Two more Nikon announcements in September

There were many Nikon press events all over the world today and I was able to gather some new information. There will probably be two more Nikon announcements in September. There must be a reason why some Nikon employees vacation was blocked for the end of August. The first one will be DSLR related and will probably be in the first week of September. This may not be a new product but rather a refresh of an existing model. The second one will be for the new mirrorless camera (with 4 lenses). I was told that those mirrorless camera mockups are a very close to the real thing. No word on new DSLR lenses.

For now set your expectations low and remember: no leaks = no announcement, and I don't care what happened with the 40mm macro lens.

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  • John

    I might just spring for an updated D700s – IF it had a much less aggressive AA filter, quieter shutter, and dual card slots and decent video and the DR of the D3s. If not I’ll continue on with my D700 . . .

    • It could also be the upcoming D3200 …

    • Nathan

      And if it has 100% viewfinder. 😉

    • Foolishcfo

      I’m wondering what an updated D700 would look like. Its hard to get excited about Nikon these days since all they want to be is a Coolpix company. Imagine the SLR’s they could produce if they put the same effort in SLR’s that they do for point and shoots. Today’s announcements were very disappointing.

      • Al dudorino

        Disappointing? common
        Coolpix cams are the money makers
        not exiting, yes, but it pays the bills
        (of the SLR cams and lenses developers..)

      • Robert Falconer

        I’m wondering what an updated D700 would look like. Its hard to get excited about Nikon these days since all they want to be is a Coolpix company. Imagine the SLR’s they could produce if they put the same effort in SLR’s that they do for point and shoots. Today’s announcements were very disappointing.

        Nikon is most definitely not a “Coolpix company.” In fact, they are the last manufacturer I would personally consider when shopping for a point & shoot.

        What Nikon does well is professional and prosumer SLRs; always have, probably always will. But they are also the most conservative of the major Japanese manufacturers; typically taking their time to get a product just right before releasing it.

        This is nothing new: Back in the ’80s when Canon released the first EOS series cameras like the 650, yes, they were game changers. Nikon hung back and then released the N8008—a vastly superior camera, just as the F90x was superior to the Canon Elan in every way that mattered. Eye-controlled focus? Yeah, pretty much useless to most photographers. Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash? Now that’s something a photographer worth their salt can really use. Just ask Joe McNally; he’s been making a good living exploiting that technology ever since.

        Bottom line: I wouldn’t get all hung up on the lack of DSLR news right now. I have it on good authority that what’s in the pipeline won’t disappoint. Not real photographers, that is.

        • Jabs

          Yup – exactly

          F3, F4s, F5

          -versus- F1n and then the EOS lineup and previously the AE-1 and others.

        • Foolishcfo

          Don’t confuse conservative with having a smaller R&D budget than Canon or Sony. I don’t disagree that Nikon has always released superior Pro-SLRs. Unfortunately technology moves so fast these days it seems that Nikon is having trouble keeping up. As for their Coolpix line, they most definitely are a Coolpix company as the number of offerings in this line the past few years attests.

          • Jabs

            Apparently it is NOT the size of your R&D budget that counts but more like the quality of the results that count.

            Nikon beats them all (Sony and Canon) though smaller or we would not have the outrageous D3X or sublime and unmatched D3s.

            Even the older D3 and D700 is still superb compared to the majority of the current DSLR’s including what was released today by others.

            New D5100 and D7000 are also superb and selling very well.

            Brains over volume of cohorts = genius -vs- herd mentality

            CoolPix cameras are volume cameras catering to regular people or people looking for a small and light camera for fuss-free shooting without all the bells and whistles or even distractions = mainstream shooters who often don’t care as in – HAVE a life.

            I use one in my Business along with more expensive gear and thus not concerned what people think, as its’ about getting the JOB done and not about trying to look pretty or satisfy YOUR ego, as it’s only a camera and not an earth shaking event or item.

            Elitists are usually clueless as they watch their backs too much to see who is watching them and then they run into a light pole and ‘hurt’ themselves – LOL – you use a camera to do something and it is NOT an accessory to pick up women nor look important or become smug with.

          • Robert Falconer

            Don’t confuse conservative with having a smaller R&D budget than Canon or Sony. I don’t disagree that Nikon has always released superior Pro-SLRs. Unfortunately technology moves so fast these days it seems that Nikon is having trouble keeping up. As for their Coolpix line, they most definitely are a Coolpix company as the number of offerings in this line the past few years attests.

            I’m not confusing anything. Nikon conservatism is just the way it’s always been. Even back in the ’70s when Canon and Nikon had about the same 5 to 10 year product life-cycle with 35mm SLRs (depending on the model). Canon went all-electronic with the AE-1 in 1976, while Nikon maintained a more measured, traditional mechanical design with electronic augments only where deemed an improvement to actual photography (the FE in 1977). The reason? Pros weren’t yet sold on all-electronic designs, and Nikon — knowing their customers — understood this. So Nikon has always been more conservative, even when the two companies were closer in size.

            Nikon understands its professional and prosumer user base better than any other camera maker on the planet, because they’ve had a half-century to study it. A lot more time than modern armchair analysts.

            I certainly don’t see evidence of Nikon having any troubles “keeping up” with their DSLR lineup (the Japan earthquake obviously threw a bit of a wrench in things), nor do I think they’re too worried about it. History tells us that they’re following their own itinerary. NIkon’s ‘D’ series pro cameras have followed a 4-year release schedule since the D1 was announced in 1999. Recall that the D2H was announced in July 2003; and the D3 in August 2007. That puts a D4 announcement on schedule for sometime in the next couple of months.

            Plenty good enough IMHO, but then again, I’m no armchair analyst. 😉

            • Robert—

              I want to shake your hand, be your friend, and hear more about your “good authority” you mentioned in your previous post.

              Nikon has their way of doing things, and the key to their success has been and will continue to be “slow and steady wins the race.”

              Indeed, look at Canon. Nikon seems to be the leash that holds them back lately from floating off into never-never land; from which they never shall return, that is.

              Meanwhile, Canon is also facing up against Sony, the new show off in town, and they don’t seem so bent on going full steam into the mouth of the megapixel giant.

            • D200Forever

              + Many

            • distanted

              I am…nostalgic.

            • > Nikon understands its professional and prosumer user base better than any other camera maker on the planet, because they’ve had a half-century to study it.

              Yes and no. Nikon’s long pro cycles (8 years in film, 4 years in digital) do them a big disservice when they completely miss the pro target. They’ve done that a few times. The F5 was a miss. The D2h/D2x were misses. Some say the F4 was even a miss. Each time Nikon misreads the pro market, they lose significant market share to Canon. When they correct, they gain it. Thus, I don’t quite see Nikon’s pro side being as infallible as you do.

              On the other hand, they’ve only really had one real failure in the high consumer, low pro market since the N8008s, which is an incredible run. And even that failure–the oddball N70–was tempered by the fact that the N90s was in the lineup. The D300s/D700 camera is the one they’ve never really missed on. Which is one reason why the D700 followup is so important.

            • Jabs


              Since I owned and used all the time just about all the ‘regular’ F3 series released and the F4 with every battery pack, then I choose to differ.

              My Kit then:
              F3HP with DE-3 head (standard head) – DE2 head (old F3 head as in more compact), 4X Mag head, Action Head (awesome), Waist level finder, every focusing screen except maybe 1 – as even had the H and others with their varieties plus weird ones like T, as shot things for video and needed to know precisely what the overscan area was. Every filter made by Nikon is sizes for every lens.

              F3Tc or ‘chrome finish Titanium with the natural titanium finish

              F3 AF with DX-1 head, 80mm F2.8, 200 F3.5 ED-IF AF and TC-16 AF

              F4, then bought two more battery packs to make it an F4s and an F4 something – forgot. Maybe MB-23 and others.

