Nikon’s mirrorless: not a “pro” camera but with few very innovative features

Nikon has mentioned on several occasions that they will surprise the market and will do things differently with their mirrorless camera. They also said that their mirrorless camera will not be targeted at professionals (although several websites reported the contrary) and will have enhanced video features.

The new Nikon mirrorless camera was described to me as "having more enthusiast than pro features" and "having few very innovative features". Nikon is also working on a special flash unit for their mirrorless camera which will be probably announced in the future.

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  • Pointshooter

    Maybe it’s a EVIL Nikonos. 😛

    • Honestly, has it ever been any different? Nikon is probably too big to be innovative. For a Japanese company that is. On the other hand there is nothing wrong with being mainstream. Especially when there are shareholders to think of.

    • Ren Kockwell

      No way they’ll upstage this mirrorless project with a DSLR release. We’re doomed to more waiting.

  • texajoe


    • +1000

    • But who was genuinely expecting much here anyway?

      • Meh……

        • Kevin Watkins

          yea…at this point, I’m just hoping that everyone at nikon is just REALLY tight-lipped. But that’d be the first time in…like…ever.

  • The invisible man

    6 days

    • AnoNemo

      6 days and currently as it looks Nikon does not give damn about the outdated FX line.

      • The invisible man

        I am sure we will get the D900/D4 soon, maybe september, the Japan earthquake probably delai the announcement.
        Give us more time to save the money !

      • I’m sure you’re right. They do not care at all. They’re sitting in their offices eating edamame, and they’re all ‘Pshhhht. Stoopid FX line. Stoopid FX shooters. Stoopid nuclear contamination. We don’t even care!’

        I’m sure that’s exactly their sentiment.

        • Abo

          erhm, i am pretty sure the contamination hasnt got as far as Malasya…

        • AnoNemo

          Yes Ron. That’s exactly what they are doing.

    • Has anyone got any news on a Canon date on anything? Just wondering when the main competition is going to try and roll something out to compete…

      • You’ve got some really great shots on your site, Russ.

        • Cheers buddy 😉 Great use of light in those portraits you have too – I can’t shoot a decent portrait for toffee…

          • I agree with Ron, awesome portfolio!

            • Ren Kockwell

              Agreed, but just think how much better it would be if Russ only had the right camera…

            • Thanks, Russ and Slow Gin.

              @Slow Gin: You already know I love your work. 😉

              @Ren—amen. I’m sure Russ is glad someone has broken the silence on this insider secret.

            • Ron, the same to you. 🙂

      • Jabs

        Canon lost too much money in the last quarter to launch much now and they seem to have taken an even bigger hit from the earthquake/tsunami than Nikon.

        Canon is bigger than Nikon, so harder to turn around a bigger ship.

        Canon probably now is looking to see HOW they can knock out Nikon’s upcoming D4 series, as they failed in their crop sensor stop-gap MK4 badly to uproot the original D3, as Nikon dropped a D3s on THEM (ouch). Nikon basically surrounded them with TWO cameras – at the high end, the D3X with better resolution and at the lower end, the D3s with better performance and a REAL usable high ISO, that took the bragging rights away from Canon’s Pro Dx equivalent line = don’t mess with Nikon, as they and Canon have been going at it for generations in the Pro ranks and Nikon has probably won this fight in maybe 9 out of 10 instances.

        On to a FF sensor REAL pro body to replace their aging 21megapixel FF Pro body which is older than the original D3, then maybe a trickle down similar ‘sensored’ update to the 5D MK2 = how I see it.

        My opinion!

        • Nicola

          Canon competes with Nikon only in terms of sales,but as concerns the whole product line they have about nothing to compete.Image quality?Naaah.Ergonomics?Naaah.Maybe more third party accessories?Probably.

      • Rahul

        Mesmerizing nature shots. Great work Russ.

        • PoBoy


        • MysterF


        • Thanks guys 🙂

  • broxibear

    “having more enthusiast than pro features” ?
    That doesn’t make any sense since enthusiasts usually want pro features in a camera… is it supposed to be “having more consumer than pro features” ?
    It needs to have desirablity in this market and at the right price…Sounds as if they’re making excuses before the camera is even announced.

    • AnoNemo

      “having more enthusiast than pro features” ?
      This a nice way of putting that we made an interchangable lens Coolpix.

      The bottom line is that if you put lipstick on pig … still a pig. 😉

    • Broxibear, I think there are three levels: consumer (simple coolpix camera), enthusiast (P7000 maybe?) and pro (D3s, D700, D300s).

