You can now attach Nikon lenses to an iPhone 4

Photojojo now sells in their online store an adapter that will let you attach Nikon lenses to an iPhone 4. The kit costs $190 $249 and includes an aluminum case, SLR lens adapter and UV filter.ย Two loopholes on each side lets you attach a camera strap. The case has also a tripod mount thread.

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  • Sam V

    That is hilarious! Does this mean the image will be flipped? Oh wait..there’s an app for that.

    • texajoe

      What’s the crop factor?

      • abvw

        The iPhone4 packs a 1/3.2″ backlit sensor; a whooping 218.75x crop and pixel density close to 1100 megapixel on 35mm sensor. The most advanced mirrorless on the market ๐Ÿ˜‰

        The big question is, will the lens be capable of resolving anything for a pixels this small?

        • Rob


        • PHB

          The crop factor may not be that since there seems to be some sort of optic inside the adapter. There is also the built in iPhone lens that is not going to be removed.

          A 200x crop would actually have more of a point. You could then use the sensor as a 5MP astrophotography sensor. That would also sink the effective ISO though, so not such a great idea. Maybe ISO 1 if you are lucky. Not exactly ideal for night photography…

          • jdawg

            Crap factor.

  • Rahul

    Get a Nikon body for God’s sake.

    • MLWadester


  • Stepper

    That’s awesome. Useless but awesome!

    • Tony

      That comment was also awesome! Concision is a lost art.

      • PhilW

        Concision as the noun form of the adjective is also pretty rare.

        • Anonymoose


    • jimmy bottoms

      about sums it up.

  • Stepper

    Is that the next gen NEX in the last pic?

  • Renato M.

    wow, what for?

    • iamlucky13

      Because Nikon partnered with Apple for their long-awaiting mirrorless solution.

    • f/2.8

      When you absolutely has to post your images to Facebook fast.

  • Roo

    Does the adapter allow for manual aperture controls on “G” lenses?

    • Jon D

      good question.

    • Manda C

      so enlighten us! I’d like to try to understand the irony ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jake

        scroll up.

    • sign #1 that you’re a hipster: calling other people hipsters*

      (*definition excludes me)

  • The invisible man.

    I think the next step will be an adapter to attach your favorite Nikon lens to your b…t
    By the way, Ebay and Paypal are really taking us for idiots, to a point that I’m thinking closing my Ebay store.
    What a world, good thing we still have NR to maket us dream.

  • here is your mirrorless nikon

    • Anon

      LOL! yay.

  • Charlie

    Isn’t that a Canon lens being attached to the Nikon adapter?

    • yes, I think all images are with a Canon lens, trying to get the Nikon images from photojojo

      • Charlie

        I’ve actually given it a few more seconds thought and came to that conclusion – sorry!

      • H

        Now THAT is awesomely hilarious. I guess they make one for Canon lenses too, then

      • Darkness

        yeah right, nice Canon ambush marketing, at least by Canon standards…

  • or you could buy a used D70 for about the same price.

    • f/2.8

      That wouldn’t look cool, would it?

  • Totally pointless.

  • Artur Kozล‚owski

    I guess soon the cameras will become so tiny, all You’ll be holding is a lens with the camera screwed on its butt (pun intended), like one of those protective covers. Next challenge – make the lenses smaller.

  • Jabs

    The ibuttofalljokes.
    If you build upon a theme, people will buy it no matter what or how ridiculous it is.

  • OK, one can attach a Nikon lens to their iPhone, but it sort of defeats the purpose of both items.

  • Joe Jaro

    Pure EVIL and blasphemy!

  • Wow, at last a real use for my my nikon 400mm f2.8!

  • Mo

    People are already forgetting the reason for buying an iPhone.
    It’s an “i” “Phone” – Phone as short for a telephone.
    its for phone calls god **** !!

    • iamlucky13

      People forgot about the real reason from day 1.

      And people have been making fun of the fact that people forgot about the basic reason for its existence since day 2. One of my favorites:

    • iamlucky13

      People forgot about the real reason from day 1.

      And people have been making fun of the fact that people forgot about the basic reason for its existence since day 2. One of my favorites:

      (Sorry if this double-posted…didn’t show up before)

      • Steve

        Funny the second time too ! Thanks !

    • Stanley77

      I talk to my D300 all the time.

  • fred

    here in the uk there is a massive scandal involving News Corporation the murdoch empire , hacking into peoples phones over 4,000 including murdered victims families, dead soldiers families, paying policemen off which constitutes as a bribe conections to the current government, so much pressure for Mr rupert murdoch and has bid to buy BSkyB so much so that the newspaper behind it all the News of the World will be closing down as of this weekend it will run its last edition.

    Whats it like in the USA heard any reports over there.

    • Jabs

      OFF subject, but yes, I heard and am waiting to see how Fox Networks and the Wall Street Journal/NY Post, etc – responds. Perhaps you reap as you sow – lost on us all at times.

