Comparing f/1.8 compact cameras: Samsung TL500, Olympus XZ-1 and Nikon Coolpix P300

A quick comparison between all three f/1.8 compact cameras on the market today (green color indicates the better specs):

Samsung TL500 Olympus XZ-1 Nikon Coolpix P300
Pixels 1o MP 10 MP 12 MP
Sensor size 1/1.7 in. 1/1.63 in. 1/2.3 in.
Sensor type CCD CCD BSI CMOS
ISO range 80-3200 100-6400 160-3200
Lens aperture f/1.8-2.4 f/1.8-2.5 f/1.8-4.9
Lens zoom 24-72 mm 28-112 mm 24-100mm
Screen Rotating 3" AMOLED 3" OLED 3" 921k dots
Video mode 640x480 at 30fps 1280x720 at 30fps 1920x1080p at 30fps
Max shutter 1/1500 sec 1/2000 sec 1/2000 sec
RAW yes yes no
Flash hot shoe yes yes no
Dimensions (WxHxD) 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.1 in. 4.4 x 2.6 x 1.7 4.1 x 2.3 x 1.3
Weight 0.78 lbs 0.60 lbs 0.41 lbs
Price $356.00 $499.00 $329.00

Additional Nikon Coolpix P300 info:

Overview from C-net:

Promotional Nikon P300 video:

and another video overview:

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  • Leaking Starfish

    No raw in the Nikon? Figures, Nikon steps on their own dick again.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Hard to believe they tripped on such a small dick, but yep, you’re right.

      • The two gents of the WhatDigitalCamera video seem overly excited about the new camera. Yep, I must say it is quite a thrill to finally see new compacts after all these months of waiting for the next update cycle …

    • venancio

      P300 without RAW is a business strategy… if it had RAW, it would eat up the sales of P7000… same strategy as no D700 replacement yet, it will eat up the sales of D7000 and D3S… yeah, go figure…

      • Mock Kenwell

        Yeah, the P300’s lack of RAW is definitely what is impacting the P7000 sales. Not the fact that it’s a lackluster effort that would have been dated if it had been released 4 years ago.

      • maybe the strategy is that Nikon wants to sell their upcoming mirrorless camera to those who want RAW capabilities

        • Mock Kenwell

          I would buy both if they were both worthy.

          I fail to see the logic in these self-crippling strategies. Nikon’s main competitors are not other Nikons, but an entire market of solid compacts! Why hamper your camera just so you can eke out another one with a couple more features? Clearly, this is a price play for the larger market. But cripes, how many of those kinds of compacts do we need? Can’t they make JUST ONE DECENT COMPACT with all the features we’ve been asking for here for years?

          Panasonic and Canon have nothing to worry about with this camera. Dead in the water with that tiny sensor and no RAW. Shame too. HD video is a great feature in a cam that small.

          • Anthony D’Atri

            I had raw (which is still not an acronym) capability on my Canon G6, but it really didn’t make much difference. I’m skeptical that raw capture is a gating factor in this market segment.

            I did chuckle at the article’s selection of the Nikon as having “better” specs for pixel count — differing sensor tech aside, pixel area would be a better metric.

            The thing that struck me was how the Nikon’s maximum aperture plummets with focal length compared to the other two, which makes me curious as to how the latter perform at large apertures at the tele end.

        • Frank

          What mirrorless? I bet there will be nothing from Nikon this year that is mirrorless

          • Andi

            Oh, aren’t there 8 cameras just announced – all mirrorless?

        • broxibear

          “maybe the strategy is that Nikon wants to sell their upcoming mirrorless camera to those who want RAW capabilities”
          Or maybe they ran out of development money bacause they gave it all to Ashton Kutcher ?

          • Ashton Kutcher

            How else do you expect them to sell these cameras? They didn’t call my agent when the D3 series came out, something about the product beging able to “stand on it’s own two feet” – whatever that means. Did they even see me in The Guardian? Whatever dude.

            Ditto D7000, although with all these back focusing issues, they may need me to work my bridesmaid magic.

            Demi thinks all the issues with the D7000 are just inexperienced users taking pictures of soup cans, but I think there is some legitimacy to it.

            Good news though (for me) my agent did call me last week, and tell me that they needed my help with there recent crap they released.

            • Demi Moore

              How can you take pictures of soup cans at 1/15th not on a tripod and expect greatness.

            • Bruce Willis

              +1 ^. Don’t argue with her Ashton, trust me.

            • just FYI impersonating someone on the Internet is now a misdemeanor in California:


              I will start deleting those post.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Admin, no! They’re cracking me up! We all know it’s not really them… or do we?

            • it’s is funny, but I have to warn readers of possible consequences

        • The only problem with this strategy is they are not competing with just themselves–Canon and Oly are just as happy to sell a similar cam that’s spec’ed better, with a better interface. This is just dumb. Then again, their strategy, which seems heinous and clueless to us, is selling camera’s just fine.

