First Nikon D5100 specs (14MP, 1080p, swivel LCD)

From the same source (thanks ”Bro”) who sent me the camera box picture come the first Nikon D5100 specs:

  • Same body as the D5000
  • 14 MP sensor
  • Swivel LCD
  • Video 1080p

If this rumor is correct, Nikon has decided to use the 14.2MP DX CMOS sensor from the D3100 in the upcoming D5100 model:

Nikon D3100 14.2MP DX CMOS sensor

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  • Hector

    Excelent. How many focus point is included?

    • WoutK89

      Would assume the same as D3100.

    • venancio

      the focus points can play a make or break role if its other specs will allow it to stand on its own when compared by someone who is looking for something against Canon T3i or T2i… makes you wonder if Canon and Nikon have a secret understanding of specs tier boundary rule so that the market can be segmented between the two of them… can’t wait to get a glimpse of what Nikon means by new gen…

  • D700guy

    Moving along now, nothing to see here.

  • Jim

    If they knew they would have posted it. Until it is announced these are still all rumors.

    • hybris

      it looks very solid to me.
      to folsify this box and image is very hard.

      to me it looks like its very real, would have liked to see an update of the d700 through

  • D400?

    Just give me the D400. Until then, get a D7000.

  • Don’t care whether comes the sensor, they both (D3100 and D7000) are good, but if there is the same body as D5000 — that is bad news. I have lot of arguments against ergonomics of that camera.

    • James

      I expect the LCD hinge may be on the left instead of on the bottom.

  • D700guy

    I just find it ironic that these entry level bodies are kicking my D300’s ass!
    Not that I really care though, I never use the damn thing anyway.

    • Ronan

      What? O.o

    • Ruben

      They got higher MP, better video and probably better noise handling. But a D300s got better AF, FPS, RAW, Lightmetering, got synccable out, and better build.

      • D700guy

        I dont have a D300s, mine is just a D300.
        The body I use endlessly is my D700, and the 300 is a shelf queen.
        It’s $800 that needs to be liquid so that I can afford the down on a D4.

    • gt

      yeah its kinda ridiculous. IQ wise, they probably have the D300s’s files beat.

      • ha

        Try to make good photos then. Those will increase your IQ for free.

        • gt

          comments like these are ridiculous. I can (and do) make amazing images with the gear I currently own, however, because I’m in the market for an upgrade, IQ considerations are relevant to me.

          • Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • PDXgeek

      with technology advancing faster every year, makes no sense to get a pro body anymore….no matter what you get, sensors in two years will blow it away, so get entry level or you’re flushing money away like those d300 owners did…

      • WoutK89

        The problem with entry level is that you are probably behind about 1 generation in optimal performance.

      • rhlpetrus

        The opposite: the sensors are all getting so close now that only body specs really matter.

  • venancio

    one down, four to go… next one is the mirrorless, then D400 and D800… D4 delivery is scheduled by Santa…

  • They are rumours, and probably false rumours. I want to believe this info. However I do not.

  • K

    FINALLY! something is released about the d5100. That’s great, Ill be buying it soon

  • Rahul

    Why would one prefer this over D3100 then? I was hoping that it would have the D7000 sensor just like the D5000 had the D90 sensor.

    • WoutK89

      You just want a cheap D7000, not gonna happen I am afraid.

      • gt

        relatively speaking the D7000 is cheap

        • From a bystander point of view (owning no DSLR, I Have D7000 myself), a Canon T2i seems to have the best value package for beginners/mid-range even. D7000 is a higher cost and more “pro”, but I still envy some of the Canon camera’s abilities.

          • gt

            just curious, what are you envying of the t2i?

            • megapixels, of course.

            • gt


              really?…really, really?

              5200 x 3464

              4896 x 3264

              So he’s jealous of 300 pixels on the long end and 200 pixels on the short end?

    • James

      I was hoping the same, but the 14mp sensor makes more sense. The cheapest way to get the 16mp sensor is the A580.

  • mshi

    Which basically confirms whatever FX bodies that Nikon’s going to throw at us later this year will kick ass big time.

  • King Of Swaziland

    Nikon needs to upgrade the Swivel LCD on the D5100 to a high resolution one.

    • WoutK89

      Agreed on that one, Canon is already at 1 million dots

  • SZRimaging

    Wonder what the body size/weight difference is between this and the D7000. Need a smaller body for travel.

    • WoutK89

      Expect the same difference the D90 and D80 had, a slight increase from the D5000.

    • scurvy hesh

      According to the rumor its the same body.

      • WoutK89

        There are internals and externals involved 😉

  • The Invisible Man

    14MP ! cool !