      • Rahul

        And in which category should we put D3100 and D5100 users then?

      • broxibear

        I don’t know about ther countries but here in the UK Nikon catogorize the Coolpix series as Life, Style and Performance…the dslrs are Consumer and Professional.
        Ultimately the name doesn’t mean anything, the word “Pro” is just added for marketing and often to justify a higher price.
        It’s highly competative market with Panasonic, Olympus and Sony already established and Fuji rumoured to be entering with a baby X100.
        I’d like to see the sales figures for the P7000, the price being slashed within a few months suggests they weren’t very good.

        • BartyL

          Yair, it’s a bit of a laff the way ‘pro’ is used. Here in Oz we have a retail chain called Ted’s Cameras. Good store & good staff in my experience, but they have a section on their website called ‘Ted’s Professional’. In it, you can shop for ‘pro cameras’ and ‘pro memory cards’ and ‘pro lenses’, quite often the same items that are listed in their non-pro section without the ‘pro’ profix…

      • Jabs


        Over the years, Nikon has had series of camera bodies within different categories.

        In DSLR’s –

        Amateur = D3100

        Enthusiast = D5100

        Semi-Pro = now D7000

        Pro = now FX – D700, DX – D300s, upper level Pro = D3s, ultimate level Pro = D3x

        Now, when they introduce this NEW MX series of cameras, they probably will follow the same stratification of LEVELS and models = Nikon’s way often, thus EXPANDING their market coverage.
        Divide yourself into more categories or layers to conquer your market, perhaps!

        Looks like this now, perhaps from top to bottom.
        a. CoolPix series
        b. MX series
        c. DX series
        d. DX and FX – semi-Pro series
        e. FX Pro series

      • > I think there are three levels: consumer (simple coolpix camera), enthusiast (P7000 maybe?) and pro (D3s, D700, D300s).

        Wow, if the P7000 is enthusiast targeted, boy did they miss the mark.

        Pro cameras are easy, as NPS defines them: D300s, D700, D3s, D3x.
        Enthusiast is tricky, because while technically the D7000 is it, there’s some spillover to D5100 and D300s/D700.
        Consumer is easy: D3100 and D5100. If you’re new to DSLRs or don’t know what you need, those are the bodies Nikon wants to sell you.

        The problem for Nikon has been that they’ve not been as successful at building enthusiast compact cameras (let alone pro). The long P5000, P6000, P7000 progression has resulted in lower and lower interest while Canon’s G9, G10, G11, G12 progression continues to do well.

        Many of us have gone to larger sensor “compacts,” as in m4/3, NEX, X100/X1, and so on. Nikon is coming in BELOW those cameras with their mirrorless entry, so you have to question–at least on the face of it with what we know so far–whether Nikon is just after a bunch of low-cost sales or is really targeting a need.

        • hexx

          “Many of us have gone to larger sensor “compacts,” as in m4/3, NEX, X100/X1, and so on. Nikon is coming in BELOW those cameras with their mirrorless entry”

          this is exactly what I’m going to do, buy either X100 or NEX7. And time will show if I miss DSLR or not. If yes I’ll buy new FX body, or used D700.

      • PHB

        Now if only Nikon would make a camera with the consumer dial, the one that has setting for stock shooting modes.

        Just one change, instead of portrait, night, etc, it is labeled a, b, c … and it sets the configuration to the corresponding configuration setting bank. So you can have a setup for bracket mode shooting and enable it from the dial. And same for radio flash, etc

        I would also like to be able to plug the camera into a computer and download a programable formula to set parameters like shutter speed etc.

        One feature that i would be prepared to lose some iso range for is an electronc shutter. That woul enable back to back bracketting shots and high speed flash sync. Not to mention faster shutter speeds.

  • AnoNemo

    That’s brilliant! More crapgradget from Nikon…and the new innovative solution will be that it will project your dog’s and cat’s picture through the interchangable lens.

    I am getting a bit disappointed with Nikon. Where is the beef? Show us the dslrs!

    But I guess we have to wait for sony to give sensors to Nikon. Many people will be pissed at Nikon next week … except me! Because I am already pissed. 🙂

    • MK

      cool beans. why do you feel the need to share it with the internet? do you think nikon is reading your whimpers and changing their product plans based on your specifications? son, i am disappoint

      • BornOptimist

        AnoNemo has a higher moral than Nikon, so he feels eligible to criticize Nikon.

