Nikon announcement next week?

Nikon has scheduled another product announcement. I still have not received a confirmation on the date, but it may happen as early as April 27th, 2011 (next Wednesday).

One of the new products to be announced will be the already leaked Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens. Iย doubt that this is going to be the only new product. Nikon just announced the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera on April 5th and I don't think they will release just one lens three weeks later. On the other hand, it's too early for the D700 replacement to be out and I doubt they will announce a FX lens with another DX body (D400 for example).

Maybe this will be a "lens(es) only" announcement? Or maybe Nikon decided to quickly announce the already leaked lens and nothing more?

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  • Arthur

    C’mon with that D800!

    So I can buy a second handed D700… ๐Ÿ˜›

    • NikkorPM

      It’s the Nikon 200mm f/4 macro that has been in test for the last two years

      • Curio

        How do you know that they will announce a professional lens that almost certainly is made in Japan?

    • PHB

      I doubt we will see a D700 replacement quite yet, though it would be nice to be surprised. Any predictions for product launches should be out the window now, past experience is not going to be a useful guide, its all going to be down to the materials and the parts that Nikon has on hand.

      When the D300 came out it was essentially the D2x sensor in a D200 body with some upgrades. So it would be quite logical for the D4 launch to be accompanied by a D700s and/or D700x. It would also be quite logical for it to be accompanied by a D9000 prosumer FX to pair with the D7000. But I can’t see a D4 sensor in a D700 body until at least a year after the D4 launch.

      Can’t see 3 FX bodies launching together, so my guess would be that there will be a D400/D700x launch this spring and the D4/D9000 launch in the fall.

      Whether we see any more lenses than the one here will depend on a bunch of stuff, not least which country they are to be made in. I could see more DX lenses, but what other primes are possible? I could also see an 80-400 since that is a lens that makes much more sense on a DX body than FX. Why put that lens on an FX body and lose half the range when a 70-200 on a DX body is going to go to 300mm equivalent and give beter results? If you want to go really long, go with a DX body.

      • DolphLundgren

        PHB: “When the D300 came out it was essentially the D2x sensor in a D200 body …”

        The sensor in D300 has nothing to do with the sensor in D2X – D300 sports a CMOS and D2X a CCD sensor …

        • D2x was a first Nikon with Sony 12,3MP CMOS sensor.

        • BornOptimist

          D2X has a CMOS sensor, but you are correct, they are not the same.
          The D300 sensor has embedded ADCs, while the D2X sensor has external ADCs (like D3/D700/D3s).

          • PHB

            Which is why I said ‘essentially’ the D2x sensor rather than ‘the D2x sensor’.

            When the D3 launched it was essential for Nikon to provide a professional body to replace the D2x so that professionals who had invested in DX lenses were reassured that their investment was sound. Remember that at the time the D3 launched it was still far from clear that Full Frame was going to hold. Nikon salesmen had been telling the world that the smaller sensor size was better after all…

            The D4 will almost certainly have a 24MP sensor like the D3x. But it certainly won’t be the D3x sensor! It will however fill the same market niche.

            All I am saying is, don’t assume that because the D300 launched with the D3 that the D400 will launch with the D4. It probably won’t.

        • Definitely not a CCD in the D2x

      • VTX

        dude, what are you talking about????
        D300’s sensor has nothing to do with the sensor from the D2X

  • Davey M.

    Hopefully some more 1.4 and 1.8 lenses!

    • hendrik


      Especially the low end prime lens (28mm f/2, 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8)

      • Global

        Not likely f/1.4 lenses — they would have to be made in Japan, so as to achieve the price premium Nikon looks for on the very high end. However, I’d love to see a range of f/1.8s and f/2s and f/2.8s, regardless of where they are made. We are still missing updates huge numbers of G (or updated) primes.

        Some that I would like to see considered:
        16mm f/2.8G
        18mm f/2.8G
        20mm f/2G
        28mm f/1.8G
        50mm f/1.2N
        135mm f/1.8G VRIII
        180mm f/2.8G Micro VRIII
        300mm f/4G VRIII

        Also, I’d like to see my idea of a useful tele 1.5x zoom:
        400-600mm f/4G VRIII (capable of accepting the 1.4xTC at least)

        • Mike

          Why not a 14 f/2.8G, 24 f/2.8G or a 35 f/2G?

        • 28 1.8G would be wicked.

          • You know Sigma 20/1.8, 24/1.8 and 28/1.8 are good lenses if you find a good example.
            So, Nikon`s have to be even better.

            • Global

              Sigma tends to be extremely poor in their non-pro lenses. Ive seen 1.8 lenses that unless you stop down , they are either blurry or they are sharp but dont focus properly at all. Part of the Sigma inconsistency curse.

      • Global

        An extremely fast-focusing 85/1.8 VR would be nice, meant for action instead of purely portraits (the 85/1.4G is too slow focusing to chase action, due to depth of field issues at 1.4, and also no VR — I know the 105VR/2.8 solves this, but its just an idea for differentiation between the 85 series).