              FAb (black) with MD-15 and several focusing screens

              Used all MD’s for F3 series, as in each camera had a MD-4 and an MN-2 battery plus maybe one or two spares, two chargers, two MK-1 vertical shooters at the bottom of the camera, MF-6B and MF-18 backs, AS-7 adapter to use regular Nikon flashes or other brands like Braun or so – several electronic releases and such. I simply mixed and matched heads and accessories from each F3 body or series to make the camera that I wanted or needed then. Try that with any other brand!

              Amateur bodies
              N2020 AF
              N4004 AF

              Lenses from 24 to 500mm – all Nikon including zooms, macros and specialized Nikkors

              Loupes, tripods, monopods, Lightbox and all the other good stuff.

              I never saw Nikon as missing much then or even now –
              What I saw was Nikon miscalculating or unable to react quickly when digital came out, so they let Fuji and Kodak help them out – when digital first came into prominence and also when Canon went to their EOS lens mount – that shook things up a bit.

              Over the years of use and trying other gear NO ONE has been as consistent as Nikon to me and NO one has ‘outshot’ them, except when digital started and Canon HAD an advantage with their 16meg FF and then 21meg FF bodies which they lost with the release of the D3 series and have not regained that now.

              My problem with the F4 was only the slower framing rate compared to the F3 MD4-MN2 combo that did 8fps versus the F4s 5.7 fps, if I remember right. The camera was great and took great exposures but was wider than an F3 series.

              Never used the F5, as some say it was a bridge between film and digital or even too late to the market, but I intend to buy one soon and see for myself how it works, as not interested in an F6, due to no removable heads. I have not seen one Manufacturer of film or digital cameras dedicated to their craft like Nikon PLUS with results and not phony pretentious claims = awesome and thus tangible results. D2H was for high speed and journalist loved it, as they need a few megapixels for newspapers – saw and used one maybe 2 years ago while a journalist was shooting and I asked him for a look plus shoot and loved it. Tried two of the top of the line Canon’s from a journalist – the 21 meg body and the cropped body before the Mk4 and hated them both (missed focus issues or hunting) and even the journalist hated them, as they missed focus and were slippery to grasp and use, but his company chose that and he was stuck with it for work.

              Nikon has made more innovations in just the F3 series alone, than the majority of companies out there doing things for 10 or more years = facts. Easy to talk when one does NOT own gear and expect ideal things BUT I use them and in weird situations too and nobody even gets it, but Nikon. You can’t do with any camera or brand on the market what you could have done years ago with an F3 or F4 series and not to mention a D3 series today = reality to me, though an expensive reality – LOL

            • @jabs: not really responsive to my post.

              My point about pro cameras was: F, F2, F3, F4*, D1, D3 were all regarded by pros as solid pushes forward (with a few disliking the F4 because they felt it’s AF system was sub-standard). The F5 and D2 series were not well received by pros, and in both cases, the pro market share shifted significantly to Canon with those missteps. In the case of the D2h, it resulted in management shuffles and early retirements. That was my point. I don’t see where your comments about an F3 or F4 justify the “I choose to differ” statement you make. You’ve not actually presented any contrary evidence to what I stated.

              As for ” What I saw was Nikon miscalculating or unable to react quickly when digital came out, so they let Fuji and Kodak help them out – when digital first came into prominence…”. This seems a bit of a restatement of history to me. Nikon was at the forefront of digital (as were Sony and Minolta, though many forget that), working up quite a few prototypes along the way. Nikon started their sensor design group in 1988 if I’m not mistaken. When I was in Japan in 1994 I was shown digital systems cameras they were working on. The issue with large sensor system cameras was for a long time the very high cost of the sensor. It simply wasn’t in the proper price range for a Nikon-branded product. Kodak and Fujifilm chose to sample the market for the right reasons, but neither really pulled the trigger to commit to mass market cameras. It was really Nikon with the D1 in 1999 that showed the first truly, from ground up, dedicated system camera at mass market prices and availability. I don’t see that as a failure at all. Canon was actually the company that was caught off guard.

              and also when Canon went to their EOS lens mount – that shook things up a bit.”

            • Nikon’s biggest challenge is certainly NOT the speed at which they move, the cameras they release, or the resolution of their digital bodies.

              The first and most prominent challenge they face is the marketing arm of Canon whose sole aim is to exploit hype around their products and the associated specs to the nth degree. Nikon doesn’t really make bad cameras, for the most part. Certainly just about any camera they produce is “good enough,” and some are really something spectacular.

              Canon had the high-ISO/low-noise edge with the 5D and 1D series that was out at the time of the D2x—but it came at a HUGE cost in a few critical areas. Unfortunately, many photographers—even higher end pros—didn’t have the critical eye to look past the lack of apparent noise. These problems included:

              – Significant softening at the edges on their full frame sensors
              – VERY heavy-handed luminance NR vs. Nikons more passive chrominance NR (resulting in the classic Canon “smearing” look)
              – Low ISO (e.g. 100ISO shadow and midtone noise and banding

              What did Canon do to keep those items from the front of photographers’ minds? They hyped up the “low-noise” aspect and pushed it hard. It was the diversion they needed—any time any of my colleagues would compare their camera to mine, they’d crank it to 1600 or 3200ISO, take a snap, then show me how noise free the images were. Indeed they were, but when one took time to look more closely at this and other factors, the Canon fell flat.

              The D2x is a VERY capable camera, especially for its time. Nikon is conservative, and would rather show it than say it. The crap they catch in the market from loudmouths like Canon only makes them better. Just look at the FF D3 release. Smoked em.

            • Jabs


              Perhaps you forgot a thing or two.

              Let me perhaps refresh your fading memory with this tim-eline:


              Earth to YOU:
              I was there when all this occurred, as in using Nikon’s – following Herb Keppler on Modern Photography, Popular Photography, Outdoor Photography and such Magazines back in the day.

              Lived in New York City too and went to Adorama, B and H, 47th Street Photo myself to look at and purchase gear from the Hasidic Jews there = I don’t need to be told what I already know.

            • Jabs

              Do you see the Fuji and Kodak names on those first Nikon’s?

              Do you see who built those cameras until Nikon released the D1?

            • Jabs

              You know what is weird or even surreal to me here:
              I used to read articles back in the days about what Thom Hogan used to shoot and how he did lots of things. This was an inspiration to me personally, though I had my own way then just like I do now. The Internet has become in some cases, a place where you can accurately recollect things of the past or you can even ‘create or manipulate’ the reality of the past and now take on a revisionist take on this devoid of much facts.

              I find that sad and troubling as many people tell you what occurred via ‘web reports’ while perhaps expecting no one to remember or recollect the seemingly lost information. You would read and learn much in most of the magazines then via fantastic photos and then from the breakdown or explanation of their techniques, you would learn much and advance as a photographer.

              Thus, I publicly thank Thom for all his contributions to the advancing of photography and inspiring many to be photographers as well as advancing their craft.

              I have a great memory and lots of travel experience plus shooting all over the place has broadened my scope, thus different because of those. I don’t hate people but I prefer to help people adjust their own reality at times, by pointing to facts that I often saw or experienced personally and thus sometimes I might seem like a walking encyclopedia (or idiot trivia guy -lol) of things from the past, but I actually respect the past and continue into the present, so perhaps best of both worlds (film and digital). Having subscribed to so many magazines and then getting rid of them in the 90’s due to having too many of the issues in my home library, I now wish that I had them to show you all here – lol.

              They were priceless relics of the past and the prices of gear would really surprise many here plus the Nikon brochures were so informative as we did not have the Internet then, so advertising was different from now. A generation before me, inspired me with stories of them shooting in the wars with Nikon F’s and their first encounters with Leica’s and then I tried the very equipment that they shot with and hated most of it, so I purchased a Nikon F3 and left the past to the past.

