Amazon cannot deliver Nikon D7000 pre-orders on time, offers $25 discount

It seems that for whatever reason Amazon will not be able to ship the Nikon D7000 on time and they are now offering $25 credit to existing pre-orders - not sure if this discount is valid for all pre-orders or only for those that cannot be shipped on time. This is the email that was sent just few minutes ago:


We're writing to let you know there's been an unexpected delay in shipping your Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera.

This camera has proven to have an extraordinary demand and we're shipping orders as quickly as possible. At this time, we're not sure of the exact date your camera will be shipped.

We're very sorry about this, and to make up for the inconvenience, we'd like to offer you a $25 discount. You don’t have to do anything; the discount will be applied to your account when your camera ships.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Customer Service Department"

It seems that the $25 discount was applied automatically:

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  • a question.
    All the people are getting your cameras in local stores? Then, e-store is not shipping the cameras yet???

    • ƒalco

      Yes, local store. Go to the cage where they store the cameras. In my store they were at the very top, kinda hidden. I almost overlooked them. They do not have a display model out yet.

  • GetREal


    I cannot believe the crying I see on this board..That’s right go get your camera from BB…I wouldn’t be shocked if Amazon is monitoring the BB situation and along with all the canceled “I’m mean lost revenue” orders. Heck the email with the credit may a way to see how many orders they’ll need to fill before they start shipping.

    Go ahead cancel your order…only makes it sooner I’ll get mine and thanks to Amazon I get mine with no sales tax and a $25 credit.

    P.S. Can we stop with the puppy/kitty pics on DP forums

  • SA

    There’s an issue with D7000’s sharpness:

    • ƒalco

      There isn’t “an issue” with the D7000’s sharpness. The reviewer has an issue with it. Completely subjective. The D7000 isn’t a pro camera so it’s unfair to compare it w/ one just because it has pro features. A Hyundai Genesis shares a lot of features w/ a BMW 5. Performance-wise though there is no comparison. Coming from a D90 I don’t really have an issue w/ sharpness. My expectations were not in the D700-o-sphere either though.

      • SA

        He compared not only with D700, but also with D90. Both beat D7000 in sharpness.

        • ƒalco

          Subjective. I’ve had a D90 since launch. My personal experience so far is that the D7000 is at least as sharp with the same lens used on both cameras. So, I for one, will be so bold as to disagree w/ the author. He is entitled to his opinion.

          At any rate, my D90 is already sold and you’ll have to pry the D7000 out of my cold, dead hands. For my needs, it’s the kind of camera that might let me skip an upgrade cycle. (Ha ha. I say that now…) That’s not to say I won’t develop quibbles but the D7000 produces solid material for hobbyists who don’t use a loupe to inspect every micropixel. The reviewer can keep his D90. I’m happy I didn’t keep mine — though I did enjoy it.

          • Patrick

            I am coming from a D40, and can easily see a significant loss in sharpness between the D40 & D7000 using same lens, iso, nr, wb, aperture, speed… The D7k…or at least MY D7k has unmistakable sharpness issues. Clearly this is not an isolated problem.

    • human tripod

      Yet another generalized statement based upon one blogger’s “test” in his back yard. Spare us the drama.

      Until Ken Rockwell says there’s a problem, there’s no problem! 😉

      • Broxibear

        Talking of Ken…he’s got a video up on his site showing someone called Deedee un-boxing his D7000 kit…and he gives a shout out to nikonrumors.
        And a rant by Ken about not getting anything from Nikon and how he has to buy everything himself ?…yawn, yawn…get over it Ken most of us have to pay for our equipment.

  • Jim

    I’ve got mine from BB too, and still have a pre-order at B&H (supposedly #5 in the queue). If I can’t cancel the pre-order fast enough does anyone here want my kit? Would only charge cost + shipping from me to you. (I plan to cancel at 10AM tomorrow when B&H opens)

  • chuck

    Bahaha this is like the iPad, there’s on “used” on amazon for 2300USD

  • Roberta

    Just picked it up at the Bay Parkway BB in Brooklyn, NY. They had two more in the cage when I left and not sure what was in the back. 12% coupon worked.

  • Chillindolia

    Gotta love downmarket Buffalo.

    Put off by Amazon’s antics, called Best Buy and they have 3 sitting there for the taking.

    Just in time for a shoot tonight and perfectly coordinated with the arrival of my new SB-600!

