Nikon D5100 and ME-1 US MSRP prices

The US MSRP for the Nikon D5100 body only will be $899, the kit MSRP price with the 18-55mm VR lens will be $999. I have no info on the 18-105mm lens kit combo. The official announcement should happen around midnight tonight US Eastern time (+/- 1 hour). Shortly after I will have all pre-order options available online.

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  • a bit expensive, no ?

    • bjrichus


      $100 too much.

      • Trevor


        • Global

          So buy it without the kit lens? Or sell the kit lens?

          • Global

            Oh geez, I thought that 899 was the kit price. $900 for body only… hmmmm…. D3100 looks more promising suddenly.

      • James

        Agreed, it’s $100 too much. The D7000 is only $300 more, and a better value in my opinion.

      • Panfruit

        I would think that these are just the MSRP, which seems to always be noticeably pricier than what most stores charge.

    • KT

      better make the D5100 too expensive by $100 and sell a million of them to consumers than make the D800 too expensive by $700 and force you to pay for it.

    • R R

      yes.. dont buy this crap get the D7000 instead.

      • Zen Sockwell

        I’d hardly call the 5100 “crap”.

  • SGN

    Cool, so is a lens coming with it???

    • SGN

      By the way Which AF module are they using???

    • SGN

      Also, I seeone good thing here, the image zoom in, zoom out buttons have been moved to right. that’s helpful rtegarding live view…. esp for macros.

  • PB PM

    Nice to see that Nikon isn’t overcharging Canadians for once (US and CA MSRP is the same).

    • mwl

      YEAH! Canada FTW for once. It’s about time…seeing as our dollar has been higher than the USD for a while now.

    • Iris Chrome

      Actually with the current exchange rate, it’s about 70 USD cheaper in canada:
      Canadian MSRP = 899 CAD ≈ 929 USD
      American MSRP = 999 USD ≈ 966 CAD

      • PB PM

        Body only prices are the same in both countries ($899), so actually we are still overpaying $29 USD for body only, and $33 USD extra for the kit. Still better in the past. For example, the D3100 was released with Nikon Canada MSRP ($550 body only) which is $50 more than the USA MSRP, even though the Cdn dollar was better than the USD at the time. Some might say MSRP doesn’t matter, but it does, because the price falls from there. Street price might drop $20-30 in the first 6 months, but even then you pay more than the US MSRP!

        • Iris Chrome

          I was under the impression that CAD 899 was for D5100 WITH kit lens… at least that’s what the Canadian press release was stating

        • Iris Chrome

          Ok just saw the official US press release; body and kit lens for USD 899… not bad

          • suprchunk

            Which press release do you think you are looking at?

            The ones I keep seeing say 899 body ONLY/999 kit lens.

          • suprchunk

            Actually I’m now seeing conflicting prices (namely THIS site has it wrong) from Nikon’s site and this ‘site’.

  • Trevor

    Wow. They’re out pricing the T3i? Bold Nikon.

    • T3i is in line with the d3100

      D3000 is in line with the T3.

      D5100 is closer to the 60d.

      D7000 is sorta between the 60d and 7d.

      …nothing bold. And besides MSRP ≠ street price. Although, Nikon’s pricing seems quite reasonable if compared like this.

      • richard

        so you mean d300s is closer to 5f mark 2 lol

      • Trevor

        As far as street pricing, check B&H.

        The T3i is $300 more than the D3100. The D5100 is much closer to the T3i in spec and price, but $100 more. You’re going head to head with your competition at more than 10% above their price and near a significant price figure ($1k). So, yeah, bold.

        • Global

          MSRP won’t stay that high forever. Wait til demand and availability taper off.

          • Pen Pockwell

            And don’t forget that street prices are often manipulated by the adjustment of wholesale prices. The MSRP is essentially meaningless.

  • Buy D5100?

    Any word on the few obvious open questions? Namely: screw drive (seems certain to be MIA), DOF preview, AEB (seems likely in light of the HDR), and whether the AF system is identical to the D3100’s or is in some way a step up?

    • bjrichus

      No, No, Yes, Possibly.

      Oh yes, and you pay $100 more than the competition for the body and kit lens…

  • Nek Wellrock

    Anyone else notice, the 5000,..there is no DOF button…


    • Seriously, who uses the DOF button? Especially with live view, it’s vestigial. Useless unless it can be programmed to something else.

      • CanonUser

        It can be programmed in D7000 🙂

      • Nek Wellrock

        Well,…I do,…cause I have fast glass.

        Plus,…you do not always have time to hit live view,…which I have used it for on occasion,…and it’s clumsy.

        Try doing shallow DOF shots in daylight and using an LCD for composing,…DoF buttons are damn handy.

      • suprchunk

        Lol. Best comment ever. Unless, you actually believe what you wrote.

  • D40 Owner

    Pricing seems HIGHER than Canadian. CAD $899 gets you a 18-55 lens but USD $899 gets you a body only? I’ll reserve judgement until the info is official. I want to think the D5100 is my next camera but the D7000 is only a few dollars more…

    • bjrichus

      Indeed so, Eh?

