Rumor: Nikon’s mirrorless camera will be targeting professionals, to be released in few weeks

Few weeks ago DSLR Magazine and Mirrorlessrumors already reported that the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera will be targeted at professionals which contradicted what Nikon executives have said last year. It is possible that Nikon has changed their strategy and decided to go with a different solution.

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  • Brexxi


    • Mock Kenwell

      Awesome rumor. Totally exciting if true. Sporting a bit of a chub.

  • d70


    • cpm5280

      Probably not, they’ll want to sell a whole new crop of lenses.

      On the other hand, they seem to have a hard time releasing new glass, so perhaps it WILL be F mount? Or maybe there’ll be an adapter?

    • SZRimaging

      Likely with an adapter. It should have less mount to sensor distance so it would need different lenses.

      • Zograf

        F-mount — very unlikely.. Unless they have a hard time releasing an adapter))

    • Roger

      No way. It will probably have an F-mount adapter, though.

      • steve

        Sensor size ? Anything more than a 1.75 crop and I’m out.

  • Hopefully F-mount!

    • James

      Hopefully NOT F-mount. F-mount lenses are designed to put the focal plane far enough behind the lens to accommodate a mirror, making the whole system longer. This would eliminate one of the main advantages of a mirrorless camera – compact size.

      What that does mean is that there will be room to accommodate an adapter. If Nikon doesn’t make one, I’m sure some aftermarket supplier will. Whether this will work for G lenses remains to be seen – it will depend on the new mount having a compatible electronic interface.

  • Mark

    It kinda makes sense now why their pro-compact lines were crippled.

  • SZRimaging

    Geee…and I was about to pull the trigger on a D7k.

    Guess I’ll wait and see. I need 1080P at 24FPS and a DX lens.

    Better question, what kind of viewfinder are we looking at here? If it by some maricle has a hybrid similar to the new Fuji, I am buying one.

    • Roger

      Probably sucky EVF like Sony or Panasonic.

      • Roger

        Assuming it has a viewfinder at all. Intended market for this camera (amateurs) dont care about that, as long as it shoots video and makes better pictures than an Iphone, anyway.

        • SZRimaging

          That wouldn’t make it a “pro” mirorless if it is aimed at amateurs. I can tell there is a market for a mirrorless in a pro level body.

        • SZRimaging

          Actually, rather than pro, it should be aimed at “prosumer”. Think D7k to D300 level, full Mag body, maybe dual card slots. At least, if they want to differentiate them selves from the m43 and NEX crowd, that is what they need to do.

          Viewfinders are an interesting question, as I can’t decide if I like shooting off the LCD more or through a viewfinder. On a heavier camera, like say a D200 with grip, I would say viewfinder, 100%. But on my LX3, LCD all the way. So really, Nikon could go either way on that one.

          • “prosumer” will probably be a better description

            • Panfruit

              Prosumer would be nice, since there’s no such thing on the market yet, in mirrorless.

            • elliot

              In that case you should change your headline, since you cannot expect readers to follow corrections hidden among 100+ comments.

              ‘Prosumer’ is a category created for audio (and later video) equipment in the 1970s. Everyone in the camera business I’ve ever spoken to in the USA has used the term ‘enthusiast’ instead of prosumer — and that includes reps from Nikon, Canon and Pentax.

    • Zograf

      For now I’ll go for X100 — Fujifilm colours, looks like good DR, sort of nice viewfinder)
      I did try shadow/highlight recovery from X100 jpegs(Photoshop CS3) – superb compared to D7k

      • Gen

        DO you base your photography around incorrect exposures so you need to do shadow/highlight recovery all the time?

        • Zograf

          Not of course, just curiosity led me to play with DPreview’s jpegs.

        • NikonJoe

          So you think that shadow/highlight recovery is mostly used in case of wrong exposures? Too bad…

        • I never deliberately over or under-expose, no. And yet, somehow, I find that most of my pictures end up with some exposure adjustment before being displayed.

          If I dealt only with static subjects in studio lighting (fully under my control), there’d be an argument that I should never have to deal with exposure in post. But that’s not what/where I shoot.

      • JR

        You test dynamic range with a jpeg file? Enjoy your 8bits of information.

    • AlphaPuma

      I hear if you wait till 2012, a better model will be out.

      • Yes, and the best time to buy a new computer is six months from now. That’s been true since at least 1985 :-).

  • can I get a hot-shoe?

