Nikon vs. Canon infographic

Infographics are cool and here is one for Nikon vs. Canon created by

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  • it’s like mc donnalds and burguer king, which one people like the most?

    • bob


      • So Wendy’s is Leica?

        • Anonimouse

          Arby’s is Leica 🙂

          The red oven mitt is sort of a red circle, right?

        • Nikkorz

          Leica should be Baskin Robbins, unnecessarily expensive and bad for your health. Sweet when you have it, though.

    • In-N-Out Burger

      • yrsued

        +1 For In & Out, maybe Five Guys Burgers…

        • I remember in-n-out been the best one in California! By far!!

          • 2 cents

            So who’s white castle?

            • Vandyu

              Pentax=White Castle!

      • mike

        In-n-Out is ok, but I prefer Fatburger.

        • Art

          Personally, I go for LottaBurger — you get green chili on the burger making it extra good.

          Don’t know who would be LottaBurger though.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Wow. A classic example of how the Internet can make people more stupid. I can’t even begin to point out all the flaws in the structure of this article’s content.

      • Dave

        You are making the point everyone seems to be missing.

    • Y’all need to come to Texas and try Whataburger or Boston and try UBurger.

    • Remedy

      You guys obviously haven’t tried “Fat Ho Burgers” xD

  • useless

  • I prefer Nikon. Interested to see the next gen 5d mark iii vs d800 cameras.

  • Arthur Nava

    Who makes more? Come on. I thought this sort of argument was what DXO Mark was for.

    • Dave

      That is what I was afraid to say. It is like which music artist is better by seeing who makes more money. That would mean Britney Spears is a better songwriter than Leonard Cohen. Flawed.

  • Kris

    so canon p&s basically won the battle. LOL.
    Sales (highly influenced by p&s), and p&s camera ratings were the determining factors.

    the expert scores were basically a tie.
    So more users love Nikon, and most pics on sites are taken by a Nikon, making them the most popular.

    • PHB

      The ‘Experts score’, ‘Compacts’ ? Who cares?

      The Experts used to like Canon back in the days when Nikon had backed the wrong AF technology and backed themselves into a corner. These days the major sporting events seem to be dominated by Nikon far more often than Canon.

      As for compacts, unless the camera has a removable lens, the make does not matter, only the performance of the particular product under consideration.

      Once the lenses are removable, there is a high switching cost. The reason that I use Nikon today is because I had an FG for my 18th birthday and have been bought into the lenses ever since (and that in turn was largely because my dad had an F Photomic).

      • Mock Kenwell

        I disagree. I think with the advent of eBay, switching is easier than ever. Solid lenses in both camps retain much of their value. I know several pro hybrid shooters (stills and video) that moved to Canon for the 5D Mk II and are just waiting for the Nikon response.

  • Roo

    This is an “OW, My Balls!” post.

    you should be ashamed to even post this senseless bit of useless fluff.

    • bjrichus


      Pointless… utterly.

      • Global

        You guys are clearly having fun with it… sooo… =P

        Anyway, nice to read in between work hours.

      • The invisible man

        bjrichus, you say that with so much insurance !

    • Mock Kenwell

      “Ow My Balls?” That cracked me up. Classy!

  • Blinn

    The bit about Flixr isn’t very good. The biggest single category is D90, however spots 3,4,5 are all Canon DSLRs, and if the graphs are to be trusted, the 3 of those add up to far more than the D90. You’d need to add up all the Nikon DSLR photos with all the Canon DSLR photos to get a more accurate measure.

    Using their logic the iPhone 4 beats Canon.

    Not all that great of an infograph to be honest.

  • But what if I REALLY want to shoot Pentax medium format?

    • bjrichus

      HAHAHA… Or Phase One or… yeah… +1.

  • A.Lwin

    I’m sure HD video feature was the driving force which increased Canon sales over Nikon.

  • DarkNikon

    i have a friend canon loyalist. always mumble that my camera is very old. i have Nikon D80. I showed him some photos i made. He thought I made it with D700 or D3.

