Nikon press releases distributed in Europe included only Coolpix cameras

Reportedly the press releases distributed by Nikon in Europe for the 24th included only the new Coolpix point and shoot models. Even the mirrorless camera was not included. There is still a chance that Nikon will send out another press release tomorrow or they may just announce new products directly on their website without notifying the press (if there are other products).

There is still a very good chance for a second announcement in September.

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    If I keep holding my breath, oh well, i just breathed. It’s not gonna happen.

    • Ren Kockwell

      If they just release more uninspired Coolpix after all this wait—total FAIL.

      • Disappointment? Yes. But fail?

        Why? Because Nikon didn’t follow a release schedule announced by a site that specializes in industry rumors?

        Now that’s funny.

        • Asks

          Because Nikon made their employees miss out on vacations for coolpix…

        • Ren Kockwell

          Ron, fail is disappointment, just on a bit grander scale. Tsunami or no, the D700 has needed a video update for years more than two years. That was a huge fail if you ask me. Awesome stills camera that D700, but that’s not why people buy the 5D MkII. You buy it for its dual capability. Some of us need that. And for the most part, it’s a very serviceable, if not hardy, camera. After waiting for 2 years for Nikon to answer it, I bought 5 of them for my company because of their ability to do both video and stills well, with far less gear to ship, and far more options on a shoot. Honestly, they’ve reduced a lot of cost and increased customer satisfaction with the DOF we’d have to spend $20K to acquire otherwise. I’d rather give that $ to Nikon, but they have no answer. They built that expectation in their customer base with the ‘S’ versions of the D300 and D3—why not the D700? I’d argue the D700 needed the ‘S’ far more than the D3. Fail. Makes no sense.

          My guys and I prefer Nikon hands down—all but one of us shoot Nikon personally. But they’re not meeting our needs and when you have a bean counter with his hand as far up your ass as I have, I simply cannot justify 5 D3s bodies.

          We still use a lot of Nikon glass, and we’re waiting for a response. But Jesus Christ Nikon, your addiction to your own timeline is mind-numbing. In the meantime, I’m discovering nice Canon glass. And for every one of me there’s ten of me. I’m not switching by any stretch, but you don’t need rocket propulsion degrees to see the lost sales scenario and the potential non-switchback scenario. As it stands, I will have to run these 5Ds into the ground before I can justify an upgrade. Which I don’t think will be that hard to do, but contrary to popular belief on this site, they’re not incompetent piles of monkey crap. They’re very capable cameras. Just not our preference.

          • Paul

            whine, whine, whine! if you really wanted a nikon with good iq and video, the d7000 has been around since last year so dont bullshit that it’s a d700 replacement or the 5d2 as your only choices. if all you’re gonna do is whine, better move completely to canon as i’m sure nikon does not need the headaches that you will only bring to them.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Umm, you understand you just compared two full frame, pro-level cameras to a crop-sensored enthusiast’s camera, right? If you don’t think there’s a difference, you’ve never shot a D700. What a D700 does with a fast prime is criminally gorgeous.

              Anyway, I did buy a D7000 while I wait for the D800. I gotta be honest, the AF and speed are terrific compared to my D80, but the picture quality at low ISO is mostly just incrementally better. What is your point?

        • Ren Kockwell

          Feel free to flame away.

          And for what it is worth, Nikon is very much responsible for setting and/or managing consumer expectation. This is a fundamental marketing and PR truism. So if they choose to stay mum on the tsunami impact on their business and on announcement details, and allow expectation to build up without offering any fundamental indicators, or leaks, then they do so at their own peril. Perceived frustration is the same as genuine frustration.

          While I know the pro/enthusiast market is small, it does exist, it is meaningful, and it is as big as it has ever been. Companies like Sigma and Ricoh have made their livings focusing on this niche. And this site, if nothing else, shows an incredibly pent-up demand for an affordable FF camera, the needs of which are not currently being met by the D700.

