Another Nikon D4/D800 rumor from Facebook

Bryan Peterson posted this on his Facebook page, claiming to be from a reliable French "inside" friend:

"Two new Nikon's-The D800, at 20MP, full frame, retail price of $2495.00 and Nikon DX-4, full frame at 19-20MP with a retail price of $5,000.00 and both will be announced by late September 2011!"

I am not sure what to think about this rumors - 19-20MP is a rather unusual size for a full frame sensor and the $5000 price tag of the D4 (I assume the DX-4 was a typo) means that it will be cheaper than the D3s (currently priced at $5200). I expect the new full frame DSLRs from Nikon to have a higher price tag than their predecessors.

Bryan Peterson has several published photography books.

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  • bartpolo

    wow! sold!

    • Global

      Not to be cynical: But could this probably a gimmick to get people to subscribe to his Facebook?

      • Global

        Wait.. it was from a friend of his — he himself is not the source, right? In that case, forget it. Poor guy got trolled. =P

        • No kidding. Speculating over rumors is one thing, but this guy can’t even get the product names right. The specs sound close, but regardless I think it’s a stretch.

      • More likely a gimmick to show off is new multiple exposure shot.

  • I’ll still not think too much in to any spces/price rumors until nearer the time. But I expect that time will soon come. I’ve already asked my local dealer who I’m friendly with to start a D4 ‘waiting list’ which he was happy to do. So, whether it’s this year or next year, I can just sit back and wait for the call to say it’s in stock!

    Whatever the specs end up being I hope it’s as big a jump from the D3s and the D3 was from the D2xs!

    • ericnl

      good idea, I’m going to do that with my dealer for the D800.

      I hope that at least the time frame of this rumour is true:
      D800 announced in September rather than somewhere in 2012 🙂

      • RR

        Agree, whatever the Megapixels , as long as they are more than 16, and is a full frame and the date is a right one, these are good news.

        The bad thing is that if they announce it for september, is going to be hard to get one until, 2012! The D800/900 is going to be back ordered to oblivion!

        #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon!

  • Pat

    If information about D800 and D4 could leaked instead of the Fukushima nuclear reactors…

    • The invisible man.

      The Fukushima explosions is a disaster for all of us, since the accident all the nuclear plans constructions have been canceled, that mean more Co2 in the air and increase in world global temperature.

      The question is why Japan have nuclear plans, it’s one of the most frequently earthquakes place in the world !

      France have 80% of it’s electricity produced by nuclear reactors, it’s well managed (no risk of an other chernobyl) and no natural disasters.

      • Banned

        I agree with l’Homme Invisible.

      • Martijn

        right… theres always the risk of a meltdown like in japan. especially with commercial interests involved.

        japan has had them for years, and they have them because they need lots of power, and hardly have any natural resources. it worked fine untill recently.

      • kkjensen

        Meltdown is impossible if they plan new designs around the Canadian Candu (spelling?) design where there are no fuel rods. Fuel is delivered in a liquid form. Any leakage and the liquid runs out the bottom and reaction stops. No leftover rods to store either. Not a nuclear scientist but got to watch a presentation at university once on the tech.

        They just need to be managed well. I would say make them a public resource (government owned) and the care, use and maintenance subcontracted to a heavily supervised yet qualified company. Let them make their money but if they start skimping on anything to do with maintenance the plug gets pulled by someone who sees everthing instead of problems being hidden until it’s too late.

        • OtherOne

          Well, design You are talking about is mentioned in the book printed in 50-s (Nuclear reactor physics, R.L. Murray)…
          I think there are some reasons that stopped those reactors to be used. One is high corrosive form of the fuel (based on fluorides).
          When You look back into nuclear energy history – this energy was always shown as ultimate solution to our needs of energy (with wastes stored far, on the moon, and 100grams of fuel for a lifetime needs…). Now it’s liquid fuel reactors. We will find the truth after investing billions in it (i.e. to late to say stop).
          Available info about liquid (thorium) cycle are missing a lot of important nuisances – about. The same is now. Who, before Fukushima, heard about SFP?

        • PHB

          That is not how a CANDU reactor works. The moderator is liquid, not the fuel. The moderator is heavy water (deuterium oxide). There is still a waste issue to deal with but it is more manageable.

          CANDU is an old design. There are much better alternatives developed since. Pebble bed for instance.

          The problem the new nuclear designs faced was that nobody was going to try them out unless there was a major disaster and if there was a major disaster nobody would do new nuclear at all.

          The nuclear industry faces a huge credibility problem, much of what was claimed in the past turned out to be convenient lies. Chernobyl was dismissed as a result of Soviet incompetence, in fact it was an intrinsic design flaw in the reactor was only discovered when 3D simulation became possible years after the disaster. The reactor was in fact built to the UK Magnox design which the Soviets stole. The UK Magnox reactors were suddenly closed rather than extending their working life as had been assumed.

          In the Fukashima case the reactor design type is unsafe. The safety review team resigned in protest at the deficiencies, it was built anyway. The operating procedures were unsafe. And everyone involved has lied repeatedly.

      • What is the bigger disaster: one meltdown or less than 1% of mankind-contributed CO2? How about five meltdowns?

        • Just A Thought

          Funny that the atmosphere on Mars is almost totally CO2. They must be sweltering there or is it a frozen wasteland???

          With all the CO2 released and yet Earth’s temperature is now cooling. The Finbull Expedition to Antarctic proved that the Ice shelf is not melting – did not make the evening news that one else the dumb sheep might wake up.

          The new excuse for Global Cooling is that the Chinese are causing it. How? By burning coal to produce electricity. You see in the west when they burn coal to make electrical power the propaganda claims that the CO2 emissions from the coal fired plants contribute to Global Warming err Climate Change. BUT when coal fired electrical plants are run in the East, as in China, the propaganda says that those plants contribute to Global Cooling. Forget about CO2 emmissions, the sulfur is blocking the sun which causes the cooling. Oh, Polar Bear population are doing just fine – were rising when the propaganda claimed their coming demise.

          I suspect that someone wants to hit me with Carbon tazes or come up with more Carbon Trading schemes which will rip more money from my pocket. If they win so much for my new Camera – I likely won;t have one as the money will have gone to pay carbon tazes to cover even more government waste.

          • NikonJoe

            The mother of liars is always pregnant, eh?

          • JMan

            Thanks for this reply, great post and I only iwsh more people felt the way you do.

        • PHB

          It is hard to say what the comparative consequences are. Historically climate change has been a major cause of war. The term ‘global warming’ only applies to the average change. The consequences for some parts of the world will be a dramatic drop in temperature. The gulf stream will move north for a start and that will mean that Norway and France swap climates.

          But the other side of the equation is that oil production is currently declining. Saudi Arabia reached peak oil a couple of years back. Prices of fossil fuels are going to rise as demand is also rising.

          There are plenty of other measures though. For roughly $100 billion the US could generate about 25% of its electricity from wind power. Wind can’t be used for 100% of load of course, not without storage. But $100 billion is 2.5% of the 4 trillion dollar cost of the invasion of Iraq.

          LED lighting is another tool that is going to have a major impact. Lighting is 25-35% of load. LED lighting is 10 times more efficient than incandescent and about 3 times more efficient than CFLs. It also allows any desired light spectrum to be produced. So Westerners who can prefer the warm glow of Edison style incandescents can have that if they want.

