Recap of what’s next

I first want to start with a quote from Donald Rumsfeld (thanks for bringing that one up broxibear)

"There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns -- the ones we don't know we don't know."

We went through a lot of speculations in the last few days and I want to do a quick recap:

Known knowns: there will be a new DSLR-related and mirrorless camera announcements from Nikon in September. The DSLR related event should be on or around September 8th. The mirrorless introduction should be at the end of September. Expect four new lenses to be announced with the new mirrorless camera. Note that I said "DSLR related" announcement - there is a low chance that "DSLR-related" means a new accessory or lens only.  So far I am aware of only one upcoming DSLR that will probably be at the low end of Nikon's current lineup. There may be even two new DSLR cameras announced in the first week of September.

Known unknowns: no idea when the D700 and D3s replacement will come to life. As I said already, there could be a second DSLR announced in September that I am not aware of. Some rumors indicate that the D700 replacement will have 24MP and new AF system. That's all I have. Any future Nikkor lenses come in this category. No clue what is coming and when. I've mentioned several times in the past that a new 80-400mm lens is very high on the list of potential announcements.

Unknown unknowns: ?

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  • Paul

    ha nice quote

  • FX DX

    I can tell you what’s next… More disappointment.

    • twoomy

      +1. Always disappointment. Nikon announces things backwards to make us camera nerds happy. First, you should announce the D4 and D800, so we flip over backwards crazy happy. Then announce some consumer SLR and some Coolpix; we won’t complain because we’ll be drooling on the D4 specs. Then release the mirrorless and we’ll think “wow, that might be cool for somebody else.” But the ordering they’re doing things in seems to be strategically ordered to make the most people unhappy. And that is an unknown known! 🙂

      • Joel kinder


      • Brent

        Agreed +1

        D4 first, then the consumer-oriented stuff we don’t care about much.

        • Moth Flopwell

          We came all this way for some 1/2 ass coolpix…Really? NO..Really…Nikon what u doing? I understand the deal…in return for the new higher MP that Sony provided to Nikon…They, Sony would announce their own prosumer camera…and The A99 will be out towards Xmas.

          IN the meantime…we all dying here…and to make matters even worst…It is not going to be the camera we all hoped it would be…D3200 is next…oR does not even matter…..

          I truly believe we ALL are going to have to wait until 2012….to see a replacement for D700 and D3s….wow…right now…Hey Sony!!! What’s new?

          • The invisible man

            I’ll ask a nice pink-yellow-green-purple-magenta Coolpix camera for Xmas.

            • AnoNemo

              I think they will make the D3100 in camouflage. This will be a killer!

      • Jabs


        I am glad that you are not at the Nikon helm.
        To keep interest HIGH, it often is best to first release the better selling low end products, then the higher priced higher specced Pro gear later, as you and I would be drooling over the D4/D4x/D800 and actually forget about the CoolPix stuff. Misplaced priorities then!

        Working from top to bottom like you suggested shows that maybe you do not know what makes all the money for Nikon. Ever been to Best-Buy or such places or even a Wal-Mart?

        • Twoomy

          Oh Jabs! My post was sarcasm! But the logic of your reply is just silly. You can go to Best Buy and purchase a few Coolpix and a D5100 right now. Now give me a damn D800! 🙂

          • Jabs


            Guess I missed your satire – sorry

            Guess you also missed my BUSINESS logics!
            You can’t buy either the D3X or D3s at Best Buy or Wal-Mart.

          • @Twoomy

            Sorry, but I didn’t catch the sarcasm either. It sounded like you were angrier’n a hornet on a hot day!

    • venancio

      i agree, so i banged my head on the wall and hit an epiphany:
      – 12MP is king and the 10MP iphone 5 could be a killer
      – photoshop is a friend so whatever gear i have can still have great results
      – believe in santa claus again so i can be assured that i’ll have my D800 this christmas
      – believe in the other reality that nikon and canon manufacturing and assemply plants were really hit hard last march and no “made in Japan” pro or FX offerings could be realized in time, and the “no vacation leave for august” is a recovery strategy so that full shift will be guaranteed to churn out those lovely DSLRs
      – whatever you’ve heard, there’s no such thing as a nikon bluray, but a dual processor FX is worth waiting for

      • gt

        who gives a crap about 10MP iphone photos? that does not compete in any way shape or form with images from a DSLR, which give you complete creative control over aperture, shutter speed, flash, depth of field, etc.

        Don’t be ridiculous.

        • venancio

          ever heard of subtle sarcasm?? i guess now you have… peace…

          • Adam

            I am guessing the first point enraged him so much he didn’t bother to read the rest of your points which clearly and progressively increase the sarcasm from subtle to not-so-subtle levels haha.

            • venancio

              i wanted to present it from subtle sarcasm, to compensation, to resigned acceptance of the whole waiting game… i guess everyone’s so frustrated of what happened on august 24 that one will easily jump the gun… maybe i did a bad job out of it… i even misspelled assembly… my bad…

      • sirin

        10mp iphone 5 = killer?
        what, do you kill cockroaches with it?