          • sirin

            – Nikon is very much responsible for setting and/or managing consumer expectation

            are we in an owner-and-his-cat relationship here? like, Nikon is the owner, and if the cat starves to death it’s his fault?

            Nikon never promised us anything. they’re just doing business here, and could easily shut down all DSLR research if they felt like it, without having any obligations to the photographers.

            we’re not cats. if somebody thinks they should be treated like one – well, it’s not Nikon’s fault.

            • Ren Kockwell

              You’re going to have to diagram that cat analogy for me Sirin because for the life of me I can’t figure out where you’re going with it. I stated that Nikon is perfectly free to not set expectation. They just do so at their own peril. As I said, over $10K of our company’s money plus another $10K in lenses was just lost due to poor release logic and poor management of expectation. My company had a need, we had to fill it and Nikon didn’t have the solution. But hey, I’m just doing business.

              I’m not an enthusiast threatening to switch, I am a professional with purchasing power and I did it. And I didn’t even want to. It’s perfectly easy for us to switch back, but we will have to wait for the bodies to run their course. Not everyone is loyal like that. As I said, for every person like me, there are 10 others who won’t be motivated enough to switch back. It is a bit of a hassle after all. It’s a lost opportunity is all that I am saying. And like a dolt, I await the D800 personally. We all do. But sometimes, business just can’t wait.

              The predictable hostility toward the 5D is always amusing, though.

            • Paul

              yup, agree with sirin. if you already switched to canon then move all your negativity to; you’ll be more than welcome there.

            • sirin

              – poor management of expectation

              this just does not compute.
              what the hell is expectation management any why does Nikon have to manage your expectations for you? sounds not very business-like.

          • @Ren Kockwell

            I understand your plight—honestly. It’s never fun to have job requirements and be corralled into using gear you don’t favor. I’ve been in that situation a handful of times, and it’s the pits.

            I also agree that Nikon has a certain level of responsibility to manage expectations. However, look at it from Nikon’s perspective. The internet (and forums like this) have drastically shifted the way these companies do business, and the level of frenzy consumers feel when hype around a new product gets stirred up. Is Nikon responsible for the hysteria we’ve induced upon ourselves because we really Really REALLY wanted the next big thing? I think that’s unreasonable. If you agree, then what is their role, and what is ours?

            We all know how warm and fuzzy we felt when Nikon announced the revolutionary D3. We all probably remember how excited we were when the D700 was released with the same incredible specs at a fraction of the price. Then came the D3x. Despite it’s huge price tag, it was a remarkable camera, and remains so today. Since then we’ve seen the D90, the D7000, and now even the formidable looking P+S the P7100. No doubt Nikon will deliver on its next round. They have a much higher vested interest in their success than you or I. But Nikon takes more of the Apple approach: get it right or don’t launch it. Love it or hate it, that’s how they operate.

            You did the right thing. You improvised. You partially divested and moved to Canon so you could continue to produce and create. Smart. It doesn’t take the pain away from using a camera that is inferior in usability and IQ, but it does pay the bills so you can afford the next thing when Nikon jumps.

  • Art


  • Drunkcaballo

    Cant wait to sell all of my out of date DSLR stuff and get one of these new Coolpix’s!!!! Woohoo…

    Interchangeable lenses are so 2010.

  • scurvy hesh

    Suck it coolpix

  • We’ve been coolpixed again.

    • KT

      That’s just profoundly awesome

  • Al0n

    Hey first for a change.

    Not that I care about Coolpix and mirrorless.

    • The invisible man

      Hey, not first as usual !

    • Change you better not believe in. 🙂

  • The invisible man

    No new coolpix ??????
    I just sold my D3x and my 200mm f/2 AF-s VR on Ebay, $500 for both.
    I was hoping using that money for a new Coolpix with a x55 zoom f/8-11 VRIII!
    I heard that there would be a new pink-purple-orange color available !
    Life is unfair.