  • Jobu2600

    I picked up the last one at the Cambridge, MA Best Buy this morning. A number of the stores either wouldn’t sell them or didn’t have them. One of the stores showed me the inventory for the Boston area.

    The best bets for the Boston are are:
    Watertown (3). They refused to sell it until tomorrow. I made two attempts there since its down the street.
    Milford (6). This is out of the immediate area, but they had the best inventory.
    Framingham (3).

  • ahab

    Amazon customer service just answered my complaint email of this morning. They don’t respond in any detail — “Please be aware that the availability and shipping time frames listed on our website are estimates, not guarantees. While we do our best to adhere to these estimates, our inventory is constantly changing based on information we receive directly from our suppliers” — but they give me an updated “estimate for delivery” of December 1.

    I pre-ordered at 6am on 9/15.

  • justin

    I called Amazon just now. The rep. told me that my pre-order estimate deliver date is Dec. 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But she is not sure about it, she told me Amazon will update the information very week……

  • Anton

    With so many people wanting to buy a body and not the kit version i assume the kit lens is really really bad. So my question would be what zoom lense(s) (apart from the primes) are you planning to use with your new camera? What are the best non pro (by pro i mean for like $1500 or more) would you recommend?

    • justin

      I would recommend 16-85 VR (~$600) which has tow EDs.

    • human tripod

      It’s not that the kit lens is bad, it’s that we already have lenses. As far as which lens to buy, that depends what you shoot.

      • itznfb

        Well,,, that lens is one of Nikon’s worst lenses currently in production. If not the worst.

        • human tripod

          It’s a $350 VR kit lens, for christ’s sake. It will work just great for anyone without a lens inventory to play with and they’ll get plenty of sharp pics with it.

          • itznfb

            Do you even know what you responded to?

            The post you originally responded to assumed everyone wants to sell the kit lens because it is a shitty lens. You are saying it isn’t a shitty lens. You are wrong.

    • lightsaver

      Body buyers already have lenses.

    • PHB

      Ken Rockwell is actually not bad at this type of comparison.

      He rates the 18-55 and 18-200 as better choices. He does not like the performance of the 18-105 in the corners. That seems consistent with the other reviews I have seen.

      Seems to be reasonable advice to me. The 18-55 and 55-200 are pretty much unbeatable for the price. Pretty much all the bargain ($200 or less) AFS lenses are pretty good (but the 70-300 AF is not).

      Nikon has a problem with mid priced consumer lenses (so does Canon for that matter). They are made to the same quality standards as their kit lenses but they sell far fewer copies and so they don’t get the same economies of scale.

      I have not seen any reviews yet, but the new 55-300 at $400 may break that run. The 18-200 is also pretty good for what it is. But the prices I am seeing at B&H are much steeper than they were.

      • lightsaver

        He calls the 70-300 G “the deal of the century” and he’s right on.

        I bought one new from Hong Kong for about $110 for times when I don’t want to lug my 2.8 glass to the kids’ soccer games and its great. I highly recommend it for that purpose.

  • FiZ

    I figured if Amazon isn’t shipping the kits until mid-November- ‘who knows when the bodies would ship?’ Seeing as how I don’t already have the kit lens (close, but a Sigma 17-70 f/2.8 – 4.5), I called around until I found a best buy with the kit. Now I am enjoying the camera early though I’m going to be holding my breath for the updated NEF support in Aperture.

  • MikeM

    Got this notice too. But I got one from bestbuy today with kit lens. They had 8 in stock. I had to pay $130 in tax though which is a bummer. They put a 15% restocking fee sticker (tamoer proof) right where you open it but I just notice that it’s so easy to open the bottom of the box 🙂 I’ll play around it and return it when I get mine from Amazon.

    • Seismo

      You wouldn’t want to buy a camera that had been used like this, so why are you doing it to someone else? Yes, you are clever, but you’re also taking advantage of some unsuspecting customer. Please be a little more considerate of other people in the future.

      • lightsaver

        It’ll be funny watching him trying to return it after the 14 day return period, since expected delivery is about a month away.

  • Brent

    There are over 700 18-105 VRs on eBay. This is probably a good time to pick one up real cheap.

    • Kid Krinkle

      I agree. I just sold mine from the d7k for $210.

      • Alan Tran

        Haha for real. I used the 12% coupon at Best Buy then sold the kit lens for 200. So pretty much paid like 1250 for the camera. Sooo worth it.

    • lightsaver

      700? Try 87, 69 of which are new. You’re off by a factor of 10.

      • pete

        lol never let the truth get in the way of a good rumour.

