Nikon vs. Canon infographic

Infographics are cool and here is one for Nikon vs. Canon created by

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  • Sean

    I’m getting weird stares cuz I lol’d reading this, burger analogy and OW MY BALLS comments xD
    Nice read to fill time. Apart from that there’s gonna be the lovers and the haters =p

    Images from the cameras are subjective IMO, I love the images 5d produces but I really love nikon glass. I don’t like the noise grain from the d3x [I smell a storm coming =p] but hey doesn’t matter what I think as long as u like what u have right? Heh

  • ben

    Colours wrong. should swap the yellow and red… Otherwise, who cares…

  • Bonetti


    • lul


      • norman specter

        Canon should stick to making photocopiers.

    • Francesco

      One of the best comment i have ever seen!

    • eryga

      I stopped reading at “when it comes to serious photography, you’re either Nikon or Canon.” Oh my poor H2/P45 is crying in the corner.

      Actually, I didn’t stop reading. I skipped forward to “in the end it’s all about the money, right?” and then I stopped reading.

      Admin: WHY?!

      • Yep, comparing the financial data of Canon and Nikon is a pretty lousy job. They are pretty different companies and do many more things than cameras…

    • lol love it!

  • Dave

    Both camps make cameras that are able to allow you to get any image your mind can conceive. The weak link is the person behind the camera. If you think gear makes good pictures………

    • Kurgan

      Actually, I’ll bet that my D3s can get me some images that no other camera can, not the 1Ds MkIII nor the 1D MkIV. When it comes to low light, speed and AF performance, the D3s is king.

      • halgor

        Dave, go buy a 2mp fuji at a flea market then and save yourself some money.

  • ROFL… that was dumb… 1 minute of my life wasted that i will not get back… i thought this was technical hard facts.. not sales.. 3 out o5 five are won by nikon and canon wins? ROFL… OP: that statement about the maker being cool…. retract that…funny.. dumb.. but funny

  • This is a good example that statistics can be used for proving anyting that you want…

    Canon wins because they sell more cameras. but what’s the biggest cost for a business?

    Hmm… Nikon sells about 50% of the total number of cameras, but has just a little more then a 10th of the number of employees compared to Canon…

    To do this camparison fair (or reasonable fair) you should split the sellings with the number of employees (or just look up the companies profit for each year)…

    All thing aside… why can’t evrybody just be friends 😉

  • Freehawk

    I just taught a photo workshop with 10 students, 5 Nikons and 5 Canons and I honestly can’t believe anyone uses Canon. I used to say that they are both great, etc. but the Canon’s were so hard to use, we were constantly in the manual trying to figure them out. Also, the noise at anything besides 100-200 ISO was atrocious. And the Canon people were constantly running out of battery power, I used 2 all week (D700). The Nikons were just set it and go, super easy and made gorgeous photos all the time.

    • Tabimura

      I honestly believe you can’t teach anything, if you need to look into the manual to figure out how to use a Canon. So probably you’re just making things up. It’s interesting how virulent Nikon users’ replies are to this post, which has nothing to do with cameras in fact, more to how the business are going for each company. The fact that Canon is all-round better than Nikon as camera body (not to mention the collection of lenses) is pure coincidence…. 😀
      I am shooting both systems and like them both for what they are. If you need 8 fps with a full frame sensor, get a D700 and the vertical grip. For anything else, get the 5D Mk II. 🙂 As far as dynamic and tonal range, image detail, image size and colors are important – Canon is clearly superior. I would write more but I’m bored already.

      • Scurvy hesh

        Everyone has their own opinons, but it has been pretty well documented that the D700 has wider dynamic range, better color rendition and of course lower noise. Other than absolute resolution the d700 sensor is superior.

      • Ruben

        The only way the 5D is superior to D700 is in resolution, and the fact that you can film with it. And as far as i can tell, that applies to most of the Canon vs Nikon comparisons. 7D got superior FPS, but that’s about it.
        Even the 3year old D90 has better noise handling than the new 600D and 60D (and 7D)

    • jack

      I’m with Tabimura… there are lots of things that Nikon does better, but frankly–there are also lots of things canon does better. It’s just a trade-off. Canon’s glass is better (for the money), the controls, video and AF on entry level models (T2i) are superior. The controls, build and AF of the d700 are much nicer than the 5d mkii, but then again, Nikon doesn’t have a counter to the 5dmkii in terms of video or resolution.

