Nikon D90 is now officially discontinued

Nikon D90 is now listed in the discontinued section ofย Nikon Japan website:

Nikon D90 was announced back in August 2008 and it was the first DSLR camera with video recording capabilities. The D90 is still the most popular camera on flickr andย is still available for sale at all major online retailers. The D90 was replaced by the Nikon D7000 last year. This product line is on a 2 year replacement cycle and you can expect the next update to come in August of 2012, just on time for Photokina 2012.

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  • seed

    Sad, my mighty first DSLR.

    • The invisible man

      Nikon discontinue it’s best cameras and introduce junk cheap DSLR.
      Canon must be happy !

      • A.Lwin

        I wouldn’t call the D7000 cheap, it’s a great update to the D90. Offers better weather sealing, more focus points, slightly higher MP count, improved ISO/Noise handling, dual SD card slots. And the D3000, D31000, D5000, D5100 are updates to the D40, D60 series, they are not meant as D90 replacements.

        • The invisible man

          @ A.Lwin,
          I agree with you, the D7000 is a great camera, but if it replace the D90, then why is it so expensive ?
          How much will be the D7500 (D7000 replacement), $2000 ?

          • Ronan

            What the heck are you talking about… D7000 is cheap.

            • Evan K

              The D90 was about the same price as the D7000 was when it was announced. The D7000’s price will eventually come down to the D90’s current price, and it’s successor in 2012 will be the price of what the D7000 is now.

            • Evan K:
              Bullshit. When the D90 was introduced, it was $1200 USD for the kit and $1000 USD for the body. The D7000 is $1500 USD for the kit and $1200 for the body.

          • WoutK89

            Each time a new iteration comes out its slightly more expensive than the one it replaces. The D90 is just cheap because its older.

          • Stephen

            D7000 is significantly improved.

            All of their cameras have increased in price, though. Their cheapest camera, D3100, is $700 (or 600?) with kit lens. The D40 (during the D90’s early days) was $400 with kit lens.

            Things have been getting more expensive.

          • King Of Swaziland

            If the US$ continues it’s current plunge, we may all be wishing it was only $2k when it comes out…

          • Eric Pepin

            are you really that dumb. Not only was the D90 around that price when It came out 2 years ago, but exchange rates and inflation and it makes perfect sense.

            • No. He’s not that dumb. He is trollin’ and you fed him.

        • Ban

          You must be new here. Don’t feed the troll.

      • hah

        surely canon is thrilled it is the #1 dslr in flickr and that nikon made it even better in its D7000 version. REALLY happy.

      • JakeB

        What hyperbole.

        The D90 was/is a great camera, but the D7000 is an improvement in almost every way.

    • SMC

      The D90 is the camera that pryed me away from Canon after more years than I care to admit (bought my first AE-1 new) and I’ve no reason to regret the change (other than $$$). Upgraded to a D300s for the features, but I truly beleive my D90 had better image quality. Good bye old friend!!!!

      PS My new D7000 has over 10K actuation on it and the D300s languishes in the bag, only to be pulled out when I need the buffer!

  • The invisible man

    thank god

    • Man, you sure do troll a lot around here.

    • The invisible man

      If you’re the invisible man, then I’m the visible D800

  • The D90 was a hell of a camera and had a great run. Congratulations on a job well done Nikon.

  • Kumar Gaurav

    Sad ! Not going to discontinue mine. Its value just went up as its no more available in the market….

  • Patrick

    A great camera and a worthy replacement. Wonder how the D400/D800/D4 backlog will effect the D7000 replacement cycle…

  • D90 is dead, long live the D90!

  • Taylormade


  • Did anyone else upgrade a D80 to a D90 during its life? The difference was just unbelievable. I’m really hoping the D300s-D400 leap is as amazing a leap, I’m really looking forward to that camera.

  • ob1

    Weird.. I just dropped mine last week. LCD doesn’t work, crack on the body, had to order the D7000.