  • SRK

    Like a lot of people, I’ve been holding my breath for the D7K, but got note from Amazon. Thanks to the fat clue from this site, headed to BB this morning and BINGO! During the 10 minutes I was standing there they sold their only other D7K to somebody over the phone.

    This is a huge step for me coming off my trusty D70. Shot a ton of soccer pics this morning on my 80-200 2.8. Awesome! Only downside is Light Room 3 has no idea what to do with all these NEFs. :^)

    So, thanks NR. Without this site I’d be waiting until next month, if then.

  • RM

    Just like many of you I had mine preordered on Amazon and after hearing some horror stories about when they’d actually be able to ship it…I went on my BB spree.

    These things are flying off BB shelves like no other.

    I called a few BB’s and they were out…till I contacted Fairlakes, VA’s BB.

    * Called them and they had 7. They were nice enough to put one on hold for me.
    * Got there half an hour later and they had 4. Walked around to look at other stuff…
    * 10 min later I came back and they had 2 (one was mine).

    The guy behind me was like “I want one of those too!” and BB said the last one was on hold…felt bad because he asked again 30s later. haha

    All this thanks to NR. 🙂

    • That’s fast! Selling like hot cakes. I’m sure Nikon won’t be able to meet the demand for the holidays if this continues 😮

      • RM

        Yup. Amazon + Nikon + Whomever else is selling this model is going to have a heck of a time keeping up this holiday season. :-X

  • sgts

    well i’m glad bb are selling them ahead of time – dslr companies have too many unseen rules about what cameras they bring out and where – its not exactly a free market.

  • Robert M.

    I went into a Best Buy store and was told they had the Nikon D7000 cameras with the kit (18-105 lens) in the stockroom for sale tomorrow.

  • king

    got mine at best buy in queens. 1420 out the door, I’ll sell the lens for 200 so my cost will be 1220. cancelled my preorder with adorama which came out to 1309 for just the body. I didnt wanna wait weeks if not more than a month. I’m happy. Queens Mall BB has like 5 or 6 left there.

  • steve

    i read thru the comments briefly… i am in NYC and the BB @ union square didnt have the d7000 in yesterday. how are ppl able to get these at physical locations already? did they ship only to certain BBs and not others?

    • lolcatmaster FTW


    • Roberta

      Thanks to NR I was at the BB in Bay Parkway, Brooklyn at 10AM yesterday when they opened. They had three on the floor (I took one) and not sure how many they had in the back. Canceled Amazon body pre order yesterday.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    You guys are over analyzing this, the answer is simple: Somalian Pirates! they want to live a new life as movie directors so they decided to steal for the last time a ship that had a lot of cameras, now you will see the Somalian movie industry blooming like crazy, the first movie set to be done is Pirates of the Somalian Coast.

  • CTW

    I personally would like to thank DiZzy for posting the %12off BB coupon.

    Like most here, I too pre-ordered through Amazon after the September announcement, and also like most, I canceled my order after learning BB (though not a big fan) was selling early.

    $1499 turned in $1319 really quick.

    Again. many thanks to DiZzy for posting the BB coupon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your new toy, folks!

    Very happy in Maryland,


    • RM


      That 12% on the large order helped a tons. Thanks DiZzy!

    • Mike

      Yes! Thank you so much for the coupon. You made the Best Buy purchase possible and saved me over $190.

  • Friedrich Müller

    Some posts in this thread here make you wonder if Nikon started selling drugs instead of cameras.

    Anyway, good luck to all the ppl in “dire need” of a D7000, may the shipments be with you!

  • HC

    I totally wanting to jump ship on my Amazon preorder, but I’m just wondering whether the folks at BB are strict about the coupon stating you have to use your Reward Zone PREMIER SILVER membership. From what I read, you have to spend upwards of $2000 have the membership. Do they just not even ask about it?

    • lightsaver

      I just showed them the code, they entered it in their system, and it worked! Can’t hurt to try.

      • HC

        Awesome! I’m going to give it a try 🙂 Thanks!

  • Brent Schmidt

    Seriously… that 12% that Dizzy posted really helped me out on the Wife front, lol… saved nearly $200 over what I would’ve spent if I kept my Amazon pre-order with one-day delivery, a month and two days later! LOVING my new camera, and my father (who owns a D90) is very jealous, to say the least, lol. Full Nikon family now, since I bought my mom a Nikon for X-Mas last year, lol.