          The lesson reiterated here from the first decade of the 2000’s: you don’t need to be good to be successful.

        • You mean, “maybe Nikon’s strategy is brain dead”? Thinking that withholding a feature allows you to sell a different model is false thinking, in my book. I thought we had gotten past that practice when the Japanese HiFi makers rode it to their death, but maybe not.

          My sense of product development is that you try to develop products that are so compelling that they can’t be ignored by the user. If that means that you cannibalize another of your products, so be it. Better than you get the sale than your competitor.

          The P300 looks like Nikon made all the wrong decisions. Of course, it’s only US$329 and that will be fairly quickly dropped to US$299 or less through Instant Savings in the US, especially when it doesn’t sell in the volume they thought it would (and that’s assuming that it will hit the market soon, not two or three months from now). The bottom line is that Nikon has stopped competing on quality and features, but has become one of the compete-on-price-and-volume addicts. That’s 180° counter to the brand reputation. Which means that the brand reputation may start taking a turn.

          • scurvy hesh

            a million soccer moms are going to buy this camera tom. And not one of them is gonna give a crap about raw.

          • Mock Kenwell

            @ Thom: Bingo, spot-on 100%. Tired of being the only one saying it.

            @ scurvy: If soccer moms don’t care about RAW, they won’t care about f/1.8 either. And while the price is cheaper when comparing it to better cameras like the LX5 and the S95, soccer moms aren’t looking at those cameras anyway. Have you ever shot a soccer game? Helps to have zoom. 100mm ain’t gonna cut it.

            Plain and simple, this was touted and targeted as an enthusiast cam. It’s a fail in that category. I’m sure there are numbers somewhere that pointed Nikon toward this decision. Honestly, the lack of RAW is a stupid omission that wouldn’t really have added much if any cost, but my grander concern by far is the smaller sensor AND more MP. What a stupid thing to do.

      • Anton

        More probable to eat up the sales of nikon d3100

      • MikeS

        In the same way that Canon S95 sales are eating into G12 sales?

        • Ray

          i would buy a s95 over a g12, lol

          • Global

            That’s exactly what Canon wanted! I don’t know why people say ‘eating up the sales of’ when it comes to one company. Canon is not self-canibalizing. They have greatly expanded their reputation and sales with the S95.

            S95 was a wonderful thing for Canon. Extreme enthusiasts and gearheads still prefer the “gizmo” ish G12 series for things like flash and serious look, etc. That’s fair.

            Sure beats putting out a dud.

            But to be fair to Nikon, we need to see how their new sensor works out. I feel doubtful about it. But let’s see. Could be alright. It has a new processing engine and a new type of sensor. The combo might work.

            • Dead on Global (and MikeS). The only thing Canon did wrong is not push the G12 and S95 a bit further. They seem like lukewarm refreshes.

      • Thomas R

        Yeah right, like the millions of $300 Coolpix buyers even know the difference between RAW and JPG.

        • True. But those millions of users want to email their images (taken out of Nikon View NX2), post them on Facebook and Twitter (“just use my Picturetown instead”), and otherwise get them to friends fast and conveniently. So not only is Nikon not designing their products for the serious shooter, they’re totally botching the design decisions for the casual shooter, too.

    • The Invisible Man

      dick ?
      Do you mean Digital Imagin Camera Killer ?

    • Global

      Who cares about RAW. This is a P&S. Being raw-obsessed doesn’t even compute for 99% of potential consumers. The real defect is the small sensor size. THAT was the key mistake. Its no wonder this cam has to be compared to the Olympus and Samsung. The Canon S95 is going to make it eat its f/1.8 specs.

      Nikon created a f/1.8 gimmick. Sad. The movie mode does not make up for it. If it had the right sensor coupled with the 1.8, it would have been a winner. Just another gimmick and now I believe over-priced already.

      Just get the Canon S95. Raw, better sensor, aperture wheel. 720movie mode is only down side and that is still really good for web viewing.

      • Global

        (To be fair we need to see the results of the new processor + new sensor. But I feel doubtful.)

        • Take a look at the one full size sample they’ve posted so far and you’ll feel even more doubtful.

          • iamlucky13

            Expose to the right? Nah! Let’s go for the darker side of Ashton’s personality.

            By the way, there’s several more images up now, and a video clip.

      • iamlucky13

        720movie mode is only down side and that is still really good for web viewing.

        Heck, resolution-wise it will look fine even on an HDTV. I think you’re much more likely to find compression artifacts and metering issues problematic than a lack of video resolution.

        Seriously, considering the quality of videos some folks have produced at 720p on the D90 and D3s, it’s very hard to argue that resolution is what holds back compact cameras.

        I’m not saying asking for 1080 is pointless, but keep things in perspective.