      Freehawk, if you couldn’t figure the Canons out, you probably shouldn’t be teaching a course. It took me 30 seconds to get up and running with them and I haven’t owned a Canon since film (the 1v).

      • Freehawk

        I didn’t say I couldn’t figure the Canons out, my students couldn’t, and it slowed down the creative process. I was teaching photography, not a course in advanced DSLR use. I shoot Nikon, Canon, Contax, many film rangefinders from yesteryear + several other formats/brands, all good.

      • ahem… Auto focus???

  • Hugo Chikamori

    Canon tries to sell it’s cameras by marketing them with celebrities who wouldn’t know the right end of a camera if they were hit by one.

    Nikon has Nikki Sixx…when he’s not writing for Sixx AM and Motley Crue; he’s out there with his D3x crafting photographs instead of being a “Sham-Wow” spokesman wanna-be, like Avril Lavigne for Canon. Nikki has some friggin’ talent.

    One of Nikki’s shots from a photo-shoot he did for Amy Purdy:

    So frankly, it’s Nikon for the win.

    • JT

      Uh… What about ASHTON KUTCHER ROFL.

    • elijah

      what r u smoking! Nikon does the same thing. Hello… Ashton Kutcher
      Listen, Canon has always done a better job when it comes to advertising to the masses and I’m sorry to tell you… it works. Just because we’re Nikonians doesn’t mean we have to make things up to feel better. Canon does a better job of selling their cameras just admit it. My D300 still works just fine

  • Birdkai

    the fact on the number of employees is interesting.

    • Lio

      Well Canon make a lot of thing, not just Camera. They should have take only their imaging division or camera division.

      • PanchoPantera

        nikon makes lots of thing too, not only cameras, yet canon has a wider production variety

  • Claude

    While I believe that Nikon DSLRs are by far the superior cameras my comment is that this is all irrelevant as the camera in your hands is the best camera you have for the shot so get to learn how to use it properly.

    • Simon

      “far superior”, like heck! Not even marginal. People vote with their pockets and the customer is always right.

      • ZoetMB

        The customer is always right in determining the best? McDonald’s must make the best food then. Lady Gaga must be the best recording artist of all time and Twilight must be the greatest novels ever written. If you go by sales of most items, it’s usually the GARBAGE that sells the most. When something I like is also a great commercial success, I get worried that my tastes or my quality evaluation abilities have deteriorated. I liked Apple a lot better before they became successful.

        There’s lots of different ways to measure success and any Nikon vs. Canon comparison must decide up front what that’s going to be. Examples:
        – sales units
        – sales dollars
        – profit dollars
        – customer “satisfaction”
        – # of known pros using a particular brand
        – # of published photographs in high-quality publications using a particular brand.
        – average # of repairs
        – review ratings

        The fact is that each manufacturer (or for that matter, any business) differentiates in order to succeed. What you want to use will depend upon whose differentiation you prefer. Therefore, there will always be some quality photographers who prefer Canon and there will always be some quality photographers who prefer Nikon. A lot of that may be based upon what one has worked with in the past because there’s a lot of consistency between say, a Nikon F4 and almost any of their current DSLRs. (It’s one of the reasons car manufacturers try to get their brands used for Driver’s Education. There’s a high correlation between the car you learn on and the brand you want to buy.)

        They’re obviously both high quality. If I had to evaluate, I’d say that Canon has the advantage on price, resolution, video capability, range of lenses (although Canon and Nikon actually have the same number of lenses in their active line: Canon has 70 and Nikon has 69, including the remaining AI-S line) and ability to keep models in stock. I’d say Nikon has the advantage on high-ISO quality, quality of glass, flash system and usability. Based on that, I’d probably have to give the DSLR edge to Canon even though I’m a Nikon user myself with no intention of switching.

        In the P&S line, I’d definitely have to give the quality edge to Canon, although they both make a lot of really boring and limited cameras.

      • LOL at that

  • Hairulns

    many buy canon and sale as 2nd hand…majority of 2nd hand item is canon in web

  • Robert Falconer

    Lemmie get this straight, Nikon wins two of the above rounds and yet Canon gets an equal score in those same rounds? Fuzzy math?

    Joe McNally uses Nikon. That is all.

