The 50/50 [NR] roller coaster

The ratio of tips and rumors I received for a new DSLR vs. mirrorless camera announcement on August 24 is 50/50. The main difference is that I got some details on the mirrorless camera and nothing on the DSLR front. This is why I changed  my "prediction" from two DSLR bodies to a mirrorless only announcement next week.

I already see many readers are getting upset and all I want to ask you is to wait till next week. As the last announcement showed, I do not know everything and just because I do not have any detailed specs doesn't necessary mean that my "prophecy" is correct.

The chances for a mirrorless/DSLRs announcement for next week are still 50/50 and any combination between those two is also possible. There is also a very good chance that there may be a second announcement in September.

Everything is still possible and I may change my "prognosis" again in the next few days 🙂

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  • well at least NR can’t be wrong… if you predict both options, then you are guaranteed to be correct!

    • no, this will still be considered as a “failure”, no matter what will be announced next week 🙂

      • texajoe


      • Rahul

        Why would it be a failure? It would not be. Come on, we at least know that there would either be mirror-less announcement or the FX announcement.

        • We know the exact announcement date as well. I didn’t know the 40mm macro lens date because Nikon did not have a press conference for that product.

          • Vladi

            Canonrumors saying big megapixel Nikon coming on 25th.
            D800 possibly?

            • 50/50 chance 🙂

            • JY

              50% of a D800 = D400? lol

            • Sixbysix

              Duh, 50% of a D800 = 5D Mk III 😉

          • Ric

            no failure either way. I find all this entertaining


      • I would be interested in statistics about rumors after the announcement. I think mac rumors are doing that.
        Something like
        rumor 1 from date … about model … having this specifications
        rumor 2 from date …. about the same bode having different specifications
        and so on
        after the final announcement of that model we found that rumor 1 was correct, rumor 2 not, pictures leaked were wrong and so on.
        I hope I made myself clear, I should go sleep probably 🙂

        • I always wanted to do a post mortem and I think this time I will. Thanks for reminding me.

          • Jesus_sti

            That could be fun !

      • iamlucky13

        Failure to predict it right or not, I still enjoy reading the rumors and speculation, and respect that you want to improve your reporting even further.

        Those of us who know rumors have to be taken as uncertain don’t hold such “failures” against you.

        And those of us who have a sense of perspective in life don’t worry too much about rumors being wrong. There’s far more important things to worry about, like taking pictures with the cameras we have today.

        • Dormant

          Well said, that chap.

      • The invisible man

        Peter, there is no “failure”, we are talking about cameras, yes, cameras.
        Believe me, there is things more importants that the release of a new Nikon camera and we know that.
        If most of us seems to be “upset”, don’t worry, we are just playing.

        • alvix

          +1 here..this is just for fun..even some extreme positions … 🙂

      • distanted

        That’s because it will turn out to be a Smart Phone with F mount…

      • Just A Thought

        I wonder if by being the Admin of this site, that you could be sued if your your prophecies ended up being incorrect. Your customers/readers could claim to end up suffering deep trauma and mental anguish as a direct consequence of your posted and then failed prophecies. A few hundred thousand dollars could be claimed to be required to cover the Psychological Treatment costs of said mental suffering. There is no disclaimer that I could find on your site.

        Excuse me, I have to go now. Where the heck did I put that great Class Action Lawyer’s business card….

        • I bet that you can find a lawyer that is wiling to pursue this further 🙂

          • The invisible man

            welcome in USA

        • Jabs

          @Just A Thought

          THEN, maybe both the Lawyer and their clients are morons or idiots, as this WEB SITE is a rumor site and per definition, they would be stupid and clueless.

          IF you leak confidential data purposely, then that is a different issue if you signed a NDA (Non-DIsclosure Agreement), but often the backlash from that to the camera manufacturer IF they did not purposely do that themselves (sue you), would be a PR disaster indeed.

          RUMORS = speculation at best.
          Suing him for gathering data and then concluding or posting this = what occurs all over the Internet, so then you shut down the source of our knowledge/speculation and then kill the Internet plus lose much of your customers =the Manufacturer commits hari-kari.

          Relax, it’s just a web site and often viral marketing = is the Manufacturer going to sue themselves too – for leaking their OWN information?

