“Something new is coming. DSLRs will never be the same…” *UPDATED*

Yvon Bourque (Pentax photographer and author) wrote this on his blog yesterday:

"Something new is coming. DSLRs will never be the same... Pentax K-5/ K-7 will get it first, but  Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus will get it next."

What could that be?

Update#3: the product in question will probably be some kind of a custom bellow or a pinhole kit, probably made out of wood (Yvon Bourque produce similar products in the past).

Update#2: A reader took the logo from the image bellow and came up with "Aletta Photographic". A quick Google search showed that they used to have an eBay store for some kind of photography accessories (thanks MatthijsH):

Update#1: this is the picture included in the blog post:

Via PentaxForums

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  • arcatera

    the Beatles ?

    • cpm5280

      Maraschino cherry topping.

    • Eric

      *thumbs up*

  • Amien

    lame 3D…

  • dino

    Later on he says “it’s in the manufacturing process” and that he will disclose something everyday as he knows it.

  • JorPet

    Reading the blog post it is pretty evident that this is not part of the camera. Whatever it is will be something you use with the camera. Given that I would just say, “yawn”…

  • Amien

    Built in ND Filters.

    Or “live LCD ND filter” to improve dynamic range.

    Or Full AF in video mode.

  • OMR

    New color body

  • Amien

    ” Dildo lens with F-VR”

    Fast Vibration & Rotation

  • some time ago I read sth. about revolutionary new lenses, made out of ceramic glass. small and light and still huge focal lenght.

  • Kent Brockwell

    Each new SLR now comes with mini-Ashton.

    • Amien

      LOL !
      A mini living cloned achton 🙂

      • Amien

        with a mini Mike-Tyson both in a very tight prison cell 😉

  • Phil

    My guess fuel cell grip.

  • qed

    These comments are too funny, haha

  • Geoff_K

    an IPHONE app …. /snickers

    • enesunkie

      An I am Nikon Phone!

  • Whatever it may be, it will NOT be able to transform your current dslr into a SMALL sturdy FF digital Nikon FM with a big bright viewfinder. SO, it will be absolutely useless like most new innovations these days.

    • Eric

      Amen to that.
      That’d be my dream camera.

      • Vandyu

        I’m waiting for mine. I want one too. Small, compact, it can even look like my Nikon FA with a few modifications for digital innards. But, I want one when Nikon gets off its uncreative behind and comes up with a camera that will sell like crazy. They’ll wait until Sony or Pentax or Fuji does it and then whine about it.

    • Brock Kentwell

      Unfortunatelly it will NOT be able to transform your current dslr into a SMALL sturdy FF digital Pentax MX/LX with a big bright viewfinder…

  • MB

    Jet us just hope it is not something Pentax style like new lens color

  • %99 its about 3D. Could be lens like loreo.
    Hope to see following in the future as well:
    1- Curved Sensor for lighter, cheaper and better lens quality from edge to edge.
    2- Built in ND filter (variable curtain speed)
    3- Raw Video
    4- Laser focus system for absolute focusing in every light condition.
    5- Extremely quiet mode for performing arts photography
    6- Human eye dynamic range.
    7- Completely shock and water proof body
    Huh waht else can I want 🙂

    • Mikycoud

      4- Laser focus system for absolute focusing in every light condition.

      …Apart from shooting through windows and other see through material… (bye bye Ice Hockey photographers)

      But I agree: anything to improve on the current phase detect AF and its need for constantly fine tuning lenses.
      That really is a pain! Buy a lens, check AF against your slrs, fine tune AF, not enough? Send it back to the manufacturer for AF calibrating. Comes back saying it’s ‘within tolerance specs’. Check again agaisnt your dslrs. Send it back to the store. Request different samples until, one day, when you”ve given up all hopes, you find a good sample.
      See my point?
      None of that with Contrast detect AF (only a very slow AF 🙁 )
      SO in a nutshell, I hope the next improvement will not be more pixels, but better AF systems.

  • gt

    I’m not sure what it is but the image they supplied is a composite of two images. the road and the hill were shot seperately

  • Popipopi


  • joe bodego

    Who cares really most of us here are waiting for the D700 replacement and our beloved Nikon Corporation is dragging their feet. Who cares what Pentax does? there cameras are worthless

  • Dan

    Why K-5/K-7 only? What do those 2 have that the other Pentax DSLR’s don’t?

  • maddog

    I think it’s the phallus-optic thing…

  • Anonymous

    I know what it is! Every camera will be made in China. 🙂

  • alvix

    E.T. ??

  • derWalter

    but the pentax K5 is already on the market?!

  • MatthijsH

    Here’s the logo in the picture made as clear as I could get it.


    Aletta Photographic (according to a quick google search) may refer to a small company that made cheap medium format bellows and other accessories but seems to have gone under around 2004.