    It’s like a sign, it was meant to be.

    I still find it amazing, I ordered the D7000 at 2011, and it’s due to be replaced by 2012, is this right? 2 yr life cycle seems so short. Especially if you bought the camera a year after it was released.

    • broxibear

      Oops…I forgot to hit reply, the post below was for you ob1.

    • wlad

      it’s not like anyone forces you to upgrade your camera every 2 years – I for one plan to use my D7000 at for 4-6 years

      • You are right, wlad. If you love your camera, why to change it even if there is better one? As for my D5000, I am hoping to live with it till the D900 announcement. Fingers crossed for such long life, camera has ran over 40000 actuations but still looking like new. My salary is so low that I can buy only one lens per year and for moving to FX there’s need in the fix-focal hi-fi’s. The first one I’ve got in January, the second one will fill the shelf next winter.

        And by the way, bye, D90! It was really glorious.

  • broxibear

    Hi ob1,
    “I ordered the D7000 at 2011, and itโ€™s due to be replaced by 2012, is this right? 2 yr life cycle seems so short”
    That doesn’t mean you have to buy the new one…the consumer cameras are updated/replaced quicker than the professional bodies but many people skip a generation.
    Don’t fall for marketing hype, it’s their job to try and push you into buying a new camera by saying it’s so much better than the old one, but often the differences are very small, and even then the dofferences are features you might not use or need ?
    People are starting to realise and are keeping their cameras for longer to get more use out of them.

    • Global

      The D700 was announced when? 2008?

      It’ll be 2012 before there is a replacement.
      So at least for some cameras, 3~4 seems to go by…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • The invisible man

      When I started photography SLR where 95% mechanical with 5% electronic.
      Now, DSLR are 95% computer made, and 2 years is a long time in the computer world.

  • Gregory Peel

    Clicked from the link on this page the D90 was still listed. It makes sense that Nikon will discontinue, but it was there when I looked.

  • Martin L

    Time and progress marches on. But the D90 was one of the best DSLRs ever made. They have to pry mine out of my cold dead hands.

  • R.I.P. Nikon D90! You were a great camera and will continue on for the people that still have them! It revolutionized the DSLR world and will remain a pillar in history.

    I knew this day was coming, since the D7000 is such an amazing camera which sits in-between the D90 and D300s(ousting both in sensor performance). Plus, the D90’s moniker doesn’t make sense in Nikon’s new DX DSLR lineup(Dxxxx).

  • The D90 was my first DSLR. Had waited for long time for “right” one to come along. The D90 blew me away totaly from first shot. It will be replaced with the D7000 but not retired as it will become my second body in my bag. Then it will join my Nikon FTN Photomic in my desplay case(mabe). Well done Nikon!! Thank you!!!

    • Eric Pepin

      your nikon FTN Photomic should be in your bag, not in the display case.

  • Lies. This is nikon * rumors*, there ARE no facts!
    D90 was my second camera…

  • FX DX

    I still love my D90. I am moving to a full frame camera this year, but if it wasn’t for D90, I would be more inclined to switch to Canon because they are almost always cheaper than Nikon (and IQ wise Canon and Nikon are quite comparable, IMO). Great job, Nikon; I hope you will produce more products like D90 in the future.

    • bob

      “IQ wise Canon and Nikon are quite comparable, IMO”


  • Tom

    D90 is very nice camera, next model D7000 is much better. Not like D70 and D80, where previous model D70 was much better then next D80.

  • PhotoCat

    Oh great, so my D90 is no longer cool, I guess now I have to buy a D7000 and a D800 to replace it.


  • Sam

    Goodbye my lover!

  • NikonD80Still

    I envy you guys! I still have D80 and have not budget for D90. So I have a 2 generations below that is discontinued.

    How can I make some photos now ?!

