First mockups of Nikon’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera

I do not have any real images of the upcoming  Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens camera but I received two mockups that will give you a pretty good idea of the camera's design:

Here are some details in addition to those I published earlier today:

  • Similar clean design like the Coolpix P300.
  • The camera will not have any dials on the top plate.
  • Speaker will be located on top plate.
  • There will be a pop-up flash and/or flash hot shoe for external flash.
  • The new mirrorless lenses may have electronic zoom buttons (see this patent).
  • There will be some functionality that will be introduced for the first time in a mirrorless camera.
  • The camera will probably be available in different colors.

I was told also that the mirrorless camera looks very much like the drawing filed in this patent (eventhough the camera will probably not have the patented protective mount cover):

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  • The invisible man

    And where is my D900 ?

  • Jabs

    Work Administrator – lol

    or work us!

  • roy

    So will there be any new FX body announcement ?

    • my personal opinion: no DSLR for next week

  • MK

    i wonder how many replies are going to cry about how the crop factor is worthless, and how they are going to end their lives if a full frame is not released?

    • stonka

      I will shoot myself. Just sold my d700 and I’ve got a wedding to shoot on beggining of september.

      • Really? You know that you probably could not get it until October / November anyway. I am hoping you are joking. Your D700 would have been fine.

        • nobody

          I guess that’s what is called “survival of the fittest” 🙂

        • Ray

          At least he’ll be able to buy himself a nice mirrorless camera to shoot the wedding with.

          • Sky

            yea… small sensor with f/5.6 zoom lens. Brilliant setup for weddings.

        • Flash

          Just Rent for now, it is easier on the family. Seriously renting or borrowing is a good option, I do it all the time. The d700 is a very nice camera .

          Even if the d800 is announced next week you probably would not be able to get one till November. It will be very hot product I predict.

      • MK

        well actually i was going on safari and then diving in the pacific, maybe i dont know. i only go on the remote safaris to the furthest reaches of the earth and diving to the deepest most exotic depths.

        i hoped to sell my photos to national geographic but im not sure they can afford me. imagine the embarrassment if anyone saw me using this blasphemous mirrorless device? the nerve of nikon… i can only pixel peep to 95% with this “camera”.

        • Adam


      • dgreene196

        Not sure that it makes much sense for a professional to hope for unreleased/unannounced equipment for a job in the near future. Especially since Nikon has a habit of announcing DSLRs several weeks to 2-3 months before they’re available at all, and, even once available, are usually difficult to obtain for 4-6 months.

        But, what do I know? I’m just a hobbyist, at best.

        • PHB

          I think its folk making fun of the people who post that they are switching to canon unless there is a new FX body out each week for the next 4 years.

          What I want to see is a face to face comparison of all the new EVIL cameras from the cheapest up to the Leica.

      • KT

        I did the same, sold my D700 for fear the price will bottom-out after the new announcement and every one rushes to sell their D700/D3 and trade-up to the new D-whatever. Though I wasn’t counting on buying the new FX body till next year when the price gets more reasonable. Now it looks like I might be waiting till next August.

      • Jabs

        A bird in the hand = two in the bush (what you have on hand is worth twice what you are promised or dream/wish for/think about or even want as a substitute for what you currently have) – learn that, please.

        DO NOT sell your gear until you BUY and then receive the new gear = NOT being an idiot, unless you have other similar gear that can do the same exact job.

        People trying to anticipate the decrease in value of their older now replaced gear with a newly introduced camera series are mere gamblers and they often lose = greedy!

      • Flash


      • Nathan

        So, go rent a D3s and quit whining. If you sold gear you need to do your job, whose fault is that? Nikon’s??

  • Bart B
    • PHB

      Not a chance.

      It wouldn’t even work with F-mount lenses.

      Only value to a curved sensor would be for sensors integrated into one lens.

  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    Funny the invisibleman his d900 he thinks he only waiting come on grow up we are all waiting and yes you may have yours soon warp speed i hope

    • The invisible man

      My D90 is helping me waiting for the D900 but I paid $2000 for the 14-24mm f/2.8 and it’s only a 21-36mm on the D90……

      • kyoshinikon

        I use that setup and Im happy for now… But I want either a D3s or D4…

      • PHB

        That lens is pretty much the only real ‘must have FX’ argument.

        There is no DX lens like it, nor will there be. My 10-24 is OK, it is even good compared to the 1990s lenses I have, but no competition for the f/2.8.

        Now the EVIL on the other hand might give the 14-24 a run for its money, or rather for less money. A 5-9mm f/2.8 short focus would likely cost in the region of $600 and give better results (due to not having the retrofocus design). It would not be an exact replacement, but could surpass the big gun in some areas.