    Hahahaha he thought it is the camera.

    Good luck people!

  • Apooo

    Just because you sell more peanuts, doesn’t make them better….

  • Twoomy

    NRadmin– Are you trying to enflame your user base? Geeze.

    • bob


      slow news day

    • Why is everybody concentrating on the final score? There is some interesting information in this Infographics.

      • preston

        The last graphic is the only thing that really bothers me. How could you crown a champion based on that? Even if there are interesting figures they don’t mean one is better than the other! The reason this bugs me is that I’m sure there are hundreds of people (not NR readers, but Petapixel readers – absolutely) that will see this article, only look at the last graphic, and then actually judge the companies based on this! It WILL affect the camera purchases, albeit perhaps subconsciously, of many people.

        • Global

          They need a fourth round: 1st innovators

          • Sony would win that.

            • rubber jonny

              Don’t know about that, what have Sony innovated that’s beneficial!

        • Mock Kenwell

          Actually, if they had any sense, the final round would be based on overall profit, not volume. You can sell fewer cameras, provide greater value and generate greater profit. Still, selling the most IS worth something.

          It’s funny that people can take all this interesting data and boil it down to such a stupid, flawed “cage match” article.

      • This is one of those things where you can cherry pick what you’re rating & make whoever you want come out on top.

        Just look at Round 1. Canon: 8.1, Nikon 8.2 – yet Canon wins? They could have chosen the single highest rated camera, but rather chose an average the same way in Round 4 the “most popular” is a single camera.

        BTW what’s with the “final round” infographic – is it me or is the 2008 pie chart neck-and-neck and but the numbers tell a drastically different story?

        • Yeah- their pie-chart-making skills are seriously lacking. Or they botched some numbers.

      • Twoomy

        Sorry, I didn’t even make it to the final score. I guess it’s interesting if you know and trust the source, but “my balls are bigger than yours” charts don’t do much for me. 🙂

  • pooparty

    i dont get it. the first one went to canons 60d with a score of 8.1, but nikon scored 8.2, yet canon got the points?

    • Anton G

      They made better cameras for a longer time…
      That said: who cares what they have done? What matters is the fact that most Nikon SLRs mob the floor with their Canon counterparts right now.

    • Yeah same here, I’m also confused.

      • pooparty

        ooo… a fellow beet farmer… my farm is in a lil village 20 minutes east of zamosc, poland. dont you have relatives in germany?

  • cuius

    6 times as many people making 3 times as many cameras – go figure – (yes, I know they make printers, etc)

  • minolta now canon

  • paf

    it’s like saying pizza hut has the best pizza in the world because it sells a boat load of it…..

    Let’s try again, shall we?

    (nothing against pizza hut of course)

  • According to the info on this sheet. Nikon has 13% as many employees and manages to make 40% of Canon’s sales. [Insert Pie chart for that]

    • Charles M.

      I think you’re missing the point. Nikon is a camera company. Canon sells way more than just cameras. It would be far more fair to take the number of employees canon directly employees in their photography division and not as a whole.

      I shoot Nikon and Canon. Both have their pros and cons. Loyalty is for people who can’t see beyond what they thought years ago and are too full of their opinion to see that perhaps they might be wrong. Using what works for what your doing is what counts. Low light, now flash D3S hands down (until Canon responds perhaps). Portraits mostly Nikon. Sports/nature/architectural photography Canon.

      • Not sure about that.

        I don’t think in a better option than Nikon D3x for landscape and architectural photography and a Nikon D3s which can just freeze a ball in a night match (with high ISO) and have the best AF system of both brands. Ask F1 photographers.

  • Not a Video Shooter

    The most interesting set of data from this (round one) is the shift to Nikon (positive slope)
    from 2010 onward by professionals. That over such a short time is a vast shift.