    • gt

      I read that in a reverend’s voice

      • SZRimaging

        Amen brother.

      • Mock Kenwell


  • Nau

    if it can take F mount lenses and have AF im gone buy it even without tests or anything … really need something SMALLER for vocations etc

    • Patrick McKay

      Which Vocations would that be? 😉

      • Sahaja

        He has felt the calling and is going to become a nun.

  • MRPhotoau

    Hey admin. Not even one leaked spec???

    • No, I just know that it will not have F-mount, but it will be F-mount compatible. I was told that in terms of quality it will be something around the D7000 level, not the D3/D700 level. I guess they will target it to professionals as a second camera option, I don’t think it will be a replacement of the D3/D700 in any way. It should definitely be better than the Coolpix line which is clearly targeted at consumers.

      • Roger

        IQ like the D7000, AF and battery life like the Coolpix.

        Indeed, Nikon mirrorless for professionals…. to give their 7 year old kids to play with. 😀

      • ShutterMonkey

        I seem to recall an interview with someone from Nikon, or someone who has designed for Nikon, who speculated that there would definitely be a new mount if Nikon were to do a mirrorless camera, and that bringing the F-mount to such a project/line would defeat the purpose of the line — ie. portability with good performance.

        I also recall reading, somewhere.. probably here.. that the sensor size would be smaller than APS-C… but that would be taking risk, unless they really pull a rabbit out of their hat with this one.

        I would expect that if they can put out something at that level which has the performance of the D90 at least — they can make a big splash. If it’s better, and if they pay attention to the interface – it could be huge, and Nikon needs something exciting at this level..

        A Pro mirrorless?
        Maybe I lack imagination, but atm, I’m not sure what that would look like.
        IMHO, for a pro, mirrorless already has at least two strikes against it: APS-C or smaller sensor, EVF/LiveView awkwardness (at least, for now.. it has a ways to go for Nikon).
        I’m not sure what people looking for a “pro” mirrorless expect?

        • pnutz

          They are looking for a Leica M9

          • SZRimaging

            But at 3/14 the price.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Naw. M9 is a modern interpretation of a relic. I want a smaller, digital version of the Contax G2. 3 sharp, fast pancake primes, 1-2 modest zooms.

  • ME

    Pardon my ignorance but what advantage do you have with a mirrorless camera??

    • SZRimaging

      Well, no mirror for one. No mirror means no vibrations caused by said mirror.

      Another big advantage is size/weight. You can make some pretty small bodies and lenses.

      • ME

        bodies i guess, but lenses???? I guess I am a purist…

        • Roger

          Bodies are not really smaller than SLR designs. Just take a look at some old SLR cameras, they can be made small, but since you have to use them in your hand.. so small cameras kinda suck.

          Lenses can be made smaller, only wides though. A bit smaller, and that’s about it. Theoretically they should be a bit better, but in real life that’s not the case.

          And the disadvantages for mirrorless cameras, mentioned already below: you have to lose the good viewfiender, lose the good autofocus, maybe lose the IQ (pellicle, or AF-on-sensor) and have useless battery life.

          All in all, mirrorless are nice toys, but no more than that.

          • SZRimaging

            Leica lenses are a good deal smaller then my Nikon lenses, and losing the depth from the mirror is a good amount of depth in the body. Height and width of the old bodies were also determined by film sizes and manufacturing constraints. Both of which are much different now than they used to be. That said, you are correct on the ergo point, but a smaller body if done right can work, just ask Leica.

            And with the advancements in tech, a lot of what you are saying could be overcome in the future if the tech is allowed to mature. It is too early to tell it’s potential.

          • Nau

            mmmm a bit smaller ? really
            look at Panasonic lenses and then look at Nikons – panasonics box is smaller then the Nikon lenses of the same range

            • SZRimaging

              Panasonic uses smaller sensors. Both 4/3 and M4/3 are smaller than DX. It is a really unfair comparison.

          • Eric

            “All in all, mirrorless are nice toys, but no more than that.”

            Wow! Really? I’ve owned both m4/3’s and a Sony NEX-3 and I can say for sure I no longer need a DSLR. I don’t do sports or action. I do portraits, street, and nature photography. I have no need for something the speed and size of a D300. In fact I sold my D200 after I bought an E-P1. The image quality is good enough, the speed is fine for my needs, and the cameras are MUCH MUCH smaller if you use primes. Even the zooms are a bit smaller.