    That way, when we will get our D900 with 15.2MP we won’t feel ripped off !

    • Joel

      No, it simply produces a bigger photo, not a better photo. If you’re not using the very best lens you can get your hands on, that larger photo will look like complete ass.

  • chris

    people still are interested in the megapixel game? i thought that was just for kids and cell phone salesmen.

    • broxibear

      You forgot about the idiots who think more mp will somehow make them better photographers ?
      Camera manufacturers encourage the megapixel myth to sell the new products, some so called review sites are complicit in it because they’re owned or sponsored by photographic retailers ?
      Many dslrs have become bloated with features few use…It’s no wonder Leica sales are going up, simple, solid cameras that do what’s needed and do it well.
      There’a a reason so many want a digital FM2…I’m not sure if Nikon or Canon have the balls to introduce a new camera with less features though ?
      I’m a D3 user…hopefully it isn’t the last of the great pure photographic cameras from Nikon.

      • My_CR

        Here in France some news paper agencies required more than 20 Mpix pictures. So you’re stuck with D3x or 5DmarkII. So guess what are buying all the small photographers working with those agencies ?

        • Totally crazy those guys! What do they want with that? It’s for a newspaper for crying out loud!
          I just sold a standard D300 pic to a magazine for a spread of 46×30 cm! It prints beautiful and on high gloss magazine paper!

      • hybris

        not a better photographer but it wil give me better resolution.
        and i think that my clients will prefer that.

        i still have my fm2 with grip and im not longing back

      • Vandyu

        I must agree with much of what you’re saying here. I keep my D80 because it’s the last of the mid-size bodies that is a still photography camera, uncomplicated by trying to be all things for all people. Maybe some day I will become interested in video, but growing up with first, a Minolta, then a Nikon film SLR, I prefer to concentrate on still photography and can live without a camcorder built into my camera body. You wind up sacrificing something and it seems like it’s still-image sharpness.

        • broxibear

          “You wind up sacrificing something ” I think you’re dead right there Vandyu.
          Many will say you don’t lose anything by adding 1080p to a dslr, if you don’t use video then just ignore that function of your camera ?, but I don’t agree.
          If the D4 costs £6000, then I’d rather the £1000 or more that it cost to integrate video was used to make the viewfinder brighter, the lcd screen tougher, the card cover door more robust etc.
          I realise there is a market for dslrs with video, just look at the 5d mark II sales, but these are among film makers not photographers.
          It would be interesting to see the sales figures if Nikon made two versions of the D4, a D4 without video for £5000 and a D4v with video for £6000…then we’d find out who really needed video ?

          • spidercrown

            you may be true, but this is not possible, because removing the video feature will not help to reduce the unit cost price. Video is just an add on feature (integrated in chip + software). Same hardware is still needed on both camera. By selling 1k less, meaning Nikon get 1k less profit margin..

          • PHB

            The engineering cost of adding video is zero. The additional cost per unit is less than zero.

            All the development costs have already been done for the D3000 etc. Not putting the same code in the D4 will not save any money, it will merely make it less useful and mean fewer people will buy it and thus more expensive.

            • WoutK89

              Give me a D3000 with video, you must know more than us.

            • PHB

              ok D3100, pedant.

        • D700guy

          I wish I had kept my D80.
          It took really good pix, even at 10mp. They were some of the best photographs I have to date.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Well, I’ve got one you can have it. I hold no romantic delusions of older digital bodies. I want full frame and video. The video adds very little cost or size in the grand scheme, and it’s frankly the cost of doing business now. It’s a highly useful tool and segues quite easily with the rest of my business.

    • The Invisible Man

      I pay $$$$$ for my prime lenses and they are able to give a 40MP in a 24x36mm sensor (yes I DO KNOW what I’m talking about).

      So, yes, keep your 10MP DX camera, it match your 28-300mm f4.5-8 perfectly !

      • venancio

        i thought the new bestseller was Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR …

      • gt

        wait…your comment is confusing. Why isn’t he allowed to buy prime lenses for his 10MP camera?

        Also what relationship does owning prime lenses have to Megapixel count

        • ShaoLynx

          gt, look it up on dpreview and compare the same lens used on d300 and d3x. The new lenses can resolve better than 12MP.

          • gt

            I know about resolving power. But, the invisible man is claiming to get 40MP from using sharp primes. The more I think about his claim, the more ridiculous it is.

            Sharpness and micro-contrast are unrelated to overall resolution. I’m not a big fan of Megapixel obsessors, but I think Invisible Man’s claim is just a little too outrageous for my taste.

      • cirtap

        There is no way..i would use zoom lens’s….only prime here. 35, 85, 105, and so on…zooms are for kitty cats.