  • zzddrr

    I would summarize this announcement with a request to Nikon: “STOP THROWING MORE CRAP AT US!!!”

    I seriously think Nikon has a serious issue.

    • Kingyo

      I’m looking for a good p&s to bring around everywhere, almost set on the ZX-1, would’ve gone with Nikon if it did RAW..I mean who dropped the ball on that one!

  • VTX

    Nikon just cannot make a decent Point and Shoot. Look at how small the P3000’s sensor is compared to the others.

    • PHB

      How big are the cameras?

      The Coolpix is quite a bit smaller than the other two. No point in having a compact camera that is not compact.

      For the target market the two key requirements are size and 1080 HD video. Raw and sensor size don’t matter near as much.

    • Anthony D’Atri

      Sensor tech being equal, sure, but one should take into account pixel density, and perhaps the BSI makes a big difference.

      • Sony claims a one stop advantage for BSI.

  • Martin

    I think that it will be a good pocket camera. It’s a useful zoom range in a very small form factor. I also like the 8fps and the 1080p. The sensor size is maybe smaller but with back illuminated sensor it should do the job. Anyway, for such a camera, I won’t pixel peep @ ISO3200. Half stop should not do a big difference in the final result. The only missing point in my opinion is RAW for some “more critical” pictures. I just hope that the camera is fast (focus, power on etc.).

  • Anon

    At least it’s the cheapest. Features like raw, HD video, and fast FPS don’t matter to me. I would rather have a camera with a large sensor and limited features, than another small-sensor camera with tons of stuff piled into it. We have enough of those out there.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Well, then this is the wrong damn camera for you.

      • Anon

        Yeah…I’m shooting 4×5 these days any way. The Fuji X100 is the only interesting digital camera that I’ve seen in the past year or two.

        • it’s just so over priced – it’s an interesting camera but in no way is it worth the cost of a d7000

  • Segura

    -1 for not having RAW support
    -1 for being 1.5 stops slower telephoto

    Very disappointed

    • Kuv

      -1 for tiny sensor
      -1 for no hot shoe

      • enesunkie

        -2 for not being a new DSLR

  • jason

    I don’t think this is ther flagship p&s camera. It just people expected it to be.

    • J C

      then what is???

      • Anton

        the evil!

    • Global

      You do realize that the very definition of a FLAGSHIP is the product that rides out front to carry the Brand, don’t you? (Carries the flag into battle).

      Nikon sent THIS out as their flagship. To be fair we have to see how the new sensor + new processor work together. But I feel highly doubtful and Nikon cut so many possible corners for the sake of price (AGAIN!) that they already have hurt their brand just by releasing this flagship.

      This is the flagship. There will not be another ship coming in this round.

      Fire at will.

      • Well, they sent two kayaks out (P300, P7000) to compete with Canon’s flagships (S95, G12). Don’t be surprised if they don’t keep up.

  • On one level f/1.8 sounds nice, but small sensor cameras have such limited high ISO capability. I think when the dust settles, compact cameras will vanish, replaced by mobile phones. The midrange will be micro 4/3 and some other mirror less variants. The pro stuff will be FX and 4×6 MF.


    • Mock Kenwell

      You’re just pissed there’s no cleavage detection mode or mega zoom for booby pics.

      • Funduro


      • PAG

        Cleavage detection mode is for amateurs. Ron is a pro. (And Ron, that is NOT a slam. Nice pics!)

        • Why would you want cleavage detection, anyway? Wouldn’t you want nipple detection? ;~) You have to design to the right problem…

    • PHB

      I have no idea why you al obsess so much about having High ISO.

      I find that the number of times I can’t take the shot I want because the camera ISO won’t go low enough is much higher than the number of times when I need to go higher.

      Back in the day we all used Velvia 64 or even Kodachrome 25 and the highest resolution film in existence was 1600 and good only for ‘artistic’ effect. The fastest tele-zoom was f/5.6 and any lens faster than f/2.8 that wasn’t a normal lens was considered exotic.

      Sure you can take pictures in low light, but that is only something I need to do on occasion. Carrying the gear around is something I have to do all the time.

      A compact camera should be just that – compact!

      My compact camera is a somewhat elderly Casio Exlim, it is small and thin enough to fit in a shirt pocket. It is not a particularly good camera but it allows me to take shots when I wouldn’t have a camera with me otherwise.

      It is not my only camera, just as my 18-200 is not my only lens. It is a camera that has a specific purpose just as my 18-200 does alongside my fast primes.

      Given the choice of an ISO bump of 2 stops and an increase in effective focal length of 2.5x plus much lighter weight, I will take the latter even if it is the same price.

      The sensor size is perfectly adequate for the resolution and the market segment.

      Take a look at the prices, the Oilymouse is $500, the Nikon $300. The only things on the Oilymouse that are considerably better is an extra ISO stop and an extra f/stop at the tele end.

