“Nikon in White” mirrorless camera event in Vienna on September 21st

This is the invitation for a "Nikon in White" event that will take place on September 21st at 7:00 pm in Vienna, Austria. The text says the night will be "full of surprises". This event obviously will be for the announcement of Nikon's mirrorless camera which is expected to come in different colors, including white.

Nikon will announce two different mirrorless bodies, one will be smaller in size with less functionality. Nikon's mirrorless solution will have enhanced video features not seen in any previous models. The new lenses will have power zoom buttons similar to the latest Panasonic Lumix X series. Expect four new lenses announced at launch. There will be a super zoom and a pancake. The super zoom will be very big in size (compared to the camera body). As far as I know, there will be no dedicated macro lens in the first run. In the future Nikon will announce also a dedicated external flash for their EVIL camera line. The first camera kit should be available end of September/early October, the second body + other lenses at the end of October/early November.

Here is a recap of all Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens camera details known so far (known knowns):

  • Camera code/project name: X810. Not sure about the final marketing name
  • Two different models will be available
  • The camera body will be very small, very compact, with a clean industrial design
  • Built-in high resolution EVF
  • Many video features
  • Compatible with F-mount lenses
  • The sensor will be slightly smaller than Micro Four Thirds (probably 17mm in diameter, 2.6x or 2.7x crop factor)
  • Four lenses to be released, one of them will be a pancake, the second will be a super zoom
  • Phase and contrast-detect AF
  • Similar clean design like the Coolpix P300
  • The camera will not have any dials on the top plate
  • Speaker will be located on top plate
  • There will be a pop-up flash and/or flash hot shoe for external flash
  • The new mirrorless lenses may have electronic zoom buttons (see this patent)
  • There will be some functionality that will be introduced for the first time in a mirrorless camera
  • The camera will be available in different colors

At that point I feel comfortable enough to rate the Nikon mirrorless camera announcement at the end of September at 99% probability. Unfortunately, I still cannot give the same probability rating for the other DSLR announcement in the first week of September.

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  • DFive

    COOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bring on the whiteness !!

    • texajoe

      NO WHITE! Nikon stay on the dark side.

    • lolly

      Get the mirrorless stuff done and over with … the sooner the better. Whether it’s going to be a hit or miss only time will tell.

    • AnoNemo

      If Nikon does not make a camouflage version I will abandon Nikon forever! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • distanted

        They did, unfortuately they used adaptive camouflage and it’s taken a while to find them.

  • billy goat

    Oh, and I wanted to say…if this camera materializes then finally all those m4/3 and mirrorless snobs will see that Nikon is a SERIOUS camera company!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha!

    • Renato M.

      Actually we have to see how the things are going to be balanced, since this camera will have a smaller sensor. bokeh will be harder, high-ISO performance as well, I’m curious about the video stuff, since Nikon have been ignored video and Canon is way ahead in this area when we talk about DSLR.

      • Andrew

        Canon is way ahead? Check out the Canon 5D Mark II, its video is a mixed bag. It gives you 30 fps (great for web) but not 29.97 fps for professional TV and movie production. And this “Mark II” is a $2,500 camera! No thanks, I will wait for Nikon’s Full Frame camera (i.e. D800) if I want great video.

        • Sky

          Andrew – you might want Nikon but the world market is focused around Canon right now (and it’s not only 5D mk II).
          Nikon doesn’t get video and have no experience in it. If you really think that throwing in 29.97 will make Nikon magical good HDSLR than you are fooling yourself.

          If anything a competition for Canon might be in Sony right now who uses EVF like the video cameras, have lots of video accessories and shitton of experience, probably more than Canon itself. So we’ll see how it goes, but right now IMO Nikon isn’t any threat to Canon dominance, nor will be with it’s tiny-sensor-tiny-size mirrorless joke. Equally good video market could go for Pentax Q (wow! it has toy lenses making amazing video effects!)

        • Actually the 5DmkII’s 30fps is in reality 29.97. The firmware upgrade made the change. It also supports 24p and 25p.

  • Rob

    Doesn’t a power zoom go against the main reasoning for even having a mirrorless camera (smaller size), since there has to be another motor in there to move it?