    • f/8 on the wide end, eh? 🙂

      • The invisible man

        yes, but VRIII ! (and ISO 64.000)

        • Who needs 1.4 when you have ISO 64,000? 🙂

  • Al0n

    Ooops, not first!

  • Panda Jones

    I don’t understand how there can be THAT much of a market for P&S cameras that they can come out with a new on every other week… :/

    • Mario

      Exactly! P&S bullshit!

    • The invisible man

      Nikon does not make money with DSLR & lenses, they make money with point & shoot and other junk products.

      The reason why Nikon keep making DSLR and lenses it’s because of Nikon’s reputation.

      Nikon invest billions on research and dvp for the DSLR/lenses.
      We should be happy that nikon sell it to us for cheap.
      I bet the “real” price for a 14-24mm would be around $5000

      • Bob


      • Ren Kockwell

        Stop being a Nikon apologist IM. Should we be happy that they can’t lead in any segment of the P/S category to save their life? We can go on and on about how the consumer market pays for the professional market, but 1) there’s no way Nikon would make pro gear if it wasn’t profitable and 2) that makes them even more pathetic for producing such weak offerings considering the efficacy of their pro lines.

        It’s never excusable to be mediocre.

        • Andrew

          Ren Knockwell – I think you are expressing a little bit of impatience here – i.e. “Nikon… producing such weak offerings considering the efficacy of their pro lines”, especially the efficacious D3x [my addition]. Nikon is on the verge of something quite revolutionary, and as a result, they have taken their time to produce the next great series of products. The recent release of the D3100, D5100, and D7000 shows that Nikon has been hard at work. The D7000 caught everyone by surprise. It could easily be referred to as a pro camera, but selling at $1,199. This camera could easily have been sold at $2495. Had Nikon called it a pro camera, no one would have argued. Nikon did something here that caught even Canon by surprise – include the photographic press. To overlook the importance of the D7000 is to miss a fundamental shift – that is, in positioning a professional camera at a consumer price point. This is one of the reasons why Nikon has such a loyal following. Nikon produces exciting products. The emotional outcry (whether excessively positive or negative) you hear at this site [] is not something you can analyze intellectually – as you have been trying to do; the outcry or the defense of Nikon by its customers is simply an expression of the emotional bond between Nikon and its customers. It may be no different than a fan supporting their sports team.

          The minute Nikon introduces replacement to the D700 – i.e. the D800, we may get a camera that will likely incorporate the performance/picture quality of the D3x with the ergonomics of the D7000, while giving us stunning video performance to boot, this to me changes everything – especially if released at a price below $3,000. Note that the D3x is listed at $8,000. In such a scenario, I would not care to replace the camera (D800) for the next 3 to 5 years. I am still using the D80 coupled with a $800 Nikon lens, but I plan to purchase both the available D7000 and the D800 when released.

      • Trevor


      • Daniel

        I’ve heard that Nikon’s DSLR is some kind of byproduct of their lithography technique and their get the most benifit from that like sold product to Intel to produce CPU

      • Ray

        Not at all – SLRs and especially the lenses make up a decent portion of their income. Plus, like most other tech companies catering to high & low ends of the market, research on today’s high end produces products in tomorrow’s low end, so even if the SLR portion was cash neutral, the R&D benefit for the low end would still make it worth it.


        • The invisible man

          @ Ray
          Sound like Renault (french car maker), they are loosing money for the last 50 years but French gvt keep giving them billions every year to avoid bankrupcy ! (one day the will make money !)

          They got 3 billions euros to design electric car battery but the batteries never show up !

          • gt

            irrelevant and inappropriate comparison. nikon is not being subsidized by the government, nor is it losing money in its DSLR business. The D90 and now D7000 sold like hotcakes.

            you have a preconceived notion that has been rebutted by facts and that you are now attempting to prove with an irrelevant analogy.

            • The invisible man

              God bless you.

      • Nick

        Are you a paid Nikon troll?

        If Nikon can not serve the high end pro market, they should not pretend that they can.


