Nikon booth at CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show

Today is day 3 of the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show that takes place in Yokohama, Japan. Similar to CES 2011, there are hardly any press coverage of the Nikon booth for the simple reason that there are no new products. Here are some images from the CP+ Nikon booth sent by a reader:

Nikon also had their photo frame and Nikon branded bags on display.

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  • ob1


    zzzzzz come on nikon do something… anything.

    • venancio

      it’s like a major display of past glory… or it’s trying to tell us something of what’s about to come: that they have finally overcome any past limitation, no jello 1080p and full cross platform capability/interchangeability: you can use the new FX body on any DX lens without compromise and without bbbbuts… unless the silence is the sound of a falling regime…

      • venancio

        P.S. the shots are taken by 5DMII… someone locked the nikon gear in their cases and no one bothered to mind this (?)…

    • Manfred

      As Nikon fan it kinda hurts watching Nikon is loosing ground due to imho wrong decisions. To me Nikon stood for high end and high quality. As such in the hunt for the mainstream markets they can only loose. The fashions in mainstream change with the wind. But in many fields in where Nikon could have set a landmark, they gave chances away. Just to mention one practical example: when the situation became tight for journalist in Egypt and large gear was ruled out even shots of cell-phone cams went into the agencies. With a rugged Compact like the Canon D10 (but with Nikon high tech) photographers would have been the king. Likewise something like the Fuji FinePix X100 with an APS-C sensor (with the sensor of the D90 perhaps) and a fast lens in a Compact would have been the shooter. Not of that crisis but of the CP+ show and for us! Now this presentation was merely a Compact line-up polish.
      If I’m not mistaken the largest Nikon Compact sensor, which is 1/1.7 in. (0.43 square cm) at 10.1 MP, would equate a pixel density of 87.6 MP on APS-C (3.73 square cm). Thus a thumbnail sensor never can come even close to APS-C.
      The only really unique about Nikon’s Compacts is the projector. But taking camera size and battery capacity into the equation, this was a miscarriage from the beginning – simply the most expensive keyhole finder that you can buy.
      I also don’t quite understand the excitement about the mirrorless. Let alone the typical ghosting problems, the chance of catching the early adaptors has past by and given the target group is most likely more price sensitive, there is not much to win against Sony and the like anyway.
      To me the video hype around DSLRs is another question mark. I don’t know if reliable statistics exist, how many users in the enthusiast and semi-pro league really need/use this feature. My take from consumer reviews about the D7000 (Nikon’s first semi-pro with full HD) is, that the majority doesn’t. This might be different in the Compact and the pro category. Anyway, a specific slender video cam body for up to $1000 with a large sensor (APS-C?) which can take all the brand’s DSLR-lenses would excel both photography and videographie.

      From many people going into the market for a high level DSLR in the past two years I know that they eventually went for a Canon 5D MkII or a 7D because judged by the specs Nikon hasn’t got anything to set against them. I think the customers are not to blame since it needs a lot of practical experience to see how a D700 respectively a D300s can come close weighing all advantages.
      However, it needs a hell of advantages to move an enthusiast to make a very costly system change once he have bought some lenses. And the maker who makes the race in the first place will not only have a long term customer but also the revenue necessary to put more money into the development of new products and improvement of existing ones.
      When Nikon eventually will come out with the desperately awaited D400 and D800 so much time has past by, that the others will have their updates ready too. That means D400 and D800 won’t stand against the 5D MkII or 7D but their successors.

