What is “Nikon Q750”?

An internal message was distributed to all Best Buy stores indicating that the delivery dates for three different products is to be determined. One of those product was labeled as "Nikon Q750":

"The delivery date is to be determined for the:

  • Nikon S8100
  • Canon 60D
  • Nikon Q750"

I am 100% positive that this message is authentic and was sent out on October 15th. What I don't know is what "Nikon Q750" stands for - it could be a typo, an internal code, a continuation of the "Nikon Q" hoax from last month, or an indication of a new upcoming product from Nikon mistakenly included on that list.

Here is a screenshot of the message:


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  • ob1ne

    750 means 4/4?


    • ob1ne

      I meant ‘750 is like 3/4’?

      something is definitely going on.

  • zzddrr

    D750 ? Could be a typo. Or maybe some accessories.

  • Please be a typo. D750, please! Chances are slim, but please…

    • Vandyu

      Umm. The placement of the “D” key compared to the “Q” key in a QWERTY system makes typo less likely. I think it’s a new model based on my reading of the tea leaves.

  • jdsl

    maybe a new Qoolpix 🙂

    • yeah thats it! for shure! XD

    • Vladi

      well spotted.

  • Paul

    Why is it a sub section of “MTI Smart Cables and Brackets” ?

    • Rick

      I think the page is talking about fixtures/displays for new products. MTI is an audio cable.

      • SC

        MTI Smart Cable refers to a system of tethers to retain small consumer goods on a display stand, see their website for more information.

        • Bob Howland

          Ah!! So that’s what it is. The local BB doesn’t have the tethering and power cables for the Canon G12, Canon 60D and Nikon D7000, all of which they have in stock, and the sales people are a little annoyed about it.

  • Paul

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t believe Nikon has ever released a D_5 or D_50 model dslr.
    I wouldn’t complain if they do though.

    • Joe

      There have been model numbers like F65 and F55 in the past…

      • Paul

        Ah yes, Nikon did have such model numbers for their film slrs.

    • you are wrong – there was a D50 model

      • WoutK89

        That would fit in the D_5 category, so they havent released a Dx50 or Dx5 Camera yet.

        _ or x or n, it all stands for numbers 1-9 in this context.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      since they adopted the name 31000 it could mean they can adopt it for the bigger cameras too. If they continue to use the x000, x00 and x0 they are going to run out of numbers for their products in no time.

  • Nikon President

    This is my surprise!

    • NikonFF&DxUser


  • FullFrame Range finder D700 sensor =]

    • Nicole

      Now THAT would be cool! 😀

  • chris

    Perhaps Canon is staging a huge comeback attempt for the EOS 750 QD? 🙂


    ok mebbe not …

  • It doesn’t seem likely for Nikon to make typo errors so frequently, so perhaps it’s really a product that’s called Q750 😮

    • WoutK89

      It’s not Nikon’s internal Message, it is one of Best Buy

      • Thanks for the correction 🙂

        • Global

          Why wouldn’t it be a Point&Shoot?

  • gt

    how can you be so sure it’s authentic?

    do you just trust your source that much? maybe someone sent HIM a fraudulent letter…which he is now sharing with you

    • because I got it from like 5 different sources, from different stores, that have always been correct in the past

      • gt

        ohh okay. sounds good to me!

  • Nathan Shane

    Well, if you look at how Best Buy displays their cameras – attached to a “bracket” that uses a retractable cord so that the customer can pick up the cameras to check them out and that they also have a “power-cable” attached that provides power and also works with their alarm system and the fact that the Nikon S8100 and Canon 60D are both real cameras…it “could” follow logically that the Nikon Q750 would be another camera in that list of cameras.

    You can do a search for MTI cables and find some online sources that list them as “digital cables” – but I think “MTI Smart Cable” is the terminology that BB uses for their power/alarm cables they attach to cameras in-store and since their cameras are mounted on brackets as well, it makes sense that both a “cable and bracket” would be needed to display any new cameras that BB will be putting on the floor.

    So it still begs the question…is Nikon Q750 a typo or is this a photoshop image, if it’s neither of those, then it makes logical sense that it would be another camera in that list of cameras to be displayed.

  • Nathan Shane

    Now…if you want to think about this from another angle. I don’t recall Best Buy ever having a D700 on display in their stores. They seem to display the more customer affordable dSLR cameras than the higher dollar cameras that lean more towards the professional end of dSLR. I don’t think they have ever displayed the high-end Canon cameras either. So it might stand to reason that a Nikon Q750 is NOT a D700 replacement because they most likely would NOT display a D700 replacement based upon the principle that I don’t think they ever displayed the D700…does anyone here remember BB ever displaying the really higher-end cameras of Nikon or Canon?