      • bjrichus


      • John

        I’d like to see:
        16/4AFS (smaller UWA prime for FX)
        20/2.8AFS (improve those corners a bit wide open on FX)
        24/2 AFS (something wide, fast, and that mere mortals can afford)
        50/1.8AFS (already happening – yes!)
        85/1.8 AFS (don’t need VR on this lens)
        135/2 AFS (non-DC, no VR)
        200/2.8 AFS VR (to replace the already excellent 180/2.8D)
        400/5.6 AFS VR (some long glass for us mere mortals)

        New 1.4x and 1.7x TCs with the latest optical designs

        • Global

          +1 for the 16/4AFS (smaller UWA prime for FX)

          The 20/2.8D is a bit chunky — so I guess 16/4 would be the right idea. I never go wider than 17mm (i’ve found), so most of the 14-24 is wasted. I think a 16/4 would hit the spot, combined with the 24/1.4.

          • John

            Yes, 16 or 17mm is as wide as I like to go on FX.
            The 20/2.8 is fine as far as size/weight goes for me. I have a Tokina 17/3.5 and it is far heavier/chunkier than the 20/2.8, so if a 16/4 could be slightly smaller than the Tokina I’d be in heaven.

            I fear that with digital sensors it’s very hard to make compact primes because of the telecentricity requirements to get excellent corner performance. Hopefully I’m wrong. Plus sticking an AFS motor in the lens will make it larger in diameter and heavier than the older AF-D lenses.

            • Global

              Youre right to mention FX. Most might think DX. (But I was also mentioning FX.)

              Considering this, a wider lens might even be appropriate, as well.

            • Global

              I wouldn’t mind if Nikon made a few new “D” lenses, specifically for FX. Especially if they were Pancake-ish lenses.

  • David

    I know you said you doubt that the D400 will be announced. But still, D400 pretty please?

  • R R

    man.. that D800 is long overdue

  • Daf

    Why do you say it’s too early for the D700 ?
    Isn’t it way overdue already (looking at DSLR timelines)

    • Daf

      Ah – you said later in the summer didn’t you – yeah sorry – forgot.

      • There is suppose to be a big announcement at the end of August. It could be for the D4 or D700 replacement. Also, the lack of any leaks/rumors makes me suspicious that a new camera will be released in the next week or so, but of course it’s still possible. On the other hand, releasing the 50mm f/1.8G with the D700 replacement makes perfect sense.

        • Rye

          Do they usually do any company news at these announcements?
          Would they say something along the lines of
          “we are working on our next Fullframe camera” or
          “With the current situation our factories are in, we are working really hard to bring you..”
          a hint to know whether to wait a while or what.. D:

          • That would be great Rye, but normally not. The reason is if they announce a new full frame is eminent, people willing to buy a D700 now will postpone buying. By keeping silent they maximize sales on the current lines.

  • The invisible man

    I love April !
    I love Peter !
    I love NR !
    And I love my wife !!!!!!

    • Astrophotographer

      In that order?

    • Rye

      Anyone else imagine that adorable girl saying stuff she likes in the mirror?
      Totally pictured that.

  • Jizzo

    Its way past the time to release a new pro body, there are rumors that the Canon 5D MK III is going to be out by summer…

    • WoutK89

      Those rumors are so 2009 ๐Ÿ˜› Both Canon and Nikon have been holding of on releasing the new camera. The 5D lasted for a long time as well.

      • Global

        Canon is getting tired of waiting for Nikon… Normally they take turns in their releases, but they will surely release the MIII before the D800 arrives.

        Probably a 16MP sensor a la D3s wannabe-ism? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Matt

    Let’s hope they do release D400 and D800 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • John

    Maybe the AF-S 70-200 f/4 VRII?

    Or the new 80-400 something?

    • Al Dente

      ^ This please… and the primes. Yes, I’m greedy.

    • Yes! Also long overdue in FX format!

      • Global

        The 70-300 VR already does what you are asking for. Exactly how will you use your f/4 that will serve the mass market more than the 70-300VR variable? That’s why the f/4 isn’t viable.

        I would much rather see:
        – 300-500/4 VRIII or a
        – 400-600/5.6 VRIII.

        • WoutK89

          The 300-500 will be even bigger and heavier than a 500mm prime, how will you carry that thing?

  • C

    I think it may be a forced announcement for AFS 50 1.8, because it is leaked worldwide, some sites / peoples, who do not receive updated info, are now believing that AFS 50 1.8 has officially launched. In order to avoid confusion, Nikon cannot hide anymore.

    • Yes, this could be it, but then again – why did Nikon prepare the leaked website in advance?

      • I_still_want_a_d800

        if they have a complete webpage for the 50/1.8G, that means either the annoucement is due very soon and is accidentally leaked, or it is another viral-marketing trick they pulled. I believe in the former.

        • Global

          If this lens is made in China — then we will never know if it was on purpose or accidental.

          If this lens is made in Japan — then it was probably an accident.

          • Global

            Btw, let’s not forget that the 50/1.8D is not exactly a money maker. Nikon practically gives it away for free. So there would be no issue with Nikon using teasers for marketing. At certain price points (margins), the new lens and excitement for the new lens is more valuable than the existing sales on slow if steady old lens.