      The Oilymouse is better, but at 60% higher cost it SHOULD be better a LOT better than that. More importantly for me, it is 50% heavier.

      The rotating display would certainly be very useful on the Samsung for video but oops, it does not do HD so I wouldn’t use it for video. And on a compact stills I would prefer a smaller form factor

      Nikon could easily fix the RAW issue without adding to cost and should. But a bigger sensor and a bigger lens would both mean a bigger form factor and essentially be a different camera entirely.

      I would like to see them do a R300+ and add the missing RAW. A bigger camera with a bigger sensor and lens might also make sense, but the question there is going to be where it fits wrt EVIL. I suspect that there will be a fixed lens model for less money based on the same platform. It is a no-brainer.

      From a marketing point of view the EVIL and the EVFL little sister are going to be the cameras for the RAW crowd.

      • Oilymouse

        That’s quite a rant just to point out you think the PX300 and the XZ-1 are in a different class (which is clearly the case, although the difference in size and cost is probably more significant to you than it is to others).

        However, many people here are surprised and saddened by the fact Nikon is obviously not providing a proper response to what’s happening in the market these days. If the PX300 is the best they’ve got, it may be the Nikon enthusiast camera story ends here.

        Your post made me wonder when Casio will step in, btw, so thanks for that!

  • zzddrr

    Mark my words! This is the last wave of pocket cameras … smartphones will demolish this segment.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Sweet Lord you are so high.

      • Anon

        No, I agree with them – I’m kind of surprised Nikon hasn’t come out with a camera-phone hybrid yet, more of a camera with a phone in it than a phone with a camera in it. An all-in-one portable media device – calling people is a thing of the past anyway. You would have a phone, texting, applications, sending/sharing pictures and video very easily, and a camera on-board with a fairly decent sensor and lens. Built-in wifi antenna, and running off of a large mobile carrier.

        • yebbut nobbut… because of the “never buy all your computers at once” strategy… having everything in one device means they all go depressingly out of date together. Better to stagger purchases. Even with 2 or 3 gizmos, you are still only carrying a very small amount of stuff compared to just a few years ago. Also, the failing of one element of the do it all device means you have to replace the whole thing, if that’s all you have.

          I have 3 – a tiny rugged compact, an ipod and a 3G connection device. Totally beats that big, heavy expensive iphone thing, and I can leave at home any of the elements if I don’t need them that day. …and if one fails, I only need replace that thing.

          But I agree – 1 smartphone is probably the way many people will go…

        • Zograf

          Hmm, If someone would come with such a thing that would be Sony-Ericsson first. Well who knows..
          I find myself using my iPhone more often than S90 for taking snapshots – I can email them, edit them in Photoshop mobile or Best camera, show them to others on a reasonable big screen.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Totally don’t agree. The SE phones have amazing cameras, but are not great phones. The rest are all pretty significant compromises from a res POV. Sending phone to phone is okay, but view an smart phone pic on a decent PC, and you see how crappy it is. Fun, yes! And Nikon could learn a thing or two about easy, in-camera processing and 3rd party app dev, but the final result is almost always lacking.

        • Global

          Forget phones — I’m utterly shocked and rather dismayed that Nikon and Canon and Samsung and Sony haven’t come out with “iPod Touch” killers (from a camera point-of-view).

          I don’t want a Nikon phone — that would be stupid. What I want is a Samsung Galaxy MEDIA PLAYER/PHOTO STORAGE unit that I can memory swap (removable harddrive) + an on-the-go camera.

          I don’t know why Samsung hasn’t make an iPod Touch competitor yet. Its the one company that could surely do it right. Combine that with a Canon camera and make the memory swapable (not just the cards, the actual harddrive as a STORAGE unit) and we are talking about a great piece of gear for storing photos and showing them to others and taking them along.

          Sony could do it, but it would probably be annoying to set up.

          I think Samsung would do it right.

          • Mock Kenwell

            +1. The brave new world of digital imaging is on its way. But I fear Nikon is too afraid of its own shadow to embrace it.

  • spidercrown

    this cam is attractive.. if it was release 2 years ago..

  • Rich-L

    I’ll hold on to my wonderful TL-500… Now raw, slow on tele end… Hope Samsung will continue to develop their camera

  • adam

    fuck that noise… i want my D800 already or 5d mkIII

  • spam

    Hi Admin, do you really consider higher pixel count form a smaller sensro as “better”, and CMOS better than CCD? If you look at image quality from small sensors then CCD has been better on all cameras I’ve seen so far. Examples: Canon SX1 IS and Canon SX10 IS, and last year’s FZ45 easily beat FZ100 on image qaulity.

    Btw, to me this looks like a Canon IXUS 310 HS competitor, not a S95 (or LX5) competitor. Same specs, except for design on the P500 (if you prefer square to rounded).