        • PAG

          That’s ridiculous. Without movable fingers, kitty cats will never master any DSLR.

          • Nek Wellrock


            (That painted a funny youtube video in my head!)

        • D700guy

          Not true. I do like using primes, but sometimes, when in close proximity shoots on needs to be able to zoom in and out when one cant move to change the crop.
          I cant say that my 50mm 1.4 takes better pics than does my 24-70, because they are both capable. Both are more versatile that the other in their own respect, and using them is sometimes a toss up.

    • This is a stupid comment, technology doesn’t stagnate, since the silcon business have been integrated with cameras, it’s inevitable.

      Saying that, I still have my 6mp D70 that will print very nice A3+ prints and D700 that can print even bigger and nicer photos.

  • Amien

    waiting for this. Hope it will be a nice macro-video setup with hopefully good AF in liveview mode (for stills) and 60P…

  • If the rumors were true, what is the meaning of this camera!? O_O

    • WoutK89

      It will basically be a D3100+. All the specs a D3100 has minus guide mode, but with swivel screen, higher fps and so on.

  • big eater

    This seems like a great camera for people who want a low-investment way to try out video with their amazing Nikon lenses; esp. with the tilt-out monitor, all the really interesting angles are impossible to shoot with your face mashed up against a viewfinder.

    • PDXgeek

      I don’t understand why any camera does NOT have a swivel viewscreen nowadays. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. I want to shoot at ground level or above my head without lying on the ground or getting on a ladder, DUH!

  • SA

    If body the same as D5000, for me it’s a bad news. I think D5000 – the most ugly Nikon’s DSLR. And screen construction is terrible, and screen itself is poor. I like rotating screens like in Canon 60D, 600D and Panasonic. I don’t like Nikon’s screen moving down. Before Nikon had Nikon Coolpix 5700 etc. and screen was moving to side, not to down.

    • Vandyu

      Agree with you about not liking the drop down LCD compared to swivel out style.

  • WoutK89

    What I dont expect, if it is 100% same body as D5000, then it will have penta-mirror and not pentaprism? So no DX camera with the same prism as the D90/D80 had?

    • Joel

      Errr.. the D7000 has a 100% pentaprism buddy.

      • WoutK89

        I am speaking of the D5100. It will probably have pentamirror, then what will happen to the viewfinder that the D80 and D90 had if the body is similar to the D5000?
        I didn’t say D7000 anywhere.

  • Less_is_More

    More pixels means diffraction kicks in at larger aperture. Most of the lenses cannot even resolve the images to that level. Now this is what we have – shoot at larger aperture, bigger files and reduce the size of pictures to make them appear sharper. If more pixels are really good, there must be a lot of fools buying D3S at a premium for 12 MP including those who make them -Nikon.

    • Over simplicity. You don’t seem to know diffraction limits…

    • Less_is_More

      Please elaborate if this is not correct. What is your definition of diffraction limit? I am referring diffraction at the pixel level.

      • JED

        So you print pictures at the single pixel level then?

        • Less_is_More

          No, I don’t print picture at the single pixel level, that’s why we don’t need more pixels.

          • JED

            You seem confused about diffraction.
            A higher resolution sensor will produce more detail at any aperture when printed to the same size as a lower resolution image.

            • ZoetMB

              Yes, if the detail isn’t obscured by noise.

            • Joel

              Correct. A given lens at a given aperture will diffract to the same degree no matter what sensor is sitting behind it. It’s just that it becomes easier to notice that diffraction when you’re looking at an image at 100% zoom if it’s produced by a larger sensor. So you’re right, an image taken from a 40MP camera which is shrunk down to 12MP will look nearly identical to a 12MP image taken on 12MP camera 🙂

              Personally Id love to have more megapixels to work with provided I dont have to sacrifice sensitivity, but given thats not how it works, I’ll take sensitivity and IQ over megapixels any day.

            • PHB

              There are indeed diffraction limits. And they are the reason that many camera phones are crappy.

              But DSLRs are not close to being diffraction limited. This is just more of the same old ‘I don’t need advanced camera gear, why won’t Nikon stop making anything better than I need’ blather.

              24MP DX and 50MP FX leave plenty of headroom. You are going to need a decent lens and you are not going to get that resolution across the whole frame (particularly on the FX sensor).

              Back in the old days we used to consider ISO 200 (or less) to be the standard film. The fastest film round was 1600. And now we are being told that we absolutely cannot survive without at least ISO 128,000?

              Some people won’t need the highest MP resolution, but that is OK, there will almost certainly be some camera body that offers the D3s sensor after the D4 launches. But probably not in a flagship body (unless they keep the D3s on the books for a while). I would see a D700s as being more appropriate.