        On the downside, the EVIL is not going to ever go beyond 24MP and probably won’t even do that for quite a while (I would suggest 14-18MP). And its not going to be a stellar low light performer but on the plus side is likely to be a better performer in strong daylight.

        • Jan

          Are you serious? I’m still waiting for my MF body, I sold my D3s and D700 in anticipation for the mirrorless MF with 10fps, and I have 20 commercial shoots next wkend. What am I going to do?

  • Phil

    Darn!!!! I have been waiting to replace my DSLR. I could care less about this kind of camera except the it makes Nikon more competitive, hopefully. But, but I was looking for a new full frame camera.
    “We need it now”.

  • Drunkcaballo

    Im selling my D700 and buying a Coolpix.

    • Jeremy

      I see the beauty of your logic…hardly any waiting, ever!

  • alvix is it spelled ?

  • 2.6xMoreAngry


  • Bart B

    > The camera will probably be available in different colors.

    I’ll wait until they release a ferrari-red version 🙂

    • Vandyu

      You realize that Nikon could sell these faster if they would license the Ferrari logo and start doing more special editions like Leica does. Either way, I’m underwhelmed. There is no grip to speak of and it looks like the Sony Nex7 will have an edge as far as ergonomics goes.

      • dgreene196

        I think it’s very likely that the NEX7 will be targeted (and priced) at a very different group of consumers. It’s very possible that an NEX7 + 24 mm Zeiss combo will be very similar in price to the Leica X1. For that kind of money, it might be possible to buy the entire system (at release) for the Nikon mirrorless (whatever it may be called), depending on what kinds of lenses are initially available.

        • Sky

          Yep, NEX7 with Zeiss should be about 2000 USD. Quite expensive gear. Never the less it might be much more useful than the Nikon tiny-sensor box with EVF.

    • Ke

      Hasselblad have already done a Ferrari edition (seriously).

    • Jabs

      @Bart B

      Asus already has Ferrari red laptops and Lamborghini (I think black colored) laptops and maybe Hasselblad sort of went ‘nuts’ and made a special edition Ferrari themed version.

      WHERE are the P-Zero Pirelli’s in there (tires) ???

      People with lots of money and perhaps little common sense – lol

      Epicurean delights for the expensive ‘bling’ obsessed crowd of ‘snobs’ or collectors, perhaps!

      Yeah right!

      Get them an exotic endangered species lizard skinned, pearl encrusted Leica and be done with it, plus tell them how eco-conscious they now are too – LOL!

  • NG42

    Let’s hope the evf, if there is one, doesn’t look anywhere near that ridiculous.

  • Mark

    I think that’s a terrible place to put the video record button. I can see many people complaining about missing shots because they accidentally pressed that instead of the “shutter”. I also scoff at the primitive grip and the though of people carrying around their 17-55/28-80 and 70/80-200s on this because of the lack of good, affordable lenses for such a camera and the need for extra reach.

    Macro and telephoto realms are really the only things I think something like this would be great for. It will get a 2.6:1 macro reproduction ratio with any micro lens. Even their new 40/2.8 micro. I will even give it a good working distance at 1:1 wi good DOF, maybe even wide open because of the small sensor size. Such a camera will give extremely good telephoto shots with any of the telezoom lenses. But it will also magnify any imperfections on those large front elements. I can definitely see a place for this kind of a camera if the photos are good enough. But I was also hoping for a good DSLR launch as well. Namely, the D400 an D4. I guess we’ll see in time. Until then, all we can do is hope cool ices are announced this week so we get a DSLR or two next week.


  • Rockadell

    NIKON D400!

  • The invisible man

    Talking about mirrorless………watch this video, you’ll love it !

  • Kris Philps
    • Sky

      yea… right. Most think it won’t even get up close though. Nothing odd in that. Nikon is photography company, not video. 🙂 I’d gladly have a good photo camera instead of semi-good photo and video camera.

  • Bjrichus

    “The camera will probably be available in different colors.”

    Does this mean the colors choices include Spew, Puke and Vomit, just like recent Pentaxes?

  • richardy

    i just got my D700 which was just a bit over$2200 and i am enjoying it everyday~ the best camera is the one you have got and available…not the rumored fantasy…will but D900 or whatever replaces D700 in 2-3 years.

  • Not going to spend more money on Nikon FF bodys until summer 2012.

    Just lenses, f#@$ Nikon!

    I will buy a 60D and a 17-55 is for videos and forget about this announcements!

