Where in the world is Chase Jarvis?

Chase Jarvis mentioned on Twitter that he is shooting a campaign for a "secret client". In the past Chase and his crew were a big part of the marketing campaigns for the Nikon D90 and D7000 cameras. Of course all this may not be Nikon related, but I have to ask: has anyone seen Chase and what is he shooting?

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  • Pat

    I bet my girlfriend it’s some Nikon stuff πŸ˜›

    • Hamuga

      So you bet against your girlfriend, or you are betting someone here using your girlfriend as collateral?

      Just curious.

      • goose

        Live curious.

      • Pat

        I’m ready to lose my girlfriend if it’s not a Nikon !!

        • Bondi Beach


          • +1

          • Pat

            I’m so sure that it has to do with the new Nikon DSRL … I’ll post a pic of my girlfriend if I’m wrong, she ll be so pissed off that she will leave.

        • I’ll take two!

    • Darkness

      He is shooting Nikon new promo on the next shuttle. Last chance..

  • josephmyl

    new cam! i wish…

    • I would rather ask β€œWhere is Vincent Munier at the moment?”

      • SGN

        I second that… I also happen to love his work a lot more than Chase… wildlife more up my street than, say street! Unfortunately, he doesn’t blog, I think.

        Also any idea who shot the sample photos for the 80-400 VR or the 200-400 VR? They’d get the call for new tele s ….. Vincent shot it for the superteles and D3s, but who did the 200 400?

  • Dweeb

    No but there’s a couple of new sellouts working for Sigma now.

  • Renny

    He is running his mouth off.

    • Steve

      Chase has A LOT of followers. The type of hype that he generated from his graffiti movie when the D7000 came out really got the word out there better than running commercials or ads. On youtube his Benevolent Mischief (graffiti) video has over 300,000 views, and his D7000 road test video has over 600,000 views. I don’t remember, but I think the video wasn’t even hosted on youtube when it first came out – so there are several thousand views. And these views are mainly from people who are interested in buying cameras. Very targeted. Non photographers don’t follow him.

      In 2011 marketing is very different that it was in 2001. He isn’t “running his mouth off” he is marketing (probably) Nikon, but just generated buzz for all of the products he promotes (which includes companies like SanDisk).

      • exactly. Chase is legit and wouldn’t talk up something that wasn’t real.

  • It’s the new D3200!

  • Paul

    probably he’s testing the Nikon D400/D4 πŸ™‚

    • The invisible man.

      He is taking pictures of The Invisible Man, at night to test the noise at 64,000,000,000 ISO from the D800/900 new 32MP sensor !

      • sirin

        … and still not capturing him!

      • Common Sense

        Only a sensor made from Chuck Norris’ flesh can see the “The Invisible Man”!

        • Matt_XVI

          I love this comment.

  • pabs

    who is Chase Jarvis?

    • Daf


      V well known blogger, who has done some pre-release video stuff for recent Nikon DSLRS

      • Banned

        Just another blogger…

        • IanZ28

          Sounds like someone is jealous…..

          In all seriousness to answer the question at hand. He’s a pro photographer with some very legitimate credentials and clients.

      • SZRimaging

        I would put his pro photo career before his blog. Pretty sure the bolg is just a marketing tool for his photo business πŸ˜‰

        • Shkacas

          I agree.

        • Steve

          +1 His blog would be nothing if he wasn’t a legit pro photographer first.

        • Seismo

          Come on guys, EVERYBODY’s blog is a marketing tool. That’s what blogs are.

  • The invisible man.

    He is in vaccations (paid by Nikon with our money) testing a new 12MP DSLR.

    • AnoNemo

      nah, went to steal your batteries from Fukushima and shooting with a Polaroid πŸ™‚

      I am running on solar!

      • AnoNemo

        and coffee!

    • the woman

      new 12MP…that was a good one!

    • Cold Hands Luke

      Woohoo! It’s the new D750 – a D700 update with the D3s sensor, but with the autofocus and metering from the D400 and D4. And it takes the same batteries and accessories as the D400 too.

      Seriously, that’s the camera I want Nikon to make. Really.

