Nikon D5100 now available for pre-order *UPDATED*

Nikon ME-1 microphone

Nikon D5100 DSLR camera

Amazon US:



Amazon Germany:

Amazon France:

UK options:

The Nikon D5100 UK shipping date is listed as April 21st, 2011:

B&H lists the Nikon D5100 with arrival date May, 2011:


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  • FX DX

    I wish I could use this microphone with my D90. Anyway, I am glad to see this combo. Price is reasonable. I like the external dedicated buttons on my D90, so this camera is not for me, but I am sure that it will be a popular choice for people who don’t want D3100 or Canon alternatives.

    • Global

      Nice that the price was corrected. $100 +/- bucks is a huge percentage compared to $800 total.

      • bjrichus

        Agreed… The ERP is more in line with Canon’s offering at this level, and they needed to reduce it by at least that amount… This way, no matter what actually happens at the likes of Amazon, B&H, Adorama etc, the reviews will not say “Its more expensive” and mark it down as a result!

      • Axel

        Around 30% price difference between France and the US ….
        Business as usual I guess …

        OK to be fair : 20 points out of 30 are from taxes but still …

        Anyways I agree that the price-point seems well positioned for this one.

  • That red strip sure looks strange.

    • Pen Pockwell

      Nikon puts a red strip on all of its DSLRs.

      • yeah but this one is very different from all other red stripes

        • Arthur Nava

          I cover the camera brand, model, and stripe with gaffers tape. I think the camera looks better all black. I cover the brand on the lenses as well, even get them new lens caps. I love Nikon, but I’ve always been one to off or cover up brands. Must be because I like the whole customizing cars deal, idk.

          • Just A Thought

            “I cover the camera brand, model, and stripe with gaffers tape.”

            Smart move. A lot of good reasons to do so – also buy a no name camera strap or use a Russian branded strap like Zorki or Praktica. Walk around with a Praktica or Zorki strap on a top of the line DSLR and many folks will think that you have a junk camera. Thieves won’t be interested unless you have a large lens.

            Why should you provide free advertising to any camera manufacturer??? You did not get the camera for free. They pay for advertising in printed and online media. IMHO they should pay end users an yearly fee for the free advertising being provided.

            Its also fun to put a Canon strap on a Top of the line Nikon and gaffer tape the name on the body. Then go to a public place where people are out using cameras (semi-pro Baseball game or music festival). The Nikon fanboys (in this example but also happens if brands are reversed) will run over to pester you about how great their D90 Nikon is compared to your Canon junk. You pick up the body to peel back the gaffer tape for them and watch them silently slink away – it is funnier in real life.

            A long standing member of the gaffer taped camera club.

            • Arthur Nava

              haha nice, yeah I use a laptop bag strap ’cause it’s way more comfortable than the one that comes with the camera. I put some keychain loop things in the strap hoops, and just clip the strap to those. It makes it easier to take off, and put the strap on the camera too.

        • Pen Pockwell

          Now that you mention it, I notice it is different than the usual Nikon red stripe. But at least its not as annoying as the red “Rebel” name-plate that Canon uses to stigmatize nonwealthy buyers; it annoyingly announces to everybody “I am a cheap SLR”. I just hope this new look of the Nikon red stripe is not the beginning of a similar stigmatization game at Nikon.

          • Pen Pockwell

            On the other hand, maybe the fact that this new red stripe is so thin indicates that Nikon is moving toward eventually eliminating the red stripe on all future cameras. If that’s the case, it would be good news to me because I prefer an all-black camera.

            • Global

              They’ll never get rid of the red-stripe — its iconic to the brand (and ironic since they use Yellow as their brand advertising color.. anyway..).

              But I don’t like this one. I much prefer it when it looks aggressive (like on the D700, which looks pretty good).

              But lets get real — its just something fun that Nikon does. And I’m glad it brings happiness to their designers, haha. I can just imagine them voting on which stripe is best or debating it for hours, yelling at each other, hahaha… Maybe thats a bit too American thinking, but there must be a Japanese equivalent of it, and im sure its funny as heck.

            • Stu

              hmm… actually the new red strip look kinda cute and feel like a cheerful face. I donnu but I like it better

            • iamlucky13

              No. It’s just another way Nikon is cheaping out on their loyal users. They’re reducing the red stripe to save money. The executives are pocketing the money and laughing all the way to the bank.