              Advancing photography to me, often means learning the thrust and the work ethic of those before you, but since the past IS the past, then you often cannot redo those same things even when you can buy a used version of gear to experience some of the past, but the era does not exist anymore, so nothing to go on but the gear. I started with an electronic camera because my background in Engineering caused me to see the unique benefits of it over the more highly praised F and F2 or even FM/FM2 series then, BUT when I tried the gear myself, I was struck by how antique it was and thus I left them all alone and started with the best of the current gear then that had been recently introduced.

              This reminds me of what digital shooters here probably are experiencing when they take up an old film camera and look at it compared to their new cameras. ‘YOU used that?’ = often comes across and thus I too laugh. The lessons of photography are perhaps more important than the gear and often outlive the era that the gear was used or released in. Learn photography is my recommendation, as one day, they will either ask you what was used in 2011 or you will wonder what happened to your D40X or D2X and why it no longer is the cool tool that you thought it was when you bought it.

              Sorry for the length of this, but just a reflection on the state of photography from generation to generation. OK, let’s go shoot some film, chromes or some digital shots and advance our craft while we wait on newer and newer gear and then not benefit or learn much from anything except how to hoard and talk all day.

              BACK to reality!

        • Sky

          “In fact, they are the last manufacturer I would personally consider when shopping for a point & shoot. What Nikon does well is professional and prosumer SLRs;” – Yep. 100% agreed with this post and statement.

          Only… geeezz…. stop using “real photographers”. It’s so…. un-humble. 😉

    • Al dudorino

      D700X !!!
      That will be the day..

    • Kingyo

      “I might just spring for an updated D700s – IF it had a much less aggressive AA filter, quieter shutter, and dual card slots and decent video and the DR of the D3s. If not I’ll continue on with my D700 . . .”

      ^^and if it has improved ergonomics! I love my D700, but can stand how many times the battery compartment door slides open while shooting, and the AF selector switch can easily be pushed into ‘Continuous Focus’ mode from Single Focus as well. Other than that..great camera..just wish it had a video mode like the newer slrs.

      • 120-300 os

        Batterycompartmentdoor i still love de door on my old D200 and yes Nikon put it back on the next gen Nikons

  • venancio

    respect… that’s the key word nikon is hanging on to, just to give sony the limelight for august… indicating the next nikon dslrs will be using sony sensors… enough time to weigh the options: d700s or 5dm3… i’m in for d700s…

    • NYC_Eng

      I agree with respect to Sony getting first crack of introducing the product, but the D700 replacement will not have the same sensor as the A65 or A77. Based on the presumption Nikon will be using a Sony senor in the D700 replacement, and knowing Nikon lags Sony’s introduction, its going to be awhile. There is no indication Sony is anywhere near releasing their full frame cameras.

  • Todd

    Maybe some day we’ll see the 80-400mm replacement?

    • Kermit

      +1000 !!!!

      • R!

        70/200 F4 ?????

        • mr. d7000

          Yes Yes nikon needs to get on with it.

      • R!

        300 F4 VR ????

    • R!

      50 F 1.2 AFS !!!!!!!!! etc….

  • getanalogue

    Hi Peter, you’re doing a fantastic job as always. think next announcement will be d800 with 24 mpx sensor. Nerw gen d4 + d400 will take a while until sony is happy with their advantage.

    • R!

      Nex7 APSC 24 mpx = D 300 XS 24mpx full hd 9 /12 fps or maybe D 700S or XS or D7100 with articulated screen ?

  • Rich

    or perhaps we are just being stringed along to keep looking for rumours. nothing personal admin…

  • I realy desapointed… No D4 I have buy a 24 1.4 G with the money ^^ New great lense is better than ever new Body 😉 so ^^ see you next Month 😉 Take care ^^ From Swizerland 😉

  • That one Dude

    D800, come at me bro.

  • MJr

    I would rather wait a bit more for a full on D800 than a D700s next month …

  • d700s

    You know how it goes, After sony releases their new lineup, nikon will follow by tweaking the sony sensor, that’s how it goes ever since sony entered the dslr market, they control the game as far as nikon sensors go…im guessing a successor to the d300 will come out soon using the same sensor as the a77 but using nikon imaging processor so most likely better iso performance, ovf not evf etc…successor to the d700 will probably be the old D3x sensor which was probably based off the sony a900 sensor…D4 will probably come out in 2012 after sony releases their new FF lineup… i dont think we should look at it as nikon vs sony, more like sony is a distant relative of nikon and its more like nikon/sony vs canon….the new a77 would be a good partner for my d700, it has monster specs….

    • nyc eng

      I was just looking at the A77 specs, looks impressive.. Does Nikon get all their sensors from Sony? Saw the interview with Sony on sonyalparumors saying fullframes are on their roadmap..

      • Martijn

        i’d love the transculent mirror in a cheap body with a D5100 or D7000 sensor. Digital video SLR will be born. Autofocus with the A77 from sony with video is sick!

        great backup for my D7000 that would be.

        • CeVe

          You mean a like a A55 but with the ergonomics of the A580?

  • Dean

    Doesn’t an announcement leak constitute a leak, therefore there will be an announcement since there is a leak regarding the announcement?

  • jg

    thephoblographer’s take on today’s announcement made me laugh…

    • Foolishcfo

      The link to says it all! Nikon seems lost on the pro SLR’s.

  • Thayguy

    So here it is, my prediction!

    24MP APS-C (1.5crop)
    12-10 FPS
    ISO 100-12,000
    Magnesium Alloy+Weather Seal
    1080p 24,30,60FPS
    39 AF Points

    16-60mm 2.8
    16-85mm F4

    I’m basing this on past releases (the 300 and 300s are two year cycles) and the fact that Sony just released the A77 which competes between the D7000 and 300s.

    • Not American

      Don’t forget 25/50p (not all of us live in NTSC land)

      12800iso too not 12000 🙂

      • 120-300 os

        NTSC Never The Same Color

        • 120-300 os

          and north and south america don´t even know what is teletext

    • Bip

      I’m predicting your prediction will not come true.

      • Foolishcfo

        Finally a prediction I can believe!

    • So you are predicting the D300/D300s replacement to have *less* focus points than its predecessor and less ISO than the prosumer D7000? Honestly, that prediction doesn’t seem to be following Nikon developments at all…

  • no kind of nikon

    well guys, i spend all my hype here, i really had the cash in the wallet ready to run to the media store and grab my fresh new camera!!! so HAPPYYY! sheet, i feel so sad now, i think i’ll take my 4000 usd or sumpin and head to the pub for some booze. no need to upgrade this, and bokeh come out great after a pair of glasses!! (lol just joking, but i’m really tired of waiting and may i head to a 5dmkII sucka)

    • IanZ28

      Sure you are old enough to get into a pub? I think the Canon is a good idea since most teenagers like “L” lenses.

      Do you own any camera equipment at this point? Doesn’t sound like it based on your post.

      Friendly advice: you might want to start with a lesser camera and invest in glass first.

  • grantourismo

    Believe me admin, my expectations for nikon are low, very low, they´ve hit rock bottom, i don´t expect anything positive, from Nikon anymore, we´ll se! If Nikon announces any form of a ff camera i´ll personally send the Nikon company a bottle genuine canadian whiskey, japanese dudes are very smart, and also very small, so it should be enough to make them all drunk and happy! But i think we´ll be dissapointed again! We´ll se, hope i´m wrong!

  • grantourismo

    In september that is!

  • jayson71

    If Nikon announces a D700s in the beginning of September, when might it be available??

    • Jonny Ray

      D7000 was announced September 15th and available by end of October/beginning of November in most places, if that’s any guage to go by.

      • jayson71


        • 120-300 os

          May be on Nine One One bringing out the D911

      • Mac Rockwell

        Lucky number 9 for Nikon 🙂

  • Will stay hopeful, until then the D700 will do just fine.