            By contrast, you would never want this to happen to the 35/1.4 or 85/1.4, which might result in people not purchasing until the new one is released.

            If the 50/1.8 is 200~350$, then Nikon will make more money on the excitement for an affordable 50mm for the D40~5100 serieses and an updated, sharper budget full-frame prime.

            • PHB


              I think it rather likely that no 50 f/1.8s have been made in many a year and no amount of waiting is going to fix that. What remaining stock there is will probably continue to be in demand from the AFS and G challenged buyers in any case.

              For that matter, there must still be some level of demand for manual focus lenses or those would have gone from the catalogue as well. It can’t all be old stock from the 1990s.

  • Eric Calabros

    they don’t announce what they cant produce in 6 month

  • D800! PLEASE!

  • I_still_want_a_d800

    It could be the rumored mirrorless camera.

    Or, to everyone’s surprise, a FX sensor D9000 based on a D7000 body. The consumer FX a lot of folks has been waiting for.

    Whatever camera they annouce next week would probably be made in Thailand. To be honest I don’t mind even a D800 that’s made in Thailand…it’s still better than no D800 and it would make it a tad cheaper !

    • Global

      +1 for wishful thinking.

      But if they do that, I hope Nikon starts shaving off zeros. The D7K, please. D9K. Also, the FX line would need a new numbering system, maybe D90K (D90,000, lol, in honor of Nikons love for zeros..).

      • WoutK89

        D0,8K ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I hope they shave some zeros off the price!

  • FDO

    D400 D800 and 100-500 lens well dreaming sorry.

  • Martin

    I suspect D800 will be too bulky/heavy and also too expensive for me. I would really prefer a rather compact FX camera.

    Have there been any rumors about something like that?

    The features of the D5100 are perfect for me, but add some more manual control buttons please. Swivel screen could be left out, but the remote flash control would be nice. Price could be at most 100$ above D7000. I’d buy that instantly, together with a nice set of FX primes.

    • Ant

      FX at just $100 more than a D7000 isn’t economically viable now. It’s a nice thought, but it’s not gonna happen (for some time anyway).

      • Global

        It would be $350~500 more. No question about it.

      • Martin

        But doesn’t a rep rate of, say, 3 fps, classify even an FX cam in a range below the D7000? If you subtract other professional features as flash support, the display on top, some control buttons… Only the more expensive chip justifies a price above the D7000, but not too much, really.

  • Roger

    May be a new 24 – 70mm f/2.8G WITH VRII?

    Will take a new D800 anytime! Just make sure it is compatible with my MB-D10 and not the MB-D11! … plus my SB-900 … :-p

    • Not sure why this keeps cropping up. I have the 24-70 2,8G and love it. With VRII, it would be even larger, and that is something I don’t want at all. I see, however, that some do. Why?

  • Phil

    I wish they’d release a full-frame camera next week just so everyone here would stop whining about not having a new one already. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • once they do people will spend months whining about why they can’t get one!

  • Zim

    D400. Made in Thailand

  • felixindarta

    I’m waiting d700 replacement! I’m gonna sell my d3s for it!
    Ineed full frame with flash, + movie.. Then it gonna be more compact for me when travelling..

    +1 cos is light! Yips yips!

  • Why should they release a 50mm f1.8 when there is a good an very cheap 50mm f1.4? Those two would be in about the same price-class, the f1.8 won’t sell that good I guess.
    They’d rather announce the 50mm f1.2 pro lens! That would make more sence!

    I am waiting for the D800 since more than a half year now :). Let it be the D800 next week!

    • dave-o

      If you check out the MTF charts that have been reposted and compared, the new 50mm 1.8 that was leaked was clearly superior to every 50mm made by Nikon to date. The 1/3 stop advantage of an f/1.2 lens would be almost certainly negated by it’s softness. Making a razor sharp f/1.2 is damn hard, especially with the limited aperture at the back of the lens on F-mount cameras. F/1.8 with the new class of sensors is plenty wide, especially given the rather impressive gains in sharpness of the new version of the classic ‘normal’ lens.

    • iamlucky13

      Why would you expect them to be in the same price class? The 1.8D is $135 MSRP, while the 1.4D is $370 – 2.5 times as much.

      The 1.4G is $485 MSRP. I’m guessing the 1.8G will be $175-200.

      You may consider the 1.4G cheap, which I suppose it is compared to an F/2.8 zoom, but 50mm lenses are relatively simple designs that don’t need to be expensive.

      Users have in the past made the tradeoff between the 1.4 and 1.8 depending on their needs for speed or value, so both have sold quite well historically. I’m sure both the G versions will sell very well, too.

    • Tommy B.

      It depends on who you ask about whether the 50mm 1.4 is “very cheap”. When you consider someone who is budget conscious getting an entry level DSLR, it would make sense to them to go with the cheaper 1.8. The fact that this new version has a focus motor will allow them to have quality glass at a third of the price of the f1.4. It doesn’t hurt either that this new f1.8 “appears” to be sharper. I know I’ll be trading my f1.8D for this one.

      • Global


        This lens is NECESSARY for the D40~D5100 crowd (no motor for D-lenses).