              My expectation would be a D4 and D400, both with 24MP and a D4x next year at 50MP. The D4x will probably require the use of primes to be practical, but it will also push 10K.

  • chunkee

    WHERE IS MY D800!!!

    • scurvy hesh

      Nikon was going to launched them next month, but now they are In my warehouse in Long Beach.

      I hired a crew of Somalis to hijack a Hanjin container ship in Decmber. To my delight there were three 40 foot containers filled with D00’s and D4x’s

      They are mine all mine! But you can have one for $3500.00 Just forward your money to my bank account in Libya. I swear Ill send you a D800

  • AS

    If body the same as D5000, for me it’s a bad news. I think D5000 – the most ugly Nikon’s DSLR. And screen construction is terrible, and screen itself is poor. I like rotating screens like in Canon 60D, 600D and Panasonic. I don’t like Nikon’s screen moving down. Before Nikon had Nikon Coolpix 5700 etc. and screen was moving to side, not to down.

  • kt

    This probably means they are saving the D7000 sensor for the D400. It probably made no sense for them to use the same 16 MP sensor all the way from the 5100 to the D400, though Canon certainly didn’t have a problem using the same 18 MP originally from the 7D everywhere they can fit it in.

    • gt

      certainly possible. The D80, D200 used the same sensor. The 300 and D90 were staggered, so contained different sensors – but were relatively similar.

      I imagine the pattern will continue and the D7000 and D400 will be on a level playing field sensor wise. Different playing fields in terms of body.

      • King Of Swaziland

        I imagine that since Nikon is just using off the shelf Sony sensors for their current DX offerings, there is no reason for them not to split their DX line between the two top-end, current Sony offerings. If they were using their own designs, there would be more advantage (R&D costs) to using one sensor throughout.

        • gt

          I know this is wishful thinking, but I really hope that the D400 has something exceptional to offer. a more “heavy duty” body (for my purposes, anyway) is not enough. They’ve already upgraded the body of the D7000.

          I’m hoping the give the D400 advantages in high ISO capability and/or flash sync speed. If either of these two happen, it would be a must buy for me.

          • broxibear

            Hi gt,
            One of the rumours I heard a while back was that the D400 would have an inbuilt drive/battery grip like the D3 series, but I know Nikon make a lot of money by having a seperate battery grip (the D7000 battery grip the MB-D11 is £300) so I’m not sure if that will happen…although it’s an obvious way to differentiate it from the D7000 ?

            • WoutK89

              Maybe people complained about practicality of such a separate grip, and it is also another place where dirt and moisture can enter.

          • Joe

            I agree with gt… I am patiently waiting to see what Nikon will offer us in either the D300s replacement or the D700’s replacement.

            I have been very tempted over the course of the last year to upgrade to a D700 but have instead invested in glass that can work on FX as well as DX along with a 2nd D300 as a backup. In my opinion, the D700 is still overpriced especially when compared to the competition. Personally, I’d like better high ISO from the D400 along with a better flash sync. I am slightly bothered by the fact that I will also need to invest in new batteries but I can live with that. An integrated grip would be a welcome addition but not a deal maker and no, 1080 video does not interest me in the slightest. I want a dependable camera for stills that is capable of producing wonderful images in a variety of lighting at a somewhat reasonable price…

            Perhaps that is too much to expect.

        • JED

          The D3100 uses a Nikon designed sensor – not a Sony ‘off the shelf’.

    • PAG

      “Canon certainly didn’t have a problem using the same 18 MP originally from the 7D everywhere they can fit it in.”

      Nothing like spreading the noise, eh?

    • NanDub

      D3100 sensor was a Nikon home-made one. For them to gradually pull their balls out of big bro Sony’s hands, it makes sense for Nikon to captivate their own sensor producing capability, and to do that they need to use more of that sensor so the whole facility can adapt to mass production, gradually get up to speed and lower the cost. Using their own sensor in their own camera looks like a good idea for that purpose…

    • Joel

      I keep hearing of this mythical Sony 24MP DX sensor with ISO in the millions thats supposed to be making it into the A77. I’d really hope for Nikon’s sake that this will make it into the D400 if this were true. The kids will go straight for the Sony over the Nikon given the greater megapiskel countz.

      • WoutK89

        24 MP with ISO in the millions and Noise reduction that slows down the camera to 0,3 fps. I want it so bad. I take a Nikon camera over such a nonsense camera (in this day and age) any time.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    The specs look quite weak vs. T2i.

