Is this the new Nikon EVIL camera? *updated*

This camera was displayed at the Nikon Sapporo Showroom and the picture was just posted on DCHome forum. Is this the new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera from Nikon?ย The lens appears to be aย 18-55mm. There is a also another gadget on the back - maybe a small Flip-like video cam (Nikon had few patents in the past for a similar camera).

Update: Nikkeibp has a picture of the same white Nikon camera on their website dated from February 18, 2009:

This concept model is not new. The reason we haven't seen it before is because taking pictures in the Nikon Sapporo Showroom is not allowed.

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  • The invisible man

    That’s my D900

    • What if it is? Or the new D4 with interchangeable sensors?

      • GlobalGuy

        Too very small for either.

        The weird thing is that the lens is fairly huge.

        • Banned

          This shit is FUGLY. I sure hope it’s not the EVIL camera. And it’s so big I don’t see the point over a D3100.

          • c.d.embrey

            Ever see a Pronea S? This isn’t Nikon’s first ugly camera. Ken Rockwell has several photos and specs

            • Jabs

              Just because Ken and others think that it was ugly is pointless, as besides the quality issues, it is a much better camera than lots of CRAP out there today masquerading as cute BUT useless cameras. WHO cares what “kenny-baby” thinks or pontificates about to mindless dolts???

              GET REAL!
              The format was a failure BUT the camera was and still is a great IDEA but it probably was built via a CONTRACT Manufacturer for Nikon and thus had KNOWN quality issues.
              Different strokes for different folks, no matter HOW weird your stroke is – comes to mind.
              What camera do YOU personally believe looks good?
              Let us see YOUR tastes then!
              We are now being subjected to the madness of the ‘fashionistas’ and there is NO respect for anything UNLESS it fills your little self-serving concepts or ideas.
              LEARN respect even when you differ as MOST posters here need to learn that.
              NOT everyone believes the same or even likes modern or retro designs, so LEARN that.
              You have your opinion and OTHERS have theirs too, so don’t get lost in self-IMPORTANCE or this HERD mentality!
              You choose your likes and I also CHOOSE mine.
              That is HOW the world really WORKS!!!

    • Panfruit
      • Wow! I’ve never seen those prototypes before and they were posted back in June…

    • steve klops

      Man it shure isn’t pretty, and no d900 of course ๐Ÿ™‚
      my guess is that the rumors of Nikon Q (Q Mount?) were true. look at the on/off switch, it looks like the letter “Q”

  • Patrick

    No, it’s a Pentax- it also comes in red and blue!

  • phb

    Way too good to be fake

    Does not look like anything else

    Could be a non interchangeable camera. Could be a concept model to show off styling.

    Most likely seems to be that it is the EVIL model

    I would prefer all white or all black. That two tone thing is not working for me. But that could just be some sort of camouflage

    • yes, one of the labels says “model concept”

      • Bruno Felix

        I think the label refers to the gadget behind the camera…

        Thks to google I discovered that the 3 japanese symbols to the left means “camera”…

    • Nikon Canon

      I agree, this thing looks like a block of marble chocolate. One ugly looking baby IMHO.

  • ginsbu

    The focal length on the lens 18-55mm would indicate an APS-C sensor. Previous rumors on a Nikon EVIL camera had them using a 2+x crop sensor. My guess is it is just a styling concept, but if Nikon did APS-C EVIL that would be big news.

    • WoutK89

      And also, doesnt the body look to be big/deep enough to fit a mirror still?

      I say busted for being EVIL, it has a look that is too big to me.

      • GlobalGuy

        No, its not too deep.

        Especially for a prototype or just plain design concept mock-up.

      • SZRimaging

        Well, if they were keeping it F-mount compatible, they would need to preserve the lens to sensor distance. So it could be just as deep without the physical mirror in there.

  • broxibear

    Looks too big to be the “EVIL”…I’m with ginsbu I think it’s just a styling concept to make a stand look pretty.

    • GlobalGuy

      I think this is purposely leaked by someone who hates the Design Look.

