Announcement: Nikon D3100 in red

This is the announcement for tonight: Nikon D3100 in red... Well, not really an announcement, there is no official press release for obvious reasons. The red D3100 may only be for the US market since I did not see any updated on the other international Nikon websites. As I mentioned on several occasions, we should all have lowered our expectations for this "new" product.

Update: see my next post for more details on this camera.

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  • joe

    I’d kill for a d4/d800/d400 rumor with at least 60% likelihood of being true…

    • Margaret

      Why red? Canon did a red pos limited just now.
      or are they trying to dilute the red branding canon has with their L lenses?

      • The invisible man

        Red because there is let over paint from coolpix cameras.

    • Vandyu

      Joe, I thought you were gonna say, “I’d kill for a d4/d800/d400 in Red!”

  • Yagion

    I don’t understand why some of our very “rational” folks here are disappointed. They raised their own hype. Nikon never promised anything.

    Yes, I am too waiting for new FX and make my D700 backup body. But think about it, Nikon has no urgency to update its FX line up. No other brand has any FX body that tops Nikon’s. If Nikon release another FX body, it’s really competing with itself.

    • J0rge

      I agree, Nikon never promised anything.
      What I am disappointed about is that even though their three FX cameras are (and have been for a while) out of stock on all the main retailers, they are not saying anything about what to expect and when. Obviously Nikon has an idea of when they will release a new FX body and I am disappointed that they refuse to share that particular information so people that really need an FX camera can make a better and more informed decision.

    • Darkness


  • What, it’s not a red D800? Boo! (just kidding)

    For what it’s worth, at least the color is nice.

    • The invisible man

      Are the Red ones made in Republic of China ? (just not kidding)

  • Hrm..

    hahaha once again NIKON is a fool …. what a stupid update.

  • Christoph Ohlrogge

    Nice for doing porn.

  • IanZ28

    Is this a joke?

    • IanZ28

      Some seriously funny comments along the thread….. bravo.

      Guess this means we can forget a D3100 replacement. Not that I was looking for one to begin with. Or maybe this is a last ditch effort to secure a few more sales of D3100’s before replacement of the camera.

      I’m still pondering this though as it has absolutely no possibility to generate additional sales.

  • Well, on the bright side, a red Leica would be priced an additional 4 D3100’s.

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    • WoutK89

      He tried that once, didnt work so well.

    • you mean a “don’t like” button 🙂

      • What’s not to like?

  • EvanK

    Wait, what? Nobody asked for a red D3100, why not something like a 24mm f/1.8 DX or something that we actually want? Hasn’t Pentax tried this strategy multiple times already (and ultimately failing every time)?

    • Jason

      Hear, hear!

      Or they could put out f/4 zooms. Or a DX wide angle prime, full set of professional DX f/2.8 zooms, a new 80-400, a small FX camera or a mirrorless with a sensor people want.

  • Haha, innovative Nikon! But, I must say I actually like it. 🙂 Maybe they are starting to realise what the markets wants.. Hm..

    • Plamen

      Seriously, why would anyone need a red camera if the lens covering it is black…

      • Vandyu

        Women are the primary target for the red model. They will love it. The amateurs will notice it and not be as intimidated. The advanced photographers will likely go for a D5100 or D7000. It wouldn’t be practical to try to have a separate line of colored lenses.

  • Finally you will get red eyes in the subject without the need for flash 🙂
    That’s innovation!

    • Jeremy


  • J

    Oh, red 3100, hehe!

    Excuse me, but I have to ask this:


  • Darryl

    Yes, as someone mentioned earlier…Red is for the Chinese since they are a Communist country! A perfect way to make sales to billions of consumers!

    Still no comparable camera to the Sony A77, what a shame!

    I may soon make a brand change…

    • actually chinese like red not because they’re communist but because it symbolises prosperity.. which led china to use red as a ‘national colour’. hence giving rise to the correlation btwn red and communism.

    • See ya later other brother Darryl.

    • Oh I get it! you are a lol Yahoo commenter.

  • Cyph

    Given how popular the red P500 and L120 seemingly have been I can understand why they are doing this to try and get more people into an SLR, even if it is an entry level one…

  • francis

    Up Next..
    D5100 gets the fresh coat of red paint as well
    D7100 in classic black, ocean BLUE and metallic SILVER

    AND then comes the bomb……… WHITE D800!!!!!

    • Alex



      • The invisible man

        I already pre-ordered mine.

    • 18% grey D4 would be awesome!!!!!!!

    • ElPadre

      wow, i just thought about it. a white nikon camera. wow. wouldn’t it just look SUPERB?! 🙂

  • Jabs


    Nothing about this at Nikon USA. Could this be a Japan or even Asia only release?

