Nikon products lifespan according to NPS

Nikon NPS in the Czech Republic has an interesting and detailed list of photo equipment that can be registered with NPS (Nikon Professional Services). More interesting is the date listed next to each product, after which the product can no longer be registered with NPS. The speculation is that with a little bit of imagination, you could use this list to get an idea of what will be replaced when. Some products are already close to their "end-of-NPS-life-status": AF-S DX 12-24/4G, AF 14 f/2.8D, TC-14E ​​II. Here is the full list:

Digital cameras:

  • D3S - November 2014
  • D3X - December 2013
  • D3 - September 2013
  • D2X - February 2010
  • D2Xs - June 2011
  • D700 - July 2013
  • D300 - November 2012
  • D300S - August 2014

Super telephoto lenses:

  • AF-S VR II 200/2G - October 2020
  • AF-S VR 200/2G - July 2014
  • AF-S 300/4D - October 2010
  • AF-S VR II 300 / 2,8 G-January 2020
  • AF-S VR 300 / 2,8 G - December 2014
  • AF-S 300 / 2,8 D II - March 2011
  • AF-S VR 400 / 2,8 G - November 2017
  • AF-S 400 / 2,8 D II - August 2011
  • AF-S VR 500/4G - January 2018
  • 500/4D AF-S II - August 2011
  • AF-S VR 600/4G - January 2018
  • 600/4D AF-S II - August 2011

Pro Zoom lenses:

  • AF-S DX 10-24/3 ,5-4, 5G - May 2017
  • AF-S DX 12-24/4G - April 2011
  • AF-S 14-24/2, 8G - November 2017
  • AF-S VR 16-35/4G - February 2020
  • AF-S 17-35/2, 8D - November 2011
  • AF-S DX 17-55/2, 8G - March 2012
  • AF-S 24-70/2, 8G - November 2017
  • AF-S VR 24-120/4G - September 2020
  • AF-S 28-70/2, 8D - March 2010
  • AF-S VR 70-200/2, 8G II - November 2019
  • AF-S VR 70-200/2, 8G - March 2013
  • AF-S VR II 200-400/4G - May 2020
  • AF-S VR 200-400/4G - February 2014

AI-S lenses:

  • AF DX 10,5 / 2,8 G Fish Eye - October 2011
  • AF 14 f/2.8D - July 2010
  • AF 16 f/2.8D Fish Eye - January 2012
  • 20 / 2.8 - January 2011
  • AF-S 24 / 1,4 G - March 2020
  • 28 / 2.8 - January 2011
  • AF-S 35 / 1,4 G - November 2020
  • 35 / 1,4 - January 2012
  • AF-S 50 / 1,4 G - December 2018
  • AF-S 85 / 1,4 g - September 2020
  • AF 85 / 1,4 D - January 2012
  • AF DC 105/2D - January 2012
  • AF DC 135/2D - January 2012
  • AF 180 / 2, D - January 2012

Special lenses:

  • PC-E 24 / 3,5 D - February 2018
  • PC-E 45 / 2,8 - July 2018
  • AF-S Micro 60 / 2,8 G - March 2018
  • PC-E 85 / 2,8 D - August 2018
  • AF-S VR Micro 105 / 2,8 G - April 2016
  • Micro 105 / 2,8 - January 2011
  • AF Micro 200/4D - January 2012


  • TC-14E ​​II - July 2011
  • TC-17E II - June 2014
  • TC-20EII - July 2011
  • TC-20EIII - January 2020

Flash units:

  • SB-900 - July 2012
  • SB-800 - October 2011
  • SB-R1C1 - December 2013
  • SB-R1 - December 2013
  • SB-R200 - December 2013
  • SU-800 - December 2013
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  • Rel 205

    Well live span about five years i think that´s normal for pro shooters there however shoot be a Semi Pro or something like that for the rest of the photografers

    • NisseHult

      Seems like the product span ends two years after its stops being sold, then the d700 will be ended in July this year.

      Will the d800 be released in July?

      • I hope so…

      • PHB

        I doubt that this has the slightest connection to release dates of new stuff. I doubt the guy who runs NPS Prague would have advance knowledge of new products until right before launch. He will be just another sales/marketing guy.

        • Roger


        • Probably, but I think it’s july for the D700 successor because Canon went 3 years on the 5D.

  • kiefer


    Waiting for the perfect D800 to come out end of this year!