  • Jabs

    Serious now – this thing might work with a Nikon pancake lens like the 45mm unit of the past or the more recent model, but since you are spending more than an average P/S or even an entry level DSLR (for the combination iPhone and adapter + lens), then what is the point logically except maybe instant WHAT?
    Next – As technology moves forward, we often leave certain things behind, like practicality, suitability for HUMAN use via size or features. Downsizing has a point of diminishing returns and cameras are fast approaching that wherein ONLY children or people with really small hands or even ‘paws’ (lol) will be able to use them because all the controls are so little, too numerous or too closely spaced for rapid use. We often move two steps forward and one step backwards when Technology advances and thus I would prefer for Nikon to make a camera like the Fuji X100 instead of the micro 4/3rds models, but that’s just me.
    Audio went forward from analog vinyl to digital audio CD’s and then mp3’s took us backwards (through excess compression -vs- convenience), as in worse than vinyl (though less noise) in sound quality – often! Same thing is happening in cameras – convenience is about to trump quality as things get ‘dumbed down’ to sell to dimmer consumers caught up in the moment. More convenient and worse for more money!

  • Bob

    “old boy” director shoots film on iPhone4

    • Vladi

      Love the Oldboy movie, great work from actors/director

  • Mandrake

    Will my fisheye still be fishy :p

  • Jabs

    Am I to understand it this way?
    Kit mounted on iPhone
    Filter next
    Adapter next for lens (Nikon or Canon lens mount adapters) mounted to filter threads
    Then YOUR lens
    Cost = iPhone, Kit with adapter, UV filter (included or not?), then YOUR lens – ok, I’m stupid (lol).

  • D700guy

    That lens mount looks like it would last maybe a week with the weight of an average sized zoom attached.

    • Merv

      At some point, it’s the lens that will be held and not the camera. Or at least for the telephoto lenses with collars, it would be on a tripod.

  • tom

    New Nikon D800,900,950,999,987 or any other number please do not waste time on that crap who is going to buy nikkor lenses to attach them to IPhone probably only mentally sick.

  • KsOfW

    Anyone know what the crop factor would be?

    • Pogodrummet

      More like crap factor…

      • KsOfW


      • paf

        100% Crap factor.

        • f/2.8

          more like 1.5X

  • scurvy hesh
  • Vladi

    The only problem is, that the lens on these pictures is Canon ๐Ÿ˜€
    50mm 1.4 Ultrasonic i think

  • The invisible man.

    Next week I’ll date Casey Anthony, I need to get rid of my 2 years old D90

    • Mike


  • Jennifer

    I’m going to guess this will work with Ipod Touch 4th Gen?

  • B2

    hehe funky stuff I like it

  • Bullsnot

    Don’t forget to turn the LED flash off so it doesn’t shine into the BACK of the lens while shooting! LOL!

    Which brings up another point… I’m not buying this contraption because as soon as I do they’ll release Version 2 with a hot shoe!

  • Can Wishingwell

    Nikon can reverse engineer a D4 / D400 with Android smart phone capabilities?

  • harry couvert

    How silly this must look when you answer the phone in the middle of a ‘shoot’

  • kaze kaze

    Surely gave me a good laugh…

    but yea, (others had mentioned above) aparture control will be fun and it supose to have infinity focus now? Another way it can be useful is probably now the flash on the iPhone is now a torch…

  • peter

    was going to write something sarcastic. Read the previous posts. Can’t think of anything to add. “F’ing Hipster Bull&*^%”

    That about sums it all up.

    As George Carlin once said. “If you nail two boards together that have never been nailed together before, some schmuck will buy it.”

    • Joe Jaro

      What’s your price?

    • Like all those special edition G Shock watches. pointless

  • Dweeb

    I’ve been waiting so long for a Nikon that can do built in GPS.

  • Pop

    It’s too bad the iPhone4 camera sucks. That annoying 9 circle lens flare makes it useless.

  • the lenses must be the size of a quarter or a half dollar

  • mark

    Isnt it a bit late tThe new iphone should be out in 6 weeks or so I wonder if it will take my Holga lens in the Nikon mount LOL

  • Dracula

    It should be a very nice effect when you flash through the lenses ๐Ÿ™‚ Crap factor with flare … real art nouveau. By the way … I hope that everybody realizes that we just lost a few minutes of our lifes that we are never getting back.

  • It’s $250 for the iphone 4. ๐Ÿ™

  • David

    I hear the same company also makes an adapter for attaching Ferrari wheels to a skateboard.

    • Jabs

      @David – does it come with turbo boost too?

  • I wish to see an IPHONE with AF-S 200mm f/2 VR. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • MB

    This totally wins pointless “smallest” mirrorless interchangeable camera competition!

  • pabs

    jeez, and I was going to wait for the D800!

  • MB

    This one totally wins pointless “smallest” mirrorless interchangeable camera race!

  • cpm5280

    Well, they got the price wrong by an order of magnitude. For $19.00, I’d buy one.

  • Rob

    Which lenses? And what functionality? Screw drive? Is the I-phone VR? Can they make the I-phone VR? AF Ai AFS what?

  • MRPhotoau

    I avoid wasting my time reading most stuff on NR, just open it every day or so to quickly read the head lines.
    But after the laughter started as I read the headline, then saw the pics, I just had to know if anyone could get the real laugh out of it.
    I didn’t stop laughing till the last post, heck I’m still laughing. Would be an awesome option since I cant afford a body to go with the umpteen dozen lenses. Wait a minute, cost of contraption + cost of phone = D7000, this is a tough decision. I think I’ll go for the first option as the D7000 won’t fit in my pocket. It also comes with the bonus 100% crap factor to get some real reach from the long tele’s, which um also won’t fit in my… Doesn’t matter I’ll be the first on the block.
    PS Just wasted another 5 mins, but the laugh was worth it.

  • EAJ

    In other news, the iPhone 5 will be named the D800.

    • The invisible man.

      D800 is over, the new one will be D850 or D900

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