    That to me is most telling —-

  • Peter

    I still prefer the Nikon’s click over the Canon’s thump~

  • Jassen Jackman

    Ford makes more then Ferrari. My f350 is certainly not better then a 458 Italia. What a stupid survey.

  • Arthur

    This is great information! Canon is better, so it’s obvious that I will get better photos if I’ll switch!

  • This seems silly to me. Canon makes everything from copiers, to scanners, to printers, to video cameras. Of course their employee level is going to be 6 or 7x times.

  • R

    This thing is so wrong from the very first sentence: “When it comes to serious photography, you’re either Nikon or Canon”. What a load of baloney! I’ve got Nikon, but ANY of the makers can be used for serious photography.

  • bjrichus

    Both Round 1 and 2 look to me to be to Nikon and then round 3?

    Compact Cameras?

    WTF is that all about?

    A slow new day waiting for the Panasonic announcement to go un-embargo are we?

    Sorry [NR] admin — this is a garbage post. Nikonrumors readers are not really into this kind of marketing fluff — we have more than five brain cells.

  • Rudy

    But, those owning a Canon wish they had the Nikon system.

    • 3rrolsk13

      Nikonians should seat back and relax our gear have the best camera overall, they will realize this and convert…… 🙂

  • Anyone else find it interesting that Nikon was established in 1910 but didn’t put out its first camera until 38 years later? Crazy. I guess those were mainly microscope/binocular days? Just interesting to see the growth and development of the company.

    …and then there’s Canon that is established in 1937, and makes a camera 3 years beforehand. How does that happen?

    • nikon was an optical company. (tokyo kogaku). so they made lenses and military optics. canon started as a camera company. they din have lens technology and for the first decade or so, nikon made almost all of the canon camera’s lenses.

  • Such total BS.

  • Leaking Starfish

    Sales figgers? WGAF. Toyota Corollas sell well and they are junk. Lite beer sells well and it’s nothing but chilled urine. All popular sales figgers prove is that there are more stupid people than smart people.

  • inrusa

    So is it Mac or PC ?

    • CP/M
      Old school, like my Bush Pressman and F2
      Real computer jockies can make it go in 64k

  • timarts

    I think they should have somehow included after sales services, how much or the percentage (to be more fair) of camera equipment they service. this I think is another info that would be interesting.

  • Haha this is some interesting infographics 😀

  • hey just shoot photos not people and enjoy

  • how do you do a comparison of an SLR system without a comparison of the lenses?.. just look at the 14-24, 200-400, 300 f2, 58 noct, 1200-1700mm f5.6-8, 2000mm f11 for example.

    ok ok , just to be fair, canon has the 17 tse, and the 6X macro and a bunch of others.. but you can’t judge and slr system without looking at the lenses..

    or how about in the film days where the F, F2 and F3 trashed just about every other pro offering? or the F5 and F6?…

  • Maccam

    Um………I think Nikon Actually won.

    Just because a company sells more of there product doesn’t make them better.
    It’s like saying Well Toyota sells more cars than Audi so that makes Toyotas cars better.

  • Yep. Canon wins the little guys.
    Nikon wins serious/pro photographers:
    1- D3x – best high resolution camera
    2- D3s best low light camera
    3- D700 best affordable low light and sports camera
    4- D7000 best 16 mp camera and highest dynamic range at ISO 100

    . . . and the winner by a huge KNOCKOUT . . . Nikooooon!!!

    • +10000000000 Canon can suck it.

  • Nikon FTW! Death to Canon!

  • Yeah. Nikon is popular amongst users — so it’s the preferred system. And Canon makes more, based on its lower price-points (for ‘what you get under the hood’) in comparison. It’s like Apple and PC. Sorry, but just because Apple is more expensive and more preferred doesn’t mean PCs are better because they sell more/make more added together. Kinda ridiculous logic. Is a Civic a better car to drive than a Porsche because it’s more practical and costs less? Can I stop?

    The rating system is arbitrary here, anyway. You can add a million questions like, Who does NASA prefer? Which has an sweet gold ring? Which gets the help of awesome Italian designers? There, Nikon’s ahead by 2, now. Silly.