  • Trevor

    This bodes well for Nikon looking at the number of m43 people clamoring for a built in EVF. Also, I’m happy for no mention of a hot shoe. This will be perfect for my wife who wants better than DSLR but wants a camera that fits in her purse.

    I’m guessing the lenses will be:
    11-32mm (~28-84) f/3.5-5.6
    32-110mm (~84-280) f/4-5.6
    14mm (~35) f/2.8 pancake
    11-110 (~28-280) f/3.5-5.6 (particularly for video)

    Although I would prefer a 40mm (~105) f/2.8 macro to be in the mix, my guess is that’s not in the works.

    Street priced at $499-$549 for the body and 11-32mm and I think you have a winner. Beat Canon to market and steal share from m43 crowds. Then, reinvest those dollars/euros/yen to give us awesome DSLR gear 🙂

    • Trevor

      *for my wife who wants better than P&S

    • nobody

      You don’t have to guess regarding the lenses. The patents have been published by NR. Just do a search!

    • Ke
    • dgreene196

      Didn’t Nikon just release a 40 mm f/2.8 macro that could potentially be used with this device with an adapter? It actually makes that lens far more interesting, as not only is it a 60 mm equivalent macro for DX, but it could also be a 105-ish equivalent on this rumored mirrorless.


  • Gareth

    well this looks like an epic fail.

    • nobody

      Just the opposite! It will be a great success for Nikon. Even if you wouldn’t by one 🙂

      • Sky

        Fail. Looks at Pentax Q. Similar principle, similar failure. Even if Nikon will use somewhat bigger sensor – it still gonna be sensor taken from compact camera what spoils most of advantages in ILC. Instead you’ll end up with system perfectly mixing the disadvantages of ILC cameras and compacts into one expensive package.

        • Lonnie Utah

          I think Sky is right on the money. Why would you buy this nikon with a 2.7 crop sensor, when you can buy a NEX with a APS-C with 1.5 crop?

          One of the biggest advantages of the NEX and m4/3 is the ability to adapt legacy glass. That works, with a 1.5 crop, not so much with 2.7 . For example

          On a nex, a 24mm prime lens (about the widest lens in anyone’s MF lineup that’s readily available) up converts to 36mm. On a Nikon EVIL, it’s 65mm. A 35mm is 95mm and a 50mm becomes 135mm.

          So now you are essentially forced to use the system glass, which is super limited, and will cost who knows how much.

          This thing is going to tank……

          • iamlucky13

            I don’t think it’s going to tank. It will probably do well with consumers because it’s smaller than M43 cameras and has a viewfinder.

            Just those of us who have F-mount lenses and were hoping to keep a bulky SLR for serious shooting and a compact EVIL for travel shooting are all disappointed.

            The adapter will be almost pointless, although a poster above did bring up the 40mm Macro. That lens, at least, might be sharp enough to adapt usefully to a 2.6x crop sensor.

            • Lonnie Utah

              So who is the target market for this camera?

              1). No pros: Too small a sensor.

              2). Not those that wanted to use F-mount glass.

              3). Not prosumers. It will be not flexible enough when compared to other offerings out there (nex or m4/3).

              4). Not entry level consumers. Too expensive when compared to P&S cams or ones iPhone.

              So yeah, this thing will go down the tubes. Some dedicated Nikon fans will buy it, but it’s not going to set the world on fire in this configuration.

  • RMT

    Will the camera have an F-mount or an adapter? If it is F-mount, how are lenses supposed to be smaller than the NEX cameras?

    • Bart B

      F-mount lenses are not expected to be smaller then NEX lenses

    • nobody

      The mount will be much smaller than F-mount, of course. You will be able to use FX and DX lenses with an adapter, just like you can use Nikon lenses on Micro Four Thirds cameras.

      I just hope AF and VR will be working with that adapter!

      • kulturindustrie

        I just hope my Beroflex 500mm f8.0 will fit the adapter…
        500mm x 2.6 = Hubble on Earth!!! 🙂

        • Jeremy

          Be sure to share your Pinwheel Galaxy shot. 🙂

  • broxibear

    If you’re going up against the EP cameras, GF3, NEX range etc then you better be aesthetically interesting because that’s what attracts the buyers in this section, not image quality or fast AF…those are for enthusiasts and professionals and that is a different market.
    If it’s similar to the Coolpix P300 design it’ll be another P7000 failure…making it in purple, blue and pink isn’t going to cut it.

    • Mock Kenwell

      +1. Everyone is talking about reach on a camera like this, but I’m interested in its street shooting capabilities. It will all be about 1) size, 2) aesthetics, 3) usability & 4) IQ. This is a very competitive (& now mature) market. It will have to kill on EVERY one of these fronts.