          • Jabs

            A correction

            NOT (sue you), but should have been (leak their own information) – SORRY!

          • Just A Thought

            “THEN, maybe both the Lawyer and their clients are morons or idiots, as this WEB SITE is a rumor site and per definition, they would be stupid and clueless.”

            Even a moron of a Lawyer would take about two seconds to notice that the Nikon section of this site is called “Nikon News & Rumors”. Also News was placed first, before Rumors.

          • Just A Thought

            Ever hear of the customer who sued because the coffee was too hot and got millions?

            Another situation happened with hot chocolate claimed to being too hot.

      • beS

        Failure ? “Failure” or not, I have always enjoyed this site. I literally visit this site at least once a day every day !!!

        • Thanks for being a reader!

          • Flash

            Enjoy the site. Rumors are fun.

            Remember, If Rumors did not have failures they would be called announcements.

        • You have to visit this site 5 times a day to join the club! 😀

  • I want my D4 🙁


    i’m going to hang myself if mirrorless comes out on the 24th. Pray for me and Nikon

    • Andrew

      I prayed for you, I have not received an answer yet. I will check back to see if you are around when the answer comes 🙂

    • Just A Thought

      “i’m going to hang myself if mirrorless comes out on the 24th.”

      That will show Nikon not to disappoint you next time…oh wait there won’t be a next time.

      Can you add me to your will for say the camera gear. Would not want it to go to waste would you?

      On the other hand we will all die soon enough. Some sooner and some later, but we all be gone in what will seem like a blink of an eye. Why rush….

    • Just A Thought

      “i’m going to hang myself if mirrorless comes out on the 24th.”

      Hope that I’m not too late, but I forgot to ask in my earlier post what camera gear do you have? Depending on camera model, I may or may not want to be added to your will. Plse reply “before” the 24th.

  • Great choice in photo…

    • Alfonso


  • I do hope you’re wrong. I think Nkon would be unwise to let the D700 upgrade rumours keep running only to disappoint people late in the day. They’d risk creating quite a swell of negative sentiment which wouldn’t help their new launch. It might not quite push me to Canon (couldn’t afford new lenses as well as a new camera, even with a trade-in) but would make me consider it medium-term.

    • binary_eye

      If people get upset that Nikon doesn’t announce something which they never promised, then it’s the fault of those people building up their own expectations, not Nikon’s.

      • Company which doesn’t listen people’s prayer is in trouble. Look at Leica R crowd…

        • Jabs

          @Slow Gin

          A different circumstance indeed between a Leica R, which became irrelevant and Nikon which has suffered from the earthquake and tsunami delays plus challenges.

          Leica probably decided to NOT pursue a digital 35mm SLR because of NO market for their ‘lousy’ product (as in one trick pony or mechanical ‘perfection’ in an electronic era) and thus nothing more to produce = very few buyers for an expensive ‘trophy’ that would probably be more expensive than a D3X and be worse.

          M9 = catering to the ‘clueless’ elite looking for bling or maybe their diehard fans.

          Nice tradition, but I prefer reality.

          D7000 is better than a Leica M9, so who cares now – lol.

          Leica is like Porsche = stuck in tradition and every time they try and climb out, they get burnt by their OWN customers and their wild expectations or even Porsche’s marketing thrust.

          Look at a Nissan GTR or whatever they call it in your part of the world for a clue.

          I have never seen Leica as listening to ANYONE in my opinion, but their own ‘ego’ or the pursuit of PRESTIGE versus current technology.

          Leica reminds me of fine wine or even watch makers stuck in the past but making great products YET the throngs have moved on, so when the generation that was enamored with that type of thrust DIES, then they become irrelevant.

          Same story with Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston-Martin and such.

          I would take an F2 or better yet – an F3HP over any Leica R, as I directly compared them myself and the Leica R was ‘lousy’ plus had no lenses to compare to Nikon. Ever used or seen a Leica R yourself?

          An F3HP with even an extremely expensive and huge 300 F2.0 ED-IF manual lens was light years ahead of ANY Leica R body/lens combination.