        • AnoNemo


      • Ren Kockwell

        Umm. Sharing your opinions with the Internet is what forum sites like this are all about. Twitter? Hello?

        As for the question, “Does Nikon read this site?” The answer is, yes. Of course they do. Does it impact their glacial, conservative approach? Likely a touch, but clearly not enough for our taste.

        • I know for sure that Nikon is reading this website. I get their out of office notifications on their NR email subscriptions 🙂

          • bart b

            So … If Nikon reads NR … How much is the chance that the leaks that come in here are organised by Nikon themselfs instead of employees who write you after their workhours?

            The way you get your new information, bit by bit, points in the way of Nikon themselfs organising a mirrorless hype with your enthoussiast Nikon followers/readers …

            If a Nikon employee wants to tell you something secretly he will give you all he knows in 1 mail.

  • Mike

    Their use of the word ‘enthusiast’ rings back to the rumors a few days (weeks?) ago that they would launch one camera targeted towards pros, and one towards enthusiasts.

  • 2.6xMoreAngry

    {{{ YAWN }}}

  • The invisible man

    Does anyone here had compared the noise between the D90 and the D7000 at 800 ISO ?

    • Jabs

      @The invisible man

      Have not shot them, but looking critically at D90 and D7000 images at any ISO, the D7000 is more like an FX ‘sensored’ body in response, though the D90 is actually better than the D300 and they use similar BUT different sensors.

      The D7000 is closer to the D700 and the original D3 and way beyond the D90 or D300, D300s in IMAGE quality, not camera build or AF speed, framing rates and such = my opinion.

      • The invisible man

        Thank you Jabs, I think I will wait few more years for the D900.

        • Rahul

          Come on man. Just multiply your current camera by 10 🙂 And do that with extreme precaution otherwise it also may become invisible.

      • Ren Kockwell

        I have the D80 and the D7000. Worlds of difference in shutter sound, shutter speed and crispness. Image quality is not as much improved at low ISOs as I had hoped, but still quite good. It treats my older AIS lenses far more respectfully, not having to only resort to manual with no focus aid.

    • Trevor

      You can use to compare the D300s and D7000 at all ISOs in RAW. There might be some difference between the D300s and D90, but at least you’re comparing the same sensor.

      • Jabs

        OR – you can also go to DX0 Labs and do the same or better, though dpreview is more consumer focused and thus easier to grasp.

        DX0 is more for Engineers and chart readers – lol, thus YOU have to understand their methodology, as in it being Scientific.

        Lousy in Science and measuring, chart reading, or such then stick to dpreview or others like that.

    • broxibear

      D7000 vs D90 High ISO Noise Comparison here scroll down after the Canon comparison.

      • Nek Mockwell

        I Like Gordon and his site,..I’m a member and have been,…but keep in mind,..these are default settings in jpeg.

        If you do PP carefully,…other than a bit more bite in sharpness(lens dependent IMHO),CS5’s or another noise plugin…you can get pretty close to a D7000 with a D90.

        It’s a tick better,..but not enough to make me trade my D90 in….since I can shoot 1600ISO and clean it up pretty decent.

        Just sayin’

    • In Hi-ISO noise is same but color is not, D7000 is a lot better, even in ISO-6400.

    • hexx

      DXO Mark is your friend for these things

  • Jabs

    Actually, this makes sense to ‘stick to the basics’ or the old term K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid -lol.

    I see a simple camera coming and if the concept takes off, then Nikon can then build a more serious version or semi-Pro version – sort of like this being a D3100 or D5100 equivalent and then they can build a D7000 equivalent and then really get serious and give us a D400 equivalent in their DX series.

    Nikon has always been about several LEVELS of performance when introducing new concepts or series extensions in the past.

    FA with Matrix metering, 1/250th sec flash sync, 1/4000 sec top speed with that brilliant honeycomb vertical shutter (I think -lol) and revolutionary electronics.
    – then, they updated the mechanical FM2 from 1/200 sec flash sync to an FM2n with the same 1/250th sec flash sync as the newer FA but a mechanical shutter instead.

    F3 with DE2 head, then F3HP with DE3 High-Eyepoint head became standard

    F4 with MB (forgot name) came out and then they replaced it with the F4s with I think the MB-23 larger grip and higher framing rates as standard.

    Nikon F’s and F2’s with all the different heads and grips to get more functionality.

    That’s how Nikon seems to think.

    The basics first, and then the ‘extra sauce’ later.

