Nikon rep: two DSLRs will be announced by the end of August

This is the email I received from a reader describing a recent Nikon event organized for major authorized dealers in a country I will not mention online in order not to get anyone in trouble:

They essentially explain what happened with Nikon since March 11th (earthquake, tsunami, Fukushima, etc.) and what major decisions have been taken since concerning the product plants situated in the area.

They told us that most of the machines have been moved to a new plant in Malaysia and most of the employees have been moved as well with some monetary compensation. Then, some photo slides of the Malaysian plant have been shown. The new facility is already producing cameras and lenses. Expect to see "Made in Malaysia" Nikon product very soon.

Now, as you can imagine, everybody asked for the D700 and D3 replacement schedule. Here is what the Nikon rep said: "Two new FX bodies will be announced by the end of August. Availability in Fall." Even though the rep wasn't explicit about which current cameras are going to be replaced, it was quite clear they were talking about "old body designs" (guess D700 and D3). Nevertheless, the two FX cameras will be aimed at different customers who have different needs: one camera for "expert" photographers, the other for "pro" photographers. Technical spec and form factors will be significantly different as well.

Could it be that the camera for the "expert" photographers is actually the previously rumored D400? In any case, the major announcement scheduled for the end of August seems to be on track and has not be delayed by the recent tragedy in Japan. All information so far points to the announcement of two new DSLR cameras. The Nikon Coolpix line will also be upgraded, probably somewhere in the middle of August.

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  • Walkthru

    Is it safe to hold my breath yet??????

    • hmmm

      Boy, that’s a long time that you want to go without breathing until the end of August… 😉

    • Banned


      • Banned

        I miss the old it has begun people. Am I the only one left?

        • dave

          “It has begun” was old before God rested on the 7th day.

          • Mock Kenwell

            LOW was the original guy and he doesn’t post as much as he used to.

            IT HAS BEGUN! Of course it has. Because after three years of waiting, I just bought a D7000 three days ago.

      • lolly

        The wait is ending 😛

        • PoBoy

          The ending is waiting.

    • The invisible man.

      Starting now you will find pro lenses and cameras “made in Malaysia” OR “made in Japan”
      Not good at all for used market.

  • Zorro

    A really good Coolpix would be welcome.

    • +1 (Google Plus this comment!)

    • The invisible man.

      It already exist: P5000

  • AnoNemo

    D400 + D4

    D400 = Sony 24MP DX sensor
    D4 = Nikon 16-18MP FX sensor

    • That’s what I am thinking too. I don’t believe Nikon will announce two FF cameras at the same time. Even the person who sent me the tip assumed that the rep was talking about the D3 and D700. Btw, those were not just “regular” reps but also people from the main Nikon office in that country.

      • Joe Jaro

        Makes perfect sense indeed

        • LGO

          I read it differently.

          The initial discussion referred to the Sendai Facilities that makes the FX bodies and specific mention was made of two FX bodies. The discussion did not dwell on DX as the DX bodies were not made in Sendai. And besides, someone from Nikon would know when to say DX if he really meant DX?

          So for all intents and purposes, I believe that the reference to 2 FX bodies did mean 2 FX bodies. So by the end of August, we should expect the replacement for the D300s and at least 2 new FX bodies.

          The next question to this is what are these 2 new FX bodies – the replacements for the D3s and D3x replacement or the replacement for the D3s and D700-replacements. Much as I am hoping for the latter, I think it will be the former.

          • Mock Kenwell

            @ LGO: Agree. Don’t forget the considerable amount of negative feedback from some D3 users after the quick release of the D700—essentially a pro body with virtually identical features (largely apart from hardiness) that costs far less. Perhaps Nikon is avoiding this backlash and releasing both models simultaneously. Full disclosure as it were. Then again, perhaps it is just my wishful thinking!

            • Brian

              But one would hurt the sales of the other.

            • @Brian: Not if they were distinctive enough from each other in features and build.

