Nikon D800 delayed till October 2011, D4 in early 2012?

According to Quesabesde the Nikon D700 replacement is postponed till October 2011 and the Nikon D4 is expected to be announced in early 2012. This delay was caused by the earthquake in Japan.

In the past few weeks I have been receiving conflicting reports on a potential delay for the D800 and I am not convinced that this is the case. I still believe there will be a major Nikon announcement in late August. The Nikon mirrorless solution is probably delayed based on previous statements from Nikon representatives indicating a potential March/April announcement.

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  • Maybe the announcement in August will be about the D800 being released in October?
    I’m curious to know had the earthquake not happened, what would the original release dates be.

    • LGO

      My near 3-years old D700 soldiers on then. Not a problem.

      • Jeremy


      • D700guy

        Mine is showing signs of age and use.
        The weather seals are all starting to come apart.
        Functionally though, it’s still the beast.
        I am glad that the body has been designed as well as it has cuz
        as it looks now, its replacement will be another year.
        My plan is; when I can get a D4 in my hands, the D700 will go in for refurberation.
        I cant imagin saying goodbye to such a great companion.

        • how do you know the weather seals are falling apart? you cant even see them. do you mean the grips? i have had the grips on my 300 replaced twice now, now big deal. my 700 grips are peeling a bit but that does not affect weather sealing.

          • D700guy

            The rubber on a few surfaces is coming lose.
            Assumed it was there for weather sealing.
            Bottom line; I have shot the hell out of this camera and too much of a delay in the replacement bodies could mean that I am without a camera.
            I sold my D300 and I’m not very anxious to pick up a DX in the interim.
            I do still have an F6, but going full film was never my plan.

        • Phil

          Nikon must be hitting the skids if you weather seals are shot in three years time. The weather seals on my F2SB that I bought back in 1978 are still perfectly fine!

  • AlphaPuma

    D400 early 2012 eh? Makes me glad I bought a D7000 instead of waiting for D300s’s replacement. Also I hope this helps their economy more than it hurts them.

    • Daf

      No – that was D4 mentioned above, not D400

  • Ben

    Excellent – Gives me more time to save / decide which to buy. I’m thinking D4 tho. In the mean time I seriously cant believe anyone needs anything more than what the D3S/X and D700 can offer.

    • pjs

      “I seriously cant believe anyone needs anything more than what the D3S/X and D700 can offer”

      Then why are you waiting to buy? Any new version will cost more.

      • Ben

        What I mean to say is, I cant imagine anyone NEEDING anything more. It doesn’t stop me from wanting the D4 when it comes out, and it certainly wont stop me from buying it. My comment was more aimed at those who will (inevitably) start complaining that they ‘need’ more than what is currently on offer.

        • pethunia

          I NEED more: video. I’d rather buy ONE camera incorporating still imagery and video, instead of buying two. And I’d love to have the expected improvements in resolution, dynamic range and high-ISO performance.

          The first (and so far: last) DSLR I bought was the D200, because it was the first body that broke the minimum-quality barrier for me. I hear from everyone that the D700 is GOOD. But I need a new camera and want the up-date – see above.

          • joe

            I’m with you. Canon seems to be better catering to the video SLR market. If the d7000 had 30 fps, I’d probably be done researching. Any hope in a D400 with better video specs than the d7k by end of July?

            • What’s all the rage about 30fps? It’s hokey, home-movieish, and what most amateur and low-end prosumer video guys use. I don’t get what people are shooting that they HAVE to have 30fps…

            • C.Bronson

              It isn’t just about 30fps(which sucks). It’s about the bitrate and canon’s ability to do 60fps over 2 years ago. Chances are the 5d III will shoot 1080p @ 60fps and 720 @ 120fps.

      • Ben

        Currently shooting with D700 anyway ๐Ÿ˜› purchased a while back now. I’m waiting to for the D4 mostly to see if it trumps the D3s in terms of shooting speed for indoor sports.

      • “I seriously cant believe anyone needs anything more than what the D3S/X and D700 can offer”

        “640K ought to be enough for anybody. ”
        Bill Gates

        • Joe D

          bill gates never said that.