    • Ke

      Panasonic’s power zooms are really small.

    • ZoetMB

      So does having it work with current Nikon F-mount lenses. All of the AF-S and DX lenses are gigantic.

      But the new “pancake” lens makes sense. That’s what you’d want with such a small body.

    • PHB

      Power zoom is essential for decent video.

      On lenses this size the motor does not need to be very large.

  • Cndlpwr

    Hey, every week Nikon does NOT announce the FX bodies, my special savings account only grows towards that goal!

    • Anonymous

      Staypositive. Each month is another payment to my camera (card) debtors, bringing me closer to also actually affording the legendary FX with bells and video updated. Why did I have to buy that 24-70, 2.8? That really set me back. Great paperweight though! Just kidding! Awesome lens.

    • ZoetMB

      If you’re in the U.S., it will need to as the US Dollar continues its decline against the Yen.

  • Well at least they are getting that announcement done, now the next news from Nikon I hope would be DSLR cameras and or lenses. Hope, hope…….

  • The invisible man

    Et bien voilร  le D900 !!!!
    Thanks Peter !

  • Rahul

    Ha ๐Ÿ™‚ Canon uses white a lot (especially for their lenses) and now after this white mirrorless I think white color will become a symbol of being inferior ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway 8th will be for either DSLR or DSLRs ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tommy

    “Mirrorless lenses”? Wink-wink.

  • C_QQ_C

    Did you also see this “Einladung”already, ( or did i miss it… ?) :

    • No, I have not seen this one. Will post online later. This is consistent with previous Nikon events scheduled in different stores after an oficial announcement.

      • Bjrichus

        My (not very good) German knowledge tells me that this is:

        “Test the new Nikon products”

        But this: “am 23. & 24. September 2011”

        “Until 23 and 24 September” or “Of 23 and 24 September” or “on 23 and 24 September” or “to 23 and 24 September”?

        The last one (to) is the literal translation, but I at least know better than to go with that all the time in German!!!!!

        • Elia G

          ducts on 23th and 24th September 2011 here with us. 2 Nikon-Representatives are there for you. Check&Clean of your Nikon gear – FREE !!!
          I’m Swiss, so it’s pretty accurately translated.
          I really hope they don’t only target the standard consumers. But that’s where the money is at. Too bad.
          And if they gonna announce a “Pro” solution, I hope it doesn’t have too much pixels, like NEX-7. 12, maximum 16 MP would be awesome. I want clean low light pics, mkay?

          • Elia G

            Ooops, I somehow messed up my comment, sorry ๐Ÿ˜€
            It should start with:
            Test the new Products on …

          • Just A Thought

            “Check&Clean of your Nikon gear โ€“ FREE !!!”

            Supposedly Major announcement of a new camera system and they are also offering a Free Check and Clean as an enticement to show up. Now that is something to get very excited about….

            • wien fotograf

              here’s the literal translation, as word-for-word as it gets:

              “Test the new Nikon Products on the 23rd and 24th of September 2001 at our place. Two Nikon consultants will be there for you! Check and clean of your Nikon gear – FREE!!! Friday, 9/23/11, from 11 till 6 and Saturday, 9/24/11 from 11 till 6. We look forward to your visit!”

              of course, by the 23rd, everything will already be known about the new products. the real magic will probably be at this booze-fest on the 21st in north vienna.

      • Moth Flopwell

        I have a question about this new Mirrorless Camera…Well..NR…you been showing this brick of a camera..I truly hope it is not that camera that Nikon is about to release….A square camera? Come on Nikon….Sony’s NEX looks damn good.

        When the A77 is released….I will be looking at it..but truly want to see what the A99 is all about…Full Frame also.

        Come on Nikon….I am starting to sell all my Nikon Products…

        • those are just mockups, I was told that the new Nikon mirrorless camera has a very clean design and basically looks good (it’s a matter of taste anyway)

  • Renato M.

    I thought that the phase detection feature was the “first time in a mirrorless camera” thing. So it means that there is something else?