        • How do conversations on a site named Nikon Rumors arrive at statements like “Nikon can not serve the high end pro market”?

          Have you guys not even held a D3x? D3s? D700? 300mm or 400mm 2.8? How about 85mm 1.4?

          Wouldn’t you be better off skulking around the Pentax forums?

          • Nick

            It was a response to a poster, who suggested that Nikon is losing money on the pro market and we should be happy to get what is available at all.

            And yes, I am holding in my hands almost all of the gears you mention and many more of the high end Nikon glasses. Also frustrated because I need a new full frame body to cover an event of international interest in September and I would prefer to get one, which is top of the line and not several years old technology.

            • This is a strategy decision, not a failing of a company. We’re all waiting on pins and needles for the next big thing. But if you need an FX camera for September, why not get a great deal on the D700 (new or used) now, sell it potentially for a profit when you’re finished, then buy the next gen when it’s released?

              Again, a little strategy can ease a lot of heartburn.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Totally agree. If you shoot stills for a living, and you’re good at it, one shoot can pay for a D3 or D3X. If I didn’t need video, I’d have bought the D700 and been thrilled to death. That camera rules the stills roost. Could I use more MP for billboards, bus installations and double trucks? Emphatically yes, but with intelligent framing and some creativity, I can usually work around it, and most photography doesn’t need any more. For the other non-video 75% of what I do, it would be more than enough camera for the likes of me.

            • @Ren:

              Totally +1. You’ve summed up pretty much exactly how I feel about The Pursuit of MegaPixels. Can we use more resolution? Sure. Will we welcome it? Absolutely. Anybody who tries to put up the lame straw man argument of “you believe 12mp is enough for everyone and there should never ever ever be any more” is a complete moron.

              Never have I said I don’t want more resolution. Never. I simply don’t want it at the expense of other, more important factors that will govern IQ. If you can increase quality in dynamic range, noise response, top high-ISO, shoulder/toe response, diffraction, sharpness, color-fidelity (especially in reds) and yes, even video capabilities; If you can do all of this AND increase MP, then you’ll get zero complaint from me. Indeed, I’ll marvel at the feat.

              But the more of these items you neglect, the more questionable your pursuit of MP comes. Digress on even a few, and you’re pretty much dead to me. 🙂

    • KT

      What’s even more remarkable than the pace of updates is that they aren’t a whole lot better from year to year. The same grainy noise level with a different alpha-numeric designation

  • Calibrator

    Do I hear the hype-machine coming to a grinding halt?

    • gt

      machine died a long time ago

  • Hm.. well well.. we just have to learn to take pictures with what we got. I think Nikon will announce that the camera division is being sold to Sony. Nikon realises that they cant compete with Sony.

    • If this is a joke, it’s not funny. If you’re serious:

      You’re not serious, are you?

    • sirin

      sony? never heard of it.
      oh wait, is it those guys who got the most-noisy-full-frame-on-the-market award?

  • ich bins

    … much ado about nothing … (Shakespeare) … big event two years ago … Nikon will be discontinued soon. Good night.

  • Jv
  • Jv
    • Magnus

      When will the (rest of the) world realize that the only proper way to write dates is:
      2011-08-24 (or possibly 2011.08.24)
      i.e. a four digit year followed by month followed by day.

      I mean how hard can it be to follow the same principle as with ordinary numbers (largest first followed by lesser) and the clock (hour first then minutes and seconds)? Then we would avoid date confusion regarding dates stamped on food etc.

      11/09/10 – equals what date?
      11-09-10 – another date?
      11.09.10 – a third?
      11/9-10 – a forth?
      2011.09.10, 2011-09-10 = simple.

      • Jv

        was just kidding. … and hoping that there are some SLRs coming up and not just cpixs

        • 02/01/11

          The first one is the best. Here’s why:

          February First, Two-Thousand Eleven
          First of February, Two-Thousand Eleven
          Year of Two-Thousand Eleven, First day in the Month of February

          First one is shortest. And most comfortable to say. 😉

          • Bip

            1/2/2011 = 1 Feb Twenty-Eleven

            • That’s not a date, it’s another language.

