it’s amazing for it’s size and recently reviewers go as far as saying IQ is even better than the D7000. That’s innovation my friends!

    Unless the they do a Pentax K with its limited lenses and everything is a pancake!(Again, smart from Pentax)
    Boohoo I don’t think!

  • Simon

    I can just about tolerate the M43 2x crop sensor but the propose Nikon mirrorless 2.7 crop sensor is just too small for my liking. I meman why buy that when there is perfectly good mirrorless around with larger sensor? If you really wanted a mirrorless camera but own Nikon lens and can forego AF the smart money is to buy a Panasonic GH2 and Nikkon lens adapter.

  • Photonut

    Maybe there’s a typo somewhere? Could it be ISO 32000?

    I could live with 10MP, but ISO 3200 is an insult, unless it matches or exceeds D700 noise perfomance. Nowadays I expect stellar noise performance from a 10 MP sensor.

    Or give me a megapixel monster (24MP) with crappy high ISO performance. AND a wide angle lens (24 mm eq.). That would be my dream landscape combo.

  • Ernest Koe

    I am kinda excited that this is pissing off as many ‘serious’ folks as it is. Seems to me that it is a pretty good indication Nikon led with Design and and not with Technical Specs. I don’t know how good this little thing is going to be, we will all have to wait and see. But what it does tell me is that Nikon is designing for a potentially new market and anticipating one that doesn’t fully exist as the moment. This is a good thing. All photographers will benefit. If the lenses retract and are fully portable.

    And if this is what I think it is, a pocket-sized Red SCARLET…this is going to be a potentially revolutionary for the video, digital “film” market, which is a segment that is underserved and badly understood. Think about the iPod entering the crowded USB music player market…could be a similar thing happening here.

    The form factor is important. The clean lines is important. If this is all retro, it’d be more difficult for 3rd party players to build add-ons, viewers, finders, mounts, grips and other accessories to complement this camera.

    The sensor size means this can probably take a C-mount or cine-type lenses with really nice follow-focus pulls.

    The key will be storage and how fast this thing can write to card. But with XC’S coming, this may make total sense, (

    Wedding photographers ditching Nikon to get 5DMkIIs may finally have something to grin about. Wedding photographers buying 5DMkIIs and IIIs for its video may have a newer/better option now. Imagine a really portable, creative instrument optimized for movies that can complement their cameras and lenses optimized for stills.

    As I said, let’s see how this thing does first…but I don’t look at this and say Nikon flopped. I look at this and say they are really thinking about what people want/need.

    • Roddy

      I disagree. The iPod did one thing very well; organize and play tons of music in a tiny package. I fail to see where this will do one thing well. It may take video, but we already have HD cameras capable of 60FPS for much less money. I am a Nikon supporter and would love for them to succeed. I just do not believe this will be successful.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with most of what you’re saying, but no way wedding photographers use this even if the capability is good. If you hired someone to shoot your wedding and they came in with something that small, they would think they’re getting ripped off even if quality is high. The equate big to professional.

  • CamaMan

    What is it with them and these slow and probably big lenses!?
    The other day I saw a post of a Fuji 35mm cheap lomo camera that has. 28-56mm fixed zoom. It is small as a compact camera lens and starts at f2.8 i thing
    +it cover the whole 35mm image circle!

    • BornOptimist

      The lens starts a f2, but it does not cover a ff image circle – far from it. It’s just a fraction larger than the ordinary sensor in most high-end P&S. The Fuji sensor is a 1/1.5 while the competitors use a 1/1.6 or 1/1.7

      • John.R

        He said 35mm (film) and is most likely talking about the Natura Classic.

  • One More Thought

    It’s interesting that the very rumor of this has boosted the share price of Nikon stock! So perhaps Nikon knows a bit about what it’s doing. In spite of the critics who knock a camera before it’s even seen or held or used, we need to remember that the desires of the market are not always what we individually desire.

    This camera could be good…the new Expeed processor could make for some amazing video…also, this should be a very snappy, responsive performer with very quick autofocus.
    Nikon has always been good at optics, and if the lenses are top notch…then that’s something else in their favor.

    If Nikon executes this well they could have a hit on their hands.

    • Photonut

      Share prices boosted by rumor is nothing unsual and if that cam doesn’t deliver, the share price heads south faster than a rocket.

      Yes Nikon lenses are pretty good, but what’s the point if the focal range (no wide angle) is useless. NEX-7 seven deja vu … That NEX-7 appears to be awesome, but how the hell did Zeiss came up with the idea to release a 24mm (36mm eq.) lens.

    • Jabs


    • Jabs

      @One More Thought – that is

    • Bart B

      plus one 🙂

    • Mock Kenwell

      While some continue to draw useless and irrelevant comparisons to the NEX series, some of us are critiquing the specs offered (that is what happens on rumor sites—have you heard?) in the context of the market. Who is this camera for? Clearly not pros or enthusiasts with the type of lenses offered. Unless the camera itself reveals something the specs do not. If you’re a noob looking to upgrade your P/S because you want to get “that blurry background look” for shots of your baby and cat, this cam can’t give it to you, and it looks as if it may be priced in the M4/3 or NEX range. So why wouldn’t they buy one of those instead? So maybe then they’re going for the portability crowd. Looking at what is rumored, it’s still not much smaller than M4/3, and appears to not be pants pocketable. To me, this competes against the Canon G and LX5, both of which it should top in IQ, but likely not portability—which us the more important feature in that category.

      I still think Nikon should ditch the crappy P7100 and build an X100/DP2 killer with one fast, sharp fixed lens.

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