              How long are we Nikon users going to put up with this?

              As soon as either Canon or Pentax releases a camera with a red stripe, I’m switching!

          • Pen Pockwell

            By the way, Canon plays that stupid “Rebel” game only in the USA. Buyers in all other countries are not subjected to that insanity.

            • Ant

              In Japan consumers have to contend with Canon “Kiss” cameras.

            • Pen Pockwell

              The great thing about Nikon is that they stick with the same model name everywhere in the world. It makes it a lot easier for consumers to do research on the web about a camera.

            • PHB

              Hah, thats only recent.

              The N90/s used to sell as the F90/x. One was the US model, the other the rest of the world. hey did the same with many other consumer DSLRs.

        • Gio

          The body now greatly resembles Canon’s – check the curves especially from front view – which forced the red stripe to become curved. Similar bodies for g12 and p7000 also. Is there some “outsourcing” to a manufacturer of body parts taking place?

          • iamlucky13

            It may kind of look like Canon’s grip, but not because of outsourcing. For little plastic moldings, there’s tooling sharing possible unless it’s exactly identical, which it’s not.

            Which is not to say outsourcing isn’t done on the body parts. Plastic injection molding is outsourced by just about everyone except companies that specialize only in plastic parts. The molding machines are expensive, but make ridiculously high volumes. I’d be quite surprised if Nikon made their own plastic parts. Far more likely they design the parts, then send them to a plastics company to actually produce them.

          • Pen Pockwell

            I would imagine the camera industry is like the car industry: a lot of parts and accessories are outsourced.

            • Pen Pockwell

              By the way, if Nikon has been outsourcing custom-made products to any factories that were destroyed in the recent Japan disaster, that could cause serious production problems for Nikon — even if Nikon’s own factory was not damaged.

            • Pen Pockwell

              Correction: I mean custom-made parts.

            • Gio

              Maybe Nikon (and any company that outsources) can achieve better prices when ordering a part that resembles in form another one already produced by the same plastic manufacturer. I see a strong resemblance with Canon bodies which is an obvious turn from the recent crop of Nikon DSLRs.

  • richard

    They should lower $100 more, cause current price is almost the same as Canon 60D … which has top lcd, better build and double battery..

    • Global

      Wait 6-8 months and your wish might come true. Generally Nikon stuff drops $50-200 within 6-8 months.

    • okay

      It’s $200 cheaper than the 60D and the same price as the T3i @ Amazon. It’s fine for a starting point.

    • Dan

      Its a good price…same as the t3i and its much better. The 60D has gotten cheaper because it’s 8 months into its life cycle but I think the price is great starting out. Quick review:

  • enesunkie

    Putting the hinge on the side allowed Nikon to really change the profile of the body. The D5100 looks slicker than the D5000.

    • Mike

      My brother has a D5000, and I find it small, but the D5100 looks tiny next to it’s predecessor! Even in the promotional images the man’s hands dwarf this camera. With the 18-55 lens (Nikon’s smallest zoom and one of their smallest lenses period) it looks proportional. I think with some bigger lenses it won’t even sit flat! They packed a lot into a little body for sure. I was considering a Fuji X100, but slap my 24 1.4 on this and it will be a fun little camera!

  • Iris Chrome

    So did any other Nikon D/SLR have the mode dial on the right side (shutter side) or is this the first one?

  • F Master

    Andmin, any rumour of any firmware update for D7K to have 1080p/30?

    • Ant

      Seconded. That was what I was wondering when looking at the D5100 specs.

  • Tonny

    Nikon has no choice, all the next rumors will be D800.

    • The invisible man

      D900, because D800 already sound too old.

      • the woman

        Seriously, I have never seen anybody get as much mileage out of a joke as you have with the d900.

    • PHB

      Nope, the D4, D400 and quite possibly D700s come before the D800.

      Also possibly a D9000.

      But only one more DX camera likely to appear this year.

      • Richard

        Yea, the D400 (or whatever) should be next up. The use of the D7k sensor in this camera definitely places the D7k as the line of demarkation between consumer/amateur and prosumer above it.

        The D400 had better be worth the wait.

