Announcement in 14 hours *UPDATED*

The official Nikon announcement should happen tonight around midnight US Eastern time (±1 hour). I expect that some website will leak details earlier. Now is a good time to check your local Nikon website for any visual changes in the design, listings, placement of products, etc.

Another Nikon day in Slovakia on August 25, 2011 with "unique presentation of new products in portfolio“:


An update by a reader from the Czech Republic:

"The poster mentions the name Michael Jurák who is presenting new products for professional audience in Czech Republic and Slovakia. As long at this name is mentioned, it is for sure that DSLR products are coming - this guy - so far - has presented highest class of products.... It is very unlikely that such guy would present a new Coolpix."

Scott Kelby's big announcement tomorrow is not Nikon related.

That's it for now.

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  • PatCL


    • PatCL

      what does it say anyway? :/

      • that you can touch the new product on some presentation.
        so DSLR release is confirmed

        • PatCL

          double wow! what a good morning! 🙂

    • f100!

      poster created by the work experience kid with stock images…

  • Alex

    Slovakia rulez NR sources?

  • PatCL

    this will further fuel everyone’s flame in this forum hahahahaha! Nikon! what are you up to????? 😛

    • Banned

      NOTHING! I smell disappointment, oh yes. A new batch of Coolpixes. Mark my words.

      • I think so too – Coolpix cameras only.

        • AnoNemo

          NR Admin, it seems to me that Nikon outsmarted you by closing the leaks. Basically no rumors…

          • How many times we have to discuss this?

            • Art

              Until the D800 is released. 😉

          • patrick

            no D800, no D400, no D4 tomorrow means no rumors regarding the release of said cameras…how is that “outsmarting” anyone?

      • Sam

        Hello my name is sam. What does it matter if The D800 is comming or not the nikon D700 is still the best camera on the market yet and i know because i ‘m working with both Canon and nikon .Some people are bitching to change brand if nikon doesn’t present the D800 tomorrow that is totaly BS Nikon and Canon are both the best.

        • Very true. The camera is a tool to capture a vision not the vision itself. Both brands are very capable in the right hands. I admire the resolution of my frind’s Canon 5Dmk2 and he was in admiration of my D300s with the 16-35 VR at dusk hand held. I think I’ll end up getting a D3s but I want to see what is released first.

        • Nikkor

          Ok, ill chime in. As a daily photojournalist who hasn’t had a raise in 5 years. Stressed to the max, overworked, underpaid, and extremly stagnant. We still have to carry video and bodies and fumble around like a idiot and the Canon guys whip out there “all in one” gear and out the door they go in 20 minutes. Sometimes a new body is all it takes to get the creative juices flowing, seeing what the new camera limits are. Our gear is old and broken and my D300 has 1.2 million shutter clicks and that’s the second shutter. We can’t invest in 4 year old technology when the demands of our jobs have sky rocketed and no budget to fix or repair the old gear. I want a new body, yes, greedy as it sounds, to give my brain another 2 years of stimulation that only a new body can provide.

          • Mike

            1.2 million shutter clicks on 2nd shutter?!!!! I bow to you! ;-). There was a guy on another forum who asked the masses if he should sell his 9 month old, less than a 1000 clicks taken, D3s to fund a D4. You should have a chat with him. :-). Please chum in when ever you feel like.

          • you have no backup gear? D700 and D300s for video and backup is perfect, no?

          • Are you shooting for broadcast of online? If mostly online then D5000s are very cheap right now. I have done qute a few videos to youtube with them and have been very happy.

          • kyoshinikon

            I am a part time journalist and my D7000 and D90 do video fine. In fact my D7000 does better in low light than a 5Dmk2 and is much better as a still camera…

            For the record I put 250, 000 shutter clicks on my D90 in one year… That doesn’t include my 4 other cameras I use…

            • Nikkor

              Daily newspaper. The company provided gear is a D2H. I won’t even use it now. It’s rotting in my desk drawer as we speak. The solution to no video camera is to purchase Canon HG10 video cameras. The D300 is my own gear that I have sacrificed to the greater good to beat the shit out of it. It’s a fantastic camera, but it won’t last much longer. And I refuse to buy a D700 to take out into the rain, snow, and beat up too. It’s one of the huge problems daily shooters at smaller papers suffer with. 100K circulation papers get D3s’s, small papers get D2H’s and should be thankful for getting that. There lies my problem. I am to the point where buying a high end D800 and sacrifice it for the greater good of my own work and write it off as a tax expense. Anything less, build quality, will fall apart. Not that the 5100 isn’t a smashing good camera, It’s just not meant to take daily, rigourous, abuse, unlike that of a metal frame chasis. So, that’s why I want the new D800 or even a D400. Both will be great and will last me three years with minimal repair costs as compared to lesser build quality camera.

            • Nikkor

              And as proof of my work flow, here’s some crappy flickr shots to look at. I don’t want to come off as a whiner or complainer. The photo subjects may not be award winning, but the wide variety of shitty lighting conditions is really highlighted by what the D300 can do. I don’t get hours, days, weeks, to do a photo shoot like Joe McNally (spl) does. If he had to work my job for a week he’s be crying and sucking his thumb in a fetal position in the corner. Fear the daily PJ…..