  • Ralph

    Well, I bit the bullet. I was after a D800 with higher res for my landscape work. I could have bought the D3x but its getting a little old, costs a fortune and it weighs a ton. I still believe it would be good value if I used the features it offered, but I dont. So I am selling my D700, selling my mass of lenses and buying a D7000 and two light travel lenses. I will then move to medum format.

    I have ordered a Pentax 645D and have started looking for some good secondhand lenses. Have also ordered the Hartblei 45mm Tilt Shift.

    40MP over a 44x33mm sensor. Its perfect for landscape. It does weigh 100gms more than the D3x but it costs the same. There is a great market of lenses out there at rediculously low prices.

    After selling my D700, 14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 85f1.4 and PC-E 24 I should still be ahead. I will keep dong macro with my nikon PB-4 and my 100mm micro for which the D7000 should be well suited.

    After 30 yrs with Nikon its time to try medium format. Hope its what I expect.

    • Anonymous

      Let us know how you make out. Is there a used equipment or classified section to Nikon Rumors? I might be interested in some of that glass. I’m starting to think that medium format is where I’d like to be too. I was there with film! Still have my silver Sonnar, Planar and such. I would love to put them back in service. But who can afford Hasssey’s digital backs? Why don’t they make one that isn’t made out of gold and built by Fairies in the Magic Kingdom?

      • R!

        ….Medium format are going to die next year after the new Nikon and Canon 30+mpx,the 5DII already did half te job.
        the only problem is that we have to wait till next year !!

    • DaveyJ

      @Ralph: As a former owner of some very advanced medium format gear I advise you to watch out what you are getting into. I spent about $100,000 on that gear before realizing what are loser that was. One of the biggest turn offs from medium and large format was comparing in shootouts Nikon 35mm like F5 with good glass and D300 or D700 and great Nikkor lens. And I am referring to landscape and environmental portraiture and action work. I was pretty well known for medium and large formats in action work. But to look back…….what a waste of money and time. A D700s would work very nicely. B&H Photo pros made the same recommendation to me BEFORE I bought all that gear. I also did some nice work with it but just know what you are getting into.

      • Reilly Diefenbach

        A voice of sanity. A D800 should be very, very nice for just about anything.

    • broxibear

      Hi Ralph,
      You said “It does weigh 100gms more than the D3x but it costs the same.” I’m curious where in the world are you if the D3x and 645D are the same price ?
      Here in the UK a D3x is £5067 and the 645D £9000.

    • Jabs

      Perhaps you look at the Mamiya digital body too.

      Medium format should be an addition to and NOT a replacement for 35mm DSLR’s and thus be careful.

      Nice choice but I would personally get a Fuji GX 680 III (or whatever the last one was called) and then shoot Fujichrome 50D Pro Velvia or even 64T Pro and then some great B&W film, as the Fuji body has rise and tilt front and back which is better for landscape too. Ever looked at Fujichrome 120 or 220 slide film?

      Get some ND filters and a good polarizer like B+W brand plus some graduated and a really sturdy tripod, an electronic shutter release, a good flash or light system, ND filters and the KEEP your Nikon’s = my advice or buy both systems.

      The Pentax or Mamiya with a few lenses and keep the Nikon with the wider array of lenses that you cannot duplicate in any medium format system.

    • Kingyo

      @Ralph.. Congrats on the new Pentax 645D, it’s a nice camera, and “affordable” when compared to Phase One & Hasselblad. Last year I did a somewhat side-by-side comparison of the Pentax 645D & D3X..the images of the D3X were surprisingly very close in resolution to that of the 645D, though the 645D had better color rendition imo. It also has the ‘feel’ of a film camera which I enjoyed.

      The problem with the 645D (and Leica S2 which I also used) that in a few years you will have to drop another $$$10K + for the next one as it doesn’t let you swap digital backs. And with both Canon and Nikon already at’s only a matter of time before they catch up to the resolution of a 645D WITH low-light performance & speed which the 645D lacks.

      You could always sell off the Pentax 645D gear and switch back to Nikon when they release the D800 (which I hear will be around 5 years from now 😉

  • Kostas

    I hope they don’t throw away the 12mp sensor from the D3s . It can find a home in a lower level, lighter, plastic FX body (D600) A digital FM2 !!!

    Sorry for my bad English

    • Ke

      Sign me up for that.

    • Bip


    • Rob

      Depends how much it costs to produce. If it’s notably more costly than the D3 sensor was, it might not be economically feasible to put it in a lower price-point camera like they did with the D700.

    • houston

      After going back using my good old FE2 recently, I start to wonder why Nikon wants to make a “consumer looking” mirrorless.
      Just slap in a digital sensor into an FM/FE body and be done with it!
      Classic control and body. Retro looking. Comfortable to use.
      There are so much inspiration from the past!

    • IanZ28

      if it’s plastic then its not a FE/FM body! But, I agree….so much so that I had a post over in the dpreview D3 forums about exactly this topic.

      Just like a few people mocked up for the D4 contest.

      Digital FM3a with the D700 or D3s sensor. Would be a thing of beauty IMHO – but of course it wouldn’t be for everyone and Nikon might not be able to move enough volume to justify it’s production.

      Assume similar price between a D700s and a DM2 (FM2). Which would you buy? The fully functional and versatile D700s or a functionally simple yet somewhat limited digital FM2.

      • Jabs


        You a Camaro guy?

        I made a choice between an FM2 and an F3HP years ago and instead of the FM2, I bought an FA – as batteries are cheap and plentiful.

        A mirrorless similar in size or scope as an old FM2 or even FE2 might be cute and retro, but would it sell in your opinion.

        Me. a D700 = an FA or F3 without a motor drive to me and I would not want a digital FM2 equivalent unless you are talking about the SIZE only, but simplicity like that is the past and perhaps needs to stay there. Why cripple a body when you can simply TURN OFF a feature now instead of eliminating it?

    • 120-300 os

      Please no plastic come on man

  • xxx

    D3200 Septembre
    D800 Oct-Dec.
    D4(and D400?) Feb.

    Rest are just stories.

  • DaveyJ

    I’m with Todd and Kermit here! I’d like to see the 80-400 in a modern VR model much like the fast and reliable 70-300VR which is amazing in many ways. I did own the “tele” which was a 2.8 and the fact that it ended in 200mm and I decided teleconverters were not what I wanted. So I sold my 2.8 tele which I did have some $$$$$money in……but when you are using a D700 the 70-300VR just isn’t what the same lens is with a D300 or a D300s or even a D90. Even a D7000 with a 80-400VR improved would be a potent field rig! A D700s with video would really answer some fairly popular needs….and it would not need lots more megapixels.

    • Todd


    • John

      Yes, just give me:
      D700s with 16 or 18MP, 1+ stops more DR, less of an AA filter and a less noisy shutter (and relatively decent video)
      24-105/3.5-4.5 AFS VR as a nice walk around lens (kit lens for D700s) since Nikon can’t seem to make a decent variable aperture 24-120.

      I have the rest of the glass I need for now.

      • There’s no way a D700S would be more than 12MP… I mean hasn’t every single S cam been the same model, same sensor, and just some tweaks?

        • Rob

          D3 and D3s are different sensors.

        • It has been almost 4 years, the high ISO behavior of the D7000 has more caught up with the D700 and other full frames (saving the D3s) already. I think realistically one might expect the same 16.2 megapixels as in the D7000 in a full frame sensor, giving a much better high ISO performance, maybe ISO 50k or even 100k as in the D3s. The D3x/D3s replacement will then be the show off camera. By the way, I am not sure about the “D4” name, as number 4 means “death” and many Eastern companies try to avoid naming their products after it.