      Sweet christ Nikon moves at a glacial pace. Tsunami or no, the D700 replacement is pathetically overdue. Epic fail for not giving it an ‘S’ update when they had the chance.

  • R R

    Oh well, tourists and rich people with extra money to spend, are going to take pictures… But heck Nikon thinks full frame Nikon users can do well without full HD video some more, and with no more than 12MP unless they spend 8k grand on a D3x, And never mind their 3 , almost 4 years old cameras (D700, and D3 and D3x’s) are picking fast more and more number of shutter actuations… Till the shutters give up, and while the competion makes great profesional video…

    But Hey ! The tourists and rich people DEMAND for the mirrorless cute cameras! Screw the pros!

    #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon !

  • rhlpetrus

    Hey admin, why is this earlier rumor being dismissed? It sounded much more credible than what you have now.

    • Now you see why I have a hard time figuring out this announcement… I really don’t know. I received a lot of mirrorless info today that makes me believe that it will be announced next week.

  • Ric

    Woohoo! This think kicks butt. I’m going to get one ASAP.

  • NikonTheAvenger

    This will be a good camera for my wife and soon to be four year old son. My son like to take photo using my iphone and now he deserve a better cam.

    • NikonTheAvenger

      Excuse my english, it’s my fourth language!

      • The invisible man

        You’re English is perfect, only your speeling need improvement. (so does mine !)

  • Apooo

    I think this going to pretty close to what the mirror less camera will be. No mirror means no pentaprism or optical viewfinder that you’d find on a standard SLR. Since it’s an interchangeable lens, it will not be a range finder either. It’s going to probably have either an EVF (electronic viewfinder) or a screen but not both. It’s basically going to be a compact style digital camera with interchangeable lenses. Nothing mind blowing in my opinion.

    What would get my interest is a fast shutter recycle, low latency and low noise on hi ISO.

    • iamlucky13

      I’d be willing to bet money it will have both. The EVF is one of the highly anticipated rumored features. If Nikon missed that people want a viewfinder, they’re clueless.

      Consumers, on the other hand, will demand an LCD screen. No screen means no image review, which means no immediate sharing snapshots with friends.

      If you have an LCD, it will be made available for liveview.

  • Carlos R B

    Any talk about ho many MP?

  • Eric

    Zero percent chance of happening. Pro bodies are announced the end of August. This week is the new cheaper stuff. Nikon’s even hinting something special is coming this week. That’s the mirrorless camera for non-serious photographers. The pros are getting their update the end of August.

    A conversation I had with someone in NPS in June convinces me so, even though they did not say anything specific or give any details. It’s what they didn’t say…

  • Eric

    (Note when I said non-serious, that was tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

  • Leaking Starfish

    What a useless lump of shit that camera is. Pointless junk for the gee whiz look what I got crowd. I hope at least the P8000 is announced with 24mm wide and an articulated screen.

    • The invisible man


    • broxibear

      “What a useless lump of shit that camera is.”
      Wise words stretched out friend, wise words.

      • Oopps

        I agree Broxibear, wise words indeed as echoed below by Shane, it seems we can learn a lot from the wise ones amongst us…

  • Alfonso

    There is still hope, McNally shooting video!

    MELVILLE, NY (August 16, 2011) – Nikon Inc. is the exclusive photographic equipment sponsor of the “Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later” exhibit at the Time Warner Center in New York. The free exhibit, marking the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, will take place from August 24 to September 12, 2011. The exhibit features more than fifty images and videos by internationally acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally, that bring to life some of the extraordinary individuals personally impacted by the events of 9/11.

    “Nikon is proud to be a sponsor of the ‘Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later’ exhibition,” said Bo Kajiwara, Director of Marketing, Nikon Inc. “The still images and videos shot by Joe McNally document in compelling detail a very significant event in recent history and are vivid, powerful reminders of the human spirit.”

  • shane

    This camera is stupid where are the proper DSLRS……

  • Martin L

    I was sort of hoping that the design would emulate the Nikon S. In any case, does anyone know the dimensions of this camera?

    • Ke

      Apparently it’s only going to be a tiny bit bigger than most compacts – so smaller than any other mirrorless out there.

      • Sky

        We’ll see.

        Sony NEX C3 is so small that it’s on the edge of usability, so Nikon better wouldn’t go with anything smaller. I already have problems with pressing the buttons on C3 while checking it in the shop.

        Besides that – bigger body will balance much better with lenses used through adapters – like Nikon own F lenses… I can’t imagine a body that will essentially be a rear lens cap to even smallest F-mount lenses, just as Pentax Q with adapter is.