    Oh wait, I have a camera. I can make some photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I agree with everyone here. The D90 was a beautifully-made camera. It was truly a masterpiece and will be remembered fondly for many years to come, I’m sure. My guess is it will hold it’s value very well and continue to live on for many years. It was my first camera until I “upgraded” to a D300s. If you can even call it that big of an upgrade. The D90 really was a powerhouse and it’s just a beautiful piece. I loved mine.


    • Eric Pepin

      I also upgraded to a D300s which I dont regret as I put a lot of use on my camera but I sure do miss my beautiful D90.

  • Witty Nickname

    It was my 2nd DSLR and it’s still going strong.

  • Henry

    The nikon’s people is crazy, is a big mistake discontinue D90! !!!. There are many people angry

  • kenneth

    So sad, it was my first DSLR.

  • SAE

    Progress marches on… D7000 is a worthy successor and there will be other great Nikon DSLRs following.
    My D90 was replaced by a D300s some months ago and I did not regret that move. R.I.P. D90, it’s been a nice time with ya.

  • My first(and only) DSLR! I love it! It fanned my passion for photography. It will be missed! Great job, Nikon. A wonderful camera!

  • Keyo

    I haven’t even ordered mine yet! Upgrading from my D40 in a week or two & will be getting one. I don’t think the price jump from the D90 to the new D7000 is worth it.

    So many goods things said about this camera, can’t wait to get ahold of it.

  • Jimmy Lamont

    I sold my D5000 and bought a D90, and I still love it. My next body, however, will be a D4 or D3s, because I need ISO performance for work where I cannot light.

  • Zim

    My wife just bought her first DSLR the D5100. Looks really nice and so far works great. Just to small for my hands but works for her, but now I just can’t wait to see what the D400 or D800 will be like.

  • ZoetMB

    They’re still in stock at B&H for $900 if anyone wants one.

    • I sold mine w/grip and two batteries with 26.5k actuations for $750. There’s a lot of used bodies only out there for $650USD.

  • Jonathan

    My D90 is only a few months old and this news doesn’t bother me a bit. It’s a damn nice camera that I plan to be using for a while.

  • R R

    I wonder if Nikon still produce spare parts for the D90 and other discontinued cameras ? for repairs etc, anyone know about this?

    • JohnGG

      I recently changed the “skin” of my D200 and had it checked and cleaned in Athens, Greece.
      No problem whatsoever.

    • Eric Pepin

      They are legally required to perform maintenance for a certain number of years if I remember correctly. Long story short though i’m sure they will service the D90 for a few more years at minimum.

    • Jimmy Lamont

      Certainly. I bought a used 80-200 push pull, and the plate was missing. Nikon USA Parts hooked me up with the correct one for $20, and that lens is at least 20 years old!

  • Eric Calabros

    bye bye beauty

  • Peter

    Does this mean I have to discontinue my F photomic Ftn? I just took a roll three weeks ago with a “new” 43-86mm I got to replace the one I had worn out. When will I ever learn… fashion really is more important than function.

    My good new friend has a D90, I have a D300s. Same sensor yes? I got the one I got since it fits my hands and was new…er than the D90. Big deal. She is a better photographer with a more natural eye than I have anyway!

    Some of us has it… some of us wishes we could afford it. So in parting, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”

  • OMR

    Amazing D90, nice new guy D7000

  • RIP

  • Hisierrafotografx

    ??? Slo-gin You can only afford one new lens a year? YIKES…in 15 years you are going to need a really, really big lens case to carry your 3 bodies and 15 lenses. Not to mention your two laptops to download the 1,500 MP per shot files by that time.
    I did have to chuckle…you kind of sound like me…I still have an F3, N80, D100, D200, D7000 and 8 Lenses.
    This is my first post here of many I hope. I have owned Nikon cameras since 1970, a PhotomicFTN was my first.
    I will say, I am a bit disappointed in Nikon not staying a bit more aggressive in the competition with Canon. But, at the same time, I have to say, I have only had to send two of my Nikon’s in for repairs out of 8 I have owned over a 41 year span. Those repairs were caused by my own errors of causing damage, not Nikon’s lack of workmanship. Nikon makes an excellent product and maybe they do not have to keep up with the 1,000’s of new models Canon comes out with every two weeks to impress it’s followers.
    I eagerly await the New D700 replacement. BUT, my new D7000 is doing an amazing job and I am astounded by the incredible shots I am getting from it.