  • TM

    I usually don’t comment on rumors, but this would be disappointing, and yes, compared to the Canon T3i just announced. I’m fine with the sensor, and expected image quality, but the body design of the D5000 was well criticized all around for the bottom hinge, the old-tech display and the small viewfinder.

    There’s a place for a well-featured smaller than D7000, single control dial, video friendly body in the market. But I was hoping they’d fix the mistakes of the D5000 and dreaming they’d improve both of the viewfinders. Ah well. Maybe I’ll look more seriously at the D90’s as they’re getting blown out.

    • WoutK89

      I am pretty sure I can not be 1:1 copy of the D5000 body. See what they did to the D3100 and see the same happen to a D5100 (live view/movie switch is one of them) so I am sure they will not be doing the rest the same.

      • Young Boy

        Wouldn’t be then logical to offer D3100+swivel? As did Canon with latest updated of “under 1000$” line? Now it seems they are going to sacrifice and compromise… (in expectations of increased profits, naturally…)

  • Another DX body when there are already several. Not too exciting for me. I need a new FX pro body that can see in the dark so I can take pictures in bars without flash and not have to do so much noise reduction.

    • Rob

      They are waiting to announce the D800 for the day after I buy my D700, so that I immediate lose 200-300 dollars in resale value. I apologize for making everyone else wait like this, but I need to get a 400 2.8 first. I’m also waiting until the week before the season starts, just in case they make an announcement before then.

      • gt


  • knurd

    Why does Nikon even have this camera? Seriously. It’s a D3100. Who’s buying these?

    • djb

      Who’s buying them? I don’t know who, but they’re buying a lot of them to keep it at #1 for DSLRs in Amazon:

      (as of Feb 19)
      1. D3100
      2. D7000
      3. D90
      4. T1i
      5. EOS 60D

      This list is not a rumor or my opinion. Link here.

      If the trend holds, the d5100 could definitely be in the top 5. So maybe Nikon knows that there are a lot of people out there who want to buy cameras, and they’re making cameras for them.

      Do you own a luxury car like a Mercedes or Lamborghini? Good for you if you do, but don’t go around saying that Toyota and Ford should just quit and stop making decent economy cars because they’re not a Mercedes. There’s a market for economy cars and “economy” cameras, so why shouldn’t Nikon try to go after different sections of the market if they can?

      They could use that money from the “economy” cameras for more R&D and design the next camera-Mercedes 😉

      • knurd

        I didnt mean it that way. I meant, why is Nikon making 2 cameras that are basically the exact same specs? And who are the people buying the D5000 when it’s almost the exact same as the D3000 (or visa versa)? Where is the D90 replacement? And don’t say D7000 because it isn’t. I’m sorry but I was a little pissed off at Nikon for releasing the D3100 with very little (crap continuous AF during video, no AF motor, and no ext. mic in) and forcing me to buy an overpriced D7000 which is more than what I need but has a mic in and all the other basic stuff the D90 had. Long story short, I bought a Sony a55 because it’s basically what the D90 replacement should have been. Nikons new line is not much of an upgrade from their old one. Sony hit it right on the head and for almost half the price while Nikon can’t seem to get that middle ground. So hopefully this rumor is wrong and the D5100 is a lot more than the D3100.

        • WoutK89

          Sounds like Sony was just the way to go for you.

          • Young Boy

            Every customer lost to other company for stupid reasons of artificially making lower models worse to increase sales of, let’s say, d7k, means LESS RESOURCES for development of cameras ALL YOU EARN FOR – d800, d4, etc, etc…
            (But we see here same pattern as with d700 left without update to push more people to D3x/s, even if refresh of d700 line had power to generate more resources for future… The only difference is – this “mass market product” is something what really makes most of sales and most of profit for whole company, so playing this “game” can prove Nikon costly!)

            • WoutK89

              The problem is that the majority of people dont see beyond what they are being told in a store, they will not miss that AF-motor, they will not miss the extras any person serious about photography might want in a body. The more you can leave out for the same price, the more profit you make on the final product.

      • gt

        Devil’s advocate: If there were a new nikon professional camera (d400, d800, d4), how do you know they wouldn’t be in the top 5? isn’t is possible no one is buying D700s because its old and is rumored to be replaced?

        • Roninsteel

          Nikon stopped making the D700 a while back they are now making D500 and D800 and D5 Nikon are still top three of sales list!

        • Joel

          Heh, Nikon probably sell one D700 for every 100 D3100’s. You can thank the price, the feature listing and the fact that my mother doesn’t need the IQ or feature listing of a D700 for that.

    • Adde

      It funds the R&D for your coming D800!

  • R R

    who gives a shit.. D800 NNNNOOOOOWWWWW!