          The Leica R perhaps continues today in the newer Leica S2 digital camera (think that is the name) and no one is buying it much anyway = reality. The cheaper and better new Mamiya and Pentax 16bit output medium format electronic digital bodies are better than this Leica = the people are choosing with their own brain and eyes and ignoring them! They (Leica) listened but tried to lead people somewhere and we are NOT biting, as we all got eyes and most of us, a functioning brain that can choose to buy or NOT.

          • Valid statements, Jabs. I am not going to argue against them, agree with most points.

            > Ever used or seen a Leica R yourself?

            Didn’t use them but have seen many-many times in local store in Kiev. There were models from R4 to R9 with DMR. Had an opportunity to shoot with M8.2.

            What I wish to point out is that I am a former Canon user. I LOVE their film EOS cameras, even the cheapest ones. But looking at what they did with DXXX and DXX line I was disappointed by a big margin. The same camera every year with changing DXX tag and growing price? No, sorry, not needed. This is why I’m with Nikon now.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Total fail. The M9 is an awesome camera. I prefer AF myself, but the Kodak sensor renders beautiful color and detail. I’d love it if that was Nikon’s sensor. Comparing a DRF to a DSLR is simply ridiculous. You know that, Jabs. You sound like a total fanboi and lose credibility making comments like that.

      • rhlpetrus

        Agree, this is only the 3rd lens mount ever developed by Nikon, and the market is very hot for ML compacts.

    • The invisible man

      From your picture It seems that you are a woman, what do you think about the mirrorless camera ?
      I always thought that a pretty woman can’t live without a mirror !

      • Jabs

        @The invisible man’s WIFE

        Smaaack – no flirting on the Internet

        Ouch – whops you in the head – stay away from her EVEN if you are invisible – lol

        But you claimed – Hey honey, she cannot see me

        Your wife now says, but I can – lol

  • Eaksoy

    I honestly think it’s because you have spoiled us over the past few years 🙂 This year’s unfortunate misfortune have not overshadowed your previous successes and I believe all of your commenters (myself included) are in denial over the uncertainty surrounding future announcements although it is quite normal considering the devastation that happened.

    Personally I think you should be thankful for the tension, it shows how much people are invested over your site 😉

  • dgsphoto

    Well, the D700 is gone from most places. It’s a no brainer….there HAS to be a replacement announcement.

    We are in for at least a 2nd tier Pro model if not a D3S replacement.

    • up $#!t’s creek

      d700’s disappeared last year too for a good month. doesn’t mean anything except that our lives are somehow revolving around a camera release…

    • Ke

      It’s back in stock in a few places here in the UK.

      • Dormant

        Clearly, “most places” does not include the UK.

        • Dan


    • Just A Thought

      Cameras do not get shipped by air – rumor is that the sensors could be damaged by solar radiation. That means shipping by boat. They will not ship a dozen units. They ship via huge containers, but have to fill them first. It all takes time.

      • Jabs

        @Just A Thought

        Interesting thought – I never thought of that – makes sense too!

        Yeah, those containers are huge as in me having shipped stuff in them.

      • The invisible man

        Night flight ?

      • I thought we put that issue to bed previously. It’s basically nonsense. The reason why you don’t ship products by plane is cost.

        • Just A Thought

          On a low margin item, shipping cost might be an issue. A D700 is not a low margin P&S, yet is still shipped by boat – same for D3S and the D3X.

          Gamma Rays are the problem. There is a good video regarding this – that specific topic is discussed starting around the 8 min mark. Very informative video:


          • Just A Thought

            The presenter, Rob Hummel, named company names and why they ship by boat, in the that video which was apparently released on Youtube June 2011. To the best of my knowledge no one has sued Mr Hummel over his remarks. He also seems to be backed by Kodak. If the statements he made were incorrect I’m sure Cease and Desist letters would have been sent long ago and the video pulled from Youtube. From his presentation his background indicates that he is far more knowledgeable on this topic than either Thom or I.

  • nobody

    So no substantial infos regarding cameras. Allright.

    But what’s up with new lenses? All the D800 and mirrorless hype seems to have put to silence any lens rumours. What is your guess regarding new lenses to be announced next week, judging from the infos you’ve got, Admin?