    • BornOptimist

      Fujifilm introduced a P&S last year with hybrid contrast and phase detection autofocus, so Nikon is not first with this. They can of course take an Olympus and say “The first compact system camera with on-sensor phase detection autofocus (*) “, and then hide in small print “On this kind of sensor”, or something…

  • blacklenser

    The surprise won’t be a white evil.
    This event is about D4 and other pro stuff which you’ll get only in Canon white.

  • Dandydon


    It will be interesting to see how the existing FMount lenses work on that camera/sensor.
    Will a 200mm lens really be 200×2.6 = 520? Good luck holding that little thing still.
    It seems to me, it will really feel like you are just holding the lens.


    • Anonymous

      Yawns are boring.

  • andy

    Hopefully they’ll “leak” out some more details of the mirrorless cameras and lenses before the big day. I’d want a fast compact prime in the range of 35-50mm (equivalent) focal length.

    • Ke

      An Olympus PEN & Panasonic 20mm 1.7 would meet those requirements.

  • E

    ummmm… did I read that right???
    Compatible with F-mount lenses???
    hmmm… probably no built in motor (obviously) but I wonder if AF-S lenses will autofocus… and since the sensor is small there will actually be a use for those AF-S – DX lenses lying around… i.e. 35mm f/1.8 DX…

    • andy

      presumably with an adapter (otherwise it will be huge)

      It is possible to put a motor in the adapter though – look at the new sony NEX adapter

  • David

    Well, I was dismissing this idea before, but now that I am reading the description I am interested. What I like is 1) Build-in EVF (I’ve gone through few m4/3 cameras and having to attach a separate attachment for EVF is a bitch and it ruins the experience of a small camera). 2) Build-in Flash (not all M4/3 and 90% of Sony NEX does not have it), 3) Phase Detection AF is HUGH (contrast af on m4/3 was the biggest obstacle and even the new superfast Oly EP3 still has problems with AF in continuous mode).

    the fact that I already have Nikon F mount lenses is a bonus, as well as the fact I already have Nikon flashes. I am sure SB400 won’t take much space.

    Now Questions:

    1) Will the camera be compatible with BOTH FX and DX lenses?
    2) Will there be AF with FX and DX F-mount lenses.
    3) Will the battery life be adequate

    • If it is compatible with DX lenses it will be compatible with FX lenses. My question would be whether it is compatible with non AF-S lenses.

    • Sam

      If you use an FX lens and SB400 the thing will be so huge and handle so badly with a small body. Seems counter productive to use those things.

  • rhlpetrus

    Why do you say it’s for th ML system? Maybe it’s something else. How about earlier September, like last year’s launch of D7k?

    I’m thinking we may see a D7000s, with buffer/video updates.

    • broxibear

      Hi rhlpetrus,
      I did hear about a D7100 in the interblogsuperhighway ?

      • rhlpetrus

        That will come next year, 2 year cycle there.

    • JonMcg

      If they update their latest camera that is just flat out lame… Especially considering that the upgrades you’re referring too would franky make it a D400…

      If we don’t start to see some reputal links here in the next week for the early Sept announcement, were hosed and maybe hosed all the way to 2012…

      • rhlpetrus

        No, D400 will likely have new AF system derived from D4 plus the new 24MP sensor from Sony. And better video. The video update for D7000s could be just what the D5100 has or a little more. D400 could have full manual control for video as well. So not a D7000s, definitely.

  • Scabby Arm

    Can someone tell me why photographers are so adamant about having video capabilities in a camera? I’m just wondering, if you are interested in high quality cinematography, why not invest in a dedicated video system? Is it the cost?

    All this talk about Canon being light years ahead of Nikon in terms of video detracts from the fact that the D700 and D3s/D3x are excellent photographic tools, regardless of what the next generation will offer (whenever that may be). Let’s keep in mind that these tools were designed for quality photography. If you happen to find someone selling their D3s because they’re switching to Canon, snap that camera up, it’s still a quality piece of work.

    • broxibear

      Hi Scabby Arm,
      There are some photographers who find the video function of use to them…I’m sure they’ll post to tell you why.
      Personally, it’s no use to me in what I do as I’m a photographer not a film maker, sports photographers I know don’t use it as they don’t have the rights to use video footage of events they cover. I know a few photojournalists and none of them have shot video, although some have said it’s handy to have incase they do need it to get footage of a news event…but even then they’ve said the tv crews are usually there anyway ?
      I’m interested to see what Nikon do as far as stills are concerned, apart from mp and maybe another stop better high iso I’m not sure what else they could do ?… the D3 series cameras do everything so well.