            Plus, at the rate mirrorless are growing it would be suicide for Nikon to ignore the market. Count me in as one of the many that believe mirrorless will displace DSLR’s as the defacto standard for most amateurs and even some pros in the very near future.

    • Nick

      By eliminating the mirror, lenses can mount closer to the sensor. For wide angle lenses especially, it allows them to be smaller, simpler, and better quality, as well as easier to design.

    • Roger

      None.. wide angle lenses can be made a bit smaller. That’s it.

      • Roger

        And all you have to do is sacrifice viewfinder, autofocus and maybe even image quality (if pellicle, or AF-on-sensor are used) is to get tiny bit smaller wide angle lenses. LOL

        Summary: mirrorless is ok for video, SLR is much better for photography.

        • pnutz

          Really? Guess all those folks that shot with Rangefinders (they don’t have mirrors in the imaging path) were just hacks huh? Let me go tell Eugene Smith, Annie Leibowitz, HCB, Ansel Adams….

          • francois

            Through your failure to read Roger’s post you kind of made his point!

            Rangefinders have no autofocus nor TTL viewfinder, and DON’T sacrifice IQ because they DON’T use a pellicle OR AF-on-sensor!

      • Zograf

        I would +10 on that. Biogons(rangefinder style) are not smaller than Distagons(retrofocus design) and, in fact, with digital image sensors you are better off with retrofocus design(for wide angle lenses) as rays will be falling more normally on the sensor — big problem for rangefinders even with film..

        Well, unless, Nikon creates image sensor with nanocoating))
        Actually, in fact, why not — it will be a killer.. to Leica)))

        • steve

          You don’t need to sacrifice AF. Accuracy and speed can be the same or better. Don’t believe me ? Try a GH2 for AF. You won’t believe how fast and dead-on accurate it is. Absolutely no need for AF front/back adjustment.

          • James

            > Try a GH2 for AF.

            Where did you find a GH2?

          • Roger

            Have you tried GH2 for sport?

            Initial AF acquisition is one thing, tracking a moving subject is quite another. Phase AF it’s where it’s at.

            • steve

              GH2 is in the shops here in HK. No problem with supply, or AF tracking.

        • Sahaja

          “Biogons(rangefinder style) are not smaller than Distagons(retrofocus design)”

          Not smaller?

          ZM Biogon 21mm f 2.8 300g vs. ZF Distagon 21mm f2.8 600g
          ZM Biogon 35mm f 2.0 200g vs. zF Distagon 35 mm f2.0 530g

          The Biogon will give less distortion too

  • Rob

    Aps-c or FF…

  • Chip

    Mirrorless pro opens up a range of interesting possibilities for use of the space in the box behind the lens. For example, a sensor platform that could provide electronically controlled swing and tilt that would accomplish what the PC lenses do, using standard lenses, and extend the range of the PC lenses, much like having both rear and front movements on a view camera. Getting rid of the mirror also offers potential for faster frame rates, instant switching from still to video recording, and would simplify interchanging sensors (such as switching to an IR, or HDR B&W). These are things that pros with different needs could find valuable enough to justify a high price for a first generation model that Nikon needs to recover a large non-recurring engineering cost for the initial development.

  • venancio

    sensor size? interchangeable sensor?

    • Roger

      small sensor, no interchangeable sensor

      • venancio

        i was hoping tom hogan’s idea of a D3S sensor on a mirrorless body would have surfaced on this mirrorless rumor… that would be what i’d call pro vision… if the end result is just at par with D7000 IQ, then i’ll just withhold any further comment…

        • pnutz

          I don’t see how it could match the D7000 when the rumors say it will have a 2.5x crop sensor.

  • Nick

    I hope they do a better job of “targeting professional users” than previous attempts with the coolpix P series.

    • ZoetMB

      The “P” series was not designed for professionals. It stood for “Performance” as opposed to “Style” and “Lifestyle”, but at least on the Nikon USA site, they’ve dropped those distinctions. Although I will admit that the body copy for the P7000 does mention “professionals”, but no one takes that seriously:

      “The COOLPIX P7000 is an ideal traveling companion for advanced amateurs and pro-shooters alike. In low-light, for fast-moving subjects, dramatic landscapes or detailed close-ups, the P7000 is capable of keeping pace with your imagination.”