    • Zorro

      I agree. More pixels is not necessarily better. I also think CCD has advantages over CMOS.

    • Global

      Its not a traditional CMOS, so you can’t just lump it together..

      — its a Back-Illuminated CMOS. We have yet to see how it will perform. Plus Nikon is including a new processing engine to combine with it. I’ll await noise reviews.

      • spam

        Most compact cameras have used backlit CMOS sensors for over a year so that’s nothing new. But I agree that we’ll have to wait for reviews, what I objected to was listing (backlit) CMOS as an advantage over CCD in the table wihtout waiting for the review results, and all the evidence pointing in the oppsite direction so far. Btw, I certainly hope that CMOS can overtake CCD in image qualit for small senors as I want the speed advantage CMOS already provide.

    • Given the IQ is the same, more MP is better. The problem is when IQ (ISO) suffers because of high MP. I also think back illuminated sensor have better low light performance, but this is debatable.

  • too bad

    Nikon P300 has such a small sensor.. it is totally useless.

    • Global

      Its not a traditional CMOS.. — its a Back-Illuminated CMOS. We’ll have to wait and see the results.

      • spam

        P100 also used a backlit CMOS sensor and the image quality was worse than same generation CCD superzoom.

  • Frank

    Taken from DPreview under key features.

    …It is worth noting that although it boasts a very fast maximum aperture of f/1.8, this gets a lot smaller as the lens is zoomed in. In fact, f/1.8 is only available with the lens set to its very widest focal length.

    Fail compared ot the Olympus XZ-1.

  • hybris

    at least it have 30 x1080
    hope the same goes for the 700 reeplacement

    • Anthony D’Atri

      1080 is mostly marketing. Few people can readily discern it from 720.

  • Zorro

    I simply won’t buy a camera that doesn’t have a viable eye-level viewfinder or at least provision for one.

    The Olympus XZ-1 comes closest to a compact camera that I would actually buy.

    • Global

      No offense (honestly), but, well, you’d be the only one in the world at this point. Stop looking at this range of P&S for such a thing. Honestly, that old idea is gone. Specialty cameras might have an electronic viewfinder attachment as an add-on. But your view has no place in the market anymore.

      P&S viewfinders have always been incredibly stupid, dinky and easily gotten too dirty to begin with. Plastic garbage with no real function and completely unpredictable results. The display is far superior, even on bright sunny days I’ve never had a problem actually using one and they’ve always been more accurate than those stupid viewfinders on my old P&S which always gave me eye-aches trying to imagine what might possibly be captured, which was never accurate.

      • Zorro

        Wow, Global. You claim to speak for the whole world.
        The very fact that some compact cameras have a built-in EVF and others have an accessory EVF available indicates that the manufacturers believe I’m not the “only one in the whole world”.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Umm… no seriously. You’d be the only one.

          • Oilymouse

            He wouldn’t be alone. I’d be there too, bringing an attached EVF as a very accurate “viable eye-level viewfinder”. I’ll be using the same viewfinder on my Olympus mirrorless cameras as well. We’ll be very happy.

  • Thanks for the comparison. I just don’t understand why Nikon would put such a small sensor in this camera…

  • Borgar Tessem

    You people in here must be the most whining on the whole internett, never will anny product be good enough for you!! Stop this, take pictures and use the equipment you allready have!!!!!!!!! The market for the Nikon ps cameras are not among you annyway, but they are selling very well and the money from this sales are helping inn research and development in DSLR

    • MikeS

      This is mostly a gear site. People will therefore center their comments/opinions around equipment, and not, “wow, this [new product] announcement is irrelevant to me because my [old camera] takes amazing photos! Thanks Admin!”

      Despite the fact that Coolpixes generate the bulk of Nikon’s revenue, some people would like to see certain products come to light a bit faster (e.g. D700 replacement) and would have liked to see certain features in the P300 that was just announced.

    • Global

      Wow. Psycho.. Let’s have a re-play, shall we:

      “You psycho up there must be the most whining on the whole internett, never will anny commentator be good enough for you!! Stop reading these messages, take pictures and use the post information you allready have!!!!!!!!! The market for web forum posts are not for you annyway, but they are generating conversations very well and the comments on this site are helping promote and support excellent Nikon rumor posts.”

      All we ask is that Nikon put out an excellent P&S every 1 out of 5 cameras at least. Would that be so hard? They go for the cheap product every time. It makes money, but its annoying as hell to read about. I half wish this was a “Nikon DSLR Rumors + Canon P&S Rumors” site, instead of just “Nikon Rumors” so we could skip Nikon’s discount products. By the way, you don’t seem to realize we are rooting for Nikon to produce a winner, and what you see is disappointment, because what they offer is what we can already get. Its boring. That’s why people are being positive — not negative like you think. Simply they are recommending other manufacturers for P&S. If Nikon wants their P&S to be recommended by their DSLR users, they need to make an actually good P&S. And by the way, DSLR users DO use P&S, probably upgrade their P&S more regularly than non-DSLR users. So your logic is flawed. We give Nikon a chance and they waste our time, every time.