    • jetelinho

      I second your Q? WHAT ABOUT semi-pro lenses with fixed focal length such as 24 or 28mm f /1,8 (or even 2,0) & most of all new 85mm f /1,8 (or even 2,0) – plenty of people not only on here on NR were CRYING for them for some time, any chsnce of them coming???

      • Ditto on lenses, especially 85mm 1.8g. That the lens I am waiting for.

      • Rahul

        I am wondering about this too. Since the ‘Nikon buying guide’ at this site is showing ‘wait’ for 85mm 1.8D, I am guessing that Admin might have some info/leaks related to lenses. Admin, any predictions regarding lenses?

  • Nikonier

    Hi guys,
    i wrote it three weeks ago. I don´t believe in an announcement of an D800 Model, because there are no pictures around. This is absolutely unusual i think.
    It makes me sad too, because i am waiting like millions of other Nikon shooters.

    • vinman

      A bunch of rapid release rumors is always a good sign, but a lack of rumors means precisely SQUAT. With Nikon having moved their high end production to Malaysia, there’s a good chance the new facility simply hasn’t has time to spring any “leaks” yet. We may very well not get a DSLR announcement on the 24th because Nikon has a pretty rigid structure in the way they release products. I’m sure if the 24th brings only a mirrorless camera, the DSLR announcement won’t be far behind.

      Totally conjecture, but I think they’ll announce the D700’s replacement when they do a DSLR announcement – with or with a D4. The reason is I’m betting the product delineation between the D4 and Dwhatever will be more broad in scope than the D3/D700. I think Nikon was surprised how well the D700 faired among full time professionals and are banking on more separation this time around. We’ll find out soon enough…

  • TheThing

    Canon is becoming more and more tempting every day. I have a bad feeling that even if they release a new DSLR it will be better than the previous Nikon cameras but not better than any other camera on the market. My fear it that they will match Canon, which will stay for the next couple of months and then we’ll wait for a long long time again. Nikon-i’m losing my hope and trust. Do something!!!

    • kyoshinikon

      Pity Canon hasn’t released a good product recently or id be tempted

  • Rock Hugger

    From a Nikon Canada Rep (for what it’s worth)

    D3s Replacement + Mirrorless System in a few days. D300s and D700 replacements in April 2012.

    • ericnl

      April 2012 seems really unlikely to me. that is 8 months from now.
      maybe for one of those, but not for both.

      looking at other rumours and hearsay from proven tea-leaf readers like Thom, and the recent drought of D700 cameras, I’d say that the D300s replacement will come later than the D700 replacement…

    • Raff

      Nikon and Canon are playing tactics.

      Since there are no rumors from Canon, Nikon do not want to start the game first and too early. And might have decided to postpone by a few weeks the announcements of the FX models (next possible event is in Germany in September – IFA).

      Maybe both D700 and D3S replacement have been designed with more than one sensor type each (even if only one will be finally chosen), and therefore to decide which one is the right one, Nikon want to know what sort of resolution Canon is aiming to with their new models.

      My guess is that the D800 and the 5DMkIII will be very close in resolution.

    • Luis Brito

      Remember that next summer will be done the Olympic Games in London, so the production process for new cameras and lenses, have to start as soon as possible.
      It seems virtually impossible to announce a new camera in April to be available in the market two months later.

      • Just A Thought

        All they have to do is supply bodies and lenses for the pro shooters at the Olympics – not many – likely less than say 1,000 shooters. Mass market buyers do not shoot the Olympics for Getty Images…How many people in the regular Olympics Audience would rush out and buy the D3S replacement and 600mm exotic lens to take with them when they go to watch the Olympics Games??? I suspect that most will settle for their Cell Phone Camera.

  • just wait for it :)) been waiting for d800 for long2 time ago ..

  • Levi


  • matgay

    what an insult nikon! now nikon might just release a midget sensor sized mirrorless camera instead of two full frame cameras??? oh the fury!!

  • Fugio

    Entry level full frame please~ NIKon, D800 with 24mp, lol

  • Anonymous

    It’s been ten minutes, any news?