              I don’t think anyone really knows whether Nikon deems the D700 a wise/healthy move, or a detrimental one in relation to both D3 sales as well as overall sales. I can’t help but think that the D700 was a great move for Nikon, and D3 sold enough bodies still to come out on top. Again, time will tell.

              I do think it’s plausible that Nikon will release a mini D4 (a la D700) that has more differences from the D4 than the D700 did from the D3. I read (here?) a few weeks back that a Nikon Exec had stated their plan to be more balanced in their pursuit of high ISO/low noise performance. It’s actually kind of sad (to me), but makes sense. Overall image quality is what matters more than any one metric.

              But what if there’s a caveat to that statement? Imagine a D3 with 409,600 ISO, 16mp, dual expeed, and 11+fps. That would sell wonders to a number of markets, including wedding photographers, sports photographers, low-light filmmakers, and even nature/landscape shooters. If they introduced a D800 with a ~20mp sensor, 51,200 ISO, 5fps, and a single expeed processor, they could appeal to different markets, and while staying attractive to the aforementioned markets.

              Imagine a world where Nikon makes an August announcement revealing both a D4 and a D800, appealing to a good chunk of the market that would want not one but both of the cameras. I wouldn’t complain. 🙂

              Just a thought…

          • Mark J

            That’s a really good point. They wouldn’t move D400 production to Malaysia due to the quake since the D300 factory is in Thailand, not Japan. And there is no way they wouldn’t retool the Thailand factory to make the D300’s replacement.

      • Joe R.

        Can I hope for a “low end” FX D400? An entry-level full-frame?

        • KT

          The Sony 24 MP sensor coing out in the A77 and presumably shared by Nikon in their D400 is a DX format sensor so you are not going to get an FX D400 if Nikon end up using such sensor. I was hoping the 24 MP sensor from the F3x could find home in a D700 replacement, something like the D2x to D90, it’s a shame such a sensor will go to waste.

          • D-7

            The D2x sensor is abandoned, the D90 got it sensor from the D300.

            • Nek Mockwell

              D300s,…D300 was different.

      • Andy

        I just dont get the “not two FX at the same time”-argument.
        IMO, we are looking at partly two different segments for the D3/D700-replacements (if they end up with approx the same differencies)
        Some pro´s need D700 as a second body. They wont skip the D3 just because the D700 comes at the same time.

        I am quite sure most D700-users are like me. “Expert” hobby photographers who need a FX and do not want to carry around a D3. I wouldnt buy a D3 even if it came YEARS before D700. D3 is to heavy for my use, and offers too little for the money. I say two times FX is probable and would not kill sales on the pro body.

        Correct me if I am missing something.


        • Mock Kenwell


      • The invisible man.

        Nikon will NOT continue the D100/200/300 series.

        Starting now if you are a pro buy a D4/D800/900
        You are not a pro buy a D7000


    • D400, assuming that is what the D300 replacement is called, is DX, not FX.

  • QPO

    Nice let´s wait agin and see a4 yaer cycle is not bad at all

  • Jacob Makkara

    It’s important to note that rep was talking only about Japan = FX lineup !?
    I can’t see any info on Thailand/DX so we cannot estimate D400 based on this information.

    • Good point Jacob – was a bit surprised to see the D300s replacement not being explicitly mentioned.

      I was certainly under the impression that the D700 replacement would be held up by the Sendai tsunami , but I was expecting the D300s replacement to be on schedule (being made in Thailand)….

      • PHB

        The D300s replacement will be next generation technology. So that is something I would expect to see launch with the D4.

        I expect that this is a refresh of the D700 and a new entry level D9000.

        There is certainly a market for a 12MP FX body, Nikon has a suitable sensor. It makes sense to move the D700 sensor into a D9000. That has been pretty apparent since the D7000 came out in a semi-metal frame.

        The D700 is unlikely to get a refresh for some time so it is important to keep it as a live item. I would expect a D700x or D700s with the sensor from the D3x or D3x.

        So I would see this as a cleanup of the last generation FX line prior to the flagship and D400 launch.

        Neither is likely to be a very high volume body, either could be made in the Thailand plant if necessary.