        • ja

          how about the up and coming D4, with a redesigned 24mp chip from the D3x and the iso performance of the D3 put together with all the major updates that nikon has been working on for this model , now that would be awesome , also the D800/D900 will and should be a different beast to the D4 so as not to clash , this is looking like a very good year for nikon even with the aweful events that happened in japan .
          to the people of japan my heart is with you all

      • Just A Thought

        If they can’t get reliable and continuous electrical power then forget about seeing any FX model in 2011. GE is shipping 10 gas fired electrical generators to Japan which may be brought online who knows when – hope by year end. The power company had plans to add two more nuclear reactors to the six reactors at the plant near Sendai which IMHO implies that electricity usage in the Sendai area was getting close to max prior to the earthquake. All six of the nuclear reactors no longer provide power – will likely all be buried under sand and concrete like at Chernobyl.

        Rolling electrical blackouts disrupt image sensor, memory chips, processor and optical glass production big time.

  • alesh

    Looks like Canon DSLR (body) and Panasonic GH2 (function) = D5100 🙁

    • Ant

      I was gonna say that with its sloping shoulders it looks more like a Canon.

  • broxibear

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand which part of the market Nikon are trying to sell this camera to ?
    In the UK as far as price goes the D5100 is about £280 more than the D3100 and £200 less than the D7000. Buyers looking at the D3100 are not going to pay £280 more for an extra 2mp (which you’re not going to see in reality), a swivel screen and slightly better video…the D3100 costs £390. If you’re interested in photography, maybe upgrading from a previous older dslr, you’re likely to pay an extra £200 and buy a D7000 with it’s semi pro features. Which brings me back to who is going to buy this camera instead of the D3100 or D7000 ?
    Maybe someone out there who’s thinking of buying this could tell me why they’re choosing the D5100 over the other two models ?
    Personally I think Nikon missed an opportunity, a mirrorless camera inside this price gap would have been perfect, but by recent reports they seemed to be following Canon and are shying away from the mirrorless market.

    • okay

      In the US, D3100 kit and D5100 kit have an ESP difference of only $200. The D5100 body and D7000 body have an ESP difference of $400. $400 is a bigger price difference and a lot of people don’t want to spend over $1k on a body alone, so that may eliminate the D7000. With the D5100 over the D3100, in addition to what you already listed, you get a 920k screen, 1 more fps in continuous shooting, 14-bit raw, bracketing, and infrared receivers. Those features are worth the couple of hundred extra dollars in my opinion.

    • rhlpetrus

      Minus $200 is a big deal at this price point. Prices will drop, I expect it to be selling 100 less in 6 mos. It’s priced correctly.

    • Young Boy

      I guess there are many people willing to pay some extra $$$ for these (many) features distinctive from D3100, making in my opinion D5100 even better camera as D5000 was to D3000! If you’re initial budget for body is around price of D3100, you can stretch 200 if you consider these features worth of it – but obviously, to pay 600 more as your initial budget is for most people in this category fairy impossible and difficult to justify – if it’s not work but hobby (and not the only hobby!!!)… Especially if you want to invest in some glass as well, as obviously, this makes far bigger difference than new body… So in my opinion it’s completely different category of people. And I can imagine d5100 as my next camera, after year or so, when price will go 100-150 $ down, and if ergonomics is not fucked up… (I’m usually touching that part of camera where is now “delete” button – now it happens I’m accidentally changing AF point, accidental delete would be far worse…) xD
      Last but not least – for some people big size is +, for other -, I’m fine with smaller camera especially when traveling (airplane cabin baggage restrictions – you must pack dslr inside it, the smaller it is – the better), when hiking, when you want don’t want to attract unneeded interest…
      You can argument – why not mirrorless? I guess most people like me are not fully convinced that those prices are reasonable for what you get and choice of optics one would not call affordable and useful… And even D5000 without weather sealing survived so many rain-and-snowstorms (not talking about bumps and knocks) with me, that I’m (probably irrationally?) convinced in better survival chances of dslr vs. mirrorless cam!

    • One More Thought

      Both Nikon and Canon may believe that bringing smaller DSLRs will be an effective substitute for mirrorless. The thinking would be that the main attraction to most consumers for mirrorless cameras is the smaller size coupled with DSLR quality. If they can deliver true DSLRs at a small enough size, as well as good enough video, that may be good enough.