      Hey, Nikon! Build this camera!

      • The invisible man.

        stop that or you will be called “Cold Body Luke”

  • Ak47

    Probably shooting adult videos

    • Paul


  • A lot of the time photographers sign NDAs. I signed one for a cooking catalogue client when I was working for as a freakin assistant. Probably nothing exciting, probably shooting girls in the desert with a Nikon D7000 again.

  • TheFantasticG

    He is testing Nikons new 24MP DX D9000 body with the new Nikon 50-150 2.8 DX lens πŸ˜€

  • Ken Elliott

    I heard he’s testing the new Apple iCam. It looks like a long aluminum tube with a lens at one end. No viewfinder or screen – you us your iPad or iPad as a viewfinder. It has no buttons, no removable battery or card, only transfers photos via iTunes. With no shutter release, you point it and it takes a picture of what Steve Jobs thinks should be shot.

    But it is very pretty….

    The line begins at the Apple Store, next to the guy in the tent next to the door.

    • bjrichus


    • Eric


    • +1

      • The invisible man.


        • GG


          • The invisible man.


    • I

      Another poor id..t, with no money to get Apple products thus just barking loud :))))

    • sirin

      you forgot how it shoots in a format that no other software can read.

      • Except that when have Apple made multimedia devices that don’t run on industry standards? That is ALWAYS their standard. They simply don’t do anything but industry standards.

        Of course, ALAC is proprietary, but it is based off the standard AAC.

  • I’m also testing some secret gear in a secret location πŸ™‚

  • Eric Calabros

    F35 cockpit with D400? πŸ™‚

  • Hes shooting crack somewhere in the southern Mexico.
    And hes also shooting bear in Alaska, hopefully mistaking that Palin-woman for a big Blackbear.

    • jacob

      If you see a black bear in Sarah Palin your eyes have a serious problem, or it can just be that you have been inhaling too much propaganda and it made you dumb.

      • dave

        Just remember, if you see both a black bear and Sarah Palin, you only need to run faster than Sarah.

        • Bob2

          Palin will run like Paul Revere and warn Canon.

          • GB


          • bjrichus



          • Mike

            Paul Revere rode? Sounds like a palinite in hiding lol…

          • Funduro

            ROFL seriously that is F U N N Y !

      • I only inhale smoke, thank you very much. Preferably from an Indica strain.

        I dont need propaganda to understand what sort of monster Sarah Palin is.
        Thankfully I dont need to fear her here in the cold north of Europe.

        On another note…
        My camera is back from the repair shop. Yay!!!
        Now we just need to get that summer we were promised.

        • Fred

          Monster??? Are you kiddin? What did she do to you? You are not even American and yet you are so judgmental…unbelievable!
          Go enjoy your global warming.

          • hehehe

          • Keith

            ” You are not even American and yet you are so judgmental…”

            That’s because we Europeans can read and we’re aware of life beyond our own four walls.

            We’re not “judgemental” we’re “informed”. It’s not the same thing.

            Try it some time…

            • Fred

              Yes, you are reading…propaganda!
              Do you hear yourself and how snob you sound?
              Grow up

          • Funduro

            Come on no more off topic comments on Failin’. Let’s talk about the price the new D400. I say $2,099 USD at release.

    • inginerul

      Maverick !

  • Raff

    Maybe he is shooting with the new Sony Alpha 77 and 65…
    : )

    • Guest

      Secret client? We all know Nikon is a client so Sony would be a secret.

  • Daf

    PR Campaign for Gaddafi in Libya maybe ?

    Keeps telling people to do something different and break the mold.

  • Hugh

    He was by last night with some girls. We threw back some brews, listened to some music.

    Good time. Didn’t know it was such a secret mission.

  • Bob

    He was in NYC this weekend …

    • Myles

      They had an event for his show at the ace hotel last night…

  • ElPadre

    shooting ducks! for the ghost of president nixon! in china! πŸ˜€

  • Jason bourne? He is in langley probably testing a seal team special Nikon camera edition lmao

    • Funduro

      He was photographed trying to figure out the Cryptogram at CIA HQ, there is a image on the internets of him using a D400 body to scratch his head looking confused while a cute looking female was nearby posing.