  • Aljon

    So Excited!

    • goose

      I just can’t hide it!

      • Deazy

        I’m about to lose control!

        • goose

          I think I like it!

        • Patrick

          And I think I like it! 🙂

          • Patrick

            Is there an echo in here?

          • LOL

            Oohh wee!

            • Mock Kenwell

              And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want TWO, I want TWO!

  • DX2FX

    The Nikon rep said, ” Two new FX bodies…” But the D400 is going to be a DX format, thus the other body should not be the D400.

    • binary_eye

      Just because everyone has always assumed a “D400” would be DX doesn’t guarantee that it will be.

  • Sam

    Two FX bodies? D4 & the rumoured D9000 maybe?

  • But did Nikon really say 2 FX bodies? If that’s really the case, then D400 might not be possible, unless it will upgraded to FX 😮

    But still hoping for a D800….

  • McPIX

    What, if the future Dnnnn cameras above the 7000 take the lead in the D300/400… (DX) segment – and the Dnnn series will become the budget FF under the Pro Dn types?

    • That’s what I’m thinking. If not this release then soon after. Although last time I said something like that on this site a whole lot of DX lovers came out of the woodwork.

  • ren kockwell

    Can’t wait for d4!!!!!

    • Ren Kockwell

      Hey admin, how did this guy get my username? Ur, I mean my real name?

      • Ke

        Probably because he doesn’t use capitals.

  • LOL

    Yay! That’s all I have to say!

  • distanted

    I’m not tracking how the rep is quoted at saying two new FX bodies (twice), and the following paragraph is linking this conversation to a D400. Sounds more like the D700 replacement, which I thought Nikon considered to be an expert (but not pro) camera.

    • santorri

      that makes sense to me….nikon cannot go and shoot itself in the foot by bringing out a D300s replacement so soon after the very successful D7000 was released…it makes more marketing sense that the flagship DX model will be released when sales of the latest high-end DX camera (D7000) start to dwindle. On that basis i feel that the two FX bodies to be released in August (if true) will be the D3 replacement and D700 replacement, or at least i hope they are because i cant wait any longer 🙂

      • And the d4 will be a 16-18mp high iso journalism monster and the d700 a 24mp d3x replacement?

        • i mean d800

        • Makes sense if Nikon decide to go after the canon line up as Canon did to Nikon with 7d (->D300S) and 60d (->D90)… think D4(->1dIV) and D800(->5dII) 🙂

  • SZRimaging

    Given the terms “Expert” and “Pro”, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the D3 and D3x replacements. Pro, is the journalist/sports guy who will use a D3s currently. Expert to me is the top shelf art/commercial guys who will spring for the D3x replacement. Just my guess.


      YEAH, this sounds the most realistic imho too … which is nothing I´ve been waiting for just to note though … :-(( .

      Nevertheless, more then the body, I would like to know more about the coming lenses … the sooner the better :-).

    • @SZRimaging
      I don’t think so. The D3s and D3x are just updated versions of the D3. If there was a D3s and D3x replacement it would be one model to replace the whole D3 series (ie D4).

    • Sounds interesting! Perhaps a D4 and D4x? The D3s is nowhere in need of a replacement, but announcing two D4 lines at the same time would also be a bit unusual..And making the D400 an FX camera wouldn’t make any sense either.

  • treehaus

    If the two cameras are both FX, then why would the “expert” camera not be the d800 and the “pro” the d4s, with same difference in specs, body style etc as per the current model d700 and d3s have now, other than d800 sure to have some video now, d4s even better video.

  • Craig

    There is nothing which says the two bodies will be DSLRs. Will one of the bodies be the mythical mirrorless body some are waiting for?

    • FM4?

      No, I’d really love a digital FE3 or something, though. Small, fast, photo-only, 35mm size sensor, AiS+ metering support.

      • Though a mirrorless fe3 would kind of suck. A mirror and a split prism would be a must. It would be an amazing travel camera paired with the 20mm f2.8, 35mm f2 and 85mm f1.8 manual focus primes in ones bag.