      It’s not trivial for any company to design a whole new system. Much easier if Nikon and Canon can stretch their DSLR line in terms of size and features to attract those type of buyers who would consider a mirrorless model.

  • bobos

    I realized that Amazon Germany is the only one that has the D5100 with the 18-105. It costs 919 euros. You can add the 55-200 for 110 eur. extra. The 18-55 kit costs 809 eur.

    • JakeB

      The 18-105 is a great consumer lens, a huge bargain.

      Light, great range on a DX, VR, and sharp way beyond its price.

      Having said that, I’d agree with the earlier poster — why not spend the extra few hundred to get the D7000? That camera represents incredible bang for the buck.

      • iamlucky13

        Well, the obvious answer is because the $400 MSRP (body only) jump to the D7000 isn’t as trivial to a large swath of the market as it may seem to you.

        Plus, quite a few people, especially more casual users, will genuinely like the smaller size, and I don’t doubt some will buy it just for the swivel screen. Some may also find the controls less intimidating.

        As far as the 18-105, I agree. It’s a good value for less than $400. I was quite surprised to see it ever-so-slightly beats my 18-70 for sharpness at most zoom/aperture combos according to SLR Gear (although the 18-70 shows less CA). I’ve been very happy with the sharpness of my 18-70.

  • Rafael

    Of the D5100 (and D7000) I’m mostly interested in the new gen sensor and its high ISO capabilities to replace my good old D40.

    I was seriously considering buying the D7000, but due to its shortage on the market I was postponing this decision and then last week started considering this D5100, since it has the very same sensor of the D7000 (thus its high ISO capabilities, something essential to me, I shoot a lot in low light and don’t want to get a D700 for now).

    Other than that, the D5100 is not looking attractive to me. Swivel LCD is a thing I don’t find appealing to me, neither is the video a big feature.
    Also the new body design ain’t that pretty, a bit different than the usual on Nikon’s DSLR line.

    Also, the initial price I found a tad higher than expected (was expecting about US$ 700 body only) for a camera that is not much different from a D3100, being the sensor the most significant feature when they’re compared side by side.

    Anyway, being $ 800 is not a bad price at all, specially after the increase of the D7000’s price from $ 1.200 to $ 1.300 (all Amazon prices). But anyway I’d like to know: any real (not talking about configuration knobs) reason on the D7000 to make me worth pay the extra $ 500, besides the ability of using autofocus on D lenses and the magnesium/weather-sealed body?


    • Are D7000s still hard to come by? Place I’m going tomorrow has 2 used ones for sale (~US$905).

  • Yee

    NR’s admin, thanks for your overnight coverage!
    You deserve a good rest!

  • rl

    I love my d7k…but this may be a really nice portable option. Throw the 35 1.8 and you get. Small kit with image quality better than the d300. Hope this means we may get an fx in a d7k size body

  • Nhoj

    Sure, the design looks like that of a Canon dslr, idk.

  • The invisible man

    The D5100 is already on Nikon France website.

  • George

    The photos on the Nikon page: kids, family, holiday, are showing clearly which customer cluster Nikon was after with the 5100.

    A sales rep in Germany told me today, that for the D800 we would have to wait at least to the end of the year – if not to the beginning of 2012 and for the D400 it will be definitely 2012, maybe even photokina 2012.
    New pro lenses or an update of the 80-400? Not any idea when!
    Nikon Central for Europe in Venlo/Netherlands ran out of pro lenses like the 70-200 VR II while all the Canon stuff seems to be available right away.

    Looks like every Japan-made Nikon pro product is heading to become a collectors item.
    If things go on this way, Nikon have lost its pole position to Canon forever…

    Too bad, so sad…

    • Sam

      Well there were always going to be delays following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. You will have noticed if you watched a program called the News. A slight delay to release is not going to have them lose out to Canon. I don’t know where you got the idea Nikon had “pole position” over Canon anyway.

      Just FYI, I just ordered a 70-200mm VRII in the UK. Arriving tomorrow morning. Once Canon runs out of their stock, they will have delays too as they were also hit in Japan.