    • Nice to hear about your Nikon family 😀

  • Logan

    I just bought one of the last two from the Best Buy in my city, and i used my friends reward zone number. he wasnt even there. and he wasnt even sure if he was silver or not. The 12% worked, and they didn’t seem to care that my name wasn’t on the card. Anyways, loving the new camera 🙂

  • Ken Rockwell

    I am sorry, I pretty much hoarded all the D7000′, because if you’re shooting on anything other than a D40 YOU’RE A HEATHEN!

  • robert

    So, Hitler was right..November 15 is when they will ship..any of you have Amazon prime?
    Now cancel the order sell your gear on Craigslist and buy an alpha.

  • DSLRMania
  • RMT

    What’s the deal with Amazon and Nikon? D7000 delays AND no 24-120mm lenses available?

  • Roberta

    Which would you sell – the 18-70 (D70) or 18-105 (D7000)?

  • Funduro

    Anyone remembers the Cabbage Patch Kids? Back in time before the internet, cell phones, Twitter, etc. Radio stations broadcast where the delivery trucks had pulled up to the stores. Then the TV news trucks also ran the see the pandemonium and specially film the unlucky who left empty handed. I too was not a happy camper when the firms unwrapping pictures showed up.

    The D90 fans, alone with the disappointed Canon fans will make the D7000 a much sought after DSLR. It doesn’t hurt that this camera has a lot of improved bells and whistles Add the up coming holiday season, worldwide popularity of digital cameras and the information super highways blogs and tech reviews websites can only lead to shortages and hysteria.

    I will await my order, I won’t turn into a crybaby whinnying I didn’t get one yet. Last I checked oxygen still fills my lungs and Mr Red Liquid Pump is working fine. If anything I will study the user manual like never before to fill the time.

    Psst, Tony Soprano’s boys are selling some from a Cadillac’s trunk under the Pulaski Skyway in Newark. You didn’t here that from me.

  • Marco Alvares
    • LaJaca

      Now, THIS is interesting! I wonder if BB is truly anticipating delivery this week or just using a shadow calendar date. If it’s for real, it makes you wonder if Amazon dropped the ball somewhere (PLEASE, not to rehash the Amazon bashing already going on).

    • Ty

      I’ve noticed my order has changed (today) to “being fulfilled”…

  • Broxibear

    Still showing as a pre-order in the UK.
    If you are thinking of buying a D7000 in the UK have a look at warehouseexpress as they’re offering the body plus free Tamrac Aero 70 Backpack and 8GB SanDisk Extreme Memory Card for £1098 ?

  • Jim

    Canceled my B&H now that I have from BB. Was told they still didn’t show any in inventory. Good luck to all!

  • Skwid

    Picked one up at Best Buy in CA and it came out to be $1435 after tax + 12% coupon. I wasn’t a rewards member, but my brother was so I just used his phone number for the transaction and they were cool with it. Thanks!

  • Matt

    Also picked one up at Best Buy, seems like an absolutely phenomenal camera for the price, but sadly had to return mine after playing around for a while. Seems quality control is an issue at Nikon, because I had major issues with hot/dead pixels. Sadly they didn’t have another in stock so I could swap and see if it’s an isolated problem. That said, this camera will be a winner, no doubt.

    • Skwid

      You had dead pixels on your LCD? I better check mine right now…

    • Funduro

      If the hot/dead pixel was on the sensor, did they show up only on video and live view only like the others have reported? What was the count? Best of luck getting a replacement. Hopefully when I get my own it will not have the issue with pictures. Video is not my primary reason for buying the D7K. I wonder if it’s Melamine or lead contamination if it was made in China?

  • schwett

    i picked one up at bestbuy this AM to act as a backup for my d700, to travel light, and to use for critters, sports, tele/macro stuff.

    i’m not sure why anyone is surprised about amazon – misrepresenting delivery dates is CLASSIC amazon behavior. after they did it to me several times i simply refuse to do business with them anymore. b&h, adorama, or your local brick and mortar store are all better bets imo.

  • Robbie

    Forget Amazon… I pre-ordered WAY early. I walked into a Best Buy last night and picked up a kit for $1350 + tax… couldn’t be happier.

    There’s a guy on ebay that sells vouchers for 10% off regular-priced products… used it on a fridge last month and save $170 (search for “bbuy voucher” – he kind of hides it). When Amazon kept delaying the ship date, I bought another one of their coupons on Friday, got it on Saturday (he’s down in Austin)… and walked out for $1460 here in Dallas with tax… still cheaper than Amazon even with the offered discount.

