Nikon D3 hail torture *updated*

A slow news day, I hope you enjoy this video:

Update: few more Nikon torture videos:

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  • distanted

    Hurts my heart to see someone risking a Pelican case like that.

    • Shkacas

      (rofl) 😀

    • Apoooo

      It would have been way cooler if the hail was the size of golf balls. I know that sounds sick but that would have been a cool trophy. Lol

  • Levente

    I was hoping he would show the lens’ front element.

  • This hurts my eyes.

  • Patrick Downs

    Nikon D3s: $5199. Cheap umbrella: $15. And priceless.

  • Steve

    I don’t get it. What were they taking pictures of? The camera was angled up at a foggy/cloudy sky (lens could have been at its widest focal length, but still…).

    Were they taking video just for the sake of taking video of their camera getting hailed on?

    • padlockd

      Sounded to me like he had the intervalometer on. Taking pictures about every 4 seconds for time lapse stuff.

    • Global

      They might have changed angles. But it looks like they were taking a picture of the city scape. The D3 + 14mm of the 14-24 is so wide that they surely were seeing a huge portion of the city on the bottom 1/3 of the image. The top 2/3 would have been sky — settings were probably set to capture the moody clouds above the city.

      One possibility anyway.

    • Mike Devonport

      No the person was acting foolish and he or she was not taking any pictures because you could not hear the shutter going off in side the camera.

  • Singapore

    I don’t think that’s torture when you put the D3 to use in its natural environment.

    • busynbored

      Yeah, Nikon torture is not having affordable and small (comparatively) VR birding or wildlife lens options, or not having DX wide primes. OK, OK, (rolling eyes) not having D800.

      • nugget

        +1 on no 300 F4 VR. it definitely IS a torture.

  • hail? that is no hail

    hail has the size of nuts or golfballs!

    • SZRimaging

      Agreed. I believe this is closer to grapple (or whatever the term) then hail.

      • Lty


      • Apoooo

        In Canada, we call that snow. lol

    • plug

      Aren’t nuts and golf balls the same size, or should I see the doctor? :/

  • PricePointer

    You KNOW he had the lens cap on. LOL

    • padlockd

      That’s why you could see through the eyepiece… =)

      • …and the 14-24 has a slip-on cap that you can see from the sides.

  • my d70 managed with the same…

  • PricePointer

    Steve, it was kind of obvious that he was just showing off the toughness of the camera…. not that THAT was some challenge for the D3.

  • AndrewM

    he’s taking a multiple shots, maybe for timelapse…

  • broxibear

    Slow news day ?…ok here’s some Canon news that’s related to Nikon.
    Canon is scheduled to announce its earnings results on Tuesday. It will likely report an 8% drop in first quarter operating profits and lower its full-year forecast according to reports.
    Why is it related to Nikon?…because much of this has been caused by supply problems after the earthquake, the same supply problems Nikon are having. Nikon are due to release it’s yearly figures on May 12th.
    Toyota, another company badly affected by supply problems, today reported that they didn’t expect their factories to be back to normal production levels until December at the earliest.

    • Yep,
      Broxibear – it should make interesting reading.

      Let’s hope the good news reading on Monday 24th is that the vermin were smashed when they came to Ibrox on Sunday.
      Now THAT would make me smile.

    • broxibear

      Hi Patrick hall,
      I think the report will be divided into sections so you’ll get numbers on the photographic part of their company, that’s what Nikon have done in the past.
      My point was more about the supply chain and how it’ll affect Nikon, they’re a far smaller company than Canon so the impact will be more significant.

  • Fred

    I still don’t understand why so many people think if their camera can handle hail or snow, that it is impressive.
    Sand, clouds of fine dust, and rain are far worse.

    • Banned

      What the owner of this camera doesn’t know, is that rain most likely entered the lens mechanism and possibly the camera mechanism, and that’s never a good thing. Of course it will still “work”, but he’s taking risks here with corrosion. Like the other guy said: D3 + 14-24: $8,000, umbrella: $15, stupid photog: priceless.

      Also quite likely he’s not the owner of the camera so he doesn’t give a hoot! The other day I was at an army medal ceremony and it was POURING rain, I mean, pouring real good, 3 army photos with top Nikon equipment, not protected at all or anything. You think the army photogs own the equipement? lol. They couldn’t care less.

      • Common Sense

        “What the owner of this camera doesn’t know, is that rain MOST LIKELY entered the lens mechanism and possibly the camera mechanism..”

        Most likely? Sounds to me like speculation! Your guess surely sounds like you believe in them as true!