        • venancio

          is that what you’re looking at? it was a downplayed satire on one’s desire for a camera that can fit in a pocket, an app that provides MASP, wi-fi/bluetooth ready, facebook/twitter/icloud linkage, no lens type debate, and other fluffs you’d like to see on a mirrorless or 4/3… just plain satire that i guess you missed… sorry…

          • BartyL

            Give it up Venacio. Some people simply have no sense of humour and if you have to explain a joke then it ceases to be funny.

            Some of us got it.

            • BartyL

              Although I should add I think Sirin was making a funny too.

          • sirin

            i was simply making a joke. i guess you missed it. sorry.

            • Sirin is pretty sharp, and sometimes funny, I’ve noticed. 😉

              I’m trusting he ‘got it’.

        • Anonymous

          @”sirin” ; do what you will with it, just remember, you hold that thing to your face. [as]

        • Jabs


          You kill cockroaches with pointy Texas lizard skinned boots or iPad ‘magic’ covers.

          -OR- cucaracho keel-lers.

          LOL – good one.

      • Jabs


        The key to your post or humor to me, was the epiphany statement = LOL

        Epiphany suggests that some ‘holy grail’ or point was reached in the person’s head as in unreality and then they expect to now fix this mess or ideal crap in Photoshop and yet they still complain about everything or are impatient and not wanting to wait for a real camera that can actually give them the results that they complain that they really NEED.

        Epiphany means to me – someone who NOW ‘sees the light’, like what they do in a cartoon when a ‘light bulb pops’ up over their head and the idiot now carries out some absurd plan and messes up everything even more. Some call it an ‘EGAD’ moment or it even reminds me of a Homer Simpson ‘DUH’ moment – lol

        That is what I got, so perhaps you tell me more of what you meant.

        It also is very hard to be sarcastic on the Internet especially if your native language is not English or the reader’s language is not English – thanks for your explanations so far, but let me know if I got it or not, please.

        I liked you post and am still laughing too.

    • InfraRed

      ADMIN: nothing personal 🙂
      Good job keep track of what’s going on.

      • Alfonso

        +1 great job. Thank you

    • NikonD80Still

      Hahahaha more disappointment. Now you have gone pragmatic !!

    • ja

      we always know whats next as sony announce theres first so whats next id say D400 with 24mp

      • haha

        Dun think they will may the generation jump if their flagship D4 is announced. So it will most likely D300x using a modified A77 sensor. But I am so disappointed in Nikon right now, that does it matter? I already pre-ordered the A77 to move out to a system with a future; a company who care for their customers.

        • it took sony 4years to release the a700 replacement (a77) its 2yrs since their fullframe releases

          is that caring about their customers? at least they ask for a lot less money!

          If they cared, they would have a nikon mount body available too!

          • I will love to see nikon mount body available on A77. WOOOW
            I’m waiting for D800 from February…@ that time, I’ve been to purchase my second D700 and they told me to wait 1-2 month because D800 will be … since then I’m still waiting. I did purchase D7000 for video.. not very happy. But if Nikon doesn’t give as a good official news till Sony’s A77 will reach the shops… definitely i will purchase A77. the specifications looks great for video.

        • Brian

          Where are you getting glass?

    • ilan

      Yes, more disappointments.
      If Nikon will kip there big sleep, it’s only a matter of 5-6 years until Sony will bit them ( and Canon).

  • ALjon

    Am i the only one who’s waiting for d300s replacement?

    • JBP

      No – I am waiting for the “D400” too.

      • NikkoRD

        Same here!! 1080p, 60fps…

        • 88MP!!!!

          No, but really—1080p/60 would be SWEEEEEEET!!!

      • Adam

        I am adding a new body to my repertoire and am on the fence between D300 to the D300S replacement or to the D700 replacement. Depending on features, it could simply boil down to whichever comes out first.

        So yeah, I too am definitely waiting…

    • Nope — many of us waiting eagerly for a 16mp D400 (i.e. a pro-level version of the D7000). Don’t want nor care about 24mp in DX format. Total waste of pixels and bandwidth.

      • PoBoy

        16mp is a nice size.

        • MJr

          A greed

          • +1

            I’ve owned and shot both the D700 and the D7k. While the D7k is certainly a nice camera, and definitely the best DX body to date in regards to DR and noise, it still is no match for the D700.

            Now, pack that same APS-C size sensor with 50% more pixels, and what do we get? Yeah, not a better looking image.

            Keep the high pixel density for the future, when the rest of the tech can catch up.

    • Russ

      I’m so ready to replace my D300…I like it, I love it, but I want newer technology too.

    • Mike

      No! Market is also… Though being myself only interested in D4, I think the d300s is the first one that should be replaced.

    • rogger

      Another waiting… for so long!