  • Daf

    The ability to make phone calls ?
    -have THAT 12Mpx mobile phones ;oP

  • I remember the Pentax LX..a fantastic camera and was their Pro model…maybe they put a full frame sensor into one of these babies….????….then again maybe not…hurry up and update the D700..please

  • Is every so thirsty for rumors that they overlook the obvious?

    He (or his friends) are manufacturing an add-on. He doesn’t have the first units yet. Those will be for Pentax. Later they’ll release whatever this add-on is for other cameras.

    Way to help hype his business ;~o.

    • MatthijsH

      Well, sure, that’s most probable.

      However, they better come up with something truly game changing now. Over-hyping is as deadly as the opposite 🙂

    • WT21

      I think that is the issue. There’s been nothing really to talk about since, what, the NEX cameras, really??? Nothing new since then on any front from any vendor, except a few improved models here and there.

  • Amien

    The only intersting camera to me would be a 24mm X 24mm sensor on an Evil-type body with rotating LCD & Nikon – leica- pentax – pana – etc. adapters.
    with a centered zoomed spot magnification on the screen (or grided spot option) that would be awesome !!!

  • Ruben

    Maybe they are looking into plenoptic?
    Pretty sure that’s further into the future. More likely 3D.
    Or maybe built in gyro for imagestab. x)
    Looking at a RED cam, maybe 4k video?
    32-bit raw?!?!?! :))

  • dyrcz

    Looks almost like Intel logo to me, maby a new intel i8 extreme 5 ghz cpu 🙂

  • a chinese car for the us market

    • mshi

      friends don’t let friends drive those.

  • gt

    the interesting quote:

    “Harry Martin , Nov 30, 2004; 12:00 a.m.
    She made some custom bellows for me this summer. Her name is Yvon Bourque and company name is: Aletta Photographics out of Texas. Try her email at: BrqYvn@aol.com Harry”

    That comment was made in 2004!

  • DF

    Wow, good find. So he’s definitely shifting his own products, but that was pretty much a given. Maybe the image has nothing to do with his gossip?
    Or just pretty much a publicity stunt for web hits..

    • yvon is a girl

      • DF

        Yvonne, is a girl’s name.
        Yvon is a guy.

  • Dan

    Man Rumors are so much better than the real thing! Only thing is we are scaring away potiential rumor leaks…. I highly doubt this guy will ever say anything again since his cover was blown away!

  • mshi

    interchangeable sensor, that’s it.

  • this is it

  • enesunkie

    So it’s it’s not gonna also be a phone with internet , come in 8 Coolpix colors and tell me where to stand for the perfect shot? That’s it, Canon here I come.

  • MWoods

    The picture seems that it could indicate that some type of accessory that extends the depth of field or controls/adjusts the plane of focus was employed. However, such an accessory would conflict with their “something new is coming” comment. Cambo, an architectural camera and equipment specialist company, already has a product dubbed the X2 PRO System which is basically a tilt/shift bellows system which makes use of medium format lenses and can be attached to 35mm digital dslr bodies as well as other medium format digital backs. The system is fairly expensive and does not look like it is ergonomically suitable for hand-held shooting but the fact that one can make use of medium format lens technology and extract max levels that their sensor can obtain seems highly desirable, especially in product and architecture/landscape photography. Maybe Yvon has developed a simpler, more ergonomic version/solution??? Whatever it is, I look forward to hearing what it is all about!

  • Kyle

    I hope it’s a space ship. A badass one that can go the speed of light.

  • TCD

    How come the date on that blog post is from 2009?

    “Posted by Yvon Bourque at Saturday, February 14, 2009 ”

    Going to the blog home page, they have an updated on for 2/15/2011 with even more lame hype about “something”. Very very odd.

  • Jo

    Electronic viewfinder on pro level cameras

  • Kanichiro

    I won’t hold my breath for this new gizmo.

    Remember the Segway? The Segway was supposed to revolutionize transportation. Today, about the only time I see one is when a Mall Cop zooms past me on their way to the Food Court.

  • iamnomad

    How about a full-frame digital back that I can put on my FM2?!

  • zoetmb

    If the photos is to be believed, you get a lens that can’t focus with free green carpeting.

  • Nice! I’ve been waiting to update my camera for something super special…

  • IShootAUTO

    Its going to be a Hello Kitty DSLR with the shutter button in the shape of pretty flowers. It will also come standard with built in Hello Kitty template to place over the pictures in camera editing. You also have the option to share your photos over wifi to the Hello Kitty Facebook fan page.

  • Vlad

    I know, I know! It will be Pentax K-7 for left handed people, simply because nobody else wants it :))))

  • Richard

    Maybe it will be a lens hood that doesn’t fall off of a brand new lens. That would be a ‘things will never be the same again’ event.

  • Roninsteel

    He’s discovered film for cameras apparently 35mm

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