  • Kostas

    I would like

    D4 FX, pro
    D800 FX, amateur-pro (D700 successor)
    D400 FX, amateur (cheaper than D700)
    D9000 DX, pro

    Sorry for my English

  • HalbVoll

    What strikes me is that he’s saying two FX. I think there are two scenarios:

    1- D4 with a new ~18mp sensor and a D800 with the sony 24mp sensor

    2- As Nikon often classifies the Dx00 line also as “expert”, we could see a D800 (18/24mp) and a Dx000 with the 12mp sensor we know from the D700, slightly updated with video, in a D7000 Body (Iwould buy that in a heart beat).

    Assuming the two FX body rumor is true. I doubt that there will be two new FX sensors, at least one will be reused.

  • Good news for me. I barely wait. 😉

  • treehaus

    I reckon its going to be a pro and expert version of same sensor, just as we have now.

    • nobody

      “same sensor, just as we have now”?

      D700, D3s, and D3x use three different sensors.

  • xaphod

    I’m torn – on the one side I see the logic behind not releasing two FX cameras at the same time; surely releasing the D800 at the same time as the D4 would result in less sales of the D4? (Or do you think not?)

    On the other hand, from at least an MP perspective (and other perspectives too) the D800 is IMO quite overdue:
    Aug 2005: Canon 5d mark I announced, 12MP
    July 2008: Nikon D700 announced, 12MP
    Sept 2008: Canon 5d mark II announced 21MP
    Rumoured to be early next year: Canon 5d mark II to be announced, obviously with >21 MP

    I know MP count is really not the only important thing, there’s a reason why i’m sticking with Nikon and waiting (autofocus, noise control, to name two) … but 12MP is not enough for me and I almost certainly won’t be able to afford the D4 in August (I am assuming it will cost $5-6k, what do you think?). So this is gonna be tough for me if the D4 & D400-equiv are released instead of D800…

    ok, i’ll stop whingeing now…

  • Everyone seems to be missing another possibility, it could be two of the three following cameras.

    D700X (24MP FX Sensor from D3X; more life from proven sensor)
    D400 (New DX sensor)
    D4 (New FX Sensor, 24MP+ with “S” like ISO performance)

    Based on Nikon timetables, I am guessing the D4 (FX) and D400 (DX) will be released; which also sounds cool when marketing! Really, it is anyones guess right now.

    • Jeremy

      And the D3s sensor goes where?

  • Yhannoby

    wooot!!! gonna save some more money now!!! no going to the mall for 6 months!

  • starklt

    when it says “available in fall” would that be this or next year.

    i am so unsure what to do at the moment, id love to go buy a d300s right now but would be kicking myself if a few weeks later the d400 came out.

    anyone have any advice or an opinion on this??

    • Geoff

      Unless you need it now, I would wait a month (i am) to see what they offer at what price. It is likely you could pick up a used D300s at a good price once the new cameras are released since some (like me) will be upgrading and selling out older cameras

    • broxibear

      I’d wait, it’s only a few more weeks.
      If you need a body for a shoot then rent or borrow one.

    • starklt

      cheers guys, ill wait then and get myself a nice new d400.
      price difference shouldnt be too much should it?!

    • Bip

      Is there a feature that you need but not available in D300S?

      If not, are you risking the possibility of missing invaluable “moments” against features you may not need in the new camera body?

      I went ahead and bought a D700 when there were rumour that it will soon be replaced by a D800 (that was 18 months ago), and I did the same thing for a D300S. Between the two cameras, I have taken more than 30,000 shots and travelled to four countries; while “waiting” for the new cameras to come out.

  • Geoff

    Whatever they put out I am hoping for better low light shooting than my D90 with 18-20MP

  • broxibear

    “Made in Malaysia”…that’s interesting.
    This suggests the Sendai plant was far more extensively damaged than they admited to.
    Wonder which lenses they’re talking about ?…which other lenses do they make in Malaysia ?

    • tifkat

      Is Malaysia on or near a fault line? Maybe they just see the wisdom in moving away from such a potential threat?