    • Global

      D800 –> 2012

      Just in time for the Apocalypse! 😀

      • Global

        By the way, why doesn’t Nikon just make: a TC x 1.5 III
        Is there any serious virtue to have 1.4 & 1.7 & a 2x?
        I hope they just make a zippy fast-focusing 1.5 x TC.

        And this ones quite “long in the tooth”: AF-S 300/4D – October 2010
        Can we get an AFS 400/4G VRII upgrade, instead?

        • 1.4 = 1 stop of light. f/2.8 * 1.4 = f/4, a one-stop difference.
          f/4 * 1.4 = f/5.6. Again, a one-stop difference.

          • dave

            Think about the history. TCs have been around a long time, before lenses or even cameras had fancy chips in them to do all the metering calculations for us. The one thing you can’t see right away on film, is exposure. For a photographer in the field using a manual camera, it’s a lot easier to do the math in your head when you know you need to add 1, 1.5 or 2 stops when using a 1.4x, 1.7x, or 2x TC (respectively). A 1.5x TC would be like 1.13 stops difference (give or take).

            But you do bring up a valid point about how rooted modern camera technology is in the days of manual film bodies. If Nikon and Canon were so committed to the APS-C/DX format, why don’t we have prime equivalents for film lenses. There is no modern 85mm, 105mm or 135mm equivalent angle of view prime lens for DX bodies made by Nikon (these would be 56mm, 70mm and 90mm respectively). Although Sigma and Tamron have attempted to fill in this void with some fairly decent macros.

            • Sahaja

              Well at least Pentax seem committed to the APS-C / DX format.

            • PHB

              There is a 50mm prime, quite a few in fact.

              The problem is that the 50mm prime is not really the same quality as the 85mm f/1.4. So you can’t really get a good full length portrait prime for the DX body. The 85 f/1.4 is more of a head and shoulders focal length at typical distances. So it is used like a 135.

              If Nikon came out with a 50mm f/1.2 with similar characteristics to the 85 f/1.4 it would be a perfect match for DX portrait besides being a replacement for the old Noctilux f/1.2. But I can’t see that as being likely soon. Its the sort of thing to expect to mark the completion of the AFS lens upgrade program.

  • Robert Bargmann

    D700 – July 2013 ? that just broke my heart… =(

    • It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be replaced in 2013. It just means that it will no longer be recognized by Nikon Professional Services.

      • Robert Bargmann

        ach sooooo…

    • The invisible man

      By that time we would all be using 3D vitrual wireless cameras !

      • Wireless? haha wireless to what?

        • cpm5280

          Our brains, of course.

  • ShaoLynx

    This shows that new models get introduced before the previous one looses its NPS lifespan.
    Still hoping to see the D800 this year, and continuing to shoot my D700 in happiness.

    • PHB

      Not really.

      They frequently extend the lifetime of products just before they would expire. The D300 and D700 are still essentially current cameras. I don’t think Nikon expect D300 owners to upgrade to the D300s just to keep it in NPS. Expect both cameras to remain current in the program until the D400 and D800 have been out a year.

  • John

    Can we get a clarification that those are just for being accepted into NPS, and not when those products go out of service life?

    • dave

      Consider it clarified. D300s was announced in August 2009 and there were no NEW D300 bodies to be found by Nov 2009.

      * D3S – November 2014 – still in service
      * D3X – December 2013 – still in service
      * D3 – September 2013 – discontinued Nov 2009 (D3S announceed)
      * D2X – February 2010 – discontinued Jul 2006 (D2Xs announced)
      * D2Xs – June 2011 – discontinued Sep 2007 (D3 announced)
      * D700 – July 2013 – Still in service
      * D300 – November 2012 – Discontinued August 2009 (D300s announced)
      * D300S – August 2014 – still in service

      What I find interesting is that the D3X is being dropped from NPS a year before the D3S.

      No doubt the guy who released the list doesn’t know when new models get released, but he likely got these dates from those that do.

  • Valdemar

    Not one single article posted without THE SAME PREDICTABLE comments about D800/D4.

    Why don’t you go to youtube and start posting “what’s the name of the song?” for every bloody video instead?

    • norman specter


      • Global


        • Norman Specter


    • The only thing worse than the whining about the D800, is the whining about the whining.