          • Just A Thought

            Nonsense and in my opinion propaganda and nothing to do with camera gear or photography. Hey maybe the guy running this site should setup Global Warming Rumors errr Climate Change Rumors where you and Ron can post.

            • timmytank

              we need more republican thought being turned into action. it certainly did wonders for america from 2000-2008…

        • CallingOutRon

          Look Ron, its not hard to see that you have a strong point of view and that you are eloquent at expressing it. It is also apparent that you have a rather poorly disguised agenda of touting that point of view (using your eloquence and background as a spin-doctor). I’ve read some of your past comments on this site and it many of those and this one in particular have no relevance to Photography, Nikon or rumors about Nikon.
          I am calling you out. If you want a captive audience to test your spin-doctoring on, please go find it somewhere else. While others may not be so persistent in attempting to get their broader world view across on this forum, that does not mean they don’t have world views that differ from yours. This is not the place to discuss them. We also do not have the ability to keep you from going on like this. (Attn NR Admin – Ron is being a serial Troll and baiting other readers into getting into arguments about things unrelated to Nikon and Photography to test out and refine the delivery of this spin).

          • I am not bringing up nuclear reactors, global warming, or alternative energy speculation that is usually grounded in “perfect world” scenarios and dependencies that really do not exist (as of yet). I am responding to those who voluntarily bring up these issues which, as you say, have nothing to do with Nikons nor their associated rumors.

            So you can throw on the garb of anonymity and “call me out” all you want, but until you can keep your mouth shut about the things you’re “calling me out” about, then you have no place here saying anything of the kind. You’re a hypocrite. Further, you’re a fool if you think people don’t see the silliness of you, the pot calling me, the kettle black.

            Why do the ferocious trolls so often tend to mask themselves in anonymous posts? I say they are ashamed or unsure of the foolish things they say, and therefore are not willing to back them up with their name. Saying it more or louder will not make it so. I’m not going to sit by while the global warming enthusiasts bully their way into mainstream society further. You bring it up, I’ll rebut. Period.

            I may be wrong, I may be right…either way, I claim my position as my own, and we’ll all know where I stood today when we’re looking back 20 years from now. Buy a watch, shut your mouth, and wait.

        • CallingOutRon

          So now that I’ve got that out of the way, I am taking your bait: 1% is quantifying – where do you get this number from? Based on what research? Any science involved there or is it all spin? We see this on Faux News all the time numbers add credibility in fora where people glance at statements in passing, even though they might be pulled out of thin air.

          Here’s a little story about people who think like and act like this:
          a guy is sitting in a room and people around start talking about a fire in the basement.
          Guy: No no there is no fire, where is the smoke. Show me the proof.
          People who have gone down and felt the heat and heard the crackling have come back up and said – ‘call the fire department or something, it looks like there may be a fire. we should do something’.
          guy: What are you talking about? I don’t see it, I have not been down there to look, but i don’t believe you. Why should I listen to you?
          Guy goes on about this, so some people around him begin to get reassured and go back to business as usual.
          Time goes by and those who think there is a fire in the basement have been trying to put it out and call attention to it. Because of guys like this, many have not listened and the fire is now out of control.
          The fire finally reaches the room our guy is in. There is smoke steaming in, the heat is getting unbearable and it looks like there is no way to get out. No matter what the guy does then, it will be too little too late. The fire wins. Alas, if only the guy was more interested in researching and solving the problem instead of sitting there and finding novel ways to counter the efforts of those who tried.
          Moral of the story: Those who can do. Those who can’t (or are too arrogant or ignorant or scared to alter their world view) deny.

          • aetas

            I dont think this is the time or place but I cant resist. Just because someone does not believe the same thing as someone else does not mean that they are being ignorant or scared.
            There is a chance that they just want to see more facts and less propaganda.

            Why is it that people that want you to back up every fact of your argument never try to back up theirs. First rule of debate, throw the other guy off their cool. Anyway back to NIKON….

            I cant wait to see these new cameras come out. I am happy with my d700 but I need to upgrade my second camera and I would like to see where Nikon is heading.

            • aetas

              Hey look new avatar…..

            • Wow, be careful aetas. Throw too much sound reasoning and logic around in this forum and you’ll be labeled ignorant by the Mighty Few. Next thing you know, you’re spontaneously combusting above a basement. 🙂

      • Why? How else are they to make the energy they need?

        California also has a bunch of nuclear reactors, and last time I checked they get just as many earthquakes.

        Also, you can have accidents without an earthquake. Chernobyl wasn’t caused by an earthquake.

        CANDU reactors are not immune to meltdown. Any fission reaction is capable of reacting out of control. There are new (small) reactors that are designed to be buried in the ground which sound promising. I think they are made by Toshiba but don’t quote me on that.


      • NikonJoe

        France’s reactors well managed. No risk. Ya, right.

  • Jabs

    About what is expected with all the secrecy surrounding Nikon’s new direction as in updating things while being similar, as in keeping a continuity in the look of their gear while improving the functionality and performance for Pros.
    An Olympic event for sure.

  • The invisible man.

    How can we believe a rumor from a French guy ? I know one that spend most of his time writing crazy jokes on this forum !

    • Hamuga

      You should not bad mouth other people on this forum.
      How would you feel if someone made fun of your nationality?

      (I know. It’s joke.)

    • BornOptimist

      He doesn’t happen to be invisible?

    • Lio

      He is from the US! and stay in Lyon, France. I’ve read one of his book, which is very well with a lot of crazy shot.

      • The invisible man.

        Nope, I’m from Nice (but I’m not always nice !)

        • ShaoLynx

          Ok, I’ll take one salad, thank you.
          (just think about this one for a minute).

          • VJ

            But they are out of waldorfs…
            (take another minute to think about this one)

    • I met Bryan. I took a photography class with him in Orlando a few months ago. He is a commercial photographer/instructor/author. And he travels a lot for his work. I believe he lived in Lyon, France for a while.

  • Hope it more than 20.72 Megapixel. 🙁

    • WoutK89

      20.73MP is better? 😎

      • hexx


      • 20.721 Please~!!! 😛

        • Hope it more than 20.72 Megapixel.

          20.721 Please~!!!

          That extra 1,000 pixels (or 33×33 pixels square) increase will really come in handy when shooting for magazines. 🙂

          • dp

            you guys are hilarious

  • this one is praying on people’s optimism, and I’m one of them!

    • I don’t get the sense he worships people’s optimism. However, he may feed off it.

  • nobody

    The designation “DX-4” basically tells us everything about the credibility of this rumour.

    And “19-20MP” as upgrade to D3x 24 mp today? That’s just nonsense!

    • somebody

      Well, if you consider the “X” to be a typo (esp. since a D4 would certainly precede a D4x), it’s really claiming a 19-20MP D4, upgraded from the 12MP D3.

      • pavel

        people were asking for D400 with integrated vertical grip. Maybe DX-4 means really just a new camera for D300. Super-high speed pro camera for bird animal a sport shooters.
        Then, the D4 will be FF for D3s
        And D4x will be high resolution…
        or there will be only D4, high resolution and high ISO.
        And then D800

    • Vladi

      What he means is: DX-4 will be DX crop sensor body and 4 as for 400.
      D400 will be 20mpx which sounds plausible, D7000 is 16mpx and Canon got 18mpx DX bodies out there already for 2 years. So D400 will be nice step up from D300 12mpx.

