“Something new is coming. DSLRs will never be the same…” *UPDATED*

Yvon Bourque (Pentax photographer and author) wrote this on his blog yesterday:

"Something new is coming. DSLRs will never be the same... Pentax K-5/ K-7 will get it first, but  Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus will get it next."

What could that be?

Update#3: the product in question will probably be some kind of a custom bellow or a pinhole kit, probably made out of wood (Yvon Bourque produce similar products in the past).

Update#2: A reader took the logo from the image bellow and came up with "Aletta Photographic". A quick Google search showed that they used to have an eBay store for some kind of photography accessories (thanks MatthijsH):

Update#1: this is the picture included in the blog post:

Via PentaxForums

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  • NisseHult


    • Joe R.

      1080p @ 210 fps

      • Interchangeable sensors, of course. Personally I’d love to see something similar to an open firmware that supports apps. So I could finally use my camera as a alarm clock as well (not a joke).

    • Banned

      A big fat price hike 🙂

      • Glo

        + 1

        • Fred

          Hhahaha, I this is already expected!

          Or new P&S, Nikon just announced some. But who says they can’t just announce more crap.

    • gt

      whatever it is – it’s going to be an accessory because the K-5 is already out.

      Therefore, it can’t be that revolutionary

      • gt

        btw im sick of this secrecy BS. The various camera companies are well-aware of what their competitors are up to. The only people Not in the loop are the customers.

        • Rahul


          And it seems that is how they want it. The mystery of what’s in the pipeline perhaps keeps many potential brand-switchers from switching, clear forecasts would likely make it easier to switch.

    • The Invisible Man

      3 CCD (RGB)

    • no, the same, just 2 times more expensive :´(

  • Built in lasers.

  • yawn. it is just new software. heard it already from pentax wise guy in mediamarkt .
    revolitionalize the way noobs look at photo


    • 10thNikon

      If you are serious, elaborate…

  • Chuck

    It will be a flash card smaller than a microSD card.

  • ‘Masterpiece’ button.

  • Astrophotographer

    What could it be? Hmm… maybe more traffic to Yvon’s blog!

    • Banned


  • broxibear

    Ridiculously high prices, features nobody wants, having to wait so long for stock that an upgraded version is released a month after you finally recieve your one, lenses that cost 4 times as much as the old one with little or no difference in quality ?…oh wait a minute…we have that already ?

    • JorPet


  • John

    Built in software that takes bad photos, adds vintage effects and helvetica captions.

    • Banned

      You guys should all be on Nikon payroll, it’s like you uncovered the next 10 years of innovation right here.

      • Global

        If Pentax is talking about it, does it mean its just going into the lower DSLRs of Nikon and Canon? What does Pentax have that would change DSLRs??

        The only thing I can think of is in-body image stabilization.

        If there was some tremendous advance in in-body IS, then Nikon and Canon might follow. Pentax might be leading there because they utilize it (therefore have R&D following the topic and might license it out).

        But to say K-5 and K-X, it makes no sense.

        Its probably some stupid 3-D feature or comic book X-Ray glasses vision or something. Honestly, Nikon doesn’t even have a “panorama” feature that works for their DSLRs for visiting the Grand Canyon — when do we get that!

        • NisseHult

          pentax 645d

        • 10thNikon

          puhlease. panoramic stitching is not that difficult. You can get great results just by overlapping 20% even with handheld pictures and running it through software. Photoshop does a decent job automated, and there are dedicated stitchers for 360º interactive creations.

    • Paul

      I was going to suggest this as well.

  • A built-in Michael Bayifier filter.

  • joe

    haha, probably all true… but when did we all become so jaded? 😉

    • Global

      When Canon came out with the 5DMII — in 2008! And when Nikon charged 10,000$ for the D3X. Nikon as an organization made probably the single worst moves in these two shots (one passive, one active) for its mid-term reputation. The amount of hatred that there wasn’t a D700X with at least a simple video function and the amount of bitterness surrounding the D3–>D3X price increase is enormous.

      And announcements about Pentax just seem worthless, because its 2011 and Nikon doesn’t bother to provide what Canon did in 2008. A D700X would have been far more profitable than the D3X and the amount of consumers wanting to match the 5DMII’s capabilities would have ensured success (photography is often a business about keeping up with the Jones’s business whether you like to admit or not). But then by charging less than $9,000 some fat Nikon exec wouldn’t be able to feel “oh-so-large format” in his ego.

