Canadian Nikon D5100 and ME-1 press releases and prices

The official Canadian press releases for the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera and the ME-1 microphone are currently out on The MSRP price of the Nikon D5100 kit with a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens will be 899.95 CAD and should be available in late April. The Nikon ME-1 microphone will cost 159.95 CAD and will be available in May, 2011.

Full press releases:

Nikon D5100

Mississauga, ON, April 5, 2011- Today Nikon Canada announced the new 16.2 megapixel Nikon D5100 digital SLR, designed for those ready to stepup and be artistically expressive with a versatile camera. The NikonD5100 digital SLR houses a host of new and innovative features aimed atgiving photographers the tools to shatter creative constraints and tellstories with amazing image quality and stunning HD movies.

Designed to enhance the shooting experience, the Nikon D5100 includesan impressive new 3-inch, sharp 921,000-dot Vari-angle LCD screen andfull 1080p HD movie recording with full-time autofocus. The 16.2 megapixel D5100 is also the first Nikon digital SLR to provide in-cameraeffects that can be applied to photos and movies, putting more tools ofcreative expression at the users fingertips.

Our newest digital SLR offers a wide range of options users can applyto photos and videos as they shoot, or in-camera after the shots havebeen taken, transforming them into works of art, said Gregory Flasch, National Advertising and Communications Manager at Nikon Canada Inc. The in-camera Special Effects Mode presents many creative possibilities, allat the twist of a dial. Its like having 24-hour access to a digitalediting studio.

Ready for the Adventure of Life

The D5100 allows photographers of all levels to confidently execute newand creative ways to tell stories with amazing colour and clarity.Whether shooting over crowds or down low from a toddlers point of view,the swing-out style, Vari-angle LCD screen makes it easy to compose andshare great images. Displaying even the most subtle details withclarity, the super sharp LCD has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 921,000-dotresolution with the ability to pivot 180 degrees horizontally andvertically.

To further test creative boundaries, photographers can take advantage of the D5100s in-camera Special Effects Mode. Applied to either stillsor D-Movies, these innovative effects are easy to implement and add ahigh level of creativity. By selecting the Effects position on the modedial located on top of the camera, photographers can easily applyeffects such as Selective Colour and choose up to three differentcolours while the remainder of the scene is converted to monochrome.Colour Sketch creates photos and a stop-motion movie in a colour full sketched drawing style, while the Miniature effect records photos andhigh-speed movies to bestow a feeling of a mini-scale scene.

To record photos in extreme lighting conditions or to produce movies with a gritty appearance, the new Night Vision mode calls upon Nikonspro digital SLR low-light technology to offer extreme low-lightcapability by enabling the camera to shoot up to a super-high 102,400ISO. In addition to the Effects mode, users can create photos with amazing tonal range by selecting the high dynamic range (HDR) functionwithin the camera. With this selected, the D5100 will automatically bracket up to three exposure stops with two images in rapid successionto produce a finished photo with an amazing range of midtones and highlights that wouldnt otherwise be possible in a single shot. Additionally, Active D-Lighting can be selected and combined with HDR for even more dramatic effects.

The versatile Nikon D5100 digital SLR will motivate shooters to further explore creativity with its advanced camera features including full manual controls (P,S,A,M on the mode dial) offering the ability to manage the cameras aperture and shutter speeds. Once a photo is captured, photographers have the flexible retouch menu at their disposal to apply additional in-camera effects and editing options including colour and filter effects, red eye correction and NEF (RAW) processing.

The remarkably wide ISO range of 100-6,400 (expandable to a staggering 25,600 ISO) allows photographers to shoot confidently in outdoor andindoor low-light situations, even handheld with low noise. In challenging lighting conditions such as when a subject is backlit, Nikons Active D-Lighting feature keeps shadows and highlights consistent for even exposures.

To further unleash creativity, the Picture Control system allows the choice of Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, or Landscape settings to apply a personal look and feel to pictures, and the versatile Scene Modes let photographers choose from Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close-up or Night Portrait for stunning results in just about all possible lighting conditions.

Create Full HD Movies

The Nikon D5100 captures full 1080p HD movies with full-time autofocus.Users can quickly switch focus modes to stay with the action through a variety of AF functions, including Face Priority which can track up to 35 human faces, Subject Tracking and normal or wide-area autofocus. To activate movie mode and Live View, a new switch is positioned on the top of the camera near the shutter button for improved ergonomics and easier access.