          • Required Fields

            Joe D is correct. If you Google David Hirsh’s phony Bill Gates quote, you will learn that it is a false rumor. Gates actually said the opposite of that.

            • PHB

              Its a bit more complex.

              Back in those days, disk drives were expensive and computers would ship with most of the software embedded as firmware. The standard layout for memory was to have separate areas for RAM and ROM and the video memory was mapped into the middle.

              The original IBM PC had a hard limit of 1Mb of memory of all types. It also had a limited number of expansion slots and a 64Kb memory card was a large one. So 640Kb of space allocated to RAM was a pretty good compromise.

              Gates knew that there were new chips coming out that could support more memory. But the one in the original PC could not.

        • didip

          That’s exactly what I thought when I read this ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Ben

          Plus, you’d need to read my comment and realise that I mean AT THE MOMENT. – I dont think anyone else thought I meant the D700 is all anyone will ever need ever :/ that would be stupid.

    • Meh

      You can’t imagine someone wanting 1080p at 25p, 30p, 50i, 60i and a decent bitrate?

      • sorry i don’t ๐Ÿ˜›
        720P looks great, i don’t get all the fuss about full HD anyway. you need a tv bigger then 1.3 meters to notice, which allmost no-one has.
        and 24p till now works great for me, maybe if you earn your money with video but if you’re really serious with video, you’d have a real videocamera.

        ofcourse you always NEED better ISO performance and stuff. you always run into the boundary’s of your equipment. i’m curious how much better the sensor in the D4 will be comparing to the D3s. although i won’t be buying it (just and “amateur”, with a D300s)

        • Rob B

          Look we get it you are a hobbiest or semi pro kinda guy that doesnt need anything….good for you. I happen to work as vfx artist in film industry and need to shoot elements aall the time to help get a job done….yes I mainly have it as a photo camera but if I can grab my camera and head over to burrard bridge and shoot some video of boat wakes, sail boats, clouds anything as far as elements go that can make the shots work better then yes I need this. Something with minimal moire patterns, higher bitrate, low noise and 1080P minimum.

          Its great living in this decade, I can have a camera that allows me to do more with it creatively and be better at my job. If you dont like the changes that are coming you can always move backwards.

          Higher bitrate, 1080P

          • Meh

            Well said. People who essentially say “I don’t need it, so why would anyone?!?!” are narrow minded to say the least.

            • Ben

              I dont think anyone said that, did they?

              Just pointing out that the current cameras are still great for what they were intended to be used for.

              High bitrate 1080p will be great for the chap above and people like him, but at the moment there isnt a product solution. It doesnt mean that the D700/D3S arent still great cameras and plenty enough to meet the needs of the vast majority of people out there taking photographs with their cameras.

        • Bert

          That’s just what Nikon does better than Canon. Offer 720P at 24fps. On Canon, you HAVE to shoot full HD OR shoot high-speed 60P.

    • Your: “I seriously cant believe anyone needs anything more than what the D3S/X and D700 can offer” seems short on imagination. Since you mention these three, how’z about a D4 with D3X resolution and D3S low light capability (or better) in a D700-sized body? No?

      ( Then throw in 6K motion in RAW at up to, say 5000 fps ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

      • Ben

        Sure, that sounds great… but does anyone categorically need that right this second, and certainly before October…?

        Even if there are people requiring such specifitcations, it must be such a small market segment… they will just have to wait a bit longer ๐Ÿ˜› its not the end of the world, the cameras available are still great – was my point ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tom

    Got my D7000 yesterday, kind of happy with it. Don’t like the problems I am receiving with my Sigma 50mm F1.4 and the Liveview focusing on it. Also, upgrading from a D40, what a difference, damn my arm hurts just for holding the D7000 for few minutes. The biggest upgrade I like is the higher res. screen. What a difference it makes.

    “In the past few weeks I have been receiving conflicting reports” how come this wasn’t reported few weeks ago. How much are you holding back?

    So new news on the D400, probably not since the D7000 stumps the D300s. Nikon probably thinks a D400 isn’t necessary for now, maybe in 2012.