    • 11 minutes past his 10 minutes… anything? 🙂

      • dino B

        this just in i have a word from a very unreliable source that Ashton Kutcher is testing the new D400 with a 24.4321MP Sensor sith a new 6 to 800 mm lense at f 1.4

        • nobody

          Funny thing is, the first part may even be true 🙂

  • dino B

    well let me put it this way when the nikon D7000 came out there was no firm rumours or photos untill like 2 days prior to release. so if there is no real rummours or actual photos doesnt mean anything other than they got better at keeping secrets.maybe they have a death penalty for employees who cant keep their mouth shut lol

    • Victor Hassleblood

      “maybe they have a death penalty for employees who cant keep their mouth shut”

      The last time when an employee opened his mouth, he got washed away before he could say a single word …

      • Dormant

        Tut, tut!

  • Andrew

    ADMIN, Keep up the good work. The joy of anticipating something new is sometimes greater than the reality of the thing itself.


      nice :-)) … & sometimes even true / … & btw – what about THE NEW LENSES RUMOURS, NR Admin??

  • forcijo

    i have been on that coaster it and it is how you feel! 😀 Either way, i think something big is coming out the 24th. the leak of the mirrorless camera could have possibly been enough for nikon to cover all their tracks for what they will really release on the 24th.

  • Nikonier

    This is all so disappointing for me ;-(

    • Anonymous

      So strange, some are disappointed but I find this extra exciting! New cameras, possibly full frame, with video. What could be more exciting than that?
      Yee ha!
      Btw, what actually happens (and how do you know) when your sensor ‘out-resolves’ the resolving capabilities of your lenses? What does that mean? Your pictures look blurry? Your pictures look blurry when you blow them way up or inpect them with a loupe? Sarcasm aside, I can’t visualize how this would play out and what it would mean.

  • mandrake

    The CR website has a better rumor about Nikon up right now than NR does… Lol

  • rex

    I hope you are right it will be just mirrorless. Just bought a D700 to companion D7000. I am a very happy camper with them both, but sure D400 and D4 which will be announced before end of the year according to co-grouches I have been eating are 3 fold better.

  • R!


    • R!

      with full hd !

      • R!

        be enuff !!

  • alvix

    even @canonrumors they dont know what to think..and even they cite NR for some stuff ..yeahh!!

    • nobody

      Canon Rumors predicts a Nikon announcements next Week
      that is “confidential” and will require an NDA.

      Someone enlighten me, please, what is a confidential announcement? I would think, either it is confidential, or it is announced, no?

      • alvix

        no..they say “A Nikon division (…) will be showing new Nikon products on August 24, 2011 etc”
        so, not an announcement..but a showing…something like for pros’ only or whatever…
        but this is from CR..I suppose they misunderstood something about the ago 24th diner at the restaurant… 🙂

      • Maybe they will present a new camera to the press, but the announcement will be later? This actually makes sense.

        • Raff

          2-7 September – IFA – Berlin – Germany ??

        • alvix

          I have my fingers crossed…

        • rhlpetrus


          “Maybe they will present a new camera to the press, but the announcement will be later? This actually makes sense.”

          No, sorry, it doesn’t make sense.

          • It happens all the time, how do you think the big websites have a preview on the day of the announcement?

            • True, but it’s a leaky method, despite NDAs.

  • Mike

    I think Nikon is onto NR. They have clamped down on leaks (I.e. 50 1.8G and 40 2.8 were surprises), and started a campaign of misinformation (NR conflicting reports from sources). We will only disappointed because of our self driven hype. Flagship film bodies came out every 10 years and the D700 (which no one complains about in an IQ sense) is just over 3 years old. I’m eagerly awaiting the new releases too but it doesn’t mean I’m going to jump ship. On the other hand, Apple is is screwing the pooch with the iPhone5 delay. My 3G is getting slower by the day and the Nexus looks mighty attractive right now. 😉

    • Let’s keep in mind that the 50mm f/1.8G lens was leaked as well a week earlier and as far as I remember it was reported first here on NR. The official announcement the following week was also “predicted”. I still believe that Nikon did not plan this press release but was forced to do it because of the their own leak. They announced another lens just few weeks later which doesn’t make sense.

  • Oopps

    Hi Admin,
    I was wondering if it would be of value to create a poll to establish the date when the lesser anticipated anouncement will be made. Asides all the present DSLR speculation, I am sure that many would be intested to know the date and guess on the design of the enevitable new release. Perhaps a design competion could be set up much as the D4 one was, I am sure Think Tank or RRS would co sponsor.