  • Astrophotographer

    Your NR agents in the field have let you down. I hope this isn’t what’s going to happen to them

  • Maddog

    To paraphrase Rumsfeld again: “You shoot with the camera you have, not the camera you’d like to have…”. I will manage to get by (Sarcasm) with my trusty D700 until Nikon comes up with a new model that inspires me to do more carnage to my visa card:-).

    • I Should Be Shooting


    • pavel muller

      MADDOG – Agree. If I had D700, I would feel the same. Many of my photos are at the limit of my D300 sensitivity (I print 13″x19″ and noise or smearing to remove is is very noticeable above ISO 800). Ideally, I would like about 2 extra f-stops, otherwise my D300 is great.

    • KT

      The big problem is that I sold my D700 3 weeks ago, thinking I’ll be ready to get a jump on the D800 once it’s announced, now I have 5 Nikkor lens gathering dust and just waiting, probably till spring of 2012

      • Anon

        LOL well you’re an idiot. and if you can afford to not have a camera for weeks, months, or years, chances are you don’t really NEED the newest, best piece of technology garbage.

        • Hey, I sold mine too and got such a great price for it so it was the smart thing to do. I can get by with my D3x and look forward to shooting better in low light and getting into Video. That is the point. Got to protect your investment and keep your assets up to date.

          • FM2Fan

            totally agree – selling equipment without having a replacement available is somewhat risky. for those, who look for a intermediate solutio: two great options are the D7000 and the Sony a77 – it will be the benchmark in price/performance.

            (I can here the gun fire of everyone here: Sony??? – why not, if you compare the cost to a D700, D3s, D3x or any of the models the NAS community expects to hit the market)

            • sony dont take $15000 of nikon lenses, otherwise I agree

            • Jabs


              If you are a camera or gear collector looking at residual value only, then SELL first and gamble that the new gear will come as rumored, thereby making a ‘killing’ in pre-selling something.

              If you USE your gear and make money with it, then perhaps you are an idiot, a lousy gambler or just committed Business ‘suicide’. How can you make a decision based upon an UNKNOWN quantity?

              You must also play the Stock Market = BUY Leica’s instead.

            • Jabs

              I see the Nikon D7000 as a breakthrough in real PERFORMANCE

              I see the Sony A77 as a new LOW in hype or promises that perhaps HAVE not been delivered or cannot be currently met with today’s technology.

              What you choose might depend on WHO you want to sell your ‘mistake’ to AFTER the reality of its’ performance sinks in even or what type of a person you are.

              People who follow hype, are usually the ‘dumbest suckers’ (sorry for my bluntness) out there who listen to words or sound bites of information or even disinformation and then make silly choices based upon a reading of specs devoid of its’ actual performance – as in jumping the gun merely to stay current or at the bleeding edge of SPECS.

              Those who look at the results perhaps have their feet firmly planted on the ground while the specs-chasers usually are often floating in hyperspace or somewhere of their own creation and still think that they are on Earth or grounded in reality.

              Sarcasm too.

            • “Sony a77 – it will be the benchmark in price/performance.”

              Price, yes. Performance, no. I admit, I’m basing this viewpoint off of pre-production samples of this camera (who isn’t basing their opinions on this?).

              I understand the risks of possibly having to eat my words if the Sony performs significantly (or any) better when it hits the market.

              Look at all the press the A77 has gotten. That was Sony’s goal, and the point of that camera, NOT image quality.

      • ja

        thats the point i was making , all the fuss about the 24th and no leaks has put people in a difficult postion , but also you shouldnt have sold your camera , why sell just keep it it dont eat anything does it ?

    • Peter

      How much do you reckon we will get for the D700 when the replacement is released? I’m hoping it holds some value at around a $1,500-1,600 range..

      Curious to think what everyone else thinks though, things are only worth what people are willing to pay at any given time..

      But hopefully that amount is a sigh of relief my Amex, (which has become a major workhorse of my photographic hobby).

      • venancio

        if the D700 replacement is NOT made in Japan, your used gear should easily sell for $1800… “made in Japan” has sentimental value and also carries with it QA reliability that has been time tested… if not, it will depend on the degree of love you put on your gear as compared to the passion you place on photography… others see bumps and scratches as trophies, others may base the offer on the cost of a refurbished D700…

  • Roeder

    I’ve given up waiting on Nikon to release an affordable full frame camera, so I went out and found a used one today on Craig’s List.

    Nikon FG.

    With a 36-72mm E series.



  • I’m waiting for FX cause I sold my D700 and am now using (primarily) FX lenses on a D7000. I might spring for a D4 if it’s impressive enough, even though the wait would kill me. The most important things to me are high ISO performance and AF performance.

    I really don’t want 24mp. That’s where the rub is. If the D700 is a sweet camera with 24mp and video and all that good stuff but the D4 is maybe ~18MP with BETTER high ISO performance and most likely better AF..but also more expensive..

    I’d be REALLY tempted to hold out and spend the cash for a D4 instead.