  • If the sensor is the same as the D3100, we can probably expect just some tweaks in the in-camera processing for the D5100. Is that it? 🙁

    • James

      Faster frame rate, bracketing, and IR for sure. Probably a higher resolution LCD as well, and maybe an external microphone jack.

  • borneoaddict

    megapixels, as if everybody here is PRINTING billboard ads for Time Square….

    I’m definitely for ‘interchangable sensors’, a new modular system….

    • Roninsteel

      They couldn’t keep selling you new cameras then

  • My D5000 has serious backfocus problems and yet is fine in contrast / liveview anyone have a solution, Nikon UK service were no help.

  • Phil

    That’s kinda too bad if they don’t use the D7000 sensor. The D5000 used the D90, and you would think this would follow suit. Not that the D3100 sensor is bad, mind you. I have been waiting for this for a while now, as unlike most here I do like having an articulating screen. It is very useful to me.

    Hopefully it can focus with older Nikkors. At the PDN Photo Expo, I tried my old 85mm F2 on a D3100, D5000, and D7000. I could focus with the new cameras but couldn’t get the ‘5000 to focus. Couldn’t even get infinity.

    • WoutK89

      the D5000 got the D90 sensor because Nikon didnt want to use the same old sensor as the D60/D3000 in the D5000 to make it look newer. The D3100 and D7000 are both almost the same age, with a new sensor, so in this case they chose the lower end HOME MADE sensor. I don’t see the problem.

      • Young Boy

        I don’t see a problem using NEWER sensor as well. And I seriously doubt r&d and background of this sensor to be different from sony sensor introduced 2y ago.
        Btw – d5000 with old 10mpx sensor would mean no video and would be desperately out-of-date, and there will be use of swivel lcd without live preview, lol.
        This d3100 sensor is not “desperately out of date”, but it’s increasingly uncompetitive against similarly priced products from C, S, P… You must realize this are firs-time buyers, and they will compare between different companies… I’m not sure if argument ‘but this is Nikon, you know’ still works for majority!

        • WoutK89

          If it means they can squeeze out a much higher fps because the photos are of smaller size to write away to a card, then I think this was even the best decision. 5fps (4.5 should do the trick already) with a crippled buffer (that people dont ask about how many it is, all they read is fps) and they have an adavantage probably again.

          • Young Boy

            Unfortunately, fps is something only specific group of photographers is interested in (as a decisive factor). And I doubt someone who can afford good sport lens will combine it with anything cheaper than d7k (6fps). On the other hand, obviously, Mpx (unfortunately) and high iso (fortunately) is something even most unexperienced customer will compare. We’ll see. 🙂

  • OMR

    Nice, My next Camera T3i.

    • Young Boy

      Yeah, I guess Nikon should realize there will be LOTS OF people doing the same! First buyers who will see absolutely no point in buying D3100+ instead of T3i/ A55! Bear in mind, 90 percent or so are first-time users in this category!
      If Nikon really put this camera, with pathetic D3100 high-iso (comparing to A55) – it will be second biggest failure of last years after D3000! Wait, is there some secret agreement with Sony? They will not offer anything close to D7k, Nikon nothing interesting in “under-D7k class”?

      • OMR

        OK, thank you Young Boy. I will follow your recomendation waiting the final release.
        I’m a P100 owner, I want a midle DSLR, I don’t want the D3100.

        Have a nice day

      • Joel

        Wait for the A77 to come out, it’ll p0wn the D7000 for features and IQ. Too bad the suckers wont have a lens to put in front of it though.

        • WoutK89

          IQ on the A77 will pown a camera without a fixed mirror?

          I am not really informed, but does the A55 pown the IQ on the D7000?

          • Young Boy

            400 usd cheaper camera made as super-LIGHT enthusiast camera is definitely not semi-pro product of d7k class…
            You are comparing “over-1000$” segment with “under-1k$” – and here, as we see, Nikon can offer only d3100 and future d5100… So wait with your evaluations, unless you want to be demagogic.

  • R!

    … If they keep the same lcd that is ont D5000 I f……g will take a GH2!!!!!!!

  • JiamFlash

    HUGE DISSSAPOINTMENT!! =<, was hoping for the D7000 sensor in a smaller/cheaper body, so i can pair it with a "slow" 18-270 pzd, making superb travel all-in-one. This 14mp sensor is almost 2 yrs old! (starting with the Sony NEX/a550)

    • WoutK89

      Do your homework, they are of a physical difference in size.

      • Young Boy

        That does not mean they were “developed from scratch” by N! Here we can only guess… We even don’t know where they are produced (physically)…

        • WoutK89

          Then still, a difference in physical is not the same sensor as used in the Sony cameras, unless they can bend the laws of physics.