    There would be much to consider in the new design; would it continue with the red accent theme, would it change from 2 digits to 3, or could it perhaps be some clever combination of the two.
    Devastatingly perhaps we will have to wait as long as many poster’s here have been waiting for a D700 replacement. (not that they mention it much)
    Alternatively perhaps a new business strategy may be swung into action which could see the entire concept re thought and superceeded.
    So lets put it out there:

    Will the Nikon Rumours avatar change as its new name sake may suggest to NNR ?

    I think it will, I predict either a black with red accent theme, or perhaps now would be the time for the rumoured carbon fibre font, though I’ll leave it to those here that are far more knowledgable than I in such things. Does anyone here remember when the last NR Avatar was created? did it come just after a name change? is it then likely to be on a 4 year cycle with an August-September release, thats before we even get started on the predictions of its file type- JPG, RAW, TIFF etc etc…. Perhaps we could even see its release combined with the others on the 24th..

    • Polls are better to get a sense of the current situation instead of predicting the future. I do not like the NNR and will probably change back the name – this was just an experiment.

      • Anonymous

        NNR=No New Rumors, what good is that?

      • broxibear

        Hey Peter,
        Instead of “Nikon News & Rumors” why not try “Nikon Rumors & News”… that way you’ve still got the Nikon Rumors part that people know and you’ve just added a news section ? Plus it rolls of the tongue better.

        • LGO

          I concur!

      • Oopps

        Seems the intended humour may have got a little lost in translation, twas just a punt at making light of the anticipated anouncements, The name is fine, or Broxibears suggestion above is also great,

  • Without DSLR Nikon has no future. Without EVIL mirrorless Nikon definitely will live a good life. With rangefinder mirrorless Nikon will catch up luck as Fuji did, even bearing in mind that X100 is not a true rangefinder. So my statement simple yet brilliant: EVIL is evil, get rid of idea of pocketable camera with point and shoot approach to workflow. BRING US RANGEFINDER, NIKON!


  • Rbashir

    I am really hoping for a D400, I just had by d300s gone bad on me and I need new camera. Can’t go FF right now, waiting for a D300s upgrade. Else I have to buy another D300s

    • Andrew

      You could always get the D7000 as a stopgap if nothing comparable to the D300 is not announced; then sell it later; else patiently wait.

  • broxibear

    I’m surprised nikon being so secretive over a mirrorless…unless it has the image of a D3x, high iso noise of a D3s and desirability of a Leica then who cares.
    Maybe that’s it…they’re replacing the D3s and D3x with this thing lol ?

    • Andrew

      A mirrorless should have a DSLR sensor in a more compact body. It will make a nice 2nd camera when you do not want to carry something bulky like a regular DSLR. If it has the performance (picture quality and high ISO) of the D5100, that will be awesome!

    • BornOptimist

      Don’t think about this like a customer, but in Nikon-history terms.
      Since the start of Nippon Kogaku K.K. this is only their third lens mount, so it ‘is’ a major event for Nikon as a company.
      And also it is the future. I don’t believe DSLR are dissapearing any time soon, but at some point moving parts will dissapear from the cameras. They will replace the mirror with a translucent mirror (like Sony has done), put phase-detection sensors on the main sensor (Nikon has a patent Nikon on this), and they will use global shutters on the sensor. Then moving parts can be removed to reduce vibrations. No moving part makes the camera also easier to build.

  • Shane

    Canon rumors has a good rumor about about a Nikon big mp camera coming out next week check it out

    • Disinformation from opposite bank? NO WAY! 😀

      • we will have to wait till next to know

        • up $#!t’s creek

          hey admin…. any thoughts on the odd date that the 10% off rebate at the nikon store ends mid month? Not quite a rebate but nikons rebates usually end at the end or beginning of the month, but this one is almost a month after the announcements….. (have to keep the hope alive)

          • My guess is that many dealers complained after my post and Nikon had to take the discount down. Imagine how the dealers felt after their distributor offered 10% off in their online store.