      They need to SERIOUSLY consider good design, because this will be a consumer-end product, and looks matter a LOT with the middle majority.

      Right now it does look Frankenstein-ish.

  • Damn it’s ugly.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • twoomy

      Yes, it IS ugly! They’re trying to imitate the Sony NEX! Geeze, stick with one color so it doesn’t look like a Frankenmonster of mismatched pieces.

      • El Cabong

        Hopefully this is a result of it being a tossed-together mock-up rather than a design concept that attempts to combine all of the ugliest features of cars from the 1950’s into a single camera.

        You’d think they’d at least bother to make it less using less than 3 colors (with 3 finishes to match), though. Good lord, that thing is ugly.

    • Agreed, in fact I’ll stick my neck out a bit further and call it ‘revolting’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • KjellDell

        Agree, twin-color was terrible… Silver or black, please!!

  • ryutei

    It’s illegible by reflection, but this say roughly as following.
    “All from Nikon’s design department…”
    “These are our concept to imagine future… “

    • maybe it’s just a DSLR concept

      • it does appear to be thinner than the D3100:

        • GlobalGuy

          Agreed. Its not too thick. Perspective is playing tricks on some people’s minds.

        • iamlucky13

          Slightly, but it’s hard to tell how much.

          Based on the hot shoe being 20mm across the outside of the flanges (don’t have my calipers handy at the moment to confirm), the body measures about 110mm wide. D3100 is 124mm.

          That’s about the margin of my confidence in my pixel measurement, but it probably is about 1/2″ narrower. That may not sound significant, but the Canon G10 is 109mm.

          I’m actually holding up a G10 in front of my screen right now at what looks like the same angle with the image zoomed to about the same size. I get a very similar size impression, but I may just be fooling myself into seeing what I want.

          There does seem to be a good chance it’s an EVIL prototype or aesthetic model, although a very hideously colored one.

          The seems lens says “18-55mm 1:3.5-4.5 G ED.” I measure a ~75mm diameter, which is about the same as the 18-55 VR, but a slightly wider aperture at 55mm. No focus mode switch visible, and I can’t make out any filter threads if they’re there.

          Obviously, an 18-55mm lens on a 2.5x crop camera is rather weird (45mm-137.5mm FX equivalent), but there was a rumor about a DX EVIL a while back.

          I’m pretty sure the item behind it and to the right is a Star Trek phaser.

          • Jabs

            Thanks for the laugh – YEAH, Star Trek Phaser Mr. SPOCK or was that SPOOK.

    • hexx

      thank you for translation – was a bit worried ๐Ÿ™‚ i don’t like the looks of it

  • Paul

    Interesting indeed. No photo from the back?

  • Mike

    I thought the point of EVIL cameras was to reduce the size? I would rather just carry a traditional point & shoot or a DSLR when necessary. An optical viewfinder will always be superior.

    • Not only the size. I thought its much more not having a mirrow to switch -> reduce lag time and noisy clicking… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • lag…? Come on… ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you really feel 0.1 second lag…? ๐Ÿ™‚

        No Offense. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Denko

          Not to be a pedantic *rick… 0.1 s is 100 ms which is way above the 15 ms threshold to not perceive lag.

          • Banned

            I don’t know about you but my D700 doesn’t seem to have any lag. Feels pretty instant to me.

    • ZoetMB

      I agree. Although there are some other advantages to mirrorless (faster reaction time, less vibration), IMO, there’s no point unless it’s far smaller than a DSLR.

      Looks to me like these are all concept cameras and they all probably have no guts to them – they’re just industrial design concepts and like the car industry, the concept cars never get built in their original form. They always get toned down into something far more ordinary. But it is nice to see Nikon looking at other form factors al a the phone-like cameras in the back. However, with the advances in both photos and videos on camera phones, it raises the question as to whether Nikon is already too late. If Nikon does choose to release a camera/video recorder in such a form factor, they have to bring some differentiation to what smartphones can already accomplish. One such item might be advanced VR, more in the lines of a built-in steadicam or something of the sort.