      • Garni

        I smell disappointment as well

    • I hope Nikon isn’t Brainf**king us lol. I really hope for a D4 or D800. Pockets already to buy two of em.

  • Diego

    Interesting Point: The Question Mark is in front of a DSLR, not a Coolpix!

    • Diego

      AND the PRO Body does not have a red triangle and the nomination on the right side, its NOT a D3s/x!

      • PatCL


      • Maybe it’s just me, but the front DSLR in row two, looks like is is a blurred two digit lable (D4) maybe?? It’s definitely nota 4 digit lable (Dxxx).

        Although I remain ready for disappointment.

    • Doesn’t look like there’s a built-in grip, D800 methinks…

      • Diego

        Does not have a wheel -> Pro Body

      • PatCL

        doesn’t look like a 16/24mp sensor! Nikon F100!

        • ja

          thats exactly what i was gonna say its a F100

          • NisseHult

            It is a FF camera anyway if you look at the big prism-house. So if its not F100, then it maby is the D95-d9000. D700-sensor in d90/d7000 body!

    • NanDub

      That is obviously an F100…

      • PatCL

        i second that 😉

  • plug

    Which camera is it behind the question mark? Whatever, the poster is dominated by DSLR’s.

    • Looks like a photoshopped F100 to me.

  • 120-300 os

    Well well let´s hope and pray and lenses mr Nikon ?

  • Jo

    That’s a Dslr with a question mark on it, not a P&S or a EVIL.

    I have been saving up for 2 years now. I’m really ready for a FX body !

    • PatCL

      actually its an F series 35mm camera.. hmmm new 35mm film camera??? 😛

      • jo

        Actually, I’m dreaming about a digital F3 !

    • rhlpetrus

      Indeed, would they produce this w/o any dslr coming? Very interesting.

  • Pete

    Oh man…D4 and D900 come on out!!!

  • Alex
  • D4 please 🙂

  • By this message I order now my new D800 and D4 !

    • design.matters

      if you can wait some time …

  • Daf

    That Prism top on the “?” camera doesn’t look like any existing Nikon AND there’s not the usual red triangle on the grip.

    I think some marketing department have been using rather too much artistic license!!

    • kyoshinikon

      Its probably a f-100

  • amien


    • ja

      not yet, midnight

  • 120-300 os

    Looks like D4 and D800 may be second and last

  • getanalogue

    No Coolpixes visible. Nikon misled all of us. We will see D4, D400, D800 all at the same time – big bang!

    • R!

      0r perhaps in december for f….. xmas!!!!pro shooters love taking pictures of santa with kids on knees!!!!

  • Jabs

    Continuing the tradition – NEW Pro bodies or body coming

    YEAH – yippeeee – lol

  • The invisible man

    Ken Rockwell still think that there will be FX camera announce tomorrow.
    (see his webside-what’s new)

    • ME

      yeah and this gay thinks that:

      “We don’t need a 5D Mk III, heck, even the oldest 5D still has better image quality than a brand-new Nikon D3 or D700, ”

      right -.-

    • PatCL

      i don’t trust that guy hahaha! I know that the mode dial settings of a DSLRs are based on professional photog settings or what a preferred setting of a professional photographer but this guy calls Program Priority, “Professional mode” 😛

  • It began

    It is beginning!

    Did I get that right?!

    • Jabs

      NAW – ‘It has BEGUN’ = the real thing – loool

      No matter, we are all happy

      • It began

        It is being started?

        • ja

          its the build up

          • PatCL

            it’s too much 😛

    • Art

      Swiss Master Midget photographer Yodle corrected me once and said it is supposed to be:

      Begun it has!

      • PatCL

        may the force be with you 🙂

  • 120-300 os

    Thanks Slovakia and NR Admin Peter the great

  • Stepper

    Everyone, The camera with the question mark on it is an older model – not a soon to be released camera! It has none of the newer design cues such as the red triangle and newer style port covers. Compare it to a pic of a D1 before you get all excited.

  • Kenneth

    With this message I preorder the D800!! 😀
    thank you very much Nikon..

  • broxibear

    Hey Peter,
    When I saw that silhouette I thought, I’ve seen that somewhere…it looks very similar to a disguised Nikon I saw an image of on a Chinese forum.
    Is this it ?

  • eduardo B.

    The cameras in the second line, from left to right, seems to be the same camera that has the question mark. There isn’t any red triangle there and I can also kind of read a D4! Have a better look.

  • bart b
    • bart b

      Oeps … Says new but exist already … lol

    • NisseHult

      At nikon Sweden under professional cameras there is 3 full body cameras, is there 3 different or what?

  • Tets

    We all shall die.

  • The Coolpix announcement is near! Wooohooo! 😯

  • FrancoDMD

    Things are just WAY too quiet… This means either a complete dissapointment or a mind blowing anouncement… that is how I see it.