      One point I considered, however unlikely, is just because the rep said 2 FX bodies, how cool would it be if they announced others as well?

      I know it porbably won’t happen, but let a man dream a little, and play around with the nuances of the english language 🙂

    • lolly

      “This suggests the Sendai plant was far more extensively damaged …”

      Perhaps not … more likely a medium to long term electric power issue and skilled staff who need to live somewhere safer, less radioactive 😉

      • Ren Kockwell

        +1. Based on reports out of Japan, that seems more likely.

  • Zim

    Both my D200 and D300s were made in Thailand. (not sure about the D300) I would guess that the D400 might come from there, unless they are moving it to Malaysia. If it is a D800 I hope they keep it under $2500

  • i added to my piggy bank

  • ghost7

    I was tired of waiting for D800 and bought used D700 with battery grip + battery + high speed charger (only 3.500 pics on the shutter) for a $1900. Hope I didn’t make a mistake because yesterday I heard from a good source that the D800 will be announced in august.

    What do you think how much will the D800 cost? cca. $3000 body only?

    Sorry for bad english =)

  • Joe

    Hi Admin,

    This is a rumor reported in the thread of the other post 10 days ago.

    Are you able to confirm with other source that the Nikon rep really said that in the event? I just wanna make sure nothing went wrong during translation or in the quote.

    • No, I was not able to confirm it, I am still getting a lot of conflicting information and it is very hard for me to make up my mind, but I think 2 DSLRs at the end of August is the most plausible scenario which matches this report.

      • Joe

        Yes, so far the information is very confusing. It seems like both D700 replacement and D4 are in the pipeline and the D700 replacement is not even called D800.

        However, you and Thom Hogan both reported that D400 is coming in August too. This matches the timing of Sony’s 24M sensor.

        I have a feeling that either D400 or D700 replacement will be announced later this year, rather than in August.

        Based on the past history, usually a new Sony sensor will be used by Sony’s new camera first and then Nikon would release their new product using the same Nikon-tuned Sony sensor later. How far apart those announcements were in the past? Does anybody remember?

      • Brian

        It’s amazing to me that these new bodies are such a guarded secret. There has to be hundreds of people working on them, probably low wage earners, why wouldn’t someone be spilling the beans? It’s not National Security.

  • d800

    Given how overdue the D700 is and now there’s already a D7000 that satisfied most DX shooters except the real pros, I think a two FX pairing in D4/D800 in August is more likely.
    I also think we are going to see mini-D3 (D700) at 50% off the price of D3 again.

    The longer it take for Sony to annouce the APS-C 24MP A77, the less likely D400 would be out less than a month after the Sony annoucement. The lag time is usuaully 1-2 months.

  • photodalo

    D700X / D800 = 24MP FX sensor with S (updated ISO performance)
    D4 = new FX Sensor, Sony 36MP exmor

    D400 with new DX sensor later

  • Just A Thought

    Mid Aug (Aug 15 ??) a new D3S replacement – supposedly
    End of Aug TWO new FX bodies – one Pro and one Expert body – supposedly
    Sept special version of D3s replacement for French market – supposedly
    Sendai plant supposedly sitting empty as machinery and Japanese Nationals supposedly moved to Malaysia…So if Google Earth updates their images one should not see any cars in the parking lot at Sendai???

    Is it too early to get news of the Pro bodies to be announced in Oct and Nov??

  • Can’t wait ! Yet I’m still waiting for an FM3D or an F7…

  • Y E S !!!!! there will be a Fullframe nikon rangefinder !!!!!
    that’s what an angel whispered in my ear last night 😉

    • WOW! I’m not totally alone in desire to take a Nikon digital rangefinder. Unfortunally, this will not happen soon.

  • Manuel

    I think Dx bodies will be change to FX (because video capability and handling) With FX on the market photographers like really much these. Only Dx bodies will be for entry level (My guess) because D300s has no mayor demand but D700, D3s (FX bodies) they have so they need focusing on that king of market… It’s just my guess nothing else.