  • Rhlpetrus

    I’m with binary above and with Thom: people went into this frenzy by themselves and guise who can’t do good photography with current offerings should checo their priorities. Myself, i think a new mount, only the 3rd in Nikon’s long history, is VERY big news!

  • Dear Nikon:
    If I don’t see at the very least a spec list and a estimated release date for the D800 on the 24th I will be forced to switch over to Canon.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Joseph

      We won’t miss you.
      If you can’t get the shot with a D700 or D3x you probably won’t get it with a new camera either.

    • Ke

      Switch over to Canon for what exactly? They haven’t bought out anything of interest in ages either.

    • Dormant

      Can I have your discarded Nikon gear?


      don´t make yourself look bitter (i.e. Man. City fan) … they are also only interrested in BUYING buying BUYING …

      You better TAKE SOME PHOTOS INSTEAD, I assume d700 or whatever you´ve got (even d80 upon my personal experience) do(es) have a button to press to take the photo, have a sensor, are created so that you can work with apperture & shutter speed so that shall be enough to take some … OR – good luck in ´nowhere´ 😉 (Canon-land 🙂 ) … & also see Joe´s post below, it could hardly have been said any better

  • Joe

    As a current D700 user I have to say: I have a great camera to take photos with, I’m not sleepless at night, daydreaming of an imaginary camera that will let my photos become 500% better all of a sudden and that will make National Geographic call me at ease to do the cover shot of their next issue.
    What will happen? A few more megapixels here, a bit more ISO there, maybe some video something that I will never use. I’m not saying I will never upgrade to a D800, but I’m really not in a hurry, nor will I “switch do Canon”. 😉

    • Ben Brickwall

      But people have to switch to Canon so they can have a different older camera that still takes fine pictures so that they can buy more time to assess why they suck so much. Flippant fair-weather morons.

    • Common Sense

      + 1,000,000,000,000,000

    • Flash

      Upgrading from a d700 to the d800 probably will not make to much sense unless there is a must have feature; or your d700 is worn out. The d700 a really nice camera I really like using it, wish I owned one. I would expect to keep it for at least 5 years, it takes me a while till the camera feels like an extension of my eye as oppose to an appliance; not sure if I shoot better when that happens but it is more fun. I plan on purchasing my first DSLR early next year. Till then I will just borrow one when in town(nice to have friends with overstocked studios) and rent if I travel or just shoot film.

  • Dweeb

    Nikon are a bunch of flakes and always have been. Don’t expect anything next week except a bunch of drunken journalist-salesmen.

  • Hey….tension was appropriate when the D3 and D300 promised high-ISO performance that theretofore was not available in a Nikon DSLR. What “huge” leap forward do the D4, D400, D800 pose that you can’t wait a few more months?

  • what are the odds for a mirrorless full frame camera is the big announcement next week?

    • none

      • Dormant

        More like twice that.

        • preston

          +1 (0?)

  • Andres Pietropaolo

    D700 is no longer available at any site… this must mean something really good!

  • Mat

    I really don’t care about mirror-less cameras until they start including them on a phone. Much like this :
    Maybe with a Leica M-Mount too…
    But I do really hope Nikon Announces something good for their upcoming DSLR bodies. Nikon users are due for something to keep us up to date for a while.

    What I would really like to see is a detachable or interchangeable touchscreen LCD back on a DSLR with 1080p @ 60fps. SAY WHAT??? Yeah thats what Im wishing for! maybe the D5?

  • They HAVE to have new FX bodies coming soon as the current line up is close to it’s use by date. Mirrorless? Whatever! If its better than an M9 I’ll be interested. If it’s like a normal coolpix with an innovative feature, I’ll just have to hold my breath until the FX replacement shows. I may turn blue, but if it hurries them along it’s worth it!

  • David

    Admin, C’mon we’re dying here! You better do something, find out something, don’t you have ‘sources’? Do something for cry’s sake. How can they hide this thing so well in internet age?

  • Ralph

    When the Canon 5D came out I nearly jumped. My hope was for a D700x to compliment the D3x. I have been waiting years now. I dont want to lug a 1300gm camera up a mountainside. Ive rationalised my lenses now. I will buy whatever decent high MP camera comes out next. If its the D800 or the 5DMkIII, its mine.