      • LOL

        Just to clarify. Canon doesn’t make DX bodies. They just have crop bodies that can take their EF-S lenses. EF lenses will work on both.

        • Vladi

          What u mean? DX means its crop sensor, 1,5 crop for Nikon and 1,6 for Canon. Its like if you said Canon doesnt make FX bodies, and 5D is exactly that, full frame body.

  • Strange sensor pixel amount; would expect 16/24MP rather then 20/18MP

  • does anyone know any reliable camera stores that take preorders for the upcoming D800? If so feel free to shoot me an email.

    This waiting is driving me crazy, I so want to upgrade from my D90, but just waiting on the D800!

    • twoomy

      Preorders for a D800? Something that doesn’t exist yet with no exact specs? Something that even exists less than the rumors of a D400 or D4? Yes, I’m accepting preorders. You can PayPal me the $10,000 now and you can be first in the queue.

    • Ronan

      Yes, paypal me $5000 USD and i’ll make sure you get one as soon they ship out.

  • AnoNemo

    Looking at the great 12MP FX cameras of Nikon you really have to give serious incentive for convincing the happy owners to upgrade. From this aspect I think it possible that that price point will stay the same.

    Also, do not forget that due to developments maybe it will be much cheaper to produce the new FX cameras.

  • broxibear

    I don’t see the price being the same or cheaper. It’ll probably look the same as the D1 through to the D3 haven’t changed that much…

  • Bullsnot

    Why would Nikon have two sensors so close in resolution? That doesn’t make sense unless the D800 will use an “off the shelf” sensor from Sony and the D4 will use something special cooked up by Nikon… ?

    I think the size is about right; generally speaking, everyone wants to SEE a mp increase with a new model, but most pros that shoot a standard D3 body likely don’t want to be forced into using HUGE files all the time. 18-20mp seems to be a nice compromise that should keep most happy while offering large enough photosites to allow a nice bump in sensitivity. Those who need more can always opt for the high-res version to follow.

    If the D4 offers the same difference in performance over the D7000 that we saw in the D3s vs. D300s we’re in for a treat.

    • D700guy

      One would think that for 3 times the price of a particular body, you would definitely get some performance advantages.

      • kkjensen

        I don’t think the last phrase was well written. My impression (of what he was trying to say) was that the D7000 offered a significant jump in performance over the D90 it replaced. If the D400/800/4 offer the same relative jump over their predecesors, we’re in for a treat!

        I’d love a sub-$2500USD D800! (finally, now that the canadian dollar is WORTH something!)

        • D700guy

          How could a D800, which is the succesor to the D700 be less expensive than a D700 which is currently selling for $2600?

          • TheFantasticG

            Street price yo.

          • f/2.8

            I didn’t read much past the price part. As it is BS or wishful thinking. Or he is banking that the US $ changes course and pull a sharp rise. Either case, it is fantasy.

            In fact, Nikon may add a cost factor to it’s products because of the difficult conditions there.

  • Lulz

    I like it when I hear rumors that make me think Sony won’t be involved.

    • The invisible man.

      Why would it be a problem having a Sony sensor in your Nikon camera ?

      There is already Samsung, toshiba, sanyo, (and alot more) components inside your lovely Nikon body.

      I don’t have any problem having the best sensor in my camera, and if it have to be a Sony or other brand, I DON’T GIVE A DIME !

      Guys, this is what French people call “mondialisation” you just have to get use to it.

      • ja

        i totally agree it don’t bother me one bit as it all works well together , just like at Audi

  • wadespam

    this is the full post of bryan peterson in FB..
    “First I am NOT on Nikon’s payroll-never have been! I buy ALL of my Nikon gear, just like most of you!

    I do however have “friends” on the inside and although this news is coming from my French “inside” friend, it is more reliable then all of the other Nikon rumor’s that have been swirling about for the past two years! Since I have never jumped on the rumor bandwagon, UNTIL NOW, you just might be tempted to believe it, but ultimately, since I am relying on someone else, and they really are in a position to “KNOW”, then it’s a pretty safe bet, this time, that it’s true!

    Two new Nikon’s-The D800, at 20MP, full frame, retail price of $2495.00 and Nikon DX-4, full frame at 19-20MP with a retail price of $5,000.00 and both will be announced by late September 2011! That’s about all I have for you but I will add, that until Canon add’s the Multiple Exposure feature to their camera’s, I will find this reason and several others to continue to put up with the frustration of Nikon’s extremely slow response to the needs of their photographic customers.

    Here are two examples (a before and after) of using that very simple Multiple Exposure, (nine frames to be exact) feature found on the D300S, the D700, the D3S and the D3X. (It IS found on the D5000 and D90 but you can only dial up 3 frames maximum, not 10!)

    City of Lyon, France at “rush hour” as traffic approaches the Lafayette Bridge. Nikon D300S/Nikkor 70-300mm at 300mm, f/16@ 1/60 second then shot again, same exposure, f/16 @ 1/60 second but shot nine times and Nikon’s on-board computer processes the images into a single perfectly exposed image-it is what is called Auto-Gain by Nikon. I call it FINE ART in a box!

    All my best-

    Bryan F Peterson”

    -he’s an awesome photographer btw..

    • Banned

      You made me go to his page to see what the fuss was about the multiple exposure function. For a second I thought there might be something I didn’t know, well actually not, it’s as useless as ever!

    • D700guy

      Might those price figures be in euro’s instead of dollars?

  • Don´t tihnk so…

    But i hope the release date is September.

    D800/900 wait for me baby!

  • 20 MP keeping the 3:2 aspect ratio would mean a 3650 x 5478 (approx. pixel size) sensor or something like this.
    A 19 MP sensor would be a 3560 x 5340. Actually I’d favour the most conservative approach, less pixels, better performance

  • Anders

    This is the first time I’ve heard the multiple exposure referred to as Nikon’s killer feature.

  • Anthony

    The above “wadespam” post appears to reference this:

    I’m at something of a loss to understand the appeal of the second, blended image. In-camera multiple-exposure effects are stupid.

    As for pros being “forced” to use “huge” files: it really is time to upgrade from your VIC-20 to something more modern. I can cope with a 6 / 27 MB (JFIF/raw) file, and so can pros.

    • danpe

      Computing power isn’t the bottleneck, it’s bandwidth. If you’re shooting sports and want to deliver fast you don’t drive around with memory cards, you use the cell phone network. If available, you might be off into nowhere and using a satellite link. 384 kbit/s and expensive. Newspapers run small pictures, below 1k horizontal.

      • Geoff

        then you shoot at a lower MP and send them. ./shrugs

      • Bandwidth, processing power and finally, electricity. Yes, the more operations you do, the more electricity the camera needs to do it, the more you use the battery. This is why your battery drains faster when shooting in 14-bit.

        If the new cameras are also at 16 instead of 14, I’d anticipate we’ll be running to our chargers with greater frequency.