  • wmikko

    This all sounds very unclear – did Nikon really move the whole factory to another location after the zunami – just like that??? I know that the chinese can build a megapolis in a year, but still…
    Also, 300s is a prosumer dx, 700 is a low end pro/high end prosumer. Why the hell would they want to increase product line with a consumer or prosumer fx 9000 or drop prosumer (300s) dx users without a new suitable body for their optics??? No prosumer would “downgrade” 300s to d7000…

    • lolly

      I think merging the D700 and D300s lines into one future FX body makes sense … the ‘expert’ wants D3s performance at a more affordable price. The Sony 24mp full frame sensor is going on 3 years old … so is Nikon’s D3x which will probably be discontinued in late 2012, if not earlier. As an indication of the megapixel war Canon is rumored to go beyond 21 mp soon. So an affordable Nikon 24mp FX is not just a guess or wishful thinking.

      The upgrade path for D300s users will probably be Dxxxx (e.g. D9000 DX)

  • wmikko

    …so my uneducated guess is that there will be a 300s replacement (d400) with similar or higher pix and defenitely higher (12800 or 25600) ISO in comparison to d7000…
    d800 should not cannibalize d4 market as was the case with d700 and d3, so there could be a little more difference in features this time.

  • Here is how I see the future DSLR lineup.

    D7000(pro-sumer DX)
    D9000(Pro-sumer FX w/ D700 or D3s sensor)
    D400(semi-pro DX w/ D7K 16 mp sensor)
    D800/900(semi-pro FX w/ D3x 24mp sensor or totally new sensor)
    D4(pro FX w/ all new 18mp sensor)
    D4s(w/ more speed and better low-light handling)
    D4x(32-36mp beast)

    I see Nikon announcing the D4 and D800/900 in August available on late fall. Then maybe announcing the D400 at the same time. I originally didn’t think there was going to be a semi-pro DX(D400), but now I’m thinking there might be. Just not sure when it will happen.

    I predicted this might happen. Lots of people said I was crazy.

    • Why did people say you are crazy? Yours is the most conservative prediction.. 🙂 I support this!

      • A couple reasons.

        1. Everybody thinks the D400 is coming soon and it will have the 24mp Spny sensor. I think if we do get a D400, it will have the already excellent 16mp D7k Sony sensor with maybe a few tweaks for a better signal/noise ratio. I don’t see the new Sony A77 24mp sensor performing as good at high ISO as the 16mp sensor, not to mention the defraction issue.

        2. The fact that I believe Nikon will make a lower priced FX body amd reuse the still amazing D3s sensor. I think there is a huge market for that. It would be called the D9000 as long as Nikon

        • Stays with the Dxxxx(pro-sumer) and Dxxx(semi-pro) moniker.

  • cameramm

    It is time for a real new pro camera – since I switched from canon to nikon 3 years ago, my d3 cameras are run down with I don’t know how many shots. I will shoot at the Athletics worlds in South Korea – end of August! So maybe the introducing of new pro cameras at the end of August can be connected with the interest of sports photographers in Dague ..?! Let’s hope so …

  • Jabs

    Since there is an Olympics coming up next year, then perhaps Nikon is going with a two prong strategy already in place prior to the earthquake/tsunami.
    D4 to replace D3s and a D700 replacement released together. I expect the D4 to have a Nikon designed and/or built sensor of maybe 18megapixels and then fast framing rates, new innovations designed for Pros, while the replacement for the D700 will have a higher megapixel count than the D4 series but more geared towards competing in video and market balance with the Canon 5d MK2.

    Later on this year or early next year, after Sony releases their upcoming A77 or whatever they call it, then I expect Nikon to now make a replacement for the D300s (maybe D400) based upon that sensor.

    The D4 will perhaps be the groundbreaking camera with new technology, while the replacement camera for the D700 will now be more like the Canon 5DMK2 as in cheaper but higher megapixel. Eventually, there will perhaps be a D4X next year after or just before the Olympics. I also believe that Nikon had already produced these two FX bodies in Sendai before the earthquake/tsunami struck and have now temporarily moved production to Malaysia until things fully recover in Japan – tough choices by Nikon then due to a disaster.