        This lens is AFFORDABLE for D7000~D700 crowd.

        Therefore, it’ll be a winner if its ($150~300).

        • iamlucky13

          Definitely preferable for the D40 through D5100, but I wouldn’t call it necessary, especially considering the 35mm F/1.8 DX is in many situations a more favorable focal length,

          I was perfectly content using my 50mm F/1.8D on my D40.

          It will be a winner, although Nikon can screw that up somewhat by overpricing it like they did the 85mm F/3.5 Micro.

  • JP

    Do you guys think there will be a new Nikon 50mm f/1.4 soon (FX)?

    • BornOptimist

      No. The present one is one of the latest in Nikons arsenal. It was introduced in September 2008, so it’s probably not in for an upgrade for many years.

  • Brian Davis

    I’d take a D800, D4, and/or a new 135 f/2

  • Rye

    IF they don’t announce d800/D4 (I doubt the D4..but would be awesome..been saving up for d3s, an upgrade as thanks for being patient would be BOSS)

    I would like to see
    50 F1.4 N (Or 1.2…would be amazing)
    D400 – Don’t care for specs, we know it’s going to be amazing.
    85 F1.2 (Will never happen…)
    annnnnd price drops. ๐Ÿ™‚

    can anyone confirm on “price hikes” on Pro gear? someone had mentioned to me that with the situation in Japan, prices are going up on Nikon Pro Gear. ๐Ÿ™

    • Roger

      I bought my Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G VR in February this year … currently, on the same website same item, prices already gone up by about 10%. Not sure if the lens is made in their Sendai plant but I would not expect prices to go down IMHO.

      FYI, I got it from B&H.

  • CRB

    Can it be a 24mm? a SMALL one to use with the D5100?

    • Global

      Let’s get a 20mm and 28mm before yet another 24mm, please.

      • CRB

        the current 24mm is useless if you want to keep it small….we need 35 DX size…

        • Trevor

          That’s my dream! AF-S 24mm DX, as I said below, f/2ish (f.28 would be fine, but would prefer f/2 or even 1.8). Not sure I need the 28.

          • Carlos R B

            Im with you…theres no option to 35mm EQ if you want a small package…only fuji X100 and oly 17mm (with average 4/3 sensors…)

      • CRB

        forgot to you,i would like a 28mm also….

  • Craig Jett

    Maybe a new 35mm prime? The 1.8 (like the 50MM 1.4) has been out of stock everywhere for months.

    • Mark H

      Yeah, my wishful thinking is for an affordable 35mm in stock in the near future.

      But that wouldn’t explain the rising retail prices of the 35mm 1.8 unless you think the retailers are playing mind games since they’re out of stock anyway.

      • Craig Jett

        I spoke to a purchaser at one of the major photo retailers… he said they have not received new stock for several months. They’re “managing” their inventory by raising prices.

        • Mark H

          But there are places that have had no inventory for a few weeks and still they’ve raised their advertised prices.

          But sure, adjust prices to manage inventory. If that inventory becomes relatively obsolete, readjust the prices.

  • big eater

    I too vote that it will be mirrorless. There was a big flurry of activity about it for a while, then nothing. And I seem to recall reading somewhere that mirrorless would be out in the spring….

    • I don’t know – a new mirrorless system announced together with a full frame lens?

      • pavel

        FX mirrorless, perhaps…
        Or a simple FM2-style FX body. No complicated AF or 8fps or 51 AF points. Just simple, small DSLR. I’d like to see it more than the mirrorless system, not compatible with anything and nt much smaller than the above-mentioned DSLR

      • iamlucky13

        Agreed. That would be a very awkward pairing.

        I could see it coming with either a D300 or D700 replacement, but the lack of rumors about two highly anticipated cameras suggests to me that’s doubtful.

        I’m leaning towards a single release, unusual as that is. Wasn’t the 35mm F/1.8 DX announced on its own?

        On the other hand, maybe we’ll be fortunate enough to see Nikon also announce G versions of the 85mm F/1.8 and/or 35mm F/2.

        • The 50mm f/1.5G was also announced on its own during Photokina 2008.

          • D700guy

            Dont you mean the 50mm 1.4G ?

            • Common Sense

              Puh-leaze…it could have been an honest typo! The 4 sits beside 5 on the keyboard. No need to imply he’s wrong. The fact that you caught it means that you already know. And we all know what he meant!

            • iamlucky13

              Nope. It’s a secret lens that everybody knows about except you. Looks like we can consider the F/1.5 leaked now, too.

      • jayeee

        Awkward, unless, of course, you’re also announcing a fully electronic (AF and aperture) F-Mount adapter for the new pro mirrorless system.

        In that case you’re announcing 3 new lenses in one box:
        FX: 50/1.8, walkaround lens
        DX: 75/1.8, portrait lens
        proMirrorlessX: 125/1.8, short telephoto, indoor sports, close portait lens

        Maybe they’ll also announce the new 750/4 AF-S VR for mirrorless…

        • iamlucky13

          I rather sense that Nikon is keeping their EVIL plans closely guarded (as evil plans should always be…muahaha) so they can make a bigger impact when they announce it.