      Back in the film days, Olympus proved that you make a fully-functional small-bodied SLR (Olympus OM-1) with a line of physically small, but fast lenses. I think I had a 1.2 or 1.4 50mm that was tiny in size. Of course, the lenses didn’t have any motors in them. So I don’t think it’s necessary to go mirrorless to get small, but no one has pulled of the digital equivalent of the OM-1 as yet. But I think that would be my dream digital camera – more so than a mirrorless. There are still plenty of advantages to a through the lens viewfinder.

      And if Nikon truly is targeting “professionals” with the mirrorless camera, that might be a reference to price more than functionality, which would be a disappointment. But having said that, I hope Nikon surprises us with something great. But if it’s overpriced (even if it’s overpriced because of the weak dollar), I’m gonna stick with lugging around the DSLR, in which the lens is the heaviest part anyway.

  • Chuck

    Professional, what is that? Is that like the D3/D3s where most go to rich peepers and measurbators who want the best toys?

    Nikon can’t even deliver the real professional lens and they want to create another family including lens for the so called professional.

    Sigh, get at least one line right before you ad another partial line, duh…

    • Mock Kenwell

      “Nikon can’t even deliver the real professional lens…” Are you nuts? They released 11 kick-ass lenses last year. Who else did that?

      • NikonJoe

        Releasing and satisfying demand are wholly different things.

        • Mock Kenwell

          We’re not talking about selling it, we’re talking about building it. And if you’re motivated enough to get a particular Nikon lens, you can get it. Yes, their market prognostication leaves much to be desired. But If you wait 3 weeks to get a hot body or lens, you’re asking for a wait.

  • Roger

    This will target professional just like the top Coolpix model LOL

    Another mirrorless toy coming right up.

  • My prediction:

    12MP D700 sensor
    F-mount with adapter
    New pancake set of lenses
    Price over 2k (body)

    Let’s see…

    • Roger


      • Mock Kenwell

        How many more posts are you going to make in this thread denouncing a camera you haven’t seen and whose specs have not been leaked?

        • Roger

          Apologies if it seems that way. I was only replying that this specs above are not correct. Think about it:

          Do you really think it will have D700 sensor?
          Do you really think it will have F-mount?

          I’d say there’s no chance of that happening. Wait and see.

          • JED

            He said ‘F mount with adapter’. Translation it will not have an F-mount be it will have an adapter to allow F-mount lenses..
            Do you understand?

      • jason

        D3100 sensor. $500 body.

    • asdf


  • A pro mirror-less camera. I thought that was called a Leica.

    • Roger

      No, Leica is mirrorless for rich amateurs. Pros stopped using it some 30 years ago.

      • SZRimaging

        Nope, the pros shoot the S2, not the M9.

        • Roger

          Not any pros I know. 😉 I do know of amateurs who have bought S2, tho….. not kidding!

          • SZRimaging

            Jeez….I’m semi-pro and I wish I had deep enough pockets for any medium format gear….

            Of the pros I know personally, there are a few shooting ‘blad, but most are running various Nikon and Canons. I can’t name one though that regularly uses a D3 or 1D level camera.

  • Theo

    Why Tessar/Pancake lenses? They’re slow, and low contrast, and prone to ghosting.

  • Victor

    maybe look like Nikon rangefinder?

    • Roger

      It would be a good move. People pay money out of nostalgia, witness the new Fuji. Nikon should make it look like an S-mount rangefinder even if it’s only a large-sensor, interchangeable lens p&s.

  • Tony

    VR in Camera?

  • I was thinking about buying a Sigma DP2x or the X100, but I’ll wait to hear what Nikon has to offer. Better not be a suped-up P7000. 😀

    • Roger

      How about a P7000 with a larger sensor, and interchangeable slow lenses?

  • IWantD800

    I am guessing
    *D7000 ish APS-C sensor.
    *1080/60i and 720/60p output (if not better).
    *Can do okay contrast AF with ‘classic F-mount’ AF-S lenses with an adapter – especially those released lately : f/4 VR line, f/1.4G line.
    *Surprisingly, a good EVF.
    *Body size at least that of a D40.

    When the words ‘Nikon’ and ‘pro’ show up together, that can only mean it would be expensive. I am guessing US$1499+ if not $1999.

    If they surprise us by mounting a D3S sensor in it, it might well cost $2499/2999 if not more.

    • tinotino

      Dude for that kind of money I rather buy a used D700.

      Or even a Fuji X100.