  • Not to comment on the results themselves, but the way the data is presented looks pretty sketchy to me.

    Notably, the colors of “who’s who” switches between quite a few of the graphs:
    – First graph, red = Nikon
    – Second / third graphs, red = Canon

    If you’re going to pick a color to represent each company in the analysis, you really need to stick with the same choice throughout!

    “Round Four” declares Nikon as the winner… but 3 out of the top 5 cameras are all Canon?

    For “Round Five”, the financial numbers are based primarily on 2010 sales, yet most all the other scores show the models released during Nikon’s 2011 financial year to be better received than Canon — wouldn’t it make sense to wait till the 2011 financials are in to make a comparison that means anything in conjunction with the other data?

  • Ugur OKUCU

    How does the math work in the final part ? We know Nikon & Canon have similar shares in world DSLR market ( 35-40% each ) . So how come Canon’s DSLR sales figure is more than 4 times Nikon’s ??

    Some thing is terribly wrong with figures .

  • CHK

    Canon established in 1937 but first camera in 1934? thats cool

  • Jeremy

    The infographic states “Who delivers the best cameras?” Round 1 is given to Canon , but the graphic shows Nikon with the higher score. Round 2 states that Nikon won but they gave Canon a point anyway. Round 4 shows Nikon the winner but Canon receives 2 points as well. But round 5 is who sells more cameras. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a “better” camera. Better marketed and/or more aggressively priced perhaps.

    Nothing interesting or compelling. Just a bunch of unsubstantiated “facts”, in a heavily flawed competition that is nothing but meaningless fluff.

    Slow news day.

  • It’s simple people.

    Quality or quantity. Nikon is and was always the clear winner amoungst people that actually give a shit about photography and want the best possible IQ, DR and high-iso performance.

    I’m personally a perfectionist and when I first bought into a system, I didn’t care about either brand. A lot of my friends told me to buy into Canon’s system, because they “are the most popular”. But, I don’t buy shit until I
    do tons of reaearch. After doing several months of my OWN research in pro photography gear, I found Nikon was the clear choice BY FAR. When I went back to my pro photography friends and told them my findings, a lot of them shuned me for my decision. I believed this to be because of jealousy in the Canon crowd. They knew I was going to be able to capture better shots with my Nikon gear, which has made them hateful of my images. Many of them wont even speak to me now, due to this. I get better IQ, DR and better high ISo performance with my Nikon D7000 than they do with their beloved 5D MkII and my D7K is a fraction of the cost. Some of them have even gone a step further and deleted me from their flickr and facebook accounts because they just can’t handle the truth. I never rub it in their faces, just post up amazing photos.

    When people hate on you, it means you’re doing something right.

  • Who cares? Only people that are spending their hard earned money or earn a living in photography. The better choice is the smarter choice. Granted, this infograph is not the best thing to base your decision. It is pretty much useless.

  • Hugo Chikamori

    It was “FIXED” – a rigged competition. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from this competition.

  • Ugur OKUCU

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain me how Canon DSLR sales ( in Euros ) be 4 times Nikon’s when they are both selling almost same number of DSLRs ?

    He’s got his figures screwed up somehow.

  • One More Thought

    Chill out everyone…this is just a piece someone whipped up for fun. Of course Nikon is better…and this infographic is no scientific or conclusive measure. But it is just for fun…

  • hey admin,

    you should post this vid up:
    quite a fun vid and somewhat relevant. =P

    • I have posted that a long time ago, very funny 🙂

  • Madetech

    That was an ok post. Ways better than whats on…

  • Peter B

    We have Ashton…so We WIN.

  • Maverick

    the best part of these infographics and ‘reviews’ are all the comments of people bitching back and forth at each other about what is better. seriously…cracks me up. i shoot nikon, my best friend shoots canon and do we bitch? nope. not at all. we have bigger things to worry about

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