          It doesn’t seem favorable to me to make a big hullabaloo launching a completely new type of camera system (at least new to Nikon) and then distract from that by sharing the announcement with what is arguably the most conventional lens in their lineup.

          Pairing it with the adapter makes it plausible, but I think it unlikely, and I think we still have some more waiting to do before the EVIL camera makes its appearance.

          On a tangent, there’s been hints that Nikon may revive the “Q” branding for their EVIL camera, so perhaps instead of “Pro MirrorlessX” we’ll see “Q-mount” and “QX” lenses.

          Also, are you suggesting an AF-D compatible adapter – meaning the adapter has an AF drive screw? I think AF-S is a given, and aperture will be a necessity, but AF-D would surprise me.

          • jayeee

            OTOH, what better way to tie a radical new camera type to decades of Nikon history than by launching it alongside the new ‘nifty fifty’ – showing all the pros out there that the new camera is meant to be used alongside an FX camera, or at least stored next to one in the gear closet.

            As long as I’m in dreamland, sure, the QX-to-FX adapter should be AF-D compatible. I meant to say AF-S because I don’t believe for a second that Nikon would want customers throwing old screw drive lenses on their new contrast-detect AF mirrorless camera. But, it could be useful in some situations, so lets throw a motor in there. In fact, it should probably also have a thread mount on the bottom so you don’t have any of your old all-metal tanklike AF-D lenses ripping the mount off your poor EVIL. In fact, let’s make it a grip, too, since that little mirrorless camera will look pretty silly with so much as an old 105/2.8D on it.

            Sorry, I drifted off there for a second, I was thinking about shooting surfers with a 70-200/2.8 on a QX system. Of course, since it doesn’t have an optical viewfinder, the LCD is refreshing at 120fps – which happens to be the same max frame rate as its 720P movie function. I’m pretty sure I’ll also get a bunch of great full resolution stills shooting 12 fps with no mirror blackout…

            Back in the real world, I’m looking forward to the 50/1.8 AF-S being released with only one other product: a new 18-78/3.5-5.6 DX AF-S VR. There, now I can’t be disappointed.

  • Consumer FX maybe? Would like to see some prime glass alongside the obvious leaked lens.

  • c.d.embrey

    Looks like I bought my 50mm f1.8 D at the right time. I’m not interested in G lenses.

  • Chris Fam

    D700 replacement is suuuuperrrr overdue! over 2.5 years old!

  • R R

    Iยดm sure everybody has its own expectations about the new D800 (or what ever name it gets), but I would like to state my expectations.

    Maybe someone in Nikon corp. reads Nikon Rumors (which I think they do for sure)

    1- I would love for it to have 16, 18, or 21 MP (for magazine and catalogue printing which is my area)
    2- full HD Video 1080 plus 60 fps for video

    and THATS IT.

    Please Nikon let us be competitive in the market out there! there are a lot of Canon boys that truly give us a hard time with video now.. And with Nikon optics we can certainly give them a run for their money ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Global

      No offense, but if the D800 is going to be released in the next year, then its specs were already fixed a year or two ago. Its quite possible that Nikon is “late” releasing this product, because of a redesign, which adds that much longer (video might seriously cause such a delay, which is why the D3s/x had only impaired video).

      If you want to make your ideal specs — its better to start talking about your wish-list for the D900. The D800 will already be fixed.

      • WoutK89

        D3s had video, D3x didnt

      • Common Sense

        Again, your speculations are just…speculations. Unless you’re a Nikon designer/engineer that designed the d800 2 years ago!

    • Frender

      Never known anybody to have trouble with magazines over 12 mp images.

      • PHB

        California Highways, min res 50MP, same for Vogue, Vanity Fair and several other very high end mags on their major shoots.

        You might not think it necessary but they do.

        • Which just shows how much they DON’T know about photography, cameras, and resolution. And not cropping the crap out of the shot.

          But then again, what can you expect from a racket that prides itself in paying $10,000 worth of assets?

          Magazines, in general, are the snakes that have sold us the idea that WE need THEM. If photographers balled up, they’d have the magazines by the throat.

        • R R

          My work consists of mostly catalogues, and sometimes editorial work for fashion magazines in my country. 50 mpx is BS, I have published in Mayor Fashion magazines here and 12 MP is just fine, but the main reason I want more is definitely for cropping purposes or two page spreads , or magazines larger than average.

          An A4 size magazine is not as large or rectangular as a 35mm type sensor, so all of the time magazine designers ask us to leave space, or what they call ยจairยจ so they can have space for graphic design and cropping.

          I dont think magazines are the ones that have pushed us photographers in to the megapixel race, actually that is Canons fault in my opinion that the only way the can present competition is in that arena, the useless and stupid tendency for more and more megapixels.

          I do love my D3x , dont get me wrong, love that I can provide my clients with files that can show detail in a nylon stocking for example, and that my clients have the opportunity to crop for graphic purposes, but I do get flack sometimes when I try to use my D700 , since all Canon photographers offer more than 12 MP , some of my ignorant clients do demand for more than 12 MP just out of ignorance and because they are victims of the marketing strategy and non loyal competition Canon has imposed on their users. I definitely prefer any 12 MP file from my D700 than an Eos 7D file (which is a very popular camera among my competition over here).

