Nikon’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will be announced on August 24th

The latest information indicates that Nikon will announce only their mirrorless camera on August 24th (in addition to the new Coolpix cameras). This makes sense since the mirrorless mount pictured above was the only real leak in the past few weeks. I don't have the technical specs yet, but here are some more details on the upcoming interchangeable lens camera from Nikon:

  • There is a good chance that more than one version/model of the new mirrorless camera wil be announced at the same time
  • The camera body will be very small, very compact, with a clean industrial design
  • Built-in high resolution EVF
  • Many video features
  • Compatible with F-mount lenses
  • The sensor will be slightly smaller than Micro Four Thirds (probably 17mm in diameter, 2.6x crop factor)
  • Four lenses to be released, one of them will be a pancake, the second will be a super zoom
  • Phase and contrast-detect AF
  • Camera code/project name: X810

See mockups of the camera here.

It seems that another press event is already scheduled for September. There are already some "new product launching seminars" planned the end of September in at least one country. I do not have an exact date, but I think September 19-23 would be a good guess.

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  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    So an x810 and D800 please

  • RumpelHund

    Lucky me, my trusted D700 stays top notch even longer!!
    Maybe invest the savings into this fucking expensive 1.4/24 now…

    • I’m sure it will last longer.

    • Haha, yep, I’m going for the 24 f/1.4 too.

    • Richard

      Some of these lenses do seem overpriced for the market.

  • Trevor

    Good for Nikon. As you look at the Panny and Oly evil cams their bodies are becoming minuscule but they can’t do crap about the size of the lenses – its way worse for Sony. 43 is still too big for compact lenses unless it’s a pancake, and there is no hope of large aperture zooms because they would dwarf the body.

    For the P&S crowd, the 2.6x will be a good step up without having to give up small size. For the DSLR crowd you get something you can drop in your pocket and is better than any P&S out there.

    Since I don’t have $2k+ burning a hole in my pocket it doesn’t really bother me that no FXs will be announced in August, but sorry for those that are waiting on the next tool for their work (especially since just finding a D700 is tough right now).

    Still, I’m just thrilled that Nikon is treating mirrorless as an intermediary between P&S and DSLR and not the wave of the future that will replace everything. Hands off my OVF!

    • Joe

      Well, actually this makes sense to me. Why do a clone of the M4/3 cameras, why not invent something new in between? The D3100 + 18-55 or 35/1.8 is an already quite small package, and this new Nikon EVIL could be something that is significantly smaller but with interchangeable lenses.

    • Ke

      “As you look at the Panny and Oly evil cams their bodies are becoming minuscule but they can’t do crap about the size of the lenses”

      The 17mm & 20mm lenses are both pretty small.

      Not all cameras have to fit inside a pocket in your jeans to be small & portable.

      • BornOptimist

        “Not all cameras have to fit inside a pocket in your jeans to be small & portable.”
        There are a lot of options for those who want a camera that does not have to fit into a pocket, but there are no CSC for those who do want it to fit in a pocket.
        If it’s like I belive it will be, I welcome this system with open arms, and I’m ready to order on day one.

  • Greg

    All I can say is: “Nikon, if you are not bringing out a FF in August and you make me wait even longer, when it does come out, it damn well better be an incredible piece of kit because you have had long enough to make it perfect.”

    • WTFiWantFF


    • andy

      Get over yourself.

    • RR

      I agree 100% , it better kick ass.

      #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon !

  • Rockadell

    This sucks, I was waiting for a D400.
    ohh well, no one knows yet till announcement day.

  • clemilein

    August 24

    Yesterday I have seen that the price for the D300s-body is decreasing. I have seen it for 1.099 Euro ( and 1.160 Euro ), while the price for the D700 is the same since years. That is about 500 Euro less than I have paid two years ago. I think this has always been a sign for something new to come.

  • Kurt Low

    Dear Nikon better don’t let me down. I have been waiting D700 replacement over a year + and recently finally almost get in hand with D3s (Can’t bear anymore) but seems like announcement getting closer to wait for D4. Combo lenses 17-55mm prepare to let go for 24-70mm and 70-200mm f2.8 VR2 can’t wait to bolt on new FF. Please….give me an opportunity to upgrade ! Show Canon, Nikon rules !!!

    My D90 is ready to get abandon !!