    • Bullsnot

      Danpe has a great point to reinforce my earlier comment. News photographers rarely NEED large image files. If a camera were to allow a smaller raw capture size then having more pixels wouldn’t be an issue, but if I want raw and am forced to capture at 20mp, that data adds up quick. Way more cards, a buffer that can’t keep up, longer transfer times, etc.

      If a 20mp camera had the ability to capture one in a group of four pixels raw (1/4 of the pixels), then raw capture could be done at 5mp instead, keeping file size reasonable (and still more than adequate) without having to resort to jpg. Since that doesn’t seem to be happening (without cropping, anyway), we’re forced to capture everything at max resolution.

      Not everyone is shooting pro Nikons in the studio; these bodies are designed to thrive IN the action… that’s their big advantage over MF systems. Most of the time action does not require the same level of detail as studio; that’s all I’m really trying to say.

      • LOL

        The Canon 5Dii (which I sold to help fund a d3s purchase) has sRAW1 (10mp I think) and sRAW2 (6Mp? I can’t remember). I’ve not checked if nikon cams can do that. 12pm is about perfect for me 98% of the time, so I never bothered to check.

        Perhaps now that it seems nikon are going high MP they’ll do something similar.

        • Vladi

          what do you think about the d3s compared to 5dmk2 in IQ terms? i know that the AF in 5dmk2 is ancient, but when you get the focus and exposure right, does the image from nikon look more pleasing to your eye?

  • getanalogue

    Multishot tech is something different as described by Bryan: Up to 10 expo’s within a second or so and mirror up. Camera calculates automatically the resulting image.

  • Nikon Switzerland representatives arranged a meeting last week with all the major camera dealers of the french part of Switzerland (might have done the same with the german part). They essentially explained what happened for Nikon since march 11th (earthquake/tsunami/Fukushima/etc.) and what major decisions have been taken since concerning the product plants situated in the area.
    They also said : “two new FX bodies will be announced by the end of august. Availability in or around next fall.” The two FX cameras will be aimed at different customers who have different needs : “one camera for expert photographers, the other for “pro” photographers”. Technical spec. and form factors will be significantly different as well.

    Sorry for my poor english.

    Let me know if you have similar inputs from other countries…

    Sorry for my poor english.ome photo slides of the Malaysian plant have been shown. It has been told to be already producing cameras and lenses : “expect to see “made in Malaysia” Nikon product very soon”.

    • Typo : Some photo slides of the Malaysian plant have been shown during the meeting. It has been told to be already producing cameras and lenses : “expect to see “made in Malaysia” Nikon product very soon”.

    • Geoff

      “two new FX bodies will be announced by the end of august. Availability in or around next fall.”

      Why bother announcing something that wont be ready for a year ? Heck, they arent even releasing information about a product that (some claim) will be announced in less than a month.

      Would be very stupid to announce a camera you claim will be available in a year. By then the other companies will have upped the ante and your old news camera will be less than desirable.

      • Next fall means sept. – nov. 2011.

        • LOL

          Autumn will be about that time in Australia. LOL

          Except we aussies don’t call “fall”.

          • MRPhotoau

            That’s hilarious. Not sure which part of Oz (lol) you’re from mate, but in my corner of Aus. Sept. is Spring. ROFL. Ouch tummy hurts, can’t get up, becoming hysterical, someone slap me please…

        • >Next fall means sept. – nov. 2011.

          Which seems about right. Aug/Sept announcement with a Oct/Nov release.

    • Del-Uks, I got your email. I will be posting this online in the next few days. Thanks!

  • D700guy

    Well, when ever I want to know what’s up I ALWAYS check facebook first!
    I thought the general consensus for the announcement date of these bodies was late August. And the D4 at 5K? Rubbish. If it’s a dollar under 6K I will be amazed.

  • We should chase down rumor makers when things don’t come true. So, come October if there’s no D800/D4 I’ll be visiting this dude’s FB page! (or I’ll be thanking him)

    • RR

      I’m with you!

      #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon

      • ja

        a just wonder if one or more of the up and coming new nikon camera bodies went up into space today on the shuttle , to record those magical last moments in space for NASA and the space shuttle programme. D?/D???

        • I neither think nor hope so. I’d rather have NASA use proven products instead of not-yet-released cameras. If I’m not mistaken they bought a bunch of D2* cameras just before Nikon announced the D3. Same here.

  • It would be almost time to condense (reduce) features, size and weight, not add others. All those super-duper cameras are like newest BMWs or Mercedes full of electronics so that you need an expert to understand how to use the tunnel joystick only.
    Keep them simple, rugged, reliable. Once you have your data secured in RAW (almost) everything can be done later.

    • kkjensen

      Whether you call something a feature or not (multiexposure? I’ve only used it twice but I’m not into fine art shooting) is a matter of debate for sure. I still see the majority of what goes on with pixels, IQ, focus and exposure as the basic essentials to get you your RAW file. Some stuff gets added for marginal benefit for only certain users but if it’s a matter of memory space that’s available for a bigger firmware, it’s perfectly fine with me as long as it doesn’t take away from the basics.

      Example: the sony translucent mirror cameras (a550?)….the transluscent mirror robs light from the sensor (1/3 of a stop), keeps batteries draining constantly (electronic viewfinder and sensor always active), doesn’t allow you to track action at high fps, freaks out in low light to the point your viewfinder becomes a slideshow. The feature? Sure, no mechanical shutter boosts the fps but I see this as a perfect example of a ‘feature’ taking away from the basics. The boasted ‘equivalent’ iso is because it starts doing in-camera HDR to make up for the lack of dynamic range.

      Give me a camera that can focus fast, expose well and put good quality light on a good quality sensor and I’m happy. The rest is gravy…just leave my steak and potatos alone! 😀 I guess this train of thought is why the little rangefinder leica’s are popular among those who can afford them….great IQ and no frills.

  • Hope that Nikon will really announce 3 bodies in Aug/Sept instead of waiting till 2012 for D800!
    Based on your speculation, Admin, do you think Nikon will show us 3 bodies (2FX and 1DX) this year? Or do you have any other views? 🙂

    • kkjensen

      The D400 has been imagined for a very long time but I’ve never seen anything significant. Previously the D3 and D300 came together with identical autofocus and many pro level features then the D700 was a D3 sensor in the D300 body. I like the idea of releasing the flagship FX and DX bodies together (for those who want them the soonest) with other options coming soon afterwards.

      • ja

        i agree , but maybe just maybe the D800 will head in a different direction from the D4 making 3 separate spec cameras.

  • Cameramm

    I was told by nikon member the New pro fx Camera ( maybe Called d4) would Be Ready to buy Next Jan … Regards from Germany

  • LOL

    Wow, the rumors are flying aren’t they?!

    So close… then once they’re announced we have the 6 months or so of waiting to get one. LOL

  • broxibear

    With the final Shuttle launched earlier today Nikon have a NASA special on their blog

    • broxibear

      P.S. Thom Hogan’s posted an article about the D4, among other things he’s sure the D4 will have two EXPEED chips onboard.
      He’s got some thoughts about the D3 series cameras, about stills he says “what do I need in a D4 that I don’t have in my D3s and D3x?”… this is something I’ve been saying for a long time. Video aside, the D3, D3s and D3x are so good that I can’t see what more 99% of photographers would need. Yes you’ll get the blah, blah , blah about MP but that’s up to them.
      Thom’s right, I think a lot of D3 series owners, who primarly shoot stills, will be asking themselves do I really need this D4?.