          • Mock Kenwell

            +1, and screw the metric system, too!

      • Pickering


        Anywhere in the world I know the dates are written day/month/year. The only exception is in North America.
        To avoid any confusion I always check the country.
        In this case no confusion is expected knowing that the website is from England. i.e. day/month/year. (easy as the mentioned clock)

        For computer purposes all my dates are named and ordered by year-month-day

        • ericnl

          numeric sequences are in order of most convenient use.

          it is much more common to ask “what date is it today?”,
          than it is to ask “what month is it today?”
          people asking what year it is, only happens in SF films 😉

          therefor the only correct order should be 24/08/2011
          (aren’t we all waiting for the release on the 24th now??)

          • Magnus

            So… thus, according to your logic, it would be natural to change the order depending on subject?

            While taking historical classes the order would be inverted (starting with year), when talking about vacations you would start with month, etc.?

        • Magnus

          “Anywhere in the world I know…”
          – you don’t know much about dates, do you?

          Being a database developer I have had lots of trouble with parsing different date inputs (worldwide support).


          Quote: “For example, ‘9/11’ can refer to both ‘The fall of the Berlin Wall’ on 9 November 1989 and to September 11 attacks. In the United States,”

          There are LOTS of different ways to write dates, but the YYYY-MM-DD is simply the most logical – and also defined in ISO 8601.
          In Sweden (and many other countries) this has been standardized since around 1970…
          Time for the rest of the world to catch up…

          • Pickering

            U r right. And I am not wrong.

            As I mentioned “the word I know” i have the right to know quite a few but not all them.

            From your suggestion:
            starting with the month – used primarily in the United States, partially in Canada, and a few other countries

            starting with the year – standard in Asian countries, Hungary, Sweden and the US armed forces. (I´ve been in Hungary and did not notice. My fault. Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are not among these Asian countries)

            And, as i mentioned before, I DO USE YEAR-MONTH-DAY.
            I am an engineer and it is really easy for my brain.

            Thanks for making me aware that it is now part of ISO 8601 international standard.

            Defintly, this standard shoul be always used. ANYWHERE.

        • Gregorylent

          China, big to small, 2011/08/22

  • Raff

    Well, August goes to Sony … : (

    Let’s hope September it’s all Nikon … : )

    • Tiger1050-rider

      September is just about right for general availability for Christmas.

      My D700 should have done about 50K shots by then. Time to retire it to No 2 Camera and get a D800.

  • photonut

    oh noooo … worst case scenario unfolding: the onslaught of the coolerpixes …

  • Ah well. They’ll still come along at some point, and I’m sure it won’t be too far away from now.

  • RMT


    • Leroy


      How disappointing… 🙁

    • Blue984


  • Joaquim Prado

    what is the deal with the coolpix?

  • I´m trying to buy a fullframe camera here and no D700 avaiable to buy, so whats the point?

    I´m trying to buy a Fullframe on the $2.500,00 range, so, what´s the options i have?

    Waiting some tips…

    • Drunkcaballo

      For $2500 you could duct tape 12 coolpixes together. It would be ultra FX with all those image sensors working together.

      Or better yet. The world first 12D camera.

      Chicks dig 12D.

      • sirin


    • sk

      you could get a second hand D3 if you’re on a rush… or go Canon!

      • Rastapopulous

        I just picked up a nice used D3 for cheap on ebay. NOW is the time to get yourself a full frame, before prices potentially go back up!

    • broxibear

      Hi Bernardo Vaghi,
      You’re in Brazil yeah ?…why don’t you ask Nikon Brazil where you can get a D700

      • Here in Brazil no Nikon D7000 avaiable on this price $2.500,00 neither on grey market.