      • broxibear

        Hi Sam,
        You’re right about Canon, they released a statement yesterday
        “1) Depending on the procurement conditions for raw materials, parts and other supplies, production at Canon Inc. operation sites and Canon Group companies, including those mentioned above, may become intermittent.
        2) In regions subject to scheduled rolling blackouts, ensuring stable operations may prove difficult due to electrical outages.”
        The fact that they pointed out these two issues tells you there’s a real worry about production. Ohara Inc and Hoya are the only two companies who can supply raw glass to a high enough standard for Nikon and Canon to make their pro lenses…both have been shutdown since the earthquake, in a press release Ohara said it was impossible to start production with rolling power blackouts, and they had no idea when this would change.
        Count yourself lucky if you bagged a 70-200mm VRII there’s very little stock out there…once it goes in a few weeks or so it could be 2012 before you see any more.

        • PHB

          If the furnace is electric, it may be a long time before they can run it.

          Loss of power with the furnace on would be very bad, you might well end up with semi molten slag that to have to chip out.

          There are some other facilities that might be able to supply glass though. Pilkington must have a research facility, there are a couple of other companies that might be able to oblige.

          But given the demand for consistency etc, and the rather small size of lenses, just how much glass are Nikon and Canon likely to use for their pro lens runs?

          • broxibear

            Hi PHB,
            You won’t see Nikon or Canon going to a different supplier.
            Ohara and Hoya have spent years developing a particular type of raw glass which Canon and Nikon then take to their own plants for shaping, polishing, coating etc.
            If you want an idea of how complex it all is here’s a couple of links where Nikon talk about Precision Glass Mold (PGM) aspherical lenes and Nano Crystal Coatings…
            If it were as simple as changing supplier they wouldn’t be releasing the statements they have.
            Admin posted an article about no more pro lenses in 2011, well I’d go further and say not only will there be no more new lenses but no current pro lenses will be produced until the 4th quarter.

            • broxibear

              Oops, that should be 3rd quarter not 4th…between July and Sept.

  • Epinephrine

    It still lacks manual kelvin WB fine tune, support for AF on D lens, dedicated button at convenient reach. Next.

  • Sam

    I agree it looks too small and too like a Canon. Small isn’t necessarily a bad thing but, for me at least, I could never hold a Canon comfortably because of its shape and now this seems to be very similar.

    Agreed the red stripe looks worse than others too, hopefully this isn’t a sign of the direction Nikon design is going in.

  • One More Thought

    First, kudos to Nikon for introducing a new model while in the midst of recovering from the disaster in Japan. I realize this model is not manufactured in Japan, but it still shows determination to release a new model so soon after the disaster.

    Second, while I too would love to see the D800, D4, etc…let’s not lose sight of the fact that for Nikon it is these consumer models that are its bread and butter. Neither Nikon nor Canon could survive in their present form only releasing their high end equipment. The money is in models like these, because the market is so much larger. In one sense, the sales of these models help subsidize the R&D for the new higher end stuff.

    Third, after seeing what Nikon had done with the D5100 and the D7000, you have to feel that they are going to knock it out of the park when they release their D4 and D800 FF models. It’s just a matter of waiting…

  • Why Nikon hasn’t and/or won’t combine their full-frame sensor with 1080p video is beyond me. Canon did it years ago and look how successful it has been (ie: the 5d mark ii). Some of us have been waiting for what feels like forever…I just said “f it” and recently ordered a D3s. I can deal with 720p for the time being.

    Lucky for Nikon I’m too loyal (and invested) to switch over to Canon 😉

    • FX DX

      How can you be so invested that you buy a $5000 camera to justify it? I like the video feature on my D90 and therefore will not upgrade to D700. D3s is way out of my reach.

      Nikon gear retains it’s value and Canon is usually cheaper than Nikon. No?

  • pepito

    This is promising! this means we will probably see the D400 & D800 sharing the same 20 or 24 Mp sensor and the D4 at around 30Mp! Btw admin, when you mean these cameras are scheduled to be released around summer, you mean summer for the North hemisphere? because here in Australia, is summer! 😉

    • D700guy

      It has been my impression that the D800 would be full frame sensor and that the D400 would be DX, no?

  • nabia

    I see this new D5100 costs about as much as a D90 now (considering bodies only).
    Which one would you go for and why?