    Remember, this seems to be a new SERIES of cameras as in MX (Mini-X or even Micro-X) series. I expect a TC (tele-converter) like the TC-16AF from the F3AF days (it had a built-in micro motor to drive the manual lenses) to also be announced and that would AF the ‘F’ mount lenses or connect the AF-S and ‘G’ series lenses, perhaps. Nikon often reuses old patents or their own old ideas but NOW more refined and updated = their history!

    They might even surprise us with a few more models upon introduction, but the name currently or reportedly used is already used for another Product, so I seriously doubt that is the final name and may be merely a code or prototype/development name.

  • ZinhaEq

    I don’t really care about Nikon mirrorless business, but I fear the production of pro bodies will suffer because of mirorless system.

    • Trevor

      Not a personal attack but a lot of people express that concern, and I’m not sure I understand it. If you have multiple product lines, why would you not also have multiple design/development teams? It’s not like Nikon is either a small company or has given up on DSLR sales. DSLR sales haven’t even dropped off, they’re picking up.

      I know most of the forum wants to see new DSLR bodies and lenses, but we don’t go crazy when Nikon releases new binoculars, so why would we be concerned with other new camera lines? There is obviously a benefit of sharing resources in a company, but Nikon would be absolutely foolish to stretch resources so thin that product development suffers.

      • I think a lot of people are worried about where Nikon is going. This year they’ll sell over 15 million cameras. Less than 500,000 of those are likely to be FX cameras. Heck, if they don’t ship a D700 replacement soon, the number will be far, far lower than that. As the low-end stuff keeps growing and growing in number, the high-end stuff isn’t necessarily growing at the same rate. We’ve seen production constraint in almost every “pro” Nikon product in the past year, and I believe it’s an artificial constraint, not a real one. Put another way, they appear to be shifting resources downward in the imaging group.

        Personally, if that’s true, I think it spells danger. Historically, Nikon has not been a consumer product maker, it’s been a high-end shop with an emphasis on optics. Nikon isn’t vertically integrated like Panasonic, Samsung, or Sony, so it will have a difficult time pushing ahead of them at the true consumer level, let alone staying there. The low end is where pennies make differences. And again, historically, cutting pennies isn’t where Nikon has been as a company, though they’ve gotten better and better at it by necessity.

        • broxibear

          Hi Thom,
          It’s all about India and China, massive market place for Coolpixes and lower end dslrs.
          I also think at the higher end photographers are holding on to their equipment for far longer. Most working photographers don’t have the financial means to change as every new model appears, I know many believe that all professional photographers have a background team and an equipment list bigger than Jessops but they don’t. Wear and tear is making photographers I know upgrade rather than new features or more of something like MP.
          Hindsight’s a great thing but I firmly believe DX was a mistake that’s had a negative effect on Nikon, and their ability to develop… I’m sure others will disagree.

        • JonMcG

          If this is true, then I think Nikon is missing the boat and letting the pencil pusher accountants lead the way rather than common sense.

          Though the pro FX bodies may only represent a small % of the overall business volume and revenue, these top end products can, and often do, drive sales of the lower end models. Consumers looking to make the jump into the enthusiast segment will inquire with their ‘pro” acquaintances as to who is the king and what brand should I get? The more Pro, semi-Pro, prosumers out there walking around with great Nikon “pro” products, the better.

          Your flagship products are, somewhat, defining products for your entire offering. You can be sure Nikon’s coolpix line enjoy a sales benefit because of what Nikon has to offer in the “pro” realm.

          I would even argue that if production at the top end is a break even proposition, it’s a worthwhile investment for everything underneath.

          Nikon *should* be continuously refining, and beating down their main competitor, Canon, at every opportunity at almost any cost.

        • Thom, I wonder why Nikon have attacked high-end segment of optics (every expensive G-lens) but still keeps silence about equal-level cameras? We have reverse problem here: fast expensive primes aren’t equipped with modern-day expensive workhorses and topsy-turvy: slow cheap primes still can’t appear to support consumer non-motor driven DSLRs. The problem lasts for years: from revealing D40 to the vast audience till today’s D5100. How long we have to wait Nikon to solve both shortcomings?

        • Ren Kockwell

          Ultimately, to me the most disheartening thing about the mediocrity of the Coolpix line is the utter lack of meaningful trickle down of FX features into those consumer cameras. How can a company so in-tune with professionals have such disdain for entry-level P/S consumers? From a marketing perspective, their clearly-defined stance in the DSLR arena is coupled with a baffling lack of positioning in the Coolpix and enthusiast realms.