    • yes, the camera will not be available in the US

      • broxibear

        No sign of it on the UK site either…not yet anyway ?
        So what’s next Peter, the 21st of September?…a mirrorless in various colours ?

        • Actually yes, the mirrorless is expected to come in at least two colors (black and white). September 21st – 99.99% probability.

  • jason

    geeezzz…we first have Pentax 645D red, then followed by canon, now we have the Nikon in red. and such an ugly color as well. Hmm this color must have some kind of “magic” factor to the Japanese

  • CamaMan

    It started!

  • Dave B

    Oy Vey

  • Worminator

    That was underwhelming beyond my expectation of being underwhelmed.

  • Garni

    Hell yeah . A dslr at least

  • Why, oh why, did Nikon do red? Not cool. Not cool at all.
    Anyone know when Nikon is introducing red Nikkors to go with this hideous D3100?

  • Worminator

    btw it is showing up in the Japanese web page, so release in Japan of the red D3100 is confirmed.

  • l like red 🙂

  • Dandydon

    Wow! I’m overwhelmed by such innovation!

  • Joe

    Now we know what the Nikon engineers have been hard at for the past couple years.

  • where is my reD4 🙁

  • MacManX

    The red D3100 will be available in Europe from September 22nd. I found this on the Swedish Nikon web site:

  • I’m in Rome at moment on a working trip. I took a hike up the Piazza de Spagna area, lots of tourists. I had my D7k and 17-50 Sigma and I felt like a Pro, i didn’t see a single D300, D700 or anything similar from Canon. I saw a lot of D3000, D3100, etc, and similar Canons.

    I saw one Sony Nex (a Japanese girl), no m43. 1 Sony Alpha something and 1 Pentax, no Oly dslr. between N & C, I’d say 2 to 1 in Nikon’s favor.

    Among p&s, mostly pannys, sonys and canons, no nikon.

    That would put things in some perspective.

  • coco

    what happern to nikon lately

  • Dave

    Next big thing™: red lenses to match with the body.


  • MarkR

    Well, I doubt that Nikon is making this red D3100 the big product event for the festivities running the 21st-24th. Something else must be on the way. Even if it is only the mirrorless camera(s).

  • The red D3100 seems to be introduced in Germany as well:


    I seem to recall Thom identifying this as a way of knowing when a company had jumped the shark.

    • Indeed, I’ve trawled the thread now for mention of it. You, sir, are the first mention. Congrats.

  • lox

    Now that’s an ugly piece of crap.

  • MacManX

    The red D3100 will be available in Europe from September 22nd according to the Swedish official Nikon web site.

  • Jason

    What does Ken Rockwell think about this? He was always very anti-silver when Nikon made some of their bodies that color.

    More seriously, there ARE times when an odd color can be useful – I’ve been places that don’t let you bring a “professional” camera in (concerts mainly, and they mean anything other than a phone or a p+s) and my friend walked straight past them with a silver D40 and a 70-300G (the old one, also available in silver)

  • nikonlover

    Damn, that’s fugly! Who’d buy this?

  • paul

    Smoke weed everyday of ma life, I don’t give a SHIEE

    • paul don’ give a fuuuuuuu. about release dates.

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray


  • great – a camera to go with my toenails.

    at least i know that if i get any scratches on it, i can use some glossy candy apple red polish to fill them in.

  • This camera is also lol. But its to be expected. consumers demand garbage like this. That’s why you have fools convinced NEX is the most innovative shit since Diaper Cream. But its a poorly laid out deck of cards with a piece of drain pipe hanging off the front. This is what pays for your precious D700 replacement. It will probably sell really well in Germany.

  • Layvay

    Smoke crack and worship Satan!

  • Nicola

    at least make it silver,like the D40.Noou,toenail red!
    great job,marketing guys.

  • Fubar

    W T F ?

  • Ole

    I like the dact that someone on the picture wrote which camera is the red version, and which one is the black version!

    • Ole

      dact = fact

    • Plamen

      hahahah, nice observation, really funny

    • paf

      apparently Nikon is looking out after their color blind customers. What a great company!

      • Plamen

        Yes, with a red-colored model 😀

    • broxibear

      Pretty funny… maybe they shoud have said : Red (Yes, we made a red one…I know, but it wasn’t my idea…I tried telling them but nobody listened)

  • Felipe

    Pathetic Nikon…

  • I wanted pink but red should be close enough.

  • Nikonier

    great, we all waited for this crap in red !!

    cmon nikon, where is my d800?

    damn shit !

  • chris

    the next announcement on September 21 is a blue d5100 and @ces there will be announced 5 more colors for all fx gear 🙁 omg

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