    • I am ready to get your D90 with thankful smile! 🙂

  • Steve Starr

    So they put a lens bayonet mount on a Coolpix and this is new?

    Coolpix is already mirrorless so no big deal. Even Canon had some stick-on lenses for their Gxx compact and mirrorless series. Even the iPhone is mirrorless and can accept Nikon lenses with that adapter someone is marketing for the iPhone and they show a mount for Canon lenses to iPhone too. Get one for a Nokia N8 12MP phone and you have another mirrorless with a 12MP sensor.

    Nothing to see here, and a waste of time for the new earth breaking announcement on the 24th.

    • Ke

      The sensor is a *lot* bigger than anything in a coolpix or Canon’s G series.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Yeah, the sensor is HUGE ! ! !

    • Tony

      Maybe that’s why they haven’t released anything like this until they’ve realized that so many people like this idea.

    • JJ

      I agree… mirrorless is boring. *yawn*

      If one were to buy the hard-to-find D700 right now, it would depreciate hundreds after Nikon FINALLY announces its successor.

  • Ric


    No NX3!

    I’m switching to…… to…… to……nothing

  • Tony

    I like the idea of Nikon to have a mirrorless camera. It is a good step to bring in new users for their higher end cameras, but it has two sides effect. If Nikon can’t do it right, it would end up hurting the brand reputation and instead of bringing in new customers, it will do the opposite.

    I would hate to see if they market strategy end up similar to the Coolpix as it being cheaper but with so-so performance.

  • SZRimaging

    I, as a semi-pro shooter, am looking forward to this. The biggest thing about a camera is having one that works for your needs, and a smaller camera works great for mine. Yes, the DoF will be an issue, but that is a limitation of the system you will look at in evaluating which to take in the field. Personally, I need small and light more than shallow DoF, especially considering that 9 times out of 10 I shoot f5.6 to f16. Give me a small system with great optics that can surpass the quality of compacts, and I’m sold.

    I would buy the Pentax, but the price/quality is too high. Considering an M43, but it isn’t as compact as I would like. NEX is out do to the size of the lenses.

    • Fubar

      Have you actually seen and touched a E-PM1 ???

    • @SZRimaging,

      Go check out the Olympus XZ-1, the optics on this little camera are fabulous.

      The only hitch is the sensor; a solid performer at low ISOs, but don’t push it beyond 400, well you might be able to get away with 800, but that depends on the contrast level in your scene.

  • Mandrake

    Pretty cool that it will be compatible with existing f-mount lenses. Gives me a reason to pick up a body only and dump my GF2.

    • BornOptimist

      I have been trying to get rid of my GF2 for quite some time, but nobody has been interrested. Even after I dumped the price to 60% of new (it was new in May), nobody seemed interrested – until today!
      I sold it just 3 hours ago, and on my first visit on NR – wow. I have been waiting for this camera since early spring last year. I even went to the extreme and bought 3 cameras (E-PL2, GF-2 and X100) to try to find one that I was satisfied with (so I could forget the missing 2.7x crop camera, which in my mind will be an ideal tradeoff between size and iq). I very soon decided to sell both m4/3, and E-PL2 was easy to sell. I had planned to keep the X100, but I got a good offer last week, so I decided to sell it as well.

    • Ke

      That’s a massive crop though. You’d have to get a 20mm lens to get a normal FOV.

    • Dexter0508

      looking at the contacts(if the photos is not upside down/if the photo is confirmed real ), it’ll be a new system of lenses as well. the contacts of Nikon DSLRs are placed at top and hidden not at the bottom and exposed like this.

  • Anand

    There is no way Nikon can do this. Especially when you consider the lack of supply for D700 in stores. And the repeated reports of it being listed as “discontinued” on best buy and other stores. (Did I not read that here?).

    Though the lack of any leaks is frustrating and creates doubt…I will stay on the “Hope & Change” bandwagon for now. 🙂

    • I’m staying on the bandwagon with you!

      My main body broke, about a month ago I would just buy a new one but they are out of stock EVERYWHERE. Nikon has to produce something! and SOON!!!!!!

  • Todd

    Regarding the lenses, one can hope for the 80-400mm replacement on the 24th. I am “one” in this case.

    • PHB

      One can hope.

      It seems rather unlikely that a DSLR lens is going to be announced at a Coolpix launch. Especially with several DSLR launches in the pipe.

