DxOMark also speculates on the upcoming Nikon D5100 camera

Update: DxOMark removed the Nikon D5100 reference from their website.

DxOMark included the Nikon D5100 in the conclusion section of their Canon EOS 600D review:

"The new EOS 600D brings no improvement over the 550D other than a few features. The two sensors perform exactly the same, and show the same persistent noise problem in dark areas at low ISO speeds, preventing it from achieving good dynamic range metrics. By contrast, Sony’s new sensors have efficiently solved this issue, and it will be interesting to see how Nikon’s D5100 performs. Competition may be tough between Sony and Nikon, but Canon continues to lag behind them both."

Maybe they are already testing the D5100? They included the D5100 also in the introduction section:

"On the other hand, the Nikon D5000 could stand against the 600D, but it is slated to be replaced by the newer D5100 very soon."

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  • Surprising the 600D didn’t score any better than the 550D.

    • JED

      Is this a clear hint that the D5100 uses the D7000 Sony origin sensor as opposed to the Nikon origin D3100 sensor?
      Note the D3100 has slightly worse DR than the 600D which would not fit the DXO statements at all…

      • Simon

        That is true. The 600D is a direct competitor of D3100 so DXO got that wrong.

        • Iris Chrome

          While I might be incorrect, I do think that the comptetion between Nikon and Canon DSLR line-up goes something like this:

          Nikon ————– Canon
          D3100 ————- 1100D (T3)
          D5000 ————- 600D (T3i)
          D90 —————- 60D
          D300s ————- 7D
          D700 ————– 5D MII
          1D line
          D3 line ———— 1Ds line

          That would make the D5000 (or upcoming D5100) compete with the 600D.

          I don’t think the D7000 has any direct competitor from Canon. While in some aspects it certainly kicks the 7D’s butt, overall the 7D is more pro than the D7000. Likewise the D7000 is a step or two (or three) above the 60D.

          The 1D on the other hand is a niche for Canon with it’s 1.3x crop factor sensor. It’s not FX and it’s not exactly DX (as in 1.5x or 1.6x crop).

        • TommyDe

          600D isn’t the direct competitor of D3100. Just look at the price tags! Canon costs $800 (body only), Nikon’s D500o and D3100 cost accordingly $700 and $600, both with 18-55 lens. D3100 is a slightly worse camera than the new EOS, but it’s cheaper by more than 25%! Canon’s going down when D5100 hits the stores at reasonable price.

          • Well, remember that it’s a world-wide market and in some places (such as Oz for example), I gather Canons are cheaper and Nikons more expensive than in say, North America (I don’t know about Europe). Thus, they may well be viewed as direct competitors depending on where one lives.

  • benS

    DXO Mark “… Competition may be tough between Sony and Nikon, but Canon continues to lag behind them both.”

    Ha ? I never knew Canon was behind Sony ? I have always thought Nikon and Canon are the best. Is there a typo there somewhere ??

    • malez

      i believe they’r talking in terms of sensor quality, not camera sales

    • bisaiah

      I think what they mean here is the competition for best noise handling in low light situations? I’m not sure, but that’s how I read it.

      • Ruben

        Yes. Nikon and Sony is better in terms of noise, and in some cases light-metering. Probably because of tighter pixel pitch on most Canons. The difference looks bigger on paper then you will actually ever care to notice.

        • JED

          Higher pixel density does not make the Canons worse. In fact it helps them remain competitive when dynamic range/noise are considered at the image level.
          Canons noise problems are not caused by increased MP.

          • Sky

            Only most of lower-MPx cameras outmatch Canon megapixel-racing-DSLRs easily? An accident? Or Canon sabotage it’s own sensors?

            Canons noise problems are clearly caused by increased MP.