The D5100 digital SLR offers variable frame rates and resolutions, and can record 1080p at a cinema-like 24 frames per second (fps). Alternatively, for playback on HD devices, it can record at 30 fps or aweb-friendly 720p at either 24 or 30 fps. All clips can record for up to 20 minutes in the AVC-HD H.264 codec. Once recorded, movie clips can be trimmed in the camera to save time in post-production. Whether utilizinga wireless or hot shoe-mounted microphone such as the new ME-1, sound can be recorded via the stereo microphone input for professional audio results. Captured movies can be easily shared via HDMI output, and controlled remotely with HDMI CEC compatibility.

Superior Image Quality

The 16.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor is capable of capturing images that erupt with colour, offering amazing sharpness and clarity to create images and full HD movies even in low-light conditions. Coupled withNikons exclusive EXPEED 2 TM image-processing engine, images are brought to life with vivid colours and amazing contrast, accurate exposure and low noise levels resulting in brilliant image quality. The EXPEED 2 TM engine also drives the quick 11-point AF system on the D5100 to providefor rapid focus acquisition even on fast-moving subjects. When shooting action, split-second shutter response and four frames per second burst rate make sure no moment is missed, forever putting to rest the story ofthe one that got away.

Whether shooting lush wilderness landscapes or an urban skyline, theD5100 utilizes Nikons exclusive Scene Recognition System to analyze subject information from a database containing more than 30,000 imagesto optimize focus, exposure, i-TTL flash exposure and white balance. To assist in creating amazing imagery, the Scene Recognition System reads data from the 420-pixel 3D Colour Matrix Meter RGB sensor that examines the scenes brightness and colour data then optimizes the cameras performance prior to the actual exposure.

An entirely greater world of creativity will open up to photographers when adding versatile AF-S NIKKOR lenses to the equation. With a wide range of focal lengths and versatile features, AF-S NIKKOR lenses help to create a variety of photo perspectives to images and movies such as the ability to isolate subjects with a shallow depth of field or zoom close to the action from a far. Combining the D5100 digital SLR with NIKKOR lenses also delivers the sharpness essential for HD movies, and Nikons innovative Vibration Reduction (VR) II technology helps to eliminate the effects of camera shake.

Nikon ME-1 microphone

To address the needs of the ever growing community of shooters abandoning their video cameras for the versatility of a digital SLR,Nikon now offers the ME-1 stereo microphone. Engineered specifically for a digital SLR, the new ME-1 microphone attaches to the hot shoe and has noise dampening components designed to minimize noise resulting from AF operation. The microphone also has a low-cut filter to reduce wind noisenot already blocked by the wind screen. Designed with digital SLR users in mind, the ME-1 also features a cable stop to keep the cable out of the way when using the camera, and reduce instances of noise from unintentional contact. Because it utilizes a standard 3.5mm stereo jack,the ME-1 is ideal for the D5100 and other Nikon HD movie capable digital SLRs such as the D3s, D300s, D7000 and the COOLPIX P7000.

Availability and Pricing

The Nikon D5100 digital SLR camera is scheduled to be available at Authorized Nikon Canada Dealers beginning late April 2011 at a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $899.95 for a kit that includes the AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens.

The new Nikon ME-1 microphone is scheduled to be available at Authorized Nikon Canada Dealers in May 2011 at a MSRP of $159.95.

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  • dudemanppl

    Screw the T3i.

    • dudemanppl

      If you look at the exposure compensation button, movie recording button, and the red swoop, it makes a happy face.

      • Iris Chrome

        dude, you sound like you’ve been smoking some nasty stuff… and it’s actually more of a gooey face

  • ChrisAstro

    Wonder that’s that button on the grip!:)

    • Seshan

      Not a button it’s a Inferred sensor.

      • ChrisAstro

        Oh LOL!Opps

      • James

        Looks like there might be one on the back too, just above the LCD hinge.

        • Iris Chrome

          Yup, I second that

  • Still no 60fps in the video? 🙁

    • Albert

      This is already better than the D7000 which makes out at 24fps..

      -Disgruntled D7k owner

      • Seshan

        this seems like it’s firmware, I wonder if they will update the D7k.

        • Ditto. I want my 60fps!!!!!!