  • Kon_head

    As long as the mirrorless supoorts game apps, we will try to play ‘angry birds’ rather than getting angry at Nikon. 🙂
    With the way the stock market is going these days, my ‘Nikon Replacement fund’ has gone to the short sellers. No rush for new DSLR for me.
    I’ll go give my D300s and D7000 a good hug.

  • Dormant

    @ [NR] admin

    Can you start a “put your crap here” thread? Every thread you start now ends up full of the same baseless predictions and random thoughts.

  • Marticus Festivus

    Ask your self this question….Why are there on D700 cameras in stock at retailers?

  • Peter

    Its simple guys – the D4 isnt coming out until 2012 – there aint NO WAY they will release the D800 first because then an advanced $2300 cam will compete directly with the $5k D3s.

    Also the amount of media attention and effort they are putting into the 24th date screams consumer / prosumer mirrorless. Us higher end pros simply dont warrant that much attention as we represent a very small % of Nikons profit pie.

    Also I have it on good authority from a well connected GRAND MASTER of photography that the 24th isnt a pro launch of anything. Honestly I hope the info is wrong, or at least they mention the new pro cams coming soon but end of the day I think we will be very disappointed. Sorry guys!

  • Don

    You sure have to give Nikon credit for keeping the lid on the new products. I predict it will be a new D4 and a new D400. The D800 will be released at least 6 months later so as not to cannibalize any sales from the D4. I predict the new D4 will be the start of the third generation of Nikon bodies just like the D3 was the start of the second generation of Nikon bodies. If I am right August 24th is a very big deal, starting a new generation of Nikon bodies with new features. Nikon really must punish people who leak in order to keep the lid on as they have been doing so well. But what about mirrorless? Maybe it was be a D4 and a new mirrorless camera rather than a D400.

    • Kingyo

      Don & Peter, your predictions are too ‘predictable’. Is Nikon unable to deviate from their past release strategies? If Nikon were smart & looking for a big-time boost in sales from the semi-pro & pro market, and I believe they are..they would announce and release a D400 & D800 very soon. They would announce a D4 for late 2012.

      It’s quite simple really..if you think outside the box. A new D400 of about 18mp and a D800 of about 18-24mp both released now would mean a few things:

      1. The D400 would take over the D7000 as the more robust semi-pro DX camera..D300 & D300s owners + D7000 owners would want to buy it.

      2. The D800 would satisfy the swarm of people waiting for a D700 replacement / scaled-down D3X / people waiting to switch to FX.. but would of course lack some of the full features of the announced D4

      3. Pros will be Pros. They’re not going to cry over waiting a few extra months for a D4, but guess what, they’ll most likely pick up the FX D800 while they wait..and later buy a D4 as well. Why not? They can surely afford it.
      In this way Nikon would guarantee the success of 3 new DSLRs. The D400 won’t cut into the D800 because it is DX. The D800 won’t cut into the D4 because Pros will almost always opt for ‘the top of the line D4’ and consider the D800 as a second body as they chose the D3 over the D700 in the past.

      Not to mention it would put them on top over Canon this year.
      As for mirrorless…not something I don’t know much about. Anyone’s guess really 🙂

  • Peter

    Not the same Peter (note different little icon thingy). To Peter (NR Admin): Remember your audience. We are world wide and everything from enthusiasts who enjoy teases and a laugh or two with the hope of some new tidbit, to angry trolls who crawl out from under their bridges to snipe at folks who are confused or just don’t sp3lL a word correctly. I hope you will keep up what to this humble gnome seems like a full time job trawling for information in the biggest tabloid news source (the WWW) that has ever existed. Hip, Hip, Hooray for Nikon Rumors, Peter the Admin, and all of the other folks who toil and toil and toil to both entertain and inform!!!

    How’s That? Come on, someone dissect the grammar… please!! I was the master of Run-On sentences when I was in high school and still write in direct proportion to my caffeine level!

  • Peter

    I really hope your right Don – a D4 and D400 could work as could a D4 and a mirrorless. I just dont see the D4 before 2012. Not long till we find out I guess.

  • Tracht

    Suprise! Perhaps a nice suprise?

  • nikoncert


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