    I want to like Amazon, but there’s also comfort with buying in person with their 2 week return policy. Cancelled my Amazon order this morning… done and done. I don’t know if the delay is Amazon, or on Nikon’s end… but with my prior experience with Amazon, I assume it’s them… too bad.

  • I cancelled my order after I bought the last D7000 in Ann Arbor at best buy.

  • mike

    Thanks DIZZY for your 12% discount coupon… IM NOT UPSET NOW, IM VERY HAPPY….YOUR THE MEN…

  • Brent

    I love Adorama!! They just charged my credit card for a D7K body!

    • Funduro

      What was the date you ordered it?

      • Brent

        a few days after.

        • Funduro

          Thanks, I got an email that says backorder, looks like I’m not on the first batch. Oh well.

          • Brent

            I didn’t get an email. My credit card fraud protection called about a sale to Adorama.

            • Nicky

              Awww… Dang… Lucky. I keep checking my credit card, but no charge yet. I ordered from Adorama on Sept. 25th. Guess I will have to wait for the 2nd batch.

          • Nicky

            I also got the backordered email the other day. Guess we have to wait for the 2nd batch. Oh well…

            • chuck

              I got this as well. Wonder when the second shipment will come….

    • I check with the major retailers (Adorama, B&H, etc.) and nobody knows when they will get the D7000 in stock – are you sure they charged your credit card?

      • Brent

        My credit card fraud protection called me on Sunday and said Adorama in New York was charging my card.

        • Brent

          No charge on my card. Hopefully, it means I have a nice place in line.

  • Alex

    I picked up a brand new D7000 at Stockton, CA Best Buy.
    The entire bay area was out. Stockton and Modesto were the only stores nearby that carried it.
    When I called around 12PM today, Modesto had 5 and Stockton had 2. Now, Stockton has none.
    Check Best Buy’s website. Under the D7000’s page, there’s a link under Store Pickup: Check Stores.
    It tells you which Best Buy has it in stock. It’ll say “available now”

  • fordstr

    Anyone else notice some dead or “hot” pixels on their D7000? I’ve got 2 (red and blue) right in the center of the sensor. They don’t occur when taking stills, but show up like all get out when I’m in live view or recording video. Looks like I’ll be going by BB tomorrow to see if they have another 1 in stock.

    • Chillindanolia

      Definitely noticed this right away — blue pixel in the top middle of every video

    • JoshL

      Are these dead/stuck pixels on the LCD screen or on the actual output (picture and/or video) itself?

  • skwid

    I have 1 dead red on the top middle. Went to a different BB today that was supposed to have some in stock but they were all out so I couldn’t exchange. They said they”ll prob get some in a week or two, so despite the 14-Day exchange policy they’ll let me switch it out for another one. Hopefully this second batch will be better…

    When shooting in low-light indoor the pixel is noticeable on both white or black backgrounds. I shot in some overcast outdoor today and I couldn’t find the dead pixel… Wondering if I should keep my 1 dead red’d D7000 or chance my luck with a new one that might have an RGB of colors.

    • Patrick

      Yes, I have maybe 10-12 dead pixels in live view. Also have some disappointing results with regard to image sharpness when compared with my D40!!! Others have reported this, so they may have some quality control issues in Thailand. Crap! I really wanted this camera to be a step up from my D40!?

  • just shipped my order, which I placed on 10/9.

  • Rich

    Called. Amazon has NOT received their shipment from the DISTRIBUTOR as of 10/18. Don’t know who that is. Sucks. But their you have it. Amazon doesn’t have it to ship.

  • Steven K

    Grrrrr… my Amazon order was delayed, too. Walked into Best Buy with a voucher and got the kit for $1350, thank you very much… it’s now in my greedy little hands. This is a major snafu for Amazon… it will be interesting to see how it plays out and how they handle it.

    • itznfb

      Amazon is big enough so they don’t need to care.

  • Suse

    What I don’t get is if Amazon hasn’t received them yet, how come they don’t know when they will receive them? Shouldn’t the distrubutor give them some sort of esitmate?

  • DeathKnight

    I’ve got no need for the kit lens so buying the kit is a waste of money for me. I’m going to wait out my D7000 body order on Amazon for a bit and see what happens.

    • rickz

      I got frustrated by the amazon email (I did and still have a Nov 17 delivery date), so sunday morning I ordered from BestBuy online for delivery.

      Just got the email that it’s going out via UPS and they’ve already charged me for it so it’s looking good.

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