    Also, I still couldn’t check out what that night vision mode is exactly. At dpreview I could only get it’s some kind of black and white effect, but how does the camera perform at high ISO? Does this night vision actually give a good performance at very low lighting conditions? Any ideas? Thanks!


    • FX DX

      I think it’s quite simple. If you want video, D5100 is your camera. If you want fast Pro like features (auto focus with af-d lenses, DOF button, top lcd, dual dial, etc…), D90 is your camera.

      IQ of D5100 should be as good as D90, if not better.

      • nabia

        Thanks! Well, photography is really my thing. Video is just a nice extra, but I have a sony nex-3 that already suits my video needs (better than I expected). I’d be ok without it on my DSLR. I currently own an old D50, I guess going for a D90 would be more natural.. However, as you say, I also suppose IQ is probably better on the D5100. D3100 was also on my list, as a nice and small travel camera (I always get neck pain!), but I was waiting to see this new camera. Now I don’t know, I was expecting a cheaper D5100.

  • James

    More confusion with the kit lens. B&H says this:

    18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor Autofocus Lens

    One ED glass element and one hybrid aspherical lens element guarantee high-resolution, high-contrast images while minimizing chromatic aberration, astigmatism and other forms of distortion.

    This looks like the old non-VR version to me.

  • CTLG

    The D5100 seems a little too small for me. I have a D5000(with Zeikos grip) and a D7000(with MB-D11 grip) and the D5000 is already too small for my hands. The D7000 is just about perfect, but could be a little larger. I understand where Nikon was going with this, but it would of been a perfect back-up/travel body for me. But, it being 10% smaller than the D5000 is a turn-off for me. Either way, this will be a great performer and will make Canon’s Rebel series look like what they are, toys.

    • Arthur Nava

      I too have a D7000 with the MB-D11 and would have liked to see it go a tad bigger myself. No worries, I’m sure when we see the D800 it should be just the right size.

      • Yessir! The D800 is where i’m going next, unless the D400 comes out first and out-specs my D7000. Either way, i’m super happy with my D7000. It’s an amazing camera that will stay in my bag for many years to come. Just want to replace the D5000 with a pro-body. I might just get a D700 once the price comes back down and call it a day(until next year). We shall see.

  • D700guy

    So that’s it right? All the P&S/ Low end DSLR releases have been announced now.
    We can look forward to Pro body announcements and releases from this point on?

  • Schlosser

    Does anybody have a feeling on how long they will be available before they are sold out in let’s say. BHPhoto, NY? 😀

    I’ll be arriving in NY from Europe May 15th, and would like to buy the D5100 and that would be a problem if they were sold out 😉

  • Arthur Nava

    I want a firmware update for my D7000 too. 🙁 Although I never take any video with my camera. ah whatever, I would only use the video if it had 60fps capability. everything is cooler in slow motion.

  • D

    WOW! This is has everything that was missing from the D3100. I’ll have to get this bad boy.

  • broxibear

    For all those wondering whenthe D5100 will be available, B&H are saying stock in May…no date, I can’t find any other retailer providing a date either?
    I remember D7000 buyers were still waiting 3 months after others had recieved theirs, so I wouldn’t put too much faith in the May estimate.
    Did someone say hot pixels ?…lol.

    • broxibear

      Oops, I didn’t refresh the page, Peter/admin’s posted in the main text that Amazon Uk are showing April 21st for stock.

  • jaycam
  • If you have a solution for reading RAW / NEF not recognized on Mac you hold on fun!

    I have pictures taken with the D5100, which is unreadable … thank you

    twitter @Rob1P

  • Enrico

    Do you guys think the release of the d5100 will help the availability of the d7000 (compatition) or hurt the availability (since they both use the same sensor)?

    • broxibear

      Hi Enrico,
      They both use Sony sensors, the Sony plant that produces them was shutdown and was apparently going to reopen this week…wether it has I don’t know ?
      Even if it has reopened it has the same problems as other plants, rolling blackouts, employees, infrastructure and raw materials…there’s bound to be some sort of delays and shortages.
      The DX cameras might be made in Thailand but many of the parts come from Japan.

  • Admin

    Do you know if the April 21st is Nikon’s release date? I seem to remember an earlier rumour that said the D5100 was already shipping to Canada.