      • Ken Elliott

        Agreed. The D700 is so good (at least for my needs), that I expect Nikon will take a long time to develop a camera that is significantly better. With the exception of the D3s/D3x, it is hard to name any camera that is as good, despite giving the completion 2 years to catch up.

        Other than a few firmware fixes I wish they’d introduce, the only time I want more is when I’m printing really big and want a D3x or Phase One.

        • Vladi

          If you ask the same question Canon users, they will have very different opinion. 5Dmk2 upgrade? Better AF, faster FPS, no direct print button ;p …
          With D700 and D3 its much harder, AF is brilliant, FPS more than enough, high ISO fantastic. Really hard to improve.
          Nikon should take some advice from Canon and build their cameras less than perfect, cause looks like noone will be upgrading from theirs D3 series cameras anytime soon.

        • The only thing I wish I had in my D700 was a D3s sensor.

          Do wish the rubber grips, etc. would stop coming off. That is annoying.

      • Lio

        Yes that’s rigth. But we can have a big surprise like at the F4 launch.
        An updated D3 with a killer feature like AF and matrix metring in the F4. Unfortunately I have no clue. The real killer for me, that will push me to update, will be a 4:5 sensor. 3:2 suck and I’m tired of croping.

        Also a finder that can produced an acurate black and white view of the scene will be great.

      • El Aura

        And for the last few years Thom has said that:
        (a) Nikon sticks to 4-year pro cycles to ensure that there is enough innovation happening between models to make the difference interesting, and
        (b) that one of the main innovation in the D4 series will be a massively better AF system

        Either he just lost most of his optimism or the rumours he is getting now say something different then they said one or two years ago (which at the least would mean either the earlier or the latter rumours are/were no correct).

        • Vladi

          massively better af system compared to d3? has to be pure awesomeness, cause the system in d3 series is great. maybe better focus with slower lenses, not just 2.8 and better focus tracking?

  • The invisible man.

    Here is maybe a good deal for the 14-24mm f/2.8 on Ebay (hood need to be changed)

  • No speculation about video capabilities, and nobody seems to care? Is Nikon going to sit idly by and let cannon kick their butt in this area? The D7000, D5100 and D3100 seemed to be saying that Nikon was very much a contender in the HD-DSLR race. I hope so. More and more pro shooters (from news photographers to Studio owners) are including video into their repertoire.
    What are your video requests for Nikon?
    – 60 fps 1080p
    – better video AF
    – manual exposure ability
    – longer record time (love the bump from the D90 to the D7000!)
    – Camera noise inhibitor

    • I am no way a videographer and never claim to be. If my next DSLR came with video I might use it on vacation but that’s about it so I don’t care what the specs are.

    • LOL

      Good comment.

      I wonder though if half the people who are asking for 1080 60p even know what under/overcranking is. I suspect they just think more is better.

      I shoot sports at 720 50p (PAL) as a method of allowing PP overcranking allowing the obvious benefits to sports… when the situation warrants it.

      If people don’t know what I’m saying, perhaps yOu don’t need 50/60p. 😉

  • Maybe the D300 series will go away and be replaced by the D700 series. Wasn’t the DX format developed because a full frame sensor was too expensive to make? CMOS technology has come a long way so I don’t see that as such an issue anymore.

    • BornOptimist

      The cost has less to do with technology. It’s about size and yield. How many candidates they can get from each wafer. A FX sensor is the same size no matter what, and as long as the manufacturing process is the same, the cost will also be mostly the same.

      • But the manufacturing process has changed a great deal. Well, not changed as much as tweaked. Whenever a new electronic component comes out the cost is high because the percent of defective products is relatively high. Through trial and error they are able to minimize defects and thus the price goes down. Printing CMOS wafers is much more efficient than it was 10 years ago.

        • BornOptimist

          It’s more efficient yes, but there are so few candidates on one wafer, and even with 100% yield, the manufacturing cost for one wafer has to be divided on so few sensors. What could have reduced cost of FF sensors is a stepper that could cover the whole sensor area with a single flash. Today they need to use stitching.
          As far as I know only Canon has an old stepper that covers this area.
          We also talk about low volume products (FF sensors) here, so there are limited marked for such steppers. When Nikon does not see the value in developing a new stepper like this – who would?
          It’s utopia to expect a cheap FF sensor.

          • Excuse me as I geek out a little:
            mumSensors = (pi x (waferDiameter/2)^2)/sensorArea – (pi x waferDiameter)/sqrt(2 x sensorArea)

            So if you assume the wafer diameter is 300mm and the yield is 100% then you would get 156 DX sensors per wafer and 59 FX sensors per wafer. That means in a perfect world an FX sensor should cost about 2.6x as much as a DX sensor. And if you think of how the prices of DSLRs have changed since they were first introduced, the cost difference must have come down enough cover some this difference.

            • PHB

              There are two factors, size and yield.

              The killer is yield. The problem being that you have a multi-step process. If any step fails you have an unusable chip.

              Imagine you have 20 steps and each step is 95% success rate. Your yield is 0.95^20 = 35%.

              Now imagine you manage 96%, your chance of success is now 44%. Commercial yields are generally 60% or more. Call it 98% per step – 65%.

              Now consider the effect of doubling the area of a chip. Your number of chips per wafer halves, your chance of failure per step doubles. So with the same process, your yield is now 44% not your 65%.

              Consequence of this is that if your DX wafer has 100 sites per waver you will get 65 good DX chips or 22 good FX chips. Your yield is 1/3rd the DX yield, not 1/2.

  • The invisible man.

    Here is our future:

    FX for pro cameras, D3,D4…. D700, D900….
    DX for amators cameras D90,D7000, D5100…..

    I don’t see any market for a D400

    Remember, D100,D200,D300 are DX because there was no FX sensors at that time.

    • The invisible man.

      If Nikon think that there is a pro market for DX cameras then why Nikon does not Make pro lenses in DX format ??

      • +1

      • Ken Elliott

        They do. Check out the 17-55mm f/2.8 AF-S DX.

        But since you can use an FX pro lens just fine on DX or FX, there is not much to save by producing a DX-only pro lens. The exception would be wide angle lenses – like the 17-55 and the 10.5mm fisheye.

        Pros see lenses as a long term investment. FX glass means we can use it on any body. DX makes sense for lower cost (35mm f/1.8) and/or lighter weight.

        • Didn’t the 17-55mm f/2.8 AF-S DX come out before the first FX sensor?

          • The invisible man.

            The 17-55mm DX was released in 2003 4 years before the D700

        • The invisible man.

          FX vs DX
          – larger and brighter viewfinder
          – less sensor noise (for the same pixels numbers)
          – better dynamic range
          – less sensitive to vibrations (at same X fator)
          – better body balance with pro lenses
          – better wide angle lense possibility
          – less sensitivity to micro dusts
          – more D.O.F for the same size subject as DX

          DX vs FX
          – smaller body
          – higher X factor with telephoto lenses.
          – cheaper
          – less falloff with FX lenses

          • That’s exactly why I am lusting an FX body. Maybe when Nikon release D800, price on D700 will drop and there can be an opportunity to afford one for me.