          At the most basic level, Nikon DSLRs are all about low-light capability, body toughness, and lens quality. They own those features. What does Coolpix own? Every body tries to be all things to all people. They’re all wishy-washy. Not terrible cameras—most are fairly capable despite what folks here might argue—but outside of DSLRs, timid Nikon is afraid to take any risks whatsoever. Every move is safe. Dull. Uninspired. Slow. Sadly, mirrorless will likely follow this trend. Historical evidence is just not on their side. At the end of the day, even when they set out to please enthusiasts—as they attempted to do with the P7000—the result is uninspired, off-the-mark, not enough. It reeks of focus-testing cowardice. They made a camera two years too late, trumped by existing bodies that took bold moves and moved the category forward.

          Canon’s stance in the P/S and enthusiast realms are much more clearly defined. Same with Panasonic and Olympus. Why can’t Nikon try to own low-light in their consumer bodies? Own low megapixels? Own body toughness or dynamic range? Why can’t they translate the successful DSLR positioning to their consumer lines, especially when the endgame is always to get those low-end consumers to graduate up the chain?

          Nikon is schizo in their product line strategies. I find that eminently worrisome.

          • BornOptimist

            I believe the answere to that is – most of the innards in Nikon P&S is based on reference design made by eg. Sharp.
            It’s not often spoken about, but many of the P&S cameras share parts that have been developed by third part companies. This could be sensor and electronic, lens-blocks, flash circuitry, power supplies etc. The outer shell is off course custom made for each model.
            When using building blocks from a “pool”, there are little you can do to stand out in the crowd.

  • NG42

    Because of the size sensor I’m not that interested. Curious to see what it will be capable of in terms of video. I doubt it will be that impressive.

  • Shane

    This is boring yawn where are the dslrs…….

  • d

    Surprise surprise.
    Late to the game and with a crappy sensor.
    Nikon have always been crap when it comes to P&Ss.
    Roll on D800

  • AZBoomer

    Don’t care! We want DSLR bodies, Nikon!

  • I hate August 24th

    I already drink the champagne that was suposed to be for the 24th.
    I think August 24th should be erase of 2012 calendar.

    • Jabs

      August 2011 calendar – MAYBE

  • iamnomad

    tiny sensors suck

    • Rahul

      iamnomad, many tiny things suck 🙂

      • It’s not the size of the sensor, it’s how you use it.

      • hexx

        no, they don’t want to suck tiny things 😉

  • Alfonso

    Nikon inflated expectations too high for users and are now trying to lower them without crashing the bubble they have created.

    • The invisible man

      This is deep thinking !

    • goldaccess

      How exactly did Nikon itself inflate expectatios?

      • Ren Kockwell

        Umm… maybe when Kimura said: “We want to propose another type of photography. I don’t think there is any need to limit it to two categories. We want to create a new market.”

        He stirred the pot far more colorfully than past presidents. He built-up the expectations.

    • BornOptimist

      You mean Nikon has made a bubble of inflated expectations because they have said/shown nothing, absolutely nothing?
      The bubble has been made by ppl commenting on sites like this.

    • Alfonso

      Nikon should carry a communications strategy with their markets through what they say and don’t say, with what they do and don’t do. Even leaking rumors can be a tool. Not having some control of what is communicated about a company can do harm.

      I believe someone at Nikon is reading this website, remember the invitation for a Nikon Pro event in the Philippines.

      By the way, if that event if from Nikon Pro, there must be something better than this tiny camera.


  • chris

    It is very sad, that Nikon focuses on the consumer market. As it seems, it´s hard to earn money with professional equipment.

  • kyoshinikon

    Innovative… How?

    • Leuf

      One of the previous posts claimed it would have phase detect AF. If that’s true then it’s the first camera using PD AF built into the main sensor. That would mean it would have the same AF performance as a dslr and legacy lenses would function just as well.

      • BornOptimist

        Well not entirely true, Fujifilm introduced a P&S with hybrid focus last year (X300)?
        Wether it’s on-senor phase af or not, I’m not sure, but it is switching between contrast- and phase af

  • Jabs

    You know what is weird here –

    I am glad that most of you here are not working for Nikon, as most of you would make awful Business strategists.

    Nikon is a BUSINESS and not in the ‘game’ of consumerism, even though that impacts their bottom line, they have a much WIDER view of things than the majority of us posting here (including me), so just relax and let things happen.