      • Scabby Arm

        Thanks for the reply broxibear.

        Forgive my ignorance, but what is the issue about having the rights use work shot on video? Is this a software rights issue? Is it the same for using photographs? I don’t shoot video either, only stills, but it is an interesting point that I’ve never considered.

        • broxibear

          Hi Scabby Arm,
          What I meant was rights to take video footage, ie at sports event like F1 the photographers only have permission to take images, they’re not allowed to take video footage.
          It’s the same in many sports like NFL, Olympics, Premiership etc.

          • Scabby Arm

            Oh okay I see.

            Thanks again!

    • Canon video better than Nikon?

      You so funny, why you not try AF with Live View on Canon body, it’s alway unusable.
      I have try a lot of junk videos camera from Canon it’s not make any exciting for me.

      EOS is the piece of crap, you need to turn around the world for using video!!!

      If Nikon made camera with cool video feature we will able to use modern Nikkor with that video camera, It’s a bit amazing. And it’s own sensor is very unique the camera body and lens will small enough for everyday use and it have benefit of crop factor.

      • Ajit Menon

        Hi scrabbyArm and HotDuckz
        As regards video on a Canon dSLR, there are many advantages. Even though a lot of traditional photographers don’t need it and don’t really use it too much, there is also a growing market from within amateur film makers, motion graphics artists and visual effects people.
        A lot of them go to the Canon 5D mark II mainly for it’s video ability. Add to that, a lot of professionals have also tested dSLRs for tv/ film – “House” TV series has a lot of content shot with the 5D and the cinematographer is Gale Tattersall who has among others, Apollo 13 in his credits.
        Video on a dSLR is definitely about opening aNEW MARKET… wherein you can make very good looking video at the fraction of the cost and weight of current professional equipment.
        Check out Zacuto.com – /web series/ great camera shootout 2010 and 2011 for some technical testing of dSLRs and pro video and film cameras.

        Where Canon leads:
        – canon offers 24, 30 and 60 fps in most models. 60 fps alone allows for some great slo-motion shots and even the most amateur shooter could have fun and great results with it.
        – better video encoding. Nikon’s old Motion JPEG was a very lossy and compressed format which killed a lot of sharpness and detail in video; giving Canon the edge with H.264 (which is slightly better though still compressed).
        – Canon has SO MANY 3rd party vendors prepping 5D and 7D specific video equipment; nt to speak of 3rd party firmware updates that open up new features in the canon chipset.

        The one area Nikon outdid Canon in the Zacuto tests was in ultra ISO tests… at ISO 102400, Nikon D3s footage ( in spite of being just 720p) looked amazing with lovely noise/ grain distribution compared to Canon’s ugly noise.

        Anyways, for Nikon to dominate, they do need to come up with a good video solution to compete against the 5D mark 2. As I said before, it’s a NEW market essentially but not one to scoff at.

        I myself am a d300s user and am eagerly awaiting the d700 replacement since I would love to go full frame and have a good video option.

        • Anonymous

          I think Nikon’s going to need a whole lot of D800’s to satisfy pent up demand. A whole bunch. Assuming it’s the groundbreaking camera we all expect it to be. Wow, I have high expectations.

          • Bip

            Not if the price is US$3,500 for body only. US$ is depreciating rapidly against JPY. That ought to cool down a lot of demand on a sub-$3,000ish FX camera.

        • theo martin

          +1000 clear and true

    • It’s the cost. If one already has a variety of lenses for a specific system and can get a new dSLR body with great video features, they can create very high quality video at a fraction of the cost of switching to a whole new system, and still have an awesome dSLR for photos.

    • Twoomy

      Hi Scabby Arm–I never thought much of video because I’m a stills landscape photographer. But for a small hiking camera, I bought a Panasonic GH2 which takes excellent stills and video. For me personally, the video is a souvenir type thing. I take an art shot still of a waterfall, but it’s nice to be able to record a clip showing that waterfall in motion or simply being able to pan around to record and give a sense of the entire area. Call it a souvenir or reference, etc., I now find it really useful. And heck, I’m even guilty of using my camera to record video of my child’s birthday party. Being able to record video with good lenses (Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, or any other brand) is pretty cool and useful.