  • Jon


  • Akira

    If that is Nikon’s EVIL, they lost. That thing is giant, and has terrible industrial design (assuming the colors will change for production). Absolutely dreadful. Why would anyone buy that?

    • For oprah to give away on tv.

  • nuno

    Hope it is not.

    It’s extremely ugly, shiny and big.

    We want a small camera to become invisible.

  • White leather on side grip…? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bob

    Maybe it’s from the new TRON movie coming out?

    • enesunkie

      Didn’t know that was coming out. Thanks!

  • Dave

    It has a pentaprism on top. It would not be needed on a mirrorless camera.

    Looks simply like an exercise in marketing to see how fugly they can make an DSLR…

  • If the 18-55mm is similar in size to the DX lens, that body is pretty small.

  • Although it’s an 18-55, the aperture reads f,3.5~4.6 rather than 5.6 doesn’t seem to be real

    • Panfruit

      Perhaps thanks to smaller than APS-C sensor size they’ve been able to speed up the lens without increasing the size? (smaller imaging circle or some craP?)

  • What the OP forgot to mention, is this is only 1.5″ wide…:)

  • jack

    Someone want to check the actual dimensions of the camera? I think the hotshoe is a good reference point. measure that and then compare to the rest of the body. (I’d do it but I’m about to run out the door)

    • PHB

      I think the hotshoe busts it as being anything other than a DSLR.

      It seems highly unlikely that Nikon would want to use the 1950s flashbulb mounts with all its limitations on a completely new camera format. It is not as if you would be able to really use a DSLR flash with the new format.

      Also the concept seems to be trying to make the camera look bigger and chunkier which makes no sense for a format designed to be more compact than the old.

      Another od point is the 18-55mm lens which implies a DX sensor size. There are very good reasons to have a mirrorless format that is smaller than DX. There are very good reasons to want an FX mirrorless. But DX offers the advantages of neither.

      I expect that ultimately Nikon will have two mirrorless ranges. One with about a 2.5x crop and one that is FX sized. Smaller offers some major advantages. I would really not want an FX sized camcorder. Not least because heat issues seem to be limiting the length of recording time. A smaller sensor can still offer 12MP resolution and more than adequate ISO performance.

      • GlobalGuy

        Nikon would exist to its current system for hotshoes!

      • Or, rather, DX offers the advantages of both.

        • PHB

          Not at the wide angle end.

          The SLR format is particularly constraining on wide angle lenses. That is why Leica has continued to have a market. The Leica lenses are better on the wide end because they are designed for a rangefinder format and don’t need to worry about the mirror sweep.

          That is why Nikon used to make the exotic wides – to show that it was possible in the SLR format.

          The one serious drawback to DX is that the lens design is constrained by the FX mirror sweep geometry. So it gets a double helping. At the long end the sensor size has precisely zero effect. If you have a lens with a 50mm aperture on an FX and another of the same effective focal length on a DX at 50mm they will have identical performance.

          • Jabs

            Actually the OPPOSITE is true.
            It is Leica who has a problem at BOTH the wide end and the tele end.
            Leica focuses by basically ZONES in its’ rangefinder cameras (HENCE the name RANGE-finder) and uses depth of field to cover YOUR focusing issues. Therefore Leica cannot focus a telephoto properly, as it GUESSES focus and covers YOUR errors, as I HAD Leica’s and sold them because they focused LOUSILY and imprecisely THOUGH they were quick to use but loading them was a pain.
            SLR’s are the opposite and Nikon has had the WIDEST of wide-angle lenses compared to anything from Leica and Nikon’s also focus FASTER – USED both!
            Ever seen the 220 DEGREE Fisheye lens that Nikon was famous for and IT FOCUSED on Nikon SLR’s – TRY that with any Leica???
            Camera USER here and not dreamer!

          • Roger

            “”The Leica lenses are better on the wide end because they are designed for a rangefinder format and donโ€™t need to worry about the mirror sweep.”