            • EF specialist

              Let’s hope, megapixel race are over (again?), I don’t see, how they could cram more than 18MPix into APS-C, unless they want to hit the diffraction limit with the kit lens apertures… Right now, even f/11 is about the maximum you can afford before it gets really noticeable. They (all companies) should now really move to broaden the dynamic range and noise eliminations either in low ISOs and in high ISOs as well of course.

  • broxibear

    They mention the D5100 in the introduction as well as the conclusion…
    “Its price positioning makes it hard for the EOS 600D to find a competitor for the time being. The new Pentax K5 and Nikon D7000 are still much more expensive in shops. On the other hand, the Nikon D5000 could stand against the 600D, but it is slated to be replaced by the newer D5100 very soon. But although aging, we will use the D5000 as a challenger to the new EOS 600D, along with the Alpha 55, one of Sony’s recent “enthusiast” DSLR bodies.”
    Still think it’s a camera Nikon don’t need in their line up…but what do I know ?

    • thanks, I added this to the post

    • I doubt that they are just speculating.

      • broxibear

        No you’re right…they’re not going to mention it unless they already know or have one ?
        Personally speaking, I just think camera manufacturers bring out way too many models with relatively small upgrades from the previous model.
        Won’t it just eat into the D7000 sales if it has the same sensor and is £300 cheaper ?

        • Well, the D90 remained very popular and still sold well when and for the duration of the D5000.

          • WoutK89

            Indeed, I dont like the D5000 ergonomics at all, but the D90/D80 body is much more better in my hands.

    • at least they (DxoMark) have never done this in the past

  • If DxO has a D5100 they would be subject to an NDA. Perhaps they picked up a leak somewhere, but mostly it looks like speculating to me.

    It is sort of hard to get excited about a new DX body when several have come out while the D700 is getting old. All pro gear production is suspended until further notice. Nothing like clarity.

    My heart goes out to all those in Japan whose lives have been disrupted by recent events.

    • You mean hard to get excited about a new DX body if you don’t use DX bodies… because the D700 getting old has nothing to do with new DX bodies. I, for one who uses DX bodies exclusively, is very excited about the D7000, (rumored) D400, and D5100.

      • WoutK89

        Everything at its time, some people just think Nikon is slow, while they are actually at a normal pace.

  • The priority should be saving and restoring lives affected by the triple menace of earthquake, tsunami and ensuing radiation trouble. What can companies like Nikon or Canon do to advance the pro line of cameras as the pros will eventually need new gear (breakdowns and loss due to other reasons)? Its a difficult situation to be in with your facilities so effected. You cannot just stop pro camera production. What are we talking about? 5 months, a year, 1 1/2 years?? We are living history now.

  • Ruhtard


  • DxO Suck

    Why does DxO mark insist on talking shite?

  • Haha, its not easy being a Canon-fanboy these days 😉

    • Unless you shoot 1080p video at 30fps. Then it’s not to hard.

  • Is it just me or have the remarks been removed?

    • yep, they removed the reference to the Nikon D5100

  • Mario

    Why bring out the Nikon D5100? and why bring out the D7000 after one year from the D90?
    We are in 2011 and Nikon non have a full frame camera with video in full hd;
    This proved to be a bad marketing operation, and vision for the future.

    Owners of a d90 to feel betrayed, the same will happen with the arrival of the D5100.
    Nikon showed no tact and sensitivity to consumer confidence.

    Sorry for my english

    • JED

      Nikon D90, 27 August 2008
      Nikon D7000, 15 September 2010

      In what reality does that equate to “why bring out the D7000 after one year from the D90”?

      • Mario

        The D7000 is the same category as the D90 (top consumer) with the same target consumers

        • JED

          And? Point is there was more than 2 years between the D90 and D7000.

  • broxibear
    • Tom

      Digitalrev just scraped everything from nikonrumors.com

      • Suckers

        Digitalrev more like DigitalBS.

        • TrT

          their strategy is to attract traffic so they can sell cameras – they are a retailer after all, just not sure who is buying from them

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