    • Tony

      ….you count it wrong, read the fine print.


  • Not Nikon

    haha, Nikonian comments, predicatable. Lighten up folks. It’s just a silly game.. that Canon WON, MUHAHAHAHAHA

  • Pikemann Urge

    Three things to note:

    1. Canon makes more than just cameras so it makes sense that they have more employees.

    2. Polarized viewpoints are toxic for a healthy industry. Lots of folk love their Pentaxes and Sonys etc. But according to this ‘infographic’ you wouldn’t think anyone but Canon and Nikon made cameras.

    3. It’s all about the lenses. Well, sort of. I would spend at least as much on lenses as on DSLR bodies. Usually I’m happier with third party products.

  • Kaze kaze

    I just laughing out loud, fall out from my chair and rolled…

    ” When it comes to serious photography, you’re either Canon or Nikon. ” well, deny “serious” for me, better still, deny “normal” or “common” please? Then on the next line the survey drifted entirely to “who delivers the best cameras”, and according to the survey, what I can assume is the “sale figues” that matters. So it’s “quntaty” not “quality” that win here.

    Over the years I’ve encourntered more than a handful of these so called “gentlemen debate” about “to be canon or to be nikon”, and some unfortunaly ended as quiet heated arguement… for myself, I’ve settled in as a Nikon D-/SLR user now after I’ve “laid my hands” on Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Ricoh, Olmpus, each with their strength/s and weakness/es.

    Now I’ve grew older (not too sure about the mature/d side) and seen much more than my youngerself, I must say who gives a sh^% about which camera really, just go out and shoot, the important thing is you (the photographer) enjoyed the process and sometimes down the track somebody (the viewer) is “touched” (happy or sad) then it is a done.

    To be fair, Canon had make more then a few “user friendly” P&S camera, very close to the original Kodak philosophy “you press the button and we do the rest”, which is hitting the target audience, who just care about point-and-shoot. While as a D-/SLR system, there are more then a camera (with intergal shutter, capturing medium), another important factor and arguably more important is the Lens, and on top of that, of course, is the photographer. For arguement sake, put a 70-200 f2.8 VR II on a D3100 and give it to Henry Cartier-Bresson then put a 43-86 wich shaving cream on the front element on a D3X and give it to a monkey… you get the drift.

    • BornOptimist

      “For arguement sake, put a 70-200 f2.8 VR II on a D3100 and give it to Henry Cartier-Bresson then put a 43-86 wich shaving cream on the front element on a D3X and give it to a monkey… you get the drift.”
      The drift is – the monkey would win this contest, since Henry Cartier-Bresson died in 2004.

      • Freehawk


  • Ant

    Who cares? I’m happy with my set-up, it works well, I like to think I make some decent images with it. Is something like this going to make me question my purchase decision? Of course not.

  • some1

    I’m I such an idiot as to be the only person who haves both a Nikon and a Canon and likes them both?

    • If you have one of each you would need twice the lenses.

  • Roman

    Rather stupid, really. Based on nothing, neither the Nikon scores, nor the Canon ones.

    And the author also seems to be of the same opinion, I believe, having rated in the “first round” the Nikon with 8.2, the Canon wih 8.1 and given the score to the Canon.

  • Smudger


    Go take some pictures.

    • halgor

      Smudger, Yawn…

      cliche comment when you could be out taking pictures yourself.

  • lox

    For whom of you is going to buy a DSLR: Go with the brand that was best rated in history (even if it’s not right now), that makes the most money (even if you’re going to buy a camera, not company shares), and that makes the best compact cameras (even if you’re not going to buy one). Therefore, Canon is for you.

    • Karlosak

      LOL, perfect summarization!

  • Oberhorst

    Wow this is stupid. Canon is a much bigger company that do not only do cameras and scanners, but printers and video cameras and copiers and fax and projectors and calculators and so on as well. All stuff that Nikon do not do. It’s absurd to compare sales numbers here, isn’t it?

    The rest is rather entertaining. “You’re either Canon or Nikon” is stupid again though. 😉

  • this is the most worthless flamebait I’ve seen in months.

  • Simon

    Round 4 should have been a Canon victory because although D90 took top spot as most popular Canon dSLR took up the next 3 spot, discounting Apple, therefore overall figures would show more pictures online taken by Canon than Nikon. This also reflected on the final round when more sales goes to Canon than Nikon.