            LUST! :'(

          • JED

            Hmmm… The urban myths are strong with this one…

            • LOL

              Prove your point or STFU please.

            • JED

              1) less sensor noise (for the same pixels numbers)
              Smaller pixels have less noise. Image level noise is related to sensor size – not pixel size.

              2) better dynamic range
              Thats the theory – explain how the D7000 trounces the D700 and D3(s)? Currently DR is more easy to improve by using smaller pixels.

              3) less sensitive to vibrations (at same X fator)
              The blur is the same – just seems more apparent on a crop as they tend to have higher pixel density. If the pixel density is the same the blur is the same.

              4) better wide angle lense possibility
              Possibly but subjective..

              5) less sensitivity to micro dusts
              How so? Same as 3. Pixel density might do that – not sensor size.

              6) more D.O.F for the same size subject as DX
              This one I might be totally misunderstanding the description..
              If you frame a target the same with DX and FX from the same distance then you will be using a longer lens for FX which means LESS DOF.

            • I can’t really speak about dynamic range but noise has more to do with the relative proximity of the pixels, not their size. By making the pixels smaller, you make them farther apart thus increasing high ISO performance. Now if you took the pixels of a DX sensor and spread them out over an FX sensor this would reduce your high ISO noise even more. I’m sure the same is true with dynamic range.

            • JED

              Um no. By that logic a better high ISO sensor would be 4 very small pixels spread out on an FX sensor… How can you possibly benefit high ISO by wasting sensor real estate by spreading the pixels out?

            • There’s always been a trade off between pixel density and noise. Each pixel on an image sensor is an analog device and the higher your ISO the more your amplifying the analog signal. The more you amplify a signal the more noise you are going to pick up from nearby electronic components (i.e. the other pixels).

            • Here’s an article that I feel explains the tradeoff between pixel density and noise pretty well:
              Their reasoning is that smaller pixels collect less photons and therefore have to be amplified more. This is probably more responsible for noise than the increased interference of nearby transistors as I have claimed above.

            • JED

              That article is referring to small pixels in the context of small sensors. A smaller sensor will always have more apparent noise than a larger one – it simply captures less light.
              Pixel size is not the problem.

            • I’m sorry, I thought you said that noise was related to pixel size rather than sensor size. I’m still pretty sure pixel density creates sensor noise but at any rate, the point is FX sensors will perform better at high ISO then DX sensors if all else is held constant.

            • Pikemann Urge

              That article is referring to small pixels in the context of small sensors. A smaller sensor will always have more apparent noise than a larger one – it simply captures less light.
              Pixel size is not the problem.

              I’m trying to solve this problem (as a non-engineer) and I seem to have at least two streams of conflicting advice.

              What you said above – it might be true overall but per unit area, big and small sensors each capture the same amount of light, all other things being equal. Am I right?

              Here’s a hypothetical we can work with: D2H sensor made with the same technology as was used for the D700’s sensor. It’s still 4Mpx. Nice, big, beautiful photosites. DX format. Okay, will it have less noise than the D700?

            • “…big and small sensors each capture the same amount of light, all other things being equal.”

              This seems to be what everyone is saying around here, but I question that reasoning. I mean, we’re talking about very small photo sites. Aren’t there gaps, or walls between these pixels? Don’t we get a certain amount of light loss through diffraction? And isn’t the thickness of these walls enough to show a statistically significant difference when there are more photosites compared with less? All questions that come to mind when people say a higher density chip will always perform better than a lower density chip.

              Another way to look at it (and addressing your second question), some folks have commented about how well the higher megapixel chips have held up re: noise performance when compared with less densely packed sensors a la D700.

              My counter to that argument (one the MEGA-megapixel crowd will no doubt despise addressing) is just the opposite: look how well the D700 files look compared to the D3x and 5DmarkII when upressed. They look incredible! Sure, they’re the slightest bit soft (not dramatic, really) compared to the D3x. But I beg any Canon shooters to show a discernible difference to me when comparing their images to the D700/D3/D3s. I don’t think the difference is noticeable, if it’s even apparent at all.

              So what do we get when we gauge megapixels as the be-all end-all of quality? Less hard drive space, slower computers, less files per card, longer upload times, and the same danged end result. Tell me again why I should be impressed?

            • So what do we get when we gauge megapixels as the be-all end-all of quality?

              I think this is a pretty juvenile way of thinking and I would like to think that most of us are past this.

            • @Lewis

              I am confident that you are correct, and most photographers here understand the inherent value that accompanies Nikon’s methodical engineering approach and foremost commitment to image quality. After all, isn’t that why we’re here? We love Nikon cameras and the quality they embody!

              And yet one would be hard-pressed to find a rumor here devoid of cries for Nikon to wake up and pack the pixels. As my grandma always used to say (bless her soul)* “I’d rather have one clean pixel over twenty-one million poppycock ones!” She wasn’t always the most lucid technologist, but the essence of her message is sound. 🙂

              I am deeply curious if the folks who rag on Nikon here are Canon shooters, or at least should be. As in, have fun on CanonRumors, and may you never have to come here to complain again.


              *I don’t really have a grandma.

    • So maybe this late August announcement will be for the D4 and D800 and there won’t be a D400.

      • The invisible man.


    • There.

      I’ll bet my hat on it. (It’s a nice hat)

      • The invisible man.

        Ron, why is it a nice hat, did you add hairs on it ?

        • The invisible man.

          Ron Adair (add hair), never mind.

          • Got it. Actually quite original. I’m used to hearing references to fast food mascots or the ever classic “Ahhh daaare yuuuuu taa eeeet thaaaut.” 🙂

      • sade

        There won’t. I bet my pant on it.

        • I’ll take that bet, and I’ll only hope your pants are nicer than my hat.

          Send me your info and we’ll make this official.

          • sade

            😀 Sure. It is like new, rarely used and in mint condition. I’ll send you my info 😉

          • MRPhotoau

            Hey Ron,
            Please post when you have a photo on your webpage of one or other eating hat/pants we will all be wanting to have a laugh at that.
            You may need to be prepared for the 1,000,000 hits that
            btw. my moneys on you.

            • You have my promise. By the way, this deal has nothing to do with eating said hat or pants, though we could make it interesting…. 🙂

              But what’s a bet between a few friendly folk? I’m drawing a line in the sand. Step up and claim sides officially, all you willing to put your top-of-the-line clothing article on the line for your prediction of whether the D300s replacement will live or die.

              Say it here or it didn’t happen. 🙂

    • Bullsnot

      Pro DX bodies are a requirement for tele-shooters. A D300s and a 300mm F4 gets you the equivalent of 450mm F4, and the cost of the camera and lens is about 1/3 the price of a 500mm F4 alone! Sure you can crop an FX image down but you lose resolution and your subject is extremely small in the finder, making your job as a photographer harder and pushing the abilities of the AF system, not to mention your back from lugging that heavy gear around!

      Even DX tele-shooters have to crop; I use a 500mm reflex lens on a D7000 (750mm equiv.), and small birds still need to be relatively close to fill the frame.

      • The invisible man.

        A reflex 500mm f/8 (750mm on DX), I hope you have a good tripod.

      • Personally speaking, DX00 line will still have a role to play if the MP for the 1.5x crop in FX bodies continue to produce lower resolution (eg 5-10MP) but once FX bodies are able to have the DX crop with more than 10MP (ie more than 24MP on FX) then the DX line would probably obsolete.