      • Mock Kenwell

        And the whining about those who whine about the whining! ; )

        • I don’t get why everyone is getting so worked up about winning. I have always been taught that winning is good.

          • WoutK89

            Homer says: “D’oh”

          • cpm5280

            Winning is fine; #winning is not.

      • Valdemar

        Your comment makes you the Universal Whining Entity then!

  • broxibear

    I don’t know what this list means ?
    It has different qualifying products than the UK lists here

  • So excite about flash & TC.

  • cronus yw

    great info~ thanks. Keep waiting for the replacement, roar!!!

  • Nikons D3X is sold since Dez 2008. The NPS end in Dez 2013 -> there ist a gab of about 5 years. Nikons D2X NPS stopped about 13 month after it’s trading stopped.

    This could mean the Nikon D400 will propably be published in Oktober 2011?!

  • plug

    300 f4 replacement looks a possibility. 🙂

    • Knockwell

      No mention of the 80-400 ??

      • Rob

        That’s not a professional lens. Unless you’re at 800mm, F/5.6 is pretty amateur.

    • Nek Wellrock

      Meh,..I have the original tank lens from 2001…other than CA below f/5,’s plenty still.

      Great,cheap way to get sharp 300mm on F mount if you can find one for sell.

  • broxibear

    Talking about pros, here’s your favourite pro Ashton Kutcher photographed being photographed for a new Nikon ad campaign…don’t know if it’s a new camera he’s holding…

    • PB PM

      Looks like a P500

      • cpm5280

        Don’t think it matters. They’ll ‘shop in whatever they want later.

  • Dunno how they came up with those dates, NPS UK still even accepts the D200 as a Pro DX body – and the far too old SB-80DX flash.

  • Tommy

    So, with just a year away from it’s expiration date, could we see an SB-900 successor this year?

    • gt

      yeah that stood out to me! an SB-900 type unit is integral to wedding photographers and event photographers. They’d obviously want a flash unit that could be registered with NPS…

      Nikon must have a replacement on the way…

  • CamaJan

    AF-S 24-70/2, 8G – November 2017. Damn! I hope for a soon release of the VR version! I have shaky hands! Fuzzy pictures even at 1/400sec at 70mm!
    Hopefully not in 2017, but 2013 at the latest!

    When did new 70-200mm with VR came out?
    I see the old 70-200mm non VR still has 2yrs left in NPS… Lenses have a longer regiser time frame?

    • The invisible man

      24-70 & 14-24 won’t get any VR.
      It does not need it, incrase the price (already high) and the complexity of the VR make the lens less reliable.

      I have the 105 f/2.8 with VR and I never use it.

      Under 150mm VR is just a marketing toy.
      Anyway, with clean 800 ISO, why do yo need a VR, unless shooting the invisible man in a windy night.

      • VR comes in very handy when shooting video hand held 🙂

        • The invisible man

          Good point, I did not think about that.
          I’ll try on my D90 (never used the video yet)
          Thanks !

      • nobody

        I shot in a museum today with my 24-120.

        I can tell you, you’d have a hard time if you’d try to convince me that VR is useless below 150mm.

        • LGO

          I fully concur. This applies as well to the Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 VR. It will not equal a tripod/mirror-up shot but a handheld VR/mirror-up is still so much better than a handheld without VR shot.

        • Just A Thought

          “I shot in a museum today with my 24-120.

          I can tell you, you’d have a hard time if you’d try to convince me that VR is useless below 150mm.”

          Next time bring a monopod to the museum – you won’t need any version of VR and will quite possibly get sharper pics.

          • Really?

            Next time bring a VR lens to the museum – you won’t need a monopod and will quite possibly get sharper pics.

  • Arthur

    Isn’t this just “first release + lifespan”? Most of the pro lenses are rated for 10-years of use (there’s a “10” with two arrow in a circle on the back side of the lens if I’m not mistaking).

    Because I see the last year’s pro-lenses al being discontinued in 2020 (2010 + 10 = 2020). All others seem to be correct too.

    • PB PM

      The 10 is a number related to recycling and has nothing to do with life span.

      • PB PM

        Just to add to that point, even the 18-55mm VR has that 10. :p

        • Paul

          as does the 16-35mm.

        • Arthur

          Yes, I mean that recycling.

          But the 18-55mm has also that 10? I’ll check it out tomorrow. 😛

      • Really?

        So Japan uses two arrows instead of the universal recycling symbol?

