Nikon’s Tetsuro Goto at Ricoh GR camera party in Tokyo

DCwatch reports that Tetsuro Goto (Director of Laboratory Research and Development at Nikon Japan) made a surprise appearance and created "lot of excitement" at a recent Ricoh GR party in Tokyo celebrating the camera's 5th anniversary. After blowing out the birthday cake candles, Mr. Goto said (Google translation):

"GR Digital camera is like a jealous love, I am afraid of go to work early next week"

Tetsuro Goto had several interesting interviews in the past with Focus-Numerique and DCwatch.

FYI: Ricoh recently bought Pentax for $124.2 million.

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  • juqing

    what means

  • The invisible man

    There is my RBG sensor……

  • What does this mean? Google translation FAIL.

  • ku

    This is last year’s article… why are you picking it up now??

    • did not see the date, got the link in an email this morning

  • vworm

    I have the same question, why raising an article of last October?

    BTW, I think Goto’s words may be better translated this way:
    “I envy that a camera like GR Digital can be so much loved by everyone.”

    “I’m afraid to show myself in the office next Monday.” (The event was occurred at Saturday Oct 9, 2010, and Goto make a fun of himself attending a Ricoh event despite that he is working for Nikon.)

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