      • jiamflash

        The following are sensor size measurement given on Dpreview:
        D3100 14.2mp: 23.1 x 15.4 mm
        D7000 16MP: 23.1 x 15.4 mm
        A290 14.2MP: 23.5 x 15.7 mm
        A580 16MP: 23.5 x 15.6 mm

        See the pattern? The Sony sensor is always slightly larger!

        Based on physical size argument, D7000 and the A580 has a different sensor, but we all know that the D7000 uses the 16mp Sony sensor.

        My guess is that since Sony uses sensor shift stabilization, so their sensor are always slightly larger than their Nikon counterparts.

        The 14.2MP is by no means bad, but it’s old. I also do not deny Nikon can squeeze a tiny bit more performance with its JPEG engine.

    • JED

      The 14MP sensor in the D3100 is a Nikon design. It is a totally different sensor than the Sony.

    • James

      What JED said.

      This can be verified by comparing the D3100 to the A560 with IR’s Comparometer. High ISO images are very different. Some of this is due to the noise reduction algorithms (Sony uses too much, and Nikon much less), but even raw you can see differences.

      • JiamFlash

        Do the raw camparison with ACR in Dpreview. I would NEX5 is even slightly better than D3100 at 6400 (a draw really, depend on your preference).

        • WoutK89

          ACR isnt the best converter for Nikon files.

          • JiamFlash

            One can argue it’s not the best for Sony either…

        • James

          I can’t tell much difference between the D3100 and the NEX5, but it seems to me that the D5000 is better than the D3100, which is not encouraging.

  • anon99

    Little improvement over the D5k. Poorly-designed D5k body carries over.
    Even looking at it is a PIA……

  • Young Boy


    If this sad news is true, Nikon is completely BLIND to recent development in “under 1000$” class! Competition is stronger as ever, from brand new duo t3/t3i, Sony a55/a550, micro 4/3, Alpha, even 60D… D5000 was very decently positioned years ago – good hight ISO, video, swivel LCD. But now – if there are cameras with better LCDs, better high ISO, better video, lighter and smaller? Shouldn’t they introduce something what would make Nikon obvious choice again? I guess sales persons will have difficult time to argument “D3100+” is something people should buy!

    Btw – Nikon – why not to introduce real “D3100+” with swivel as did Canon with t3/t3i? And keep D5100 for some REAL replacement of D5000, improving ergonomics and specs (pentaprism?), moving it in between former D5000 and D90?!

  • JH

    I have to agree with many of the comments expressed above. Nikon is missing the boat if these rumors prove true. Nikon needs a sub-$1000 camera that can compete directly with the photo and video features of the Canon T2i/T3i. I’d prefer go with a Nikon, but they are making it hard around that price point.I was really hoping the D5100 would up the ante with 60fps video, high resolution screen, different body style (D5000 isn’t my favorite), in body motor, etc.

    I’ll withhold final judgment until any official announcements come out.

  • Lagkage

    If the specs are real … a bit disappointed… had hoped for the 16 MP sensor from d7000. It seems like a very small upgrade from the d5000/d3100!

    If the screen resolution is still 230 dots… then I would never buy this camera!

    Nikon should at least make something comparable to the Canon 600d!

  • Mark

    In this case it makes perfect sense to use the D3100 sensor and not the D7000 sensor for the new D5100. The D7000 is still in high demand. It is more import that the D5100 be perform well and priced competitive.

    The D7000 as demand lowers can just lower in price little by little like the D90 did. I think this D5100 and a D700 with the proper upgrade could have Nikon in great shape.

    Also, Nikon thinking they need a lower cost DSLR is very smart. It can be the D3000 or the D3000 called something else with some minor change. This camera could be a great way to hook in students. I say have the new low end with a short zoom for $399 and the option to get the body only for $350.

    My 2 cents.


    • Young Boy

      I don’t think D7000 even with lover price will be equivalent to D90 – it’s positioned between D90-D300, that is general consensus. People who don’t need internal AF and magnesium body, but would like to get decent AF, decent WB and hight ISO of d7k will be thus send down to “D3100+”? To plastic, unergonomic, in-menu-hidden settings of D3100? Do you really think people don’t have eyes to compare with Canon, Sony, Pentax, 4/3?!
      Sure, they can pay some US actor to promote it 24h, and get some market share in result of good name made by their other products. But it would be very sad to every enthusiast and gaining new young photographers for Nikon will turn almost impossible deed. If I was sale person, I would see no arguments to advice my client this over other superb products in this class! Even Ken Rockwell will say “buy 3100 instead”, heh.
      And new sub-D3100 class? After making “worst dslr by Nikon”, that is D3000? I guess there is really no space for that – except they get load of old Sony sensors nobody want to use any longer and body will be made of recycled plastic PET bottles… xD
      Progress is way up, not way down, if that rumor turns out true, it will be just that – uninteresting, downscaled product not able to cope with its predecessor.