            In theory. In reality, best SLR wide lenses are better than the rangefinder ones.

      • Jabs

        Sorry to seem like I am picking on you or anyone else here:
        Name the REAL benefits of a mirror-less camera here IF you really understand the concept YOURSELF!
        Have you checked out the PROBLEMS that both Canon in the past with its’ EOS-RT film camera had and the newer Sony cameras ARE having?
        Do YOU like the Live-View or LED, LCD screen focusing above a Penta-prism?

        People clamor for things that DO NOT work properly, so perhaps YOU explain to me WHAT benefits you see in a mirror-less design – AND don’t tell me lag, as that is NOT a real benefit with today’s electronics and SO FAR, video has NOT shown it as an advantage.
        Enlighten me, please!

  • The Japanese in white lettering on black poster board says: “All Nikon Design… Focused on the Future…” and booklet to the left says, “…camera.”
    This is undoubtedly a concept camera that Nikon has developed in-house to try out new ideas.

  • Jabs


    This actually reminds me of the carbon fiber camera that you posted about a while back.
    It probably is a concept camera or even the Nikon small DSLR or even a DSLR EVIL or such camera.
    Looks unique to me and probably is Nikon’s answer to the too SMALL E.V.I.L. bodies, as with any lens, the Sony and others look weird as nothing matches.
    I hope Nikon produces this.
    Looks are NOT everything but functionality and HOW it feels in your hands is paramount to me.

    • Whatever this concept is for, I am sure if it materializes, it will be available in black as well. No reason to judge this camera just because it’s white. I will say this again, there must be a reason why Nikon is showing this camera – they haven’t shown a concept camera in years.

  • Jabs

    In further looking at the camera pictures:
    I think that these are possibly production cameras aimed at bridging the gap between EVIL and DSLR, perhaps plus an answer to the small Internet-ready HD Video cameras.
    Reminds me of the Nikon IV underwater AF camera and it looks like a carbon fiber body in two-tone embedded colors.

    EVIL is too small and no lenses to speak of.
    DSLR’s are great but too big for some BUT they have all the lenses.

    Nikon bridges this wide gap and makes a carbon fiber body camera with a real viewfinder but a really small body and everyone complains UNTIL they see the pictures – lol.

    My take.

  • texasjoe

    It looks like the lens has internal focusing and a full time manual focus ring. That would be an improvement to the current design.

    • WoutK89

      18-55 with 18-70 performance (better is ok too for me ๐Ÿ˜› ) would be great.

  • n a

    hope is still use the f mount so I can use my f mount lens without a stupid adapter

    • If it *is* EVIL and anything smaller than full frame (say a DX 1.5 crop or 2 x crop), I say we want a new mount, which could be be significantly smaller and allow for much smaller lenses as well (each of the factors mentioned allow for smaller glass, but when you combine both factors it’s better still). Plus, smaller will end up cheaper as well.

  • The mode dial is smaller than on the current DSLR models, which makes me think that this is a mirrorless camera. Maybe it has F-mount, which could explain the size. This is just a concept and may not be the actual mirrorless camera that will be released.

  • surfer

    Tjue is the Nikons new underwater concept. I am sure i have seen a prototype very similar to this camera.

    • PHB

      That makes sense. I thought ‘Nikonos’ when I first saw it. But it clearly isn’t the Cousteau designed one.

      That would mean that the weird color scheme was not styling at all, it would just be a way to make the parts of the camera stand out to the diver underwater.

      The lens focus ring makes sense as does the lack of a screw thread to mount a front filter.

      I am really not sure if an interchangeable system makes any sense for underwater these days. The cost of the electronics is probably rather minor compared to the cost of sealing the lens/body connection.