      • BornOptimist

        Yeah right…
        “I would summarize this announcement with a request to Nikon: “STOP THROWING MORE CRAP AT US!!!”
        I seriously think Nikon has a serious issue.”

        “Nikon P300 has such a small sensor.. it is totally useless.”

        “fuck that noise… i want my D800 already or 5d mkIII”

        “No raw in the Nikon? Figures, Nikon steps on their own dick again.”

        Just a few random pick.
        It’s a lot of good optimistic advice here for Nikon.

  • F Master

    I would like to talk to some CEO at Nikon…ok, talk or spit…or something…
    Why they dont know how to make P&S? Are the good engineers sent to develop DSLR and the silly ones sent to develop P&S?
    I wont change my Fuji F200EXR for any of those nikons…
    Canon if much better in this segment.

    • enesunkie

      I believe Thom already spoke to the CEO for you, they’re not listening!

  • oh, what a discussion… everyone crying where are the features, but seems to no one understand why is camera like this one in the market. its because of making profit! no one of 99.99% customers dont know about raw, sensor size… 1st question of customer is price and some customers are interested in zoom range, thats all. only we, 0.01% of people buying cameras care about real advantages, but we are not people making profit in p+s range. we bring money to nikon in dslr range, so we have raw in our dslr´s.

    • suprchunk


    • Mock Kenwell

      Thanks for the words of wisdom, Tonto.

    • broxibear

      But you arguement falls apart when you read Nikon’s press release describing the P300 as “Created for the photo enthusiast who seeks creative control but will not compromise image quality for portability”.
      It’s too expensive for your every day point and shoot buyer and not good enough for the enthusiast/pro buyer ?.

      • Oilymouse

        Indeed. This topic is not about comparing just any P&S to enthusiast cameras offered by other brands – it’s clearly about Nikon losing a battle. Next round will be EVIL, where Nikon seems to be entering from the high ground (professional level). Let’s hope this approach will not leave enthusiast amateurs out in the cold once more.

    • Global

      This is INCORRECT. The camera is not on the market. Its being proposed to the market. We are the market. And we are saying so far it doesn’t look good. Thats called a market. We are saying the product looks like something released 2 years ago only with reduced features.

      Hi. Nice to meet you. We are the market.

      If the camera makes money, fine. Someone is going to buy it because of the dual gimmicks of 1.8 lens + HD video. But with a reduced sensor size and handicapped features, was that a good value? People will buy crack coccaine. Crack coccaine will make money. If Nikon sold crack coccaine they would also make a profit — would you still say that Nikon “should” sell crack coccaine and no one should be allowed to have a say about it?

      That’s wrong. We are the market. We say we want better. Part of the market will buy whatever is out there on weak principles, weaker understandings, and based purely on cost. But is that how a $300-400 camera should be purchased? Is that right? It doesn’t sound right to me.

      I will wait to see how the new processor + new back-illum sensor work out with the 1.8 lens. But having raw absent and an extra small sensor size bodes ill. We shall see.

      • we are not the market. we, everyday nikonrumors readers, are gearheads. gearheads = extremists, very minor part of population. open your eyes and look straight to the true.

        anyway, i am not happy that nikon sell crack cameras. nikon has good reputation (rare and expensive) captured during decades of good work. this reputation is not neverending = warning for nikon!

        for now, people will buy crack cameras because of good reputation of nikon mark. for now yet.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Wrong. We are telling you something you just don’t seem to want to hear. THIS IS NOT a soccer mom camera. It is trying to be an S95 competitor. The market that wants an S95 will not want this camera. They are using soccer mom feature rationale to appeal to a non-soccer mom audience. I smell fail.

          • wake up, this IS soccer mom camera

            • Oilymouse

              You are so right. It’s only discussed here because it has f/1.8 on widest setting, and thus appears to be an S95 competitor.

              But it’s not. They just fooled us with the marketing blurp, which reminds one of the LX-3, S90, XZ-1 and so on.

  • beeb

    what a disappointment the P300 is after all the rumours!!!!

    • bolla

      a rumour is just that, not facts

  • Funduro

    P300 has no external flash capabilities. It shouldn’t be compared to the other two cameras.

  • broxibear

    According to Bo Kajiwara, director of marketing, Nikon Inc. “The P300 is an excellent choice for the photographer who is looking for a compact camera with all the manual controls and advanced features that challenges them to take their creativity to new heights.”
    I think you should buy the Panasonic Lumix LX5 and it’s f/2.0 Leica Summicron lens instead.