        I found just one for $5.000,00 …

        Canon no please, i´m not gonna be another 5D MK II soft 24-70 guy…

    • Leroy

      I just checked with and they still seem to have a few at $2,649.00

  • s550

    Don’t feel bad, us Canon shooters are in the same boat. We’re literally foaming at the mouth for new DSLRs. You still have the low light king, at least for!!!

    Sorry, I had to do it….

  • D700guy

    Amazing. All this cloak and dagger shit, and they’re only announcing Coolpix?

  • Brock Kentwell

    Release the army of Ashton attack robots, Smithers!

  • sk

    argh.. that’s REALLY disappointing.

  • It could be that they distributed Coolpix press releases only to the “general” media and another set to photography related organizations.

    • Jv

      Are any of these media organizations (general or otherwise) reporting this?

      • I have seen leaks the day before the announcement from websites I have never heard before. I guess Nikon sends press releases to many websites that are not directly related to photography.

    • D200Forever

      So holidays were cancelled/banned for a Coolpix release?

      Seems unlikely..

      Where there’s hope there’s life

      • the second announcement could be next week

        • Raff

          Yes, it makes sense to be before IFA!

        • Dr SCSI

          I guess it is kind of like the Olympics medal announcements ; bronze gets announced first, followed by silver second and then finally gold last. Or is that just tv game shows I am thinking of, in their efforts to build tension? Anyway, the CoolPix falls into the bronze category, the upcoming mirror less in the silver, and DSLRs in the gold. I wanna see new gold in the next couple of days, otherwise I am going to change the channel and watch the canon rumors site for a while. Oh the agony of it all…the suspense is killing me!

          • Raff

            I like the medals analogy!

            By the way: Canon Rumors are just talking about new DSLR in October …

            Not clear yet whether FX or DX.

        • lolly

          I think at least one fullframe will be announced around the 24th August 2011. Existing stock of D700/D3s/D3x need to be cleared/sold before the D4’s announcement.

          Previous rumor of a 18-20 mp FX body could be a lower end body. I don’t expect anything less than 24mp in a top of the line Nikon FX i.e. D4 … Nikon learned its lesson with the D2h.

        • Joe


          Next week? A second announcement in August? Interesting. How reliable is this? Any rating?

          I wonder if it’s a last minute plan change or what.

          • not reliable until I get the exact press event date, heard it from several different sources already but they all say different dates

  • TheThing

    You shouldn’t have posted this…my heart will not take it…I could have had 2 more days of hope

  • Leroy

    I guess we might all as well go out and get D7000s. Apparently that’s the upgrade path for everything now.

  • The invisible man

    I love my 14-24mm AF-s f/2.8
    I love my 24-70mm AF-s f/2.8
    I love my 105mm AF-s f/2.8 VR
    I love my D90
    I love my SB900

    I love taking picture, I love my picture’s quality, I love NIKON.

    I don’t give a dime about what will not appen on the 24th !

    • The invisible man

      I also love my wife and her mother (oops !)

      • Mubarak

        I love your wife too Tim

        • The invisible man

          Be carefull, she maybe visible but I’m not…..

        • Careful dude, you’ll blow his cover. Hey IM, I realise the Nikon love and wife love are actually different and totally unrelated, but where the heck does love for the outlaws fit in. rofl

  • nobody

    Would that mean that Joe McNally shot the exhibition images with a coolpix?

    • they may announce something without letting the press know in advance

      • sk

        do you still have faith? 🙂

      • yeah, but why would they do that? why would they want less publicity for a product release?

    • Leroy

      If paid to do so, he might. Why wouldn’t he? And let Ashton Kutcher get all the cool pix chicks???

    • Dexter0508

      of what I’ve seen on McNally’s images EXIF in his blog, he never shot any coolpix(all where shot with D3s and D3x. so it’s still possible that Nikon is just toying with us(I hope) and might announce tomorrow(all fingers crossed while typing) a new line of DSLRs 🙂

      • One other consideration I haven’t seen here so far:

        Maybe Nikon is having their mind blown that there still haven’t been any leaks about the D4 and D800 that are slated to be announced in 2 days. They’re basking in it to the last minute.