  • AnoNemo

    I think there will be absolutely no new Pro DSLR from Nikon this year. I just read their year end presentation and this line caught my attention.

    These are their goals for this year:

    Imaging Company:•Develop emerging country markets and strengthen penetration intothem.•Develop new generation digital cameras.

    This means that they are not ready with the new pro-dslrs. Personally, I do not like that Nikon is unable to provide some kind of roadmap. They’ve been saying that they develop the next generation of digital cameras in every single management discussions since 2005. Not good. They start coming accross like a company that is BS-ing

    What we wanted to hear is that they will launch the next gen. digital cameras.

    Read the rest of it here:

  • Simon

    Score should have been Canon 4 Nikon 1
    Round 4 should have gone to Canon clearly.

    • Lomo

      yeap… that’s what i thought. 1 nikon dslr and 3 canon dslrs after it. doesn’t make sense. overall canon markets better to the consumer level, which is the mass market. overall i don’t see too much practical difference between the two systems.

  • What a load of SHITE!

  • TOTAL SHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    At first I was like: what a crappy comparison! Only in America they can f*** it up so much.

    Then I saw it was made in my country….

    *feels ashamed*

  • Ron

    Well, what speaks the most in my humble opinion is that despite the fact that Canon has nearly 3 times the business Nikon has, there are still more picture posted taken with Nikon material. Canon comes in theird behind the I-Phone!!! By the way, serious photographers can use other cameras than Canikon. By the way, people should go see DXO Mark sensors rankings before purchasing a camera. If you understand what they mean, you may well end-up buying a Pentax or a Nikon… or a Phase-one back. If you don’t understand then, just buy a Canon, it has the most megapixel and is the camera that has been designed just for you.

  • Thom

    Mac or PC?


    • AdrianSos

      Atari or Commodore ?


  • broxibear

    Nikon released their latest financial results today, and as expected they gave next to no information about anything except raw figures…Maybe admin/Peter knows when the press conference is as we might get something about products then ?
    The only mention in the information about earthquake related problems was this…

    “Disaster damages and plant recoveries
    •In Miyagi, Tochigi, and Ibaraki prefectures, 1 plant and 7 production companies
    shut down their operations.
    •These plants gradually resumed operations by the end of March, now reaching the
    pre-disaster capacity.
    Impact on supply chain
    •Our parts supply chain was affected by the disaster. Full recovery is scheduled in
    this fall or later.”

    I’m not sure what “pre-disaster capacity” really means, in the same statement they say supply chains will take months to recover and “production and sales are limited due to post-disaster supply chain breakdown”
    Nikon Corp stock is down -1.891% as I’m posting.

    • broxibear

      “Although damages on our parts supply chain are substantial, both net sales
      and operating income are expected to increase with an assumption that the
      operations will normalize this fall or after. ”
      This is an interesting line from the report…”an assumption that the
      operations will normalize this fall or after.” suggests that Nikon don’t know when their production will be back to normal, they’re guessing 4th quarter 2011 or later.
      Still haven’t come across any Q&A information from the press conference.

  • Dan

    Tastes Great!

    Less Filling!

    Tastes GREAT!

    Less FILLING!

  • So what? Let’s start the barricade holywar.

  • Dan

    Why is the pie chart in the final round for 2011 not reflective of the actual Nikon figures? The Figure 2011 indicates Nikon approached Canon but the Nikon numbers are exactly the same as the 2010 figures. Really poor standard reporting, no proofing.

  • KHC

    BULLSHIT….NIKON’S THE BEST….. hehehehe

  • sjms

    what an exercise in marketing nothingness. had a little too much time on your hands did you?

  • arnoldv

    well all in know that Canon may sell a lot more but their resale value sucks! They don’t hold value. Again, quality over quantity!

  • Guys look on to the Technical Side (Features and Performance), Nikon is better.
    Guys look on to the Popularity, Cannon is much more famous.

    Guys pick one, Better Features versus Popularity.

    review D7000 vs Canon:

  • halgor

    There had to be a winner…

    An interesting fact that was missing on the charts was “what do the judges shoot?”

    The only thing I hate more that Canon is people that use Canon… ok I am kidding!

  • Govindarajan.R

    For the average photographer, either make is good. No need really for a verdict on which is good. High end models universally deliver better….