        • PHB

          The D300/D300s has outsold all FX cameras by itself. Nikon lists the D300s as professional because thats the market it is built for.

          There are far more professional photographers using a D300 than use a D3. And owning merely a D3 does not make someone a professional. I have met more than a few amateurs with a D3 who barely understood how to turn it on.

          DX as a separate format will become obsolete when there is an affordable 24MP body. But that is likely not going to be the D800. I think there one last pro-DX cycle but nothing more after that unless the birding community insists it needs 24MP.

      • I guess my thinking is that they didn’t have DX format back in the film days and everyone seemed pretty comfortable without it so why keep it around if you can go to something that doesn’t only emulate a 35mm SLR but performs better while doing so?

        • f/2.8

          Price point.

      • PHB

        The lenses being compared are not like with like.

        The 200 f/2 is going to be better than the 105DC which is an old design in any case.

        A proper comparison would be the 200 f/2 on DX vs the 300 f/2.8 on the FX. I don’t think you are going to see any difference at all.

  • tom

    Just rumors ,so it is not going to happen any way…

    • LOL

      Aww did widdle grumpy poo not get his mummy’s permission to buy a D800. 😛

  • D700guy

    My guesses for the list prices of these up and coming bodies are as such:
    and the D4x~$8995.00

    This prediction is bases on nothing more than observations of the current trend I have seen pertaining to lenses such as the 200mm 2.0 which is now selling for a cool 6K, and the successor to the 70-200mm 2.8 which replaced a lens that sold for 2K.

    These bodies will most likely attempt to set a price bar initially, and then let the market dictate the direction of the price from that point on.

    If one can sit on their hands for 6 months after the announcements are made before breaking out the credit cards, one might save 10%-20%. But then again, these are educated guesses and nothing more.

    • D700guy

      Again, I am mearly speculating using the trend I have seen in prices of lenses that are replacing previous lenses of the same focal lengths.

    • f/2.8

      My speculation, the D800 will be at $3495.00

      • RR

        I (sadly) also think that will be the price

        #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon

  • Kingyo

    this guy is a liar..those prices are way off

  • The invisible man.

    Ebay is getting worse than ever !
    A guy with zero feedback is selling a Nikkor 13mm f/5.6 !
    He will probably runawy with the cash !

    • The invisible man.

      Auction removed !
      (I’m not gulty for that !)

  • Davidoff

    It would be great if they released the D400 and the D4 in August and leave the D800 for 2012 for a more substantial upgrade. A D700s in August would also be great, dream wishlist for it in order of importance:
    – tweaked D3s sensor.
    – 1/500th sync
    – dual SD slots
    – tilt monitor for waist-level shooting
    – proper video
    – larger spread of focus points
    – 100% finder

    • sade

      I also wish D800 get introduced early 2012 but if D700s is announced in August, we won’t see D800 for at least another two years, which is not good at all.
      I personally don’t have any problem with 12mp sensor but only if it performs at least two stops better than D3s. My dream is a 18-20 mp sensor with dynamic range 1 stop better than D7000, ISO 1 stop better than D3s. Live histogram. faster and more accurate focus system.

      • photonut

        A D700s with D3s sensor in August would be 1 1/2 years too late and DOA. That D700 body is far beyond outdated.

        • El Aura

          You mean it would have an AF system that was top of the class four years ago? Compared to an AF system in the 5DII that was second-rate six years ago (and maybe first rate 12 years ago)? This 5DII must have DOA when it was launched.

      • JED

        2 stops better than the D3S…. HOW???

        The D3S already has a quantum efficiency of >50%. That means it already translates more than half the light it receives into the image. How can it suddenly get another 2 stops (4 times!) the amount of light? Or do you expect those to come from another dimension?

        • sade

          In order to gain 2 more stops, the sensor does not require to translate 4 times more light to the image. That is the point.
          D3s performs about one stop better than D3, but this does not mean that D3s is twice as “light efficient” as D3.

          • JED

            The D3S has QE of around 57%. The D3 is around 38%. Thats 2/3rds of a stop improvement which is what is borne out in the relative ISO performance.
            So yes the D3S is more light efficient.

    • 1/500 sync speed would be nice but I think it will be a long time (if ever) until we see that in a pro body. The D70 only had it because it uses an electronic shutter rather than a mechanical one. I would love to see nikon’s CLS go radio. The system they have now is so unreliable in most environments.

      • >I would love to see nikon’s CLS go radio. The system they have now is so unreliable in most environments.

        I think someone needs to spend some time reading the manual. Any time I read a statement like that, I have the suspicion that I’ve learned more about the person who made it than the technology being discussed.

        • Line of sight is unreliable for many (if not most) real world shooting situations. Radio is much more effective.

          Not to mention the pre-flashes that need to happen in order for the flash to properly relay and verify its exposure—this makes third party strobes virtually unusable with anything except the “dumb” slave modes. Definitely better than what Canon offers, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.

          If the CLS system was exceptional, there would be—at best—a very small market for either the older PocketWizards or the newer ControlTL PWs.

          • Someone

            1) They don’t actually always need to be in line of sight. Try it. You’ll be amazed a how flexible the system is.

            2) On the the box, it says ‘Nikon Creative Flash’ system. Not the ‘lets support other peoples’ flashes system’. You’ve basically defined something as a problem that would make no business sense for them to support.

            • 1) They don’t actually always need to be in line of sight.

              You’re right, they don’t always need to be line of sight. However, in order for them to work as advertised, they rely very heavily on line of sight or line-of-light, which is very limited. They use infrared, which is a limited technology compared to radio, at least in this category.

              Try it. You’ll be amazed a how flexible the system is.

              I have, that’s how I know it’s not very reliable in practical shooting situations. : )

              2) On the the box, it says ‘Nikon Creative Flash’ system. Not the ‘lets support other peoples’ flashes system’. You’ve basically defined something as a problem that would make no business sense for them to support.

              Yes, because allowing our flash system to interoperate with industry standard lighting systems that have existed for decades before ours (and will continue to exist for many more) is a bad thing. As if someone would ever want to combine one or two of our flash units with a more powerful and purpose-built studio head. Canon is right, standards are for posers. Psssshhht.

              I’m not saying Nikon is duty bound to offer radio syncing, although I imagine they will one day. I’m sure the folks at PocketWizard are very content providing the solution and earning their cut. I’m merely disputing the insinuation that the CLS is a flawless system.

            • Someone


              So you’re defining a “problem” as the product needing a completely different design spec, and different business model, ergo it’s flawed.


              Stick to marketing.

            • @Someone – Like I’ve been saying, Nikon’s system is ok. Radio is better for most purposes. What don’t you understand?

              In the studio many folks will intuitively want to use CLS with studio strobes. CLS doesn’t work.

              In the field, most people will be working at greater distances than the system practically allows, or out of line-of-sight. CLS is ineffective.

              Maybe we should be asking if YOU have used the system. It sounds like you don’t understand how it actually works in real-world scenarios.

              Are you really going to defend Nikons flash system as perfect and flawless? Is it more effective than PocketWizard slave units? Answer these questions, since this is the crux of my message.

              Again, is English your first spoken language? Maybe there’s some mis-communication going on here?