    The OLYMPICS is next year in London and that is what the D4/D800/D900 or whatever they are called, is geared for = ULTIMATE performance and massive orders from Corporations and the RICH folks.

    THEY (new DSLR’s) ARE already ready, but perhaps waiting on Canon, Sony and others to ‘PULL da trigger first’ and then see who blinks = you ‘lay way’ your competitor(s) and then STEAL the performance spotlight from them = Business Intelligence.

    Let Sony brag and tease and then Nikon will just come in and scoop them, like they did with the D3s, D3X and now D5100 plus D7000.

    Float like a butterfly AND sting like a bee!

    ROPE a dope = let a big mouth competitor ‘run their mouth’ and win the bragging rights WHILE you run over them with BETTER performance = Nikon’s strategy over all these years.

    Seems like many of you have NEVER ever used Nikon PRO bodies over the years.

    • RMT

      Yeah….. but the pros are less likely to “jump ship” as soon as a slightly better Canon or god forbid Sony frame comes along (on paper). Even current D90 owners will have a hard time to sell all their lenses to get the new 5D mark XXX instead of whatever comes next in D400 or D800.
      It makes more sense to sit out the mirrorless announcement for consumers.

    • Bobbybrownblack

      Best. Post. Ever. – Jabs.

  • i dont know how many pros would use this i am glad they changed their so called target users

  • Francis

    This is going down the drain. With such a small sensor size, how in the world can it complete against m4/3 and NEX cameras? The sensor is barely large then a P&S camera….
    It is innovative if they figure out a way to put a FX sensor it in…..

    • nobody

      “The sensor is barely large then a P&S camera…”

      A 2.6 crop sensor is 3 times as large as the largest compact camera sensor. Barely larger???

  • PoBoy

    I still think it’s high time for a FX or some such camera, as many of us do and I refuse to be cynical about the upcoming announcement! There will be a D*00 and it will be awesome! I have trust and faith in Nikon, that’s why I bought into their system. They make the best DSLR, they always will and the imaging that’s coming through the pike is bound to be spectacular, with video. I’m as anxious as anyone but that doesn’t mean we have to be so damn pessimistic, or bored! Less than a week away. Be happy, buy Nikons. If they don’t announce, just keep waiting and saving (or continue to pay down that balance…get ready to file for an extension on the line of credit).
    What makes me optimistic? The image and build quality of the lowly D7000.
    Remember, Sendai was pretty much wiped off the map. Nikon survived. They have earned my deep respect.

    • Andrew

      You are correct. Many people do not grow in wisdom because they forget history, and do not learn its lessons. When the D7000 was released at $1,200, it was a stunning achievement – and it still is! No other manufacturer, including Canon and Sony, have anything below $2,000 to compete at its price point. The build quality and performance of the D7000 could have easily justified a $2,500 price. In fact, some professionals considered it a pro camera and a worthy backup camera in the field. If you had given me the specs and asked me to guess the price, I would have said $3,500. The D7000 is without doubt, Nikon’s most advanced camera under $8,000 (Note: the outrageously priced D3x is listed at $8,000).

      If the anticipated new full frame D800 is priced at $2,500, it will also fall into the same category as the D7000 in terms of being a stunning development in the DSLR marketplace. The D800’s full frame sensor will enable us to also take incredible videos.

  • Ric

    YES! New raw format, Soooooooooooooooo

    NX3! WHOOOT!

  • Crying here, no FX on sight…

  • Dandydon

    I guess I’m missing something. How is mirrorless any different than a P&S with interchangeable lens? Ok, the viewfinder is a tiny little screen, right? Wow, what innovation! Or…. I’m I really missing something awesome?

    Not seeing it in my viewfinder,

  • D700guy

    I just love logging on to this sight and reading about the camera body that will never be announced.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Whatever it is, you’ll read it first on a Nikon website or, NOT here 🙂
    I’m hereby calling on all Ninjas and Pirates reading this to abseil down to the dpreview office windows and have a peek through them and see what’s on their desks. 🙂

    • broxibear

      I was walking past last week and had a peek thorough the window, nothing but pornstars, drugs and alcohol ?

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        I saw you, you were 2 doors short, that was my office…
        Did you happen to see who ran off with my Fuji X100?
        Was it Megan Pixel or Full Frame Frieda?

        • broxibear

          Ahh, that explains it, pornstars, drugs and alcohol at dpreview ?… must have been the wrong office.
          I did see VR Vera with some sort of electronic device, although it didn’t look like a Fuji X100…I’m sure it said Hitachi Magic or something ?