      Not too long ago on every sport event, we could see the grey Canon lenses dominating the place. Then Nikon could win some ground – but by now it seems that Nikon is loosing it again because they don’t focus enough on what they were good at: setting the quality standards in the market. Not many can afford (or carry outdoors) the huge 200-400 f4.0. But e.g. the ten years old 80-400 is simply outdated. So will you spoil the 70-200 VRII quality with a converter instead?
      Concerning lenses I personally wouldn’t decide for third party glass again since the HSM of two Sigma lenses let me down in the middle of a shooting hardly a year after I bought them. However the optical quality –at least in the upper end of their program– has improved in the recent past and according to tests some have even triumphed over the Nikons in this respect. In fact Sigma dares offering a 50 f 1.4 which is not only considerably heavier but also far more costly than the Nikon – and still is a desired lens.
      I think, based on the present lenses of both Nikon and Canon, 18 MP for DX/EF-S and 24 MP for full format mark a kind of summit. Considerably more MP means we’d need a new lens generation as well.

      As long as the results are pretty I don’t care who produces the sensor. But maybe Nikon has moved itself in a dangerous dependency from Sony. Perhaps Nikon couldn’t get the 24 MP sensor from Sony for the overdue D800.
      Yes, a D800 will “cannibalize” the sales on the D3x but it certainly will sell in far larger scales.
      Nikon’s 12 MP DSLRs have been a legacy, but so far the 16 Mp sensor can’t quite cope with Canon’s 18 Mp -at least not in a D7000 compared to a 7D. And I don’t want to wait for a D500 and a D900 to have matters cleared!
      It really doesn’t need rocket science for Nikon to see the things mentioned here.

      Nikon dust your feathers, focus on your core competencies and arise.

      • Well done. It is worrisome.

      • Tonny

        I start to think that Nikon doesn’t have anything in their pocket (or good enough). That explain a lot.

      • It boils down to the market moving very fast, and Nikon can’t keep up. The introduction of new lenses is slow. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of vision in designing their lens product line. It is just piece meal. Add a AF/M switch one year. Two years later, dump the aperture ring (forget that photogs still use it, and cinema buffs would probably like to have it). Make some lenses f/2.8, others f/4, and others f/3.5 to 4.5. Toss it like a salad so nobody can understand where the lenses are going. Throw in some new plastic parts, utilize every filter size under the sun, and forget about making lens hoods interchangeable.

        It’s just a big mess. I’m seriously looking at jumping ship on Nikon after shooting with my “system” for 35 years. I’m already using the big C, and I need to dump one or the other. I love Nikon, but I can’t wait for them to figure out their system.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Figure out their system? Slow lenses? They delivered more lenses last year than any other year in their history. You honestly don’t know where their systems are going? Everyone else here does. Yes, their pace is now and has always been glacial. I have few worries about their DSLRs and the overblown “Sony dependency.” It’s all business and it’s been working fine for the last 15 years. They will need to make some serious decisions soon regarding third party software and the changing role of the camera and downloading/processing images, but the rest is pretty solid. The next round of DSLRs will blow us all away. I’ve no doubt. Much of it just should have happened sooner.

          Their compact and consumer-driven lines worry me more because there is no vision and they make up a huge part of their revenue. They are boring, derivative and uninspired. No courage in their Coolpix line.

      • hybris

        i second that

    • Rob

      Whenever someone writes “first,” all I see is, “I’m a douchebag.” I must have a filter in my brain or something.

      • Moth Gohan

        To Rob….Yip….. you got a filter alright…. its stopping your sense of humor getting thru…. I see you are calling yourself a douchebag…..I agree

      • ob1

        Whenever I see someone write ‘first’ I envy them. They have achieved what everyone desires reading this blog. To be the first reader.

        Being first means that you are better than everyone in the whole wide world.


      • Mock Kenwell

        +1 for the d-bag comment. Say FIRST if you feel the compelling, elementary school need, but then at least have something intelligent to follow it up.

        There is a responsibility that comes with being first! : )

  • broxibear

    Even the booth girl looks bored !

    • +1

    • Anonymous

      that was a good one

    • Clark Tanaka

      I guess that’s my bad. I couldn’t shoot from the front becuase it was packed with people. Atleast they were getting lot of attention. I’m going to upload few more pics today so keep your eye out:)

      • broxibear

        Thanks for the pics Clark…were people asking the staff at the Nikon booths about new models or were they just happy with what was on show ?