      You just reminded me the F mount adaopter probably won’t suppor the screw drive AF lenses. My Tokina 11-16mm is a very sad panda right now.

  • Nice to have a Nikon answer to Leica rangefinder(mirrorless). Nicer if it has same specs of the D7000. With adapter for DX lenses. NOW THAT would go in my bag.

  • grumps

    Now there no mirrorless camera apart from the M9 with a Full frame sensor, I just hope some manufacturer will make such an offering apart from Leica! If you’re gonna sell high quality glass, I expect the camera sensor to make the most of it!

  • grumps

    …I also wanted to add, if the specs are good and this will be a pro level (making money from shoots) camera, I wouldn’t mind paying the premium for the quality, but then again, if it is not F-mount, why in the world would I bring a backup with a new set of glass to carry?

    • Roger

      Yup, excellent point about new set of glass.

    • SZRimaging

      Actually, if it has a new set of glass, but does allow the use of F-mount through adapter, that wouldn’t be a problem. Use your old glass as you upgrade the key lenses to the new glass.

    • PHB

      That depends on the size of the camera and the sensor.

      If the camera was full frame it would be fairly pointless. The lenses would be the same size as for F-mount, the viewfinder would be worse. The only advantage would be somewhat cheaper and better quality fast wide primes.

      A crop factor of 2.5x as rumored would work much better. The camera and a wide lens would be about the same size as the 14-24 f/2.8. If could take the f-mount lenses with an adapter.

      Don’t think of EVIL as a ‘backup’ camera. Think of it as an alternative balance of benefits. You don’t need every single one of your cameras to take pictures in pitch blackness without flash. You won’t be using an electronic viewfinder camera for sports photography for quite some time, the autofocus is just not the same.

      EVIL is going to be king for landscape photography and in particular wide angle landscape. It is also going to be king for bird photography and anything requiring very long reach. If you are taking pictures of birds the longer your lens the better. You will find a 70-200 f/2.8 or 80-400 on an EVIL camera with 2.5x crop to be infinitely superior to the same lens on an F-mount camera with a 2x teleconverter.

      So oddly enough EVIL turns out to be very good at the extreme wide and extreme tele ends and SLR is better in the middle. But both can be used as a substitute for the other in a pinch. Isn’t that what you would want from a backup camera rather than something that is exactly the same?

  • Kenneth Leong

    I am waiting for this, Its happening. Go Nikon.

  • RiverRoadMan

    Probably bring back the S-mount.

  • Kevin

    lol. can’t wait to see a 70-200 go on this baby 😀

  • Trevor

    I just don’t see “pro” and “mirror-less” going together. By “pro” I mean equipment used by people who take pictures so they can eat. If that’s the case, I don’t see any situation where you’re not going to want large aperture, which will totally kill any mirror-less size advantage (which is really the only advantage I can find).

    If this rumor IS true, I think it will be something VERY similar to the X100, but maybe FF. Slap a D700 sensor in retro range-finder body with a fixed 35mm f/1.4. Then you have a nice journalist or street camera. I just don’t see Nikon releasing a whole new professional lens line – that only gives people a reason to evaluate switching to other brands (as I did from Olympus).

    Honestly, I thought they were right before; think P&S on steroids. A 2.5x crop factor (can’t be 2x because 4/3 is so passé) with a 28-280mm equiv lens gives you a small body with a range most consumers are happy with and better DoF and S/N than even a 1/1.7 (S95). And, you fit right into that sweet spot of more expensive than P&S but less expensive (and intimidating sounding) than DSLR.

    Just my thoughts. But, as everyone seems to include their wishlists on all their posts, let me toss out a request for a DX 24ish mm (35 equiv) f/2. I’m sure Nikon will jump right on it.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Pro in this sense does not mean a camera that earns you a living. For me, it means a more portable solution that allows me to have a camera with me more frequently. Pros shoot for fun too. And every shot doesn’t need to get a 40″ print. So there is definitely a place for a more serious compact pro solution.

  • mshi

    do i really need one?

  • Sh

    I tought I needed a mirrorless camera. The truth is that I needed a highly portable system and what I did was to get a D3100 and use it with primes. I am veeery happy, light, small, DSRL IQ, F mount (no need to buy new lenses, I use the great Nikkor and Voigt primes) and all the hardware is already available on stores.

    Of course that was the solution for me.

    • pooparty

      voight on a d3100, huh? ive got a d60 for the portability and only use the 35 1.8 on it since its nearly impossible to manually focus on that tiny viewfinder.