      • Global

        Seriously, anyone exporting from Canada tax-free? 😀

    • Stu

      yeah, WTH. A bit too pricy for me

  • Pen Pockwell

    The real-world prices for the D5100 will probably be about half way between the D3100 and the D7000. I’m guessing that is Nikon’s general marketing plan for those three cameras.

    • Trevor

      Well, it is technically just a little above half way between the D3100 ($700) and D7000 ($1200) at $1,000 for the kit. I was expecting it to be on the other end of half though — $900.

      At least it’s good they will offer body only. But, I think it’s official that they’re not going to squeeze another body in between the 5100 and 7000.

  • cirtap

    Is this the New D4? D400? D900? I thought so. When Nikon When? Ok you got the entry level cameras cover’d. Now Whip out the Big Ones on Us!!!! lol

    • Trevor

      DUDE. Give it a rest!

    • Pen Pockwell

      Don’t hold your breath. As you know, Japan is an absolute mess right now. And as you know, that’s where the “Big Ones” are made.

    • Merv

      Look at it this way:

      Guinea pigs (or experimental consumers) owning the D7000+D5100+D3100 get to discover those flaws that will be hopefully be mitigated in Nikon’s pro releases this year.

      There isn’t much more meaningful stuff any Japanese sites can really do at this point. I am thinking the broadest improvement that Nikon could do for a lot of pros (which is not me) would be software related. (Capture NX3? NEF/RAW file previews in Windows 7?)

  • disiderio

    Who cares about this toy.

    • Pen Pockwell

      @disiderio: If you don’t care about this camera, why are you on this web page?

      • Stu


      • disiderio

        to see if anyone actually gives 2 stiff sh1ts

      • Ronan

        Same reason you are Pen Pockwell.

  • Dan n.

    So does 1080p 30fps mean this is a superior offering to the D7000 for video work?
    Or is the quality compromised in some fashion?

  • Yash

    How about the auto-focus motor? With that kind of price i am assuming that this camera will have an auto-focus motor. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • aslightdelay

      I’d be surprised if it has one, though I wouldn’t mind being wrong.

    • Roya

      I am kind of hesitant to spend 899 body only if this thing doesn’t have an AF motor… maybe I should just save up 300 more?

      • Global

        I think $200-250 MAX above the D3100 is supportable by a D5100.

        $200 above D3100 and $400 below D7000 seem right for purchase.

        Right now its too screwy being $300 above and $300 below. $300 is too close to the D7K. Is that Nikon’s strategy? Just a few hundred more … get the D7K! 😀

        • Roya

          haha, the problem is I’m already stretching quite a bit out of my range for the d5100, for a student spending over 1T on a camera seems insane. I can’t bring myself to do it

  • JENO


  • Nam

    Heck to the NO… I’m saving up for the D7000… lol

  • JENO

    $200.00 to much!

  • chuck

    Me happy I got D700

    • Bob

      me 2

    • R R

      me 3

  • OMR

    My dear T3i, you will be the next. Thanks Nikon, try again later.

    • Nek Wellrock

      Welcome to 2009 sensors then….

      • OMR

        You are right, but 1000 USD is to much for me.

        • David W.

          1000 is msrp, not retail.

  • Rob-L

    I think the D5000 was $730 when it came out. This seems a bit steep.

    • broxibear

      Hi Rob-L,
      Maybe it includes the rumoured price rise ?

    • James

      I got mine for $850 with the kit lens, so that seems about right.

  • James

    This page is password protected:

    Two hours ago it was returning a 404 error. Give it 100 min. or so.

  • those are just the rumored prices, let’s wait for the official announcement

    • Pen Pockwell

      Actually, let’s wait to see what the street prices will be.

  • BDP

    Looks like not only a missing DOF preview button, but the deal breaker for me is the lack of a front command wheel. Probably hafta assign (waste) the function button to toggle the rear command wheel between aperture and shutter speed….. No thank you very much.

    Not sure about the mode dial being on the right side, either. Seems like you can’t do much with your left hand on this camera.

  • Pen Pockwell

    CNET has begun covering the D5100:

  • echong

    due to the jumbled up buttons at the back, it doesn’t look like a nikon camera anymore hahaa. looks like a canon

  • Jeff

    So if the D5100 does 1080P @30fps, when can we expect a firmware upgrade on the D7000 to implement that frame rate? I’d also like 720P@60fps too while I’m still dreaming.

  • Pen Pockwell
  • Trevor
  • Trevor

    And the international website!

  • DPreview has a hands-on preview:

  • Trevor

    Glad to see the MSRP is a more reasonable $799 body only and $899 with 18-55. Can sleep now.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Good to see the price. Just bought the D5000 for my mom. Sure, the price will come down to $800 for the kit but I can’t wait that long.

  • R R

    D51what? Whatever… Bring the D800! We need a full frame full HD video DSLR not noob cameras. Cmon

    • Mock Kenwell

      Have you turned on a TV in, like 5 weeks?

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