        • Clark Tanaka

          Hey, thanks.
          I must say I must apologize I didn’t get to really listen in to what they were talking about nor did I get the chance to go to them and ask for what’s coming next.. (I don’t know why I didn’t, I guess I was just in rush to get the picure for Nikon Rumors)..

          Although,,, at the D7000 permiere event, I did request a new 50mm (1.2) with nano crystal and a faster AF + weather sealing.. and I told then clearly, then I would go back to NIKON although the 50 1.4 (minus the G) is a super fast AF lens (but I already have that for my Nikon FE2).

    • The room I trained my dog in was more interesting.

      • Clark Tanaka

        Well then, you must be more of a dog person.

  • I’ve been reading canon rumors and nikon rumors. Lots of new products and movement there from canon.

  • FX DX

    One word: lame.

  • The whiners who post on this blog crack me up. Always whining about something. No matter what the Nikon company does, there were always be a minority of whining (insert derogatory word here) out there.

    Personally, I think the line up they have now is great. If they only, from this point on, concentrate on creating better optics, I”d be happy. Need more than 24MP? Go MF.

    • broxibear

      I wouldn’t take it too seriously Garret, just a few people having a bit of fun at the expense of Nikon.
      Some people have been waiting a long time for certain upgrades, they don’t want to spend a large amount of money now incase the upgraded model is announced a month later.
      It’s frustration you’re reading not whining.

      • preston

        It’s whining caused by frustration. Like a little boy that always has to have the newest toy, not to play with, but to show off to his friends 😉

        • Mock Kenwell

          Yeah, well this little boy makes money with his toy.

    • Ronan

      Usually i would agree with you Garret, but maybe those ‘whinners’ are waiting for certain upgrades, with tens of thousands on the line.

      It IS disappointing when Nikon pulls crap like this.

  • I will stay with my Nikon DX Set D7000 + 70-200 VR, 35 1.8, 12-24 , 60mm micro 10.5 fisheye (and maybe a walkaround zoom) and on Full Frame format i will go Canon, no doubts about that!

  • Mock Kenwell

    And then the glaciers began to slowly recede…

  • The Invisible Man

    This is great !
    I like this kind of news, Nikon is doing a great job.
    I’m sure there will be a new DSLR sometimes this century.

    • Yeah, a FF 16mp this year. A 18 mp in 2013, a 22 mp in 2015. A 24mp in 2016. Canon? 36mp in 2011, 40mp in 2012, 48mp in 2013.

  • Robert Stoffer photo

    I want everything in the display cases 🙂

  • Xanadu AW18

    Yes Nikon please don´t let us wait to much longer for our new dslr´s pro´s
    i´ll almost make a dissicion for buying a Sigma 120-300 F2:8 apo ex dg os hsm the price is nice better than the nikon can and it is a zoom also price 3199 at B&H and 2799 in euro´s

  • D700guy

    If only some cancers grew as slowly.

  • kock renwell

    Nikon rules! If you agree then buy all your Nikon gear at Adorama and make me RICH RICH RICH!

  • Ken Elliott

    Odd – I hear all these cries of “Nikon is falling behind!” As an event shooter who uses a D700 with 24/1.4 and 85/1.4 lenses, I ask what camera now exists that would perform better than what I have? The answer? Another Nikon – the D3s.

    So how is it that they are “behind?”

    I think we see what they are capable of doing and wonder why they haven’t done even more.

    • Ronan

      Hey Elliot, i 100% agree.

      BUT the issue at hand is that people want MORE out of their gear.

      Does your D700 shoot 1080p? Does your D700 have similar D3s ISO performance?

      The list goes on.

      People are simply asking for an upgrade (or heck a revolutionary design/implementation is always nice to stay ahead of competition).

      • Ronan

        Id like to add that my everyday, carry everywhere camera is a D300. So far i haven’t NEEDED better.

        At the studio we shoot with a D3 and D3x, and just purchased a MFD kit.