  • twinfighter

    I wonder why all of you so disappointed. The little P300 will find its place in the market. For those of you who want Raw and a very good “enthusiast and professional” small camera could buy a LX5, TL500/EX1, S95, XZ1, … . In Nikon dont lay the answer of all your questions. Sometimes its better to look elsewhere. But this is no reason to spit on Nikons SLR lineup.

    • bolla

      very well spoken!!!!!!!

    • Global

      Don’t mistake negative pressure for Nikon to make a higher-end P&S with spitting up on the product. People use colorful language like “crap” — but what they mean is “not what I wanted at this time.”

      The P300 will be a wonderful camera for certain individuals.

      The problem is that for this market segment, once again, we’ve been disappointed by Nikon. (Pending real reviews of the new sensor + new processor engine in combo with the new lens).

  • Mike

    Hmmm. I too am too a bit dissapointed with the P300. But after thinking about it if I want ultimate IQ I’ll shoot RAW with a DSLR and take my wife’s P&S for OOC JPEGs. I suspect the P300 is aimed at 1. Who don’t know what RAW. 2. do know but can’t be bothered to shoot RAW in a P&S. 3. DSLR shooters who want to turn their brain off with a lighter package. I am the type to bring a D700 on a mtb ride and get shots of friends in action. The P300 would be my “take to a dinner party” camera. Not my travel camera. And certainly for nothing critical.

  • jose

    Actually the more decent one seems to be the S9100, with a very reasonably sized body and packing an 18x optical zoom, that starts at 25mm.
    It shares sensor and IQ with the P300, and ditches manual controls for tricks like panorama, HDR etc. I think all this makes the S9100 a fantastic and stealthy point and shoot street camera (looks terrific in matt black).
    Nikon is evolving that line rapidly and consistently, and I feel they have a winner, despite the little to no attention that it receives.

  • R!


    • BornOptimist


  • Sarge

    Just another disappointment from Nikon’s small camera people. In a world with so much unemployment, why can’t they find someone who knows how to do pocket cameras properly? Looks like I’ll be buying the Olympus. (FWIW, I have a D3 and a whole slew of pro NIkon lenses, and I get paid to use them).

  • iamnomad

    I’ll stick with my FM2n, thankyouverymuch.

  • Zim

    My last point & shoot was a Canon. I’d probably buy another one. Never had much luck with Nikon pocket cameras. But I’ve only bought Nikon DSLRs and SLRs. I hope they come out with D400 or something soon

  • Trevor

    Let’s be real — we can’t expect a P&S with the specs of a DSLR for the price of the P300. The X100 is the closest there is, and it’s $1,100+. I think the P&S crowd is much more about price point and marketing than specs, and I imagine Nikon knows that; otherwise they would just release NEVIL. People in stores won’t see that chart. They’ll see 2 megapixels more with 1080p at $30 to $150 less. I think it will sell just fine.

    • R!


  • Nathan

    No spot for an external flash… weak

  • lola

    Nikon have screwed up again, this doesn’t bode well for the mirrorless camera.
    They make great dslr cameras and terrible compacts, if anyone from Nikon is reading this then slap yourself in the face because you failed with this one.
    Hope the same design team aren’t involved with the mirrorless camera.

  • broxibear

    I went to the Nikon Blog and posted a question about why there was no RAW capability with the P300, my comment is “awaiting moderation”.
    I doubt it will get posted or be answered but maybe you guys can try?…

  • John

    I continue to be embarrassed for Nikon.

    There isn’t a single Coolpix camera I would bother to own or carry.

  • The Invisible Man

    I went in my closet and found the Minox 35mm AE I bought 25 years ago, I will put a Sony sensor in it, still beter than Nikon’s crap !

  • Hans Zahl

    In your comparions the lens aperture is wrong.

    Olympus XZ-1:

    28mm 1.8 – 34mm 1.8
    35mm 2.0 – 64mm 2.0
    65mm 2.2 – 95mm 2.2 <–!
    96mm 2.5 – 112mm 2.5

    Samsung: 72mm – 2.4.

  • Jk

    Funny how a lot of you expect the same amount of features on any camera that is released whether it is $25 and intended for toddlers or a $5000 pro camera.

    • Daemonius

      Its not much cheapert than Samsung, but its pretty much worse in every aspect. And Im pretty sure it wont be that good for actual taking photos. Lens are crap. Sensor is small. No RAW.

      • Oilymouse

        Correct! This discussion makes it very clear what the consumers in this segment want.

        They want something competitive in the price range defined by the other manufacturers.

        And they want it in two markets: serious compacts and</strong. mirrorless.

  • Made to Sell

    On paper it looks better than the Canon S95. I think that’s what Nikon is hoping will matter: more MP, more zoom, more light. And that people will not read reviews at places like dpreview, etc, of the two cameras before buying.

    If so, they’ve failed to understand what has made the Canon S90/S95 sell: good sensor, leading to good reviews and applause from all segments because of their compactness and feature set. You’re hard stretched to find serious photographers who have disdain for the Canons S9x cameras. I doubt the same will be true for the P300.