  • Manfred

    Car manufacturers in the recent past try their best to occupy every niche from a tiny city vehicle to a truck and from a convertible to a sports car. I wonder if this marketing strategy will pay off in the long run. Porsche for instance build their name up for sportscars. And no matter if you are a Porsche-fan or not, if the talk is about Porsche you’ll know without further explanations, that it goes about high performing sports cars.
    Nikon started their tradition with the Nikon F. The F2 helped a lot to establish the image of professional camera gear. But now they try their luck too, in occupying every niche which means in practice the low end consumer market. If it just were about DSLRs I wouldn’t be worried…
    The sales diagram clearly shows that the market potential in DSLRs is far larger than the one Nikon actually obtains. And even Sony and others could grow tremendously while Nikon lost market shares within two years in this market. I think this also has to do with the image of Nikon is watering down. Not because of quality issues but because the name Nikon isn’t assigned to high quality DSLRs as clearly (and solely) as it was.
    Second, maybe because of Nikon has been distracted by all the other niches, they missed a little to listen to their core customer’s demands. Though many Nikonians will insist that for instance the D700 will trump the 5DmkII the market sees that a little different. And even many dealerships will stubbornly recommend the 5DmmII over the D700 if the customer wants affordable full frame. Thus I think it might have been more clever to focus on a D800 (and likewise on a D400; the single digit D’s are another field of play) than introducing the 123rd consumer P&S. Talking about P&S a camera like the Fuji X100 would have been a far better match to the Nikon tradition than a small sensor mirrorless while the market is offering APS-C mirrorless already.
    The truth is that very bright R&D engineers are rare and expensive personnel making it necessary to split the capacities too much if one really want to serve every niche. I believe, that Nikon would be better off to focus on where they became big with: high quality SLRs!

  • Chuck

    1) I don’t care about compacts
    2) I don’t care about what camera takes the most shots. I only care about chucky’s shots
    3) I don’t care about readers survey. I only care about Chucky’s opinion
    4) I read the serious web site reviers. I don’t care about silly reviews like the one posted.
    5) I care only about Chucky’s opinion

    Stupid: This is like arguing is Honda Accord or Toyota Camry is better. All I know both are good. Only stupid people by Sony, Pentax, etc.

  • Markus

    Super interesting…..he, I miss the info about film cameras’ With it, it will be the perfect information for professional photographers

  • Now do Pentax, haha

  • JohnGG

    Did anybody notice that Canon FD lenses cannot be used in modern Canon cameras whereas all Nikon lenses ever produced (well almost all) are still in use with almost all Nikon bodies?
    As a collector, I have a ton (yes a ton) of Canon film cameras and FD lenses which cannot be properly used in modern bodies (I started with an AE-1) and are more or less useless, unless I shoot film or slides.
    Now I am shooting Nikon (D200, D300s, D700) and buy all the Nikkors I can afford, but still hoping for a digital back to fit F1 or AE-1 or EF or A1, so as to be able to fully use my FD collection.
    In the future, I would consider a Canon 5D Mark III, as well as Nikon D4 or D800…
    That said, please keep in mind that I am not a photographer (I wish I were) but rather a collector who loves photography.

  • I’m sure someone else said it, but I’m too lazy to sift through comments:

    They basically said “Users prefer Nikon, but Canon wins because of sales numbers.”

    WTF was this?

  • Mark J

    As a nikon shooter, and the director of graphics and research at one of the largest data visualization/infographic firms on the planet( i have just one thing to say….

    This thing stinks….

    I’m going to have to do an in house project now comparing Canon and Nikon just so people can see the real differences between the two in a matchup.

    • Mark, looking forward for a better designed infographic.

  • Michael

    BesteProduct cover not only camera’s but baby phones, prams, bicycles, lady shaves, microwaves, snowboards, barbeques etc etc as well. They get their ‘information’ by “reading 140 magazines”. It is hardly a site to be taken seriously…. For anything.

  • Doug

    Liars figure and figures lie. Curiosity got me to read this. Wasn’t worth the time but the comments have lots of laugh value so overall, it was worth it!

  • john

    “I’d rather Draw stick Figures than shoot with a Canon” I support My Nikon with buying Nikon and my Wristband “I’d rather draw stick figures than shoot with a Canon,” They sell em for both brands but to show up my friends, Nikon is my choice.

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