    I owned a D3 and a D700. Both were great. Loved the 700’s compactness, loved the D3’s speed and responsiveness.

  • 1. Love the Zoltar image.
    2. Love the quote.
    3. Appreciate the effort.
    4. So not holding my breath. 🙂

  • Bill

    I think we ALL know what the unknowns will be. I just HOPE it will happen in my lifetime.
    Maybe part of the “deal” with Sony and Nikon using the same 24mp sensor is that Sony will be given ample time for their new cameras to be on the streets before Nikon can announce theirs ????

  • Eaksoy

    Zoltar FTW

  • Scurvy hesh

    Nice ronald dumbsfeld quote.

  • General Zod

    Great, quoting Donald Rumsfeld aka ‘ The Cold War Dinasour’

    This D700 ‘replacement’ I just wonder what the video will be like. If it gets rid of moire and rolling shutter – and can shoot real 1080/60 p then I’ll be as excited as a preacher’s prick at a wedding. Until then I’m happy shooting stills with my D700 and doing HD video with my hacked GH2 (100mbps) with AIS lenses 🙂

  • Dandydon

    Well, here’s where I stand on all this, if anybody cares. I currently shoot a D300s, but I’m looking to go FX for the reasons I’m sure all FX users understand (DOF related to AOV), but I will keep the D300s for tele use to have the extra reach and as a backup. However, even if they announce the D800 today, it would be late this year, IMHO, before they start to flow, and then there is no garrantee that I would actually see one of these much sought-after mythical cameras until sometime next year, SO……
    I will appreciate having a D700 because it is such an exceptional device, and I will never regreat owning one, even when I buy the D800… SO…. I’m going to buy a used D700 now or as soon as the price starts to drop or the market starts to flood and then a year of two from now when all the dust has settled, I will buy the D800.


  • So Admin is saying that there’s a possibility of only a low end DSLR around 8 Sept, and there’s also a possibility of 2 DSLRs? 😀

    • It’s possible, but I have info only for one DSLR.

      • Thanks 🙂
        For all we know, it could just be the D3200 like what you mentioned.

      • Admin—

        I speculated in the other thread that up to now everyone seems to have (surprisingly) overlooked the D3x refresh, aka D3xs. Is there any chance this is one of the DSLRs mentioned? If so, how high of a chance do we have of this happening?

        • FM2Fan

          an upgrade option for the D3x would be great – more cache, newer firmware – the camera hardware will last for at last another 5 years – the software should become subject to proper lifecycle i.e. improvements, extentions … the new collpix models show clearly the software being in focus

        • PHB

          The D3xs would almost certainly be the D4.

          We might see the D3s continue as a D700s for the people who want highest ISO capability. But I can’t see there being a new D3 body.

          It is going to be much cheaper for Nikon to consolidate on one body frame as with the D3s/D3x rather than have a D4 based on one set of technology and a D3? based on the earlier generation. The flagship cameras are low enough volume as it is.

        • The only problem with a new D3sx is that there will not be a new D4 for at least another 18 moths which makes it less plausible.

          • Jabs


            Then, do you see Nikon as merely releasing the D4 series before or after the 2012 London Olympics, as we are already in August 2011, the eight month of the year.

            Are you maybe saying that because of this being August 2011 and the upcoming 2012 Olympics is not that far away, the idea of Nikon releasing a D3Xs is not plausible?

            8-2011 = now or today

            18 months later would be one year and six months later than August 2011 or February 2013?

            • I think the D4 will be announced before the 2012 London Olympics.

            • Jabs

              Thanks – thought so

              Keep up the good work my friend.

              We really appreciate your efforts here and also your outlook on things as in not trying to be some vain superstar here – lol.

  • Ok, so I have a question for everyone. Hypothetically, if Nikon released all of its new full frame models and the D400 on the same day, is everyone going to pull the credit card trigger and order right away? Or is anyone going to wait for some reviews and maybe some DXOmark sensor information before deciding on what to buy?

    If you are waiting for reviews, what reviews are you going to wait for? Ken Rockwell? DXOmark? something else???

    • PHB

      It is highly unlikely that there will be immediate delivery.

      If you order through Amazon as soon as the announcement is made you will still be able to read the dpreview before it ships.

      But even without that, Nikon are almost as reliable as Apple when it comes to new gear. Try thinking of what the worst computer Apple made in the past 5 years. Other than the macbook air hinge issue, I can’t think of them even having so much as a significant design defect.

      Now try thinking of a bad Nikon DSLR.

      How about a Nikon lens? Their biggest disappointment I can think of is the 50mm AFS f/1.2 which is not much of a disappointment. There are a few budget lenses that are less good than their pro versions. But even then the 18-55 and 55-200 are ridiculously good for the size and the weight at any money.

      • Jabs

        Apple and Nikon are NOT alike

        Apple = more like Sony

        Nikon more like IBM, not Lenovo now!