  • broxibear

    Scott Kelby just posted this:
    “Seeing lots of speculation so I thought I’d pass this one: our launch tomorrow is not tied to any rumored Nikon announcements.”

    • Scott knows only coolpixes are being announced this year and he announcing he’s switching to Sony. 😉

      • broxibear

        Damn…I was hoping he was going to announce a photographer deathmatch between himself, Chase Jarvis and Joe McNally, three photographers go in, one comes out…the internet’s just not big enough for three self promoting egos that big lol.

  • Maverick

    If you enlarge the invite, you can see that all 4 cameras are different. Look at the mounts carefully ……………….

    • Trevor

      Nothing new to see here. From left to right they are D70, D1, D60, D200 and the big one is an F100.

      • Pat

        I second that opinion regarding the bodies themselves. Why would a d4 have only 1 function button?

        What I hope is happening is that rather than “showing off” the actual new bodies, Nikon Slovakia is using old bodies to generate hype for their release in 12 hours.

  • sh

    Four new DSRL´s D4 / D4x / D800 and D400 😉

  • d


  • marco presi

    At D3s is not shown anymore

    • nobody

      That must be wishful thinking! I can see it without problems.

  • Maverick

    Have a look at scott kelby’s website, he states

    “Tomorrow is “Big Launch Wednesday” and if you come back here then, I’ll have a short video that explains it all.”

    “It’s the launch of something totally new, and I think it’s something you’re really going to enjoy, so I hope you’ll check back then for the first-ever “New Launch Wednesday”

    Above two paragraphs are from Scott kelby’s website. Pardon me for copying 🙂

    • Eric

      From the comments :

      “Bill Stuckey says:
      nikon d4 and d800

      Scott says:
      The announcement is something we’re doing.”

    • D700guy

      It’s a new ‘magic’ camera. One that has a big breasteted genie who pops out and blows you when you take a great picture.

  • Thankfully Nikon didn’t become a takeover like kodak.
    otherwise it would be all canon’s and sony’s hereafter.

  • Jabs

    I really expect an F7 film camera based upon the new body of the D4 series too

    Hope this web site survives the onslaught of new releases – lol

  • d

    Also, I’m wondering if that poster’s a fake.
    Why would Nikon make such a bad poster and use an F100 as a “mystery new product”?
    Anyone who follows Nikon will know that’s just an F100.

  • shane

    Didnt any notice that if the above is an official Nikon Presintation, isnt there a dslr body on the front of the presintation with a question mark????????….

    Nikon stop teasing us….

  • getanalogue

    tonight dslr announcement, tomorrow night coolpixes – big bang!

  • helo

    At my local retail shop (precision camera) they took the Nikon D3s off the catalog.

    • DCN

      I was told today at my local camera store that the d3s is listed as discontinued on there order sheet.

  • I am still hoping for some surprise…

  • Ray

    I’m not sure if this has already been answered yet but why does Nikon make announcements in other countries? Isn’t the US it’s biggest consumer of it’s products?

    • Souelle

      I think Japan is the biggest consumer of it’S products.

    • 120-300 os

      Ray think about bigger countries China India a lot more than the usa but let´s wait

  • Dan

    well its wednesday 24th in Australia,

  • Garni

    may be that high tech dslr guy introduce a high end dslr which is without mirror…

  • Abo

    Ouch, this is interesting! If you do a reverse black and white in that photo, D4 is the number that comes out. And I am not joking.

    • PoBoy

      Are you a Beatles fan by any chance?

  • Jake

    Is it just me or does that “nikon d4” in the photo look like the nikon print on the prism is spelled “NYKON”. Zoom in and check it out

  • Rui

    I think this year we’ll see the D4 and in 2012 the small D4 = D800. (just like the D700 was for the D3)

    • Harry Angel

      I did an OCR and then a google translate (on the low res image file, before I saw your PDF…):

      “Thursday, 25.08.2011 in waiting for you within the day and Niconom, unique action demonstration NEWS legendary Nikon photographic equipment, which make the participation of expert trainer Nicou Michael Jurak. In the afternoon, from 1400 to 17:00 in algae in the store Pro / Aika at Palacky 12, you will be able “person to try all the latest news in the portfolio, Nikon and we will answer all your questions. We look forward to meeting you!

      In the afternoon I have for you pripraviIi lecture in pleasant restaurants PRO.Laika Gallai Restaurant on 14th Palacky Lectures will begin about 1700. The lecture will be lead by Mr Michael Jurák theme and will introduce new products from Nikon, lecture entitled:
      For capacity reasons, participation is limited to 30 per ukastnikov Reservations Lecture block with block number at”

      • Harry Angel

        And I think the “NEWS FROM ANYONE” can be some kind of funny thing having to do with the language. Anyone is the translation of NIKONU. Or it might just be some bug in Google translate

  • I barely wait to see a lot of stuff from Nikon, including new camera and FX lens. 🙂

  • nrt

    A D4 and then a D800 next year.

    Anyone want a bet?

  • Todd Gack

    Horrible cut and past job is horrible. Consider this invite fake.

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