  • ericnl

    “Nikon’s mirrorless: not a pro camera but with few very innovative features”.

    is the word “but” in the title supposed to be ironic, or is it just how I chose to read it?

    • Andreas

      Yeah, i agree. At first i read it as “a few very innovative”, as in “there will be some very innovative features”. Makes a big difference from “few innovative”, maning not so much to be happy about….

      Maybe admin got it wrong and missed the “a” 🙂

      • BornOptimist

        I read it like – it’s not a pro camera, but it does have a few innovative features (which I believe is also what it means)

  • “having few very innovative features”

    De luxe frontal projector!!!

  • FAKE! That image is totally photoshopped.

  • RR

    Mirrorless what? Yawn…

  • Himbelbimbel

    this is relevant to my interests


  • Trevor

    I’m wondering if they’re going to put a CCD sensor with a global shutter in there. Rumor has it Panny has figured out a global shutter for m43; it would be great if Nikon got the jump. No shutter noise and unlimited flash sync would be pretty cool.

  • Nicola

    Fail?Suck?What have you been expecting guys???
    A D3s killer in the mirrorless format?with THAT sensor & body size?Oh come on!

    It’s just a fancy-mirrorless-pretty-camera for the same people who buy an Olympus PEN,Sony NEX,Canon G,Leica M…and so on.People who have plenty of money to spend on a fancy thing that will distinguish themselves from the mass who buys coolpix,powershot,etc..

    How the hell could you squeeze a great sensor,great controls AND new-pro-mind-reading features in that body size…?

    It’s just the appropriate product for that segment.I’m astonished to read that some people waiting for the next mirrorless to be the return of Jesus..:o)

    • RR

      I certainly hope Jesus never returns! Look at all the mess he did the last time! The world hasnt recovered yet…

      All we want is a nice D4 or D800 🙂

  • John

    I think it’s a smart move to have it be an “enthusiast” camera rather than a “Pro” model:
    – The enthusiast market is larger
    – A pro-version can come out later
    – More advanced amateurs like myself (BTW I have a D700 and a D300) will still be very attracted to this camera system for its size/functionality and will be happy with the smaller sensor IQ compromise (which will still be WAY WAY better than the best Point and Shoot sensor)

    My only hope is that they have some reasonably fast lenses (eventually at least) and decent video for those times when it will come in handy.

    We’ll know in a week!

  • Bill

    a 2.6x crop? That means my 35 f2 becomes… finding calculator… a 91. Nice *Sarcasm*

    Why not just make a M4/3 sensor? or license Panasonic’s or Olympus’s sensor?

    Will there be a way to use the newer DX lenses on it and control aperture? Or can you only use the older FX lenses be used on it?

    • John

      Because the m43 sensor does not allow you to make the lenses much smaller than DX lenses and Nikon likely has sensor technology that will allow the 2.6x crop sensor be pretty darned close to the 2x crop m43 sensor – which will be good enough for most folks (me included).

      Now we can have a small body with small lenses and decent IQ to compliment our P&S, DX, and FX camera bodies (though I own a LX-3 and only an ancient, but still excellent CP8400).

      • Bill

        I’d love to see that technology? Was it pulled from the Roswell UFO crash site?
        Can you explain how said no heretofore unknown technology will make a 2.6x crop seem or look more like a 2.0x crop?

        I would love nothing more than to carry around a short lens all day long and bang away. But this crop just doesn’t make sense to me as a long time Nikon user.

        • John

          Yes, go read Thom Hogans web site – if you scale down the D7000 sensor to the 2.6x crop and then increase the pixel density to 10 or 12MP with the associated loss in DR, then it looks pretty darned good and could likely be equivalent to m43 sensor IQ/DR if the latest sensor technology is used (i.e., D7K sensor plus 1 year or so advancements).

        • BornOptimist

          Bill, the sensors on most m43 cameras are at least 3 years old technology. Just compare the difference in IQ between D300 and D7000. The D7000 has smaller sensels than D300, but it has far better IQ, and higher DR. You can’t say small sensels = less IQ. If everything else was equal, you probably could say that, but here nothing is equal.
          I’m actually pretty sure this camera has at least the same if not better IQ than the old senosor in most m43 cams, and the size difference is not that significant (the difference in size is bigger between DX-FX than it is between m43 and this new sensor)

  • paf

    let me translate the announcement…

    Enthusiast features as seen by Nikon:
    No RAW support, crappy AF, built in Ashton screen saver, picture town dedicated button.. heck make it 2 dedicated picture town buttons.