      • Salva

        I have some time practicing and at the beginning is hard but later is ok, you can train your body to do it, and also use live view.

        I have to acknowledge that Nikon could (easily) help as “a lot” providing better means to MF, for example leaving the green dot turned of until it is focused, that is very simple, second, activating the green arrows found on other bodies, very simple as well.

  • carlgo

    I love rangefinders and their little terrific lenses. Sure, have an F-mount adapter but the greatest step up will be with small purpose-built lenses. You could count on Zeiss, etc also offering some.

    Nikon did make some compelling rangefinders, so that would be a good precedent.

    The key is the finder. It will have to be at least partially electronic and you can bet there will be big fights between optical people and those who can work with electronic viewers, or some combination of the two. Optical will always be compelling, but electronic will simply be required and will be quit useable I’m sure.

  • Johnson

    WOW! Hope Nikon keeps the F-mount on their mirrorless, because they will lose their advantages with the new mount.

  • style it like one of the old SLRs please!! Nikkomat FTN would be the best, but i could settle for FM2…

    • Sahaja

      a digital FTn or FM2 would be a DSLR not a mirrorless camera.

  • Bruce

    Definitely NOT F-mount that’s for sure. Do us all a favor Nikon and use the existing Sony E-Mount so we have maximum interchange flexibility with other lens mounts. E-Mount has many more options (with adapters) than Leica-M and m4/3 for example. Seriously doubt Nikon would be this forward thinking but it’s worth a shot. Let’s hope in the alternative they have the good sense to make the flange-back distance no more than E-Mount otherwise there will be fewer legacy lens options vs. Sony right off the bat. Time to sell the D3, D700, and D300’s I think.

    • Roger

      Nikon using Sony’s E-mount? You’d get fired if you suggested that in front of Nikon board, and rightfully so.

      Manufacturers make a lot of money on lenses, Nikon does not want you to use Nikon camera and Sony lens. All manufacturers want to sell their own lenses, and this will always be the case.

      • Bruce

        Really? May I with respect suggest that Sony NEX-5’s are flying off the shelves BECAUSE folks are mounting non-Sony glass on them… Heck, even Sony themselves acknowledged that they were totally surprised at the mismatch between bodies sold vs. lenses and seriously underestimated the value of the option embedded in their E-Mount design and flange-back distance… i.e.: the ability of third parties to produce adapters for just about every legacy lens mount out there. My recent trip to Japan confirmed certainly for me that folks are putting all sorts of stuff on their NEX cameras. I’m using Nikon-F, Nikon-G, Leica-L, Leica-M, Contax C/Y, Sony-E, Canon FD, Canon EOS, Minolta, and C-mount on mine.

        • Roger

          NEX users are using non-Sony glass only because Sony has just 3 E-mount lenses, and they’re no good.

          Sony has misjudged what lenses NEX users want – users have no other option but to screw around with the 3rd party lenses and adapters.

          • Oplya

            > Sony has misjudged what lenses NEX users want
            Who told you that? Vast majority of target buyers needs only 18-55, and Sony has it.

            > they’re no good
            That’s BS. Nobody expects Leica M quality at this price.

          • Bruce

            Sorry to say Roger but you are just soooo dead wrong on all points.

            The 16mm and 18-55mm E-mount lenses are just fine. What do you expect for a few hundred bucks?

            The only thing Sony misjudged was how great the NEX platform would be as a mount for just about every lens ever produced for 35mm format, and a few others too like C-mount.

            No other manufacturer can yet offer such a versatile lens platform in such a small package with such great IQ.

            It’s really that simple.

      • ShutterMonkey

        Even if – in the world of the impossible – Nikon were to use an E-mount… does anyone here think that someone buying that camera is going to use Sony glass on it?

        They’ll use nikkor, and probably sigma/tamron/tokina but unless they already have Sony glass, I would expect it would be ignored or considered another 3rd party option.

  • Bruce

    Oh… A digital FM3A(nalog) [i.e.: FM3D(igital)] would be just what the doctor ordered. Just don’t do something stupid with the lens mount. The world does not need a new lens mount. Sony have already set a pretty darn good bar, and I want maximum lens availability right out of the gate please..!!!