      I will never be a professional cinematographer, nor do I wish to be. But having video as an option for capturing moments is pretty dang cool. And no, I do not want to take a completely separate video solution into the field with a different set of lenses. One camera to do it all suits me just fine. GH2 users have it, 5DmkII users have it, I would love to see video in a D700 update or replacement.

    • rwg

      people use DSLRs for video because of a number of reasons.
      – good price quality ratio
      – sensor size /dof controll (as far as i know full frame is bigger then any digital video camera)
      – lowlight abilities.
      – huge number of lens choises.
      -size compared to the big ass cinema stuf.
      and there are a number of other things that dslr have going for them selves
      Dslr are far from the perfect video camera. But they have some very pleasing features that for many people are worth the negatives.

      auto focus is a non issue because you want to decide what will be in focus. instead of hoping that the camera will chose to focus on the right thing.

    • rhlpetrus

      Scabby: I can’t talk about pros’ interest in dslr video (even it has been used even by cinematographers for TV series and also for big screen movies).

      Observe that ASP-C is very close to old 35mm film (24mm wide) so that what you had in terms of isolation of subject, bokeh, is now available even for amateurs. FF gives even more DoF control than traditional 35mm film (I’m talking about movies, not stills).

      Have you tried it? I have, the IQ is amazing (D7k). Lenses play a big role, since most camcorders have cr@ppy lenses, agin you can shoot great video with you dlsr.

      More and more creative people that have lenses can use them with their cameras, w/o need for dedicated video cameras, which, the good ones, can cost a bunch of money.

  • That has got to be the ugliest mock-up of a potential camera design I’ve ever seen! May as well just stick a deck of playing cards on the back of a lens. Geez guys, no more imagination than that?!

    • Geoff

      Agreed. Many people like to be stylin` as they shoot and this is just plain ugly.

    • Ke

      All of Nikon’s non-SLRs are ugly.

  • Ronan

    X10/X50 is going to mop the floor with it…

    Nikon fail ๐Ÿ™

    • Try X100, it focus system is very slow and alway fail in low-light. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Just A Thought

    YES….. a white P7100………

  • FX DX

    So we went from “customers not asking for mirorless” to “99% certain mirorless launch”. Now I am certain that Nikon is intentionally BSing us.

  • Shane

    The more o think about it I’m glad in a way Nikon haven’t released the fx bodies yet they better be really good after all this delay obviously the Japan Earthquake knocked production by at least 6 months I think Nikon will announce these current replacements at end of ye if not early next yr expect full frame d4 & d800 b4 London Olympics

  • coco

    nikon f^o^k their users again, good job.

    • dgreene196

      In what way has Nikon done any harm to their users?

      The Nikon D3 was announced in August 2007 (on a 4 year pro cycle), but it wasn’t released until November, and it wasn’t easy to get until months after that. Does it matter whether its replacement is announced in August or September? No matter when it’s announced, it’s unlikely to be available until late in the year.

      I appreciate that Nikon has taken its time in addressing the mirrorless competition. I only hope that the time was well-spent in creating a useful, competitive, and responsive camera.

    • Hhom Togan

      Buy/rent a D3X… if you are a pro you can afford it :/… or do you want a camera like the 5D MKII? with prehistoric AF and good sensor?

      You all want megapixels but most of you only shoot for the net so what’s the point?!?!?!?!?

  • happysnapper63

    Mmmm, what are these cameras for ? I would like to complement my two Nikon DSLRs (I would also like a D400 if its DX) with something better than my Cybershot P73, but something like a P500 that produces sharp jpegs and captures raw in what I am after. Ok so a 2.6 crop is great, but unless the high ISO on this thing is very very good then shake blur will not be avoided when long SLR lenses are mounted, as stabilisation is only “human” and can only assist so much, ask any P100/P500 shooter.

    The size its self is not what makes me question the value, its having to change the lenses and carry them about, I have DSLRs for that. As for size this stuck on the back of a 70-200 or 80-200 will look no more stupid than a D700 or D300 on the back of an 800mm.