    • You can’t see f/1.4 in the viewfinder, I doubt you’ll get good results using liveview. Unless you stop it below f/2.8 or so.

      I’ve used d7000 with 35/g 1.8, 50/D 1.8, both kit zooms and sigma 17-50 os no issues.

    • you buy a D300s for the “pro feel” and all the hardwired buttons and stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ not just ISO. but the D7000 is a great camera that’s for sure.

      • PHB

        True, I have the D300 and love it.

        But just like Nikon don’t always have their top pro lenses in stock, they don’t always have a completely up-to-date professional level DSLR.

        If you are buying Pro level Nikon you should expect to time your purchases to the Nikon release cycle and plan to buy in the first six months after release. Then unless you are totally loaded with cash or have a need for multiple bodies, expect to wait three or four years for the upgrade. And even then it may make more sense to skip a generation and buy a lens instead.

        So the lack of a D400 on a par with the D700 should not be seen as a major problem.

    • Ed

      There is a firmware update for that lens that allows it to work with the d7k. Call sigma.

      • Tom

        thanks, I called them earlier, there is a firmware update, will be sending the lens this week, I hope the lens comes back quick, cause I don’t have any other lens. Anyone know if its worth to buy the kits lens that comes with the lower end cameras (Nikon 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 G AF-S VR DX), just to be able to use the D7000 for now, which I found for $100 on Craigslist.

        At least I know the Nikon lens will autofocus in Liveview, cause I do want to play around with video recording.

  • Kino

    I am so, so happy for buying my D700 last october…

    The crazy thing is that D700 production is stopped and D800 is nowhere to be seen. My D700 now costs much more than I paid for it, and will continue for the short time. Weird situation.

    • Ben

      I picked mine up around the same sort of time, thought it was a gamble but man am I glad I picked it up! – the difference it has made to my work is amazing and like you say, the price has now gone waaaaay back up again.

    • The invisible man

      The D700 is the BEST DSLR you can get, if the “only” 12MP don’t bother you.
      I had one, I sold it to pay bills, but I really miss it.

      • jack

        I sure wish I had waited to sell mine (downsized my equipment because I wasn’t shooting professionally)… it’s going for $400 more than I sold it for 2 months ago.

      • I am actually afraid that they’ll go “overmarketing” with replacement and pick way more than 12MP… Somewhere between 12 and 16MP is the sweet spot for best MP# and pixel site size.

        • LOLCATmasterFTW!!!

          I will commit a sin here, but to agree with your point I have to mention the 1Ds MKII, so far it has been the last great full frame camera from Canon, it had a FF 16 megapixel sensor that had beautiful dynamic range, micro contrast, etc. the 5D MKII is only megapixels without the quality of the 1Ds MKII or the original 5D.

          Idiots with money.

          • Meh

            Or… Idiots with the Internet.

            I use to own a 5D and a 5Dii at the same time and I know you’re talking utter BS.

            • Woah, buddy! Did you not see all the guys in here sippin’ hot cocoa out of those things that look like $2k Nikon lenses? This isn’t Isla de Canon.

              The 5d AND 5dII are both quite poor cameras image-wise, at least for the level of camera they’re marketed to be. The noise performance is plain sadโ€”especially in low-ISO settings. In high-ISO settings, the detail gets lost in Canon’s frappe setting.

              The original 5d had serious banding issues in mid to dark tones starting at ISO100 (seen it in a number of studio shoots with images shot at perfect exposures) and the color wasn’t very impressive. Of course, I haven’t really seen any of Canon’s color that is very impressive. It’s flat, and doesn’t hold together well in post when pushed. Skin tones aren’t very organic, either. This sentiment is often reaffirmed to me by friends that have shot and/or still shoot Canon.

              The 5dII is a mess. The color is crap. Detail is very poor. The handful of times I’ve shot the 5dII, I’ve walked away extremely put off by the fact that my 12mp D700 files could upres to more than double the resolution of the 5dII, and look sharper and more vivid in the process. Then there’s low-light performance. Canon has done a lot of me-too-ing, but the quality just hasn’t held up over the last 3-4 years. And don’t fool yourself: Many a Canon shooter has taken notice.