          • rogger

            And what abaout F4…? 😉

          • R!

            what about HD1 , HD1X , HD10 , HD100 … NIKON always have problem with numbers lol !!!!! What will be the D7000 succesor in 3 years ???? D10000??????I STOP BECAUSE I M DOING NIKONS CREATIVES WORK FOR FREE HERE.

      • Nikon Syndrome

        Or 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR quality & compact walkabout. Any 24-superzoom’s wide end is usually useless because of soft corners & horrible barrel distortion. Typically the optical needs of 24mm wide & medium-tele are hard to be med in one lens. But 28-superzooms are easier to design with less compromise. Look at classical 28-105mm designs; simple, compact, trouble-free…

      • 120-300 os

        +10 i am in

  • nyc eng

    I was just looking at the A77 specs and saw d700s post above… Does Nikon get all their sensors from Sony or does Nikon just use Sony sensors for the DX lineup? ? Saw the interview with Sony on sonyalparumors saying fullframes are on their roadmap.. If Nikon only gets sensors for just the DX lineup why would any believe a Nikon fullframe will follow Sonys fullframe?

    • Sly Larive

      People with better knowledge can confirm but IIRC, only the D3X from Nikon Full frame’ lineup uses a Sony sensor.

      On another note, the jury is still out on the EVF from the Sony A77. Perhaps a few years down the road this might be better but I’m not sure right now.

  • 120-300 os

    Pleaese Nikon i want to change my name to Nikon 120-300 f2:8 vr 2 for the same price as Sigma its still possible but hurry a little and yes D700s or x with 11 frames sec buffer 52 raws

  • DX2FX

    admin, is there still any truth in the ” two FX bodies will be released this year” rumor ?

    • Thom wHO?

      Only 1 FX this year. D800 end of the year, D4 1Q 2012.

    • based on the latest info, I don’t think this will happen

      • Joe

        That means only either a D4 or D700 followup will come this year? I wonder which one is more likely to come.

        This doesn’t seem to match most of the rumors we’ve heard so far. I wonder what’s going on with Nikon.

        • I have the feeling that D4 will come first and then Nikon will release a baby D4, just the way they did with the D3/D700. Nikon is a very conservative company and likes to do the same thing over and over again.

          • All other Nikon pro models seems to be on a 4 years refresh cycle (aprox.). What makes us think that the D700 will be any different?

            • Rahul

              Very logical points Admin.

          • Joe

            Interesting. Did you recently receive any tips which makes you think Nikon will follow it’s past release pattern? Or it’s just pure gut feeling only?

            I think multiple , independent sources on the web have indicated that a D700 followup is imminent. Your speculation is very different from what other people are guessing.

            I you’re right, then it’d also be first time in 3 years that my own source has provided me some wrong info.

            • nobody

              I would think it makes sense that the D4 generation starts with the D4.

              In any case, I was told that the D4 will be available in German stores in January 2012. That points to a September/October announcement date.

          • theo martin

            NR, the D3 was announced 2007/08, D700 was announced 2008/07.

            Would a 4 years cycle then mean: D4 comes in 2011, D800 a year later in 2012?
            And if the D4 comes in 2012, than D800 in 2013?

            • Yes, same with the D300s – otherwise those products would be replaced by now. Again, this is just a speculation. I don’t know. What I do know and feel pretty confident about is that there will be 2 press events in September, the first one will be DSLR related and the second will be for the mirrorless.

            • 120-300 os

              I think first mirrorless than mirror best dslr

            • Look at this pattern..

              Nikon D1 announced Jun 1999
              Nikon D2H announced Jul 2003
              Nikon D3 announced Aug 2007
              Nikon D4 announced Sept 2011

              Exactly 49 months..

  • Bip

    @Admin – seems like the probability of another announcement in Sept is quite high ( given that there is still “unfinished business” – the mirrorless.

    However, what is the probability of a subsequent announcement ? Would you say less than 50%?

  • broxibear

    Nikon UK are so bored with the announcement they can’t even tell the cameras apart, “which one of these black boxes is the new one again ?”…

    • Garni

      Did u recognize the name tag of P series?

  • So sad so sad so sad….. T_T

  • Jabs

    While many are focused on complaining here, I was hoping that Sony would raise the bar with the A77 and maybe force Nikon’s hand (wishful thinking – lol) , but alas dreaming on my part.

    I looked at and downloaded a few of the full res shots from the A77 and so far, I have mixed emotions.

    1. Detail is great in some shots even though the people at the web site basically don’t know HOW to shoot properly for critical photo presentation, I see some real problems.
    a. RED channel issues, as in things that are supposed to be red, look orange to me
    b. Black levels hold up, but they show a ‘blotchy’ response to me, perhaps indicating an inability to transition smoothly from one shade or color to the other like what you see in a Canon 7D.
    c. I see and acknowledge the hype, but this is a preliminary finding on my part as the images there often suffer from subject movement as in the photographer not knowing how to focus and then LOCK focus and pan with the moving subject.
    d. Black level response is off to me and I have to see more images first as the graduations don’t look smooth in the blacks and perhaps I was expecting a 24meg D3X look (unfair comparison too) or even the response of a D7000, but so far disappointed.

    There is a sort of slight mis-registration to many of the shots and I don’t know if this is from the camera or the photographer, but that worries me. I might have to wait and look at the RAWS in Linux if they post them and then decide later on.

    Right now, I hope that Nikon does not use this sensor or/and if they do, then they use a better jpeg processing engine, as this one is not that great so far.

    Let me see what DX0 says and see some more shots from those who really know how to shoot. The motorcycle and the rusty boat is what I am mainly talking about and not about to tell on the web site, as we probably all know who they are. When are they going to HIRE a real photographer instead of a ‘lens pointer’?

    Maybe, they needed a polarizer and some tips or even a monopod!

    • Foolishcfo

      The complaining is indicative of two things:

      1. There is a large pent-up demand for new Nikon Pro-level SLR’s
      2. The predictions recently posted weren’t close to reality (although Peter did say that if Coolpix cameras weren’t announced last week it could be an omen for this week)

      I find it hard to believe that Nikon will release a D700s if there is the intent to release a D800 in 1Q12.

      • Jabs

        I looked at

        – the web site of Popular Photography and they have a few shots from the Sony A77 that look way better, but they are smaller than the other web site, so hard to compare.

        Pent up demand is great for Business while over-hyping and under-delivering = ego gratification and disappointments to me.

        In Business, you should under promise and then over deliver!

    • nobody

      Those jpgs come from a pre-production camera with 0.xx firmware, so I wouldn’t write off that sensor too early.

      Also, Nikon has always got better results from Sony sensors than Sony managed to get. Wait and see!

      • BornOptimist

        According to the subtext, Sony thinks they are representative for the final product, and they should know don’t you think?

      • IanZ28

        I don’t have much confidence in this sensor producing anything other than additional resolution. And, even that is going to be limited by the glass in front of the sensor.

        There will be NO other benefit to 24 mp on a DX sensor.

        I pray that Nikon uses a refined 16 mp D7000 sensor in the D400.

        • 120-300 os

          Yep me too

          • Jabs

            YUP – me too on that.

            Better to use the D7000 sensor in a Pro body with Pro controls and features than re-invent the wheel for bragging rights – lol

      • Jabs

        Yeah – lol

        I have not written off the sensor, but just disappointed after all the hype.

        I just want to see if Nikon uses it, as I have not seen ONE high megapixel sensor 35mm DSLR camera that pleases me, except the old Canon FF 21 meg camera and the newer and awesome Nikon D3X. I was sort of hoping for a breakthrough that would trickle down but it looks like a Canon 15 to 18 meg DX or cropped sensor shot with a little more detail.

        Remember, I have some of the exact same locations shot on a D3X in NEF’s too – on my computer to compare, as many of these companies or web sites are New York City (Manhattan) based and thus shoot there and also shoot the same subjects/locations too, plus I know what the buildings look like, as in having seen them with my own eyes as former New Yorker.