          I agree with Ron Adair statement in many ways. We should ball up, and thats what I do most of the time, but if Nikon provided a FF DSLR with 16 or more mp… would make me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

          • R R

            the reason I want another FF camera with more than 12 mp, is because the D700 is not a second body after the D3x, and I am going fast on the actuations on the D3x, and is very hard for me to consider buying a second D3x , so yes I would love to have a nice FF camera that would have 16mp or more to use as a back up for my D3x.

            Cmon Nikon … pretty please.

        • I tried looking up California Highways Magazine but couldn’t find anything so it must be a pretty small publication. My wife and family have suggested submitting photos to Arizona Highways which is very much a photography mag as much as it is an outdoor publication and they assume that any submissions are at least 8 mp or greater. I really don’t think you need much more resolution for a publication. I think the printing operation and the limit that the eye can resolve has to come into play at some point.

          • I’ve had a 10×10 (opens to 10″ x 20″) coffee table book printed stochastically featuring photos all taken with the D700. The resulting pages are incredibly sharp and detailed, and at more than double the resolution of traditional halftone presses it’s a much better test of resolution than most mainstream magazines. Not to mention the paper stock was in every way superior to any pretty much any magazine. Some of the images were full page spreads, and they looked phenomenal.

            Now, if you need to crop the image by 50%, etc, then sure you could run into resolution issues. But that’s what I’m talking about…If I’m shooting an assignment for a client, and they have to crop my image excessively, I’d be embarrassed. Obviously there are some very good well-known and not-so-well-known mag shooters, but I think the crowd that magazines attract can sometimes be just that type of photographer, one that depends on the designer to think for them (hence the need to crop like crazy in post). And magazine folk are well known for trying to hold photogs down with their holier than thou attitude. They hold the knife high above their head in preparation to ceremoniously murder the photographer with their asinine rates, but proclaim with a smile and an empathetic furrow of their brow that it’s a mercy kill.


            That’s usually when I tell them my usage rates, they flip out, they don’t hire me, and I smile because I didn’t do 3 weeks worth of work for a measly check that always comes months too late. I love messing with mag editors. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Knockwell

    80-400 VR2, or 300/4 with VR, or a 400/5.6 VR Please. I really need a light weight super tele… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • c.d.embrey

    Seems like a good time to announce a mirrorless camera. It would make them available before vacation time.

    Or maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part ๐Ÿ˜€

    • There is also a huge market for pro cameras before the summer wedding season for wedding photographers.

      • c.d.embrey

        The Pro Body and Pro Lens plants are having problems because of recent events in Norther Japan. I think you are being a little optimistic if you expect early summer delivery.

      • So…. what current Nikon pro camera won’t do a wedding properly? I don’t get it. The D3/s is perfect for Olympics, weddings, anything really, except where the D3x (price sucks, of course) steams in; and the D300/D700 are both perfect for weddings. What would a new camera do to make weddings better? Really? Are all weddings taken till now rubbish because they are done on current hardware?

  • Steveslost

    Could be the mirrorless, the pro lens combination makes sense when Nikon themselves leaked (few months ago on this site) in an interview that the mirrorless was being aimed at professionals, not prosumers, not consumers.

    • c.d.embrey

      Aiming the Nikon Mirrorless at the Professional is good marketing, every fanboy will have to have one ๐Ÿ˜€ If they had been aimed at consumers then fanboys wouldn’t be interested ๐Ÿ˜€

      Nikon should make a lot of money with mirrorless. New body sales, new lens sales, new etc, etc.

    • BornOptimist

      Now you are spinning on a myth again. Nikon has never said the mirroless was aimed at proffessionals. On the contrary – they (or rather Tetsuro Goto, and he should know, he is the boss for R&D) said that their mirrorless solution would not be targetted towards proffesionals, but emphasise on small size and unique features.
      The point about targetting proffessionals are based on rumors escalading in strength until it has become “something said by Nikon in an interview”.

      @c.d.embrey It’s not sure that Nikon will make a lot of money with a mirrorless camera. It depends on how it is positioned against the other cameras they have. If it’s taking sales from low end DSLRs, it’s not gonna make them much more money, because this is Nikon territory anyway. If they can position it in a different target, somewhere Nikon is not particulary well established already (high end compact), then it could be a money maker. It’s better for Nikon to stop one Olympus sale than replacing a D3100 sale with a mirrorless.

  • I’d like to hear about production/availability guidance on 85 1.4 and D3s. Can’t find either anywhere.

  • Cold Hands Luke

    I think it’ll be one or more of the following (in rough order of likelihood):

    50/1.8G AF-S – because of the leak last week (duh)

    80-400 replacement – anything from an 80-400 to a 200-500, f/5.6 at the long end. The patents and rumours have been flying around for ages.

    70-200/4 AF-S VR or similar – There’s been no news on this front, but the f/4 pattern’s been obvious, and the timing’s about right for the next one.

    50/1.2G AF-S – because Admin got a plausible(?) rumour a few months ago.