    So boring times it is, possible FX announcement…….dont care, not interested, in bodies that reduce my reach by 2/3rds and now a nice small camera, but i have to change lenses on it and carry lenses……..

    Time to switch off until 2012 I think.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    The London 2012 Olympics start on the 27th of July.
    I think it is also safe to assume Nikon will launch a D4 or D4s or similar pro high speed/high ISO model.
    The key question is how much time they will leave between announcement dates and the start? Wait too long and they may not get cameras to all accredited pros who want one and the Internet will be awash with whining….
    And they need to allow them time to get aquatinted with the new body/features/lenses.

    The D3 was launched August 23rd, 2007; almost a year before the Beijing Olympics (2008-08-08)
    The D2h on July 22nd, 2003; more than a year before the 2004 Athens Olympics.

    We’re now less than a year away from the 2012 Olympics, so I’d say an announcement should be imminent, BUT there are no credible rumors at all.

    Realistically though, I can not see them launching any later than 6 months before the Olympics. I also think the whole Fukushima incident may have caused unforeseen delays. But there’s no way Nikon is going to pass up an Olympic sized marketing opportunity.
    I also don’t see them launching a D4 between the CoolPix and Mirrorless announcements.

    Nikon is NOT going to time a D4(s) launch for x-mas, it’s just not really a ‘slip one under the tree’ kinda camera, is it? So I expect some lower end DX releases for the Holiday period. In pretty colors even. Yes, you may cringe now. And as much as I crave one, I now believe we will finally see a D4 in January 2012, when there’s nothing around to steal it’s thunder. The leaks will come thick and fast in early December, getting everyone’s hopes up for a pre x-mas launch, so there will be disappointment again.

    I also expect the D4(s) launch to be accompanied by the 105/1.8G VR2 N (great f0r indoor sports, not just portraits!) and a long awaited 80-400 which will be more pro-ish than expected and therefore more pricey than expected. There will be tears and tantrums. And again apart from the price, the 100-300/4.0G will be very welcome.

    Start saving those pennies, gals and guys, it’s gonna be a god year ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Dormant

      Nikon is NOT going to time a D4(s) launch for x-mas, itโ€™s just not really a โ€˜slip one under the treeโ€™ kinda camera, is it?

      Every year, I ask Santa for a D3. I’m still hoping.

  • Tony

    With this aggressive ad campaign Iโ€™m pretty sure Nikon will announce one or two new DSLR by the end of this year. Unless, Cannon changes their plan and postpones their announcement to next year.

    • Hhom Togan

      Are you that sure? will you bet your soul??? (demonic contract on table with pen)

  • vinman

    Am I the only one thinking Nikon + compact camera = historic fail thus far. Nikon has yet to make a p/s that really equals the market standard. I know this wont be a p/s per se, but what teams have been involved in the development? It’s hard to get excited about these new cameras not knowing which teams worked on them. As far as I’m concerned, with Nikon’s lackluster history with compact cameras, this one has me scratching my head…

  • I want a white D4 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hhom Togan

      I want all the red light district ladies in holland but we can’t have everything we want…

  • PatCL

    at least a pancake lens, but that sensor arrrggghh

  • Should be interesting. I’d love to have something like this to take with me, but can still have the creative aspect of interchangeable lenses. More so if I can utilize my already growing collection of Nikon F mount lenses. (I think this plus a 14-24 F2.8 or similar would look SILLY, but would be so worth it!)

  • Kon_head

    FINALLY , some WHITE superteles… ๐Ÿ™‚

    White 80-400 VR AFS anyone?

  • happysnapper63

    Nope your not Vinman. I use my daughters P100 sometimes, everything is really really good except the sharpness of the jpegs, even at max on camera. OK so I can apply highpass or unsharp mask, but most folks buying such cameras, dont know how and dont want to.

    Creativity can be born from changing focal length, DOF, and shutterspeed, which can be done with a bridge zoom and without changing lenses. Creative potential does not equal changeable lenses, which is why I dont understand these cameras. I guess a really creative individual would use a fixed focal length, fixed focus, fixed ISO camera………i.e. a film disposable.