        Love the medium format digital cameras and let down by the Leica S2 = what I see and understand.

    • R!

      YEP DXO rules actually I don’t like very much the quality of the D7000 even if It is ,really, a good Camera ,the D90 is better for me and for DXO too ,so more pixels is ok but not to much without pixel quality upgrade .That’s why we still waiting for new FX from Nikon and evrybody knows ,even Canon ,that It’s going to be the best again!!!!

      • Jabs

        What DXO web site did you look at for your erroneous conclusions?

        Are we on the same planet or even same time-warp continuum?

        LOL – people post and then show how clueless they really are!

  • broxibear

    The D3s is back in stock across all the major retialers here in the UK, one of the biggest is even giving you a free SB900 with every D3s body ?
    Whether it’s the last shipment I don’t know, but there’s definitely been a new shipment in the past few days in the UK.

    • Nikon D3s is in stock at B&H for two days now:

      • broxibear

        I got an email from a large professional dealer today saying they now had stock of the D3x and D3s, and were offering a free extra battery with each body.
        If there is a D4 released later in the year or early 2012 there’s going to be a large overlap of D3x and D3s stock, something that didn’t happen when the D3 was replaced by the D3s.
        I think what’s happened is that before the earthquake the D3s was backordered, the earthquake/supply issues meant those orders were not filled…they are now being filled…the only problem is that it’s now too close to the D4 launch.
        Either Nikon push back the D4 so retailers have time to sell D3s stock, or there are going to be some great deals on D3s bodies in the next few months ?

  • f-stop

    This has gotten out of hand!..the waiting has lasted to long…

    • Andrew

      f-stop, if not a typo, then its an error: “the waiting has lasted to long…”.
      Correction: “the waiting has lasted too long…”.

      • Andrew

        I meant “it’s” for “it is” and not “its” 🙂

  • So out of curiosity… how do you know there will be an announcement, and how do you know one will be DSLR related? I’d love to think there’s something coming, but I feel so let down on the Aug 24 thing that I’m basically totally bitter now. lol

    • I received some info from the press conferences that were held today.

  • Jonny Ray

    Alright, I just had a thought:

    Some of the speculation today has been that an “update” could mean D3200. Here’s my thought — wasn’t the D3100 considered a “new model”? It was a completely new higher resolution sensor with hugely increased low light capabilities, new focus modes, new battery, new image processor, etc..

    Generally (and I could very well be wrong here), incremental upgrades like a D3s or D300s seem to use “tweaked” sensors or mildly upgraded sensors, and some additional speed and features.

    I’m not saying I don’t think we’ll see a D3200 because it seems like that’s a good possibility… but an “update of a current model”… well… to me that sounds like something that happens more often to semi-pro and pro level bodies (D70s is the last enthusiast level one that I remember, which was years ago). That said, the D700 is the only semi-pro or pro level camera currently available that has not received an incremental update.

    Thinking about things like that, a D700s/x might make sense. That would also allow for a D4 in 2012 and a D800 in 2013 with the same sensor (I KNOW this is not what most people want to hear… just speculating here), which would keep in line with the D3 being released a year before the D700, letting the professionals that need it get the upgrade and then having a lower priced semi-pro body a year later.

    I’m not crazy about that plan either necessarily, but if we do see a D700s or D700x this year, truth be told, I’ll probably spring for it. My D80 is great but I’ve been itching to upgrade for well over a year and trying to wait it out as long as possible to make the biggest leap. The D700 is already amazing, a few small improvements, tweaks and added features with the comfort that it will probably not be updated again for at least a year if not more, I would probably go for that.

    Sorry for rambling. Anyone else agree/disagree with my thoughts on the D3200 speculation?

    • Jonny Ray

      Another quick thought… the D3000 and D5000 models are still commercially available. The D3 and D300 are not. That to me confirms my previous thought:

      D3s and D300s are updates, not “new models.” D3100 and D5100 are new models, not updates.

      Potential new DSLR coming in September rumored to be an update? Makes an awful lot of sense to me that it could be a D700s or D700x. Fingers crossed I guess.

  • Rob

    You won’t be missed. They really couldn’t care less.

    • Anonymous

      Admin, this post keeps remaining at the last row, regardless of new comments. Can it be only on my browser (Google Chrome), or is this a kind of server bug ?

      Btw IE 8 only displays the main text, but declines showing any of the entries. Can it be specific to my system, or is there a known NR & IE 8 incompatibility?

      • Anonymous

        I meant this one:

        “You won’t be missed. They really couldn’t care less.” by Rob on August 24, 200 at 9:34 pm

      • broxibear

        Some sort of bug…it’s the same with Firefox.

      • I think this happens when I delete a comment.

  • nikoncert

    Chris Russo is right, can you elaborate on the details you heard about these subsequent announcements?

    • I was told that the next DSLR announcement may not be what everyone is waiting for. To me that means no full frame. I have no further details and could be wrong in my interpretation of this tip.

      • Jonny Fay

        A fair interpretation.

        Another interpretation could be that a lot of people have their sights on D800, and if they were to release a D700s, some (including current D700 owners) may not be very enthused (particularly if it’s recycling what some might consider to be a “last generation” sensor, i.e. not a brand new never-before-seen sensor).

        Maybe that’s what the source meant by “not what everyone’s waiting for.” Since the incremental updates are more like stepping stones and tweaks than all out new designs and technology.


        • I agree, the only problem I have is that if they announce an updated D700s, that means there will be no “real” D700 update for at least another 18 months. The D700s would have made a lot of sense back in 2010 or even early 2011, but not in late 2011. Just my 2c.

          • Jonny Fay

            Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I can see reasons for them to do it and reasons for them not to.

            I think the biggest argument against the possibility is exactly that, in 2013 the sensor in the D700 would be about 6 years old. I can only imagine how currently anxious (and in some cases, frothing at the mouth) D800 purchasers would feel about that situation.

          • NR Admin—I agree with you on the sentiment that a D700 refresh would have made much more sense a year ago or so.

            However, I wanted to point out that the D3 was announced just 13 months or so after the D2xs refresh. Technically, the D3 was a replacement for the D2hs, though I think Nikon intentionally targeted the D3 at both X and H crowds.

            Anyway, a glimmer of hope for a D800 within a year of release of a D700 refresh, if the D700 refresh turns out to be the case.

            Personally, I don’t see it going down that way.

          • Interesting about the idea of a D700s. I was recently told by my professional dealer in London that they’d expected one in March this year, but it never showed up. His comment was that he didn’t think there was any point in that since the D700 line is looking “very underspecified” compared to the 5dII with the 5dIII only just over the horizon. (He sells both C & N.) I’m inclined to expect a higher res + video D700 replacement than a D700s. He also commented that the Nikon rep is extremely cagey about any replacements to the current line, and would only tell him to expect a successor to the D3 line “before the Olympics next year”. Lol!

          • EnPassant

            Except for pros and people with deep pockets who can afford a D4 what everybody seems be waiting for is a “D800” FX or a “D400” DX pro body replacing the current D700/300s body type. It therefore must be something else. Maybe something completely new? The cheapest DX-body seem to be on a 12-18 month schedule and could be replaced already with a “D3200”. Perhaps without a mirror to combat Sony’s latest cameras with better AF in live-view. But it could also be a FX-upgrade of D7000. That would be a pleasent surprise for many, me included! Or Nikon is just being ignorant to the rumors and is thinking about their soon to be presented mirrorless camera.

          • Simon

            The tsunami put paid to Nikon’s FF adventure which means everything put back by at least 8 months.