      August 24 is the time to launch consumer cameras in time for Xmas. We might even have immediate availability.

      It does not make sense for Nikon to pull all their sales staff home from holidays for a high end professional DSLR launch. The volumes are just not that high and the sales are going to be led by reviews and depend on availability more than anything. So it was always likely to be the consumer launch.

      Now it is quite possible, likely even that if they have a D9000 or a D700+ in the works that that will be announced shortly after the EVIL launch so that the sales staff can discuss both cameras in their calls. But we don’t even know for sure if those cameras are coming at all.

      • Todd

        Thanks….for making me sad. Anyway, not a surprise if it doesn’t happen. Hell, it’s been 11 years since they introduced their slooooooow focusing 80-400mm. It’s time for an upgrade Nikon, in a big way.

    • D3S Guy


  • FM2Fan

    so we wait for a video featured cam here … let us see, if this is the first small red Nikon …

  • Jimmy

    Admin, I do hope your wrong. Still hoping that Nikon is so tight lipped that only on Aug 24th we will see the FF cameras. I hope that we all will be surprised just like with the 40mm macro announcement, when nobody knew or suspected anything.

    • Of course there is a chance that I am wrong, but for now I think there will be only a mirrorless announcement next week. If Nikon announces the Coolpix cameras tomorrow, my expectations will change. Nikon will NOT announce Coolpix cameras with pro model DSLRs on the same date.

      • preston

        This all makes sense now! I was shocked that Nikon and Sony would want to have competing products announced at the same time because both would be hurt by this. If Nikon is doing just consumer oriented mirrorless, then this won’t compete with NEX-7. Otherwise it would be like a D800 and a 5dMkIII being announced on the same day – wouldn’t happen.

        • nacho

          yeah, and if you think about it, the 40mm macro had a great timeing too… a 60mm (FX FoV) for DX and a 105mm (FX FoV) for the evil.

  • Fubar


    • The invisible man



      • jdsl


  • rhlpetrus

    I’m interested. I’ve delayed getting an m43 for some time now, this could be a good option. If sensor is actually 2.6x crop, that would be 3x less area than APS-C. If they use a sensor based on D7k’s technology, we could expect at least 12EV of DR at base ISO and good noise performance up to 1600 ISO, not bad, actually maybe better than m43 out there.

    Lenses will be the key point, as well as a good EVF and a nice compact body like a GF1.

    • rhlpetrus

      Well, Panny has gone in the other direction so far, with GF2 and GF3, less and less controls. Maybe Nikon will produce what the GF2 should have been, a GF1 witha good built-in EVF.

  • Levi

    Worst news ever. So sad, but probably a good conclusion by Peter. My D800 eagerness just doesn’t want to hear it.

  • 2.6xMoreAngry

    I’m now “2.6x” more angry than I was before I read this post!!!!

    Who effing cares about a 2.6x camera?!?!??!!!!

    I’m seriously thinking about pulling a ZackArias and switch to Canon…
    …but Canon lenses are backwards and their AF sucks! Maybe a switch to Sony…
    …but Sony has that stupid odd-ball hot shoe, and my pocket wizards won’t work…

    I really have a Love/Hate relationship with Nikon… I love their pro & semi-pro cams, but I hate how much time/energy they waste on stupid cameras like the 2.6x cam!! Drop all the junk and focus on developing AND realeasing REAL cameras!!

    • Kurt Low

      I feel you man ! +1

    • John

      “Who effing cares about a 2.6x camera?!?!??!!!!”

      I do as do many others.
      There are plenty of times that I want a small camera package where weight and/or volume are at a premium and I’m willing to accept reduced image IQ.

      My LX-3 is nice and small, but I’m not too hot on the image quality. Nikon DX camera bodies are getting pretty small, but the lenses will not shrink. m43 seems like an OK system, but it’s not that much smaller than Nikon’s DX offerings.

      I think a 2.6x crop is a very interesting compromise which will allow decent IQ (perhaps on par with m43 offerings) with a small body and correspondingly smaller lenses.

      Remember, just because you aren’t interested doesn’t mean there are not a whole lot of others who are.

      We’ll see if Nikon can really pull it off. They better have a stunning body/sensor and some decent glass at the launch with the promise of more lenses soon and adapters to use FX/DX AF and MF glass.