    • Nathan

      Nah, he shot it with Polaroid.

  • Pat Nathan

    Is that all ? Should have sold all my Nikon bodies and lenses a long time ago and jumped camp to Canon. However, as someone pointed out above, it might be Sony that will rule the roost in the future. Bye bye bye Nikon, if that is all you’ll announce on the 24th.

    • Has anyone here used nikon lenses with sony bodies?

      I am seriously considering it if Nikon dont pull something out the bag

  • AnoNemo

    This will be very embarrasing for Nikon. What I do not understand is that what difference does it make a september announcement or an end of august? I guess in Nikon’s world another month of useless waiting. I think we should start calling Nikon “Waiting”. We have to wait years to get an FX that is more than 12MP and can shoot 1080p….

    • Raff

      If Nikon are using Sony sensors, it could make sense to let Sony be the first on the market.

      And once Sony had their brief market attention, the focus goes back to Nikon and their ability to get better quality pictures out of the same hardware (if this is still the case!)

      • Jules

        … but Sony aren’t anouncing a Full-Frame camera.

  • Jim stewart

    Whats the point of a big announcement all over the globe if you are going to announce it to the press 2 days before? Can you imagine an apple launch with the products announced 2 days before in all the papers? I don’t see this as anything other than a bit of foreplay

  • Bart B

    Who needs a coolpix? I have a HTC
    Superb for taking cool pix of my drunk friends 🙂

  • Rhlpetrus

    Nikon never said anuthing about Aug 24, did they?

    We will new dslrs only in Sept, it’s clear at this point, that was what Bryan P. said.

    • AnoNemo

      There is a huge chance that Nikon will announce new products in this century.

  • Merv

    If these Coolpix cameras were equal to the best point-and-shoots out there, I think we probably wouldn’t mind these Coolpix releases.

    It’s just that many of these are not that much more useful than most people’s cellphone cameras these days. I can think of five types of point-and-shoots needed:

    1) Something like the Canon G12/Nikon P7000/Panasonic LX5
    2) Slimmer performance camera like the Canon S95
    3) Rugged camera
    4) Superzoom
    5) Entry level that has to markedly outperform the iPhone4/5

    They all should have P/S/A/M modes and the screw mount for tripods

    I see what, 14 models here:

    What would be a huge announcement is if Nikon Coolpix partnered with Apple iPhone

  • If they are going to annouce the freaking coolpix only. I am going to sell all the nikon equipment and switch to damned canon. I hate that I have no advanced camera to use…

  • Hernan S

    This is F BS …. Cmon Nikon what F Im so disappointed I was really hoping for a new pro level DSRL …. full frame and all that …. how is that we still haven’t got anything to compete with 5D Mark II (I’m Talking about video here) …

    • It’s called the D7000. The D7K has better dynamic range and better signal-noise ratio. The only thing the D7K doesn’t have is high frame rate options, but it’s 1080p 24fps looks better than all the Canon offerings.

      • Obviously the D7K is a APS-C body, not full-frame…. but armed with a fast prime, you can get the DoF you’re looking for.

  • EnPassant

    So much hype for Coolpix cameras few here are interested in. But at lest we can enjoy another month of rumors about Nikon mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Possibly with some interesting leaks!

    • I’d like to enjoy the camera than enjoy the rumors…

  • The invisible man

    Peter !
    If we don’t get any DSLR on the 24th, I want my $50 NR monthly fees refunded for the past 3 years !

  • Steve Starr

    If you want a D700, the Best Buy warehouse has them in stock for immediate shipment to any Best Buy store now. Checked online and they say 3-5 days if you really need a D700 FX body. Sounds like it is going to be around a bit longer else why would Best Buy buy a warehouse full of them at retail price? The don’t show any D3 bodies though.