      • PAG

        Funny. I was recently reading a pile of griping by Canon folks about the noise issues in the 7D and I stumbled across multiple items about the 5DMII and the mirror that was falling out! I guess there’s always something to bitch about.

        • bob

          To paraphrase, The glass is always clearer on the other side….

          • Rahul

            ROFL 😀

  • DAKK

    Pink lens cap?

  • incredibly ambiguous comment from a reliable source… /sigh

  • Frank

    Certainly, an integrated espresso machine. Optional with milk for a very tasty latte macchiato. Yammi. 😉

    • bob

      You read my mind.

  • John

    But seriously, I predict it will be a hybrid OVF/EVF, but not like in the recent Fuji, but rather you will have both. A mirror for fast AF, but the mirror will flip out of the way and the OVF now becomes an EVF for accurate focusing and video applications. It will be either the best of both technologies or the worst of both.

  • Rye

    I hope its the 3 layer sensor. R G B with huge pixel density. at 12-15mp per layer. SIGMA has it….a APS-C sized censor, 46megapixels, amazing definition….you I don’t usually get jealous of competition…but The leaders in this industry, being Nikon, canon, Pentax etc. will for sure pick up….

    I saw Carbon fibre as one of the possibilities.. that WOULD BE COOL. but I rather lug around a 10pound camera for image qualities sake, before I get Carbon Fibre…..

    Just my theory…. Whatever it is, we should only be so happy!

  • ELK

    And now for something completely different. Anew type of digital cameras that use a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.

    • 10thNikon

      onto an acetate material that needs chemical treatment before it can be seen?

      • Roya


  • Robert

    the blurry object in the image looks awfully lot like Lexar brand colors. I’m guessing this is just another case of product manager & marketing department gone all hyped about something that we photogs won’t hold our breath waiting for…

  • Adam J McKay

    Square sensors?

    • cpm5280

      Now THAT I would be excited about. Using sensor ratios that are in effect remnants of roll film is silly. Square would make the most out of the image circle, improve composition, etc.

  • sirin

    a DSLR that rubs your shoulders?

  • nebus

    according to Yvon it’s mechanical
    – my only hope is that it’s interchangeable viewfinders – you know – like we used to have (and some of us like myself still do have – although not on anything with Nikon or Canon written on it.)

  • Jim

    Plenoptics? It’s gonna happen, just a matter of when.

  • John2809

    AT LAST!

    Left handed cameras!!!

  • Rob

    Hyperbole filter?

  • R!

    3D BUULSHHH….!!!!

    • Global

      That would suck.

  • aetas

    A camera that takes photos for you while you stay on your computer and comment.

    • broxibear

      A camera that takes photos for you while you stay on your computer and look at porn instead of editing your shots in Lightroom/Photoshop to get ready for the client…or is that just me lol ?

      • fordstr

        Yeah but then you’d just have more photos you wouldn’t edit. I’d rather a camera that can do photoshop for me while I watch youtube vids.

      • Mike

        you’re the only one who will admit it. Let’s just say I don’t always finish my edits on time. 😉

        • The post makes it sound like something developed by the blogger & co. It has to be easily integrated into all brands of SLRs. I’m wondering if it’s actually software developed by them? Maybe some phone app with DSLR integration? Maybe a new Facebook group (oooh, wow)?

          • Ick, sorry, didn’t mean to post here. Meant to post that at the bottom. I was instead going to post this here instead…

            As long as you finish, right?

      • aetas

        I dont know about the porn but I know that editing has a way of sliding into a internet web search that ends in me at nr

  • HDZ

    Build in bad composition warning with sound?

  • Merv

    I’m a lazy bum, so I want a great ‘Auto’ or ‘Programmed Auto’ mode that nails the colours and white balance right all the time. Too much manual these days for casual users.

    This will also make a lot of photos taken by newbies look better, and will hopefully, for the camera manufacturers, increase sales to the mass market.

  • I almost don’t care what it is (I’ll take it all), as long as I can still use my current F-mount lenses on it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Some will undoubtedly question Nikon for ‘only’ delivering twelve megapixels on their first full frame digital SLR….


    Now this was right after the D3 release. So what on earth is Nikon doing???