      Remember, this camera SYSTEM is not a replacement for FX, DX or P&S, but another photographic tool to use.

    • RR

      I feel you too bro.. Who gives a shit about that consumist piece of crap.


      #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon !

    • I really wish the OP, RR, and many other d700 replacement whiners would quickly put plastic bags over their head and inhale deeply for hours…

  • Mandrake

    Is there a guesstimate on the price yet? Are we talking Leica prices or Samsung prices…lol

  • broxibear

    New wide angle f1.4 patent published today don’t know which focal length… 14mm ? 28mm ?

    • BornOptimist

      I think it’s a FF 24mm f1.4
      Total length is 127.49mm (from sensor to front element)
      It could very well be the one they released, I haven’t bothered to find out.

    • this is for the Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens

  • broceefus

    Hmmm. What about all those sites being “out” of the D700?

    • The invisible man

      Maybe they expected us to buy a mirrorless shit !

  • wong

    2.6x is not the matter to me, as long as they keep the pixel count low, not more than 12mp.

    looking at those contact pins, think it will requires an adapter to use F-mount lens

    • BornOptimist

      Of course it needs an adapter. The register distance is different.

  • Houston, I’ve got a problem 🙁
    Just sold my D3x and D700 for a good price before it would go down after the D800 and D4 and kept my D3 but I need a 24 or more mpixels so Nikon bring us a new one or I have to buy a D3x again 🙁

    • Ray


  • Carlos R B

    Admin (peter)..any chance a 35mm EQ will be announced for the system?

    • I have no details about the exact focal length.

  • So is Joe McNally having his show opening on the 24th because he new the Nikon announcement would be a flop?

  • Shane

    Hey NR

    U said u hered there was 2 full frame cameras coming out from your source!!!! what was that all about…….

    • Yes, I know, I am also confused but I am going after the latest info I received about the mirrorless camera. I have not a received a single detail about pro DSLR and like some have already mentioned this is not really a good indication of what is about to come. I may change my mind in the next few days again.

  • Kede

    Noooo, this can’t be possible…. please….noooo *crying* D800 please

  • FX DX

    There were no leaks for 40mm Micro DX lens a couple of months ago and yet Nikon released it. Just because Nikon Rumors wasn’t able to get any new info on D800 and D4 doesn’t mean that we will not see new FF cameras on 24th.

    • Anonymous

      Well, but 2x dSLR announcement is something much different than a stupid 40mm micro lens.

  • photonut

    That rumor – a consumer oriented release – makes sense. IFA, an electronic show with focus on consumers, starts on Sept. 2nd. All the big players will be there.

    • that’s right, since the PMA is moved to January, the IFA show will be a good place to show the new mirrorless camera, not so good for a new pro full frame DSLR

  • Ole

    If Nikon don’t release an FF camera, I will buy a Leica M8. And I mean it!!!

    • nobody

      You do know that the M8 is a crop camera, don’t you?

      • Ole

        Yes, Mr. Nobody. I do know, but I can’ afford the beautiful M9, so I will have to settle with 1.33 crop factor.

        • Ole

          can’ = can’t

    • Clever of you not to mention a timeframe.

  • Leuf

    How’s it going to have PD AF without a mirror?

  • Ishouldbeshooting

    Bah, I’m dusting off my Leica M6…

  • Landscape Photo

    What a shame !

    The only good news is that X810 may be considered as an extender for tele work. E.g. a 200mm lens will become 520mm, or a pocketable 85mm f/1.8 will become 220mm equivalent with little work, and possibly 12-16mp.

    Will there be a adapter for that mount?

  • chuck


    • Bart B


    • Sahaja

      Some of the new films are pretty good

  • Fishnose

    Gee. Wow. Mirrorless camera. Gee. Boring.

  • BDD

    It IS a shame. 🙂 Was so looking FWD to hearing about the D800 release. But since Canon isn’t going to announce their 5D Mark III till “early 2012” I’m guessing neither will Nikon. I’d assume Nikon would want something (e.g. D800) to go head-to-head at the same time.

    All I’m hoping for is that the D800 includes: usable high ISO shooting similar to the D3s if not better; ability to shoot 1080p video clips and new AF system like the one offered on the Canon 7D. If I didn’t buy a D300 I would have bought the 7D. Best DX body IMHO.

    • RR

      Autofocus sistem like the 7D?? Certainly that would be a step back.. Better yet the D3s or D3x autofocus system… Now that would be nice.