    • Joe

      Still no 4K video at 60 fps? What an awfully lame camera, won’t buy this.

  • Adamz

    looks very promising, if only they drop the price a little bit down

    • bjrichus

      Yeah… The US price for this does need to be lower than $900. New DSLR users/upgraders with no brand loyalty will look at the Canon and say “I can get 2 more megapixels for THAT price with the Canon…” 🙁

    • Merv

      “Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $899.95 for a kit that includes the AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens.”

      Take out $50 – $100 by removing the kit lens, I’m sure many of us have a kit lens somewhere

      • Merv

        Never mind, there has been a new update which makes my statement incorrect

  • K


  • ilovefreestuf

    Wish there was 60fps for the 720p video.

    • O

      Why do you need 60fps? are you seriously considering buying this camera to do a camcorder job?

      • I would!
        I mean, why have two cases with you when going out?
        60 fps is what it should be and thats it. Thats probabely the only (and a huge) bad thing about this new D5100 🙁

        • O

          Well, expecting a camera to take good quality video is like expecting a camcorder to take good photographs…. I wish there was no video in cameras but better hardware.

          • I don’t think the current hardware that allows video is hindering any photo quality. I really enjoy the video and use it a lot. The video isn’t perfect, but its pretty good. 60fps should a must (want on my D7K), come on Nikon. (Also, take a look at Canon cameras, they take great photos and videos at 60fps!)

      • Dave

        What you are saying may have been true not that long ago but it is a different ballgame today. 60 fps renders beautiful slow motion which can be effective and make time remapping smoother. The wide array of lenses available to dslr users is a huge reason not to use a camcorder (Crappy lenses with a capitol C). The much larger sensor is another reason (image quality). Taking only one rig with you (with many more lens choices and more exotic lens choices) is yet another reason. You are not the only one buying cameras so the market is dictating high end video in dslr cameras. I can’t wait for 1080P at 120fps.

        • O

          Dave, huge number of lenses – yes, BUT Crappy lenses on camcorders do pretty good job for a 2MP< video. You do not need a huge sensor to get a good 1080 x 1800 video either.

        • O

          how about 3 second burst of 240 fps? I can understand that but not real video.

    • hybris

      im just glad that it has 1080 x 30fps
      and raw.
      i think ill buy one

  • Seshan

    18-55mm ED VR, that’s a new lens isn’t it?

    • Some Other James

      Or perhaps a misprint.

      • bjrichus

        The lens on the shots clearly only goes as high as 55mm and the inscription on the front is identical to my “kit” lens.

        • James

          The PR says ED. The old non-VR 18-55mm was ED, but the current VR is not. So either this is a new lens, or a misprint in the PR. I’m guessing misprint.

  • dan

    Aha! They’ve finally ditched the motion jpg and have started working with a decent video format.

    The D800’s shaping up to be a beast of a camera based on how far Nikon are coming along with all the features that are already being released on these models.
    I had little hope Nikon would ever catch Canon in regards to video when they were releasing the D3s and D300s, but I’ve bee proved so wrong.

    All I want now is video zoom like in the 600D!

    • Phil

      I mentioned this before, but…

      I’ll take MJPEG over h.264 any day. Sure, you can’t store as much with it, but there’s a reason for that. It’s much better spec. You have a real frame for every frame. The h.264 spec’s only advantage is longer reco9rding times, at a price.

      The only detriment would be if you can’t assign compression quality. You should have the option to set it to your needs. MJPEG would also give you the option of 4:2:2 color (if the manufacturer allowed it), something you can’t get with h.264 at all.

      If it’s allowed to be used to the best of it’s potential, MJPEG blows h.264 out of the water.

      • Sam

        Sounds like you should be picking up the Atomos Ninja or something if you want the higher quality formats.

  • conan

    The original poster said it was a PR error

    “Uh-oh. Something is fishy here: both @engadget and @nikonrumors linked to my site for the #D5100 press release. Thinking a PR error here.”

    • Adam

      Someone always breaks the NDA…it was deliberate.

  • Carlos R B

    How much do you figure for body only in US?

    • James

      Probably $100 less than the 18-55mm kit.

      • Carlos R B

        Well..a great value then…too shame nikon doesnt have an affordable 24mm(35mm EQ on DX) and high quality small lens for it….the old one wont focus….am i wrong?

        • James

          No, no 24mm; the 35mm f/1.8 is the closest available.