    Then again the D3s
    Conclusion: – Doesn’t answer the main criticism of the D3 – 12MP was considered a fairly low resolution in 2007…


    So what could it be? Perhaps Nikon will add 2 more MPs, an MP3 player, Hello Kitty logo embedder, and much much higher price. The price will be so high that we’ll have to use the Hubble space telescope to see it. Now the finest part of this new super dslr will be the use of alien technology. We can already witness this in the behavior of Nikon execs as they promise everything but deliver nothing. I bet, 2/3rd of the Nikon execs saw UFOs.

    In reality, the most logical Nikon will deliver is mor coolpix and a big bs. 🙂

  • D700guy

    Little tiny windshield wipers.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t the K5 and K7 cameras on the market? What an earth can you add to that crap to make it never be the same. My guess is a body work with a hammer. 🙂

  • brian

    touch screen “retina” display, resulting in fewer physical buttons.

    I can’t wait to see Thom Hogan write again about camera companies poorly managing expectations. Especially with whatever mirrorless thing Nikon comes out with that they’ve been harping about.

  • THE WORMCAM? YEAH, it will change the world!!!


  • PJS

    How about a new DSLR body WITHOUT video? What a concept!

    • hexx

      I’d love that!

  • camera viruses! it ll adapt and spread to all the different brands! you ll only be safe if you re still using an F2!!

  • I’d love to see the interchangeable sensor (saw some Nikon patents a while back…) where you can just pop on for different uses… 50MPx for commercial/studio photos with decent ISO capability but pixel-sharp photo, and 15MPx for motion/video with high ISO capability… Or maybe someone managed to build a sensor that can do both, that’d be sweet.

    • Anthony D’Atri

      The alignment issues would be dire with a removeable sensor.

  • Banned

    Someone pointed out quite intelligently that it must be a third-party hardware device that will be released in Pentax version first and will then be released in Nikon, Canon, etc… versions first.

    So if it’s third-party and brand-dependent, it must have to do with the lens mount, or the flash system. However, he talked about a revolution for DSLR specifically, so I feel this must be specific to the lens mount. I suppose some sort of converter so you can attach a specific type of lens to your body, or something like that.

    In any case it smells of YAWN once again. Just a guy promoting his website. I know I would do the same if I had one.

    • on a serious note, thats what i suspected as well (third party origin) or at least something that is possible to retrofit. perhaps the phenolptic lens thing..

  • 24MP sensor …

  • hexx

    hmmm… my list would be:

    1. pubic hair on the bottom of the body
    2. option to customise your camera (different color, ‘clothes’, and accessories)
    3. 3D – everything is 3D now
    4. GPS with built-in augmented reality soft which will always trigger alarm in your camera to let you know that something worth is around (that would have been actually quite good)
    5. Solar panel – as a accessory for photographer, small umbrella like hat

    On the serious note, maybe exchangeable backs like on medium format cameras, so you buy only body and you will add a back of your choice. or maybe just replaceable sensor

    • > exchangeable backs like on medium format cameras

      Leica Modul R is about that.

  • Kodak Portra

    It’s gotta be a film back. You’ll have to remove your sensor and LCD screen, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll see.

  • hexx

    what about built-in Ken Rockwell?

  • Global

    Its going to be an Android-based Pentax-phone. You deposit coins to make a call and can play Angry Birds while waiting for the other guy to answer.

    • hexx

      with built-in WebM video codec. so at first Oracle will come to collect royalties for use of Java and then MPEG-LA for WebM

    • Angry birds would be nice btw.

      What about a Weather Sealed flash system with higher flash-sync?

  • A Flux Capacitor with a 1.21 gigawatt power supply, which will make time travel possible.

    • MartinJB

      Score! Never miss a shot again!

  • Ajit

    RAW video perhaps?

  • more than 12 MP?
    (but every extra pixel for 1.99 USD / 1.89EUR / 1.59GBP)

  • sensor

    USB 3 and a self destruct button

  • John

    Yes, after looking at the blog – it’s some sort of third-party device. Probably nothing to get excited about for the average photograper (like me).
    Move along, all hype, nothing to see here.

  • RUH

    wtf? pentax is not an innovater in the industry.

  • Zim

    A app that turns a Nikon DSLR into a Coolpix

  • RUH

    ok so its not made by pentax which means its just some stupid accessory. Dude pulled a good stunt toget traffic to his site though.

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