  • Yet another DX camera for the masses. Only problem is the D7000 is better.

    • Marc

      For the price, it better be.

  • broxibear

    I feel like the grim reaper, I always seem to be posting bad news here, sorry ?…here’s some more.
    Financialpost have an interview with UBS economist Takuji Aida about Japan’s production capacity in electronic components and devices and he predicts power blackouts until September.
    “The Sendai earthquake and resulting tsunami wiped out a big chunk of the country’s production capacity in electronic components and devices, a shortfall that is now reverberating through the Japanese supply chain, according to UBS Investment Research.
    Crippled power infrastructure, however, will complicate the recovery. “Any rebound from there is likely to be bumpy due to unstable power supply,” Mr. Aida wrote. “Following the rolling blackouts through to end-April, we expect planned blackouts to resume in July-September, when power consumption tends to grow.””

    • One More Thought

      broxibear: thanks for the taking the time to keep us informed of the situation in Japan re manufacturing. I think your reports confirm what we should have expected all along: that there will be some significant interruption in equipment supply, and inventory will probably get worse before getting better. I would bet that in about another month all retailers will be extremely low on the high end Nikon and Canon equipment at the very least. We are already seeing some retailers out of stock on things like the D700 body, the D7000 body, and the Canon 1d mark iv and Canon 5d mark ii.

      • broxibear

        Hi One More Thought,
        You’re right about stock, here in the UK sought after pro gear like the 2.8 zooms, 1.4 primes and D3s are very difficult to find.
        The other thing is price, irrespective of who is increasing the prices, Nikon or retailers the fact is that the prices are increasing a lot. I read an article today about the 35mm f1.8 AF-S DX going up by 50% in the US
        amazon uk have been out of the 70-200mm f2.8G VR II for months, the only sellers are third party shops on amazon, their price on their last lens in stock is £2276… before the earthquake it was £1558.

    • Broxibear, I will summarize all of the info you are posting here in the next few days.

    • Pen Pockwell

      The Japan disaster will adversely affect not only the production of cameras in Japan, but also the production of cameras in Thailand (which is where Nikon makes its cheaper DSLRs) . That’s because even the cheaper DSLRs contain some parts that are made in Japan.

    • Pen Pockwell

      And if this picture is not already gloomy enough for you, think about this: significant after-shocks (powerful enough to cause damage) from a major earthquake can continue for months.

    • lorenzino

      Considering that many universities and institutes in Tokyo are exceptionally closed in July for energetical problems, I guess it will be the same for many facilities outside of the capital…

  • Should I wait until june to purcharge a FX camera? is june a potencial announcement only or should something be available already?

    • Mourie

      d5100 or FX camera ?
      it’s like eat shrimps or lobster

    • broxibear

      Hi Joaquim Prado,
      My advice to anyone thinking of buying an FX model is this, (it’s based on what I see happening in Japan and what pro dealers have said regarding stock, not any inside information about a D800 or D4 I may or may not have)…
      I don’t think there will be any new FX model available to buy this year, although you might get an announcement, not release, in the 4th quarter. This means if you need an FX body now you’ve got a choice of a D700, D3, D3s and D3x.
      You could buy one of these bodies now if you can find stock…prices are increasing everyday.
      You could wait until a possible announcement later in the year but it’s anyones guess when any new FX body will be on sale…it could easily be a year from now.
      You could buy a used FX body…prices of used equipment is also increasing.
      Hope that helps Joaquim ?

  • Mo

    I heard that many people are disappointed with the D7000, for some reason, I wonder if the d5100 will grab more enthusiasm

  • Mourie

    who is disappointed with the d7k ?

    • Matstar

      The D5100 is heaps lighter than the D7000 and almost the same weight as the D3100. If weight is a big factor, then this is a sweeter camera body!

      • Mourie

        if for one the weight factor was a buy-non buy factor they shouldnt have gone for the d7k (weight written on paper before u buy)

        and i am sure there is even lighter options than the d5100 (if weight matters on clearly weaker model)

  • big eater

    How soon before someone hacks this camera to enable “missing” features the way the Panasonic GH1 and Canon 5D2 were hacked? With the swivel screen this seems like the ideal Nikon for video (and please no flame from the video haters). It needs zebras, peaking, and of course the ability for the pop up flash to work as a CLS commander.