      • Jabs

        The Nikonos IV AF body and lenses were one of my favorite Nikon designs but it was so expensive – LOL! When I was getting ready to buy one, Nikon discontinued it and that made me so angry – LOL!
        It was maybe too far ahead of the times then, but with better technology today, I think that it would be easy for Nikon to now produce a digital version of that famous camera.
        I also see Nikon going back to its’ ROOTS as an innovator and pusher of new and unique cameras as they seem to have gotten their Manufacturing Facilities finished and now geared towards digital production of their OWN elements (sensors, bodies, lens, cpus and such).
        The first gauntlet thrown was probably the D3X, then the D3S and now the D3100 plus D7000. Like in the past, Nikon ruled the camera innovation world and made nothing but spectacular and unusual products and I have owned lots of them.
        The F3 was revolutionary and the PROS then often hated it, UNTIL they used it.
        Same with the revolutionary F3AF (loved it) – I bought one along with the 80 F2.8 AF and the 200 F3.5 AF-IF ED for @1600.00 us DOLLARS slightly used (as the previous owner bought it in a whim and hated it -lol) and everywhere I went, I got asked about it and even laughed at by many for using an ‘electronic’ F3HP, F3TC (Chrome or the natural Titanium finish) with only 1/80th second X-sync UNTIL they saw my spectacular auto show pictures outdoors or indoors using a SB-16A flash and then new TTL metering (for fill flash) on Fuji Pro Velvia 50D, 64T or Kodachrome 25 and 64) plus I often used all the heads on each F3 body. When I bought an F4S (also slightly used as the former owner hated it), I was also laughed at because it now had a built-in motor, so I bought the smaller ‘motor drive grip’ and made it smaller BUT I hated that combination – LOL!
        The POINT:
        Everything revolutionary from Nikon has been laughed at and ridiculed and thus I don’t care. MY PICTURES from this gear blew people away and I also shot alongside Canon and Leica shooters plus manual Nikon shooters (my two brothers) and wiped them out -lol! I even used their gear and bought some myself and the Nikon F3’s and F4 always beat them.
        Ever seen and handled an F3P?
        Ever handled a Nikonos IV autofocus underwater camera and ever seen the spectacular lenses (one was really HUGE)?
        They made everything released PRIOR to that look pedestrian and outdated – THAT has been Nikon’s strength in the past.
        Ever looked through a 300mm F2.0 ED-IF or a 2000mm F11 Nikon mirror lens?
        I have and they just humbled me and blew me away, as I even shot with MY own Nikon F3’s – the 2000mm F11 pointing towards the Jersey shore and at that famous golden ‘runner’ statue in Rockyfeller Plaza and still have the slides to prove this.
        I also had a 500mm F8 Mirror Nikon lens and it blew me away, but many hated it, so my perspective is one who likes to be at the bleeding edge in Technology and thus longtime satisfied Nikon fan, buyer and user.

  • Somebody must have more pictures of this camera, this Nikon Sapporo Showroom is open to the public, right?

  • nobody

    Looks like they gave some design students or interns a chance to carry out their wildest dreams…

    And it’s definitely too large to be an EVIL camera.

  • and another point – Nikon rarely shows concept cameras (in fact in the past 3 years since I am running this blog, I have not seen a single concept camera from Nikon, please correct me if I ma wrong), there must be a reason why they are showing this right now, two months after Photokina – maybe to send a message that if you are in the market for a mirrorless camera, you should wait few more months?

    • Really?

      So which one of the ones that they have shown became real products? Or is this just filling space.

  • hahahahah Ugly as hell !

  • Eugene

    Just by looking at the hot shoe it looks like it’s close to the size of a GH2. Maybe it’s a prototype of their EVIL camera.

  • I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • Denko

    I definitely see a fashion item for the ladies in that camera prototype. Exchangeable color parts and all. “Look good while taking photos” and it doesn’t look as “toyish” as a regular POS camera.

    Having said all that, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing one ๐Ÿ˜€

  • It looks like a Panda Bear.

    • ArthurCH


  • CE

    Truly ugly, absolutely horrible. It shocks me that Nikon would make a prototype or even a concept demonstration in such an ugly aesthetics. This is like made for a rich madame.