        Bad Macs – 27inch iMacs with bad boards, bad Nvidia chips forcing Apple to switch to AMD-ATI chips in perhaps all of their computers.
        Bad screens on both MacBooks or was that MacBook Pros, almost everything made with Nvidia older chips overheated and same thing affected the PC world.

        50mm F1.2 AIS is a great lens but few know how to use it properly, same with Canon’s old 50mm F1.0 and their slower replacement of this from customer complaints = operator error or their own bad/unrealistic expectations when ONLY part of a face is in focus, for example. Don’t buy a low F-stop lens for bragging rights but buy it because you actually KNOW what its’ real purpose is – same as a Micro-Nikkor lens = specialized.

        The problem is photographers who DO NOT know how to shoot with any low F-stop lenses and autofocus systems that cannot deal with so shallow a depth of field.

        Try a rare 58 F1.2 NOCT AIS, as it was optimized for mainly wide open shooting and like a Micro-Nikkor, it does its’ intended job very well.

        Shot one too and an amazing lens with the RIGHT subject.

      • Jabs

        50mm F1.2AF does not exist, so how can that be a REAL disappointment.

        Do you know how to shoot one and does Nikon have an AF system that can reliably focus that?

    • Jabs

      They are going to complain even more and then say – WHERE is my 50megapixel, 25 frames per second FF body and the ultra low light F .05 12 to 400mm ED-IF -AF VR4 carbon fiber, titanium barrel 52mm filter size LENS that has zero distortion and fits in their pocket and on and on.

      Then when they get that, they will still ask for the F – 0045 (minus or less than F 0) 2 to 600mm ED-IF-AF VR100 holographic thought controlled lens attached to their brain that runs by brain impulses and then they get drunk with their credit cards and the camera shuts down and later they wake up in Rehab and say – NEVER mind, I dreamt and now woke up to a REAL credit card bill of $150, 000 for their drunken stupor and the property damage they caused.

      Their defense now – WHAT, me! – I don’t remember – the camera did it – so they look up their brain and throw away the keys and the idiot plays the blame game with themselves and not realize that they and their brain are one, as they put in the artificial Firmware update and ‘brick’ the moron = poetic justice for unreal expectations.

      BACK to the hollowdeck or Hollywood deck for a reboot now.

      Jailbroken and in JAIL too, plus broke and in debt plus clueless – lol

      Replacement brain therapy.

      Can we get an ***AMEN*** – what’s that says the dimwit???

      • Jabs

        Sorry – should have been something else:

        ‘so they look up their brain’

        MEANT –
        so they LOCK up their brain

    • My reason for posing this question about immediately buying a new model was based on the fact that less gear is manufactured in Japan anymore since the natural disasters in the last year that have forced some production off shore to (i think) Malaysia.

      So, can I assume that because Nikon is overseeing things that everyone is comfortable with product made in a new facility? No concerns for working out QC issues in the first round of gear? Countries other than Japan might not be as QC disciplined as Japan due to mostly cultural differences. Or that’s my theory anyway.

      This question interests me as I just purchased a new 70-200 2.8 VRII that has not arrived yet and I suspect it will have been manufactured outside of Japan. I assume that pre Tsunami version of this lens was a Japan produced product.


      • Jabs


        OK – now I better understand the motives of your question but since I do not know where Nikon is producing anything now, then like you – I just have to wait and see. It definitely will be ‘tricky’ for Nikon or any other Japanese Manufacturer to handle moving production to another country and then maintain the perception of equal quality, so I prefer to just wait and see, as I often buy gear to use it and not really concerned about resale value often, thus different perspective.

        Cameras are now becoming boutique items bought by speculators as opposed to real users and thus people are like E-Bay people or addicts often looking to make a quick buck via watching trends/inflated needs or desires and thus I don’t care what they do there. I am too busy using equipment to wonder about that!

    • Jabs


      To answer your original question from my perspective.

      I would evaluate the equipment myself, then the files from it, then decide what to purchase and then wait a few months to see how deliveries or glitches in production go.

      I use DX0 Labs for Scientific analysis and an objective view to me, but my needs are what I pursue and not other’s goals, as independent thinker and not follower of the herd often.

      I would be more inclined towards a D4 with 18meg and video of either 1080 or even 2K video with RAW video output, but all of my decisions are generally made based upon HOW much money it can potentially make for me and what new and important features this new camera brings to the table, hence serious long time evaluator. I really do not place much faith in the vast majority of hype or even reviews on the web, as most of them do not know how to properly shoot EVEN a simple Nikon L22, much less an advanced FF Nikon.

      I just about never pull the trigger immediately, as not interested in the bragging rights but more interested in serving my varied needs with this gear. Gear in NOT ‘bling’ to me, but a tool to do a job and things that make my job easier and/or even better are always welcomed especially if they have REAL breakthroughs in performance or flexibility.