  • Andrew Bardwell

    Wow – three years and no new FX product… kind of makes ya feel like they’ve lost interest in the business. I’ve had a D60 for 3 years and I’ve been waiting to treat myself to something new and exciting. The D7000 was close but no cigar. The two shortcomings that bother me with my D60 are the buffer and the low light performance. The D7000 only addresses one of those concerns. I have been waiting for quite a while for a replacement for the D700 but at some point I need to consider changing brands. In a digital world 3 years without a new product is 2 years too long…

    • FWIW, I switched teams because I shoot action and the AF on my 1Dmrk111 was pathetic. Can’t speak for other brands, but I’d take a 3 year old Nikon over anything in the Canon line up any day!

      • Hey, Amanda—

        Just popped in on your site. Fantastic work! I dropped you a line—hope you don’t mind.

        Your images are simple, clean, and really capture the personality of the pets. I always enjoy looking at images that focus so much on the personality and character of the subject. Yours are no exception. Kudos!

        • IanZ28

          Speaking of impressive websites. WOW! Impressive business model and services offered.

          Do you have a photographic team or do you do most of the photography?

          • @Ian

            Sorry if this is daft, but I couldn’t tell if you were speaking to me or Amanda. I don’t want to be presumptuous. 🙂

            • IanZ28

              Was directed to you Ron.

              Your web designer is very impressive as well.

            • Thanks, Ian. I work with a handful of shooters, and do a fair amount of the film/photo work myself too.

              Definitely fun business model—I studied commercial advertising in school, but ultimately was left feeling that the advertising world was a little vanilla for my taste. There are certainly plenty of really really fun jobs, clients, and ideas floating around, but so often the work seems more contrived than I’m (personally) comfortable with.

              I love personality, character, soul, feeling, emotion, rawness, and authenticity when I’m creating imagery. Thankfully we’re finding our niche in those ways, while still being able to cater to the commercial world. It’s really a lot of fun.

              I’ll pass your kind words along to our web guys. Thanks!

              Is this you?:

              I couldn’t tame my curiosity, so I snooped around with your username. Assuming that’s your site, it looks like you’ve gotten some great shots visiting some really neat places!

            • IanZ28

              Yep that is me.

              I’ve only recently began turning my hobby into a business. Much to learn of course. I will continue to work at developing my skills and expertise. In the meantime hopefully I can build some clientele and fund some equipment.

              Definitely not in a position to quit my day job just yet however.

            • IanZ28

              P.S. Thanks for the kind words. Trying to record my travels is how I got hooked and started in photography.

    • Jabs

      You must have been weaned on iPhones, iPods or such.

      Time to grow up then

      WOW – a D60 and you are looking for a replacement for that = D3100

    • Ben Brickwall

      Hey, no worries man. It’s easy to keep switching brands every couple years when all you purchase is an entry level body and the included kit lens. No serious photographer would ever switch brands on some flighty bologna like that, especially when whatever they are switching to has nothing different to offer whatsoever. The D7000 would stomp a hole around your D60, so if you are too good for the D7000, keep waiting for that camera cast in solid gold that meets your needs.

      I love how every five minutes on here, some D.B. thinks they have a novel and revolutionary idea about switching brands. What are you switching to and why??? The idea is senseless. Unintelligible. Acme hasn’t released a new hammer in over six years. Jimmy is using ABC’s hammer and it’s only 5.8 years old and is clearly hammering better. I can’t sit around all day and wait for Acme to release the new, larger-headed uber-clawed hammer. I need to sell now and invest in equally-dated but equally-and-entirely-sufficient hammer technology!!! Must… log… onto……….aggghhhh!


    • Wait……..the D7000 wasn’t enough of an upgrade over your ancient D60? Have you even shot with or held a D7000? The D7000 is so far ahead of your D60, it hurts. Basically rendering your D60 the equivelent of a point and shoot. Actually, the new P7100 point and shoot Coolpix is a better choice. What are you going to Canon for? They are years behind. The D3100 would be your upgrade path.

      • Scurvyhesh

        Ergonomics? Really? Are you holding it upside down? Really Though, have you tried other brands? Thats one of the subtle features that makes nikon what it is. Everything is where you need it without having to fumble with multiple finger adjustments. As for video nikon has put it in every camera since the d90 (and improved it) and thats not about to change.

    • @Andrew Bardwell

      Let me solve your problem for you:

      D7k is better in high-ISO performance (top ISO is 25,000), D60 is 3,200—a difference of 3 stops.

      D7k has a better buffer by double. You’ll get 11 frames before you hit the wall as opposed to the D60’s 6 frames. And that’s at 14-bit, significantly higher bit depth (and DR) than the D60 puts out with its 12-bit hooha. It’s possible to squeeze out another 1-2 frames (maybe even 3) if you go lossy compressed and 12-bit, still with arguably better results than you’re getting with your D60.

      So, that makes the D7k a sweet deal for someone like you looking to upgrade.

      Oh, wait. You wanted FX? Well, pretty much all I just said (and more) is true about the D700.

      Oh, wait. You wanted something new and just announced?

      Oh, wait—until it’s announced, that is. Then buy it up!

    • Roeder

      “The D7000 was close but no cigar. The two shortcomings that bother me with my D60 are the buffer and the low light performance. The D7000 only addresses one of those concerns.”


      I looked at a used D60 at one point some months ago, and I almost considered picking it up, until I read the specs on it. I too noticed it had a few shortcomings which I think the D7000 addressed quite nicely. I ended up with a new D7000. I hop I made the right choice.

      Let’s look at just a few examples in a “D60 vs D7000″ format:

      All plastic body vs top and rear magnesium plates with weather sealing.
      10mp vs 16mp
      12 bit A/D vs 14 bit
      12 bit raw vs 12 or 14 bit raw
      No video capability vs 1080p/24fps
      No live view vs live view
      Autofocus with AF-S/AF-I lenses only vs support for all Nikon autofocus lenses plus metering support for older AI-S lenses (AI indexing tab on lens mount)
      3 focus areas vs THIRTY NINE focus areas, 9 of which are cross type, plus AF fine tuning for up to 12 lenses
      Dynamic area AF vs Dynamic area AF with selectable focus point groups and auto AF area selection
      6 exposure scene modes vs 18 exposure scene modes plus 2 custom user modes
      420 segment vs 2016 segment RGB meter with center weighted metering adjustable to 6, 8, 10 or 13mm diameter
      NO AE bracketing vs 2 to 3 frames in 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 1 ,1,1/3, 1,2/3 or 2EV increments
      Native ISO of 100 to an almost unusable 1600 with a Hi1 of 3200 vs native 100 to a usable 6400 with Hi1 of 12,800 and a Hi2 of TWENTYFIVETHOUSANDSIXHUNDRED
      Max shutter 1/4000 with a 1/200 max sync vs 1/8000 with a max sync of 1/320
      1 auto WB setting and 6 manual modes and 1 preset vs 2 auto WB settings and 12 manual modes and 5 stored presets
      Penta-mirror VF with 95% coverage vs penta-prism VF with 100% coverage
      2.5″ lcd w/ 230,000 pixels vs 3” lcd w/ 921,000 pixels
      Basic CLS functionality vs full Commander Mode with modeling light function
      4 shooting modes, (S, C, timer and remote) vs 7 (S, CL, CH, timer, 2 remote modes, Quiet mode and Mirror Up)
      9 frame raw buffer (12 bit) vs 10 frame (14 bit). ….Ok the D7000 has a weak buffer but shooting continuous in RAW is idiotic for an enthusiast IMHO. Need real pro continuous shooting? Buy a real pro body.
      Rear command dial only vs command AND sub command dials
      Rear lcd screen only vs rear AND very useful top screen.
      Infrared remote only vs infrared (front AND rear sensor) or MC-DC2 cable
      SD/SDHC support vs SD/SDHC/SDXC support with DUAL MOTHERF!@%ING SLOTS
      Video out vs A/V out and HDMI
      1000mAh battery vs 1900mAh
      Third party craptastic battery grip vs dedicated magnesium battery grip
      19 custom menus setting vs 49 plus a programmable “My Menu” section for frequently used menu items
      Bar type strap attachment points vs triangle split ring points….ok the D60 wins here. I hate the split rings.
      Mostly empty front panel vs dedicated DOF preview and function buttons that can each be reassigned to almost any menu item.