  • Nicola Ciancaglini

    “Two new FX bodies will be announced by the end of August. Availability in Fall.” I’ll buy one of these two new FX bodies, whatever they are. The whole FX line is ageing…

  • Peter, I love this site! 😀

  • alaa

    There will be no D400 this year or any dx camera , the D7000 is the replacement for that. , the new two cameras are:

    the nikon D900 with tweaked sony a77 sensor. With 24 mp

    The nikon D4 with sony a99 sensor with 34.7 mp

    The early next year is the entry level cameras like nikon D3xxx gonna names as nikon D3500

    Nikon D400 is not in the plan till mid/end of next year

    Dubai ME Nikon Co. m center

    • I don’t think the D7000 is the replacement of the D300s. Nikon will release a higher end DX body like they did in the past with the D100/D200/D300/D300s.

    • Zim

      The D7000 is not a replacement for the D300s. It didn’t replace mine or newspaper photographers I know. It is a good camera but more of a D90 replacement.

    • nobody

      “There will be no D400 this year or any dx camera , the D7000 is the replacement for that. , the new two cameras are:

      the nikon D900 with tweaked sony a77 sensor. With 24 mp”

      You do know that the Sony a77 sensor is a DX sensor, don’t you?

    • Joe

      From the pricing strategy, this is simply not possible. First A77 sensor is a DX sensor. Secondly, I don’t believe Nikon will leave such a big price gap between D7000 and the D700 replacement.

  • The invisible man.

    As I said few weeks ago we may never see a D400, Nikon will not invest in “pro” DX bodies anymore.
    The D7000 is now the top of the line for DX format.

    • I originally thought that as well. The D7K seemed like it was replacing the D90 and D300s, but now I no longer feel this way. I don’t have an issue with the D7K, I lens two of them. I wouldn’t trade them for D300s either(to me the D7000 takes much better photos and handles fine). But, after thinking about it, I think Nikon will eventually replace the D300s with something, just not sure when.

    • +1

    • PHB

      Nope, makes no commercial sense. The D300/s has thus far outsold all FX bodies to date put together.

      If there is a D400 it will be a DX body, period. There will be no FX body with that moniker, it would be constantly confused for a DX one.

      Since Sony has a 24MP sensor in DX format that is entirely suitable for a D400, that is almost certainly what we will see in a D400 (with likely some Nikon tweaks).

      The D7000 body upgrade over the D90 seems to me to have come in part from the need to differentiate the D7000 from the D5100. But I think it very likely that it was also motivated by the fact that FX purchasers are likely to insist on a metal body. Not least because they require heavier lenses.

    • Bip

      So, Invisibleman, are you saying Nikon has downgraded their top DX line up (from a fantastic (faster fps, weather seal, 51 focus points, just to name a few) D300S to a smaller more plasticky no weather seal 39 focus points although better sensor D7000)?

      Setting aside what I think, I have never seen the world works that way.

      So, are you willing to place a bet on your statement?

      • Let’s make a few things clear. While I agree that there probably will be a D300s replacement(most likely a D2x style body, which is what I’d like to see), the D7000 is not a slouch. It IS weather sealed, it has a 3/4 Magnesium alloy body(it doesn’t feel plasticy at all, especially not with the Mb-d11 mag alloy grip), it’s AF meter is in some ways better than the older system, dual SD card slots, much improved video and it has a much superior sensor. The only real things the D300s has over the D7k is buffer(only a slight advatage) and slightly faster FPS(while Nikon rates the D7000 fps @ 6fps, it’s actually every bit of 7fps on both my D7000’s, which is plenty fast).

        So, while I do agree that there will probably be a d300s replacement in the future, I wouldn’t rate the D7000 a second class body, not by any stretch of the imagination.

        • Bip

          I didn’t say D7000 is a lousy camera nor did I imply that.

          I just said the world tends to move forward with bigger and better things.