  • jake

    – 12 megapixels
    – Professional all-weather titanium and G10 fiberglass body
    – 3-inch 920,000-dot LCD screen
    – New all-electronic lens mount
    – 64GB flash RAM onboard (no card slot)
    – USB, WiFi-G/N, and Thunderbolt connections
    – Industry leading 5-year warranty
    – WiFi-N receiver accessory with 2 CF card slots and 5.4″ LCD screen

  • Joaquim

    I was just thinking that Nikon needs some kind of FM3A for the digital ERA. I don’t mind to have a F5 or F6 even a F100, I am very happy with my FM3A and the results are the same because of the optics are the same. Nikon should have a Light weight Digital Camera that can make good pictures as good as a D700. I would love to have some kind of “FM3D” because I don’t need 11fps, 100 AF point, ultrafast image processor, bult-in flash, 1 million fuctions… I know a lot of users that just need a camera to take good pictures and as good as a D700 with much less functions and FX sensor. Leica did that and have an amazing system but really overpriced!! Nothing is perfect.

    • Roger

      I, on the other hand, do need “11fps and 100 AF point”. Cant shoot sport without it.

      By the way, price for such a camera you’re asking for would be the same or even higher than D700. Very likely higher, because it would sell in small numbers.

      • Salva

        Whats the problem with price

        • Salva

          I mean if it is worth the cost. Many people buys D700/D3/D3x or whatever because for them it is worth it 🙂

      • Sahaja

        Roger – isn’t a DSLR going to be better for photographing things like sport?
        If so, why worry about those features in an EVIL camera?

    • Do you want autofocus? How about a rear display? You won’t be running that on two MS-76 batteries, so a bigger cavity for the battery. Also, you’ll want the G lenses to work, so you’ll want command dials. You’ll probably want more than one-stop shutter speed adjustments and more choices than center-weight metering so plan on a top deck LCD. You can’t change the ISO by changing film so more buttons, etc. The sensor needs to go where the film plane would be for the lenses to work correctly, so the electronics and display go behind that. Thicker now. Pretty soon you end up with a D3100 or a D700.

      • Sahaja

        Elton – the Contax G2 was autofocus, and the M9 is hardly thicker than an M6 or M7. For the same aperture and focal length Zeiss M mount lenses are much smaller and lighter than the F mount equivalents.

        You really don’t need more controls than on an M9 a small button to cycle through metering options is enough. No need of a top deck LCD. Changing ISO could go where film speed was changed on film cameras and similarly the shutter speed where dial where it always was.

        If you need to support G-lenses put an aperture control on an F mount adaptor for G lenses.

  • Ben

    What does “aimed at the professional market” mean?

    Rainproof? Built to be dropped off elephants onto cobblestones? Fast focus and fast shooting? Switches rather than menus? Plays well with their pro flash units? Or just too expensive to compete against the rest of the EVIL systems and aimed at Nikon fanbois?

    • AlphaPuma

      @Ben: Best post on the page.

    • I’d hope that it mainly means a top quality full frame sensor (better than any now in whatever D3 you choose) and new, fast, professional-level glass – both far more compact than any currently-available Nikon with similar quality… and yes, dust- and water-proof effectiveness on par or exceeding any D3, as droppable onto concrete as my D3x proved to be with nothing more than a dent, fast focus and shooting of course (ideally at least up to D3 standards plus full HD motion) and fully Nikon CLS compatible.

      And easily able to compete against other EVIL systems… but on quality not price since none would come even remotely close to the specs I mentioned.

  • Gareth

    If they want to it meet pro standards it will have to have SLR level IQ.

    None of the mirrorless cameras I have seen have this, that goes for everything (including X100) except leica, which I have not tried.

    If it has the IQ of my D300s with better NR I will maybe get one in the future. If not, then I won’t bother.

    • jack

      I know of one mirrorless camera that has dslr image quality… did an informal test of my new Ricoh GXR with the D300 and 17-55 AFS… the Ricoh won (at least for white balance, sharpness, and overall IQ)… of course it wasn’t even close to being as fast.

    • Sahaja

      Come on Gareth, there is no technical reason why a mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor cannot have the IQ of a DSLR with an APS-C sensor, or why one with an FX sensor cannot have the IQ of a DSLR with an FX sensor. With wide angle lenses the mirrorless may be better.

  • Gareth: What do you mean? The Sony Nex has the same image quality as the Nikon D3100 (same sensor) – even extremely good image quality, if you dont shoot in Jpeg that is 😉
    I do proffesional shooting with a D5000 sometimes, just delete the Exif and the final customer dont have a clue. They think its a D3 or something..