          Pentax is the only company that has anything close to a full range of primes for APS-C cameras.

  • Adam

    Digital Home Thoughts also mislables the kit lens as 18-105mm where as the press release states the 18-55mm.

    • James

      I noticed the 18-55mm is called a Zoom-NIKKOR (a term Nikon has dropped recently) in the PR, and it’s listed as ED, although the picture doesn’t reflect this.

    • The Man from Mandrem

      Any way to guess at US pricing based on Canadian pricing or there’s not typically offset?!

    • conan

      Canada hasn’t been APRIL 5th yet~~how come that press release was dated on April 5th, 2011~~is that a press release draft~LMAO

    • Vandyu

      I’d rather see the 18-105VR lens on this camera. But, that’s what B&H is for.

  • Pen Pockwell

    900 Canadian dollars is equal to about 930 US dollars.

    • Seshan

      Yet, It will still probably be cheaper in the US.

  • 3rrolski3

    Great upgarde!…. With this I surely expect the D400 and D800 will have at least 24 MP or above….

  • alvix

    ..headphones out ?..

  • chris

    *yawn* Looks like another decent noobcam. Wake me up with the D4/D800/DFM2n/Nikon-mirrorless comes out.

    • James

      So you’re awake for this, but you’re planning to sleep through that? 🙂

      • I will be awake 🙂

        • James

          I was assuming you would be. 😉

  • PricePointer

    Hmmm, they are jacking the prices up on these low line cameras and everyone thinks they are going to make the D800 $500-700 CHEAPER than the D700? Yeah, right. D800 = $2999.

    Nikon, thanks for making all your loyal fans wait for what they REALLY want. D800/D400 now or lose customers to Canon.

    • Vandyu

      Doubt that truly loyal Nikon fans will chuck their entire lens bag just because of a delay. But, if you just simply can’t wait, head on over to Canon if you think they’re better. Otherwise, learn some patience and experience a great product when it arrives.

    • my d700 is still kicking all the local canon guys asses. there is no way i would go over there and deal with that plastic-fantastic-falling-off-mirror-no-auto-foky-crap
      you got problems if you cant wait for the next thing.
      go take some shots, or, do you even own a camera?

  • axel

    So it can record 1080 at 30fps? wheres the 60fps at 720?!

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      It’s over at Canon.

      If you take video seriously, Canon 550D (and soon the 600d/60d) with the Magic Lantern hack is head and shoulder above any Nikon.

      • Seshan

        If you take video seriously don’t get a DLSR.

        • roland


          Best comment ever!

          • Josh

            Or awful comment considering DSLR’s have been used as the primary camera on some major productions (see for example the show ‘House’)

            • roland

              One episode, as a gimmick or PR-stunt if you will.

              It’s not like the other TV-productions has replaced their big-ass proffessional cameras and put a tiny DSLR on top of their big-ass dollys 😀

  • johnson

    wonder if it has a wireless flash commander

  • mandrake

    If I cared about the articulating screen I would just get the bigger 60D. Bring on the pro bodies!

  • Sam

    I hope that some of these changes are implemented into the D7000. With what appears to be the same software (and most likely worse other hardware) than the D7000 then a lot of these should be able to be added. The reason the video is actually superior in an inferior camera. Also I want to see how bad the Night Vision thing is

  • Awesome news from Nikon! Looking forward to hearing more details about whether they have addressed the exposure meter, +/-, aperture restrictions when shooting video as found on the D7000.

  • broxibear

    I think digitalhomethoughts got a quick phone call from Nikon’s lawyers…there’s no mention of a D5100 on their site anymore lol.
    What’s the deal with “Scene Modes”…do people actually use them ?

  • Interesting: faster autofocus because of EXPEED 2?

    • Paul

      A D90 focuses faster than a D80 because of it’s faster processor (Expeed – compared to the D80), so why wouldn’t the D5100 focus faster thanks to its Expeed 2 type processor ?

  • William

    Where is my D800……..????
    So…it’s much easier to make entry level than Semi-Pro body….
    As this segment is getting bigger and hotter???

  • Richard GM

    So, there is not going to be a quality Nikon compact? Then I shall be buying Olympus. I’m sorry, but I’ve long ago lost interest in an endless succession of SLRs, each sporting a minor “improvement”, the intention being to get you to waste money on a constant succession of upgrades.

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