      I can go on but I think everyone gets the point: the D7000 only addresses a few shortcomings in regard to the entry level Nikon offerings. Good thing the image quality kicks the crap out of many professional cameras on the market or the D7000 would have very little going for it.

  • iamnomad

    I’ll stick with my Mamiya 7.

    • Nikon Syndrome

      I sold my Mamiya 7 years ago since there was no hope for a Mamiya 7D. Years passed by, yet no Mamiya 7D. They can change the film door with a digital back with an existing 1.25x crop sensor. 45mm lens will still be wide enough in this case.

      • Nikon Syndrome

        Sorry 43mm. I instead owned the 50mm to avoid the ancillary finder. Remembering these days… What a struggle it was to photograph (+scan) compared to today 🙂

  • NYC_Eng

    Silly idea, but if the last three Nikon DSLR’s are any indication of whats to come, wouldn’t it be more realistic to think a Nikon camera in the same range as the A65 is eminent, more so than the D3 and D700? The D7000 and D5100 are the same sensor, and were released September 2010 and April 2011, respectively. I could be wrong but that is suppose to be the same as the sensor in the A55 and A580, both released August 2010. So, Nikon lags behind, by a month. The A65 was announced this week, so why wouldn’t the comparable Nikon be released at the end of September?

    Question is, what Nikon will be comparable to the A65? The D300s replacement?

    • Kon_head

      “……The A65 was announced this week, so why wouldn’t the comparable Nikon be released at the end of September?
      Question is, what Nikon will be comparable to the A65? The D300s replacement?………..”

      May be the new 24 mp Sony sensor is not up to Nikon’s standard? 24 mp on DX frame is a little tricky to tweak . I am all for a D300s replacement getting the D7000 16 mp sensor.


  • Marko

    Yes, but where is damn CNX3 ? If the bodies doesn’t need and update or the update is not feasible (btw, I agree here) CNX2 needs an REAL update ASAP. Is there any voice about that ?

    • Ric


  • Nikon Syndrome

    What does a refresh mean? Usually minor changes in the body design & function, i.e D70-D70s was a larger LCD, or sensor upgrade, i.e D3-D3X, D300-D300s.

    From the “refresh” perspective, we may presume D700 body will remain almost the same; there won’t be 100% viewfinder, integrated GPS, etc. And the sensor can be from D3X, but video-enabled. It can be called D700x.

    D700s won’t make sense as it will be “still another 12mp FX from Nikon” at year 2011, while even DX D7000 is 16mp.

    If they bring the D700x, it will make Nikon to gain another year to finish developing (earthquake) their new 18-20mp sensor for D4 & then D800 with 100% vf. Both bodies may utilize carbon fiber parts for reduced weight. Contradicting demands of improved sensitivity, higher resolution & dynamic range will be met in one solution.

    The above is just a scenario because of the “refreshed body” news.

  • sami hong

    I think it would be a d7000x with Sony’s new 24mp sensor.

  • Paul Fiction

    I don’t understand why Nikon don’t give ANY informations regarding new DSLR models. Everybody would unterstand, if they would say “Sorry for not releasing a D700 replacement, but we have problems with this feature” or “because of the recent earthquake”. I think even if they would say that there is no continuation of D300(s), as the D7000 will continue the semipro-models, people at least would know about the situation and wouldn’t wait, wait, wait.

    Saying nothing and ignoring the faithful fans is absolutely inapprehensible in my eyes. I am photographing for about 15 years with Nikon and dozens of people asked me what camera to buy. I always recommended Nikon, but I think in future I will tell them, that it’s reasonable to start with Sony.

    Sry for my bad english, I’m German. But I hope you know what I mean.

  • simpleguy

    i dont mind nikon putting out a d700s , or a d300s replacement just put out something allready or ATLEAST have the decency to say what you plan to do , nikon is becoming more and more mysterious and non speaking and this resembles panasonic policy of saying nothing to their customers and completely ignoring and not listen to their customers needs , and that is allways a VERY BAD IDEA

  • Bob

    I am guessing a refresh of the D7000 to include the video capabilities introduced in the D5100. Will really tick off existing D7000 users if a upgrade path (firmware) is not provided.

  • Nikon Syndrome

    Another Scenario that comes to my mind:

    24mp D400 (with Sony A77 sensor) next month
    16-24mp D4 2012 Q1
    D800 same sensor from D4 2011 Q3
    32mp D4x & D900 later

    That fits to the 4 year pattern. And that explains the D7000 oddity; Nikon foreseeing the 24mp Sony, they might have avoided to implement the 16mp sensor on D400. Who really wants a 24mp DX is yet another question to be answered, but the A77 is out there.

    Will a D700x fit in this picture, sometime before Christmas? Maybe…

    • Nikon Syndrome

      typo: D800 2011 Q3 -> D800 2012 Q3 (meaning half a year after D4 launch)

    • 120-300 os

      Let´s use your glassbowl

  • Landscape Photo

    If there is a D800 soon, yes it’s a no-brainer. New sensor, new technology, new body, 100% viewfinder.

    Or if it’s 12-18 months away, and instead they give a 24mp D700x with (D3x + video) sensor but everything else same with D700, should I buy it?

    I know non-100% vf is a problem, I’ll lose some of very high-iso ability of D700, diffraction will be seen 1-stop earlier, etc. Still, it will be worth purchasing (within an affordable range). Then later I’ll switch to D800 whenever it hits the shelves.

    If a 12mp D700s comes, I won’t consider it only for 1-stop better sensitivity, but wait for D800 – fed up with 12mp. Video? Who cares.

    If 24mp D400 comes, I will probably avoid it due to its extreme pixel density and the known consequences.

  • What does “refresh” mean? A little tweak here and there? Why bother? I am looking for a D400 with much higher usable ISO.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon seems to be stuck with 12mp @ FX (excluding the unreachable D3x monster), while surrounded with hi-res full frame model from Canon & Sony, all affordable & compact enough.

    Nikon is too surrounded by its own higher-mp DX cameras. Add the APS-C from other brands, the picture is more obvious. If their new FX sensor or body development schedule is disrupted by the tsunami, well they can bring a 24mp D700x as an intermediary model. I bet they already have a prototype.

    Forget the D700s, who will buy it for about $2500? It would be an absurdity for Nikon to launch another 12mp FX in 2011. Is 1-stop better high-iso response the decision factor? Or video? I doubt any will. D700 is far good enough for low light photography. Anyone who wants a video-dslr can rather get the D7000.

    Folks, good or bad, 12mp FX or DX is now something left in the past. Yes, resolution is not everything, but frankly would anyone buy a 6mp FX if it gave never-seen-clean 25K iso? Have we all become midnight shooters set to 12800 iso, with 50mm f/1.4 wide open?

    Why should any manufacturer give up higher resolution (matching lenses’) for some rare dimly lit occasion? 12mp is NOT plenty-enough, native resolution @ 300dpi can’t even cover a double spread magazine page without upsizing! Sure, I don’t mean we need 30mp+ FX (medium format territory), but at least asking for 20mp should not be considered a luxury today.

  • Bjrichus

    Dear God Nikon,

    Just get on with it already………..

    • Ric

      Yea! Bring us NX3


    I bit the bullet and ordered a D3S today. Can’t wait for the supposed replacement forever.

    • 120-300 os

      no you are not i am one you are D3S good choice

  • D700guy

    A D700x would definitely be a 5DMk11 killer.
    I’d consider it.
    Waiting for a D4 for sports shooting, but I’d rather own a 24mp 700x than a D4x with 36mp.

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