        But who would say no to a D400? D800? Heck a D4 and D4x…

        I sure wouldn’t say no, i would upgrade my everyday cam to a D400 and enjoy shooting movies and better ISO performance.

        At the studio we would love a D4 that would replace our 2 D3’s.

        The D3x is being sold anyway, nothing comes close to MFD in studio.

    • ja

      ditto, the D4 will be awesome and so will 2011 for all those people who arnt having fun , whats the problemo i still get great results with my D3 and im looking at getting a D300s i can wait as great things take time but last even longer

  • Mark

    Hello, all,

    This is not scientific, but I did a google search using “CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show” + Nikon and then with + Canon.

    +Nikon returned 16 sites, and + Canon returned 15 sites.

    I don’t see what all the bother is about.

    I have the following comments which, most likely, will get this amateur into trouble, but here goes (sorry for any spelling errors).

    I understand that working film cameras were not normally the object of fashion and their evolutionary time lines were fairly long. Yet, digital technology has been around, now, for a good long time. From what I hear from pros, the current level of advancement is more than sufficient for amateur and profesionals alike. There is simply a fusion of video and still photography taking place, and this ought not to prevent one buying, say, a D90 or D700, given their prices. I know a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) cameraman who swears by the D90. This man puts his life on the line, yet has confidence in a piece of ‘old’ technology. I’d put his output against anyone who today is postponing a purchase because of a desire to buy the latest and greatest over that which works today. My CBC friend would most likely not walk away embarrassed from his output.

    With all respect, it seems to me that the clamor is coming from those who are more interested in fashion than in rock-solid photography, which today’s cameras offer. If only they could just get on with their passion for photography, then in 5 years from now they might better understand the weaknesses of the mid to old technology as it stands today. They certainly would not gain in 5 years over the technology that exists today.

    A new iteration of Nikon’s cameras will not make you a better photographer. Confidence in one’s photographic skill will only come from experience, and not from the camera. I still love my FM. It still has much to teach me.

    So, perhaps, we are so caught up with the computer within, that we are failing to appreciate the camera without. Karsh wouldn’t care too much about the technology and would more likely be thinking about composition and lighting, elements not changed by today’s technology.

    I am absolutely happy to have my D700, bought at Christmas, perhaps ‘old’ technology, to replace my even older F3HP and ancient FM. But it has let me into the digital age, I have not lost a shot opportunity, and I am learning a new art on the computer.


    • Manfred

      Hi Mark
      though I appreciate most of your comment, I’d love you’d differentiate a little more: Your D90 friend is apparently working in the realm of press-photography. Some other Bloggers apparently work in a studio environment. Requirements depend very much on what you are actually doing.
      I wrote from the perspective of a nature photographer. As such one need the full range from fast tele-lenses to wide angles and macro. Though I am very familiar with all the preferences for prime lenses, in actual work I found it very helpful to use high-level zoom lenses.

      Other than in studio-photography, market prices for nature photos do not really offer the leeway for the top of the top products as the D3x and the 200-400 f 4.0 and the like. This two items for instance may be sufficient from the viewpoint of quality but show that there is still a difference between availability and affordability.
      One the other hand one have to carry the stuff around for quite some miles a day. Means one wouldn’t like to carry the entire Nikon lens program around.
      Furthermore despite low prices, customers for nature photos demand high quality, also in terms of resolution.

      In times in where every “cleaning lady” travels the world with a compact, by the billions of photos shot, it is just a question of statistics that some will produce top shots by chance with hardly any knowledge in photography. And this group is already pleased to see their name as author published, no matter what is paid for the shot. This phenomenon has changed the market a lot and this is what photographers have to compete with. In other words if customers can get a say 80% shot for 10 bucks hardly any will go for a 98% shot for say 200-300 bucks.