    • Bart

      Same situation. Bought it to around that time. There were some pretty big rumors about a replacement earlier this year so it was indeed a gamble. Glad I did it though.

  • The invisible man

    October that’s fine, at last we have a DATE.
    It’s 10 times more difficult to wait when you don’t have any idea how long the wait will be.
    October this year is fine for me (darm I’ll have to do the dishes for 6 more months !)

    • Ole

      … I think, it’s eleven times more difficult…

    • iamlucky13

      Sort of. We have a rumor of a date…or two dates: August or October.

  • I am more looking forward to the crop sensor announcement…. any news about the D300s replacement yet??

  • broxibear

    Specialist photographic auction house Werstlicht, Vienna to auction rare Nikon cameras and lenses to raise money for the victims of the Japanese disaster…

  • broxibear

    Specialist photographic auction house Werstlicht, Vienna to auction some rare Nikon cameras and lenses to raise money for the victims of the Japanese disaster.

  • Daf

    That earthquake was always going to cause issue.

    But I imagine that if the D800 is due either August or October – the camera itself is mostly finalised – just the production + final firmware tweaks of it being affected now.

  • Kevin Jones

    D4, D800, D400 better be amazing for all this waiting. Im not complaining about what’s out there now, but something to blow us away is alway good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Just to remind people: the D3/D300 were announced in August 2007. The D300 became available at the end of November, the D3 in early December (mostly for NPS priority purchases, at that). Initial production of the D3 was 8000 announced units a month, meaning that at first ship there were probably about 24,000 units available worldwide, which was nowhere near enough to meet demand.

    My expectations were no different this time: August D4 announcement with late year ship in quantities that don’t come close to meeting demand.

    The question at hand is this: is Sendai in good enough shape to build 8k D4 units a month by the end of the summer? If it isn’t, Nikon almost certainly has to delay launch. If it is, I wouldn’t expect a delay to announcement. The fly in the ointment is this, I think: the D700 followup was rumored to be going into production first, and it has a much higher demand. So if that were true, I wouldn’t be surprised by delays in announcements/shipping, as Sendai may be operating, but it’s not operating anything like it needs to in order to build two key cameras soon.

    But as I reported on my site, I think we’ll have a much better answer come the middle of May, when Nikon announces their full year results and has to face the business press in Japan. There will be plenty of “quake questions” asked during the press conference, I’m sure, and the answers to those will tell us a lot.

    • LGO

      So Thom, you also expect the D700-replacement to be released ahead of the D4 – just like the D7000 was before the D300/D300s replacement?

      • LGO

        As Nikon in Thailand is unaffected, and the D5100 has been released and in production, what is the possibility that the D300/D300s-replacement will be released ahead of the D700/D4-replacement?

        I do not see any specific reason as to why the D300/D300s-replacement to be released with the D3/D3s-replacement if Sendai is not ready if the D300/D300s-replacement is ready and in production.

        • Sendai made parts for some models in Thailand, that’s why. Nikon appears to be in the midst of buying a SE Asian company in order to move metal fabrication for Thailand (and maybe Sendai) out of Sendai.

          Nikon says about 10% of the parts in a D5100 are Japan-sourced, by the way.

          • Thom, do you know if Nikon is buying Notion VTEC or another SE Asian company? It was not clear from this article I posted in the weekly Nikon links. They indicated that Notion VTEC could be bought by an American company. If Nikon is looking to buy another facility outside Japan, the situation is more serious that they want to admin.

            • Required Fields

              Of course it is more serious than they want to admit. Corporations never admit the full extent of problems they are having. That’s because corporations never want to scare off potential customers.

            • broxibear

              I heard today that Nikon might be moving some of it’s raw glass production from it’s glassworks in Japan (Hikari Glass) to Taiwan based company Unique Optical Industrial Co., Ltd
              The May 12th ststements will be interesting although I still don’t think they’ll say much beyond what they have already…if they had any good news they’d be desperate to share it. The fact that’s it’s been so quiet for almost a month suggests longer term problems.

          • PHB

            The big problem might well be at Sony’s fab and the companies that supply it.