  • Nice mysterious quote. I feel in the wind the pressure we made in our posts, take effect on Nikon announcements…

  • Pierre

    There is no end to patience; we’re still waiting for the return of Jesus…
    Sounds like Nikon have no incentive to release new pro body. After-all, they dominate the market and have something for everyone as the say themselves. Maybe they are waiting for the competition do so some moves first. If they are selling D300s, D700 and D3s faster than they can produce them, why bring new models?

    In 2001, I bought the newly release Honda GL1800 motorcycle. Apparently, this model was ready for production and the market almost 10 years prior to its release, which happened a few months after BMW released the first serious competitor of their aging Honda GL1500 model.

  • NikoDoby

    To paraphrase the “great” Rumsfield again,

    “You go take pictures with the cameras you have. Not the ones you want or wish to have!”


  • chuck

    There will be for certain a D3s, D300s and D700 replacement, no question, no ifs, no buts. Of course the question is when and how much, and what will their specs be, ROFL.. duh

    Get a life go out and shoot with your D3s, D300s and D700, don’t worry be happy, go give your spouse a hug or better 😉

  • Charlie Martin

    I’m waiting for the D400. I don’t need high ISO. All my photography is done outdoors in daytime in both sunshine and clouds. Excellent IQ is far more important to me than high ISO.

    • rogger

      There’s a 300 / 300s waiting for you there… 😉

  • Jerry Voss

    Donald Rumsfeld, along with Dickless Cheney and of course brainless G.W. should be facing war crimes for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of lives in a senseless war that they lied their way into.

    • mshi
    • You weren’t trying to sound inflammatory were you? Kind of like a troll…

    • JonMcG

      Idiot remark… Take your political nonsense elsewhere…

      • rogger


    • Art

      What does that have to do with the quote? Assuming you are correct (or incorrect) neither makes his statement any more true or untrue.

    • Guys, political discussions will make me close this thread. I just used the quote, nothing else. We are not discussing Donald Rumsfeld here, there are plenty of online forums where you can do this. I will be deleting all “political” comments.

  • Too late. Been waiting for 10 years for Nikon to upgrade my 80-400 due to its slow screw type auto focus for sports. When I heard the rumor several months ago that Sony would be introducing the A77, I went and bought Sony’s highly rated 70-400. I also bought an A580 which I will use as backup. Don’t really care too much anymore what Nikon will be introducing. I do shoot with a couple D7000’s but their already attached to Sigmas 8-16 and 17-70 OS, both great lenses. The point is that Nikon’s competitors are becoming more innovative at introducing bodies and lenses that interest serious amateurs. Nikon seems to be going after only the entry level and professional.

    • “Nikon seems to be going after only the entry level and professional.”

      For which I, for one, am grateful. You can’t be everything to everyone. If the impatient undiscerning consumer gets lost in the shuffle, so be it.

      Feature-packed != Innovative. This is one of the biggest myths plaguing the world.

      • JorPet

        Got to agree.

        Simply upgrading the camera body will get a few more years out of the 80-400 no problem. It focus fast on the D700 and on a D3 at pretty much the same speed as the 70-200. A lot easier to get a camera that can drive the lens than swapping out all of the bodies and lenses I have.

        • Fully agree my 80-400 is amazingly fast on my D700 especially when using the focus limiter, on the D200 it was unusable.

      • Dr SCSI


  • This c0ncept (known knowns, etc.) did not originate with Rumsfeld; it is known as the Johari window. But that’s less important right now than figuring out when the D400 is coming!

  • john

    As bad as I want/will buy the next pro dlsr, how funny would it be if they release another low end dslr. Maybe give it good video so I don’t have to constantly read how nikon cant keep up with the mkxxx <–(don't give an f about canon cameras)

  • Acutia

    Not sure of the credibility of quoting a war criminal.

    • Jake

      Just stop.
      Nikonrumors =/= your political blog.

  • CKbren

    I remember a post about Joe Mcnally being excited about shooting something for Nikon.

    Specifically, he said it was going to be something used in the Fall.

    Now personally, i dont consider August to be Fall, and i certainly wouldnt consider his 9/11 thing something he could throw together in 2 or 3 weeks.

    Would Joe be shooting with the mirrorless? Possibly. But why not pass it along to Bob Krist?

    I have a strong feeling that the D4 is around the corner with a D700s-like camera being issued at the same time to kill off the d3s.

  • asdf

    you have the unknown unknown part wrong, they are still known unknowns because the concept of lens release is already in your mind. the concept lens is already known, the unknown is if any lenses will be released. an unknown unknown will be something like nikon announces they will be releasing a 4×5 view cam. but by telling you about the viewcam, it becomes a known unknown.

  • asdf

    oh there is a huge amount of academic literature on this kind of topic from a variety of fields, if anyone is interested.