    On the case of the Nikon mirrorless. I really hope the make it with Aps-c sized or bigger sensor!

    … and Nikon, at least 14 mp because the stock agency standard in northern Europe is now 12 mp, I would really like to be able to do at least some small cropping sometimes..

    • regular

      real professionals dont crop.


      • Bruce

        or use Photoshop… images are just great straight out of the camera.

  • Martin

    I hope they have the guts to go FX 🙂

    And if not, the “pro” rumour should indicate at least DX size sensor, plus good manual controls.

    The open question is the viewfinder. Standard solution should be a good EVF, but maybe they come up with something fancy?!

  • Getanalogue

    Nikon will maybe use M-mount? Lol
    But seriously, finder should not be an issue if you attach a Zacuto Z-finder Pro to the screen – it is just phantastic looking through it in live mode.

    • SZRimaging

      If it is M-mount, I am pre-ordering, no questions asked.

      • Bruce

        Stick your M-mount on a Sony NEX and you will be delighted with the results.

        • SZRimaging

          Yeah, I almost bought a NEX, but in the end the system seemed to be lacking a few things. Maybe in a couple versions they’ll have everything I want, like a wired remote.

  • sflxn

    Targeting at pros requires lenses. Hopefully, they’ve been focused on releasing it with a good set of lenses. 5 lenses, atleast. Wide, normal, and portrait prime along with 2 zooms.

  • Andrew Hasegawa

    I would think that asking D3 quality is highly improbable and unfeasible, you do not need D3 specs for a mirror-less compact system to be aimed at pros, Nikon isn’t asking pros to switch from the D3 to EVIL, its more like a highly portable side-kick for fast and discrete shooting, as long as it sports a APS-C sensor + EXPEED 2 + fast AF performance & quick switchable customizable settings presets it should serve its purpose as a designed for professional side-kick well… i’m in fact thrilled by this announcement!

  • I’ve been getting close to buying a Micro Four-Thirds (probably Olympus EPL2). I suppose this means I ought to wait and see what happens.

    I don’t think a full-frame sensor makes sense; that’s equivalent of medium format traditionally, an extra-high-quality format used for work with special requirements. And that’s not where a mirrorless camera really fits in. Leica, when it was new, was an extreme miniature camera, and people accepted considerable sacrifice in image quality (compared to 4×5 or 120 roll film cameras) to gain the fast handling and small size that let them invent a whole new photojournalism. I think the mirrorless (I like the acronym “EVIL” — Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) camera fits the miniature camera world, and an APS-C or m4/3 sensor easily beats 35mm film results from 1932.

    What I would really like is for Nikon to join Micro Four-Thirds; mixing and matching lenses and bodies freely over a bigger and bigger range of suppliers is my idea of equipment heaven.

    • Sahaja

      Nikon will never join Micro Four-Thirds

      • I think you’re right, they’re unlikely to. But it’s a pity.

  • Sh

    I see that there are two groups here. One is the Fm3Dsrl and the other is the mirrorless. Well, lets hav both porducts 🙂

    • Sahaja

      Yes a digital FM (FX with F mount) DSLR and a mirrorless digital SP. 🙂

  • Art

    Of course, the real question is whether there will be an even more “Pro” version in the future. Nikon is pioneering an entirely new category for which, they will have to design a whole new line of lenses. Given that, one could reasonably assume that there will be additional versions of the mirrorless camera including “pro” and “consumer” versions. I would see this camera as being a “mid” grade mirrorless and expect that after Nikon has people excited about it, they will come out with more affordable consumer versions as well as higher quality versions for real “pros”.

  • Not being an optical engineer, I’m having a hard time understanding what EVIL/mirrorless will mean to me. More specifically, what will it mean to my long-term effort to add to my collection of lenses for my D90 (105 2.8, 18-200, 17-35, with a 70-200 in my relative near future)? Will these lenses be incompatible with my next camera? I had always thought that my next body would be a D300/D700 (or whatever the body du jour was when I’m ready), so my lens purchases made sense. I know there’s talk of an adapter, but over time Nikon (if it’s smart) will make today’s lenses obsolete. There’s no point in building new bodies if you can’t use the buzz to generate new lens sales.
    As an aside, I just noticed that three used 70-200s (w/ VR I) just popped up for sale at B&H? Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. But the timing is interesting.

  • hopefully this is not made in sendai but somewhere else in japan

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