        And all their products are a mystery class 10 instead of the universal resin class 7 (other)?

        Fact is Japan has a twin-arrow symbol, but it is for steel, and what you see on the lenses is not it.

        OH, wait.
        It has nothing to do with recycling at all!
        It has everything to do with China’s version of the European RoHS regs.

        Learn how to recognize Ken Rockwell’s satire. He is the starter of this urban legend.

  • texasjoe

    Whoop. Whoop. 200mm micro

  • nobody

    I don’t know what this list is worth.

    The AF-S 300/4D is listed as expiring in October 2010, but I had no problem registering mine with NPS Germany just last week.

    • PB PM

      Yup, Nikon Canada still lists it as supported by NPS as well. I think support for such items is up to the National Distributor.

  • Bring on the D4!

  • Well if the end of life for the D700 is July 2013, I hope Nikon releases the next D700x-s / 800
    I’m not quite finished with it only had it a year

    • WoutK89

      I will be the bringer of bad news, in July 2013 your D700 will no longer work. There is a 3G connection built in, which will communicate with the Nikon HQ, where the evil schemes are created for people to buy new cameras. 😛

      • Mark


        I just bought mine at Christmas time.

        But, I know how to fool the 3G – I’ll just use the tin foil my neighbour has on his head to keep out micro-waves and use it to wrap the camera with for the month of July in 2013. But, then he won’t be protected. Okay, guess I’ll have to simply take out the battery.

        And it’s not even 1st April.



  • Matt

    Personally I conclude that the AF-S DX 17-55/2, 8G lifespan will end soon.
    The 12-24 DX lens got a replacement a while ago and it falls out of the list now 🙂

    However a AF-S DX 17-55/2, 8G VR would probably be more expensive that I would like to afford 🙁

    • LGO

      I expect the 17-55 f/2.8 replacement will be a 16-55mm or better yet, a 16-60mm f/2.8 VR which will make FX owners envious. 🙂

  • Todd

    I don’t see the 80-400mm there. Is this a good thing? Hope to see the “new one” REAL SOON!

    • WoutK89

      Good point, although the case could be it is not eligible for NPS for a long time already in Czechia

  • Phil

    How are 200-400mm optics lists as “Super Telephoto”? These are merely telephoto optics.

    • WoutK89

      Any lens reaching 400mm is considered super tele. (400,500,600 were the new superteles in 2007)

      • Phil

        Well, 400 is pushing it in my book, but even so, 200s and 300s definitely aren’t super telephotos.

    • PAG

      In primes, the Nikon web site lists anything 300mm or above to be super telephoto. Probably a reasonable cut-off since 300mm, especially with TCs, are used for long shot applications all the time (birds and sports).

      In zooms, it gets weird. The lowest focal length seems to impact whether the lenx is considered to be a “Standard Zoom” or “High Power Zoom”. As a result, the 28-300mm is standard, but the 55-300mm and two 70-300mm are high power. That doesn’t make sense to me, but then again I don’t work in marketing.

      The list on Nikon’s web site can be found here:

  • kede

    If we make a list of every speculation for the D800 it will be longer than that list :p

  • The invisible man

    Good news (well, kind of)
    No D950 (d700 sucessor before May 25th at 10AM ET).

  • Bennyd

    Is there also a software lifespan list?
    Just wondering for any replacement of CNX2….

    • WoutK89

      CNX2 was not eligible for NPS

    • why do you need a software registered to NPS anyway?

      i am pretty sure they are happy to replace a disc for you if you can prove you bought it and it didnt work even if you are not a NPS……..

      • WoutK89

        Replace a disc, INTERNET, just download. My CNX2 is 2.0 on the disc, while we are already at 2.7

  • Global

    SB-R1C1 – December 2013
    SB-R1 – December 2013
    SB-R200 – December 2013

    Its about time if true — the Macro and ring-flash ability of Nikon is way behind the times. These bad boys need to be updated to accepted wired power (instead of battery only), and made into a more solid build.

    • Sorely lacking: yes.

      Behind the times?: unfortunately no.

      No camera manufacturers currently offer proper ring flashes. Sad, but true.

      • D700guy

        Pro foto isnt good enough?

  • ZoetMB

    I don’t know whether one can use this list to determine when new models are arriving. What this list might represent is when Nikon expects the cameras to start dying or needing extensive maintenance and therefore, they don’t want to support them.