  • KnightPhoto

    I really don’t get why NR changed his tune on what cameras are coming next. Just because the DSLRs announcement didn’t happen on August 24th why does the next expected DSLR offering suddenly have to change from a D4/D800 announcement to a D3200 ;-(

    • JonMcG

      I believe because some of the former “reputable” leaks such as 2 FF cameras in August, etc have fallen by the wayside and new rumors/leaks are indicating a new DSLR “update” but nothing to get too excited about. Hense… D3200.. 🙂

  • JonMcG

    I sure hope Nikon has a surprise ready to go and will get us out a D700s or D800. Anxious to buy a FF camera and can’t sink 3-4 years worth of a body investment into something that’s 3-4 years old. 🙁

    • BartyL

      The D700 you buy today will still be capable of producing great images in 3 – 4 years time. That’s 3 – 4 years of improving your photography while you save for the D900.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. (or +1)

  • Jonny Fay

    That Zoltar image just made my night. Good one.

    Admin – you mentioned in this post and in the comments that you only have information for one release. By that, do you mean that you have information that “one” DSLR will be released, or you have information on one “specific” DSLR that may be getting released? It sounds like you’re alluding to having specific information on a D3200, though I’m tired, and could be misinterpreting.

    • I have info only about a DSLR related announcement that will probably bring a camera different than the D700 and D3s replacement. There may be a second camera announced on the same date, I just don’t know about it.

  • esa

    Very up to the minute report, incredibly accurate specs on the new D800.

    • Art

      This is what Ken Rockwell thinks is coming. He doesn’t say it came from any leak but it appears it is simply his guess as to what is coming. Unless Rockwell says he has an inside source, I’d not trust it any more than any other guess by any of the other professionals here.

      • Georg

        Ken Rockwell professional? LOL!

        • Art

          I use the term loosely. 😉 He gets paid for his work so that would qualify him as a professional. Just because someone gets paid for their work, does not make any value judgements on the quality of their work. Professionals can do a better job or a worse job than a hobbyist or even the average person off the street. The only difference is that they are paid.

          • Funny, I was thinking about this yesterday: we’ve come to associate a level of performance with the word ‘professional’ as if it were an indication of quality.

            ‘Professional grade’ is what most people think of when they hear the word professional, when in reality Art is 100% correct—the definition merely indicates a paid status.

            Incidentally, we also use the word ‘Amateur’ in a derogatory manner, when the latin meaning of the word is ‘Lover.’

            Amateur = Lover
            Professional = Paid
            Me = Both (hopefully) 🙂

            • Jabs

              Amateur = normal folks in normal relationships as in MARRIED and having intercourse with their wife, only.

              Professional = having sexual intercourse with a hooker outside of the environment of marriage.

              Amateur thus meant you make love to your wife and are happy plus moral

              Professional then meant the status of the woman = paid to service unhappy or married men and thus harlot or whore.

  • Ben Brickwall

    Regardless of the origin of the quote, if taken in isolation, and re-inserted into any context you see applicable, you’ll find it’s a useful quote and provides insight into our own epistemological nightmares in this universe, or any other.

    So get over it.

  • Gawd, that quote makes me want to take over some third world country for some reason.

    • Jake

      I hate the political crap, but this made me laugh harder than it should have.

  • Q

    Most likely is a DSLR with the same sensor as the brand new sony A77. A D7100 or a D400/D300x.

    • FM2Fan

      but at which price? and what will be the head to head comparison of the cameras – the Sony priving for a77 is very aggressive – with proper 1.4 primes this is a real threat to Nikon and Canon

  • nikoncert

    I shoot slides on an F5 and want to purchase a D3s or D700 but it seems like a pretty bad idea considering they will lose a large portion of their value as soon as the updates come out. I hate the position I’m in. Maybe I’ll just stick to film.

    • BartyL

      Any new item loses some fraction of its monetary value pretty much the moment you pay for it. Cars, washing machines, cameras, you name it. Unlike cars and washing machines, well used examples of the D700 continue to sell for around 2/3+ of their new price on eBay. When the replacement comes out, it will likely cost more than the D700 does right now, and used D700s will continue to command a more-than-fair second hand price.

      This all assumes that the monetary value is the primary consideration. Remember you are purchasing a tool for a purpose. The car will continue to serve as transport, the washing machine to clean your clothes, and the D700 will continue to allow you to capture fantastic images well after you’ve stopped caring about the price.

      If you want to invest, buy gold. If you want to take photographs, buy a camera.

      • Patrick


    • Jabs


      It depends on what you value

      Your photos or your equipment

      IF ou value your photos or images, then you buy the best tool in spite of or despite the hype and residual value or even the loss of monetary value.

      If you value your money and resale values, then play the stock market or buy GOLD.


      Perspectives bud – are you a photographer or an equipment collector who sits and worships gear or one who uses it to make a living?

  • pulu

    i don’t see how you can claim to tell us what the unknown unknowns are. if they are unknown unknowns, how can you know them?

    • Jabs


      It is called double-speak or talking LOUD and saying ‘nothing = crap talkers.