            Amongst the factories knocked out in the quake is the major producer of silicon wafers.

            The whole global supply chain is upside down. And the power companies have still not managed to fully restore power.

            It is quite possible that the D800 launch is being brought forward rather than being pushed back. Nikon can make the D800 in Thailand if necessary but they are not going to want to do that with the D4.

            • broxibear

              Hi PHB,
              “Nikon can make the D800 in Thailand if necessary” where did you get this information from?
              Is this from a source or a personal thought ?

            • PHB

              The D700 and D300 are the same basic frame with different sensors. So since they can build one of them in Thailand they can certainly build the other with minimal changes to their production facilities.

              Nikon could build any of their cameras in Thailand if they really had to. But I don’t think it at all likely they would consider it acceptable to build it anywhere other than Japan.

  • A bit nightmare…

    But if they do better on D4, D800… it’s very great.

  • Tom

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! WTF ๐Ÿ™

  • Chuck

    Thank goodness for the delay, I just bought the 24-70 and can’t afford a new body right now anyway!

    • The invisible man

      works great on D90

  • the longer we wait the more we will save up and be able to buy more goodies when they come out

  • Put your money in lenses…

  • Ren Kockwell

    Was really looking foward to my d700 upgrade to d4. I guess I’ll just wait and see.

  • Dweeb

    So who thought Nikon would GOYA and release the 800 before the Christmas selling season to begin with? My 700 works OK in spite of it’s pixel count shortcomings (just that of a double D70) and I have no serious field use issues with it.

    This is the second year I just won’t be buying any Nikon products again. Be happy with what you’ve got. It’s likely miles ahead of whatever you could do with film the past hundred years.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Well, I think 12.1 million pixels are just enough. I own both d700 and d3x. D700 is a perfect camera. D3x is terrific but I think the 24.5mp is pushing it a little far. I really don’t need all that mp

  • Saint

    No prob Nikon – God speed.

  • DougB

    FWIW, D7000 is not even close to a D300s replacement.

    The smaller size and poor ergonomics make it unacceptable for a pro-grade camera.

    Used a D7000 for about 1,000 actuations in the field… sent it back, and replaced with a D300s, because the form and function of the camera does matter.

    Yes, the IQ of the D7000 is a step up, but the design is 2 steps backwards from what will work in photojournalism or sports.

    Pro-grade DX body upgrade soon please.

    Dream list:
    A/B shooting bank that can be controlled off via button/thumb of right hand while shooting, similar to being able to use AE-L/AF-L and AF-On buttons without removing eye from viewfinder (poor design on D7000 because Liveview button is too close)

    Larger pro grade viewfinder, like in D2x, D1x, D1 etc.

    Higher FPS and Improved High ISO plus image size

    Raw + Jpeg with RAW to SECONDARY card option (if using primary card to give to editor or for primary work flow and workflow is jpeg, having Raw + Jpeg only able to go to primary card means having tho change primary/secondary card assignment AND Raw+Jpeg/Jpeg setting or images get written to wrong cards. Poor assumptions made in design/function.

    Do NOT move liveview button up near AF-L/AE-L and AF buttons, too easy to activate liveview on accident while shooting through viewfinder, keep it AWAY.

    Keep mode-selection option on right hand, not an easily bumped/change dial like the D7000, the current ergonomics of the D300s are outstanding for being able to make changes to the camera settings WHILE shooting and WITHOUT moving eye from viewfinder… don’t lose that.

    • JB


  • mikils

    I’m still a bit perplexed by the launch of D800 ahead of D4. This could mean that d800 would actually use the 24 MP d3x sensor (plus video capability), and that D4 will have something new and better (who would buy it otherwise?). Huh.

    • Jeremy

      The D700 was a small D3, so the D800 ought to be a small D4. Frankly, I’d buy a D700s right now and wait for a D800s if that were possible.

      • Dweeb

        Yeah, in hindsight a D700s would have been a good route to go.

        • Dweeb

          Maybe start with dual slot memory.

        • PHB

          Or a D700x.

          Or both.

