Nikon Romania leaks the D5100 leaked the Nikon D5100 and the ME-1 microphone announcement. The Nikon D5100 will have a 16.2MP sensor. The RSS feed entry has been removed.

Update: Frienfeed also captured the update:

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  • I still hope some tele lenses (fingers crossed for 80-400 replacement) will be anounced together with this camera. If not, I am byuing the 300/f4 + tc14ii tommorow :-(((

    • Craig Houdeshell

      You would be better served by the 300/4 and the TC. That is if you care about IQ.

      • yes, i know, but I also care a little for the flexibility. I am a birdwatcher and sometimes I just need to take a wider picture of the surrounding. But I know that for most cases, fixed focal length gives better IQ. I hoped for something comparabe to Canon 100-400 with VRII. VR is what I miss on the current 300 f/4 because i do many shots hand-held.

        • Phil

          Get a monopod. Instant VR. 🙂

    • Craig Houdeshell

      Any guess as to price for body and mike?

    • Panfruit

      A 300mm/f4 with VR would be pretty sweet. 🙂

  • Sek

    So it’s the same trend as with D300-D90-D5000… Good!

  • The invisible man

    16.2 mp for the D5100, not bad !
    I also wish to have a D800/900 NOW, but think about it, more we wait and better will be the D800/900 !

    By the way, I tried the ISO 100 on my D90, the results are much better than ISO 200.
    So if you have plenty light, try to shoot ISO 100.

    • Phil

      I’ve read that introduces clipping at the low end. Stick to 200 and use an ND. Sucks, I know. Why can we go down to 25 or even 12 if we wanted to?

      • iamlucky13

        Photosites get outright saturated, is my understanding.

  • So, the D7000 sensor. Great news.

    • James

      Yes, this changes everything. I might want one of these after all.

      • After that I’m in dilemma: to be with D5000 or not to be D5000. Should I sell my camera after >40000 clicks or stay here still?

        • FX DX

          There will always be something newer and slightly better in the market. Unless you want better camera overall (internal focus motor, top LCD, more dedicated buttons, full-frame, etc…), I say stay with your D5000. Don’t just upgrade for MP.

  • Why do people comment on one item with a comment that has absolutely NOTHING to do with that topic?

    This item talks about the Nikon D5100.

    Nikon needs to sell the D5100 to stay viable as a company. If they depended on the D700 and higher models for income, they would be closed.

    • The invisible man

      Relax, we’re talking about cameras, not life-threatening subjects.

      • Adam

        It’s still annoying that people are always brining up the other camera models, even when the post is not specific to those.

  • texasjoe

    Eeeh. Someone there is in trouble…

  • Dan

    So only the D3100 will have the in-house sensor, I guess the Nikon fabs will concentrate on FX sensors for the D700 and D3s replacements then.

  • Admin, can you auto-filter out comments that contain the words, “D800” or “D900” on topics/posts about the D700 replacement? That would be awesome.

    I wonder how much its going to be MSRP though. I have a friend looking to get in, and he wants to photograph nightlife in the city. D5100 w/D7000 sensor and the 35 1.8G should be a great combo for that.

    • *Correction: on topics/posts NOT about the D700 replacement.

    • Same here.

      • PhotoHop


  • I agree but think its funny because it would have auto filter your comment=)
    Sometimes there are points to be made. Like in a d7000 post someone asking what the quality will be like on a d800 if the 7000 is where it is.
    Even though if everyone says this it pretty much defeats the point huh.

    • I realized that, but it’s worth it. Because for every valid comment referring to the d700 replacement, there’s 200 non-warranted whining complaints that this post has NOTHING to do with it. Take the good with the bad? No. Not this time.

  • woo hoo ,
    It’s my bio exam tomorrow but i’m consistently checking nikon rumors for updates on what will probably be my first dslr.
    Btw if this leak is true that d5100 has a 16 mp sensor then Nikon seem to be in hell of a business. 🙂

    • Roya

      Haha, this has been me for the past two months. Excited for the announcement!

  • Hanzo-Photo

    Hey Martin …

    The 300mm f4 + tc14ii is an awsome combo, I used mine in Africa for 2 years before upgrading to the 300mm f2.8 VRII, kept the tc14ii though.

    My only problem was fungus from the high humidity and non pro seals, saying that I sent it back to Nikon and after the charge for sorting out the problem, I sold it on ebay and made $40 profit!

  • Hanzo-Photo

    add in this D5100 with night vision , so we stay on topic, with the 300mm f4 + tc14ii you can photograph birds sleeping in the trees … … :-0

  • K

    I’ve been waiting for this day for awhile now.

    Good to see its being announced tonight! I’ll be here at 11:59 pm

  • David

    How long after the release of a model do most reviews of that model appear usually?

    • The Nikon D5100 will be available in stores in the US by the end of April.

  • PhotoHop

    I wonder if it will be able to be pre-ordered on line?

    • I will post the D5100 pre-order options online after midnight tonight (US Eastern time).

      • PhotoHop

        Thank you

  • john

    Does any one know if it has screw drive?is it able to work with af lens in auto focous way?I guess the answer is negative according to the text mentioned above

  • Interesting: faster autofocus because of EXPEED 2.

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