  • Mark

    Well, I guess now we have a body with best DX sensor and without the overexposing meter

    • PAG

      [Sigh.] Read Thom Hogan’s D7000 review where he explains that the D7000 is not overexposing. Go to this link for the review and go down to the Metering System section.

  • getanalogue

    No need for vid nor mike. My pics are talking for themselves

  • CeeJay
  • broxibear

    Three weeks after the earthquake this is how Sendai looks this morning
    One of the semiconductor firms has decided to shutdown it’s Sendai plant for good and compensate it’s employees instead. The plant owned by Freescale was due to close at the end of the year anyway but after what was described as “extensive damage” they’ve decided to close it 10 months early…they had 600 employees at the Sendai facility.
    I think you’ll be hearing the words “supply chain” a great deal in the next few months.
    A Honda car plant here in the UK has just halved it’s production, why?…because of a shortage of parts coming from Japan.
    I hope Nikon’s next statement is more decisive and says something like, “this is the situation and because of that we will not be bringing out any new equipment until 2012”. It would mean an end to any speculation, it would help retailers because they would know there would be a gap and photographers who were waiting for upgrades could make a more informed choice now.
    Wether that’s what will happen I don’t know.

  • broxibear

    Status of Sony Group Manufacturing Operations Affected by the East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Related Power Outages…
    (Tokyo, April 6, 2011) – Sony Corporation (“Sony” or the “Company”) today updated the status of Sony Group manufacturing operations affected by the March 11 East Japan earthquake, tsunami and related power outages, as of April 6, 2011.

    As of March 14, 2011, operations at ten Sony Group sites and facilities had been suspended as a result of damage caused by the earthquake, tsunami and related power outages. As announced on March 22, 2011, manufacturing operations at three of these sites had since resumed or partially resumed. As of April 6, 2011, manufacturing operations at five other sites have also resumed or partially resumed.

    Sony Manufacturing Systems Corporation, Kuki Plant (Saitama Prefecture) – Resumed on March 15, 2011.
    Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation, Kanuma Plant (Tochigi Prefecture) – Partially resumed on March 15, 2011. Further expanded operations on March 23, 2011.
    Sony Energy Devices Corporation, Tochigi Plant (Tochigi Prefecture) – Partially resumed on March 22, 2011.
    Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation
    – Tome Plant (Miyagi Prefecture)
    > Nakada Site – Partially resumed on March 28, 2011.
    > Toyosato Site – Partially resumed on March 28, 2011.
    Sony DADC Japan Inc., Ibaraki Facility (Ibaraki Prefecture) – Partially resumed on March 28, 2011.
    Sony Energy Devices Corporation
    – Koriyama Plant (Fukushima Prefecture) – Partially resumed on April 1, 2011. (Coin batteries, etc.)
    – Motomiya Plant (Fukushima Prefecture) – Scheduled to gradually resume operations by the end of April 2011.
    Sony Shiroishi Semiconductor Inc. (Miyagi Prefecture) – Partially resumed on April 6, 2011.
    Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation
    – Tagajyo Plant (Miyagi Prefecture) – Currently undergoing cleaning and damage inspection.

    As also announced on March 22, 2011, manufacturing operations at certain manufacturing sites that were not directly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami have been adjusted in response to planned power outages and the availability of necessary raw materials and components. While the situation varies according to product, Sony is responding to fluctuations in material or component supply by adjusting production levels at the five sites announced on March 22, 2011, and also at certain other domestic and overseas manufacturing sites from time to time. However, as of April 6, 2011, none of those sites has been required to fully suspend operations.

    Sony will continue to monitor the availability of raw materials and components, and endeavor to maintain supplies of any products affected by these adjustments by relying on existing inventory to the extent available. The Company also plans to take further measures as necessary, including reallocating available materials and components among Sony Group companies, using alternative components and expanding procurement channels in order to restore full production capacity as early as possible.

    The Company is continuing to evaluate the full impact of the earthquake, tsunami and related power outages, including the impact of these production adjustments, on Sony’s businesses and consolidated financial results.

  • KhunNikon

    Will the D5100 be included in the current Nikon Lens Instant Rebate promotion??

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