    • Jimmy Lamont

      You would be wrong, Mr. Shane. I went into my local Best Buy not last week and picked up a 5d mark II, and a D700 *would* have been there had someone not stolen it, along with a D5000 and a D300s. The 5d Mark II and the D700 are the top models Best Buy currently carries: I know because I had an employee search for a D3s for me (Best Buy has killer no-interest financing deals!)
      Depending on the area, they should be on display. Target/Walmart are the ones who only leave out a D3000/D5000 and a Rebel or two, not Best Buy. They sell an enormous volume of DSLRs compared to point and shoots. Once again, I know because I asked. This was at a Best Buy in Florida. (I actually mentioned the sales embargo when I went on the 16th, and accidentally scared the hell out of the employees because they would have sold me a D7000 on the spot.)

      • Stepper

        Where I live all higher end cameras are behind glass. Lower end
        cameras are on the cable.

        I have a strong feeling this is \going to turn out to be nothing special

        • Kanichiro

          There are several Best Buy stores in my area that display the D700 out in the open. Before I purchased my Nikon, I went “window shopping” at the local Best Buy just to be sure which camera (D300 or D700) I wanted. As landscapes are my main interest, the D700 won out.

          • Stepper

            Good choice. I have a D700 myself.

    • Dan

      The BB here in Plano TX has a D700 locked up behind glass. So while not technically on display it is still there for you to play with. All you need is for a highly-skilled sales rep to unlock the door.

    • Zombs

      i work at a best buy here in TX and we have a set up display for a D700, however, at the moment there is no camera on it, bc either a.) someone stole it, or b.) we only really get 1 or 2 at a time in so why waste one as an open item. technically there is a spot for one though.

  • WoutK89

    It’s almost november, for how long does this in-house letter last? A week, a month?
    Or should we have to wait till december for the next new gadget by Nikon? 😮

  • dsm

    As long as I remember the Q660 turned out to be the Nikon internal code for the D3s.


    • Could be the D7000 then?

    • monty11

      You are correct, Qxxx is used in communication when preparing the promotional materials so that the actual product name is not revealed even to those who deal with the copywriting. People tend to talk even when they are bound by an NDA.

    • Paul

      good catch

  • Catastrophile

    would like to believe that it’s a new product line, but no one would normally start a new line with a “750” number! so this rules out a new mirrorless or a beginning of a new series withing the Coolpix range. Must be either an unimportant accessory or a code, if not a typo or some other mistake.

  • olos

    Nikon D700 “codename” was Q600 when some people was receiving it for tests, so maybe Q750 is D800?

    • Dorian

      D700 – Q600
      D3100 – Q650
      D7000 – Q700
      D800 – Q750


      Just a thought.

      • Keith

        I don’t believe it would be the d800. Best buy internal news usually does not extend information more than 1 week meaning what ever is being put out for demo would be done within 1 week of that news letter. And d800 being a major product and not having any sort of press release about features and launch it could not be launched this week. Example when the d7000 was announced, the d7000 and any news about it did not show up in our system until about 2 and a half weeks after the announcement

  • alienated

    code for D 7K?

  • For once I do think this really is absolutely a non-story.

  • Conan

    very interesting~~my question is , both of s8100 and 60d have been announced,but we never heard such thing called Q750

  • Karl

    Now it’s clear
    the Q750 is the follow up product for the Nikon D700
    Q=Quantum leap 🙂

    • Bryan

      Yes, the camera puts right what once went wrong. I think it comes with the new Sam Beckett lens too…

  • I used to work for Nikon.

    Q750 is an internal Nikon code for a DSLR – it is custom to use the code names internally (spoken and in writing) instead of mentioning the proper product name. The D2x was Q260, for instance.

    I have no idea, if the Q750 is the D7000 or something new.

    • safeg

      very good info. I understand Q750. thanks.

    • Thanks for the info!

    • Bob Howland


    • Yes, but why would BB use Nikon’s internal codes – could it be that they were told to add a new camera in their system and were given only the code name?

  • safeg

    maybe typo D750,D700’s successor? or someting.
    No new rumors nikon FX camera?
    Canon rumors has many FX rumor.5D3,1Ds4 etc..
    Im boring. 🙁

    • WoutK89

      If you say so, I will agree you are boring 😛

      Rather to have no rumors, than non-rumors on this site just to entertain.
      For Canon it’s a given that some day the 1DsIV will arrive. Only a matter of time.