    Surprising features:
    new battery type new charger, new line of lenses that will work only with that line of models made from plastic fantastic components — sure you can mount the F lenses, but forget about AF or metering.

    ….shall I go on? I am getting used to expecting less and less from Nikon.

  • Rahul

    So whats the probability of a FX on 24th now? 40% or is that even lower?

    • RR

      Good question.

    • broxibear

      February 24th 2012 maybe.

    • I think there is a 50/50 chance between the mirrorless and a new full frame. I just have hard time believing that we will see both in addition to the new Coolpix models, but everything is possible.

      • Since stock levels of the D700 are nill, and the D3s and D3x are near nill, the odds of a D800 should be 80/20 and a D4 should be 60/40 that they are announced on the 24th.

        Showcase in Atlanta has not had a D700 for over two months, and they took my deposit on a D800 that they price from $2999.99 to $3299.99. I am number 8 on their list.

        If the D800 is not made in Sendai, I will gladly give up my number 8 position.

  • Lulz

    How is this innovative? Nikon = an us too kind of outfit anymore. This thing will be out performed by the NEX in every way.

  • Flash

    I am beginning to think the reported sensor size is a red herring (false). There would have to be a real break through in sensor design for it to be used by a serious enthusiast. Then there still would be the extra large Depth of Field issue inherent is a small sensor camera.

    Such a small sensor, the world is not beating a path towards the new Pentax, I can’t believe Nikon will go that small. Maybe it is a FF or APC mirror-less with the option of using reduced size lens as the AF and focusing mechanism (NOISY?) is in the camera. If Nikon makes a FF mirorless that and has provisions for the use of its current lens it would be nice, the weight with two lens would be the same as the Sony NEX. Nikon seems to be a smart camera maker, but even the smart make dumb mistakes.

    I want a D800 (won’t buy the D700 to “old”) by April next year, so I hope their will be some more announcements real soon.

  • FM2Fan

    Let us see, what kind of innovation in video the cams will include – the gold standard is red – so what is the reaction to it? The gold standard for stills is either Hassy or Leaf (depends on whom you ask). What is the raction?

    Finally: cams are very much driven by usage i.e. how using it? S2 brought a brilliant idea for a simple interface (next to many other details) – so the question is: what is the real innovation at Nikon? The diagram shown above shows nothing special – it much be in the SW to operate this cam.

  • Darin Marcus

    Depending on how well they nailed the video capabilities and the quality of the lenses I need, this could be my next video cam…

  • Tony

    I hate when any company release something bad just to make the current product looks more superior. The interview here proofs it.

    I wonder how small of the lenses for this camera Nikon want them to be. When you try to clamp 10-15 elements in a zoom lens, the final product would be at least 15-20 cm long. If it is small in diameter, it would look very ugly! So, I really think the lenses for this camera won’t be much smaller than all those AF lenses.

  • mshi

    You will never expect great innovations from their salarymen, or better known as wage serfs.

  • Maybe I’m missing something but why would you want a pro-level mirrorless camera? What would that even constitute?

    • BornOptimist

      That is a VERY good question – what does pro-level mirrorless mean?
      For me it means – at minimum – you must be able to track a moving subject, which is not possible (reliably) with any contrast focus camera today.

  • Maybe there is a D4 on the 24th?

  • that’s the reason I sold my D3X last week 🙁 oh oh I miss him already 🙁

    • FM2Fan

      why have you done this? Didn’t it meet your expectations any more?

      • Well it was my best camera in 30 years but thought the prices would go down quickly after D4 or D800 launching! and I could sell him for the same price I bought him 2 years ago 🙂

    • 120-300 F2:8 OS

      Hy why sold all ready your D3X i think you now the goody D4 is coming right?

      • Yesyesyes I cross my fingers 🙂 we’ll know it in a few days 😉
        I hope I didn’t sell him to early 🙂

  • Roy

    I don’t get people who complain that some camera is not needed just because they don’t need it. Just because I don’t shoot with a view camera anymore doesn’t mean others don’t need it. If there wasn’t a need for the Fuji X100, Pens, Canon G’s and others, they wouldn’t be selling and the companies coming out with new models. If Nikon is interested in jumping into the ICL mirror less camera waters, it needs to make a splash or it is was a waste of time and money for them.

  • broxibear
    • lol, I remember doing a similar virtual reality project in school

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