          Nikon would have an image problem to phase out a higher spec model and push up the lower spec one to take the top place (note: I said higher spec, I didn’t say higher end or better).

          I’m a marketing guy, and would bet on a D300S replacement, even though I have no plan of getting one.

        • Brian

          I own and shoot two D7000, great cameras however I need more then 6fps not to mention controls on the body versus menu.

      • The invisible man.

        The reason why the D300 exist is because there was no FX sensor available at that time.

        Again, pro and “serious amators” will have FX bodies with Pro lenses.
        “amators” will have D7000 like cameras.

        Nikon can’t afford two lines of DSLR at the same time, the market for DSLR is going down since 1985.

        • Bip

          If what you said is true, Nikon could have retired the D300. Why bothered with introducing a D300S?

          There is a D700 which is only slightly bigger than a D300S. The D90 shared many similarities with D300S. This theory makes sense because Nikon could have sold more of either the D90 or the D700, except history didn’t go exactly that way. D300S was introduced.

          All are speculation at the moment. Only time will tell. I am still willing to bet on the introduction of a DX camera with spec higher than the D7000 when Nikon decided to retire the D300S.

          • The invisible man.

            D300″s” exist because it’s a cheap way (did not cost alot for Nikon to add video) to extend the D300 shelve life.
            It is very comun in the industry.

  • D700guy

    If the 2 new bodies are FX format then how could the D400 (DX) be one of them?

  • Elia G

    So he wasn’t clear on what would be replaced, but he said something about old body designs?
    What if one is a D4 and the other one is a Fullframe body kinda like a beautiful Leica M9?
    Now that sure tickles my fancy.

  • Nathan

    Everyone seems to forget that Amazon had posted, mistakenly, the D800 book earlier this year that said it would be available (the book) in March. If that was the case, then it probably is going to be the D800 that’s being released in August. However, we’ll see. I don’t think it’ll be a D400.

    • lolly

      Whether it’s called a D800 or D400 the rumor is FX. It’s Nikon’s call to name it as they please. Why would Nikon not replace the DX D300s with an FX D400 this year or in 2012 ?

      Btw, a search of the words “expert camera” on Nikon’s website came up with this pdf – and within the pdf the following snippet:

      Begin of quote

      Nikon D3, D300 and AF-S NIKKOR 14–24mm f/2.8G
      ED Honored with TIPA European Photo & Imaging
      • Digital SLR Camera Nikon D3
      ”The Best D-SLR Professional in Europe 2008”
      • Digital SLR Camera Nikon D300
      ”The Best D-SLR Expert in Europe 2008”
      • AF-S NIKKOR 14–24mm f/2.8G ED
      ”The Best Professional Lens in Europe 2008”

      End of quote from the pdf

      It looks like Nikon acknowledges that the D300 is regarded as an “expert”.

      • PHB

        Not really, they are the magazine’s classifications, not those of Nikon.

        Nikon has two classes, Professional and Consumer. The Dx and Dx00 series are professional designations, the Dx000 series are consumer.

        Expert would be a poor marketing term, does it rank above or below professional?

        It is also going to be a question of price. I can’t see how Nikon can make a 24MP FX camera for less than $2500 given current manufacturing costs and the market. A 24MP DX camera can be made for $1000 less.

        Those figures are going to change. Once the difference in price is down to $500, the case for a pro DX body will be diminished and when it gets down to $300 or so it is going to be rather hard to make the case at all as a 24MP FX body is also a 10MP DX body and going to be quite adequate for most purposes for which people prefer DX. And by that time we can expect that EVIL sensors have supplanted DSLRs entirely in micro-photography.

      • lolly

        Another search of the words “expert camera” on Nikon’s website came up with which is basically the same as the pdf snippet

  • So perhaps instead of D4 and D400 there will be:
    D700x or D700s and D4. D400 will be delayed.

  • I believe Brian Peterson already told us which new bodies were being announced. They will be the D800 and the DX-4.

    • nobody

      And what exactly is a “DX-4”?

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