  • Nikon

    Guys I know you are in a hurry but I have not yet finished the prototype of D800! Please be a bit more patient I will try my best to speed up!!!!! Btw 5DM2 sucks please do not compare my proudly produced D700 with it!

  • JB

    Nice try. It looks like that is just a formula based on release date of old equipment, e.g. the D700 was released in July, the D300 hit the streets in November, etc. You could get the same information from Imaging Resource, Wikipedia or the Nikon Rumors archives.

    • gt

      explain the sb-900 then

  • The invisible man

    The D700 is a PERFECT camera, we don’t care about video, swivel screen, 64.000 ISO, GPS, WiFi and all that junk.
    Just put a nice 24MP FX sensor with clean 800 ISO in the D700 and I’ll write you a check NOW.
    Thank you.

    • Yesman


    • Nikku

      who needs 24mp ?
      if it’s u just get D3X

      • Nikki

        Yes, sir! I need 24 Mp !!! Im not alone !
        D3x ok, but with size, weight ansd PRICE of D700 !! (Sonikon 24 Mp is a VERY old sensor…)

    • I do need video in the D700 succesor, if you dont want to use it don`t use it. 😉

      • hexx

        the problem is that we believe that video functions will just increase the price of the body. i’m not interested in video but it looks like all cameras these days have video built-in

    • hexx

      c’mon, gps could be handy, sharing good spots for photo sessions, logging your trip, linking places to photos. wi-fi, oh well, no need really and as for video, i don’t need it.

  • Tare

    •SB-900 – July 2012

    Admin, are you sure on this one?
    If this is true, it means that Nikon is going to have a new flash this year?

  • Richard

    Some of those dates are plainly nonsense. Other than the idle scribblings of someone without access to the real information what are we supposed to take from this? Not much, I think.

  • Alex

    just 5 years warranty for camera and 10 for lenses…. it can mean just everything and nothing ))) … New D800 can be from now till July 2013, end of NPS for D700 … rrrraaaaaaahhhh !

  • TaoTeJared

    Does anyone have any past lists like this????

  • camaman

    D700 successor will most probably have 24Mpix, thats OK, I would just like to have a in in camera option for downsampling NEF files automaticaly when shooting. Shooting in lower resolution RAW, but interpolated from the raw info from the whole sensor.
    Don’t like the idea of 25-30MB NEFs loading in my PP softwares… They are slow as it is…

  • CamaJan

    Oh, and I would really wish next 17-55mm f2.8 to become 16-60mm f2.8 and include next gen VR!
    I cant justify spending that much for fast glass and than to have to set 3 times slower shutter or higher iso in low light to take the shot.
    At f2.8 all look like consumer glass anyway. I would even like them better if they mate a constant f4 line using highest grade optics and VR3 that goes for FX line to!
    15-85mm f4 VR3 with high grade optics from the pro glass! We prosumers need that, if we are to buy into these high res sensors.

  • Photonut

    thank God!!!! that dreadful SB900 seems to be replaced soon!

  • DJ Switch

    I wonder if this means we could be expecting updated 135mm and 105mm dc lenses in the near future. I’ve been trying to decide whether to get one of the two recently although now quite surprised to see the support ending so soon. Hopefully a new version is in the works.

  • Darkness

    I had my D1X cleaned the other day, but I know if I re-applied for NPS today it does not qualify, what gives guys?

  • Umm… those aren’t AI-S lenses under AI-S.

    • Cold Hands Luke

      Technically they are, they just have autofocus as well. AI-S is to do with the way the aperture lever works, it doesn’t mean manual focus.

      • Really?


  • Bullsnot

    SB900, both 105DC and 135DC, and 300F4 are all short lived on this list…

    SB900 with cooling (re: patent) coming soon?
    New 100-135 range F2.0 Prime coming soon? DC? Is there a need for it?
    New 300 F4 with VR would be pretty predictable and nice, as well as other F4 lenses.

    I’m not waiting for a new body, with today’s resolutions and ISOs who really NEEDS more? WANT, yes, but NEED?

    • AFS 300/4 ended already, but Nikon hasnt stopped its production…

      theres a bit of conflict within the corporate planning i think
      isnt that unfair for NPS who just purchased the lens??

    • Just A Thought

      “I’m not waiting for a new body, with today’s resolutions and ISOs who really NEEDS more? WANT, yes, but NEED?”