  • kshieh

    Canon 5D Mk.III:-)

  • D700guy

    Yeah, I just saw him yesterday at the park with a Canon 5D MkIV

  • dan

    D800 D800 D800 D800 D800 .

  • Morg

    post picture of girl friend!

  • Is he finally switching to FX ?

    • Switching? He’s blogged about shoots using MF, so I doubt he’s “switch” to any particular format. Dunno though, haven’t read is blog much.

    • He shoots literally every camera out there. 35mm film. medium format. polaroid, hasselblad digital/film, DX, FX, leicas, etc etc.

      • amien

        What a MAAAAN ! Does he ? DOES HE FOR REAL ?

  • Bob

    Whats with all the Chase bashing? There are very few Nikon advocates out there and Chase is one of the most talented guys out there. I’m sure any one of you would love to be in his shoes. Instead of wasting your time on wishing for gear, take a look at his work and maybe learn something.

    • …you’re onto something. It’s jealousy.

    • broxibear

      “take a look at his work and maybe learn something.”
      You’ll learn something about marketing that’s for sure.

      • Definitely. The guy really has a talent for leveraging social networking.

      • I fail to see how a professional photographer with a keen talent for marketing is a port of ridicule. He at least, is making money from photography, getting world-wide media attraction, and does a fine job showing the talents of some of our favourite cameras.

        And, he ain’t a dick about it either.

        Bloody internet.

        • Bill


          Chase is a great guy and he has spent a lot of money, time and effort helping out other photographers here in Seattle.

        • LGO

          Indeed. There are some who would get a kick out of pulling others down. So sad and even pathetic.

          • It reminds me of grade 9 and 10 in Colorado. As soon as Brad Pitt became famous, he was suddenly ‘gay’ in the eyes of most American 14 and 15 year old boys.

            But, unfortunately, this happens in every circle from headphones to books. I am a writer, but a pretty shoddy one. In my circles, people get off on taking the biggies down. They have bad stories, can’t write prose, write derivative – anything to make the little, nobody look better against someone who is actually living her/his life writing and exploring imagination.

            Envy is the stupidest emotion, turning people into eggheaded egoists.

    • Amen. Thanks, Bob.

  • broxibear

    He’s signing a non disclosure agreement.

  • Hello D4, D800 and D400 , welcome to the cruelest world!

    Soon taking photos with me ^^


    • The invisible man.

      I think we will never see a D400 body.
      The D7000 is doing the same job for less.

      Nikon will keep FX sensors only for pro cameras as D4 or D800
      The D100/200/300 existed because there was no FX sensor available at that time.

      • Nek Mockwell

        With a 24 mp DX sensor in the new Sonys,…you can bet your memory cards,..there will be a D400.

        And it will be really good,….esp without that silly Sony mirror in front of it.

      • JED

        No. The D7000 is not doing the job of a D400. Control layout is simply not the same.

  • Joe

    Sounds about right. Last time Jarvis received a call from Nikon 2-3 months prior to the D7000 release. It’s the same time again from the August announcement.

    But I think Jarvis was only involved in DX marketing campaign so far?

  • It’s so secret that the pictures are invisible. Reminds me of Topsy Kret.

  • I_still_want_d800

    I hope it is a D800.

    similar to the D7000 commeriacls/video samples, but done with a D800.

    shows us what you can do with 1080/30p (hopefully 60p) video at ISO12800 with a 35/1.4G!

  • The invisible man.

    Guys I need your help !
    I can’t decide, new air conditioned (I live in Florida, 35Β° inside the house) or I keep the money for the D800/900.

    • poizen22

      simple get the d800/900. It will get you out of your hot house.

      • The invisible man.

        LOL ! very smart answer !
        Thanks !

      • I just picked up a 10,000 btu window mount a/c unit for $40 at a garage sale. Do you have to choose?

        • The invisible man.

          We have that in the 2 bedrooms but the central unit for the all house would cost around $5000, I guess it will be an other hot summer…..