    That Sony Alpha A77 24MP thing sure looks like a Nikon lens on it. The AF/M switch is too much like Nikon lenses. Wonder if Nikon is making the Sony lenses rather than Zeiss now?

    Maybe Nikon is letting Sony run with that sensor for a while and see how it goes? “We’ll provide the glass, and you make the body.” If Sony copies Nikon, maybe now is time for Nikon to exchange the favor.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is a positive. Did not Peter Admin say at one time that Nikon would not release Fullframes before Coolpix? And did he not say that they would not release Coolpix and Fullframes on the same day? This is a big Plus, Coolpix down and Fullframes coming! I have faith, it’s going to happen sure as rain.

  • The invisible man

    As I already said, I think the good news will come in September-October.
    Why make a such big announcement in August when most people are still in vacations ?

  • Georg

    Wohooo! Some more months to save money for the replacement of my D700 and go out to get some cool shots – instead of worrying with new tech. :o)

    Apart from that, I want a FX sensor in a small and light body not bigger than F3.

    • The invisible man

      My wife is just like that (small and light body) but I can’t talk about my sensor in this forum.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, it’s not the size of the sensor, it’s the processing quotient of the EXPEED processors. Whoever said size matters hasn’t tried the new Coolpix!

      • Georg

        @the invisible man:
        Your sensor size does not interest me – even if it is invisible – but you can link to some photos of your wife.

  • s550

    wow, thanks for deleting my post Admin guy, guess Canon guys aren’t allow to enjoy Nikon rumors, good luck and I hope you guys get your announcement, it’ll probably be sooner than us, peace out…

  • ricardo

    I dont think anybody could get excited about point and shoot cameras, most people just go to the store and pick the prettiest one…. of course that could be a Casio with 20mpx and a calculator included.

  • Well, I just put my name and NPS number down on a list for a D4 in the spring time with my Nikon dealer here in Saskatchewan. He doesn’t know what’s coming yet either, and doesn’t anticipate anything arriving for several months. So hopefully I will have the money in place by then!

    One four year old boy up for auction! Starting bid – $6000 Canadian. Do I have $6,500? $6,500? $6,250 then? Come on, boys! Step right up!

  • nobody

    Would Nikon really tell their reps not to leave for holidays at the end of August for a Coolpix announcement?

    Is CanonRumors wrong about a big megapixel Nikon camera this week?

    Is that Nikon sponsored Joe McNally exhibition (with very large prints) opening on August 24th totally unrelated to the Nikon announcements on August 24th?

    Why have Sony effectively anticipated their announcements in the last few weeks, so that nothing new will be announced on August 24th?

    I can see two possible answers to all these questions.

    No.1: it’s all just random coincidence.

    No.2: the Nikon D4 is less than 36 hours away.

    Pick your choice!

    • ladiesman217


      I vote D4

    • DCN

      Not sure if we will have a D4 announcement in 36 hours but I do think that a lot of the rumors for the FF camera are on to something. My guess would be that if there is no official announcement on the 24th for a FF camera we will get one by mid September, right after the McNally show.

    • nobody

      One more thought: could there be a reason why both, Nikon and Sony chose the 24th as announcement day?

      FWIW, Sony will announce two new 24mp cameras.

    • lolly

      I can see a D4x coming soon !!

  • broxibear

    I shouldn’t laugh…but I will…

  • dino B

    dont worry people my source tels me the new coolpix will have fx sensors and the top of the line coolpix will have medium format sensors. lol 😀

    • broxibear

      Hi dino B,
      Unfortunately medium format sensors just arent good enough for me because I crop at the extreme corners at 1 Billion iso and then make 150m prints. Looks like I’m going have to switch to the Pentax Q3100BS…have you seen the amazing review it got at http://www.ofcourse i’

  • It is possible that Nikon postpones the planned launch of their full frame models because they became aware of Canon planning a launch on Friday

    • nobody

      According to CanonRumors the next Canon DSLR is coming in October.

    • lolly

      I think you mean announcement and not “launch” on Friday

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