          I think a Thai D700x/D700s is probably more likely if they are still unable to manufacture anything in Sendai. That is if they can get the sensors made or have inventory.

          Trying to guess what is going on is silly. They are going to make what they can from the available parts. I would not be at all surprised to see production changes due to changing suppliers, parts etc.

      • mikils

        This is my point indeed. But if Nikon will observe this schedule, then D800 will not be a small D4. What shall it be, then? A small D3x with video is the best I can think of. there are no others FX sensors in Nikon’s sleeve at the moment. Frankly, think to such a camera, my mind boggles. I might sell my D3s and buy it and be happy for a looong time. Then , of course D4 will come out and I will start to salivate again.

  • Vlad

    D700 is the best, that’s all I need in terms of body! We need cheaper better lenses!

  • Mat

    What about D400? I need 60 fps full hd for slow motion, and I don’t want to buy Canon…

    • not a word about the D400, probably not coming any time soon

  • The invisible man

    I think I’ll just skip the D800 and buy the D900 in 2016.

    • Toasty Conquistador

      LOL +1

    • LGO

      No such luck. D900 delayed to 2017. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • iamnomad

        D900 to be announced in 2017.
        Released in 2018.

      • paf

        damn. Are you sure? Better change my savings plans….

  • vinman

    A delay certainly seems reasonable IF there was already a clear track in place for the D700+ and D3s+ rollout.

    I’m just looking forward to seeing the specs to determine whether or not the cash outlay will be worth it. I love my D700 and really hope to be able to keep it to back up whatever I get next – I hate not having two bodies as I’m on the cusp of “going pro” and need both redundancy and having two working bodies on a shoot…

    Fingers crossed for some good stuff and for Japan’s recovery as a wh0le!

  • Daniel

    what about the d7000 replacement? d5000 and d3000 were replaced after one year, so why not d7000?
    at the moment d5100 is in some aspects better than d7000 and this cannot last long.

    • the D7000 should be replaced in 2012 – it’s on a 2 years refresh cycle

  • RR

    Oooooh no!

    I am jumping of a bridge soon! (you can pick up my body, sorry my D700 body from the water)

    Good Bye Cruel World!

  • norman specter

    But then other manufacturers in Japan are already back up to full production:

  • scalesusa

    I hope that Nikon does not announce a camera until they are ready to ship. There are many things that can happen when a camera is announced before it is ready. We definitely have not seen the last of the earthquake aftershoks in Japan. A big aftershock in the wrong place could shut a manufacturer down for months.

  • spend the money on glass

  • Leaking Starfish

    I need more, I wants more megapixals, 100 % viewfinder and video. Whoo hoo.

    • vinman

      Don’t care a lot about more MP as long as they are BETTER MPs…
      I’d like more DR, great video, two cards, and maybe a few more fully customizable buttons within shutter finger reach. Also, I hope they give us faster data write times, enormous buffer capacity, and dare I wish for DNG?

      While I’m at it, I’d like interchangeable sensors, that rotating grip, and please keep the MB-D10!

      • vinman

        Crap – forgot the most important thing…
        Keep the price at or below the D700!!!!!

  • So August could be an interesting month then? Even if the D700 replacement is announced it’s gonna be till very late in the year that orders will be met anyway.

  • Peter, any word on the D400? The autofocus of my D90 has been ‘compromised’ due to a recent drop, but I don’t want to pay to get it fixed and rather save my money for the D400.

    • no, nothing on the D400

      • AndrewM

        so any idea of D300s replacement? ‘coz im waiting to upgrade from d90… so that i will not waste my money to buy d300s as of now….
        Nikon pleaseeeeeeeee D300s replacement now………………………..

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo oo o o o o o . . … …. . . . . .

  • mandrake

    I have both the D700 and D3s, I was going to sell the D700 but maybe I will hold on to it a bit longer.

  • WHAT! Bummer, I was looking forward to these camera’s appearing earlier. I guess I will have to deal with my cameras for this summer… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • D400 please ๐Ÿ™

  • Q

    Strange market approach. Dont most people have their vacation over the summer and buy new gear for the travelling?