      Depends on what one shoots. When the next generation moves to 24MP and up you will have a better digital zoom in that you can crop while retaining great detail in what is left – think Weddings so you you can crop people out of background – think Sports to be able to zoom in on a play and not worry so much about where you are shooting from – think about shooting your kids performanaces at school and not having to bring the huge 300mm f.28 because you can use a much more compact 150mm or 200mm f 4.5 and crop without losing detail in what is left while the sensor easliy handles low light situations.

      Back in the horse and buggy days who would have thought that one would eventually need one of those new fangled noisy automobiles.

  • getanalogue

    10-24 mm DX does not qualify for NPS. This list is junk.

    • WoutK89

      10-24 is variable aperture and does not sport the gold ring.
      The 12-24 however does.

      • D700guy

        dont you mean “14-24 f2.8” ?

        • WoutK89

          No I dont mean that. The 10-24 DX is variable aperture. The 12-24 DX is constant aperture with a gold ring.

    • choiMatthew

      I’m amazed as well. It’s the only lens on the list that doesnt feature a golden ring and has a variable aperture. Anyway, I should be happy cuz I own that lens, and it’s pretty good – either on par or outperforms the 12-24 under the same condition and settings and at same focal length!

  • broxibear

    Nikon, Sony, Fujitsu , Renesas and Toshiba were all forced to suspend manufacturing operations after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake late on Thursday (April 7th)…
    “Nikon suspended production at two plants in Miyagi prefecture and that the company was assessing the damage. Miyagi Nikon Precision Co., which makes devices for IC/LCD steppers and scanners, resumed operations late last month following the March 11 quake.”

    • broxibear

      P.S. FT has an article today about the power blackouts…
      “Individual companies are already taking steps to prepare for the expected power shortage. Nikon, the camera maker, is encouraging employees to stay at work during the Golden Week holiday period in early May – when electricity is in less demand because of mild weather – and take long holidays in the summer instead, according to one person at the company.”

  • the latest year for newer lenses is 2020, it means nikon is always 10 years ahead of us,

    or maybe they wont renew those lenses by 2019 (guess)

  • oh i just saw sb-900 date (2012)

    it means there will be a new flash unit THIS year, because NPS cant just refused to register sb-900 the day Nikon announces the latest flash, that would be unfair to NPS who purchases last stock units

    there has to be an overlapping period between old and newer model, so most likely is gonna be by the end of 2011.

  • broxibear

    Last month admin posted a link to an Australian camera store ECS who had on their website a notice about an upcoming price increase on all Nikon pro equipment starting in April, 2011.
    They’ve got another notice on their site now saying “world widewide stock shortages means price rises in April. ”
    I talked to a Pro Nikon Dealer in the UK this week and they hinted that a price increase was inevitable.

    • hexx

      Thank you for the UK info. So it should only affect pro gear, the one made in Japan or am I wrong? Asking because my friend plans to buy D7000 and AFAIK this one isn’t made in Japan.

      • broxibear

        Hi hexx,
        From what I understand the equipment made outside Japan like the D7000 will be affected if the parts needed to make it are unavailable from Japan…remember Sony make those sensors.
        How much of these type of parts Nikon has in stock only Nikon know.
        Retailers tend to have more stock of items like the D7000 than say the D3x because they sell more so it should be easier to get a hold of one.
        As far as price goes all Nikon equipment is going up in price, if your friend needs a D7000 this year I’d say get one now…the prices are increasing towards the mrrp, which for a D7000 body is £1100.

  • PAG

    Are there any DX lenses that are considered by Nikon to be pro?

    • Cold Hands Luke

      10.5/2.8 fisheye, 35/1.8, 12-24/4 and 17-55/2.8 IIRC.

  • Kebabrulle

    Hoping for a new 16/2.8 fisheye, nothing wrong with the old one.. but new stuff is always fun.

  • Tom

    was looking to buy a Nikon D7000, an upgrade from D40, but has anyone seen the price gauging, its $1500 at amazon right now.
    can anyone speculate if lets say D400 or D800 comes out, would the price drop on the D7000?

    • Tom,

      That’s with the kit lens – That’s the list price, which is what everyone is carrying it at – it hasn’t gone on sale yet.

      • Tom

        nope, amazon sells the D7000 at $1500, though its through 6ave

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