    28/1.4G AF-S – ditto.

    I don’t think it’ll be the mirrorless, I think Admin would know more by now if it was.

    • Cold Hands Luke

      Ooh, forgot to add, another TC-III.

      • Global

        Anyone know why they don’t just make a 1.55xTCIII. What is the point of the 1.4 and 1.7 and 2x. Seems a 1.55 and a 2x would be more than enough.

        I say 1.55, because we wouldnt want it to be lowballed the way specs are done these days (200mm that is 135mm up close, etc).

        I guess the 1.4 is really 1.33 and the 1.7 is really 1.66 — but still, 1.55 should work just as well if they make it to a superior standard, considering how well the 2x works. The 1.4 and 1.7 will still exist in the market (used).

        So a 1.55 new version could have a real place/market.

        • Soap

          The 1.4 is 1.41 and the 1.7 is 1.73, I don’t know where you get the 1.33 and 1.66 numbers.

          Think a minute about the significance of those numbers and you’ll understand why they are the ones everybody has made since the dawn of time.

          • Global

            I was guessing, because 1/3 = 0.33. So if the original lens is 1, then the next up would be 1.33 (1.33xTC), then .66 (1.66xTC), then of course 2 (2xTC).

            However, if you know the answer, then thank you for sharing. I still don’t understand why 1.41 and 1.73 is significant, and you didn’t share enough information to help anyone learn why, either.

            Unless its a mathematical impossibility, I still don’t see why there isn’t just a 1.5xTC and a 2xTC.

            • c.d.embrey

              A 1.4xTC (1 stop light loss) maintains auto focus with both a f2.8 and a f4.0 lens. A 2.0xTC (2 stop light loss) maintains auto focus with a f2.8 lens, but not a f4.0.

              A 1.5xTC would focus very slowly, if at all, on a f4.0 lens.

              BTW most cameras need a f5.6 stop to auto focus properly. In case you didn’t know.

            • Soap

              The numbers I called significant is plenty of hint for anyone who understands how cameras work.

              1.41 is the sqrt of 2
              1.73 is the sqrt of 3
              2 is the sqrt of 4

              Camera conventions came before this modern age of auto-everything, especially metering. Therefore equipment was created and specified in such a manner that simple mathematical rules are all that was needed to operate any combination of equipment. TCs were made (by ALL the significant players) which caused loss of light in even stops.

              Systems such as Nikon pride themselves on backwards compatibility, and the majority of their “big spenders” are still old folks like me (disposable income) who are replacing older system components with newer ones and (just as importantly) grew up with conventions which don’t need changed willy-nilly.

  • Michael

    Unless they move full frame production I don’t think it will be the D700 replacement. I think they had a timetable before the tsunami but it may have changed now.

    Since the D300s is not made in Japan and doubt the D400 will be, it might make sense to go ahead and release the D400, it would be a nice cash cow for now.

    Then as they are getting things back on track in Japan, they “might” be able to do the August launch of the D4.

    All of this is speculation of course… I am sure many will disagree.

    • ja

      they (nikon) may just be letting the world (us users) know of what we will be getting this up and coming year ,
      i would like to see a update of the D3x to a D3xs same spec sensor of 24mp but with video and improved iso performance something in line with the D3 if poss
      we can dream

  • Michael

    I forgot, didn’t they announce the 70-200VRII with the D300s and D3000? That would be a precedent for announcing a full frame lens with a DX body.

  • Trevor

    I continue to hold out hope for a AF-S 24mm f/2ish lens (ideally DX). I still think it’s a shame we don’t have an affordable 35mm equiv for DX bodies.

  • Waldorff & Stattler

    I am stunned to read all these wishes for a “70-200mm 1:1,4G VR Nano etc etc” when people here probably do know that there was a huge earthquake just 4 weeks ago, more than 150.000 people are homeless, there is a massive nuclear problem and the country still suffers from power-faillures and after-shocks…

    • PHB

      And there are three wars going on in the middle east…

      Nikon are doing exactly what we would do in similar circumstances, as Winston Churchill put it, “Keep buggering on.”

      Getting back to normal is the national priority at the moment. If Nikon does not make new lenses as planned the suppliers won’t be able to ship parts so they won’t be able to make them so they won’t be able to get back to normal either.

  • broxibear

    April 27th is an odd date to announce a new product considering their yearly results will be published on the 12th of May?
    Announcing new products after the yearly results makes far more marketing sense. If the results are bad it’s something positive to announce, if they’re good it gives the image of a company that’s doing well and still making new products… where is the marketing value two weeks before the results ?
    If it’s the 50mm AFS f1.8 on it’s own it’s going to be a pretty low-key release, it’s not exactly a lens that people have been lusting after.
    There’s no way a D800 is going to be announced, if there is a new body it can only be a D400…those parts that were shipped to Notion VTEC last month to be assembled in Thailand could well have been D400 parts ?
    Are any of the other AFS FX lenses made outside Japan ?

  • FM-2 fan

    Why don’t we get updates on firmware, that extend the capabilities? HDR, panorama, … is all possible using the recent models – or is software deveopment not any interesting. I’d even pay for new functions … what do you think? Obtain the basic camara and extend is stepwise with firmware i.e. a reasonable price is a few 10 USD per feature … isn’t it?