      (Unless we see some product positioned between 5k and 7k, that is 6k, swivel, pentaprism, light plastic body – but considering market approach of Nikon, they could get this only after Canon will have already T4/T4i and 70D (and hordes of clients looking for sub-1000 dslr)!)

      • WoutK89

        I hope Nikon will not follow the path of Sony and have dozens of cameras that do the same with just a different screen size or such minor change. 4 cameras DX line is fine.

        • Young Boy

          To this moment we have 2 (nex gen) – d3100 and d700. If d5100 turns out to be “d3100+”, we are obviously lacking direct D90 replacement positioned between “d3100/d3100+” and d7k.

  • Alex

    If I was to use Nikon’s history, I would say he got the sensor wrong. It would be the 16mp sensor from the D7000. The D90 sensor was used in the D5000. D7000 replaced the D90, and D5100 replaces the D5000. Wouldn’t it make sense? Well, I can see Nikon is not necessarily doing the same things that it has done in the past. So this wouldn’t surprise me either.
    Just freaking bring out the D800!

    • WoutK89

      There was no other sensor to put in the D5000 besides the chewed up 10MP D60 sensor.

  • Silviu

    This is a very weak rumor. If Nikon will do such a body then Nikon will have a terrible problem of image and i don’t think they can assume that. The replacement of D5000 must be a competitor with 600D, as D5000 was for 500D two years ago. It’s mandatory to have the D7000 sensor, do not forget 3 Canon models have the same sensor (600D, 60D, 7D). It’s not about mpx, it’s about sensitivity. Sincerely i hope that the replacement of D5000 to outperform 600D, as D7000 done with 60D.

    And for those geeks that don’t understand the topic please write your frustration on Nikon site. Here we talk about D5000 replacement not about D400, D800 or D4, those are from another story, if you don’t belive me please look at the price and specifications.

    • Young Boy


    • madmagnus

      totally agree

  • Karl

    So in other words, it hasn’t begun jet?

    • Zograf

      Not really 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow… what a bunch of nitpicking whiners. Most of them seem to be proficient in market demand, supply etc. etc… and know better than the professionals that Nikon employ to develop their products and the specifications to which they are developed. I am glad that Nikon does not listen to these whiners.

    GO NIKON!!! Keep on innovating and marketing new products as you have been doing for decades.

    • Young Boy

      Do you mean people are allowed to discuss only d800 on this forum? Do you mean that we all should “shut up and don’t step out of line”? Shouldn’t we get yellow-white-black flags and shout HURAAAAH when you make a generous gesture? Nikon surely like blind followers, who know only worlds of praise and attack every hint of critic, but i’m sure they listen to other people as well. They are commercial company, not religion. Sorry.

      And the fact we are critical does not mean we don’t want innovative products – but the contrary. If people would be satisfied with what they have, they would be still living in caves…

  • what’s with the apostrophe? my d5000 box says just that. not d5’000. it looks wierd. that’s what’s throwing me off. I really want this cam to have the user programable modes would make a great travel cam. if not I’m buying a d7000 for my euro trip this summer.

  • ahh “I see” said the blind man

  • Jordan

    Isn’t this the new D3100.5? Stop catering for the mass market who will buy the camera and use it about once!

    • Baked Bananas

      Stop the hate. Nikon does what they do because they do what they do not because of you. So let them do what they do. Want a D700 replacement this year? Not gonna happen. Waiting for a d4? Its a coming soon. And its not because you want it, its because of Nikon’s strict predictability.What company is synonymous with legacy glass? YYYYYAAAAYYY NIKON!!! So many of us ask the same old question…HAS IT BEGUN YET? It began years ago with the d3. So the real question to ask is WHEN WILL IT CONTINUE? So throw away your coolpixes (if you havent done it already), grab some yellow and black pom poms , RUN, dont walk , to your nearest camera store, and do yourself a favor.. pick up a D7000 (or better), a 50mm 1.8 (or 70-200mm vrII, 24mm 1.4, 14-24 2.8…you get the idea) and start taking pictures.

  • Dan

    Looking forward to testing this one out!

  • Errol

    14 mp or higher
    d 90 body + d90 system+swivel lcd+high resolution lcd
    aluminum or magnesium alloy body

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