          • Man, I feel your pain. Our house is like a solar collector in the summer. All of the heat within a 50 mile radius somehow seems to concentrate on our property alone.

            I think poizen22’s advice is solid. Good luck with the D800/900 release schedule!

  • I bet he is shooting D800 or D400

    • MJr

      Probably D400. Chase is a DX portable SLR kinda guy, and the D800 will probably never be done anyway =P.

  • Analyst

    IF it’s anything Nikon-related, and that’s a big IF, odds are it’s a D400.

    * D400 release is one of the announcement possibilities for August (and we’re overdue for one if you look at the D100/D200/D300 timeline)
    * he’s only done DX promo work in the past
    * it’s about the right time of year for him to start working on a project, considering it is carefully choreographed and has to be approved by Nikon prior to the product announcement
    * he did a good job drumming up interest with his positive reviews of the D90 and D7000 when they were released, so there is a good chance Nikon will hire him again

  • Brock Kentwell

    The shoot he is on is for the return of McRib. For me and many others, this is very exciting news indeed.

    • Art

      Last time I ate a McRib, I came down with food poisoning. I used to really like them and now, all I can think of is how sick I became and the insensitive manager I dealt with afterward.

      Yes, that was a long time ago but memories like that do not go away quickly. You can have your McRib.

  • broxibear

    “Asian stocks fell as companies that make a substantial share of their profits in the US were sold after the Federal Reserve lowered its growth forecasts.
    Shares in Nikon , the camera manufacturer whose prime markets are in North America, fell 4.9 per cent to Y1,926 while rival Olympus lost 2.5 per cent to Y2,714.”

  • MJ

    Nikon won’t hire the same group again unless they want something boring. πŸ™‚

  • He’s doing a bikini shoot with Carmen Sandiego.

    • amien

      I might be the only one getting your funny joke ! πŸ™‚
      He must be trapped in the poor snes version πŸ™‚

      • charge5photo

        Or the monochrome MAC version.

        • amien

          πŸ™‚ such a long “Time” ago !

  • Mike Moss

    Does anybody know if Chase Jarvis is somehow related to Jeff Jarvis? The later is author of “What Would Google Do?” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Jarvis Many of their views towards media appear to be similar, so I’ve often wondered if they’re somehow acquainted with one another.

  • who cares

    • MJr

      I care when he’s back with photos and vids. That’ll mean camera release ! And the fact that he started now means only 3 months they say, yeah baby yeah !

  • AM

    He’s home catching up on Archer and Jersey Shore episodes and doesn’t want anyone:

    a) to bother him.
    b) to know that he watches Jersey Shore.

  • Kingyo

    He’s shooting panties for Victoria’s Secret..no models though..strictly product shots..that’s what the secret reference was all about..it was in plain view all along πŸ˜€

  • RevKrev123

    Shooting the new Nikon mirrorless.

  • Some guy

    He is in my basement taking portraits of Marilyn, Elvis and Hitler with a camera from… πŸ˜€

  • Michael de Gunst

    Go to Tony Gilroy’s movieset to see the Nikon D4 in action!

  • Matstar

    Area 51 is the only secret location (that every knows about) – maybe he is experiencing some new tech out there??!

  • Nikon boy

    I heard he got cancer from shooting with a radioactive nikon camera πŸ™

    • bjrichus

      Nope… He grew a second head that looked just like Ashton Kutcher, just so that professional Nikon users world wide would commit suicide! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • LordBug

    He went back in time on behalf of Chuck Norris, to shoot dinosaurs.

    Not with a camera, but with firearms.

    The just like umm bit is because he’s witnessed the spider people who were controlling the dinosaurs, and he’s quite shocked by this discovery. And he might be questioning if he brought enough ammunition.

    That Chase, what a silly dinosaur slaughtering sausage.


  • PiXLPeeper

    He’s shooting video at Canon Repair facilities… for training sessions at Nikon πŸ˜‰

    • actually I have never seen Chase using a Canon camera

      • CHAAZY

        only lomos looking @ his over-saturated + heavy vignetting post-production style πŸ˜‰

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