    (Nikon – have you heard about “services”? Why not combine your great products with more service offerings?)

    • Roger

      Yeah, good idea.

      I would love to get the HDR and AF-F option on my D300s (D7000 has that) for video … technical feasible?

  • D

    Man I love a 24/28mm 2/2.8 AF-S Prime for about $400-500.

    • Geoff1

      Yes, this! I’d add a 20mm and f2.8 is fine. I’d even be okay with an f4 and less expensive. Something like an affordable dream landscape/architecture lens.

  • photonut

    I’m not saying it’s going to happen (FX lens + DX body), but Nikon announcements not necessarly have to make sense … didn’t they announce the AF-S DX Micro 85mm along with the D3s … that didn’t make any sense at all ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • ja

      D400 it is then , i’ll defo get one hoping its in a D2 style body hate those add-on battery grips and no silly little pop-up pointless flash

  • ladies and gentlemen get ready to open up your wallets
    here in america we say charge it

  • JacenPhoto

    I sure hope it’s not a 24-70 f2.8 VRII, because I should be getting my 24-70 f2.8 tomorrow! That would be my luck though!

    • That focal length/aperture doesn’t make sense to do VR in. If it was f/4, maybe, but even then, it sort of mitigates the reason to go f/4 in the first place: price/size. The 24-70 2,8G is a great lens.

  • broxibear

    Hey Peter/admin,
    Was this 50mm f1.8G release date rumour from the same source as this rumour ?

    • No broxibear, this was from a different source. Of course the question remains, is the 50mm f/1.8G a pro lens? The tip I received may refer only to lenses produced in Japan, which makes sense.

  • Nikon is going to give us some surprises! ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe it’s the EVIL ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • sflxn

      Unfortunately, I think the hope for a Nikon EVIL has faded. I don’t think they are able to see a market for such a thing. They must have realized that as long as both they and Canon hold off on their support of that market, it will eventually taper out. The hopes of the EVIL market now falls on the shoulders of Sony. I would have included m43, Samsung, and Fuji, but their marketshare and mindshare combined are too small to matter. It’s unfortunate that Canikon are so conservative. They will stay conservative till the smartphone market wipe out their p&s revenue and they will react to preserve their revenue. The EVIL market is needed to offset the slowly dying p&s market.

      • Carlos R B

        +1……..i think when nikon comes up with an evil camera, it will be as disappointing as the P7000… is maybe the only hope….m4/3 sensors are far from ideal…

        • Global

          Even Samsung will be ahead of Nikon and Canon in that respect. Especially if Sony gives proof of market, Samsung might be on it.

          But I agree, Nikon and Canon will sit on their hands until the iPhamera is biting their fingers off to the knuckles.

          • sflxn

            Canikon really should talk to Nintendo and Sony about their portable gaming business once the iPhone and Android phone entered. 10 years from now, p&s will go the way of Kodak and Fuji. Then again, maybe Nikon decided that EVIL camera wouldn’t be able to stem much of the massacre that’ll be coming to the p&s market VERY soon.

      • Jabs

        I don’t see Canon or Nikon running towards the so-called E.V.I.L (hate that name) market, as they perhaps are hedging their game plan on matching the size and beating them on functionality and more important – performance.
        I consider that a smart move as P&S cameras have become a commodity and phones are trying to beat them at their own game.
        Micro 4/3rds are strange, as they are small and compact but more expensive than a cheaper and better small DSLR, so why would they bite now. The problem with making smaller equipment that is more expensive and performs worse, is not lost on them. The Micro 4/3rds segment, seems to have been aimed at new photographers or even to rekindle the Leica rangefinder days of compact high performance cameras, but current small DSLR’s are not that much bigger than equivalent Micro 4/3rds cameras and have bigger and better sensors to boot.
        I think that Fuji has the best idea now with the X100, but if they could make a version with removable lenses, then they would wipe out the Micro 4/3rds market – in my opinion. Performance is what sells as making things smaller often make them more expensive. Where are all the lenses for the micro 4/3rds system?
        I think that both Canon and Nikon will introduce APSC sensor small cameras like the Fuji X100 and go after a specific market of small high performance cameras.
        Think Fuji X100 with a D3100 or D7000 sensor and a few small Nikkor lenses!

        • c.d.embrey

          4/3 cameras are capable of enough quality for magazines, both editorial and advertising. They have been since the start.

          A mirrorless Nikon with D3s sensor technology would be more than capable of producing the quality needed by many pros. For some jobs having a small, inconspicuous, camera is a real plus.

  • Todd

    80-400mm replacement, 80-400mm replacement, 80-400mm replacement, 80-400mm replacement, 80-400mm replacement, 80-400mm replacement, 80-400mm replacement, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please

  • Jabs
    • of course, look at the via link ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jabs

        If it was a snake …
        Thanks and I missed that.
        Keep up the good work.

  • Steve Riis

    I’m holding out for the D9000 full frame enthusiast / prosumer focus motored body that smokes the 5DII both in price and capabilities.

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