  • sjms

    swinging box? brilliant. is it a clock or a tripod? add the swing weight and its going right to the picture. hail the size of peas ain’t gonna do too much at all. now bring in some all american Iowa or Nebraska hail. you know the size of a baseball and see what happens. now that’ll be a a real tear jerker in the end.

  • I wouldn’t call small ice pellets “torture”…

  • Joy

    Why? Why? Why? I’ve been in some downpours covering news/sports events, like golf and all I wanted to do was protect my equipment. I didn’t care if I got wet. Even if it isn’t mine. Not a bright idea.

  • regular

    Totally useless.
    When shooting under heavy rain, all you will get are droplets on the front lens and crappy blurry pictures. Who care if your camera can sleep outside? Does it helps producing quality pictures?

  • Kanichiro

    Let’s see this tried in Minnesota where hail is football size and larger. If the camera wasn’t hurting, the photographer certainty would.

  • Kanichiro

    That should have been “golf ball” size.

  • grumps

    Don’t any you get it!

    This is obviously a Canon fan, hence shooting with his 5d2. The Nikon setup belongs to a rival landscape photog, he stole his equipment and decided to torture it and post videos about it. Doesn’t this make sense to you all?

    (That’s my story and I’m sticking widdit) 😛

    • busynbored

      Was the vid taken with 5DII ??? I pray it didn’t have a grip on.

  • That is not very bad hail. We get hail like golf balls, now that would be a test.

  • Chuck Eckert

    Anyone subjecting fine photography equipment like this to possible damage doesn’t deserve to be using the equipment!

    • Merv

      If it was golf ball sized hail, the camera (but maybe not the lens) may just outlast the photographer out there

      I say that Nikon meant the D3s to be used as a workhorse camera where getting the picture is as important or more important than the camera itself.

    • 3rrolsk13


  • Valdemar

    Yea, water droplets on the front lens will do magic for that time lapse material! 🙂

  • Nothing to see here folks, just move along, move along now.

  • madu

    Ego boost , even my D300 can do that…

    • SZRimaging

      You meant D3000, right? Seriously, the “hail” wouldn’t have damaged any camera. The water might damage another, lesser camera, but I bet a D7000/D300 would survive even that just fine.

  • my d200 has seen torrential rain storms more than 2ce with no issue.. the mb grip leaked a little though…

  • inginerul

    Why ? The front element will definitely be wet, so the pictures will look hazy, plus the fact that the camera and lens have exposed moving parts, with gaps, the water will surely find a way inside. What a pity.

  • Ok, so it’s now abundantly clear that lots of folks have better equipment, more money, and more time than I do. Guess they traded for … brains?

  • I GET IT!! He is trying to get rid of his D3. I’ll send him my addy and I can take it off his hands for him.

  • More and more noobish stupidity under banner of ‘Rugedness and Toughness of professional camera’. I’d gladly dance on the graves of the cameras owned by such idiots.

    Extremely tough and rugged Nikon D3: 5000$.
    Rain cover: 150$.
    Umbrella: 15$.
    Polyethylene bag + duct tape: 1¢ + 50¢.

    Any arguments against, huh?

  • Eric Pepin

    meh… my d90 took more then this, and it still works like a champ.

  • really dumb why post it

  • slow day at the office

  • What is the plastic cover on the hot shoe? Where can one be purchased?

    • chuck

      It is the nikon BS-2 instead of the BS-1 that is standard on most dslr’s. You can get them at Adorama, B&H, Amazon, etc. It will block the pop up flash on all Nikon’s APS-C cameras.

    • Nikon WG-AS1 Water Guard for D3/x:

  • Strange.

  • Bharat Wadhawan

    Guys, tell me this….I live in Mumbai with a D7000 😛 and 80-90% humidity. I do use silcon gel as much as possible and I’ve got a Optech Rainsleeve just to survive the Indian monsoon. BTW, Indian Monsoon kicks hail assssssss….I wanted to know how D7000 will fare the 90% humditiy and a few drops of rain ;)))

    P:S – I am not using my D7000 as a dummy test…… 😛

    • broxibear

      Oops…forgot to hit reply, see below Bharat Wadhawan.

  • Roger Pujol

    Just an another stupid video… from an another stupid owner!

  • broxibear

    Hi Bharat Wadhawan,
    According to Nikon the operating window for the D7000 is 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) and Less than 85% (no condensation)
    One thing to watch out for is a rapid temperature change, like going from a days shooting in the heat to an air conditioned building.
    Last time I was caught in a monsoon was in India, in Delhi not Bombay (I know it’s Mumbai, but I’m sticking with Bombay lol)…my cameras were fine but my Billingham bag wasn’t. It was soaked through and because the heat dried it so quickly the leather cracked and started to rip apart, I had to throw it away in the end.