    • What? AF like the 7D? Best APS-C body? Have you lost your mind? Maybe you should switch to Canon then… I bet next you’re going to tell me the 5DII has a superior AF system too. Spend some time with your D300s and see what a real AF system feels like.

  • shivaswrath


    I just sold both my D700’s for a D4 replacement, GOD DAMN YOU NIKON!

    • nicholo

      LOL. Well, you gambled. And unless my head is all screwed, this is a rumor website, and its not the 24th yet.

      Though, come 24th, if this really is the star of the announcement, I will happily continue shooting with a d700.

  • RR

    No D400, no D800 and no D4.. Man one thing is for sure, Nikon users are probably the most loyal clients a company could wish for, even when their company pulls shit like this.

    But this wont last for ever..

    #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon !

    • D700guy

      I think it’s an expected situation. The company must be thinking about its bottom line. The get more $ from P&S cameras than they do from pro bodies. Nikon probably needs some revenue given the state of the dollar vs yen. Selling cheap rigs will pad up their earnings. We will probably get pro bodies after the olympics have come and gone. After the media has displayed their ability, and after Canon has made their Nikon killers available.

    • JV


    • Anonymous

      I am Nikon & losing my customers to Canon faster than ever 🙂

  • Nikon CEO is playing Jigsaw with us: We have to review our priorities of life.

    The game is: Shoot Canon for 2 years and then switch back to Nikon, let the game begin!

    Live or Die , whats your choice?

  • My 55-200 DX now becomes a 140-520 supertelephoto zoom–great for sports. Bring it on! As long as it has a cheap super-wide angle and normal.

    • I’m assuming there will be a cheap adapter too.

    • nobody

      Unfortunately it will not have enough resolution for the tiny pixels on a 2.6 crop sensor. And AF will probably be rather slow (try live view AF on your DX camera). Not so great for sports.

      • The first bit makes sense to me, but I’ve never thought of the 2nd–The AF would have to be that much more accurate to get the smaller pixels sharp.

  • LoL

  • Anand

    To really hype up a mirrorless camera with the big guns (McNally, Peterson, Jarvis)….I mean really????


    and to say that they wanted to increase their market share…ummmm..not happeing with mirrorless alone guys!!!

    • BornOptimist

      You know, they haven’t canceled the replacement for D3s/D700 and D300s. They will be announced this fall/winter. The point here is that that does not necessarily happen next week.

  • EvanK

    Alright Nikon, I’ve just about had it!

    The D300s is over 2 years old, and the very similar D300 which it replaced is nearing its 4th birthday! The D700 is more than 3 years old, it’s pretty much a grandfather, and the D3s is approaching its second birthday while the D3 is over 4 years old! You have pretty much 3 overdue cameras, we don’t want a whole new series! Bring on the DSLRs, not the mirrorless.

    • Anonymous


  • Bart B

    If you want a point and shoot camera to take pictures of your drunk friends … go get yourself a smartphone. They all have good quality 5 -10 Mpixel imagesensors with the same size as the sensors inside Nikon coolpix models.

    Let me make a prediction here. The new 17mm diagonal image sensor will be the new standard in the new Coolpix cameras coming. This new sensor fits nicely between DX and smartphone image sensors.

  • David

    I sold my D700 in anticipation and seriously thinking about picking up 5DM2 if no D800 announcement.

    • nicholo

      So you’re basically thinking of buying another 3 yr old camera in exchange for your other 3 yr old camera.

      • EvanK


  • NYC_En

    So Joe McNally’s campaign is for the Nikon Q, or whatever this mirrorless camera is called?

  • no

    this is a disaster. reminds me of the time nikon tried to sell photogs on DX until they had to eat crow and release FX with the D3.

    small sensor suck nikon. why is that such hard thing to learn? m4/3’s has all the benefits of this thing minus all the flaws. why anybody would buy a single nikon evil camera using this point and shoot sensor is beyond me, and once canon releses their larger than m4/3’s sensor it will become obvious to nikon this is a mistake.

    so eventually nikon will realize they were stupid 2.0, release a proper big sensor evil and all will be well, minus 90 percent lost market share…just like in the DX days of the d2 days.

  • pethunia

    Are we now in the bad-news ‘bath tub’? Only to crawl out happier, sooner.

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