    • Mat

      exactly, I need to buy a new body, and probably i’m gonna buy the d7000, although i really would like to have d400 instead d7000. Hopefully d400 will be able to record movies at 60 fps full hd

    • no

      “Most people” didn’t have a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami destroy their lives.

  • Has it begun (late?)?

  • john

    hope they get the new camera out quick, I am waiting for D4 to replace my D80

    • mikils

      some jump, john! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • pooparty

      hells yeah! i made the jump from a d60 with kit glass and a 35 1.8 to a d700 with 17-35 2.8, 85 1.4, and 50 1.2… sick still contemplating the 70-200 2.8, but im good for a while.

  • sirin

    damn damn damn damn
    on second thoughts, after what happened if they can get even one FX out this year, we should consider ourselves lucky.

  • John

    Well, darn. I was hoping to aid in Nikon’s recovery by sending them some of my $$ for their mirrorless camera. Currently have a D300 + 16-85AFS sittng idle while I use my D700. A small interchangeable lens camera would be a great swap out for my D300 (size and weight wise, not necessarily IQ wise).

    Was hoping to have such a beast for this coming summer, but alas it looks like we’ll have to wait until the fall.

    Such is life.

  • Hhom Togan

    Well Iยดm a Nikon expert, yes E X P E R T and all kinds of awesome, so here me flock of dumbie dumbs!!!! I will do a forecast!!!

    The forecast is that the weather tomorrow will be cloudy thanks to a storm entering from the north which will leave by the end of the week, bring your umbrellas and your raincoat because it is water time.

    ….. What??? You wanted a forecast on Nikon cameras? HMPF go ask Thom Hogan!!! my imitator…. OK!!!! Dammit If you want to know my opinion:

    Stop thinking on what camera you will buy, but now whatยดs available chances are that in the next 8 months you wonยดt see pro model cameras and lenses being made in most major brands.

    Now leave me alone I have to fight a bear and his partner a moose to shoot a photo of them…

    • Hhom Togan

      Damn Ipad :/ making those spelling mistakes… What??? IT ISNT ME!! it was the Ipad……

  • seb

    This is the trick,they are vey slow,’cos all cameras come from Thailand and China or other countries just they design it in Japan,but all production come from othe countries.Earthquake is good excuse to rise the pices and for other things.They want people to buy as much staff as possible.As they bring new D700 eplacement on the market Canon is going to improve his 5D MAK II ‘cos’s been on sale quite long and Nikon is going to stay behind again.

    • Darkness

      bless, a trainee troll.

    • Bert

      Chinese can’t make a pro Nikon. I’m glad it’s one of the few real Made in Japans. A 5D is made in Japan too BTW.

  • Joe Bodego

    Who cares about the D800? I have been saving 200 bucks a month for two years now, my envelope is packed with over $5000 which was for the D800, sorry folks I am going for the D4

    • pooparty

      right on! i was saving for the d90 replacement, but by the time it rolled around, it was d700 time. best decision of my life!


  • It does not really matter to me as I am happy with my D700. It still works.

    • broxibear

      What?…you mean when a new model comes out your old one doesn’t shrink, shrivel and melt like the wicked witch of the West lol ?
      I bet if the D800 was released with a micr0 four thirds sensor 90% of owners wouldn’t be able to tell if it wasn’t for sensor testing sites and 100% crop articles on the interhighway.

  • Maybe the D4 can capture the fourth dimension, but i’m not sure if that is still enough to satisfy everybody.

  • seb

    …yes D700 works but if you compare it to 5D mark II quality you will see the difference so fo me really matters.

    • Rob

      So U’re saying the 5D Mark II is better than the D700 or did you think he was talking about the D7000?

    • Huh? The D700 rapes the 5D MkII in EVERY WAY…. wtf are you talking about? Oh, you must of bought into the MegaPixel hype that Canon has been propogating. You can have your plasticy piece of shit Canon.

      P.s. How does one make Magnessium Alloy feel like plastic anyway?

    • Bert

      Nikon is the only one handling aberation well (like in “there just is none!”). Sorry but my 12mp D700 stuff looks more pro than lot of 5DmkII footage.

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