      • yeah but nobody cares about a new canon. don’t they have a new copier/fax machine out?

  • DX2FX

    But such code name should not be published in the same context with other established product model names.

  • Info

    Q750 is just the Nikon D7000 codename.
    Nothing to see here, everybody move along.

    • D(l)eight


    • Are you sure about this or you are just guessing?

  • COW


  • Duff

    Or, maybe even more likely, the product code of the D3100.

  • Armin

    “I am 100% positive that this message is authentic ” “a continuation of the “Nikon Q” hoax from last month” ?

    You are 100% that it’s authentic?

    • yes, I am 100% sure that screenshot and the text are authentic

    • I do not know what Q750 stands for

  • Carlos R B

    Since the timing from the others match todays, its clear that is a product thats already for selling…probably the D7000, dont you think?

  • Cropper

    It is D7000

  • The invisible man

    Here is Santa before Xmas:
    40% off all Epson “consumer” papers and free ground shipping !

    code: OCT40 (good up to November 22)

    • The invisible man

      *** sorry, good until OCTOBER 22 (not november) ***

  • edward nafzger

    this is fake but Sigmas 120-300 f2:8 ex dg os hsm is not fake an on sigmas usa side only no price for the moment.

  • Maybe I misunderstood something but shouldn’t these shops know what it is for?
    After all, I understood its something like a shopping list or something. So they should know what they (will) get, isn’t it?
    So whats wrong? 🙂

  • chuck

    Too much wet dream fantasy…

  • Alex

    I hope it’s a typo, and they really mean D750! hahaha. 🙂

  • Is it possible that Nikon will announce something new at Photoplus PDN in a couple of weeks in NYC?
    Is this historically happened before?

    • ZoetMB

      No. They have never announced new products at that show.

      • Thanks ZoetMB.
        Too bad, for once that I will be in NYC for that show, I was hoping to be able to see and touch the new D800 :))))

  • Discontinued

    Thank you.

  • Arty Wadd

    This was intentionally leaked by Nikon in conjunction with Amazon to give sites like this something to talk about instead of their D7000 pre-order debacle! =-)

  • Tony888

    Probably just a new Coolpix camera.

    Or it could be that upcoming “EVIL” camera.

    I think I shall call it “Mini-Me.” Muah hahahahahha!

  • Quoting from :

    “d’après quelqu’un ayant travaillé chez Nikon, les QXXX sont des noms de codes internes pour qualifier des REFLEX (DSLR), par exemple :
    D700 = Q600
    D3100 = Q650
    D7000 = Q700
    Ici on parlerait donc de cables MTI destinés à un reflex Nikon dont le code interne serait Q750…
    Reste à savoir quel réflex serait remplacé… le D5000 peut-être ?”
    According to this guy (who refers to an insider from Nikon) QXXX are the DSLR codenames for internal use, so Q750 could be a new DSLR 🙂
    Please,please, be it D800 😀

    • Ok, I just saw that I’m not the first to write this, sorry for double posting 😎

  • Mock Kenwell

    Oy. Not again…

  • Anonymous

    Nikon became an impotent company with this new president. I mean 2010 and Nikon is not capable of releasing 1 professional camera. This company is looking more crap than ever before.

  • MB

    All Nikon prototype cameras are coded by a Q followed by couple of numerical digits.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    It is a Quizzno´s oven that has a D700 (protected from heat) inside, it let´s you bake your “sammich” and take a photo of it as souvenir!

  • Andi

    OK, Qxxx seems to be a typical Nikon code name pattern.

    OK, Q750 might be the code name for D7000 or D3100.

    But why should BB use a code name, when the real name is well known?

  • BBYEmployeeeeeee

    Working for BBY- typos like this happen often. I wouldnt be surprised of a new model, but I can almost 100% guarantee it’s not an SLR or 4/3 camera. I check the inventory system for new models almost daily…I’m waiting for the D700 replacement myself.


  • Joe J

    D700 update/ replacement. Watch in a few weeks…

  • Funduro

    Nikon is releasing a new Quad powered by a 750cc motor. I just read it at QuadsRawsommdude.co. They entered it in the upcoming Dakar Rally.

  • Rodolfo Gouveia

    My maths:
    3/4 = 0,75 so Q75 is perfect and good thinking from Nikon, but the other “zero” could be for model “0”?

    • Rodolfo Gouveia

      Why should Best Buy have on a list of upcoming products, an internal Nikon code name? Q750 could be the new P7000

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