      So with all the passion one can bring up for this work one is still forced to consider the economic side too. And of course this bears down to requirements towards the maker (Nikon) wanting to have e.g. a D800 with the D3x sensor and affordable lenses like an updated 80-400 with AF-S, VRII and an improved lens quality etc..

      In the field of high level DSLRs there are just 2 makers sharing at least 80% of the market if not even far more. And since Canon has stuff like the above mentioned in their program since many months, many of us just want Nikon to keep up. And given some time has passed by not just to keep up but be a little ahead as they showed they can do with the D3x compared to the 1ds MkIII.
      At least I didn’t write Nikon bashing for the sake of Nikon bashing but to encourage Nikon to focus on their strengths instead of pouring their energy into trendy mainstream fields in where Nikon is just one of many.

  • Mark Heseltine

    And check out this shot. There are not bored Nikon reps here.

    • venancio

      wow… taken by an EOS 5DMII… this says a lot, but then again it’s still photography…

      • Clark Tanaka

        haha, I just happened to shoot with Canon. I used to be a Nikon shooter.
        I like both brands and what’s awesome about Nikon is that they actually
        have no problem shooting their models or their new products with other brands. They are really nice people. That’s what I like about Nikon.

        I also went to the D7000 premiere event and took my 5D2 and I asked if it would be a problem shooting the models with Canon. The guy told me, photgraphy is photograpy, no problem take all you want. This really was something.

        • +1

        • venancio

          great shots, clark… very good results, something i would call nikon quality photography :)… i only had a Canon PShooter years ago when i walked the eden paths of Ueno Park and Kamakura, and i could have sworn by a Nikon DSLR… still photography is photography and Fred Miranda’s site is a living proof that you can milk goodness out of a Canon… I would not be surprised then if it is a Canon that will take the photo of the Nikon D700 replacement, or the Sony FX alpha, or the Fuji FX…

          • Clark Tanaka

            Thanks for looking through my stream. It was tough with loads of people passing by trying to get the best shot with my 35 1.4 prime.. lol I need a descent zoom lens.. lol
            I know there’s always going to be a battle between C and N but if I can get the shot, gear is not the issue. But, as a human being, we all know what we like. Currently, I like Canon shortly followed by Nikon. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve mentioned this once but I like both brands:)

    • I like their white gloves… great idea, the cameras at those shows are nasty

      • Mark

        Or perhaps they do not want the local police forensics department on to them?

        Hey. What am I saying. I use Nikon! 😉

        I believe in the D800 and D4 – this year!

        But in the meantime, the D700 and the D3s and the F6 exist!

        Evolution. Not revolution.


      • Clark Tanaka

        Yeah, what’s even better is that after each session, they wipe the camera clean for the next customer to check out the gear. Superb service. (although most of the camera brands do that here in Japan)

        Everything is kept so tidy and clean.

        • +1
          I agree. I was so pampered as a customer whenever I go shopping when I was living in Tokyo and Osaka. I can’t find such service elsewhere other than Japan 🙂

          • Rocking Kenwell


            What a concept! 😀

            • Clark Tanaka


  • When even Leica has a 18mp camera, there is something definitely wrong with the situation.

  • jwsutts

    I like many it seems… got tired of the waiting… but stuck with Nikon.

    Just picked up at D7000 for $1200+tax (canadian)

    I was holding out hard for news of a D800… as I really want something with a little more on the video features front… But Nikon still feels good in my hand and the D7000 still seems like a sexy camera.

  • Mock Kenwell

    I know many patient pro photographers who have made the still/video transition, and they’ve moved to Canon with the full understanding that they will move back when Nikon gets its act together. The price of doing so is just the cost of doing business as a professional. Overall, they simply like Nikon better but it’s not a chasm of difference—mostly just subtleties.

    But I ask myself, should they even have to do this? And what of the non-pros? If they switch during this period, will they come back? Or is it just too big of a hassle? Nikon can keep their 3-5 year UPGRADE schedule, but I believe they really need to be more flexible and open regarding their UPDATE schedule. By that I mean making minor yet significant updates to existing bodies and platforms in order to respond to market shifts and pressures. If they did this once between upgrades, they wouldn’t face feature deficits for such long periods.