  • Dave

    Sure the camera is weather proof, but is the lens? Is there some kind of o-ring on the lens mount? Are the zoom and focus rings weather proofed?

  • Ken Elliott

    Dad: “What the heck happened to my camera!!!!”
    Teenage Son: “How the hell should I know?”
    Young Son: “Hey Dad, look with I found on YouTube!”

  • Chad

    I took my D700 out to shoot a marathon in the rain last year, it was a down pour.. really intense rain. I told my wife ‘it’ll be fine, this is what its built for.’ Two hours later it started getting wonky, the display was all distorted with large pink blobs, the aperture stopped working and eventually it wouldn’t turn on.

    I took it back to the hotel, put it in a box full of rice and newspaper and three days later it turned back on.. long story short, only gamble what you’re willing to lose. This equipment is tough, but water will eventually find a way in.

  • Nikon-D7000-User

    Question, how much can my D7000 endure? what about my kit lens 18-200mm? I dont want to wet my camera, but I wonder if I shoot in a swimming pool or in a light rain the camera won’t be damaged. Thanks for your help!!

    ps. if my camera drops lets say in a swimming pool, will it be damaged because of the water? lets say 5 meters in a swimming pool.

    • Don Rivers

      Nikon-D7000-User, if you have to ask whether your D7000 will be damaged by water if it falls into a 5 meter pool, I’m wondering what on Earth you do for a livng to be able to afford a D7000?

      • Patrick


    • Nikon-D7000-User

      It was a present, I study web design that’s the reason I received it to learn photography and improve my skills.

      but, can a D7000 stands dropping in the water ? (5 meter swimming pool? ) I go to a swimming pool so I wonder if I have to be extremely worried or just worried if I drop it in the swimming pool or if it gets wet.

      • Chad

        No. Your D7000 will be dead if you drop it in a 5m pool. If will be fried electronically before it hits the bottom of the pool. I would be careful with it in that environment.

        BTW, its not just a 5m pool.. if you drop your D7000 in a bucket of water it’ll kill it. It is slightly water resistant, but it is not water proof.

  • D80 user

    lame – my D80 got hit once by a big swell of water – still working
    was in sandstorms as well – without any issues.

    So for a D3 i would expect a bit more than just a few drops of water or hail

  • Jeff

    All I have to say is… Here’s your sign!

  • Jay A

    Just think when they go to sell it and you end up buying it on EBAY. Why would you doing something that stupid to an expensive camera.

  • John M


  • Arthur Nava

    wtf, Why?… And for those that say that isn’t hail, here in Cali, that my friends is all of god’s wrath thrown down from the sky. It’s much the way us californians envision the end of the world basically.

  • Charlie Martin

    Thats not hail but, frozen peas. If you want hail, come to the Great Plains here in the states during spring. Hail the size of tennis balls and larger is very common. The D3s will definately get some dents and dings.

  • Jodjac

    I went to Disney this past week with my newish D7000. We rented a mini speed boat at the hotel (a two seater for kids) and a swell came over and soaked my camera. Scary moment! I wiped it down as quick as possible and it seems fine. Splash proof, maybe, but that is not the same as water proof. Do not throw it in the pool Sir! Or drop it. It will definitely take on water as the air tries to get out. I had a 20mm 2.8 D lens attached. Does anyone know if it is sealed?
    Loving the D7000. Looking forward to a D800.
    God bless the people of Japan, I pray they can find a solution to the nuclear situation and find a way to get on with their lives.

    • Apoooo

      I’m not sure if the 20mm 2.8D is sealed but I know that there’s no o-ring on the mounting side. If you’re worried about the moisture penetrating the insides of the lens, put it in a dry box for a week or so. That will get the moisture out of the lens and reduce the chances of mold forming on the elements.

      If you never used a dry box before it’s really handy to have… It’s basically any sealed container with some type of desiccate, like silica gel, in an amount above the normal absorption rate per volume size of container. This creates a very low humidity (dry) environment that will “pull” the moisture out of the lens, camera, iPod, cell phone or just about any electronic device. Using a hair dryer or leaving the device out in the sun just traps high humidity inside the device itself… not good… Use the hair dryer as a last resort.

      I use a Pelican 1620 case and overloaded it with about 1000g of silica gel. I like to use desiccant in 200g bags for better surface absorption as opposed to the ones that come in a can. (Desiccant in professional dry boxes for labs goes in loose on an open tray.) The 1620 is more than big enough for body and lens and normal storage for my Lowepro Pro Runner 450AW backpack with all my equipment. (I’m married so I have to store my toys in the basement… out of sight out of mind… lol)

      My heart goes out to the folks in Japan. I wish them all the best in these difficult times.

  • Howedog


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