  • Happysnapper63

    I will pass on the white D4 and white 80-400. But I definately up for a D400 DX in Advantage Timber, and the lens the same ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Remedy

    Be part of the night – dress white.

    • Hhom Togan

      I got the invitation you silly and it says: dressing protocol is white underwear.

  • FM2Fan

    I can already listen to the CLICK it generates, when I attach the camera to the 80-200.
    Finally something didiculous, if F-mount it used with very small sensors.

    I won’t start the discussion about DOP nor on video here – any rail is BIGGER than this camera.

    Thus: FF please – anything else is simply a different type of cam and will not protect the investment into lens …

  • bob

    White after Labor Day is a major fashion faux pas. And this being a fashion accessory, *nobody* will buy this thing. Or is it that in Japan, white cameras are for men playing on the wrong team? Apparently there’s a whole underground code for camera colors.

    I want my Hello Kitty pink color, so I can be a harijuku, or Orange like the Hari Krishna….

  • MarkR

    So there will be 2 mirrorless models announced late next month. If those are the 2 new cameras previously alluded to for September, then it appears that a new DSLR is unlikely to be announced anytime very soon.

    • Bip

      My D700 was broken in April. Have been waiting for the “replacement” forever. I got my D3S over the weekend. Now I’m no longer waiting.

  • Russ Damron

    Fuck this, where’s the D700 replacement?!

    • Hhom Togan

      Why would you need a replacement silly? the D700 is too much of a camera for you…

  • nau

    D3x/s in white! bum! full of surprises!

  • Hhom Togan

    It better be true this time!!!!!I hope you are right this is the presentation of Nikon mirrorless camera!! Or I will ask my subscription to this site to be reimbursed !!!! Dammit….

  • Just A Thought

    Just do a Go0ogle serach for “Nikon in White” but add the word box. Did they got a shipment of reburb gear in white boxes???? Could it explain lots of surprises????

    BTW, where is that event being held and who got invites? Small restaurant or small rented hall???? Did local dealers get an invite or were major European and American Media outlets invited? There is on mention in the invite about “mirror or mirror less” is there? Any mention on the invite about a new camera or lens or both???

    When is the next major photographic trade show and where?? Answer that and you may get a hint when and where major new gear could be announced….

  • One More Thought

    The key will be in the execution. If Nikon produces a jewel of a camera, with evident great craftsmanship, and if it performs well for its sensor, then they may succeed with it. It needs to be more like their DSLR quality than their point and shoots.

    As for releases, at this point I just don’t believe we’ll get any new FF dslr’s this year. I think Nikon will update the D3100 and that will be it.

  • looks like a terrible idea , a mirrorless camera. I just love the sound of a flipping mirror in my nikon camera. What would be the advantage of having no mirror in the camera?

    • JED

      Camera is quieter.
      Camera is smaller.
      Lenses are easier to make, wide angles especially.

  • nah

    how can you have phase detection autofocus with a mirror or something mirror-like?

  • Valiant Thor

    A mirrorless camera is just the first step, then comes glassless lenses, then behold, a fully operational deathstar!

  • wien fotograf

    i’m actually going to that event in vienna. even if the mirrorless thing is going to stink, the wine will be decent. =p

    • And send some pictures from the event. Please?

  • NG42

    If it looks like the mock up it’s going to be an incredibly bland looking camera- they’ll need to put some bling on it to jazz it up.

  • NG42

    I wish they would have just made it micro four thirds, though I would have preferred APS. But at least if they had gone with micro four thirds there would be a ton of lenses available. Such a small sensor.

  • broxibear

    I think the “in white” just refers to the location rather than any products being white…the location is a wedding venue.

    • That could be, but there will be a white Nikon mirrorless camera ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Just A Thought

      “I think the โ€œin whiteโ€ just refers to the location rather than any products being white”

      Maybe it means Nikon in White boxes. They will have a bunch of refurb gear in white boxes for sale. One can play with the Whiet box gear while getting a Free Cleaning of one’s own camera. Why offer a Free Clean of one’s old gear during an announcement of a New Camera System. Sounds more like a traditional thank you for your patronage event offered once in a while

  • derWalter

    would i need a special invitation, or can i just join?

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