  • Dweeb

    Nikon – Running on Empty.

  • Ray

    Am I the only one that don’t see a problem with Nikon doing nothing right now?

    They just released three f1.4 lens, and a D7000. I think most people here are just TOO concerned about technology over taking a good photograph.

    I sit happily with my D700 and 50mm f1.4 right now, and have no complaints, nor do I feel left out by 21 megapixels of the canon 5dmkII.

    Maybe photographers have to get their priorities right instead of sitting around talking about technological advancement. Well unless of course the industry DEMANDS 21+ megapixels, even then, if the demand is that high, how about using medium format, and stop dicking around with these tiny 35mm sensors?

    Lets be really honest right now, I know you people may disagree with me. Actually you people WILL disagree with me. But if I am a working pro, I would use a Hasselblad instead and forget these Nikon and Canon toys. But I am not a pro, and I don’t have as much experience as a pro. So I go around with my D700 and ONE 50mm 1.4 lens and shoot whatever I like and never got into an issue of “oh shit, I need more resolution.” At this time I cannot see any system with technology that is LIFE changing.

    Thank you for reading my opinion. Please don’t drop replies about me not knowing anything. I am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours!

    • Clark Tanaka

      Thanks for looking through the stream. I don’t know if you’ve read my comments above but as a Canon user (who likes both Canon and Nikon,, and used to be a Nikon shooter and still shoots with a NIKON FE2 film camera), I would agree that they have been putting lot of effort into getting good prime lenses. And I too shoot with only one body and one lens (35 1.4L) and I would probably be happy with a D700. Recent release of the new primes really makes me happy and if they come out with a higher megapixel count camera, I might switch back. The only reason I’m asking for the higher resolution is because I print A3+. I think everyone want’s atleast an announcement of some sort of “something” new,, I guess human beings are always like this.

      But personally, I just wished the new primes had faster AF. I’m not saying they are slow but when compared to canon, they are. I’m sure Nikon is working hard for something new and this CP+ event is not the biggest photo event around the world, so let’s wait and see:)

    • it’s all about my FX


      how the hell do you call Nikon and Cannon “toys”? Those Lomo Dianas are toys.

      I’ve seen photos from both camera system kicking the Hassey’s junk all over the place.

      you don’t know anything : D

      • Ray

        Why can’t I call Nikon and Canon toys?
        “I’ve seen photos from both camera system kicking the Hassey’s junk all over the place.”
        -I sure hope you have experience with Hassey’s to make this statement, or you are just another unreliable source of information.

        Did I hurt your feelings? 😛

        @clark, I will be honest, I got tired of reading after a few threads, because it is simply too hard to filter real honest posting versus gear heads cranking on about new gear.

        I have nothing against canons or nikons, I am just saying that in this cp+ post about nikon having nothing, its not a big deal. But I understand completely if you are a working professional that require the megapixels for huge prints. And right now what nikon has to offer is not worth the price since you can get a nice pentax 645 medium format for that type of money.

        It does look like nikon should consider professionals demanding a few extra megapixel that dont have 10 grand to drop on a camera. However, it does not look like a simple task for nikon to introduce a d3x killer.

        on a side note…
        And why the hell is it always canon vs nikon? why can’t it be canon + nikon = win? lol

  • it’s all about my FX


    I see that your defense mechanism kicked in strong. You must also know a whole lot about your fantastical, orgasmic hassey gears since they are such a pro and everything. : )

    You may also want to elaborate on why Nikon and Canon are toys other than the tired “Nikon no megapixels, I want my mommy” argument. Go ahead, I think the folks here deserve to know.

    Real pros, when pushed for high megapixel output, can have the choice of using Mamiya body with Leaf backs, not just hassey. For everything else, the “toys” Nikon and Canon systems will do just fine.

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