  • seb

    They have to upgrade D700 by Christmas because is the best option when people spend so much money over the Christmas time for gifts not only to others they do gifts to themselves and an other thing is that next year two Big Events are coming 1. London 2012 Olympics and 2.Euro 2012 Poland- Ukaine ,so many people will be on it, travelling there.I am one of them.

    • Eric Pepin

      The olympics have nothing to do with the D700 replacement, and everything to do with the D3 replacement.

  • Normally I would really have thought the average Nikon user would be more well versed than this. When the D90 was introduced it revolutionized DSLR’s. I feel like the D7000 (I have been shooting one for almost the entire time it’s been out. The D7000 has revolutionized the 1200$ dlsr market. Although the D90 was a great camera it was lacking in a lot of ways. The d7000 is the first prosumer that is made for professional. Mine has been through dust, dirt, rain, being dropped in mud (with my 70-200 vr1) and the camera works flawlessly. The d7000 is the first camera

    • Eric Pepin

      My D90 went through storms, rain, dropped in the mud, banged against walls, etc. The D9o was revolutionary the D7000 is a minor upgrade, a nice upgrade though. And its not “made for professional”. Not all metal bodies are created equal and the D7000 has a whollle lot of plastic. D300s is more rugged by far, and then the D700 even more so followed of course by the D3.

  • Greg

    I’m still waiting for my D90 firmware update ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Which one? They’ve put one out. Although it wasn’t for increased video recording fps like many of us would have liked to have seen. I’m still waiting on the D7k firmware update so I can record 1080p at 30FPS.

      • Patrick

        Don’t hold your breath! Id love it too, but that’s not how they make their money.

        • True. If video was a make-or-break deal, I would have just bought a Canon 7D ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • To offer pro dslr capabilities in a lightweight travel friendly body. I can’t name how many times I’m glad I have had my d7000 instead a d700, d3, etc due to weight, size, etc.

  • Nikonff&dxuser

    Discontinue meaning good news. There is one thing for sure another better Nikon dslr is on the way that will continue to amaze our ever unending need for better equipment.

    • Let’s hope that’s true, but rumors say otherwise. I think its more of a “the overlap time of the D90 and D7000/D5100 has lasted long enough, time to take D90 out”.

  • soskha

    very sad to hear… it was very nice camera (D7000!!!)

  • Aperazzo

    RIP D90. I loved ya. You were my first DSLR and I will never let your slender body go. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Still use my D90 as a back up or second camera. To be frank, I cannot see if I look at a D90 or D7000 picture when I back up my pictures… Doesn’t stop me Lovin’ my D7000 Long Time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The King is dead. Long live the King!

  • one of the greats

  • FM-2 fan

    The D90 deserves retirement. Some others should follow to streamline the DSLR products. It is too many already. (I stopped counting the CoolPix – it is not cool launching 10+ models a year.)

  • jerl

    Not a big surprise, but we can now say that the D7000 officially replaces the D90. My D90 has served me very well over the past 2 years, and still works great so I expect to use it until it breaks down completely, or until the D7100 comes out.

  • Ed

    Yikes! I’m still rockin’ my D50!

  • Peter B

    The D90 was my first dslr…and a great camera indeed.

  • Rob

    My second DSLR after the D40, still love it even though it will go down in history as the camera that had that funny video thing.

    • Patrick

      …and the first one to have ANY video thing…

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