  • Mandrake

    With the popularity of the FinePix X100 when it was announce why don’t these manufactures see what people really want? A small DSLR body for the EVIL system is all wrong.

  • Pleaseeeeeee Nooooooo…………

  • Clearly everyone has forgotten the term “concept car”. Ever been to a car show, or bought a car magazine, and seen all those crazy “artist concept” designs that will NEVER hit the streets, but are just made so that the designers can play around and show off?

    I’m guessing this is just an attempt at a “futuristic looking camera”, and hopefully it has no influence on how cameras actually turn out in the future.

    I’ve always liked Nikon because they’ve continually maintained the FEEL of a camera. So many other makers have begun to make DSLR’s and other gear that really just looks like a camera-shaped TV remote. Just another cheap electronic device. Especially the likes of Sony etc. who started out in the electronics business, not the camera business. I dunno exactly what it is about Nikon bodies, but they put function before style just a little bit more than everyone else. Well, Olympus too; their (pro) cameras are very functional and not too stylish…

    The day Nikon throws function to the wind and starts going down that road of generic electronic devices, that’ll be the day I stock up on used D700’s and just retire from photography…


  • Johnny B

    Who Cares! Until its officially announced by Nikon, none of us will know what it is and when/if it will be available. I’m switching to Canon! lol

  • As long as it has an F mount.

  • Catastrophile

    maybe this a concept model of a future camera that can take SLR lenses (even if the body isn’t technically a DSLR). Sony has already done something like that (their SLT’s) and Canon has said that the main point why people mirrorless is because they want good IQ + more compact camera and Canon said they think they can make their DSLR’s smaller than what the are now. The lens seems to be an SLR lens while the body looks considerably thinner than a DX body to me.

  • Highlight

    Please give me the Ferrari (red) edition!

  • blasphemy

    Wow this thing is so horridly ugly, I’m glad I’m switching to Canon! Nikon has truly lost it! No hope for them, sadly.

    • Funduro

      Buh bye! Traitor! How dare you use the C word on this blog! (Please don’t tell anyone I’m getting all your Nikon lenses and bodies.)

      Definitely looks different. Has a 50’s sonic look, if you know what I mean. Looks more like a nearly market ready camera. The brushed aluminum spine and the smooth integration indicates to me this is a for real camera with some camouflage. Brushed aluminum and that monochrome color looks OK in my book. I think Apple design’s and out of the box products are having an affect on Nikon’s design, marketing and management. Not all cameras need to look like an F4 with motor drive . Most NR commenter’s are not the targeted consumers for this new camera.

    • gt

      there are many legitimate reasons to buy into a new camera-brand “system” – and leave the current system you are shooting with.


      I have never heard of anyone using an obscure picture of a concept camera as justification. I think you, sir, have lost it.

  • Fred

    now, that’s what I call “Fugly”

  • Rafa

    Ugly as Hell.

  • jdoe

    It’s just a concept camera for christ sake. Look at the booklet behind the camera, it says “model concept”. It’s a display with some concepts. Jesus… All this yelling “EVIL!!!” for NOTHING.

  • samshootsall

    I see most of you guys are crying that this must be the real or close to the real thing. None of you guys are in the designing team at Nikon so you don’t know what’s it’s like. The EVIL camera is still in the draft…why make them look alike? that’s not the point of making things if they are almost alike?? An EVIL camera doesn’t need to be pocketable…only lighter than a typical DSLR. An EVIL’s performance will never match the DSLR equivalent. You say that it is ULGY?? Give it time & you’ll learn to love it. Like the Ugly Duckling ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!
    the point is : ยฉ”Just Keeping Shooting Away!!”

    • agree


  • R R

    man.. this camera would win the contest for Ugliness , in a sec.

  • Merv

    I am guessing that it is mostly guys (including me) in this forum.

    If it is well liked by girls and they buy a lot of them, Nikon will keep this colour. If this camera does offer superlative performance, I am sure many guys will bite the bullet and buy it.

  • i-Phone… i-Pod… i-Nikon ))))))

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