    So my prediction for the P300 is that it will not do as well in the reviews as the S9x’s and similarly, reviewers will not be that excited about it because of no RAW, poor customisation, etc. Thus it will not garner as much excitement from various quarters, hence less talk about it good and all combined, it won’t generate a lot of excitement that leads to sales.

    I know people that bought the S90 because they walked into a high end camera store (not a Ritz/Wolfe – places that also sell MF equipment), asked what was the best compact, and got told to buy the S90. So they did. And that becomes viral. Is the same going to happen with the P300? I doubt it.

  • It all started so great with the Nikon D3.. But now.. Thinkin about switching to Sony for some interesting innovation. Thankyou and goodbye Nikon.

  • Full frame only!

    A comparison without Nikon is pointless!! The real competitor of Nikon for these Coolpix cameras is Canon, the others are much less important!

    When the Nikon D800 comes?!! End of August seems so far!

    • bjrichus

      @FullFrameOnly : A comparison without Nikon is pointless!

      Think you meant without Canon.

      And I agree.

      This comparison is not one I want to see.

  • Kyoshinikon

    No apeture/ function ring like the s95 so its kinda worthless. It is like using a 14-24mm f2.8 vrII on a D40

    • Baked Bananas

      Yeah…if the 14-24mm f2 .8 Vr II existed.

      COOLPIX – RAW – Hot Shoe + Ashton Kretchner = FAIL

      • Kyoshinikon

        my mistake. I originally put the 70-200mm and decided that a wide angle was more impractical on a cheap dx body

  • Andi

    … and I thought, nobody here was interested in P&S cameras 🙂

  • jim seekers

    what we need is a review between the following cameras.
    1. OLYMPUS XZ-1
    2. LEICA D-LUX 5
    3. RICOH GRD MK3
    4. SIGMA DP1x
    Take your pick on which will produce best IQ well i think the sigma would be first mind you auto focus is painfully slow on sigma compacts then 2nd place would be the olympus or leica.
    i left the Lx5 out as the Leica has better IQ so its not just the little red badge.
    also left out the samsung ex-1 as well i will just buy a Samsung Tv instead.

    • I can try to gather those cams together, but some of them are with fixed lens and I don’t think it will be a fair comparison.

      • Oilymouse

        Excuse me? Which of the above hasn’t got a fixed lens?! And it’s a fair comparison, since many people consider exactly these cameras for the portability plus high quality combo.

        Personally, I do think the TL500 should be included, while the Sigma is too niche, really.

  • Arthur

    The relatively small sensor is the biggest bummer to me. But, let’s hope that it’s done on purpose to make room for the EVIL camera.

    1) very small
    2) 1.5 crop sensor
    3) some nice small lenses
    4) cheap adapter for the F-mount
    …and I’ll be very happy. I have no doubt about the image and video quality if they will adapt the 1.5x sensor. It will be at least as good as the NEX-5, and that’s good enough for me.

  • Dear admin, I hope you’re planning a hands-on comparison with the D-LUX 5 🙂

  • Leaking Starfish

    Nikon, a little bigger sensor and RAW and I buy a P300. Put a 24mpx chip in a D700 body and I buy one of those too. That’s two sales. I will not buy anything that can’t shoot raw and I NEED a small high MPX DSLR body to compliment my D700 and D300. How hard is this to figure out?

  • jim seekers

    please canon when you bring out the powershot g13 or s100 please put L florite glass lens on the camera and a F1.8 ~F2.5 Lens and put in raw,tiff and jpeg.
    plus 1080p @ 60fps for smooth video.
    and image paramiters at -/+7 for sharpness,saturation and contrast.
    and a manaul forced pop up flash on the s100.
    10fps high speed shooting and iso 50 ~6400.
    ovf and evf all in one , youtube mode and passport photo mode.
    and last thing a battery that can take 1000 shots just like a casio can.
    and a hot-shoe on the s100.

  • Full frame only!

    Nikon made a mistake. He must put 1080p with 24, 30, and 60 fps on its top P&S (Point and Shoot) cameras and 1080p with 24, 30 on all its other P&S cameras.
    And RAW for most of his P&S cameras.
    And GPS built-in with 3 parameters on ALL its cameras (DSRL, P&S, any camera).
    At least, that would be the strategy if Nikon really would want to become the top seller of P&S cameras!!

    Yes, a comparison must be done at least with Canon P&S cameras! The other makers of P&S cameras, they do not matter at all! Except Sony who are getting more and more dangerous every day on every type of camera!

    I wait for the Nikon D800, the replacement of the D700 and the wait is getting longer than I want!

    • Oilymouse

      It appears you’ll be waiting and wailing a long time while the Canon & Nikon hegemony fades. Big ships are slow to turn.

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