  • nikoncert
    • FM2Fan

      nonsense 16K iso is far beyond everything we can use now – compare it to 1600 ISO on a D3x – then you might say: a factor of ten achieved at some compromise – if you need the shot you’ll press the button

      • Jake

        You’re a tool. The D3X can boost to ISO 6400 with less noise than this, and it’s a 3 year old camera. The D3s can go to a very clean ISO 12800 WITHOUT boost, and is still cleaner than this at 102400. Get with the program.

    • Jabs

      OUCH – that’s awful

      Time marches backwards for this over-hyped camera perhaps

      No wonder they hyped it for so long.

      Can we sell them a D3100 or a D5100 for less money?

  • Kingyo

    sorry OT but lol at this noise performance.

    ^^Eeeww gross!!! was that photo taken with an iphone 3G ?? or a Sony Mavica? 😀

  • nikoncert

    Cutting Edge Sony Tech

  • derflo

    Yesterday an invitation for a nikon event on september 21 was in my mail… the whole thing is very mysterious , as it only promises exiting news…

  • Nothing of all

    No new information – but I think, Nikon DSLR like Sony SLT-Model are the next new offer!

  • Tony

    My known unknown is you know that there will be DSLR relate on Sep 8. lol

  • GearGal

    Re: the quote by Rumsfeld… Check out “Johari’s Window”.

    • BornOptimist

      Please, let Rumsfeld have something to be remembered for…

  • Jeff

    All month I was looking forward to a new DSLR announcement from Nikon but they disappointed again. There is absolutely no guidance and forsight from this company for people who use their products everyday and have to make procurement plans. My guess is that we will first see an Apple iphone 5 and ipad 3 before we see a new FX DSLR from Nikon. Just think both the iphone and ipad did not even exist when Nikon released its last FX camera!

  • Robert Falconer

    So lemmie get this straight: The D3 and D700 are suddenly incapable of delivering excellent images because everyone here is impatient for a bigger, better deal?


    I wonder if Joe McNally is losing clients, money or patience because his equipment has suddenly failed to deliver the goods?

    We are such an A.D.D. society nowadays.

    • FM2Fan

      +1 the current line up is great and we should consider ourselfs being in a comfortable position: just think of the great lens that became available in the last 3 years … in combination with D700, D3x, D3s, D7000 – very versatile, robust, good

    • jake

      True, but the technology obviously exists to make better cameras, as demonstrated by plenty of companies out there today. People just don’t want technology that is four years old at this point. And not everyone has a D3X or D300s, or wants to upgrade to something so dated at such a high price point. If they don’t plan on delivering any updates, they should at least lower prices to something closer to what the cameras are actually worth.

      • nikoncert


      • Jabs


        The artificial lowering of prices and ‘commoditizing’ of gear to a price point is exactly WHY we have the 5D MK2 and this A77.

        This camera makes a 5D MK2 look like sheer genius while the A77 so far makes us all look like sheer idiots or victims of our own desires gone amok or askew = be careful what you wish for as when you do GET it, it might do what to you?

        Suckers are always looking for something for NOTHING and then when somebody gives them that – they complain = idiots.

        YOU asked for it.

  • Peter

    NR Admin. Would love to see some of your stats on the number of posters to these various postings. The thing that amuses me most are the ones that pop up for a comment or two, and that’s it. There seem to be more and more new people lamenting that lack of the top end stuff. Hello! There was a category 9 earthquake in Japan! Coolpix is where the cash comes from for R&D for the pro DSLRs. If you have a D3s, D3x, hell, a D2H and you can’t make money with that you are in the wrong profession! The Sony A77 should make us all take notice. The D4 (or whatever) is going to satisfy for years! Are that many of you actually sitting around with $10,000.00 burning a hole in your pocket? In Millennium Man, Robin Williams character was lamenting what sex must be like. “…you go to heaven and then come back. …and can return whenever you want.” NIKON is just engaged in photo foreplay, enjoy the “ride.”

    • I do not have such detailed stats but I can tell you that on August 24th the site had over 100k unique visitors.

      • preston

        Congrats Peter and thanks for your tireless enthusiasm and optimism while keeping it real at the same time (unlike the mirrorlessrumors guy posting Nikon’s mirrorless was going to be for PRO’s right after you said it was going to be called Coolpix Pro)!

        You should have posted a giant picture of your face on the 24th – you’d be famous now!

    • Robert Falconer


      True photographers photograph. The rest analyze equipment ad infinitum.

  • I saw a 32 mp D4 in my dreams this night 😉

    • You’re lucky, because in tonight’s dream I saw how I killed one man throwing him from high altitude at the construction site and was trying to cover vestiges of a crime.


  • WildCottage

    D400 and a new 80-400 that’s what I’m waiting for.

    Sounds more likely from the latest comments. The current 80-400 on my D200 is very poor in terms of focussing speed, especially in low light, and at the 400 end is not sharp anyway.

    Roll on Nikon!

    • Dr SCSI

      Try getting the 70-200 VR II, plus a TC1.4, much better IQ

  • shane

    D4 & D800 announcment b4 the London Olympics I bet otherwords first quarter of 2012 I bet u….

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