          • Someone

            The CLS is designed to work within a spec, and used within those tolerances, works really well. Moreover, Nikon’s managed to cherrypick a profitable segment of the flash market, leaving the rest with accompanying low margins, to other third party players.

            What you’re suggesting is that Nikon compete at the low end ‘just because’ the CLS isn’t all things to all people.

            • “profitable segment … low margins”

              Where are you getting this information? I’m not sure PW can be considered the “low end” of the market. Certainly they’re appreciated in commercial circles as one of the most (if not the most) dependable slave system around. To wit, ProFoto doesn’t feel PocketWizards are too “low end” to integrate with their highly dependable and reputable (and pricey!!!) systems.

              “What you’re suggesting is that Nikon [integrate radio slaves] ‘just because’ the CLS isn’t all things to all people.”

              No. I’m stating that in many (if not most) situations where photographers could benefit by such a system, CLS snorts dung. If a large group of users naturally try to use the system in a way that falls outside of the design spec, then the spec is wrong, plain and simple. CLS is there, and some people use it, and some are fine working around the limitations. But I question the idea that it’s a highly usable feature—how could it be with such a limiting design?

              Imagine Toyota advertising a family van that can get you from New York to California on a single tank of gas, except it only ever gets as far as Kansas before the massive tank springs a leak and needs to be repaired and refilled; and it only works on weekdays; and it doesn’t function in the summer; and it handles poorly in snow; and it only seats one person comfortably.

              Nikon offering a “smart” slave system was novel, no doubt. But my bet is that it doesn’t satisfy most photographers basic needs in one way or the other, thereby rendering it useless. I haven’t used PW’s new system, but it appears by all counts that they’ve nailed it. Nikon should have done this first, if at all.

              Last point: I have not said that Nikon must or should include radio triggers. To quote myself from earlier:

              I’m not saying Nikon is duty bound to offer radio syncing, although I imagine they will one day. I’m sure the folks at PocketWizard are very content providing the solution and earning their cut. I’m merely disputing the insinuation that the CLS is a flawless system.

              It seems fairly likely that one day they will. This, however, is irrelevant to the current discussion.

              This is fun and all, but it seems more like you’re trying to win an argument against me rather than discuss the virtues of Nikon products and features. This is evident in the way you are twisting my words to say precisely what I do not mean.

          • +1
            CLS is great, but not working in too many situations.
            My cheap radio triggers from ebay work at distance 50m + with wall between.

        • I use nikon’s CLS all the time but I know when it works and when it doesn’t. If your in a reception hall and you want to rim light with your off camera flash and bounce your on camera flash behind you as the key, it won’t fire most of the time. If your outside under the bright sun its performance is pretty shotty as well. I find it much easier to use the obtical slave in the sun than CLS.

  • write whatever you want only time will tell

  • Just A Thought

    So let me get this straight. There was supposed to be an Aug D4 announcement which will now be followed by a Sept DX4 announcement though that may be a special model for French customers only.

    Any ideas what is to be announced in Oct, Now and Dec????

  • Zim

    Just make it a D400 for $1800. 18mp and manual control video.

  • Thom Rockwell

    I hope the DX-4 is a new DX camera


    “First I am NOT on Nikon’s payroll-never have been! I buy ALL of my Nikon gear, just like most of you!

    I do however have “friends” on the inside and although this news is coming from my French “inside” friend, it is more reliable then all of the other Nikon rumor’s that have been swirling about for the past two years! Since I have never jumped on the rumor bandwagon, UNTIL NOW, you just might be tempted to believe it, but ultimately, since I am relying on someone else, and they really are in a position to “KNOW”, then it’s a pretty safe bet, this time, that it’s true!”

    “Pretty safe bet” Is this for real?

    • Mr. James Bond, log in please.

  • Landscape Photo

    My guess:

    * 16mp DX D400 first to be announced within a couple of months (D300 form factor sharing the same sensor from D7000 but with improved speed & ergonomics, eg. the certainly-on-purpose disabled ok button now enabled for quick 100% viewing)

    * Two FX bodies to be announced at the end of 2011:
    a) 16mp D4 with D3 form factor, new ultra sensitive sensor designed to meet the demands of low light photography & video industry.
    b) 20-24mp D800 in D700 form factor for a broad range of applications, same or 1 stop improved high-iso rendering compared to D700 (despite of increased pixel count), better low-iso DR (film-like highlight transition), finally a 100% viewfinder (the price to pay is maybe a slightly bigger hump at all)

    * Next year, a 32mp D4x

    * 2-3 years later a D900 sharing the same sensor from D4x

    • Karlosak

      Nice guess, I wouldn’t complain 🙂

  • Dominic

    It is TRUE!!!! every word of it!! what they forgot to mention is that the model’s going to be made of pure Platinum (limited Ed) and Titanium (regular) the sensor’s no more a megapixel one. it will be a spankin’ new 1.22 Giga Pixel full frame one!
    There even are rumors that the D4 will be the worlds first ever Holographic cam with built in night vision and even a swiss army knife!!

  • B.O.

    i know exactly what to think of it!

  • John

    This rumor is far from possible. Nikon cannot produce two full frame cameras out of Japan at the same time with the state of infrastructure right now. D4 rumors is probably right, but second camera to expect is a D7000 style body with full frame chip, made in taiwan – released right before christmas and available for $2000

    • Landscape Photo

      I both own a D700 & D300. Any D7000-sized or smaller FX may only be possible with an EVF. It’s easier to implement 100% finder on DX though.

      Why? When I held the D700 after 2 years of D300 usage, the first things I noticed was the smaller top LCD, bigger prism and the lack of CF door release knob. That’s the compromise to fit an FX prism even to a moderately sized body like D700. Let alone any smaller form.

      Still I hope for a 100% VF on D800 even the physical constraints remain. Maybe a good pentamirror instead of prism. Maybe a carbon fiber body to reduce weight.

  • So, let me get this straight:

    The rumour is that the D4 will about 20 MP while the current D3x you can buy has 24 MP. Does this make an atom of sense?

    • Can you explain to me how this does NOT make sense?

    • Karlosak

      Different cameras for different markets.

  • FM2Fan

    I don’t see Nikon to invest into software – this is a real surprise in a digital world.
    Whatever the new camera specs will be: if they are not completed by updated and
    extended software within the camera and for our computers, then the overall system
    capability is a bit limited.

    Anx FX update is welcome – I can only hope, that the power supplies and battery sets remain unchanged. Reusing them or using them for more than camara model would
    help while being outdoors.

  • Bring It On Nikon

    Be it a D4 or D800 will be announced, I’m ready to buy.
    The spect must be at least
    18-24 mp
    ISO 100-100k for D800
    ISO 100-200k for D4
    Better AF points and motor
    Better Dynamic Range
    HD 1080p and 30fps or better with full manual option
    100% viewfinder

    Must be available one month after the announcement.
    If Apple can introduce a new IPhone and is immediately available so can Nikon.
    Nikon should do Kaizen on their product announcement and production to meet customers demand.
    Price range should be the same as the older model to make it enticing for an upgrade.
    Bring it on.

  • mo

    Nikon D8000 full frame (BUNDLE WITH 28-300VR) $2999.95 Made in Thailand,12MP chip from Nikon D700 in there

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