  • Paul

    That mockup looks gross, I should open up paint and whip something up.

  • If it is available in different colors, I want a pink one for my wife.

  • M!

    i’m sorry but if the real thing looks anything like this mockup, it is a poor design.
    look at what Fuji did with the X100, it is in a gorgeous body and package.
    this mock up looks like a cheap DC. and you guys expect the mounts to hold a F mount lens?
    ergonomics is poor and render this EVIL camera useless.
    at least there should be a grip.

    • One More Thought

      I do agree that if Nikon were to release a design similar to the Fuji X100 it would be a big hit regardless…design matters…and the Fuji is selling largely because of its style and design (that’s not to say there are not other good qualities…but let’s face it, the design is what is leading sales for the X100)…

      We’ll see what the real mirrorless design looks like…

  • Cool WHip

    If Nikon makes this the size of an iPhone and backs it up with a huge lineup of pancakes then all those NEX users complaining about the size and availability of lenses will jump ship tout suite….and then start complaining about the size of the sensor. Otherwise, I don’t see how this is any better than a coolpix.

    • Sky

      They won’t be interested, just as they aren’t interested in Pentax Q.

      Even though Pentax Q is very interesting for number of reasons, not only great small lenses. And it has body with quite nice usability (though too small for me). People still aren’t interested. Compact camera sensor just doesn’t deliver. Same will happen to Nikon, even solely due to sensor size (what still remains true if you ignore issues with picture quality).

  • Robert Falconer

    Not really feeling it.

  • Anonymous

    What a bad design. Nikon could have centered the bayonet into the body. Why at the leftmost edge?

    • AtlDave

      It is a very good design for those of us that are right handed and right eyed.

      By moving the lens to the side we will be able to get a better grip on the camera with our right hand instead of having to hold it by pinching between our thumbs and fingers on both sides. It will also make it easier to use any control dials (and I hope there will be some) on the back of the camera.

      The few times I have handled a rangefinder with a viewfinder off to the side I liked the way it felt. Having the viewfinder offset reduced the need to swivel my head to the left while holding the camera.

      If you are left eyed or left handed a design like this mockup is going to be hard to deal with but that is true of other cameras too. I had a left eyed friend in the film days that used to rant about an imagined secret conspiracy between camera companies to position the film advance lever so that it would poke his right eye every time it was used.

  • zseso

    Its a fake picture. Just check the difference of the top and bottom of the camera.

    • Ke

      It says right there in the title it’s a mock up.

  • Im just thinking what Nikon COULD do with the image quality from that sensor.. They could easily make it on par with m43 or even a little better I think. The question is how they treat the mirrorless project.. If they keep on putting those crappy Coolpix-sensor in it. It will fail. If they put a a cropped down Sony 24mp Aps-c sensor in it. It will be an epic hit. The word will spread like diabetes. HAVE YOU SEEN THE IMAGE QUALITY OF THE NEW NIKON MIRRORLESS!?!? I think still most camera companys (except Fuji) dont get how much free marketing in the forums all over the world if they make a really good-sensored camera.

  • ggweci

    Will it be able to trigger remote flashes via CLS?

    If Nikon does this right, it could be the perfect compliment to my D90.

  • That design is about as stylish as military issue glasses (aka “rape prevention glasses”).


  • Alfonso

    Pentax Q kit price es $800 usd. Nikon D3100 kit is $600 usd.

    How much can Nikon ask for this tiny camera? I don’t see a price point that can make this camera a winner in the nikon lineup.

  • P300, as in “Pronea?” Sorry, I just can’t let this go. If I wanted a camera like this, why wouldn’t I just buy one of the other 4/3 cameras out there?

  • I was sick of waiting for Nikon mirrorless so now my Nikon DSLRs have smaler brother, it’s m43 Olympus PEN with pancake and it’s awesome!!! 50$ for lens mount and I can use all my nikkors, manual focus, manual aperture but still with image stabilization!!! :))))

    Moreover, manual radio triggers work fine with PEN and all SBs 🙂

    This mean a setup of PEN, pancake 17mm, Nikkor 50/1.4 + ring, trigger and SB + small umbrella can be everywhere with me, also in short trips where I have to pack it along with laptop etc in 5kg luggage 😉

    I recommend! 🙂

  • Hmm.. no serious photographer needs anything more than the D700. It’s everything you need in a camera.

  • dan

    so unbelievably sick of waiting for nikon to get their head out of their ass about a dslr that can keep up with the video capabilities of Canon 5d mark 2 i think Im going to junk my nikons and start over with canon-

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